Murderous Minds: Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris

Murderous Minds: Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris

2018, Crime  -   11 Comments
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On April 20, 1999, two outcasts swaggered through the halls and classrooms at Columbine High School and started shooting. Within minutes, twelve of their fellow students and one teacher were dead. The massacre continues to represent a source of profound national trauma, and it ushered in a distressing trend of school shootings that sadly endures to this day. "Murderous Minds: Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris" recounts the horrific events of that spring day, and attempts to uncover the motivations of its perpetrators.

The film opens by retracing each step taken by the teenaged boys during their murderous rampage. We come to know the names of each victim, the circumstances by which they were slaughtered, and the split second acts of fate that spared the lives of others. There are no staged reenactments in the film; all the archived photographs and school surveillance video footage is real. For this reason, the opening segment may prove too grisly and disturbing for some viewers.

The central focus of the film is the one question that lingers after every school shooting in America: why? In reality, this is likely an unanswerable riddle, but the film does a valiant job of illustrating the upbringing, public and private lives of both boys, and pinpointing the moments that may have constituted defining turns in their troubled psyches.

Their stories contain landmarks that many of us can recognize from our own adolescence. But Klebold and Harris dealt with the setbacks of romantic break ups and social awkwardness much differently than most. An obsession with weaponry and amateur bomb making, run-ins with law enforcement, untreated mental dysfunction, and disturbing online threats were eerie predictors of what was to come. The boys were guided by their fixation on the gruesome acts of terrorism that had preceded their own violent plot, including the Oklahoma City bombing.

The film calls upon a wealth of investigative materials, surprisingly intimate home movie clips, and harrowing accounts from friends and acquaintances to unfurl its terrifying narrative.

"Murderous Minds: Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris" is a well researched presentation that informs as much as it horrifies.

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1 year ago

So extremely disturbing, in my opinion, as this was shown on national news was the start of a very disturbing pattern that is still going on today and will now continue always...

3 years ago

I honestly feel like its more of a mental health issue than a firearms issue.

Debbie S
4 years ago

So unspeakably tragic..although I in Ca, I heard what they did to all those innocent children. But this is the first time 5.2019 that I have watched anything about it. Not that I'll ever forget what they caused and so much pain they left behind...I'm so sorry those people...I've been watching real incidents of horrific acts for 25 yrs. First one till last night, only get worse. I watch them because I'm on my own, not alone, so to protect myself and NOT put myself in the path of anyone who can hurt me anymore. But I know, like the parents of the killers, that i am not capable of knowing what someone else would do....The "signs" are subtle in most every case. I believe if the parents do care they do help their children..They do everything they can. The outcome was impossible and unpredictable.. Others who stepped in to try and stop this from happening, were ignored. Just about every question asked after something so horrific like this is "Those Signs" . They were not seen until after when we look back and add everything together. Even then as the burden is left on all the families, we don't know what have might have been. If I'd done this. If I didn't do this...if...if..Sadely that's not the way it happens..Their are those who do this and with such calculation that they've gotten away with it for many many years and you couldn't have predicted your child was going to be a serial killer either.. These acts are now never going to leave them for the rest of their lives including, especially the innocent victims. This is so sad. That's why I never watched a program until now about them...It upset me when I thought about what they did....Thank you for your documentary and indepth approach to facts in presenting it and your compassion to share it with me..Ventura Beach. Ca...

4 years ago

Although this is a very traumatic thing to watch knowing how many innocent lives were lost
this comment
Zoro - 09/28/2018 at 14:37

made me laugh out loud haha
Sadly this is the true statement for most of America there is more guns than Bibles !
Americans have more faith in guns & violence than religion & that is where it all starts & ends.Until you fix the guns & violence problem it will just continue & grow worse & worse.
Guns & violence have been around for many years & the only thing that has changed is how many victims they claim & how many lives are lost on a daily basis.The whole world is sitting on a ticking bomb it is a world I no longer recogonize sadly.

S Jenika
5 years ago

As I recall, Kip and many other shooters had been put on anti-depressants - a fact conveniently left out of the official narratives. My guess is that it was to protect the pharmaceutical companies.

5 years ago

C, the gun lobby didn't do this. Two individuals did.

5 years ago

So....20 years later this is made? Real reason these events happen is mass media brain washing, government who pays people to do it or government fakes events for gun control. It all comes down to making money in any situation.