Occupy Sandy

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Occupy SandyThe author of Gasland and The Sky is Pink made one little documentary concerned with the people affected by the Hurricane Sandy.

Occupy Sandy is a coordinated relief effort to distribute resources and volunteers to help neighborhoods and people affected by Hurricane Sandy.

How unfair it is to sort of name these hurricanes after a harmless girls. Every girl named Sandy in the New York Metropolitan area is going to spend the next 10 years hearing bad jokes. It is time to name them for the people who are causing them.

We should go right through the alphabet finding every oil, coal and gas company because these guys are pouring carbon into the atmosphere that is supercharging these hurricanes.

Sandy was the lowest barometric pressure ever recorded north of Cape Paterson. Its winds stretched further than any storm that we ever measured. We should call it what it is: Hurricane Exxon. That way the stories in the news would sound just right.

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  1. mattvins

    lol, reading the description, it sounds like this doc was made by a 12 year old girl called Sandy.

  2. christophers
  3. christophers

    Jesus Christ,if your too stupid to look at satellite imagery and see the cloud seeding going on with this storm,then this doc ifs perfect for you. That is even adding scalar weaponry and HAARP technology....,

  4. Jonathan McCulley
  5. Jonathan McCulley

    I had a look at that video. That woman has absolutely no understanding of meteorology, or if she does, she's purposefully misleading people. I wish I could say I've never seen such a tragic misrepresentation of a natural phenomenon, but it happens all the time in religious circles.

  6. Dave Scott
  7. Dave Scott

    I bet you think the twin towers was an inside job!Stop with the meth and get some mental health help before you strap a bomb to your back.

  8. Dave Scott
  9. Dave Scott

    People like you give me hope! Jonathan I thought I was the only one that saw thru that bull*it! It was a storm thats all! Not a conspiracy just a storm it wasnt exxon mobil or whitey it was a storm>Lame documentary

  10. DigiWongaDude
  11. DigiWongaDude

    @ Robert Csiki
    Robert, Robert, Robert...in the words of David Byrne from Talking Heads, "Children think differently than adults. Adults think with their mouths open."

    You are a child and your mouth is open. Think a little quieter and close your mouth - at the very least you'll be helping to lower your emissions.

  12. DigiWongaDude
  13. DigiWongaDude

    @ Jonathan McCulley: Agree. The link is verbal diarrhea and blaming HAARP is a great excuse for backing the U.S. policy of dragging its feet over CO2 emissions. On the off chance you can convince them it's not HAARP then it's god's reckoning on the way. Either way, no need to take any personal, responsible action. Genius [not].

  14. Kingsley Morse
  15. Kingsley Morse


  16. KsDevil
  17. KsDevil

    The heads of government agencies and the resources they associate with have a vested interest in down playing Operation Sandy.

  18. James Chesky
  19. James Chesky

    Good, this shows the value of a movement (Occupy) who's value was doubted but that has stepped into the vacuum following Hurricane Sandy. Thank you Occupy volunteers.

  20. Jonathan McCulley
  21. Jonathan McCulley

    What bothers me is that we do know what accounts for the track of Sandy, namely upstream blocking and phasing with the cutoff low. We know that once the system went extratropical the insertion of dry air actually strengthened the system, whereas in a tropical storm that would mean weakening. In the linked video, I love how she says the storm weakens (after it hits cuba) and then restrengthens because of chem dumps. Um no it strengthened because it emerged over warm water after it hit Cuba. I commented on her video and she's made it so only approved comments are allowed (surprise!)

  22. oQ
  23. oQ

    It was quite "sandy" everywhere afterwards.
    The doc shows how people can pull together when the shite hit us.
    Global warming? hard to believe it's not happening...just watch your garbage bags and your neighbour's go, weeks after weeks after weeks...and that is a very very minuscule part of the problem.

  24. Pysmythe
  25. Pysmythe

    Good can come out of bad, alright. After the hurricane, my wife and I had our little grandbabies over here with us for nearly a week. :) Our street was one of the very few in town to keep power.

  26. Michelle BarlondSmith
  27. Michelle BarlondSmith

    Watch it share it and then change it ....

  28. celticwarrior1
  29. celticwarrior1

    carbon is causing hurricanes??????? then why the hell hasnt the earth warmed for the last 16 years what a spoof docu

  30. David Axelrod
  31. David Axelrod

    Seeing as how Gasland was 95% bu||sh|t, I see no reason to waste time watching this.

  32. gbcomp
  33. gbcomp

    Seeing as how your comment is 95% bu||sh|t, I see no reason to waste time reading it.

  34. stephen boyer
  35. stephen boyer


  36. Vexst Junglist
  37. Vexst Junglist

    I find your certainty unnerving.

  38. Patrice Foreverxfiles Farmer
  39. Patrice Foreverxfiles Farmer

    Very good!!!

  40. John C. Tripp
  41. John C. Tripp


  42. stop__and__think
  43. stop__and__think

    15 hottest years on record according to NASA's data:
    #1: 2010
    #2: 2005
    #3: 2007
    #4: 1998
    #5: 2002
    #6: 2003
    #7: 2006
    #8: 2009
    #9: 2012
    #10: 2011
    #11: 2001
    #12: 2004
    #13: 2008
    #14: 1997
    #15: 1995

    "the nine warmest years in the 132-year record all have occurred since 2000" - NASA

    2012 was also acknowledged by NOAA as the 10th hottest year on their records.

  44. Raul
  45. Raul

    If you ask politicians to solve this for you, their answer will be to put you in chains. You will not realize what you have done until it's too late.


    What if (and I believed Inconvenient Truth completely) the warming came BEFORE the carbon increase and the warming itself came from GeoEngineering?

  48. Miss Tammy
  49. Miss Tammy

    The music was an immediate turn off,...I love documentaries but cannot stand when they are overpowered by dumb music.

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