Parallel Universes

Parallel Universes

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Parallel UniversesEverything you're about to read here seems impossible and insane, beyond science fiction. Yet it's all true.

Scientists now believe there may really be a parallel universe - in fact, there may be an infinite number of parallel universes, and we just happen to live in one of them.

These other universes contain space, time and strange forms of exotic matter. Some of them may even contain you, in a slightly different form.

Astonishingly, scientists believe that these parallel universes exist less than one millimeter away from us. In fact, our gravity is just a weak signal leaking out of another universe into ours.

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  1. I find Max very entertaining but I strongly suspect he went a bit too far with acid in his youth!

  2. Oh yes, I forgot. If you put out more supposed information supporting evolution, despite the fact that there is evidence limiting the extent to which evolution can occur, you are sure to get funded. Same for global warming which a multitude of scientists have shown to be folly. All you have to do is a little of your own homework to find the thousands that have signed a statement that they disagree with the catastrophic man caused global warming nonsense. Not to mention those who live on the waters edge sea coasts who state the water is at the same level as it always was, pointing to the measures their parents pointed to, excepting the times of storm floods.

    The elitists who desire a one world Communist govt where they get to dictate everything in their favor, where you have no rights; they first must first destroy God. So they have taken over the govt school indoctrination system and hence you find the indoctrinated claiming religion is hell. Interesting thing, if humans have to have faith to believe in God they are stupid. If humans have to keep their faith in science after so many theories have been disproven, they are smart...! How did that happen, except through the media reinforcing the govt indoctrination. Oh no, the non believers of the world will claim it is simply because they are smarter and more intelligent ...[for believing theories that are not true.] Brilliant.

  3. Keyword = Theory. Whether some choose to believe in it doesn't mean it is true. Just because a theory, like The Big Bang, or Darwin's Evolution, or Einstein's Relativity, have been around a long time don't mean they are true. They are still just theories. There is plenty of evidence to show they are not fully true. People just don't update their knowledge base -or avoid doing so as not to look the fool for believing things they revolve their world view around, they don't want to have it shattered. Actually, just because something was taught to your teacher's teacher's teacher, etc and they blindly accepted it as they ask you to do, doesn't make it true either. Just because someone devises some math to indicate that something could be possible doesn't make it so ...I've seen enough math to prove simple things that weren't true so rats could make money from those that don't question the math, to last a multiverse of imaginary time.

    There is newer evidence from agnostic c cosmologists that we may very well be at the center of the universe. Watch the documentary "The Principle" (found elsewhere) regarding the Capernican principle of planetary movement and more recent measurements. The interviews of the several cosmologists are quite telling.

    You will find a theme among a great many so called informative things put out there over the years: 1. We are on a back water planet in a back water galaxy. 2. We are a speck of dirt. 3. If an infinite universe there must be infinite number of "Earth like" planets and life forms, so we don't really matter. 4. We evolved from primordial ooze by chance and since we are basically slime, we really don't matter. 5. We are a virus or like ants over running the planet and its okay to eliminate us like ants with ant spray or killer food or poison water, vaccines, etc. Isn't it interesting that those who ultimately grant or fund a lot of such information, having a depopulation agenda, also make bank on war? Trillions spent on war rather than making space colonization possible if over population were truly a problem. If each person were considered as truly precious as they are, would the world be a much different place than with the mindset of animals and plants are good, humans are bad? Definitely.

    Never forget that no matter how many advanced degrees a person has, they are human first, subject to many fallibilities and folly. The number one being unpure needs. The quest for knowledge can often be tainted with all manner of human BS. One being that if you don't put out research showing that humans are insignificant but at the same time causing catastrophe to the planet, you don't get funded unless you were fairly sure the results would be different than they were, possibly like the cosmologists in "The Principle".

    Rather than depending on what you watch and read, why not do some relatively simple trigonometry of the supposed curvature of the earth and how tall things would have to be at a distance to see them, add in the height you view from of course. Then get out a telescope and look from one peninsula to the next, or across a wide bay. 10miles wide is far enough. 40 miles to another land mass sticking out into the water on a clear day using filters, even more convincing. Does a ship steaming away from you actually travel over the curvature, to where you cannot see the bottom part, then the middle height disappears, then the top disappears "under the water" so to speak, as it must be for the Earth sphere theory. Or does the ship just get smaller in all dimensions until you can no longer see it due to the amount of water vapor between you and it, or the weakness of your viewing lenses? Any real scientists out there who aren't chicken to smash their world view of what their teachers teacher's taught them? Until you come back with the fact that the ship just gets smaller in all dimensions, you are lying to yourself. And it should have disappeared from view over the curvature before it got so small. Until you are wondering why you are able to see objects across a bay that should not be able to be seen due to the curvature of the earth, then you aren't a scientist nor a thinker, just a parrot repeating the same BS those before you were told.

    Does this mean there are no parallel universes? I have no idea. If there are, they could be linked, which could eliminate the infinite possibility theory, who knows. But as Razor said this is nothing new. Recall seeing some fiction show many decades ago where their was a negative universe exactly opposite to ours. Everyone had a mirror person, the evil twin. Day during our night etc. Just because a so called scientist has a similar thought decades later means what?

    By the way, all the Dark Matter and Black holes were invented to plug holes in their theories. A better theory doesn't need such. Why haven't these guys heard of such better theory? Because this docu is a decade and a half old. "The Principle" is from around 2013 or so. Time to get better info.

  4. Fantastic documentary, but, Jesus.. if you're going to overlay adverts, could you try not to do it mid sentence every 4 minutes?

  5. I can't help but think "well, so f--king what". How does it in any way matter to us and our lives and existence how many parallel uni/multiverses there may be?
    The fact that some researchers are actually dedicating their lives to studying something like this is so far f--king out and beyond anything that can be called reasonably useful and worthwhile spending resources on, that I have a hard time believing it's actually happening in reality...
    IMO we might as well be searching for proof of the existence of God or whatnot - would be about just as useful as far as my understanding goes.

    1. Most people Think like you, as it's too deep. But by understanding this you can be in the universe you want and everything you want you can have. It's worth the effort to learn this.

    2. Hmm.. if what You say is True, I do Hope I will one day be able to Believe in this and Understand it, if it Really has such Potential!
      Actually, I think I may have been on the verge of believing in it (or somewhat similar ideas) at some points, but have fallen back to my stale old thought patterns again all too soon every time..

    3. CERN is searching for the "God Particle" in doing so,they are opening up some(portals) probably better left closed and unmessed with. Everything everyone needs to know and all the answers ALREADY reside within each individual...too many people are so indoctrinated into believing practical/"realistic"/responsible over imagination..adults crush children's wildness n wonder of being a soul in human form b/c that twas their conditioning as well...and ALL these puzzle pieces are just a few of a oh so very many components to a much greater scheme..been planned since like1770s something..the Elitists however are starting to lose their grip and will not ultimately succeed their mission!

  6. Free-floating membranes just happen to happen..? Sounds as if environments are being invented just to prove a theory...If it can't be explained with existing physics, well hell, let's just invent another set of physics that does explain it ...

    1. lol.....dont forget that not too long ago the world was flat, we were the center of not only our solar system but the entire universe.....and back then....any other ideas or thoughts on the subject were thought to be utterly crazy and yes....they just happened to happen....and tell me you have a better theory?....or any at all?...has your lifes work been on this subject?....or are you (like so many others) just some nobody who feels they have any right to argue with people who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of you even realize that most scientists hope to be proven wrong?.....because if their proven wrong....that still means one more step closer to having a fact instead of before you go criticizing actual scientists....maybe you should come up with a counter theory.....or any basis for your uneducated argument.

    2. Kyle Colley I wish everyone would think they way you do!

  7. Gravity -a universal synovial fluid feeding infinite universes

  8. Time will come when the microscopic will be discovered to have equivalent aspects, demonstrating again flabbergasting complexity with elegance-the Creator at work, and Darwin was just a little bump in the road.

    1. Can you explain what you mean some what better as I thought that the mircoscope had already been invented and what creator are you talking about? It would appear from your post that you have very little understanding of evolution.

    2. Your “Creator” has all the elegance of a tramp sucking the sweat out of his own socks, real tasty and real classy!

    3. G'day mate,
      I could not have put it any better myself....;)

    4. Your so called "Creator" is just a little speed bump on the road put there by religious fanatics/fundys that try to slow and hinder the human race on their quest for knowledge and discover TOE.

      All the religion speed bumps will be smoothed out and eliminated when science puts an end to all the asinine fairy tales that it seems are in vogue as we speak, from the religious majority.

    5. I can explain how a car was made, so I guess it doesn't have a creator either. True science goes by experimentation and proof so until you can prove there is no god (whatever it may or may not be) then it is not very intelligent to reticule people for their beliefs.

    6. You cannot prove there is no god. But you can tell the reasons people believe in a god are invalid. Specially when those beliefs are based on books written centuries before.

    7. Ronnie says, "so until you can prove there is no god". you serious? Think about that statement while you read mine. Prove to me that sasquatch doesn't exist. No, it is my job to prove to you that sasquatch does exist if I make the claim. The burden of proof is not on science to prove that something doesn't exist. You and I could think of an infinite number of things that don't exist and have science waste their time proving the non-existance of something, if thats possible at all.

    8. One thing we CAN say for certain is the human mind is able to imagine just about anything. So it's no surprise that belief in a supreme being (or more) is so widespread among us super-apes.

  9. Actually over every trillionths of a second you are splitting between nearly infinite possible combinations of universes (possible outcomes) branched out that it is almost a smooth 4D fabric...

    Just as the earth looks smooth from space, but on the surface it looks different, with hills and valleys, similarly what you see in macroscopic reality much differs from what is going on at the quantum level of space and time.

    A gross way of analyzing this, in a poker game, you are actually dealt every possible hands, and you are present at every hand as long as your consciousness is also present.

    One such possibility is that you are dealt a pair of aces in the flop but a meteorite crushes the roof and blows your skull off, then likely you won't be dealt the Turn in the combination of the reality where the asteroid was present. You will be dealt other Turn realities.

    So if this analysis is correct, then there is a sure way to win the lottery?

    1. There is. But you need supreme control of your conscious and unconscious mind. That's how it works. It's all about how your thoughts control which parallel world you enter.

      Search for " bashar winning lottery ". There are also examples on right hand side of people explaining how they used law of attraction to win the lottery. I can shift realities if I put effort into it. But it does take real effort to control your thoughts and emotions.

  10. Physics was always a really difficult branch of knowledge for me to grasp. The people explaining it always sounded like followers of a fanatical religion -- there's so much mystical or speculative language being used to describe its ideas. But this documentary is the one that actually helped me BEGIN to understand.

  11. i think its all rubbish. they see that particles exist in more than one place and assume there are parallel uineverses. they jump from one thing to a crazy thing. theyre jumping at nothing. they are dreaming. i cant believe its been taken seriously.

  12. I have always been interested in this theory and also believe they exist.

  13. I just saw in my head that there is a mathematical equation where the basis of the complexity of the multi verse is that the universe is multidimensional, that means that outside the limited time matrix all universes converge, inside their is a complex system of intertwined parallel universes that help create the future union of separation, into that of oneness with the divine source, the individual human is a node as a microcosm that exists at the very edge of existence. How u choose to create reality as observed objectively is co created with entities that vibrate at the same level as yourself. This means that a universe blends with parallel universes and vica verca. The math behind karma or your soul union proses dictates your starting conditions, source is pure intellect and blabla

  14. I`m thinking dimensions can be like a fractal. similar but not exact replica`s of a bigger picture.
    This could explain why reincarnation memories are sometimes a little off. Memories from a different dimension.

  15. I don't think this best explains big bang because it doesn't make sense to me. I don't mean to sound literal or self centred. But what I mean is, I think reality is fractal and modular. How the universe is at one point or at one time is how it must be at other points or at other times. How the micro-cosmos reflect the macro-cosmos... how galaxies that are so huge, but at the same time, similar in concept to small molecules that can only be seen under microscopes. Everything is reflected in everything else.... like the madelbrot set (the output of a mathematical formula in the form of graphic).

    In the madelbrot set, you can zoom into any part of the pattern and it repeats infinitely. This can be seen in nature... in trees, how branches form, into smaller branches, into leaves... and on the leaves, the veins are visually like the branches, but smaller. In a way, even within our reality, there are parallel realities, existing in the form of nature, art, beliefs, concepts. I think the universe is a multidimensional mandelbrot sequence.

    So, coming back to why the theory of membranes colliding to create the big bang doesn't make sense to me.... is because I can't see that concept being reflected in anything else. I'm sure, it makes sense mathematically... but I'm just a layman. If a theory is sound, it should make sense on all levels... it should be reflected in art, science, nature, etc. Maybe I don't see it. Maybe it's just me... but this is why I think their theory is not the best explanation.

    1. because of implosion and explosion, the closer you get something to get to the center of itself it implodes but in reaching out too far you can explode???????

  16. So a big bang explains OUR universe, but what about the other universes, where did they come from? I don't see how scientists feel they can stop there. I must be missing something...

    1. the big bang is a theory which explains every universe.

  17. At one point Michael Duff says: "physic seem to be dictated by fads and fashion, there are the gurus who dictate the direction which ideas grow".
    I had to have a laugh at that, especially the fact that it was said by one of the big big boys.

  18. in another universe there s no BBC, no TV networks at all.

  19. in another parallel universe i didnt even watch this doc or post this comment.. but I did..FACT!

  20. Paralle universes. Why not? Running side by side just on a different friquency. Could this explain life after death? Maybe reincarnation, a place to hang when we dream an things seem oh so surreal for days after we awaken.
    Our soul needs rest after the life we experence here. So why not rest some where close to home.

  21. internet arguments, you gotta love them... i can t believe i spent the last 45 minutes reading all the arguments in this page as i would have anything to do with them... i need a healty hobby

    1. wow you must be really important.

  22. I wonder if twins are a multiple universe glitch and I wonder if experiments that I have seen on them to guage actual long distant co-existing a feelings,could be somehow performed on the sub-atomic level?
    I am just a regular guy but It seems as though something may be there.

    1. xsc

    2. nice idea but the concept of twins is a biological one, not an astro-physical one

    3. why can it be both. Is not everything made of subatomic particles,

    4. So you are saying sextuplets came from 6 different universes? All by an accident? Psshhh, wouldn't you say if that was the case that the odds would be wayyy lower?

  23. "what the bleep.." is much better than this.

  24. great fantasy story

    1. fantasy to you.

      science to everyone else.

    2. Fantasy, perhaps, is it just a hypothesis, not science until it is proven! Interesting never the less. We seem to grasp at scientific theories with little evidence or in Darwin's case, no evidence at all. Some things sound good on the surface, but as we all know, once we crack the surface, we come away with in entirely different matter of fact.

    3. no evidence in Darwin's case?????

  25. @eleventhdr You should have a talk with my neighbor's psychiatrist, I'm sure he would love to hear what you have to say.

    1. haha

  26. I have always belive this to me it is no big mystery at all in fact i am in touch with a very real parallel dimesion and can tell you much more but trying to convince others that it is there is the big mystery becasue noone really belives it and so trying to convince nayone that it si there and can be sued to go backward in time to a place that has already exssitd but is t still there in fact all of history is in theses parallel dimension that is when you go backward in time everything still exssits just as it ahs alwasy but it is shifted ever so slightly and the more time goes by the more it shitfs but it is very possible to get to these shifted dimensions none the less just beacues they will always exsits and as for time itself it has no end of beginning it jsut always is with no end or real beginning at all it needs no reason to exsist but it jsut does and it will never ever end no not ever ti goes on and on with no end at all that is what time is!

    1. Buddhists believe that everything happens because of the happening itself. For example, I don't walk along the road towards the shop, intending to buy some meat because of the meat or anything, but I walk because of walking. I like that view, and share it.

      You say the history still exists in our past and we might be able to experience it again if we traveled back in time, and altering the past would make parallel dimensions? I find the other parts credible, but if you claim there already are parallel dimensions, then someone in some, probably the original dimension if you like, has discovered how to travel back in time. But that theory itself has a... problem. What if someone from the future travels back in order to undo the events that led to inventing the time machine? What would happen to the possible parallel universes that were created due to previous time travels?

      So, the events of history stay despite of moving forwards, and those events that are floating in time in a manner of speaking, shift over time. Like sand moving on a windy hill, over time. It's like a fifth dimension in itself, a dimension related to time, but like another dimension in same manner as horizontal dimension is another dimension of space to vertical, and depth is the third. Well, if you're correct in that the events of time stay there, which they might since they've already existed although I don't know any way to confirm it, then I see you'd have a very good case here.

  27. Okay, so they explain the beginning of our Universe with M-Theory which basically says that in the 11th dimension, two rippling membranes bang into each other, and that bang creates the matter that disperses through the new universe.

    Still doesn't explain "the beginning". How and what creates the "membranes"?

    A search for "the beginning" is a never-ending task. There gets to a point when we have to accept that something has always existed and continually creates. I'm not talking about religion here. I'm saying there has to be a source that simply is the root-cause of all creation.

    1. But, if you say something was needed to create the membranes, why wouldn't there be anything else to create that?
      As you've said "A search for "the beginning" is a never-ending task." That is simply because there is no real beginning. Anything that has a beginning requires 'something' before that beginning.
      The only solution is infinity, because only infinity negates 'nothing' (not empty space, not vacuum, but essential nothingness, something we call 'nonbeing'), because 'nothing' cannot exist, therefore, the existence stretches into infinity, be it that one thing is always contained inside another or some sort of 'space' stretches 'ad infinitum'.... Ehh... I hope I was at least partly comprehensible.

    2. Yes, probably is no such thing as nothing/oblivion.
      "Null Physics" states that the universe began from the number zero. Physicists hypothesize that the state of "nothing" is actually "something".

      Because if there is nothing, there would have to be something that has become nothing. Nothing is filling something, this goes as far as to say, that the universe is nothing, and it does not exist. The reason for this is, if everything is to the value of zero, which is the "something" of "nothing", then you would have nothing.

      Almost like multiplying a negative times a positive. Physicists call the zero's that make up the universe geometric points, which are similar to singularities, but do not condense matter.
      Geometric points only represent what is not there. And this is how the universe exists.

      How can a person define "nothingness" it is logically inconceivable, you would have to be conscious in "nothingness" to define it.

    3. I don't see how there HAS to be.
      If there is...where did that thing come from?

  28. This is my alltime favorite documentary. I love science and I love Michio Kaku. This is the best. I liked the movie, "What the bleep do we know, but I liked this much much better. I want to own this in DVD form and I cannot seem to find it anywhere. Big Kaku fan and I love Quantum Physics! This is a great documentary to turn my friends onto Quantum Physics in a very understandable it!

  29. All is One.

    As above so below,
    As below so above.

    1. No question! - I am - in complete agreement.

    2. I guess that makes Obama " the One "....

  30. For anyone interested in expanding their knowledge in maths and sciences this looks like a reasonable collection of lectures. I have only started with the precalculus stuff for review, but it seems to work at a reasonable adult pace.

    The Carpenter

  31. ahhhhhhhhhhh achems. A simple lol would have sufficed.

  32. @Scott Henthorn:

    A precise intro?

    Yes, but you have to ask @Epicurean_Logic: he is the mathematician among us, he will "possibly" give you precise directions on how to achieve your goal.

    He has posts on this blog, check above.

  33. @young:

    I don't know what you mean? You did call, or you didn't call? If you called with a preference in mind, and was not what was expected, you have to take into consideration that person, or persons perspectives, they have probable events just as you. So in this case someone else showed up that appeared as a random event to you.

  34. @ Achems Razor,

    I am very interested. My time is limited so I was just curious if anyone knew of a particularly clear and concise intro.

    @ Achems Razor,

    I am very interested. My time is limited so I was just curious if anyone knew of a particularly clear and concise intro.


  35. @Achems

    Some things are predetermined and some are random. For example; I predetermined I was going to call a hooker lastnight. The one who showed up, was totally random :D

  36. Scott Henthorn:

    With respect, but if you are at all interested.
    To find the math all you have to do is Google, it is there.

    Free maths courses from MIT, Stanford, and other places.

    Why I will even do some of the work for you...Google, "Theoretical Physics Primer"

  37. I don't buy it. Sorry.

  38. Sorry for my folly, Experience.

  39. This is so dumbed down I cannot have an opinion. It is only a discussion of the surfaces of the theories and gives no history of the nuts and bolts or formulae.

    Are there any knowledgeable Physicists who think this is all just a math game? Do experimental physicists have other ideas?

    What happens if you introduce a 12th dimension? As a musician I like this idea and it seems it would compliment string theory better. Very dissonant harmonies in a scale with 11 divisions.

    Is there a good primer for theoretical physics? Without the math this just sounds like new age gobbaly gook.

    The Carpenter

  40. @ Jerry
    See how belief in God and free will work right into the belief of parallel universes. In one life you have chosen one thing that has brought you to where you are with certain circumstances. In another parallel universe you made different choices and are in a different place. I believe though that part of your 'inner voice' is the spirit knowing of both their existences and assisting in guiding your path. Prayer helps a lot in being able to listen. Just a thought.

  41. @jerry balentine:

    You missed something important, you do have control, it is called probabilities, probable actions that you take, determines in which direction you are heading. Nothing is predetermined.

  42. I like this theory. I'm not sure if it is true or not but you cannot discount anything because it seems far out. All you have to do is look at the history of science learn that lesson. Also, I like the idea of multiple universes. I believe all the possibilities exist at any given moment and we move through the universes based on the actions we take. And before you make fun of the idea, since time is just another dimension and the beginning of time to end is already in existence your only alternative is to believe that all of your actions are predetermined and you have no control over it. I don't care for that idea.

  43. We're close things will start coming to light, (no pun intended), soon. My guess is we are all seeking the right answers to the wrong questions. I have watched this doc several times not quite a year ago. it's interesting but not important,

  44. @Eff
    I have just perused the Apollo site discussion and I cannot reveal what I know. I will only say 911, And thanks Achem.

  45. @ joetmml:

    I misread your post, I apologize. It was @ Experience: whom you asked why he was even on this site.

    Think I need new glasses, (LOL). again I apologize.


  46. @ joetmml
    the APOLLO MOON doc site needs you! If you was a former Kennedy space-centre worker, then your input would be quite desirable. There is quite a power-house discussion happening there. And don't forget to register (as I just did) so we can
    activate the FORUM area and all have a BLAST!

  47. @Vlatko
    Thanks! I was wondering? What that key button was used for...
    ENTER Hmmm?
    I am now a proud registered Top Doc member and couldn't help but notice how little the FORUM area gets used...What gives?
    Perhaps the Top Dockers are in a parallel universe?
    Anyhow, I've come to realize how much time and effort you have put into this site...and rather astounding proportions. I promise not to keep you awake all night tonight editing CHEERS!
    Now to find the EXIT key...Hmmm?

  48. You put a smile on my face. Accepted and thank You. They wanted to burn Copernicus at the stake for stating what we know as truth today! He was also high up in the church hierarchy as well as his dad. So many of the men I worked with many years ago at Kennedy Space Center Florida were true men of science reaching for the moon and beyond; yet they were also devout men of Faith. At that time in my life I found the two ideas hard to conjugate. Today, I have no problem with it.

  49. Vlatko
    Once again my apologies... I owe you one (or two...or three...) However, As I recall? I did not use J.C. in a pejorative manner only in reference to... I now understand the rules of the game and will abide by them to the best of my abilities. Otherwise, Give me the NOOSE!

    1. All right @Eff, nothing much to worry about. Just don't hit Enter after every several words.

  50. reread it again and realize who I was talking to. (Author noted as Experience) The greatest scientists and philosphers in the world were also men of God. Copernicus is a shining example. Am I not talking to John? I did not realize that your were that closed minded. I had more respect for you than that.

  51. @ joetmml:

    You ask why I am on this site? I dig science, science is my savior,

    Why are you on this site if Jesux, is your savior? Has nothing to do with science!! Religee's everywhere!

  52. I have stated nothing as a fact. I believe I have stated everything I believe as my own "beliefs" although most are based on socially accepted so called "facts". Everything is fluid. If you can think it, it can be. I am not a person who needs a box to feel secure. I know that there is a person somewhere who has thought 'through' the box and therefore I am vunerable. My 'Faith' is all that anchors me and allows me to be unafraid. Jesus is my savior. Science just allows me to coexist with the moment in which we occupy now in our limited knowledge base. Thank you for your thoughts.

  53. @Eff, I understand the concept very well, but think it's silly to make a theory fit another when nothing is concrete and then state it must be fact.

    Theories should stay just that, theories. That is until someone actually proves it like Evolution, Orbits and the like.

  54. I'm ignoring Vlatko. Get over yourself.

    As for the speed of light, in recent years it has been verified that particles can travel faster than the speed of light. Albeit, one of the instances was in a cesium filled laboratory tube but there were also instances in the Cern supercollider where off shoot particles where filmed disappearing and reappearing. The scientiste conclusion was that the particles were traveling faster than the speed of light. Many professors I was associated with in the most recent last five years of college were of the same mind I am, and it is that Einstein like Edison was a thief and did not fully comprehend his supposedly "own" stated theories.

    Remember that Einstein's first job out of Graduate school was in the Swiss patent office reviewing other scientists Physics patents. DUH! Research Edison a little further. The father of electricity in America is Tesla! Other inventions of Edison are other scientists. Edison was a paper pusher! He had all of the scientists under him sign waivers for their inventions and he very conciously waited until he had to "lay off" his team before he used his social connections to expand his corporation. Scum.

    Their is no speed limit, although breaking the speed of light is significant in transversing time and space in my opinion. There is a whole another discussion involved in this subject. Thank You Joe

  55. @ joetmml
    You speak like a true sci-fi guy and are well read and would make a good teacher (if you aren't one already) the way you make logical sense of the unknown... expressed in layman's terms...BRAVO!

    I googled: "multiverse" since my last posting and it pretty much says it all! Like Einstein's unfinished Theory Or Douglas Adam's: The universe and everything is: the number 42.

    I often visualized other dimensions akin to: tuning in a radio to different frequencies. If we could physically SEE all the waves moving through space these days... It would appear quite cluttered. (less the unplugged cell phone that remains at the bottom of my desk drawer)

    Einstein's Theory of Relativity: E=mc2 would also denote the existence of other dimensions. The trick is: to get past the speed of light To discover it. (I have had paranormal experiences: "Old Hag's Syndrome" So I know! We are not alone in this world and it was an overlap)

    I still have hope for Experience He (She) (It) just needs more of it! Experience that is. And is likely getting his neutrino-d butt over to the bookstore or library as I speak. AWAKENINGS! That's the whole idea...Isn't it? Thinking: Outside of the box!

    1. Jesus Christ @Eff, please do not write your comments like that. I had to go over all of your comments last nigh and edited them properly.

  56. Hey Achem's, did you get that telescope working that I gave you? To Experience: why are you even on this site?

    I enjoy seeing all these forward thinking people and all of your ideas, thank you all. I have an idea of time, parallel universes and existence also. My idea was formulated while reading some of Heinlen's novels. I see time and existence as a multi stranded thick cable twisting, flowing, and meandering through space. Each strand within the cable is symbolic of timelines of existence and the events that occur within that existence.

    At times, usually due to man's time traveling interference, there are fluctuations in the events of that timeline. When this occurs, there is like a spark that jumps from one wire to another. One event of time altered like say the Kennedy assassination, or the advent of Hitler, that causes all other events down the wire to be altered and therefore creating a new "time". It is not that the old wire does not exist anymore, the old wire still exists and continues on its path, it is just a new timeline, or wire, also now exists at the same time within the confines of the cable because the hand of man altering one significant event.

    Some events changed will end up as a frayed wire exitting the cable into nothingness. Most events changed will continue to flow with the cable on its God given path and continue onto its destination preordained by God. Removal of some people in time will only lead to their replacement and time (the primary cable) flows on its preordained path with different people. In some instances: the fray results in the non existence of our corporal physical being. Our molecules and atoms are dispersed to the great "Is" or, "I Am", and everything begins again.

    Just some thoughts, rather simplified, that I have.

  57. It is not in my Oxford But I have seen the term: MULTIVERSE used to describe x-number of universes. Yeah I know? It's tricky to understand... just like all that DARK MATTER that has more MASS than all visible galaxies combined... WEIRD STUFF! To comprehend?

    Butt as far as EXPERIENCE goes if you bend over neutrinos will nail you in the BLACK HOLE! And that is bound to clutter up the mind? (OOPS! I thought? I was STAR-ING in a documentary momentarily)

    PS: I quite enjoyed reading the rapport from all you armchair space intellects... So much! That my wee head hurts! Wonderfully! Keep it up! If there wasn't "Mysteries" in the universe(s) I'd have to go back to reading those cheap detective novels.

    PSS: LAFF IT UP PEOPLE! Gotta go...God's on the phone...

    Note: @ Achems Razor There's more toxic ingredients in those Canadian Classic Fags than there is Stars in the sky overhead. Start chewing those nicorettes I've booked us on a Moon flight in 2020. (cough cough)

    @ Cliff T You will understand everything once you start thinking? Outside of the box... See! I told you it was easy... You would enjoy reading Douglas Adams Novels, like: The restaurant at the end of the universe. More fun than mind-expanding drugs.

    @Joe Hey! It's time to water those pot plants. Don't just think? BIG BANG! Think: BIGGER BHANG!


  58. I think the assumptions by scientists can really stump progress. So many assume the Big Bang Theory is pretty much a given fact. I mean, inventing dimensions to explain this theory is just one of the least scientific thing I know.

  59. Dear Experience:

    Why don't you practice what you preach!! I can guaranty you nobody cares for your imbecile thoughts and comments.
    That is all!

  60. Dear everyone,

    Nobody cares what you think. If they did, you would be in the documentary instead. So please, shut up and refrain from posting your imbecile thoughts and comments. That is all.

  61. @firefly
    "why do we think the universe is subject to a concept that we created?"

    We didnt create the concept , it was already there to find.

  62. it seems quite natural to me that our universe was 'born' from the collision of two other universes. seems like it [universes] also adheres to simple forms of reproduction. ;)

    i dont understand the concept of thinking that something existed before time. time is a concept that we created [right?], why do we think the universe is subject to a concept that we created? ... that seems a bit limited to me. after all, we just seem to be props, decorations or perhaps we are models of life that the universe is testing to see if it is worth re-creating similar species on other planets. who knows. the not knowing everything is the best part of it all. it leaves room for iMagination!

  63. @ Epicurian_ Logic:

    Right on! All the things that people thought impossible could fill a book!

  64. @ Flash when you say,

    'infinite amount of these universes. now if this is true, that would mean any possible scenario' and

    'therefore on one of these universes someone has found a way to travel between them and destroy other universes'

    it could mean any possible scenario within your own universe since travel to other universes is not thought to be possible.maybe this is an example of a pan multiversal theory.

    Also, we all know that science loves to throw up seemingly crazy ideas then test hypothesis and find out just how valid these ideas are, maybe its still a work in progress.

    the only other noteworthy point i have to add is that the maths lead scientist to this postulate thus giving the idea more than just a cursory amount of interest.

    On a lighter note, most theoretical physicists are just big kids with a fascination for sci-fi who love to tell amazing stories.

    nice thinking dude and to be fair hypothesis like that are exactly what allows progress to occur in scientific fields of endevour. there is nothing science loves more than a paradox as they are usually a gateway to new knowledge.

  65. Im sorry but i dont understand this exactly. From my own research i have read claims that there is a infinite amount of these universes. now if this is true, that would mean any possible scenario, any plausible idea, any conceivable action has, will and is happening somewhere in another universe.therefore on one of these universes someone has found a way to travel between them and destroy other universes therfore we would not be able to have this discussion right now. Since there is an infinite amount of them i can assume whatever i want because the possiblilities are literally endless. Therefore i am confused why people still believe in this theory. does any body want to help me out???

  66. The ancient Taoists pretty much had it figured out. It's not only mysterious but illusive. The closer science thinks it is getting, it eludes them. Why?

    From Chuang Tse...
    "Do you exist or do you not?" asked Light of Nothing. Light received no reply and stared hard at him. Nothing was dark and empty. All day Light looked but could not see him, listened but could not hear him and tried to touch him but could not find him.

    Finally light said to himself, "This is the highest limit! I can be conscious of not-being but cannot be unconscious of not-being. When I am conscious of not-being, there is still consciousness. How does he (Nothing) ever attain to this height?"

  67. @george
    I dont understand when you say "pinpointed"..if you mean scientists havent directly observed subatomic particles then you're mistaken. Electrons are subatomic particles. You should read up on Neutrinos, anothr subatomic particle way smaller than an electron, which has also been "pinpointed".

    Time is but a measurement(creation of man)of movement/change in order for us to grasp it.

    Everything is energy. Energy of the universe is infinite. Therefore everything consists of or is infinite energy. Anything infinite has no beginning and no end.

    Food for thought!

  68. joetmml
    Yes I see now your comment Is simular.
    I Yahoo`d HAARP, plenty of different theories about It out there!

  69. Very similar to what I said back on Dec 20. Your reference to frequencies immediately make me think of Tesla. I wonder how the Tesla field in Alaska is truly being utilized? You know , HAARP?

  70. Dear Joe,
    You say this stuff Is really pushing your limit.
    Isnt that the whole point?

    It seriously pushed peoples limit when they were being told the earth wasnt flat. That sounded crazier than any of this at that time.

    My own view Is that this other universe Is directly beside us, and around us. It may be outside of our senses, In the same way that science has now proved that sharks can see the energy field around the body, but the human eye Is not sensitive enough to pick It up. Perhaps In more ways like that, our mind Is like a radio reciever, that Is tuning Into a certain frequency, and this other dimension, Is just vibrating at a different frequency. Something like 'Acchems' analogy of the AC current.

    Regardless of what Is true or false, I look forward to the scientific discoveries of the next 10 years!!

  71. Yavanna:

    Ain't got no spliff, and don't do no spliff, (honest)

  72. Achems - Joe pwnd you on this topic - you are still avoiding the question and pass the goddamn spliff!

  73. Didn't really get it.

  74. @ all the doubters!

    ... Never the less the whole Universe IS vibrating and you can actually harvest energy directly from it.... Go spoil yourself on some Nicholas Tesla docus....!

    Human minds can do it all - even block our own reality.....
    With an open mind intuition starts to work and universal co-creation submerges from within.....

  75. ...they can't pinpoint the atoms. That is all. The fairytale that they spin out of that is a good one though.

  76. Im agnostic. Im just having fun thinking about infinity.

    If universes are created through a natural process, then there are an infinite number of these.

    If and this is a huge,IF, If it is somehow physicly possible for something or someone to create a universe then wouldn't there be an infinite number of these as well?

    Because all possible outcomes/scenerios will occur an infinite number of times.

  77. @c2:

    1- Yes

    2- Yes, if intelligent design made everything, if not, no.

    3- Beings that can bend space time.

  78. If there are infinite parallel universes doesnt that mean that everything that is possible can, will and has already happened?

    So if intelligent design is possible does that mean its true?

    If its possible for inteligent life from parallel dimensions to come to ours than they are?

  79. @ Eli:

    Finally, something that makes sense. "Turtles all the way down"

  80. Without brain collisions there would be no art!

  81. To George, You sound just like the nay sayers of Orville and Wilber's day. You also sound like the many scientists of recent years that said that the atom was the smallest particle possible before we found sub atomic particles existed. Quarks were a theory at one time. Strings are the next "boogey man" to fall and perhaps the doors to other dimensions finally.

  82. They can't pinpoint the atomic elements. String theory, M theory, parallel universes and the theory of everything are basically the same theory and to me it is all rubbish. I am certainly a lay man, but just if you pay attention to what they say it is in fact that all these fantastic things that they theorize about come from the basic fact that They Cant Pinpoint Atomic Sub-elements. That is it. They cant pinpoint them so they come up with all kinds of theoretic science to explain that inability. Why not just say "we don't have the ability to do that yet" and go on. Instead we get this, going as far as to doubt gravity!? There are no parallel universes and claiming that there are such things is no more sophisticated then calling things God when you lack the knowledge to explain them. This is one fancy "God" cry.
    I think that there are definitely some attention whores in the science community of which Michio Kaku is at the forefront. All he does is show up in documentaries, somewhat like Paris Hilton of the science world.

  83. Joe:

    We are all limited Joe.

    There is no easy solution, especially for the scientists. Keep persevering and you will get it!

    This is something that is difficult to learn overnight. You can call these paradigms Consciousness Evolution! Because of our Linear Time, it is hard to imagine that everything is all ready done, no past, present and future. But we have probabilities, from the vast sea of Quantum energy.

    Watch right here on TDF. Watch.

    "The Primacy of Consciousness"
    "What the Bleep Do We Know!?"
    "The Elegant Universe"

    These should give you more insight!

    Regards.... :D

  84. Razor - I am still learning about Parallel Universe. But I have to admit it is very hard - I feel LIMITED. Perhaps, some guidance?

  85. Not really Tigerass:

    Right on this site after 30 years, they finally incorporated the 11th dimension into string theory, which ended up to be the simplest solution!

    By the way I really like your name! :D

  86. I always thought it was some blokes name.

    Either way, the name seems a bit of a paradox for a guy with a keen interest in theoretical physics.

  87. Tigerass:

    I know what it is, you could also use occem's ockham's, I was listening to some Audio on Achems Razor site, so I decided to use it.
    At least you are thinking!

  88. It's 'Occam's razor'

  89. Joe:

    You got it!

    :D :D

  90. 'This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.' - Morpheus

  91. Dear Joe:

    I knew in the 80's every thing is multidimensional. Force yourself to listen to the 13 Audio presentations on Seth speaks.

    1* How can it not be accepted!

    2* How can you prove something you can not see, except by Theoretical Math.

    3* M Theory is one of the proven theory's, don't worry they will find more. 11- dimensional M-theory requires "spacetime" to have 11 dimensions, since time is an illusion, they will have to revamp the theory somewhat.

    4* It is a vibrational level. As an analogy AC current is 60 cycles per second. If you could slow down time an electric light bulb will seem to go on and off. Slow down time even further, we will seem to go on and off, we are here and then we are not here, ad infinitum.

    5* M-Theory created R. Bradbury.

    6* I am older than you are. I am just a person that wants to know how thing work.

    7* All you have to do is Google M-Theory.

    Never be sorry for asking questions!


  92. :-D

  93. Dear WTC7

    Sorry for not restraining. The doc was earth shattering for me like that time when I found out Jesus wasn't a white man with blond hair and blue eyes.

  94. Dear Razor

    I meant the other stuff you smoke. :)

    (First, I have to admit this concept is really pushing my limit. I grew up on science fiction like any other public school kid who dreamed of Luke's light saber to Shaolin flying kicks. And I always knew at the back of my head that these weren't real. How can they be - they are fiction to entertain us. I never doubted this. But now, with all these prominent scientists talking about Hollywood science fiction as if they are real, I am utterly confused.)

    Now, on to this thing called parallel universe. You said you knew this stuff in 80's. Please, enlighten me.

    1. Is existence of parallel universe accepted in general academia?
    2. Anyone proved the existence of parallel universe not using theoretical math?
    3. Is M-theory the latest theory?
    4. What is 11th dimension (in plain language)?
    5. Who came first? R.Bradbury or M-theory
    6. (This one is personal and optional)How old are you and what is your background?
    7. And lastly, please provide more credible links on M-theory.

    Sorry if I asked too many questions.

    RE:Seth Speaks
    I googled awhile ago when you first mentioned it. I couldn't stomach it. But will try later. Maybe I will be more open-minded :)

  95. Joe:

    I smoke Canadian Classics light, cigarettes.

    You made me laugh Joe,you should of been a comic, (LOL). I knew this stuff in the 1980's.
    By reading "Seth Speaks" by Jane Roberts, plus all her other books about Seth. And now scientists are just figuring all this stuff out thinking it is all new. :D

  96. Oh, come on Joe, what do you think the Star Trek is based on? If you can't handle that things beyond your limited understanding are possible, at least restrain from posting comments like the one above.

  97. Razor - hey dude - what ever you're smoking must be good.
    I need long time to digest this.......hope i don't loose more hair......tell me buy this?
    When did our science flew past Star Trek? Dayum
    I shouldn't have watched this..this gonna mess me up for awhile...maybe i should shave my head and join Alex Church..............................

  98. Hunter:

    I guess what that means is, our Universe is a Vibrating Membrane, like an infinite long, thin, vibrating string. And we have another Universe that is vibrating along side of ours, an "nanometer" one billionth of a meter away.

    You need some high Math to prove this, which I do not have.

  99. I don't really understand where the get the idea of long and thin from? Clues?