New Swirled Order

New Swirled OrderWhere does this mysterious crop circle phenomena come from? Is it done by man as a joke? So why do people have extraordinary experiences then?

Flying ball of lights were seen in and around crop circles. Or is it an alien intelligence which try to communicate with us?

The geometry which can be found in crop circles, included a lot of mathematics which can be also found in nature.

Documentary New Swirled Order deals with these questions and present some very extraordinary Crop circle formations in 2008, like the Pi-formation in Barbury Castle or the Crop Circle near Avebury Manor, which showed our solar system with the planetary constellation of December 21 of 2012.

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  1. dan

    The crop circles have been proven over and over again as man made. No aliens here guys. Its really very simple to achieve. Just need a group of guys. Paddle like boards some rope and know how to arrive on the measurements. And wala! alien looking designs. Oh you believers out there. Have you seen spiders spin their webs and how they design thier webs? No alien here just an insect.

  2. Haitham

    great documentary.
    but for me i have few points
    1- I don't believe that UFO are aliens made.
    2- I believe that the circles are human " Top secret projects" made and they are made to make you believe in the aliens existence and believing that 2012 is world end while its not. I guess its about making the new world order accomplished in 2012.
    3- its not a invitation to think differently. its another plan to mind controlling more people who think differently or the other plan wasn't achieved on them.

    nice work you have done on that documentary.

  3. john holme

    I don't agree with you. I'll admit to the fact that some seems so badly made ( few compared to the whole ) that it's a joke. The fact that I never see errors or 'interrupted' ( not finished ) circles among the big complicated ones, tells me something. Humans can't go on doing this without some degree of errors ?

  4. john holme

    Haitham: you got apoint. If government is doing this, I'd like to know the methode used to make it that perfect and error free in such short time.!

  5. bo

    john please dont say you never seen errors or interrupted ones unless you have studied this field for many yrs. I'm sure I can google an example in an hour if I wanted. I'm sure you could too.

  6. pheldespat

    So, when 21 December 2012 comes and goes, and nothing happens, Can we please declare all the conspiracy theories having anything to do with 2012 as proven wrong? That would still leave the conspiracies without 2012, but I think most of them have incorporated it.

  7. john holme

    @ bo : well, took your sugestion and tried, to no avail. But I have to say I did not intend to spend an hour trying to find it :-)

  8. dustin

    @dan what is the source that you claim has proven crop circles as man made? Just because some news report says they are man made does not make it so. Learn to do research and be unbiased untill all the data is looked at. Its called the scientific method, look it up.

  9. dustin

    With so mant people watching these fields today I find it ridiculous to say that guys with ropes go out to all these fields with all these researchers and farmers around and nobody sees them?

  10. brice

    easily made with:
    -a sheet of paper with measurements
    -flash light
    -long rope with knots at every meter
    -a whole lot of time to waste

    geometry is easy when you figure out a couple tricks for the desired result.

    anyway.. i can't believe these guys claim its 100% scientifically proven.
    stupid doc

  11. longul

    nicely done, pls watch Nassim Haramein and what he has to say about crop circles!

  12. dustin

    @dan After watching this doc its clear you did not.

  13. Tom

    Humans cannot make these circles in only one night, it is IMPOSSIBLE, so people who think that these circles are made by men with planks ov wood in one night, think again..

    i've seen that documentry were these men are supposedly making these circles with planks ov wood at night, an the circles that they made were a load ov rubbish, there's no way these circles are man made....

  14. Epicurean_Logic

    @Tom. Mathematitians are very smart. thousands of years of peer reviewed knowledge, critique and practice has seen to that! Admittedly, creating crop circles in one night is a phenomenal accomplishment, logistically it's not easy, but with a lot of preperation, practice and some specialized tools it is possible.

    The simplest argument is that crop circles appear over night, so that barring magical or high technological (alien if you like) methods the only rational answer is that they are human made. I suppose that this argument depends on whether you believe in aliens that have landed on earth or not. If they have then why not express themselves in a more meaningful way?

    I do love a beautiful geometric constuction. It makes us question how and why and my hope is that it directs people to the power of math. In short it's a testiment to practical and beautiful mathematics.

  15. ed

    "Heya honey I'ma gon' make some crop circles tonight"

  16. Lunarbong

    Dan, it's voila, not wala.....

  17. Haitham

    higher technology = minor error

    the ones full with errors i guess that was made by some people who wanna make there one " like trying making their own circles as they are like the rest made "

  18. Erik

    Google renesance UFO's

    Which is funny because there are like paintings of UFO's only they where made 700 years ago...

    Even the sumeriens talk about flying objects with beings inside.

    I am not saying i beleave any of this stuff, all i am saying is that the evidence is conflicting with my current belief system.....

  19. John Seals

    @ Haitham

  20. hawkpork

    the majority of crop circles have appeared in britian. within military airspace.
    laser tech trials with a psy/op side dish?

  21. hawkpork

    just noticed the follow up button at the bottom so i had to post:)

  22. doc-fan

    Just want to point out... Not all of them are circles. So why are they called crop circles ? :) Great doc. But I guess real truth is never really revealed... Thanks admin.

  23. sal

    cover up by the government testing their technology to see how gulable pple really are!!

  24. Atrophy

    Statistically we are not alone in our galaxy, let alone the universe. By the same train of thought is it so far fetched that another species has evolved to think and use tools and develop technology... and furthermore, can we not then assume that at least one race of evolved creatures has developed technologies in advance of our own and visited our world ?

  25. TheOpenSource.TV

    I'll second what an earlier poster said, Nassim Haramein - Crossing The Event Horizon is an amazing talk by a peer reviewed physicist who has been studying ancient mysteries, crop circles, pyramids and much more, well worth a look!

    You can watch the whole 4 hour talk at my site

  26. Pauly Shore

    wow! crob circles are beautiful!! never underestimate the accomplishments of humans

  27. Sarp Kaya

    crop circles are in the same category as the bermuda triangle, the loch ness monster, bigfoot, yeti, ghosts, astrology, 2012, nostradamus, witches, goblins and vampires. free you mind of childish stories and imaginary conspiracy theories. do the same with your imaginary friends. in short, grow up !

  28. Brian Cohen

    Folks,I dont think this is aliens.
    (Oey,the aliens--the aliens ALWAYS the Aliens! ; . )

    The more I look into this "UFO" phenomenom,the more I'm convinced that the whole "UFO" thing is just a cover story the military uses when they want to hide their testing of new aircraft or weapons.What better way to hide what you're doing then to circulate UFO rumors----since most people dont believe in UFO's,most people will put the whole it into the "Crackpot/conspiracy" area,and they'll ignore it.
    Exactly as planned. Secrecy is power.
    In the case of these"Crop circles",I believe that in the case of the more complex ones,we might be seeing the aftermath of some type of electro magnetic weapons test,or a microwave weapons test.These weapons might be being applied by some type of new remote control aircraft(Think of the "Predator" drones)
    As usual tho,this option isnt really discussed.Instead,we are given 2 options;
    1)Its just a couple of people going out at night with wood,and strings etc.
    2)Its "aliens" trying to "Communicate" with us thru geometric shapes and diagrams.

    #1? Maybe---some of them. #2--I doubt it.

  29. Brian Cohen

    Ok,how about this;

    These crop circles could be the end result of electro magnetic weapons tests done by the military.Perhaps a test via remote controlled aircraft to project computer generated patterns onto these fields.
    Or, maybe the military is purposely making these patterns into the fields to confuse people and to get them actually believing that the "End of the world " is coming,and that the "Aliens" are watching us/trying to communicate with us.A HUGE distraction.
    As to the guy who says that"Human beings couldnt do this"--Is he serious?? Does he know about CGI? HAARP?
    People are so gullible,its amazing.

  30. dustin

    Wow, usually only the God discussions have this many ignorant fools spewing garbage. You can argue the point all you want but the evidence we have today says they are not all made by the hand of man. Im not saying our technology didnt produce them just that they weren't done by hand. If it was us my bet is on HAARP. Ignorance is bliss, but please look into subjects on your own. The worst thing you can do is take what the media has to say on any subject and adopt that as your way of thinking.

  31. Rina Ralls

    HAARP is right on. It's called microwave satellite tech. This tech is regularly used in a focused beam path methodology. By this application; a very narrow beam of 2.45 MHZ microwave is focused at the earth's surface and used to create crop circles. The method is done to align and calibrate the transmission output from the satellite and have some creative fun at the same time.

  32. Cassio

    I wish I had the time to sit and read through these comments, but just going from the first few I read, I'm glad I don't have the time. If you really think these insanely complex geometric patterns are made by a few choice men with planks in about an hours time, you're seriously opting out of a serious discussion. Doesn't mean that they are UFO made by default, but seriously consider all the factors before you dismiss ALL of them, because quite honestly, some of these are quite impossible to accomplish.

    Theory: Thousands of stalks are pressed down in a precise fashion using wooden boards and ropes so that the each stalk combust at an exact point in the stem so that it could bend over at the precise angle as to not break or damage the crop all within an hour's time, leaving the soil underneath with such high levels of magnetism that it could only be compared to the soil found underneath mountains who compress the soil enough over thousands of years.

    Yeah, doesn't really make sense, huh?

  33. Allan

    Just another sign we are in the end times, look in Revelations

  34. Insomniac

    Some trees make food, therefore all food comes from trees.

    Thats how you sound ppls.

  35. hawkpork

    @ rina, i think we basically agree that its some tech trial and a convenient psycological operation aswell.
    but i don't think it could be HAARP.
    it's in alaska and probably other paces near the poles.
    HAARP shoots a massive microwave beam either into the atmosphere or into the earth. designed to f''k with earths electro magnetic field.
    it seems totally implausible that huge micro beams shot from near the poles could make intricate designs in british crops feilds.
    but your jargon does sound convincingly authoritative.
    i think it's more logical to assume it's produced by lasers at a relatively close distance.
    we know laser tech is in use by our militaries, they're probably burning people with it around the globe as i type. but of course the level of technology, how it was developed and what they're using it for is all 'classified'.

  36. hawkpork

    and insomniac...
    ever heard of photosynthesis? it's the base of the food chain. without it we wouldn't be here. so all food definitely does come from plants.
    but then, maybe i'm wrong. maybe you really do have a vegetable brain and can photosynthesis with your hair.

  37. john holme

    @hawkpork: why end there ? If you go 1 step back, you end with the sun as source of our food.

  38. Insomniac

    @hawkpork: My statement made no sense simply to point out the lack of sense in many other statements before it.

    Before you randomly spew out knowledge, invest in some wisdom.

  39. Pacha

    To the disbelievers (probably wasting my time here)
    I visited a crop circle about 5 years ago that appeared in a field next to a very busy main road in the middle of the afternoon. It was enourmous and nobody saw anybody making it.
    Even the local farmers admit that they're not all man made but they prefer to avoid having thousands of people trampling over their fields, so often, as in the case of the one I mentioned, the farmer cut it out with his combine harvester the next day.
    Crop circles have been deliberately debunked and believers made to appear wacky. All the better as far as i can see because that leaves the way clear for the truth to come out to those who are capable and wiling to receive it.
    I've spent many many days in crop circles and a few nights too and I can tell you without any doubt in my mind that they are not all man made. Certain of them are though and the people who admit to doing it have even said that at times they are guided by some unseen force but the fact remains that the man made ones look like the work of children compared to the real thing.
    Two old guys were said to have made them all in England originally but if they had, one some nights they were doing 3 or 4 simultaneously, in different parts of the country. Go figure.

  40. hawkpork

    i can only go on what u wrote. it's not a question of wisdom but interpretation. make your point more clearly if u don't want ppl to misunderstand u.
    yes the sun is the ultimate source of energy. but it takes plants to turn that into food. if we wanted to talk about the creation of the energy from which the food was created we'd end up back at the big bang wouldn't we?

  41. hawkpork

    maybe it was done simultaneously by multiple military platforms. with lasers.- i say platforms cause i've no idea what flying tech they have or if it could be done from orbit or what.
    but lasers are used with amazing accuracy for surgery. burning single cells. and at the macro level by the military and probably for other applications i know nothing of. so it's quite reasonable to assume lasers to be the most likely technology used to do this.
    even if u think it was aliens that did it. don't u think the aliens used lasers?

  42. Pacha

    This is a good doc. I'd suggest watching it before you post any more nonsense about man made circles.

    I've always found it incredible that scientists spend so much time and money looking skywards hoping to find intelligent life but when something of note actually happens on earth they all refuse to believe it.

    To follow up on my first post, the circle I mentioned appears in the film twice, the first time between about 3.31 and 3.33.
    I've actually visited most of the circles on this film but I stopped going a few years ago because there was so much confusion and debate about which ones were man made that I lost interest.
    I would definitely recommend to anyone to visit a real crop circle though. It's a truly incredible and humbling experience.

  43. Pacha

    I dont believe thay are made by aliens.

    The british army have been seen and filmed many times chasing the light balls and the speed of the helicopters is nowhere near fast enough to catch them.
    I myself have seen three big balls of light directly over a crop circle.

    This is a very complex subject and anyone who rejects it outright is not worthy of my time.

  44. hawkpork

    i have watched this. yes they're amazing and beautiful.
    i'll assume your last sentence was directed at someone else. as to suggest i'm 'rejecting the subject' is preposterous.
    so if we believe it not to be aliens then what else but some human tech could it be?
    if humans can write IBM with atoms, burn single cells in intricate surgery, fry innocent afganis and iraqis from a distance, all using lasers. why not bend stalks with accuracy too?
    the reported balls of light, or the platforms from which the patterns were done, seems to be the real mystery.
    and one we can only guess at. but i reckon, little as i know about them, that they must be some sort of military tech which will remain, 'classified due to national security' for a long time.

  45. Epicurean_Logic

    @Pacha, Rina, Hawkpork. If high tecnology was used to create crop circles then surely it couldn't have been laser tech! Any heat based method would have burned the surrounding fields to a cinder in the process.

    The shapes appear to be created by a flattening process , so it's more reasonable to say that some kind of pressure device was used. High tech pressure device? maybe. Its a fascinating mystery.

    The geometry involved is quite advanced, somewhere between advanced undergatuate and higher graduate. A low tech method involving lots of planning and preperation isn't completely unreasonable. Just really difficult.

  46. Pacha

    I left a comment.. up there ^^^ but its awaiting moderation :)

  47. Epicurean_Logic

    Hey pasha. How it going? I think that the big V is out of town because he posted in the forum saying that any comments awaiting moderation, until the end of the month, will be deleted and to repost with some alterations.

    While the cats away the mice will play.

  48. Pacha

    Ok, thanks. I'll try a repost.
    Hawpork. no that wasnt aimed at you. I just find it depressing how ignorant people can be. I get annoyed reading about these men with planks, who create beautiful, perfect geometric patterns, 100s of meters wide, in no time at all, in the dark, in several places at once, while creating magnetic fields and radiation, (presumably by magic) and affecting the genetic make up of the plant all at once.

    @ epicurean. I believe the geometry has exactly the same dimensions as the pyramids, the big churches and stonehenge etc, (but dont quote me on that)
    I’m not a scientific person so I avoid getting into intellectual debates about stuff like this.
    I spent years trying to work out what was going on in the circles and I still dont know. But humans don’t know everything and you’d have to be an arrogant so and so to think we did. But sadly there are a lot of those around.

    I don’t think it’s anything to do with the military. If it was why are they often seen chasing the light balls?
    I also dont think it’s aliens, although it could be.
    I had some life changing experiences in the crop circles, things that were very difficult to explain.

    Personally I think they’re messages from a more advanced intelligence than us. Perhaps from the earth itself.
    But who knows?

  49. Epicurean_Logic

    @Pasha. It must have been amazing to be right there in a crop cirle or spend a night there. Trully a wonderful experience. I'm not surprised that it was such a great experience sitting right in the middle of a beautiful mystery.

    I do find it hard to believe that there is radiation/magnetic fields at these sites. If that is the case then it definately points to high technology.

  50. Pacha

    another comment awaiting moderation. what am i doing wrong?
    no swearing, no gaps, all good grammar and spelling. lol

  51. Insomniac

    I will attemp to make my point more clearly. What I meant by that silly statement is simply that you are too quick to jump to conclusions without complete data. Everyone says it can't be this or has to be that based on their own personnal current understanding of science, without even considering that it might be a combination of existing theories just as it could be none of the existing theories at all. Your rebutal kindof proved my point to an extent: life can and does exist out of reach from the sun without photosynthesis in deep caves and at the very bottom of the sea. You assumed it didnt without looking it up.

  52. hawkpork

    ye i've heard of extremophiles, bacteria that live in conditions that were traditionally thought to be incapable of sustaining life.
    so i din't need to look it up. no offence meant by the vegetable comment.

    maybe the military are chasing the balls cause they need to be close to them to control them? there could be any number of reasons why they chase them.
    i doubt they're chasing'em out of excited curiosity. like a dog chasing a car.

  53. Pacha

    but they don't get anywhere near them hawkpork.
    we're talking about two very different kinds of intelligence here. you know how a fly casually flies away when you try your best to swat it? that's something like the difference in speed we're talking about.
    something i posted up there thats awaiting moderation; 'We had a friend who was investigating crop circles in the early 90's and amongst other things they recorded a sound over the circles that was such a low frequency to be inaudible to the human ear'

  54. hawkpork

    sorry for calling your comment jargon. but to me it was cause i didn't really understand it. lol.
    it's been a while since i saw this and i forgot about the electro magnetic evidence in the vid.
    so i guess HAARP, or some secret, modern version of it, could well be responsible.

    maybe lasers aren't used. and maybe they are, maybe in conjunction with other tech like HAARP. but i wouldn't rule them out due to heat. they are very accurate after all. and used for a huge range of applications. without turning things to cinders.

  55. Pacha

    are you aware there are recorded sightings of crop circles hundreds of years ago? they are referenced in the film.

    but according to your theory, the army were testing their secret modern lasers back in the 15th century.

    perhaps also worth mentioning that crop circles appear in a lot of different countries in the world.
    using your same theory, the army must share information about their secret, modern weapons freely around the world.

    dont really add up does it?

  56. hawkpork

    yes i saw and remebered the claims made in the vid regarding old circles. it seemed like rather tenuous, ambiguous evidence. a lot of old language, art and mythology can be easily misinterpreted. the fact that they are observed to be evolving in intricacy seems to destroy the gaia or aliens hypothesis.
    if it's mother earth or aliens the patterns shouldn't really be evolving as observed.

    and yes i know they're found all over the world.. just mostly in british military airspace, and not in antarctica yet. although they might soon if IPCC's models can be believed.
    but it doesn't ruin my theory. the baeuty of it being half baked is it's never to late to chuck in a few more currents'n'raisons!

    i was reminded in a doc yesterday that there is over 30 nuclear reactors in space. so i reckon they must have some secret HAARP like weaponry up there too. i doubt they need to share info about it to use it globally. maybe they are even not so subtle warnings to controlling powers of those countries.

    but anyway, what possible options are there? and why could it be they are evolving in intricacy? i can only imagine;
    1. mother nature ie; a conciuos gaia (which seems rediculous to me),
    2.natural, unconcious, electro magnetic phenomenon,
    3.aliens or humans.
    maybe they're a physical expression of the increasing consciousness of gaia. a being to which humans add huge amounts of consciousness. thus the circles evolved along similar time lines to us.
    maybe we're approaching critical conciousness mass and will soon attain global, symbiotic enlightenment.
    maybe we're looking at the thoughts of the whole earth.
    damn! and i haven't even had a smoke yet! haha
    can't swallow all that. must be military :)

  57. Pacha

    I'd hate to be so closed minded

  58. John Seals

    @ Pacha

    You say, "I had some life changing experiences in the crop circles, things that were very difficult to explain."

    Please explain, I know you said it is difficult but I really would like to know. I am not asking so i can try and debunk it or anything. I swear I will take your comments at face value and not read into them or even ask questions, if you don't want me to that is. I am really interested in this phenomenon and would love to see some circles up close. I have never had the opportunity to see one except on film. The fact that they find radiation and all is just a trip to me. I have never even seen a ufo or anything, my parents have but not me. All I ever see is perfectly explainable stuff, why is that? I am open minded and all but nothing yet. I go out almost every night though, hoping I will see something.

  59. hawkpork


    closed minded?
    do you even have any theories on what it might be? cause you haven't expressed any.

    do you believe in some sort of Gaian theory?

    do you think it's wrong to hypothesise on what it may or may not be?
    should we just accept it's above our comprehension and bow down and pray?

    at least my mind is open to thought.

  60. VitalOverdose

    Its hard to believe that in this day and age that people are stupid enough to be fooled by a few guys with some rope and boards.

    I honestly think that the only reason that cope circles even exist as a subject is because people keep writing books about them making false claims in an attempt to make some cash.

    I live in the south west of England which is a crop circle hotspot and i know people who make them at night.

  61. Pacha

    hawkpork, your only theory seems to be the military.

    john seals. I'd be happy to discuss it with you but I'm out of this thread.

    Just cant stomach sheeple these days.

  62. Kim

    To Dan and the others that feel that all crop formations are man made. You certainly haven't given this much time and researched it. NOT one person has been arrested for trespassing on private property. NOT one person or persons have ever been observed making such formations. We have two old guys that came forth a few years ago and that was your answer to the enigma. Oh.. I am sorry.. mystery. I forget your vocabulary may be compromised.

    Legitimate researchers can immediately identify "fake" from authentic. Your in denial as most people on this planet are. It is time to wake up now.


  63. hawkpork

    why are you offensive instead of just sharing ideas with me?
    i ask you questions. you ignore them and call me close minded.

    sounds kinda hypocritical doesn't it?

    i'll try again..
    DO YOU BELIEVE IN SOME SORT OF GAEAN THEORY? you the one i suggested above and you ignored.

  64. Achems Razor

    Have the full DVD Video on this, goes in depth, I for one believe it is from advance civilization trying to tell us something. Extraterrestial??

    Crop circles go way back into antiquity.

  65. HaTe_MaChInE

    The difference between the religious and those that believe in aliens is that at least the religious put up a good argument.

    Jesus made a statue bleed... aliens make pretty designs in fields. It all sounds like snake oil to me.

    If you crawl out of your cave and open your mind it becomes obvious that only FSM could make the circles.

  66. Qbaca

    All of your answers are contained in the classic album
    DELTRON 3030

  67. Pacha

    As I said, I'm out.
    It's futile discussing something so incredible with people who have no first hand experience.

  68. hawkpork

    'futile' my a**. that's a snobbish cop out.
    your attitude is like that of some religious fundamentalist who is afraid of having their beliefs challenged.

    good luck and peace.

  69. Fly Poster

    Good documentary, but it has it's failures, it has definately intigued me, but the "experts" interviewed are not experts. They are mere circle fanatics, so when they start coming out with scientific information about microwave radiation and it's effects on the crop, or electro- magnatism, bear in mind, they are most probably making a big error. a lot of what they found in the soil could well be deposits from age old climatic and volcanic events, unless you know a lot about this field (pun intentded), then your conclusions are going to fit your beliefs. I would like to see more research into this, scientific research.

    I also thought the Documentary failed to properly look into the similarity with fractals, and crop circle geometry - even if they are man-made, is it possible they still hold meaning.

    All said and done, worth a watch.

    To the people above concluding that they are made by government agencies to make people believe in aliens, just put some tinfoil on your heads, you'll be fine, although you might want to remove your fillings, as the CIA have implanted receivers that gather all your thoughts.

    That PI crop circle is fascinating.

  70. hawkpork

    fly poster,
    you sound offensively adamant..
    if you're so certain it's not govt, military and at least partly a psy-op. then in your superior opinion...who the F!¤#K is doing it? who else could possibly have the technology and budget?

  71. Jake

    Dan,it sounds like you've went out and made crop circles before??

  72. Quetzaloatl

    Well if pi is the secret why not futher investigate the applications of this secretive and unusual knowledge, medicine,bioenginering architecture and more of all interaction in every human conciousness.

  73. Tim Osman

    LOL @ "a few guys with some rope and a board" Any i**** can see it would take more than a few guys with rope to create these. Jesus people are dumb.

  74. Thomas M

    My opinion about some arguments that government/military technology is involved - Just give me one example in history where the governments/military is involved in constructing something beautiful in secrecy.

    As for the real artists who communicate these messages, I have no idea who they are but if they are human it would have to be a global network of people acting in total secrecy without a commercial benefit. Usually secret societies achieve benefits for their members without others knowing or damage/bad publicity involved not being attributed to them but to someone else.

    If they are non human one could ask why they don't choose a less subtle approach of communication. I guess if there are advanced extraterrestrial civilizations out there they have experience contacting a new species and maybe some bad experience as well. Just imagine a starship landing on the lawn of the white house or in North Korea trying to make contact to the PR people of earth. No doubt that with our current society this event would be exploited for economical benefit of the nation being contacted, in any case the consequences of this event could have devastating consequences for the fragile global equilibrium. If I were an alien scout advising the cosmic council whether to contact a new species I wouldn't recommend ours. If they are blowing themselves up, destroy their environment like a swarm of grasshoppers, fight wars against each other to export their way of living, who can guarantee they would be peaceful with other civilizations who might have a different value system altogether. Unless a technological advance on our side makes it inevitable to make first contact, I'd probably advise to monitor this species until they have sorted out their suicidal ways. And maybe draw some subtle crop circles in rural areas just to show we are there.

    But maybe that's all orchestrated by the new world order government to keep us looking to the skies while we are being lied to, bio ids are introduced, more debt is issued from the global banking system and our freedoms being restricted more and more every day.

  75. dread

    Human Sight cannot see everything.......
    Just as owls or bats the human sight has its own levels of vision. most of the times human eye is far more primitive than lots of animals we know of. their's Lot behind & beyond the distance that our senses could comprehend..

    The circles are a sign to stubborn souls. its a teaching of Wisdom just as every other element in nurture teaches Wisdom through, what one sees during ones life time.

    One could learn or leave it.....
    after all theses mysterious designs and changes take place not only on the crops circles but in everything & everywhere we pay our attention, like flowers, stones etc;.

    Seems, its just that right now we tend only to look at the crop circles, forgetting the rest. probably may be 'cos its big for some.

    The Unreal is also real... ancient sciences have always mentioned 'bout it.

  76. Randy

    Actually, Epicurus, not all of the crop-circles, ice circles, etc. found all over the world have a simple, human explanation.

    Certainly not those enormous, elaborate designs that are so beautiful, (if not DESTRUCTIVE!); but definately HUMAN art projects.

    However, there have been those swirls and "holes" that seem to defy conventional explanations for many, many decades now.

    Some legitimate scientists have even postulated some theories, like errant plasma discharges, (the ball-lightening phenomena), or some hertofore unknown electro-magnetic geological disturbance.

    Perhaps, those should have more study, HOWEVER, because of the many, many hoaxes, you speak truthfully about, and because of the lunatic-fringe that have attached themselves to this stuff, legitimate scientists stay away for fear of never getting a grant again as long as they live!

  77. JG

    As has been mentioned before. 2.45 MHZ a very good heating source and also the transmission frequency of dozens of different communication satellites, this results in the ability to focus this transmission beam to a small spot size and super heat the ground base of the crops in question. You will notice the very detailed crop circles have a pixelated look from afar. Very easy technology to upload image data to the sattelite and raster the narrow beam across the crop.
    This takes place as the satellite is passing and usually done within 4 to 8 minutes. Communication satellites can generate tens of thousands of watts. This technology has been around for decades, not uncommon. Who's satellite?
    Who knows or why, except possibly calibration and a laugh.
    Have fun with your theories, now you know. Sometimes it gets boring once you know, oh well, onto the next mystery.

  78. Epicurus

    @Randy, Carl Sagan goes over those in the book that i linked right up there and he explains how the ones that some scientists were baffled by and tried to blame ball lightening and other weather phenomenon was just the hoaxer changing his method.

    just read the book. click the link i left up there and jump to page 72. He starts to talk about what we are discussing on page 73 but of course you want the context.

    but for MY records could you direct me to some of these unexplainable extremely unique crop circles?

  79. Randy


    In response to your post, I did some quick research, and really could NOT find anything other than the ice-circles documented in the arctic and Alaska which have a very logical explanaition... (they can't be hoaxes, I mean... in most of the areas photographed, humans would have fallen through to their deaths...)

    A geothermal vent causing warm "whirlpools" which melt the ice above in a circular pattern, (and not, when measured, as perfectly circular as the human eye percieves without measurment...)

    Of course, I am familiar with Carl Sagan's thoughts on the subject.

    I can not, in fact, point to any specific work that supports my proposition!

    So, I bow to Sagan, and you, as always!

  80. Mac

    Take a look into life itself???? the world and the different people ?????? everything that has a begining has an end!!! that bit is obvious, but when talking about crop circles, massive ones in complete precision, it doesnt make sense how Man could do that. they would need a lot of equipment just to measure the accuracy. there has been a lot of circles with details of what will happen and what has happened. the circles show some intreging subjects for example when a coded message was sent up into space, about us and what we are where we live, and then a message appears in the fields which is a reply to the one we sent. clearly stating what they are where they live and that they are there using technology that they will not share as we as in the human race have a tendency to react with force in situations which we can not control. People who say that the government is doing things, are a little bit confused, you will find out things if you read through historical events and anceint drawings which blatently show another race, not human. EVOLUTION happens everyday. new creatures are created just like we were created. we will see something in 2012 or around that time, give or take a year as you dont know even if they got the years right.2010 years ago, they have nothing to prove clearly from year 0000. so we could be years out!!! we will never know, ever till the end!!!

  81. Epicurus

    @mac you are absolutely wrong. every single crop circle ever done could easily be done with careful planning and a basic understanding of mathematics. just because YOU dont know much about it doesnt mean it cant be done. go ask mathematicians and the people who say they do crop circles if they can do them.

    can you link me to a website about the crop circle that was a response to a message we sent out in space?

  82. Achems Razor


    I don't know about the space thing, but crop circles have celebrated twenty five years of age this year. Starting from simple circles.

    Two and a half decades and some 9000 formations later, crop circles have grown into complex mathematical fractals, in lengths up to three quarters of a mile, in area coverage as large as 36,000 square feet, and can be found in most countries around the globe.

    You would think mathematicians would have better things to do with there time, yes?

    Source, (Freddy Silva, History of crop circles)

  83. Randy


    It's not too difficult. All you need is string and a stake in the ground, and a computer program that plots the co-ordinates. And a tape measure, of course...

    And believe me. There are alot of kids that are really super smart but that want to mess with the establishment enough to waste their time on such a hoax.

    (And, destroy valuable cereal grain... "YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN!!!)


  84. Achems Razor


    Ha,Ha, right, a tape measure that is 3/4 of a mile long, a lot of string, and a lot of kids, must be computer nerds also and with kids that are global. With respect, but that somehow does not compute Randy. I am only saying it is still a mystery, to me anyway. Yes?

    Just saying, (LOL)

  85. Randy


    I certainly will not argue with you, because I like you...

    How are your butt excersises going?

    (Out of context? That would sound really suspicious... but as you and and I have had conversations on this subject... um... I'm just sayin'... sorry, brother...)

  86. Achems Razor


    The ones you suggested are a killer, but it is growing exponentially.

  87. Randy

    In Jersey, where I live? Guys think the phrase, "I'm just sayin'..." excuses all of the horrible things they said before...

    Example: a guy from Jersey might say to you, "Your sister is a big whore...

    "I'm just sayin'..."

    That is NOT directed at anyone... please understand... just a joke...

  88. Achems Razor


    You can feel free to banter with me about any stuff, will never take anything personal, if you know what I mean, friends can do that.

  89. Randy

    Thank you Achems!

    But your sister is a big whore!

    I'm just sayin'...


    (Seriously, thank you, very much, for that post... it made me feel much better... could I use any more commas in that sentence...? WTH? I used to be a writer, dammit...)

  90. Randy

    And then, I used no commas where I actually needed them...

    And what is up with the elipses and parenthetical sentences?

    This is why I cannot get my Masters in evolutionary biology, or medicine and law...

  91. Achems Razor


    I have also wrote stuff, am thinking of writing something to see if I can actually get published. Have lots to say I think, have read enough, (LOL) Writing is very difficult to do, contrary to what a lot of people think. It does not matter that much with first draft anyway if a person can get a good editor.

  92. Randy

    Yes, writing is very hard... much like painting or any other art-form, but when you are writing a novel or short story, you are creating an entire world with multitudinous characters...

    And you must keep track of time lines and ecology and map-binding...

    Painting or sculpting is limited to the edge of the frame... music is limited to the beginning and ending notes... writing, well... that is timeless and alive...

    Not that I derogate painters, or sculptors, or musicians, because I dabble in those things, as well. AND have enormous respect for them...

    I'm just sayin'

  93. Lee

    Did you not hear clearly what the German fellow says at the end "An invitation to think differently"... means exactly that.

    1. UFO/Aliens ? - Where did you people get that from? Where's this idea from? Who said anything about that in the documentary? Is there even a suggestion? Your conditioned thoughts, from movies, articles, conspiracies are in the way here. Let go of this mumbo jumbo. Try to see simple facts, this Universe is so great your mind cannot even comprehend it, to assume we are the only intelligent beings, is limited thinking, to assume all beings are physical, is limited thinking. To assume this dimension of reality is the only one, is limited thinking. Mathematics has proven and much research is being done in physics, and quantum physics on these areas. Go explore, read, research, find for yourself before you make limited preliminary conclusions and draw images.

    2. Military conspiracy, End of the World 2012??? Who says anything about the end of the world? Where did you get that idea from? Are you sure that's the absolute 100% truth? Again, look at this conditioned "taught" idea about the end of the world? A bit fatalistic don't you think? The Mayan Calendar exists as a pure fact, a historical and archaeological finding it is. Go and research, no end of world there. The Mayan Calendar ends, yes, suggesting it's a end of an era, and a new era will come afterwards. About military research... That would have to mean that all crop circles would be a phenomenon of the late 1900's and later, since that's when we started to grasp microwave radiation apparatus and develop hi-tech. What about the fact that crop circles are documented in History as early as the 16th Century?? Military research there? Again, go out and research.

    Listen to what the young German fellow says, he isn't implying anything about the circles, he simply studies them with a SCIENTIFIC method. And he cannot deny that their appearance is a PHENOMENON, which means it cannot be reasonably explained YET, as to where they come from and who makes them. INCLUDING evidence that in many cases, they cannot be human made since sometimes their appearance happens in daylight, in small time gaps. (large crop circles)

    3. They do not only appear in UK. If you didn't watch the documentary, you would not think that. So instead of fighting and arguing about your beliefs on crop circles, as if someone is threatening your existence or trying to "do something to you", realize that it's fear and enemy thinking within you. So, as he (German fellow) urges, try and think differently, realize that you can change your thinking to more positive ideas, and clear up. Start by observing your own mind and thoughts.

  94. mikey

    my little sister when we were kids got a spirograph for Christmas i played with it more than she did these crop "art" is just that art by who knows...something to think about big spirograph go check it out

  95. Sauron Daimie

    Click my name. And you will go to a site with some crop circle designs.

  96. Khaled

    There are many claims, whether scientific or not, that need to be looked into:
    1. The 'Electromagnetic Effect' on the plants = is it replicated by the known man-made ones?
    2. The history of crop circles - documented as far as the 1500's? that's saying it's not a technology-based (modern) human prank
    3. Why not use a lie-detector on witnesses of UFO's (no offense). In any case I would rather deny the idea that all existing UFO footage is fabricated and generally all witnesses are liars than imagine there just might be something to it.

  97. Him

    There is only ONE universal language. If I was attempting to communicate with another world or plane of existence, and I knew I was far more advanced then said civilization, I certainly wouldnt want to frighten them by just popping up on the lawn of the whitehouse or parliment.I would instead use the one language I know binds us with every other living and nonliving thing in the universe....Mathematics

  98. Him

    @epicurous The messege your reffering to was sent out on the voyager probe. Carl sagan was intially responsible for that. Though I am up in the air about that particular one, there are too many things that cant be explained rationally when dealing with crop circles. There is a mathmatician in this documentry that tries to explain to us that the geometry used in some of these just couldnt be done with strings tied between 2 points.

    Not to mention the army of people that some of these things would require to be completed over night in complete darkness.History as its been taught to all of us is nearly completely wrong. Even the age of the earth itself is in question again. We could be billions of years off the mark. If you search a bit ,youll find that sumerians of 8000 BC is not the earliest recorded civilization and in fact we have plenty of evidence pointing back to at least 36,000 BC. Or the fact we are now finding dinosaurs buried side by side with human remains. The books paint a very different picture. We would have to completely rewrite history and numerous scientists would have to admit there wrong. Fat chance.

    Point is, the more research you do into our past, the more the present makes semse. And unless you learn ALL the facts,you will never be able to make a sound judgement on anything.One must not assume that whatever education they recieved is the end all answer to everyting.
    Fair warning, looking into our TRUE past is not only a bit scary as you learn how the facts have been misrepresented. But you will inevidably start to realize the truth about religions all over the world as well. So if you value baseing your entire life on faith rather than knowledge, dont bother looking any further. The answers are all there people, and I mean all of them.

  99. Khaled

    hey there's just one thing I had completely forgotten about: night vision goggles.

  100. jimmschimera

    To everyone.
    I see many comments here which are refuting these crop circles as man made, some acknowledging it to alien brothers and some saying truths like they simply don't know (I like this group of comments). I think it is more intelligent to give room to any sort of speculation because no one knows the truth and it will be utter arrogance to give one sided judgement. My opinion would be not to have any opinion, though I have a slight proximity towards believing that these huge crop circles, with such precision, are not easy to be made by man. But my belief won't serve any solution nor yours. When man has the sophisticated technology to explore the universe using satellites and other machines, making crop circles does not seem like much of a challenge. It is not impossible for men. But accomplishing this task with such precision in one night or so makes the argument little weak for human technology. May be there are simple and quicker techniques but the question remains why? It is also not wise to totally refute the possibility that these could be work of some advanced non human intelligence. If one is not arrogant then s/he would welcome many events from recorded history,present times, individual experiences of various kinds and other indications for examination. All of them are really mystifying, controversial and somewhere suggest that ET might have been visiting earth. Above all there is this white truth about universe- our earth is a part of billion of such planet n stars in our galaxy and this galaxy again is one part of the billions of galaxies in the universe. Respecting this truth we should at least welcome the idea that there could be other lives in the universe. Whatever, we don't know many things yet, so its better to leave this to speculations and sooner or later time and science will come to a stronger argument.
    I don't really welcome comments which are blatant, blasphemous and strongly one sided. Whatever they say, their opinions are again based on their biased beliefs which don't let them have an open mind. On what foundations their beliefs are based to say such?...They remind me of people who designed the stupid concept of ID and people who stupefy the world on religion and God. What they don't realize is that they themselves who pretend to be skeptic or rational are really not but are either blunt blind folded arrogants or lobotomized sheeps.
    Folks, please keep an open approach to everything. If we do so this world will be a much better place to live and wewill get our answers sooner. Lets not forget the fact that without speculations and imaginations there won't we science and discoveries........

  101. craftyjoe

    what a lot of you seem to be forgetting is that, ; if these circles were made by man would they not appear all over the world as numerously as they do in wiltshire U.K. ? and, by the by, as i live in dorset which borders wiltshire i know how small an area this phenomenon occurs in . have a look on google earth .... even the U.K. is a dot !!!!!!!

  102. Pyrrhus

    I do not believe this phenomenon is due to extraterrestrials or natural causes, yet how crop circles are made remains difficult to explain.

    Some of them are quite obviously the product of clever university students. Students have even come forward and demonstrated how it is done. But those crop circles are rudimentary, and small. The large, complex ones are truly mind boggling. That no one has been 'caught at it' despite the regularity of their appearances over the years is puzzling.

    Above, @craftyjoe implies that occurrences are confined to Wiltshire forgetting the documented appearances throughout Northern Europe, Mexico and Latin America.

    How do they do it?

    The short space of time within which these designs appear, their sheer size and complexity, rules out many a reasonable explanation. Should any of you have a comprehensive theory as to how these things are made, I'm all ears.

  103. Achems Razor


    Started by some england boys? would hate to see there travel itinerary, to all points of the globe, not to mention time travel right back to antiquity, when crop circles were first recorded.

    And overlapping circles, more than one at the same time, almost like quantum physics that says the atom is in more than one place at the same time.

    Have they won the Nobel prize for undisclosed science? hmmm

    Or maybe it was after all, a couple of old drunks with some string and some boards that the media would like to make us believe, EH?

  104. WTC7

    Achems Razor, agreed, it's probably these two drunks who also made the crop circle back in the 15th century, which is mentioned in this doc too, which the other primitive humans ascribed to the devil :)

  105. Achems Razor

    WTC7, Right, the old time circles, were not as elaborate as these days, wonder why they were made at all? when to fully appreciate you must be up high to fully comprehend, No airplanes then.

    Were there flying saucers as some antiquities suggest? Numerous paintings of such in antiquity.

    Getting into the realm of the unexplained and esoteric, but it is fun to question all. Wonder if the "Anglish" guys travelled to Canada where I live to make all the numerous circles that are prevalent here? Well, we do have some drunks here, maybe they did it? (LOL)

  106. WTC7

    Achems, it's a good question, what's the purpose. Unexplained is there to be explained and understood. Let's keep our minds open to both rational as well as what our culture (still) deems as irrational explanations. But thinking that some guys who just want to have fun are creating highly intricate and profoundly meaningful patterns over night is certainly not rational, especially when the crop circles are appearing all over the world (unless the alcoholics of the world united and established an international 'crop circle hoax club' ).

  107. craftyjoe

    @pyrrhus Above, @craftyjoe implies that occurrences are confined to Wiltshire forgetting the documented appearances throughout Northern Europe, Mexico and Latin America.

    If youd read my comments correctly, you would have understood that by saying, "what a lot of you seem to be forgetting is that, ; if these circles were made by man would they not appear all over the world as numerously as they do in wiltshire U.K. ? " this implies that i am aware the phenomenon occurs elsewhere in the world . so now go and check your facts and you will find that, oh yes 99% of all circles form in england! and oh yes, of those 99% occur in that lovely little county of wiltshire!!! PEACE!! dont believe the debunkers !! always check for yourselves !!!!!

  108. craftyjoe

    Hi pyrrhus!! This sentence here, "what a lot of you seem to be forgetting is that, ; if these circles were made by man would they not appear all over the world as numerously as they do in wiltshire U.K. ?" implies that i am aware that this phenomenon occurs all over the world! now the facts are that 99% of all the worlds formations appear in england ..fact. and 99% of all those circles appear in wiltshire ..fact. so what about this? why arent these formations appearing all over the united kingdom, let alone the rest of the world, with the same propensity as they are in that tiny dot of a place wiltshire???? surely it cant just be the bumpkins of wiltshire who are the greatest artists of all time!!!! go figure..... PEACE

  109. Atrophy

    Cause 99% of the worlds aliens live in the U.K. and 99% of those live in Wiltshire maybe :P

  110. Hillary

    No body can make that stuff. No one can make that grain grass stand or not stand, form or not form so precisely. It's just bloody weird and that these designs are becoming more complex, 'skilled' if you like, including the one with the planets in their configuration to depict Dec 21 2012 is weirder still. Yin Yang symbol, cool looking fractal like Celtic Circle stuff... People do NOT do stuff on such a grand scale, for so long, for NO recognition. Mankind is not like that. No one is wired that way. These are W- weird.

  111. daniel

    funny they did a picture of alice in wonderland.....
    the aliens like lewis carroll...

    next they'll do a crop circle of patrick swayze.

  112. Pyrrhus

    Apologies for misunderstanding the gist of your initial remark. I have reread it and still have minor questions; but they not significant, not worth even a mention.

    In no way do I challenge the sincerity of your claim and, your living so very close to the 'centre of action', as it were, perceive your insight into this perplexing phenomenon as unique.

    However, even if ALL crop circles were to manifest themselves EXCLUSIVELY in Wiltshyire, the big question persists. Either people, such as myself, have been duped into believing claims about the scale and intricacy of these designs, or we are all of us faced with a genuine puzzle. To quote myself: "How do they do it?...The short space of time within which these designs appear, their sheer size and complexity, rules out many a reasonable explanation. [Do] any of you have a...theory as to how these things are made...[?]"

    @craftyjoe, if you do have a theory, please share it with us. If you do not have a theory, then I should suspect you find yourself in the same boat as the rest of us (Wiltshyire, or no). I hope you can clear up at least some of the mystery. Much more importantly, please understand that, while I was wrong, I meant no harm.


  113. Leonid Basin

    Great documentary!

  114. Cory

    This could be the H.A.R.P system at work here , maybe part of a mass social reaction project.

  115. Sneek Ydeef

    Ok so these crop circles are found almost exlusively across underground water regions.. so if these formations are formed as huge bursts of frequency are pulsed and drawn to the more magnetic points of the planet, acting almost as a receiver/magnet, these frequencies are then perhaps reacting with the ground to create the pulses seen in those wasser-kline-bilder images of sound on a thin film of water, and taking a sort of snapshot image of that frequency..

  116. Jett Rink

    But they do. And they arent even that secret about it. Around here, they will invite you to come along. The work is deceptively simple yet ingenious. The real phenomenon as far as I am concerned is the number of people who continue to believe crop circles are of extraterrestrial origin when we have the names and pictures of the people who actually do the work.

  117. Jett Rink

    I find it fascinating that people continue to insist crop circles are not man made when you can find the people who make them with very little effort. In fact, if you are a good sport, they will invite you along. No secret handshake required.

  118. Jett Rink

    Do you mean Occam`s Razor?

    You can meet the people who make these circles with very little effort. It is not a big secret. In fact you can find documentaries and news programs of people making extremely elaborate circles in very little time.

  119. WTC7

    I mean Achems Razor, you will soon realize he's one of the moderators here. So, the spelling of his chosen username you will eventually have to clarify with him :).

    As to the crop circles, sure, whatever makes you feel happy Jett. Stay well.

  120. haloween

    I don't know why it is so hard for some people to believe that there are/is a lot more going on then most think, but then again when mankind thinks they are the smartest and they are the ones who know it all it is easy to see. There is nothing new what was is and will be again, these circles are not new.

  121. Ian Denn

    I hate Crap circles, almost as stupid as gods. most people should have stayed up there, in the trees.

  122. Colin Perkins

    Come on now, thats like saying that because Germans make beer, that all beer is from Germany. I hate it when people use incorrect analogies. I think this is some govt agency testing out some high-technology.

  123. Colin Perkins

    I think this is some high-technology that some govt agency is testing out, maybe NASA.

  124. Sten Palu

    Yes, it is high tech technology but who used it in 15century? Nasa? :)

  125. Steve Williams

    i have studied this and am yet to come across a "legit" unfininished design

  126. Steve Williams


  127. Sam Kariuki

    And why don't the circle makers come forward to claim every circle that appears, and demonstrate how they achieved the complex formation over those vast acres? Yes, they try to explain the magnet thingies, why don't they tell us how they make balls of light fly in order to fool the people into believing in E.T? Doesn't make sense.

  128. mycial

    Great investigation we need more of these the human sheep must prepare themselves for the coming. They are among us have never left but went under water & under ground a intelligent species live in the inner earth not on top. We must get you ready to meet the visitors take care.

  129. MrAnno1366


  130. Jett Rink

    I am but mad north-north-west. When the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw Merry Christmas.

  131. Jett Rink

    You can meet them in Canada and Britain for certain, other places as well.

    What seems more likely to you: That SOME of the Crop Circles are secretive government projects and the rest are done by pranksters...or that they are - and have always been - done by well meaning pranksters?

    Merry Christmas.

  132. Jett Rink

    Would you like to meet some of them? Saskatchewan Cerealologists will take you along, after a fun and silly initiation ceremony. (bring your liver)

  133. Lobo

    I've walked in them, researched them, and talked to expert scientific researchers who studied them. There are over five thousand documented, photographed, and studied formations, made in over fifty different countries, over the last thirty years, and they are not all man made. A few perhaps, but Doug & Dave would have been very busy boys indeed to have done more than a few crude examples. There have been videos made by people on "night watches" of luminous orbs flying around in patterns over the fields just hours (sometimes just minutes) before formations appeared. British military helicopters have chased these orbs at work (it has also been filmed) and they just blink out from in front of the helicopter and then reappear behind it. There is a Dutch man who has been receiving telepathic messages for years as to when and where formations will occur in his family's fields. This has been filmed and documented by European journalists, as it happens. The "orbs" are believed to be physical light manifestations of an intelligent other-dimensional "entity". Their reasons appear to be to warn us to wake up to the distress of our planet, and to realize that there are other dimensions with life, existing simultaneously right here with us. Our three-dimensional "reality" is just a part of the whole cosmos. Our philosophy of "He who dies with the most toys wins" is a total waste of our time on Earth. Our mental/spiritual progression and evolution is what we are really here for.

  134. Robt G

    Very nice video but not much by way of substance that would change my mind. The material presented on how images were made in water by using sound pressure is very good. The photos and video cam of light balls over fields are also good. I won't denie that it might be possible to produce these designs by using some kind of physical pressure on plants in a field but until it is actually demonstrated, I have to be cautious and say, "We'll just have to wait and see." Personally I think MOST of these crop circles are man made. As for the rest of them we will have to just wait it out until some bright science guy comes up with a way to use microwaves or sound to support the theory that "It's at least possible." Maybe someone already has! Are they Alien? Hahahaha. Your guess is as good as mine.(:-)

  135. Robt G

    Just one more the video one of the gentlemen says he was just basically walking by the downs when he saw a glint in the corner of his eye and sees a light moving. I would like to know what his basic walk is like? Up in the air apparently, because that's where the video is filming from looking down at the object. (:-) Just saying.

  136. Dr Devon Limbic

    Contempt prior to investigation is the highest form of ignorance. Google docs and pics are not peer reviewed and so are not reliable evidence. Lots of things are hard to believe until research is done. There's plenty of credible scientific papers on this subject that prove that the proper crop circles are definitely not man made. Just do some research properly for yourself and don't be ignorant - forget about your egos - and you'll come to the same conclusion. Any comment above that has not done this is not worth reading.

  137. Dr Devon Limbic

    Lobo is right in terms of the documentation of it, but the meaning and making of them is unknown to us. There's no scientific objective evidence to say they are messages from aliens, there's just subjective theories about what makes them and why. Regardless of this whole side to it, the fact remains that they are real, very real, significant, very intriguing and mysterious patterns that exist and we humans can't claim to be the artists of the proper ones because of the nature of how they're formed.

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