Off the Chain

Off the Chain

2005, Crime  -   67 Comments
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The Pit bull was brought to America from Ireland and England and became America's family dog. At the turn of the 19th and early 20th century it was the number one dog of choice for the average American family. The Pit bull was extremely intelligent, malleable and devoted to its master, really a smart animal that loves human beings. But what have we done that transformed our friend into a malicious demonic animal that has to be eliminated?

And if we could figure out how we did that to these animals maybe there will be some lessons for how we do it to ourselves as human beings. The American Pit Bull Terrier of today is a very different dog than it was twenty years ago. What has largely happened to this breed is what has happened to other breeds when they've gotten popular as the top-dog to have. And that is breeding them for the wrong reasons and keeping them in unacceptable conditions.

That breed has been used by the young generation as the macho dog. They gave it a bad name by causing it to fight other dogs. People have taken that instinct of a Pit bull to bond to a human, to really love its owner, and they've totally manipulated it to use these dogs in a fight with another dog.

The underworld combined these elements realizing that they could train the Pit Bull Terrier to become a vicious fighting creation. It is so far underground, it is so well-entrenched, the American public has virtually no idea it's taking place.

How anybody can consider that as a 'sport', 'entertainment' and certainly anything that remotely resembles something called 'professional'? Of all breeds right now Pit bull is probably a number one breed owned by irresponsible, uncaring and abusive owners. The breeding of this dog revolves around its fighting abilities with less attention to other aspects and characteristics.

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  1. Iluvmydog

    This "guy" that's undercover because the sport is so underground your an ignorant ruthless pile of ****. Show your self if your so proud of this sport . They sound so ignorant every one that agrees with this b.s. they take the dogs wonderful qualities and use it against them now half of the uneducated population about pitbulls think they are all fighting mean creatures. You know at least one person if not yourself that owns one and they will tell you they are the best and sweetest dogs. You can search pitbull breeders and can pick out what kennels are for fighting . Now tell me if it's this concerning to authority's why arent they stopping them?!! Why is the only ones trying to help the animals rescues? **** has to stop all animal abuse needs to stop . They are not disposable and they have feelings so quit making them out to be viscous and ruined for a chance of a loving home rather then to be put to sleep. I hate you ruthless ***** who do this . .

  2. dog lover

    They are trash pure trash

    1. Margie

      I would have to say the same as you ?

  3. Dee

    I have owed two of the most living American Staffordshire Terriers both females both brindle in colour. They loved me and my family. Never had one bad day they even loved they cat sisters. And all slept together

  4. Elly

    Sad day when you see a dog doing all it can to please its master almost to exhaustion and death, and these assholes take advantage of that fact that the dogs will do anything for their owner. All for fcking money! I never wished harm to any other human but today I want to say these so called dog breeders of fighting dogs needs to DIAF.

  5. D

    My position is that dogfighting is cruel and should be treated as the serious crime that it is for multiple reasons. The following is merely a thumbnail sketch on the subject of pitbulls. If you are interested in a complete understanding of these breeds, you will need to research them extensively. There are so many variables inherent that it is nearly impossible to knowledgeably discuss the breeds of dog generally, and usually, known as "pitbull."

    Most of the laws in the US, and in other countries, prohibiting 'pitbulls' are ignorantly based upon the appearance of dogs people believe to be "pitbulls." The reality is that there are only three, AKC recognized breeds of pitbulls: The Staffordshire Terrier, The English Bull Terrier, and The American Pit Bull Terrier. Not even expert dog breeders can positively identify a pitbull by their appearance. Just because a dog "looks" like a pitbull doesn't make them one. Look up the Argentine Dogo and the presa Canario...

    The reason pitbulls are referred to as such is not because of dogfighting. After England outlawed dogfighting in the early part of the 19th century, dog owners substituted rats in a pit for opponent dogs. Spectators bet on the number of rats a dog could kill within a given time. It's true that "pitbulls" used to be the all American dog. The dog(s) that was the constant companion of the kids in the "Little Rascals" were Staffordshire Terriers. The "His Master's Voice" RCA dog was a mix of Fox Terrier and Staffordshire Terrier.

    I grew up with a mixed breed dog that most people would say was a pitbull. I doubt he was but, he was very muscular, highly intelligent, and very protective. He was a wonderful pet, literally a part of out family. "Duke" was intimidating to strangers but lovable once he realized you "belonged." He wasn't naturally aggressive toward other dogs but if another dog attacked Duke, the attacking dog always "lost" no matter his size... It is true that these types of dogs are not inherently dangerous but, as with any dog breed, a very few are simply born aggressive. Unfortunately, the naturally aggressive dogs should be culled because they can pose a serious threat to people and to other dogs.

    The heart of the matter, if you desire to understand these dogs or are considering owning a type of this dog breed is to be knowledgeable about the general personality of a "pitbull." These types of dogs have a strong prey instinct. Translation: Don't rough them up too much when you play with them. When they become too excited, they can hurt someone inadvertently because they are so powerful. Don't leave them alone for significant periods. They are truly people dogs, they love their owners. If left to their own devices, they can become very destructive. Because of their protective instincts, these dogs need to be well socialized starting when they are puppies. Never leave a pitbull, or any dog, alone with small children. Even the best of dogs, of any breed, can misinterpret the actions of a small child. There is so much too know about these types of dogs but learning about them and, perhaps getting one for a pet, can be very rewarding. They are wonderful breed.

  6. goinsideandwatchtv

    Anyone else notice at 11:00, the second, massive tether running to some other spot off camera? No doubt this leash is held by a handler, to help control dog should it attack the child.

    Recently, a local deputy responded to a report of a stray dog. The dog was a pit bull, and it approached the cruiser in a friendly manner when called. When the dog got near the vehicle, an SUV, it lunged at the window, attempting to engage the deputy, but the window was not open sufficiently. Frustrated, the dog attacked a tire on the vehicle, flattening it, then moved to the other side, and repeated the attack on another tire, also flattening it. The dog had to be shot to avoid injury to humans.

    The man/gun, man/dog analogy is meaningless and ridiculous; a dog has a brain & free will, whereas a gun does not.

    Beyond his proclaiming it, I challenge anyone to point out a scene in the video that indicates a "love" for these or any dogs. The love is for the potential for big money.

  7. Gaz hodgie

    I don't agree with what you are doing to them poor dogs

  8. Sarah

    If these i*iot men (I say men because they all seem to be men) need so badly to compensate for their small man syndrome...they should leave the poor dogs out of it and place bets on who has the bigger penis... It would accomplish the same goal!!!

  9. OrCoastTheo

    "America's family dog" that "loves human beings". Really?

  10. wishi_d

    This is the same sick psychosis one sees in canned hunts, the gut-shooting of wolves, and trophy hunting—control-freak macho bloodlust and cruelty for its own sake. The money exchange is just icing.

  11. Sonya

    Omg, I'm not even at 20 minutes in and I don't think i can finish .. why can't these ***holes at least fight the dogs themselfs.. wouldn't make it any better but that way the trainers would feel what they've "achieved"

  12. Laurie Turner

    What is wrong with people that can film this documentary and not have any conscience to turn this mf i*iot into authorities. If I came face to face with this POS I don't know what I would do to contain myself. I am 53 and have these dogs all my life. They are the most amazing, loving, affectionate dogs you could ever have. They literally become your family member. They should take dog fighters and put them in a pit and make them fight until one is dead, without allowing either one out unless one is dead. The other should be arrested, and charged, and put on death row with a maximum stay of one month. That will give him enough time to think about dying, Then give him dog food for his last meal. It's about money and greed. Despite what he has convinced himself of he is a murder. I hope he gets caught, and I don't know how this documentarian sleeps at night.

  13. Charlie

    How low does your self esteem have to be or small is your d**k that you need an animal like this.......No wonder President Cheney and the R*tarded Texan made it to the White House

    1. Blake

      What's even worse is that Obummer was voted into the White House.

  14. Leslie Payne Simmons-Hale

    The people who do interviews and breed these dogs as fighting dogs have a very weird thought pattern like a sociopath.

  15. Eric Lawson

    I am one who has been on the other end of a pit bull attack. I was just walking down the street.When it came out of no where. It started ripping at my ankle.Talk about horrifying. I live in Canada where owners must have 1000000 dollars worth of insurance on their dogs. This has prevented dope dealers from owning these animals.!! It has prevented owners who mistreat the Pits.I once owned a pit.This dog had to be put down.The previous owner had abused it. One cannot teach a dog who has been abused to be friendly how stupid was i.Dog fighting is a federal offense here as well.I agree with Gandhi that societies are judged by how they treat their animals.The owners here in Canada also will be fined and charged for not having these or any dogs on leashes while in public.I am sure my attack was caused because the dog was mistreated and off its leash. It was most likely protecting its territory. My stay in hospital and my permanent scars are a constant reminder to me that these dogs do and will attack !!!!

  16. Sabrina Maggard

    This is ridiculous! I haven't even watched it yet but my family (my husband and four kids) have been pit bull owners since my oldest son was a baby. We have never had papers on our dogs and they have always just been family pets. They are one of the most loyal breeds of dogs I have ever had. They would do anything for us and are so well mannered. Of course, we have always raised ours from puppies too. It's sad that people want to turn these animals into fighters. Yes, it is in their blood to fight with other dogs. That is only if you raise them to think this way. My dogs have been around small breed dogs, dogs bigger than them, etc. and have never attacked them. They are of course a little stand offish, they are very nervous at first but they learn to act the way they do by the emotions I show around the same animals. If I'm scared of the other dog, they are very protective. However, I would never put my dog in a situation to fight with another dog unless I truly feared for my life and then...I know my dogs would protect me with all they had. That's what makes this breed of dog so amazing I think! They are truly good hearted animals but also show loyalty like no other. Guess I'm gonna watch this now even though I know I'm going to be terribly upset. People who use this breed to their advantage with no thoughts of what it is doing to the dog should not be priveleged to own such an animal.

    1. Tripp John

      Glad you feel this way. I have always been leery of pitbulls, they have a very nervous and reactive energy. If you aren't totally alpha with them they freak out. Scary.

  17. Entertainmentluvva

    just finished watching,well done documentary


    Firstly...if you love dogs....DO NOT WATCH THIS!!!!!...Im a bullterrier/staffy/pitbull lover who has proudly owned these breeds along with many friends all having the same passion for these muscular proud loving athletic dogs and after watching this all I feel is sad angry and the need to find each one of these gutless cowards hiding behind sunglasses and masks on this documentary, so called "dog men", and seek unimaginable revenge on behalf of these poor dogs which are being viciously abused and totally wasted for a bunch of scumbag lowlife wimps who never learnt to fight themselves...the people involved in this disgusting behaviour, in my mind, are in the same group as paedophiles...taking advantage of situations where the participants are made to suffer at the most extreme cost and can have no control over what is happening to truly sickened me!!! I hope that the poor animals being put down or brutally killed by these inhuman bottomfeeding rockspiders get to go to the next place and chase the frisbee, catch the ball and all the things dogs love till their hearts content...this shows that humans are the real animals!!!

  19. Sendinglove

    I would love to watch this except when I see the abused animals I get so sick inside. Don't get me wrong I have watched many and I volunteer time and money to fight against animal abuse but sometimes the images stick with you forever. I know they are trying to punish more people for this abuse but it isn't harsh or fast enough. These are innocent beings. I started to watch this thing 3 times and can't! I wish I would know when the bad parts are coming and could skip a little of it.

  20. Fernandes

    Just a bunch of frustrated people that see on their dogs a way to have a bigger pennis... this is just sad

  21. freewilly

    have to agree with most of the posters sentiments. That fellow in the mask is completely out to lunch. Not everyone is into competition that was his first dellusional statement among many others. He loves his dog? Jeez how does he love his girlfriends???? Yikes

  22. Txgirlinnh

    I tried but I just can't watch it. I wish I could get ahold of any "people" that treat these loyal little pups like that.

  23. Lauri Neva


    1. docoman

      Yep, trust a Catholic Doctrine advocate to reply to something so disgusting and disturbing as this with 'interesting'. Say the same about child abuse too do you Lauri? After all, that is Catholic Doctrine too.

  24. shafawn

    I couldn't even watch all this without crying. I have a pit bull from a rescue shelter who bares the scars and lifelong problem with breathing due to dog fighting. I've had her 4 years now and she is gentle and loving to every pet I've brought into this home after her. She lightly touches her nose to my leg when I'm doing chores to encourage and support me and she never leaves my side no matter where I go or what I do. I've never encountered a dog so loyal or devoted as my pit bull and I love her so much. It doesn't matter what's going on she focuses on me. Some dog personalities you are there for the dog and some personalities the dog is there for you. She is the dog that is there for me. 100% devotion and trust in her gentle eyes and she's been through sheer hell.
    I can't understand why people are so full of hate and cruelty. They deaden their conscience and damn their souls to do these things.

    Please stop this.. You don't understand how wonderful and devoted these dogs are! Breaks my heart

    1. Entertainmentluvva

      your love for your dog and the way you speak about it is beautiful

    2. shafawn

      Thank you but my pit gets all the credit there :) Right now as of 4/2/2014 the House of Agriculture has the bill HB 2120 to make attending dog fights a felony in the state of TN. If people risk a felony to attend these fights they will stop going. Please contact your congress to support making it a felony to attend these fights.

    3. Tripp John

      How about we take the pitbull trainers and let them fight each other to the death? Fair enough in my book. They are s c u m.

  25. Jabsdna

    The only thing that can be said about people that do this to any animal should be tortured to death!! Those IDIOTS are very mentally ill and need to be banished from the earth!!!! They are disgusting to say the least !!!!

  26. Kersh

    This doc. begins on the very false premise that Pit Bulls as violent fighting dogs is an American invention. Dog-fighting in the UK and Ireland is and has classically been very popular, with pit-bulls being Old English Terriers and Old English Bulldogs bred to produce an athletic, gamey breed of dog intended for various blood-sports. In effect, pit-bulls were initially bred with blood-sport specifically in mind.

    1. mabel

      Bullsit Kersh, total bullshit. do your homework. the beginning of this documentary tells exactly why this started the way it did after the bull-baiting was outlawed. THIS IS NOT A SPORT,, THIS IS MURDER AND ABUSE OF A BEAUTIFUL DOG.

    2. Joshua Raphael

      I agree with you sir I'm a youngdogman. Looking for game bred pitbulls these dogs are amazing one must just know how to train them they are born warriors can you perhaps help me out with links to raising game dog from pup or videos of movies

  27. Chopper1

    They have been glorified in american culture especially hip hop gangster rapper culture as the must have dog, all these video clips of rappers in baggy pants holding a big chain and a big pitbull makes them look tough and the drug dealer look thus kids all want them because this is "cool". Only problem is, they might be friendly to human beings but how would you like it if you take your poodle or fox terrier for a walk and someone with a pitbull walks past and it bites the head off your little dog, terrible to say the least but then again blame the american culture of macho and aggressiveness.

  28. Imightberiding

    I am a very peaceful, nonviolent person. After watching this doc, I feel as though I am developing an overwhelming urge if not obsession to hunt down every one of these dog fighters. The ultimate goal/fantasy being that I would find them alone with no witnesses & myself in the possession of a good old-fashioned, solid hickory baseball bat & far from prying eyes & listening ears with as much time as I wanted to invest in each individual.

    Dare I go so far as to say: Who knows? Maybe these poor dogs will be hungry after I am finished with their abusive masters.

    1. Txgirlinnh

      Its frighteningly medieval the way I would like to handle dog fighters.

    2. mabel

      pick me up, i'm in on the hunt !!!!!!!!!!!

  29. dmxi

    as a former 'partner' of two pits & i've encountered the darkside idiots...this brought back angry & sad least i had the chance of saving three & supplying them to better homes.
    edit:finding kindred souls with effort & (soul)time to spare to heal devestated & abused spirits was the most up-lifting experience of my life & i've shared some hard-knocks myself......the difference being that i could speak & fend for my-self!thanks to the 'you-know-who's!'

  30. Patrick Adrien Varencaus

    anyone that train a pitbull to be a fighter killer is a I*IOT, Its the same thing as training your own kid to be a vicious killer,and that parent should have is balls cut off ! Here's a great idea take an idiot trainer and put him in a box with one of those condition pitbull killers ! D.U.D.=DUMB.UNTO.DEATH

  31. Terry Beaton

    They are called Pitbulls. 'Pit' 'Bulls'. They are unlike other breeds in their strength and ferocity, and have killed more children than any other breed in history. Pitbulls are like guns. If you love the first you probably love the second.

    1. Tracey

      Did you not hear the bit about 'owners'. Pit bulls and guns are unrelated. I am a pit bull owner and don't touch guns. My girl is beautiful and can't love you enough. It is how the dog is raised and cared for. Humans should be licensed not dogs.

    2. Eddie Walt

      Where do you get "have killed more children than any other breed in history". Maybe you never owned a pitbull or never had any large breed dog. The truth is there are no reliable statistics that support your statement. Furthermore other dogs kill no more or less than a pitbull. Such as the German Shepard, Rottweilers, Dobermans and even Labs. In fact large breeds are used in law enforcement and military operations. It's not the dogs it's irresponsible owners. You have only heard stories and obviously never had first hand experience. In other words you don't know what you're talking about. In the future do some research before you make a statements. I mean you can't comment when you don't know what you're talking about.

    3. susan g

      You are right. In fact I think Rottweilers are the breed most responsible for attacks on children. However Pittbulls would be a close second. Also there are fairly reliable stats on dog bites in the US anyway.

    4. Pam Castillo Apondi Todd

      You know so little about them. They are made vicious by humans. I have had several. I have known dozens. They are great dogs in the hands of ethical people

    5. docoman

      Have you known many dogs in your life Terry? There was a line in the doco, "any dog can be made vicious, any dog can be made into a good pet" that I've found to be completely accurate.

    6. Terry Beaton - (dangerous breeds) Read about the breed for yourself. "They don't bite a lot more often, but when they do their instinct to hold on and shake and not let go (combined with bone crushing jaw strength) is what makes them highly dangerous".

    7. docoman

      Interesting site Terry, thanks. They make it clear they don't like Pitt Bulls.
      I note they say Pitt Bull, and Pitt Bull crosses, account for about 60% of fatal dog on human attacks in the USA.
      I also note they decide to not class other crosses in with the breed itself. A bit misleading if they don't apply the same standard across all breeds isn't it?
      I also note that site, this doco and most commentators say that the 'macho' twit owners dog of choice is a Pitt Bull.

      Putting all those facts together, it is surprising to me that it's only 60% to be honest. They're already set up to be higher then that if what is claimed about the breed and the owners are correct.

      No one denies that Pitt Bulls have the potential to be dangerous, but clearly they are not alone, at least 40% of other fatal attacks were not Pittys.
      I still maintain, find a bad dog, nearly always you'll also find a bad owner.

    8. Jess

      So because they are strong they should be punished, for no reason at all, other than the fact that they COULD hurt someone? That is Ludacris. I'd love to see the stats on how many fatal pit bull attacks could be linked to the dog being abused at some point or another. The dog is NOT the problem, pit bulls are absolutely beautiful, loveable creatures. Its time we put the blame where it belongs, on human beings

    9. Jess

      Yes, they are strong dogs, no one disagrees with that. But why should a dog be punished for being strong? They are NOT bad dogs, dogs only become bad when humans get involved (big shocker there). Instead of blaming the dogs for being strong, why not turn your attention to the people who are forcing these dogs to cruelty, and FORCING them to use their strength in negative ways?

  32. Simma

    I would love to be in a box with any or all of those despicable excuses for human being, i am a pit bull owner and lover of all creatures this doco made me cry

    1. bringmeredwine

      I didn't dare watch this because I love dogs so much!


    Had to watch this for my true love of these animals but 200 a day are being put to sleep,so sad most loyal loving dog if looked after an loved in the correct way,how people can mistreat any animal i find draw dropping shocking your all b*stards


    To the guy with all ya face covered up,if this sick violent activity you keep calling a sport is not as bad as what everyone thinks it is why are u hiding your identity?Those poor dogs dont choose to go in those boxes and fight you and ya f*ck up friends make that decision for them and for what to line your pockets with a few dollars,why not get a job like normal people i hope anyone who partakes in this sick shit dies a slow painful death you b(stards.

  35. Cass

    I couldn't get past more than 17 mins of this - people who are into dogfighting should be casterated, then be forced into the same s*it as these poor pups - gladiator-style

    1. Patrick Adrien Varencaus

      Very smart and wise comment :)

  36. Anthony Austin

    I have a red nose pit and bull terrier sitting next to me now, and he's awesome.

  37. JCW

    had many good years with knowing a american red nose pit, thought labadours/golden retrievers were the most casual, loyal, fun dog to have around. That pitbull was just the same ol puppy at heart for his life. Didn't even bark up a storm, snapping at passer bys in the back alley. Sad end though, dog never ran away, dug holes, or wandered away from us when out adventuring. He ended up missing when the family got home one day. Found torn up out in a feild near by. What the owner shared with me was even more disturbing on a few events that prior month...

    1. bringmeredwine

      Oh my god, that's horrible!

  38. IndustryOfBlame

    A couple of years back my friend made the mistake of not introducing me properly to his pitbull terrier, and on one occasion as I was approaching his house from the back yard the dog took me for a stranger and went full speed and teeth exposed towards me. Instead of running I crouched down as to appear small and made a high-pitched yapping noise, which probably saved me from a very unpleasant encounter.

    1. docoman

      That's a dog thing mate, that's not restricted to any particular breed. Its their nature to protect their territory. I've been bailed up a couple times myself by large dogs, if you can't beat a hasty retreat in time facing them and going into 'fight mode' with the appropriate 'noise' was the correct option, the other option being cop the bite you're going to get by running.

  39. ChiefW4

    For those (like myself) who really can't bear to watch an animal be hurt, other than a human, beware, this video has a significant amount of gore and violence.

    1. pwndecaf

      Thanks for the warning - I will not be able to watch.

    2. xxDarkSidexx

      Thank you Chief

  40. ChiefW4

    The saddest part of all of this is pitbulls a century ago were not, temperamentally, anything like they are today. Breeders have done the exact opposite to the pitbulls as what the breeders of Doberman Pinschers did. By the mid 1970s, Doberman Pinschers were the most feared dog in the USA. Even adults feared them. The breeders of Dobies got together and agreed to only breed the most docile, friendly dogs, and by the early 80s, they'd managed to effectively breed the "nastiness", for lack of a better word, right out of them. Now, of course, unless you're handcuffed by apartments or Deed restrictions, they're one of the most desired breeds in the USA. Pitbulls, sadly, used to, as the documentary tells you, a safe, friendly dog nobody was afraid to have around their babies and children. Between the rise in popularity of Dog fighting, and breeding taken over by extremist hate groups, the majority of Pitbulls being bred were done so because they'd won several fights, or showed a predisposition towards aggressive behavior, a predilection towards nastiness. Because of it, Pitbulls themselves suffer, and not just in fights. They're no longer acceptable "pet" dogs, and, in fact, are the #1 killer of infants amongst all breeds, and though this documentary was made 9 years ago, not only does it continue today, but it's still being encouraged. The Pit Bull itself is no more to blame for its temperament than Wolves are for theirs. One can no more blame the pit bull for killing a child than they could a wolf for killing a deer--it's now in their DNA. They've now taken on the reputation Dobermans used to have. I just wish Pit Bull breeders took on the same sense of responsibility Doberman breeders did ~40 years ago, but I don't see it happening . And yes, of course anyone who either breeds dogs to fight, or even watches/bets on dog fights should be arrested, and that's being KIND to them IMO.

  41. Clarence Chaplin

    goddamn shame on anyone who uses an animal like this