Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series
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Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series

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With a production budget of $25 million, the makers of The Blue Planet: Seas of Life crafted this epic story of life on Earth. Five years in production, with over 2,000 days in the field, using 40 cameramen filming across 200 locations, and shot entirely in high definition, Planet Earth is an unparalleled portrait of the third rock from the sun. This stunning television experience captures rare action in impossible locations and presents intimate moments with our planet's best-loved, wildest, and most elusive creatures.

1. From Pole to Pole. The first episode illustrates a 'journey' around the globe and reveals the effect of gradual climatic change and seasonal transitions en route. During Antarctica's winter, emperor penguins endure four months of darkness, with no food, in temperatures of ?70 °C (?94 °F). Meanwhile, as spring arrives in the Arctic, polar bear cubs take their first steps into a world of rapidly thawing ice.

2.Mountains - This episode gives you a tour of some the many vast mountain ranges in the world, including the Andes and the Himalayas. It also shows the different animal species living in these mountainous environments, as well as footage of some of them doing things that have never been seen before.

3. Fresh Water - Although only three percent of the Earth is fresh water, there is no lack of animals living in those particular habitats. Fresh water has shaped the Earth while carving gorges, valleys, and great waterfalls, and in this episode, we witness the unique presence of distinct animals such as crocodiles and otters.

4. Caves - This episode introduces you to one of the most mysterious habitats in the world, where not many have ever been: caves. Also the only habitat not directly driven by sunlight, this episode shows you the many different, incredible creatures inhabiting them, including the various species of bats. Also introducing you to the different types of caves, from underground caves, to underwater caves, this episode brings Planet Earth to a fascinating end.

5. Deserts - This episode features the unique desert life on the planet, including animals that have to withstand lack of water. It also shows what these hardened creatures do in order to survive in such a barren environment.

6. Ice Worlds - Zooming in on the frozen wastelands of the arctic and antarctic, Planet Earth takes a look at the various animals that live there, including polar bears and different types of penguins. It also shows you that like desert creatures, these animals have certain skills that are necessary for survival in such harsh climates. Except this time, it's for survival in some of the coldest areas in the world.

7. Great Plains - This is an episode that introduces you to one of the largest land habitats on the planet which cover over a quarter of it, as well as animals that are some of world's largest. It also includes massive migrations and huge hunts made by some of the fierce predators that roam there.

8. Jungles - With incredible angles from high-definition cameras, this episode shows us the habitat which may only cover three percent of the planet's surface, but is home to more than half the species in the world, from how chimpanzees live, to the many different types of rare birds.

9. Shallow Seas - This episode follows certain creatures such as humpback whales in their journey for food in the shallow seas of the planet. It also takes a look at the teams of other aquatic life that live in these calm waters where sunlight reaches the seabed, including beautiful coral reefs.

10. Seasonal Forests - This episode takes you to the world of seasonal forests, where it shows you all sorts of different plant and animal species living there, from the enormous sequoia tree, to the nearly extinct Amur leopard. It also shows you that although the seasonal forests of the world may seem familiar to us, there are still many areas of it that are mostly unexplored.

11. Ocean Deep - There is much of the ocean that has never before been researched or explored, and this episode shows you some of that unexplored terrain, as well as some of the various aquatic life that live there.

Directed by: Alastair Fothergill

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  1. how do you get the exact locations of all the sites in the documentary?

  2. top! wonderfull and inspiring films ons this site. it gives us all a insight in how adaptive and full of possibilities live is. but it also let you think of the way we act, and that we mussn't forget our live is essentially connected to this world in times in which we often forget the world we're living in. I find it a shame some people are just that indoctrinated to filter out the essence of these films, and no, for God's sake (maybe a bit unfortunate expression), it's not an interpretation! you could then say: well, I'm not indoctrinated, you are! and you would be right, because I am.. so are you, Everyone is! that's why everyone's different, it makes it who you are! Fine, but that's not the way you can prove things because to prove things you need to stop follow your believings, whitch are emotions, and focus on the elementary causations in what you see (action-reaction), otherwise there is no way of explanation! Pure logic it is! Still I i think this doesnt happen enough in research, where researcher's often have to much standard explanations (because of proven stuff) which exclude an other way of solve problems in generally! greetz

  3. Awesome series. Even looked at the making of it, which was fantastic on its own. Totally caught off guard by some of the comments below and completely amazed at the thinking of some. It is beyond me how someone, anyone, can look at this with anything other than awe, admiration and wonder. My prayer is that you, who for whatever reason, have chosen to turn a blind eye to the wonderment of God's creation so much that you formulate conspiricy theories, find peace and joy in your own mind. Hopefully some day soon you can look at this again and see it for what it is. People with a passion for what they do, highlighting God's majestic creation which we have the privilege to be a part of. Great job guys! God Bless!

    1. @NatureloverK:

      "Gods majestic creation"?
      Your post reminds me of the still great Jack Nicholson quote from the movie "is this as good as it gets?". Am putting it in because it is funny, and I write it without prejudice.

      "Where do they teach you to talk like this? In some Panama City sailor hump hump bar or is this getaway day, and your last shot at his whiskey. Sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here."

      All the majesty you talk about came from "evolution" and not from any invisible deities or from your invisible friend the big JC.

  4. Watchec the series on the week-end - awesome!Beyond belief! Has forever changed the way I see the world. Blown away by it! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to all the guys who helped to bring it to us.

  5. the POWERS THAT BE use these images from nature to push their dark agenda. the science that is presented in this is out of date. the whole darwinian/freudian "might is right", "survival of the fittest" idea is simply a theory that has had its day. new insights in biology and zoology refute this worldview completely. while attenborough was implanting this depressing idea in many open minds...he was carefully avoiding speaking about the real issues...about Monsanto which has already made immense changes to the biosystem without proper testing and consultation. If Attenborough had worked to educate people on the dangers of these multinationals and the abuse of the earth and the ocean.....we could mobilize quickly and save the planet...instead.....he is too busy making a name for himself.....and being a darling son of the Empire.

    1. you couldnt be more wrong.

      nothing about this documentary tried to imply any form of social darwinism. everyone has known since Thomas Huxley's time that we dont use the principles of evolution to guide our morals or ethics. i have no idea how you even came to the conclusion you did.

      and just because Attenborough is not pushing the agenda YOU feel is the most important doesnt lessen the work he does.

    2. With a background in biology and environmental science, I must admit that johnnystarrysky makes valid points. The footage in this series is utterly breathtaking and bears witness to the unfathomable majesty of life and landscape on this planet. Naturally this pushes our buttons and in our emotional ecstasy we become wide open to suggestion. Enter Attenborough and the BBC and their blatantly reductionist, Masonic, Darwinist, Malthusian social engineering. I've watched nature film series for decades from National Geographic, BBC, DISCOVERY ch., and others. And the theme ALWAYS focuses on drawing in the audience with beauty and wonder and then slamming us with the "reality" of the kill and eat-or-be-eaten "rules of the jungle". Just as often, the hypnotic attraction of nature puts us in a comfortable trance wherein we can be harangued by an arrogant Oxfordian -- verging on effeminate -- voice warmly narrating that we are to blame for desecrating nature and for the "catastrophe" of human overpopulation. Despite its stunning cinematography, the overriding message of a series like this is: "Animals live a brutal existence; you are just another type of brutal animal; as such you are parasitizing earth and your numbers must be drastically cut back as soon as possible." ie Humanity is a plague. Of course there's no mention of MONSANTO's incomprehensible crimes against nature and humanity through the deliberate and uncontrolled dismantling of nature's genetic integrity, no mention of the ocean dead zones accumulating around North America and much of Europe due to military and industrial dumping of toxic chemicals and weapons ingredients, no mention of the eutrophication due to fertilizer runoff coming from factory farms and golf courses, no mention of the depleted uranium munitions used by militaries all over the world, and certainly no mention of George Monbiot's darling nuclear power plants leaking and failing worldwide. Not surprising, since the BBC acts as one of the leading propaganda wings of the psychopathic, Fabian, elitist, globalist agenda to force guilt, fascist-socialism, austerity, and genocide on humanity on behalf of an inbred minority of insane tyrants. These tyrants, via their bankers and technocrats, gave us capitalism and communism and have raped and pillaged this world with the blood and sweat of the people -- the people who've never really been given a fair chance to live independent lives in tune with nature. Malthus has long been thoroughly discredited, but his belief in the necessity of decreasing the surplus population by any means lives on through the funding of the globalist masters who want to institute a feudal paradise at our expense. Humanity must die off and reduce its carbon footprint. A lot of suckers believe this PR after hearing it repeated in one form or another for years. Many more will embrace it after watching the BBC's Planet Earth series. What a shame.
      - The Club of Rome Report – The First Global Revolution: A Report to the Club of Rome by Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider. Page 75.
      “The common enemy of humanity is man...
      In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”

    3. Masonic? Darwinist? Malthusian?

      you get that negative overriding message because that is the heuristic you used to view the film in. others do not see it that way. we see that we are another part of nature with a frontal lobe and neocortex that allows reflection on this and the ability to better ourselves intentionally.

      nothing about GMO's are a "crimes against nature and humanity"

      there are plenty of documentaries made by this very same production company that deals with those issues you are complaining about. the fact that this documentary doesnt touch on those is because it is not the focus the doc was supposed to be on.

      please, if you are going to respond to me, dont do it with wild conspiracy accusations, or using wild adjectives in an attempt to poison the well of the position you disagree with.

  6. Watched these Documentries by BBC on the planet earth i loved them back then and i love them today. It is as brilliant as it comes, amazingly clear explaination of all the act being conducted in the Forest or Jungle. Very informative, very exciting. Thanks a lot for posting the Doc here Mr. Host.

  7. Hello, exellent serie, but i only can see the first video in HD, the other don't have the hd button.If anyone kwnow something will be appreciate. Thanks

  8. i think that it sure to make life in europa and vostok the two moons because their is present of water which show that deep 24 km their is presence of atmosphere what is your opinion on that fact?

  9. Wow is is an excellent work done by amazing people.

  10. i really want an original version for my library, hope somebody gives it to me as a birthday gift someday!

    1. ya i want to give u a full verson

  11. We live on amazing planet. It's real shame that a lot of people out there place more value on human life than other beings. Scratch that, it's a damn shame.

    1. It's a godd#mn shame.

  12. I love this series :)

  13. The conspiranoia fear monglers just pop up in the comments sections of pretty much any video these days, don't they? "Over population theory"? Really? Simply stating facts about human population growth in the introduction of the movie in the context that there still is so much we rarely see and know much about on the planet? There is a conspiracy section here, you know? Why not just go there?

  14. This is the best effing site I've ever been to, whoever made it is a genius and my hero! cheers

  15. And disrespect and insults have purpose or value here?? Thanks a lot dude.

  16. Seriously? Dude, believe the unseen but shut up about it here. It has no purpose or value being posted here.

    1. Every one is entitled to their own opinion and is free to comment on any article. This is not the communist regime where you can dictate what one must say or not say. You have absolutely no right to tell the other person to shut up.

    2. Every one is entitled to their own opinion and is free to comment on any article. This is not the communist regime where you can dictate what one must say or not say. You have absolutely no right to tell the other person to shut up.

    3. Every one is entitled to their own opinion and is free to comment on any article. This is not the communist regime where you can dictate what one must say or not say. You have absolutely no right to tell the other person to shut up.

    4. Every one is entitled to their own opinion and is free to comment on any article. This is not the communist regime where you can dictate what one must say or not say. You have absolutely no right to tell the other person to shut up.

    5. everyone is free spirited and to show the brutality of nature is to show there is an animal world which is neither communist nor capitalist it is the bare truth of a savage existance where these creatures have a daily life being the hunter or the victim they all coexist in an equilibrium within an ecosystem.

    6. there is no need for that kind of foul language!

    7. this fellow brother is just quoting the quran, no need to be against it seeing it doesnt pose any threat to other religions or other people.

  17. All?h (God All-Mighty) has created every moving creature from water. And of them are those that move on their bellies, and of them are those that walk on two legs, and of them are those that walk on four. All?h creates what He wills. Indeed, All?h is over all things competent. We have certainly revealed distinct verses. And All?h guides whom He wills to a straight path.--The Quran (24:45-46)

  18. I became atheist watching David Attenborough's Documentals. He is one of my heroes. I love listening his voice.

    1. Damn, I watched and I am still me!

    2. I was brought to tears many times just from realizing how AWESOME God is!!!! If there can be such beauty on Earth,i cannot imagine just how spectacular Heaven will be. I pray He will have mercy on me who is a sinner,so i could be with Him there one day!!!

    3. To: Jellybean8309 - I don't know who you are, girl or man, but reading what you wrote made me really like you as a person. I even felt the need to mumble under my breath "Oh GOD, answer him or her (in what you asked)".

      Take care.
      ~Shimon Wright.

  19. fantastic!!

  20. this documentary film was the great one than any other films that talks about the planet earth. the people is responsible to know and learn what is the needs of our nature and wildlife, remember nature and wildlife doesn't need us infact we human needs them to satisfy our expensive life. we have to conserved and protect the nature and wildlife because we human are the responsible why these wild and nature is so few today.

    1. Attempts to "conserve and protect" (control) is why the planets so f--ked in the first place. Nature doesn't need us you're right! But then you go on to condridict your very own statement.

  21. Wonderful natural science. Attenborough stresses the vitality of sun and water for life on earth yet his kind are blocking our sun with chemtrails, polluting our water with oil and cornering water as a 'commodity' controlling supply by demand; at any price. Unrivalled cynicism.

    1. "His kind"? what the f***?
      i assume you mean scientists who create technology which on it's own does nothing. you can't blame scientists for the state of the planet, technology is the only thing created by man which has consistently improved our lives. blaming it for the state we are in is a massive cop out of responsibility and in fact it is people like David Attenborough who are fighting tirelessly to make people aware of the problems our society of waste has created. it's our fault we let this happen daily.
      I love nature too!

    2. but while we have always developed technology to help us produce in an inhospitable and often hostile and beautiful world we have never done so with technology and science itself suborned under the capitalist imperative to profit. The earth and human kind be damned.

  22. Attenborough (the borough of Aton) starts with the overpopulation theory and it's such a tragedy that this man is virtually the only voice 'authorised' with the huge budgets and technology to bring us such quality observations. BBC too, is staffed by Etonites. Elites hell bent on indoctrinating us into extinction whilst profiting hugely from oil and other devastating economic commodities. Supernatural freaks, the lot of them.

    Wow, I love nature; all of it!

  23. I love this series!

    1. Me too, love to download them

  24. Yes I know that I'm starting to sound like an advert for the BBC, but Yes it is yet another superb doc by the BBC & Sir David Attenborough. It's not my fault that everything that they make is so good.

  25. Lessons for humanity to take away!

  26. Absolutely stunning!

  27. Ocean deep isnt working.

    But I have episodes 1-5 on dvd, unfortunately I cant for the life of me find part 2 in NZ dvd stores.

    I love the series.

  28. bbc remains the broadcast standard bearer - unparalleled!

  29. Top rated 10/10, always loved Attenborough's narrative style, his voice is captivating, and he has an intrinsic knowledge of all the species he describes, which makes learning about them so pleasant.

    It will be extremely difficult to replace this legend, I believe he has well and truly established himself in the history books.

    Enjoy :)

  30. if only this was shown to the powerful names who are responsible for the mass-harm of the environment, maybe our world would change.

    1. The powers-that-be know perfectly well, my friend. They also know power and money, and will not secede any of it or even consider a compromise unless everyone buys into it, literally. As of right now, this "going green" business is bull, but a step in the right direction, kind of. Let us use the knowledge and obvious love given to us through this and many other documentaries in order reshape our planet to ideally benefit all its inhabitants, together

    2. Ar eyou kidding they are among the few who get to travel to such area's. They use helicopter's and high powered rifles to hunt down polar bears for sport and pay astro turf citizens group to rally against environmental laws they form a political party and the media they own propel them to the heights of power. Tea Party and Koch Bros. Look it up.General electric owns cbs some other conglomerate owns time warner-so we see millions in the Green Party ignored or ridiculed but the Tea Party and Sarah Palin-all news all the time. Isn't that unusual?

  31. Exhuastive research, cutting edge photography and to top it off David Attenborough's measured and informed narrative, a wonderful example of television at it's very best. Congratulations to the BBC and many thanks for your excellent website.

  32. Amazing. Next step, Human Planet!

  33. Murder of babies by predatory gangsters, not enough pollution reality, BUT I LOVED IT!!!!

  34. the best ever i have seen from bbc thanks alot

  35. Amazing, the bbc never fails to impress when it comes to documentaries and Sir David Attenborough is a legend.

  36. All the links are broken for me :(

  37. Wonderful series. I really enjoyed all episode. Thank you so much :)

  38. Wonderful !

  39. Fantastic!

  40. One of, if not the best documentary's ever produced!

  41. Wonderful series.

  42. Ep 11 is from BBC Blue Planet, not Planet Earth.

    1. Thanks @Anna. I've fixed that.

    2. You are the BEST Vlatko!!

  43. Amazing and extraordinary documentary..I love that.
    All based on great effort and deep research work.increasing our knowledge about the realities we dont know.such type of work should be continued..

  44. simply amazing

    So beautiful, it really is a must see

  45. @Bustin Jeiber

    Superior is the third largest lake in terms of volume and contains less than half the amount of fresh water of Bical. It is the largest lake in terms of surface area though.

  46. David Attenburough plus the BBC makes an enjoyable experience. Many a first time seen events and animals. Prime documentary hopefully all will enjoy.

  47. these series are simply amazing.watching all these beautiful things ,should motivate us to protect the nature and stop being so superficial and careless.great documentaries,congratulations and keep on posting docs

  48. Great salute to such a wonderful docs. This makes us to act for conservation of our amazing ecology,mountains and environment in its entirity. Thank you Topdocumentary.

  49. This is wrong on two counts, the largest fresh water lake is Lake superior and there are fresh water seals in northern quebec Canada.

  50. I can´t get these to display in HD. I found them in perfect HD on U-tube. But david´s voice is too low so cannot watch them.

  51. Hats off to the guys who made it. Its amazing!!! David Attenborough is great.

  52. ep 06 is not actually planet earth series

  53. THANK YOU for making this available to me!

  54. This is the best natural history doc I've ever seen. I went out and bought the dvd, with the dvd you get the full story, how long it took to film and the trials and tribulations of filming. Patience and unbelievable tenacity are common watchwords. One of the most difficult to film (in my humble opinion), were the bat caves, and what incredible footage they eventually got. Go BBC., Disney came out with earth, or something similar, they don't hold a candle to BBC, I'm british, and perhaps biased, although I've lived in North America for 45 years, I haven't found a television station to beat the BBC., although some of the French channels, TV5 eg., are showing great stuff too. I find that PBS and TVO lack something, although they do some good stuff. Discovery and History channel were fairly good too, until a few years ago when all the HD etc., came online, even the National Geographic channel is lacking in my opinion, and I subscribed to NG for decades. GREAT Doc!!!!

  55. So much more is known today of the life forms that exists on this beautiful planet; it is no wonder that the ancients, in awe of the little that they witness or heard about, could not describe the majesty of it all as they ascribed its existence to a higher source. I can't wait to share this with my grand children. This was superb. I had to get "Faces of Earth" by the Science Channel to explore the ideas; Building and Shaping the Planet. Scientist are truly doing remarkable things that remain outside the purview of the public.

  56. woah!! so awesome!! im one of the big fan of these series!! so cool, educative and youll see what youve never seen before. reminds us the Great Creator of this Planet

  57. hey, great documentary and great site too. thanks a lot.

    one question though: is it just me or is there a little bit missing at the end of each episode? just wondering...

  58. I own this series and have watched it more than a couple of times. Absolutely brilliant. You have never seen anything like it.

  59. You can watch these episodes over and over again. I just keep coming back.

  60. Great series

  61. I'm afraid that we'll be doomed someday by hands of ours, destroying the system or the earth. It's just a wonder to me that everything in the earth and outside of the earth makes a perfect harmony (gravitation of the moon, magnetic forces of the earth, etc)

  62. cool thanks for finding it, its not playing on the page for me though is anyone else having the same problem? I downloaded it onto realplayer and it works fine but on here it seems to load and then wont do anything

  63. also @ vlatko is there any way you could notify anyone whos interested if you manage get a hold of episode 9 or do we just have to keep checking back?

  64. just finished part one, its really amazing thanks for posting it. that retarded elephant wandering off into the desert is one of the saddest things I've ever seen

  65. Is there any way to get episodes 1, 2, and 9? I noticed they were missing also. If they can be found somewhere and embedded also, that would make me very happy.

    1. I've updated the videos. Episodes 1 and 2 are available now but I'm still missing episode 9.

  66. Excellent series, thanks for adding it. The YouTube channel is missing episodes 1 & 9, though.

  67. One of the best things I have ever seen...My children love it, I have BD of the entire series..worth every penny.

  68. Wonderful. Thanks Vlatko! I do so love David Attenborough's voice!

  69. This is such a wonderful series. They really went the extra mile and made a classic, I've got to buy the DVD's now. Hey Vlatko, I think your missing the second video. This is the best site, and I've learn so much from it. Thanks so much for the your hard work.

  70. LOVED THIS !!! Bought the DVDs .. :) If the Earth is this amazing and after so many years we still only understand a little of it, can you imagine how incredible the rest of the Universe must be ?

  71. yey, thx for putting this show in here!
    best pictures, best narrator, best of the effin best!

    only the 1st episode is in high quality,
    search yt for the rest of the show in hd.
    also there are more episodes then listed, all in all its 11 parts.
    mybe you'd like to add the rest from yt, vlatko?

    1. Now all the episodes are in HD placed in one playlist. Cheers

  72. WoW!!! there's no word to describe the beauty of nature ... though it may seem to be cruel sometimes ... it is so perfect ...! thanx thanx!

  73. we need this earth very healty . The humanity war since 1900's killing our planets,tnks coprationS!!!!!we all lose life.
    it's no mater what kind a human we are,turkish,rusian,arap,brtains,europians,chinies,japanies,americanS,latin est est.We are all human and we all going to bi slave and no fiture for at all,,, plant and blood we die together.PEaCE for all pls.

  74. zdraveyy prekrasnoeda bade6 istinskii

  75. When I bought the DVD collection two weeks ago, I was looking forward to a high-quality wildlife documentary, but this series actually exceeded my expectations. I was knocked off my socks. It's very likely the best natural history documentary ever produced; at least it's the best I've ever seen. There is unbelievable footage in each sequel, rare animals, unseen animal behaviour, impressive stories, and beautiful areal shots. I especially liked the hi-speed and slow-mo cameras, which show, for example, a landscape changing from summer to autumn, or the Okavango delta changing from drought to flood. Much effort went into the production even after the footage was shot. The narration, dramaturgy, cuts, sound recording - everything is brilliant. The music in the film was specially composed for it. So you can enjoy this documentary not only for the images themselves, but also for the art and mastery of its production.

  76. Planet Earth is one of my favorites features on BBC. Highly educative.

    1. it is really a wonderful work..thanks for posting this series..

  77. This series is definitely one you must see. Lots of footage never before seen, by our eyes. The images brought forth are emotionally stirring, see animals/wildlife interacting in ways never before seen. Brilliant filming, excellent narration, see the series in order...