We Are The People We've Been Waiting For

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With over a seven billion, global populace, the means, the strategies, the methods must be found, and re-education is primary among them. The problem with this is that change cannot occur until that day when the large view picture can be imagined and then a new structure can be built correcting the foundational problem. The problem is "domination". Our education, schools, jobs, work, economics, government is all structured around domination, meaning controlling people like they are property and less than another, creating an elite and letting the rest suffer this is the foundation and is the failure.

Nothing can change until this is changed to "co-operation" in all structures. Education, school jobs, work, even our language, entertainment and all aspects of society are built around the childish unintelligent and animalistic concept of domination and authority. It is time to evolve to the next level of collaboration and co-operation.

Domination based competition is why the world is falling apart and humanity has destroying itself and on its way to extinction if changes are not made before it is too late. Obviously a shift from the competitive mind to the cooperative one is the most essential step. As long as the whole teaching will continue on being faster, better, smarter, quicker etc. than millions of other pupils around the world, it will only create more and more hell.

They teach children in UK to outsmart children in China, and those in China to outsmart those in Taiwan, and those in Taiwan to outsmart those in USA, and so on. This is sheer nonsense. Where will those insane competitions eventually end? It is not an education. It is an invitation to a dog eats dog worldwide war. It only generates hatred and distrust.

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    patrick varencaus
  1. patrick varencaus

    commun core D.U.D.

  2. cstack
  3. cstack

    Just by interaction on the internet its plain to see the present educational system is failing . It took me two years of community college to get the education my parents got just from high school .

  4. geezergonewild
  5. geezergonewild

    Sophomoric and a huge waste of time.

  6. Terry "OldFox" Seale
  7. Terry "OldFox" Seale

    A "sophomoric" report on our lousy system of education?
    I need something much more "freshmonian."

  8. Kansas Devil
  9. Kansas Devil

    and then there are the political, social, and financial systems intent on preventing an improved educational system for the general population.

  10. UnderSiege
  11. UnderSiege

    "Competition turns out the best in products and the worst in people".

    Overpopulation and capitalism fuel this cruel and vicious behavior.

  12. tim
  13. tim

    I like your comment, but the irony, from my perspective, is that competition amongst schools is what is needed to "fix" the mess.
    Most of us are indoctrinated by state schools with most so said teachers and administrators (who probably started with good intentions), ending up just another bureaucrat putting in their time until pension time comes around.
    Competition certainly has it's ugly side, but it does work. Get government out of the monopolization of education and the market place will do the rest.

  14. tariqxl
  15. tariqxl

    But the irony in that statement is that the market place is a massive part of the problem itself. Corporations that have grown in excess of the governments that are supposed to control them reminiscent of the 'great' families of Rome that fractured the republic. Competition means there always has to be a loser and it is solely responsible for inequality across the globe. Privatisation is 1 part lazy blueblood politicians to 2 parts old school chums with their hand out. A public money funnel!

  16. tariqxl
  17. tariqxl

    Certain parts of the world are overpopulated not the world itself. There's a good doc on it in the Horizon series narrated by David Attenborough. Also a population rise summery by Hans Rosling will show the facts on population and resources.
    Capitalism has the benefit on technology in that all over social structures neglect leisure so computing research would suffer. It has the same draw back as the negative affect of competition. All competition does is drive companies to knock out the cheapest possible product in order to remain competitive in pricing but both cause planned obsolescence as its private companies driving the market and they want to sell more.

  18. UnderSiege
  19. UnderSiege

    That absurdly distracting statement, reminiscent of the "Texas" hypothesis, obviously refers to the worlds uninhabitable deserts, the Antarctic, and other extreme areas, (where humans couldn't sustain themselves without enormous outside support), but it doesn't change the realities of overpopulation.

    Try as I did, the meaning of your last two paragraphs eluded me.

  20. UnderSiege
  21. UnderSiege

    Disagree on your competition opinion .
    "Competition" breeds suspicion, resentment, and worst of all inequality.
    And, "education" doesn't begin or end with the 'state', it is a lifelong pursuit motivated by recognizing our ignorance, together with intellectual curiosity.
    Teaching people to think critically and with cautious skepticism is what is desirable but, not advantageous to personal or national agendas.
    Unfortunately, human beings suffer from a widespread lack of intelligence. Thus, any advancement in human affairs, (morally or economically) , generally proceeds very slowly.
    To give an example...throughout recorded history the singular, ineradicable constant is superstition. Demolish one myth and it is quickly replaced by another.
    Whether education is entirely private, or 'monopolized' would in my view, make little difference. Some of the most ignorant and uncritical thinkers can be found in academia!

  22. tim
  23. tim

    Thanks for the reply. I essentially agree with you, but am looking for answers and please don't take this personally but you seem rather defeatist in your outlook.
    Some more irony: part of making schools more competitive is it would make parents "Free to Choose" and part of this choice would be for education to be less competitive as we now see in the Unschooling experiments. Cheers

  24. tim
  25. tim

    Thanks for the reply. Probably being lazy here, but would you look at my answer to UnderSeige.
    I am a small businessman myself,(I call myself a reluctant businessman actually), and competition certainly has helped me to provide a better product for a better price and probably actually given me a better bottom line and has allowed me to support causes I find worthy. It has also given me the luxury of time, to pursue scholarly interests amongst others. No system is perfect, all we do is try to find what works best. Cheers

  26. UnderSiege
  27. UnderSiege

    No offense taken Tim. "Defeatist"- I suppose that may be partly true?
    Each day is a struggle to maintain a healthy balance between dark cynicism and complacent idiocy.
    After almost eight decades of living I've recognized that human ignorance is implacable and shall always reign
    until self interest and practicality intervene.
    As Voltaire has said; "it is easier to educate one man than a nation".
    Good luck with your quest Tim. I'll drink a [few] toasts (and a puff or two) to your success! :-)

  28. tim
  29. tim

    Thanks for the thought provoking mail and once again I largely agree. I would like to share with you two of my favorite quotes.
    In the realm of human affairs nothing should be taken seriously, "NEVERTHELESS"
    If life is but a bitter jest, let us forget the bitterness and remember the jest.
    Will Durant
    And I will raise a glass to you my friend, Go well. Tim

  30. tariqxl
  31. tariqxl

    What distracted you the two sources I gave at the start?

  32. tariqxl
  33. tariqxl

    I read all and largely agreed with most of what has been said. Particularly by UnderSiege but even by you and we seem to be on opposite sides of the fence. But like most arguments in life both sides generally have their own merits. I certainly understand how you have taken the adversity of competition and turned that into a good thing but many others fear it and try to gain monopolies e.g Microsoft. Others try to squeeze even bit of coin from the shoddiest wares possible e.g Tesco and the beef (horsemeat) burgers. Even in society it has its affects it can lead to bullying in schools and even the work place, it adds stress and diminishes the potential of the majority that don't flourish in competition. In general it gets the best out of a few but undermines the species in total.

  34. UnderSiege
  35. UnderSiege

    " Certain parts of the world are overpopulated not the world itself..."
    If you believe that simplistic, untrue statement you are utterly ignorant of the realities of overpopulation.
    You must not have read Malthus, Paul Erhlich, or any of the mountains of evidence from ZPG,NPG, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and countless others who study this problem?
    And, while I have enjoyed Mr. Attenborough's documentaries over the years, not once ( to my memory) has he EVER spoken out on overpopulation. It is simply impossible he is unaware of this singularly urgent problem now threatening human existence more than anything else.
    He is either playing politics with this sensitive issue, or is lost in what seems to be signs of incipient dotage.

  36. 1Merrick1
  37. 1Merrick1

    To overgeneralize, why is it that Asian students outperform all other ethnicities, whether they are American or just arrived from their countries? They attend the same public schools.

    Its not aout bureaucracy, in itself. What we need are parents who take personal responsibility for the education of their children. ITs not about competition in schools, private or public. By the way, there are private schools and if you want to send your children to private school, you can.

    American parents have ignored their kids grades, their homework, and their efforts, and accept the grades their kids get. Distract them with video games, movies, and technology, even though they aren't doing well. Most kids spend more time watching TV than they do reading books....do you think the top performing students are just naturally gifted (some are)? No, top performing students are studying, they are reading, they are making a sacrifice.

    Meanwhile, many conservative parents and some liberal parents are complaining about how public schools are failing their children, instead of realizing its they who have failed to have discipline in the home, and make little Susie or Tom study harder, and longer.

    Similarly, we reward students who get "A" by saying who "smart they are" instead of congratulating them "for the hard effort, and dedication you put in studying to get a good grade" A semantical difference that is quite important. Being called a smart student does nothing to reinforce the necessary behavior (studying, reading , reviewing material) needed to be a successful student.

  38. avd420
  39. avd420

    It's the few that make great advances though. And we all get to enjoy the spoils of that. A system that let's exceptional people rise to the top has proven to be the system that let's humanity progress the fastest.

    Although, I think it is better left to sports and the markets. Wanting to win can make people seek dishonest means to do so, I don't think that's good for the education system. When society is better educated, everyone wins.

  40. tariqxl
  41. tariqxl

    Old world views, people used to believe the world was flat but people generally go by current studies.

  42. UnderSiege
  43. UnderSiege

    "What distracted YOU... the multiple sources I gave at the start?
    Major logical fallacy: 'Argument from Ignorance'.

    It's never too late to give up. :-)

    Good luck. I'm done with this topic.

  44. James Johnson
  45. James Johnson

    Not when the competition is about profits with companies and corporations striving for profits only. The products don't get better as companies no longer believe in investing in their selves as their main goal is short sighted profit. The products don't get better they get cheaply made as new technology costs companies money that they are not willing to spend as it cuts into profits. If it were up to companies they would pay no one at all, but rather have an indentured workforce. As that option would save them millions, thus increasing profits. New technology comes about as demand for earth friendly technologies are demanded by an increasingly smarter population. Which would explain why America in 2016 needs to sell cars that get 25 MPG, and Japan needs to sell cars that get 35 MPG and the ever more intelligent Europeans will sell cars that get 50 MPG. The Europeans are simply geared toward more responsible technologies and people are their number one priority not profits and money. We have a long way to go. We have been too busy letting our leaders assume the role of world police forces rather than having the luxury that Europe has in bending its responsibilities towards educating folks and keeping their population healthy.

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