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My Strange Addiction

2010 ,    » 57 Comments
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My Strange AddictionMy Strange Addiction is a TLC documentary television series about people with unusual compulsive behaviors. These range from eating specific non-food items and ritualistic daily activities to bizarre personal fixations or beliefs.

Despite the title of the show, few of the show's subjects have what would medically be classified as true addiction, neither conventional (substance-related) nor behavioral.

Rather, the cause of their behavior varies and may include a variety of psychiatric diagnosis. Examples of disorders on the show are:

Obsessive compulsive disorder, Pica (disorder), Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Alzheimer's disease, Exercise bulimia, Trichotillomania, Body dysmorphic disorder, Dermatillomania, etc.

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57 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Baz

    This is a typical Channel 4 (UK) car crash TV production.

  2. Barzee
  3. Barzee

    Dunno, cant help but feel all of it is a bunch of actors...

  4. Quantumshell
  5. Quantumshell

    That's it... from now on I'm sleeping with my De Walt Chop Saw !!!

  6. Richard Troiano
  7. Richard Troiano

    LOLOLOL x infinity

    Favorite quotes
    "A good place where people dont really pay attention to you eating toilet paper is the movie theater"


    "Kesha is fighting her addiction to TOILET PAPER... Instead of eating it EVERY DAY, she has cut down to TWICE A WEEK"

    I could not stop laughing! Well, at least she should not have to wipe as much.. I guess....

    And I guess we can all assume that the blow dryer lady was not a bed wetter at any time. We can also assume she is not a big fan of water beds. Her husband is one of the most tolerant men in the world. I would not put up with that for 1 hour let alone an entire marriage.

    These people need some real addictions, like Crystal Meth or Heroin.

    Sleeping with a blow dryer is not an addiction! Eating toilet paper is not an addiction!

    If you do not have physical withdraw symptoms if your 'addiction' is taken away, you could have stopped at any time! This show is like Intervention, but way funnier IMHO.

  8. morsie2
  9. morsie2

    I think they're quite true addictions. Although the addictions are bizarre, they are possible to have. Strangely, they all seem to be female..

  10. magarac
  11. magarac

    I would love to see the reaction of that guy with the doll if someone just cut that thing into tiny little pieces.

  12. Norm
  13. Norm

    These are nothing but bizarre habits. Psychiatry would have us believe that everything was a disorder if they could get away with it AND make money off of it. The saddest part was the little girl who found she could get mommy's attention by pretending she has to have the hair dryer on. Very close to psychological child abuse.
    Some people sleep better with white noise in the background. A fan works well also.

  14. Renevonn
  15. Renevonn

    True or not, seeing this always makes me feel like a well adjusted and level-headed person even on my worst days ^_^

  16. Guest
  17. Guest

    doesn't sound like this doc is worth my minutes.

  18. Katie
  19. Katie

    i can understand how the blowdryer lady feels, i could quite easily get addicted to that! but the woman who eats her husbands ashes!!! somebody should tell her that tattoo parlours now do tattoos where they can actually ink the skin using the ashes

  20. Thomas Harnett
  21. Thomas Harnett

    i go on this site to learn and expand my mind, this wasn't worth the 10 minutes i watched

  22. JumpingAtheist
  23. JumpingAtheist

    This is too much. it Has to be fake. Eating your husbands ash is f*****g gross. And that psycho doll guy needs to be in a mental institute.....and also that b*tch that likes touching and being around Dead things...

  24. as_above
  25. as_above

    what about the psychological discontent of the people who disapprove of other peoples behaviour they should do a show on them .

  26. knowledgeizpower
  27. knowledgeizpower

    I agree that after watching some of these videos that yes its a little weird as far as the behaviors and addictions that some people have... The young lady that was into taxedermy why did she have to be a bioch for? Maybe since she is so interested she could go to school and become a mortician. Have you heard of them I mean they are around dead things and touch them if you think about...

    Whats the difference from what she is doing than guys who hunt as sport then hang stuffed dead bears, dear, bobcats, fish etc on their walls? Anyway eating ashes and the guy with doll I agree with you on that though thats really really strange...Peace :)

  28. Atom Colideer
  29. Atom Colideer

    Maybe that lady thought by eating toilet paper she wouldn't have to wipe her own ass and perhaps it spiralled from there.

  30. Bogdan Miclescu
  31. Bogdan Miclescu

    I know that i'm gonna go to hell for this .... : HAHAHA this is fun as hell .. especially that gal who s eating toilet paper ... Awesome doc

  32. Hillbilly
  33. Hillbilly

    I hope it is clean toilet paper! Although, if it was soiled, it MIGHT be a little more nourishing! YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!!!! GOOD GRIEF!! :-(

  34. Xercès Des Stèles
  35. Xercès Des Stèles

    i have an adiction to topdocumentaryfilms

  36. magarac
  37. magarac

    Guess most of us do have that problem.
    But i always thought it was more of a sexual thing;)

  38. President_Emil
  39. President_Emil

    "If your intestines rupture inside of your abdomen(where else should they rupture?), that could be fatal and could be fatal very quickly. You know as a medical professional...."

    scary scary scary

    Well miss psychiatrist, maybe you should go back to university.
    Toilet paper is not going to make your intestines rupture unless you stuff down the complete roll.

    Fear brings obedience, even if there is no reason for the fear.

  40. Sieben Stern
  41. Sieben Stern

    The woman eating rocks made my teeth hurt just watching her! O_O; someone get that woman some chips!

  42. geamala
  43. geamala

    You can tell they had to give all these ret**ded rejects a make over before they put them on camera. What a bunch of ret*rds! they must have been rejected from The Jerry Springer show. Not worth watching.

  44. knowledgeizpower
  45. knowledgeizpower

    Geee you should never take a job working with mentally disabled people obviously....

  46. jelena_disturbed
  47. jelena_disturbed

    Many people have strange tendencies,I think that some of these people really have problems,yet,others are they wanna make their lives interesting... But I think they made this,I will say 'show',primarily to amuse public... And yes,they made script for parts where family and friends talk to 'addicted' person about how is that wrong,weird and so on... It would be better if they made documentary,in real meaning of word,with different approach to all this ... 'addictions' ,behaviors.... We live in very degenerate world,where everything that people do and think nowadays is not normal.. There will be more and more weird and vicious things going on with people...

  48. Ghost_Buster
  49. Ghost_Buster

    wow i never thought about this kind of addictions, it kinda reminds me of the people i know who also happen to have disorders like eating fingernails, pinching, eating lipgloss etc. but some cases here are just far out! anyway good freakshow, hope that most of em will overcome their fears one day :)

  50. Earthwinger
  51. Earthwinger

    Gah! I only read the description and already I feel like I need to bleach my brain.

    The modern equivalent of Victorian freak shows.

    I could go into a long tirade about how depressing it is to see the amount of this sort of puerile drivel that passes for mainstream television nowadays, but what's the point? One glance at the tv schedules in the UK would seem to suggest that there are more than enough viewers happy enough to lap up this type of lowest common denominator crud.

    That people will actually sit and watch this stuff, must seem like an absolute gift to the tv stations, as it's so cheap to's just a pity that it's cheap on so many other levels too.

  52. Yavanna
  53. Yavanna

    Tomorrow on TDF! World's fattest animals!

  54. Guest
  55. Guest

    not always so sure. I make a lot of suggestions and it sometimes takes days or weeks for the request to come through.
    Sound interesting. lolol
    It would fit in the section....the weird and the restless

  56. ???????? ????????
  57. ???????? ????????

    i find the blow dry woman absurdly attractive. not because of her addiction but for her facial expressions when she talks. i think..

  58. Richard Troiano
  59. Richard Troiano

    yeah this site is digital crack rock to me. If it ever went away, my internet usage would drop quite a bit.

  60. Sieben Stern
  61. Sieben Stern

    collecting rocks isn't an addiction, it's geology! XD she missed her calling! long as she's not eating them ^^;;;

  62. Xercès Des Stèles
  63. Xercès Des Stèles

    it's always interesting to see what kind of music documentaries choose to ''suit'' the content. clearly in this one the spectator must be spooked and must fear any1 who resemble the people featured in it.

    also i can remember seeing the vantriloquist lady in some humor show on tv (i thought she sucked and that SHE was the puppet), so i think they also selected a large number of fame addicted/seeking people... like this guy who have sex with dolls

    *spooky music*

  64. Sylvia
  65. Sylvia

    I agree, Earhwinger. Welcome to the Idiocracy.

  66. Tom Soldan
  67. Tom Soldan

    Id love if at the start when the girl was crying and wiping her eyes with the toilet paper, if after she ate it, that would be gold! haha

  68. Polina D.
  69. Polina D.

    recently read that the blowdrier is The most radioactive of all the household appliances.. its annoying in this film how passive the family members appear to be about their relative's addiction.. i wanna see them snap that toilet paper/blowdrier out of her hands!! get it out of her life!!....its a bit like - 'oh you should't do that' - 'yeh i know.. oh well ':

  70. Yusiley S
  71. Yusiley S

    ??? TDF??? The Dumb Fart??? LOL

  72. Yusiley S
  73. Yusiley S

    Your stomach will not rapture because of toilet paper... Where do these so-called "experts" come from? The University of Quack? Next thing they'll tell us that biting fingernails causes AIDS. >_>

    They should do an episode about weeaboos or wapanese. These people have a strange addiction with all things Japanese. O_O

  74. Maria Kulseng
  75. Maria Kulseng

    The guy with the dolls is absolutely disgusting and creepy. Get a grip! Move on, grow up.

  76. Rebecca Job
  77. Rebecca Job

    Im addicted to watching documentary's...

  78. Lauren Way T
  79. Lauren Way T

    whats so wrong with sleeping with a blow dryer. fire hazard. ok. but other than that, its warm and cozy.

  80. zaphodity
  81. zaphodity

    How can you tell Kesha's been to see her shrink ?

    There's teeth marks on the toilet roll dispenser and all the bog rolls missing.

  82. Daniel
  83. Daniel

    I never thought about this, but my sister is totally addicted to biting her nails off. she does it, and I don't think much about it, but every time I see her nails, always gone- so I finally thought about it just now, probably been doing it for 20 years...
    me- I was addicted to pokemon, yeah, totally lame- 2 years, 10 hrs./day and I ruined 2 college years/grades. I'm also a light hoarder, collecting a few things of a bunch of diff. things(many diff. collections, each one small). and I'm addicted to gaining skills and being better than other people. both those aspects are related to 'gain'.
    my dad was addicted to cigarettes, stopped for who knows? I thought it was at least 8 years, but I know he sneaks some sometimes and now that I'm out and he's back on it (says my mom), I'm inclined to believe he never quit...35 years.
    my mom is addicted to her work, such a workaholic, comes home and only thinks about her work. dinner for 1 hr. and immediately shower and sleep at 9-10PM, wake up at 6 for work. -__-

  84. PalTonk
  85. PalTonk

    Probably something they've done for whole their lifes i would guess, and getting that it just doesn't work, and wouldn't work on this show either.

  86. Nia
  87. Nia

    how come i cant watch this documentary!

  88. Rachel
  89. Rachel

    Your stomach won't rupture, but it can cause perforation and/or blockages in the colon. So frankly your comment sounds ignorant. Eating non-food items isn't good for you. Not a hard concept.

  90. cloverbow13
  91. cloverbow13

    ok..the lady who eats rocks has more wrong with her than just addictive behavior.

  92. Mantid
  93. Mantid

    Humans can be incredibly strange.

  94. sknb
  95. sknb

    I assure you, its in the United States too. Ugh. I know - so depressing. I simply can't watch it.

    Very.... exploitive

  96. ProudinUS
  97. ProudinUS

    W..T..Fck!?.Ah na na na na na na...and,ah....NO! I got through the first episode and that was more then enough for me. The gal with the hair dryer fetish thing wasn't so bad.....BUT!.. the lady with the g*d d*m toilet paper I mean how can someone gordge on the very thing that your a$$ is wiped with?! It ain't right, because this lady was a pretty healthy lookin' grazer and could probably consume a whole f***ing trees worth of toilet paper a week! I mean the gal was tearing off strips of of a$$ wipe all day long like it was g*d d*m string cheese! the d*m restaurant...and probably eatin'it like a tub of f***ing popcorn in the movie theatre. All I can say about this is

  98. MrMikeunderscore
  99. MrMikeunderscore

    You didn't even get to the guy who's in love with his car? Damb, that's entertainment. Or the girl who eats rocks? classic.

  100. MrMikeunderscore
  101. MrMikeunderscore

    I'm also in love with my pillow, but its still strictly platonic.

  102. Cherry Gustafson
  103. Cherry Gustafson

    i belive she has anemia, the iorn deficiancy can make you crave metaly tastes like ice or even dirt! Wild

  104. James Tod
  105. James Tod

    That glass cuts up your in side and you get infected . then cancer will start from not washing your hands . the doctors will put him to sleep .

  106. James Tod
  107. James Tod

    I don't know baby ? it seem to be on now .

  108. Ailsa Reid
  109. Ailsa Reid

    I have tricholtillomania from high anxiety and depression since 12/13 years old. I don't even know I'm doing it sometimes, it's just normal now :) luckily I don't pull head hair anymore, just eyelashes and eyebrows. All sorts of ticks and OCD, nothing wrong with it unless it's harming you.

  110. Beck
  111. Beck

    I'm 32 years old and have had trich since I was 11 years old. I just retrieved old medical files and found that my mother has Munchausen by proxy and was psychologically and physically abusing me since I was 4 years old due to her jealousy. she was the cause of the trich on each of the episodes. Sorry strange addictions but I've found a cause for trichillomania. There is a god. If I hadn't retrieved these files I would not have known and would still be thinking that I'm sick and that I'd always have it and that's exactly what my mother has being telling my brothers, family and friends. There's finally nothing wrong with me but now I have to try and find a way to get on with a happy life. Obviously I could write 100 pages on this. :) My advice to people wondering why they are where they are - please retrieve your old medical files as a child, you never know what you might find. I have been seeing therapists for years and they never even suggested doing this - where has all my money gone?! BTW I only found this out a week ago. :(

  112. cyberfrank
  113. cyberfrank

    I really feel for those poor people, I m not sure what kind of medication did that to them... but, with all the mixed stuff we have in our food, toxic chemicals we re being submitted to, and drugs we re being suggested to take, it s no wonder some of us go looney!

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