A Question of Miracles: Faith Healing

A Question of Miracles: Faith Healing

1999, Mystery  -   114 Comments
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A Question of Miracles: Faith HealingMiracle workers such as Benny Hinn are followed and interviewed in this American Undercover documentary. It questions if faith and prayer can heal. This documentary is a very well-researched and in-depth look at the world of televangelists and "faith-healers". It takes a unique approach in that there is equal time given to a breakdown of the psychological, neurological, sociological, and other scientific gimmicks used by these vampires and the business end of it that makes swindling millions such a lucrative business.

The viewer is taken from "crusades" in America to Europe to Africa, witnessing heartbreaking stories that would make the hardest heart melt with compassion. To see people who are terminally ill, crippled, or have family members in need of a miracle open their checkbooks or take out their credit cards for donations in the thousands (one family of recent converts from Hinduism gave $2,000 in the hopes their son's brain tumour would be healed. He died nine months later) is as heart-wrenching a moment of real drama as one is likely to see for a long time. The answers these frauds give to the documentarian's questions, which are quite good and well put, always revert back to "one must have faith, or this shall not work".

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  1. Thirty years ago, my (then) husband and I sang in the "Benny Hinn Crusade," at the Portland , Oregon, Memorial Coliseum. I'm pretty spiritual, AND I HONESTLY HAVE TO SAY I DIDN'T GET ANYTHING OUT OF IT. A dear friend of mine was diagnosed with "late stage renal cancer." ALL THE BATTERIES OF TESTS WERE DONE TWICE. My Godmother and some of her precious little friends , literally prayed day and night for our sister, her being so afflicted. She had emergency surgery. When the the surgical biopsy returned four days later = and GET THIS= THERE WAS LITERALLY NO CANCER. NONE. EVEN PRE-CANCER. AND THERE WAS ZERO REASON WHY THAT KIDNEY NEEDED TO BE EXCISED. What was the difference between charlatan Benny Hinn, the work I am seeking is "shifty," and my humble G-D Mother, who had birthed 10 wonderful children, with Spanish as their primary language ??? She and her little pious granny type friends HAD HUMILITY. AND THE CHILD-LIKE FAITH THE SAVIOR HIMSELF SPOKE ABOUT. It reminded me somewhat of the Blessed Mother HERSELF. If I live to be 100, I will never forget that experience.

  2. I am a Christian, and I believe that miracles are possible. However, I also believe that (whether well intentioned or duplicitous) some of these teachings, teachers and preachers and events create what we see here, rather than the direction action of God.

  3. The evil one again transfers himself into an angel of light. Benny got caught doing Paula White (another fake healer) in Rome. They were coming out of his hotel hand in hand and photographer snapped their picture. He was registered under a fake name of course and still married. Guess who paid for the trip and expenses.

  4. Reducing religion to a manipulation of the brain is nonsense. Christianity is the only religion that makes a sensible integration of the whole human being with God, He created us, redeemed us and made specific promises for our future. Where does the devil fit in your narrative? If you think he does not exist, talk to any ouija experimenter for a surprise. What do you make of the prophecies that have being fulfilled? What gives virtue to your morality? What makes compassion a virtue and killing a crime, just some adjustment in our brain ? It is more honest if you state from the beginning that you are an atheist.

  5. Miracles are real. Only a few pastors have a real anointing for healing. My friends daughter was healed from epilepsy in one day. that is why I truly believe. sadly many pastors just use God for their own personal benefits. but don't be disappointed Miracles is Jesus name are genuine. look online for the LAST REFORMATION MOVIE and many others

  6. December 27th 2013 I was t boned in my drivers side door of my 1998 SL500 Mercedes roadsters. I was stopped at the stop sign at intersection hero way and 183A in Leander Texas. Answering a text message totally unaware my foot was pressing on my accelerator as brake. My car slowly merged into the path of an 80,000 lbs fully loaded eighteen wheeler. The tractor trailer was going approximately 60mph. The impact was so severe. My skull was cracked in three places. My eyes were damaged from impact. My c3 neck broke. Four vertebra between my shoulders were completely crushed. I had a softball size blood clot on my spine. After two years of struggling from my wheelchair to my cane for short distance. Our neighbor invited me
    To ride with them to their church. Journey Church in Liberty hill Texas. On December 20th Sunday morning service. Pastor Blake Westbrook asked if anyone needs healing to come and he will pray. My neighbor turned around and said go down ! I went and two hours later I was healed. I ran around inside the church. Went home jogged around our neighborhood. Helped my neighbor pick up and craftsman riding mower and set in in the bed of his pick up truck. Called my boss where I worked driving a concrete mixer before my accident. They sent me to doctor couldn't find anything wrong with me. The state of Texas gave me my class a cdl back. Neil Maxwell dodge dealership where my wife got her jeep to haul my wheelchair was so amazed when the president Mike Wilson saw me healed. They gave me my 2015 dodge dart no questions asked! I still work at Alpha concrete Leander Texas. This is real !!!

  7. At one point Benny Sinn says that he needed a private plane so that he didn't wear out as quickly….IF he is truly doing God's work, where is his faith that God would provide his body with strength to carry out His work?

  8. The horror of humanity is well documented in this tiny yet prolific view on life. A crime is being committed, yet it delivers itself as religion. True horror, no wisdom, no control and fear as the alternative. True horror that must be stopped.

  9. Martin Luther (1483-1546).

    While studying law, Luther, fearing death in a thunderstorm, promised God he would become a monk if God spared him. As a monk and professor of Bible at the University of Wittenberg, Luther attempted to secure his salvation by adhering to a very strict code of ethics, obedience to the monastic order, and ceaseless confession. This proved unsatisfactory and Luther continued to have intense emotional struggles with his own salvation until an epiphany struck him in the tower of his Augustinian monastery. It was during this "tower experience" that Luther realized that salvation was a free gift imputed to man through Christ's righteousness. We are justified by the grace of God through the atoning death of Jesus on the cross. Our good works, then, do not cause our salvation, but rather they are a result of our salvation. God does not love us because we are good—we are good because God loves us. With this new understanding of salvation, Luther went on to criticize the Catholic Church for, among other things, selling indulgences to people with the promise that these purchases would help assure their salvation. Luther protested this and other things in his famous Ninety-five Theses. This eventually led to a major conflict between Luther and his German supporters and the Catholic Church in Rome. The end result was the Protestant Reformation, although Luther saw himself not as the creator of a new church, but as a reformer of the Catholic Church, leading her back to the Pauline doctrine of justification by faith alone! Sound familiar?

  10. A few weeks ago at St. Sharbel Maronite Catholic Church, after 2 Mexican Priests said Mass, the statute of St. Sharbel started to bleed oil, from the head, chest and palms. Not a hoax. I went out to the church to see for myself. Since then the Knights of Columbus are guarding the statue 24/7 for its protection. Research indicates that St. Sharbel has over 300+ miracles attributed to him. If you come to Las Vegas, see for yourself and make your own opinion. RayLanfear

  11. It's telling that Benny Hinn has a violinist play that type of song. That one he played was is also widely used by Hasidic Jews as a means of communing with God, and as a way to find answers to various theological questions. The type of worship is highly experiential, and often danced to as a sort of quasi shamanic trance. Sufi Islam, Buddhism, among others use similar variants to this. The main difference is that those religions utilize it for insight as opposed to trying to get money. In Benny Hinn's case at least it's obviously a tactic used to trick audience members into having what they think is a very spiritual experience.

  12. I think the real reason Israel partitioned and embargoed Palestine was to keep more Benny Hinns from escaping.

    1. What is this suppose to mean?

  13. This is why I still hate religion... "Religion is the opium of the people"... Religion is only an excuse to explain the unexplained. Believe in the power within you...

    1. i cant have faith in humanism there isn't enough evidence. if humanism were true then why cant the ugandans get a meal without christian intervention so much of the time?

    2. Christians and all people of faith can be humanists. In fact, they are acting on behalf of humanist thought whenever they are taking mission trips to help people. If they were not, they would just let their god take care of it. They recognize that this reliance on superstition will not work, and so they develop a plan and take action upon themselves to help those in need.

      Humanism: An outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters. Humanist beliefs stress the potential value and goodness of human beings, emphasize common human needs, and seek solely rational ways of solving human problems.

  14. this rendition of this documentary is FALSE. The full documentary goes on to say (right when this one cuts off at the end of the second part) "but there is a place that miracles really DO happen" and then admits that in the Catholic Church there actually is medically and scientifically verified miracles..... the whole rest of this documentary then talks about the Catholic Story of Lourdes and possibly Fatima if I recally correctly...

    1. Not really but nice try. Miracles like Mother Teresa curing a lady of cancer? Did you know she didn't really have cancer? Pull yourself out of the Stone Age.

  15. Just watching this documentary shows how much bullshit there is out there.

  16. Jesus didn't need a private jet lol let alone a big auditorium with lights and cameras etc and just remember folks the last thing Jesus did was rip off the poor and the sick from money they never had to give in the first place....wolf in sheeps clothing....now theres a thought

    1. read Mk. 14:3-9. Jesus is ok with taking an expensive oil worth a years paid wages instead of helping the poor. I guess he was the first evangelist.

    2. I can answer this for you and 1000 more but wait for my website-efficiency. My Christ is not bulls*it, though Christianity is sinfully senseless? Which of any Orders, Associations, etc, have not professor-monkey dropped their heaven ward citizenship benefits and purposes? Another child-seed of God example, when born we could distinguish betwixt what we liked and did not like anyone being harmed or violated, until cults of vengeance cartoon contamination. Announcing vengeance was healing for either people or God, compromised immaturity. Constraints allow progressive desires, but provide no caring cooperation for life like Jesus' Faith movement did before kidnapped into a religion. Read again about child-like faith how she did not have to be crucified with her fiancé after he re-animated her brother Lazarus, after Jesus' tears because her doubtful words had been instigated by hierarchic spies awaiting his death-row entry into Jerusalem. FYI all illiterates, Mary Maddalena was the first evangelist witnessing His resurrection to His disciples. I would not cry if all promiscuous thieving lying stingy pigs were grouped apart for separate but equal physical-heaven, for comprehension of eternal hell seeing why people repent out of it. I don't owe any of you thieves shit never did, and will not waste my time answering you inefficiently again. Do people justify the snobbery of angels or simply indicate it?

  17. In the occupation of physical bodies, we are all afraid, because we are smart, to suffer physical discomfort. This causes faith healers to take money for what they do. They want to be comfortable by being rich.
    It also causes others to believe in what they do and to send them money to get them to do it. They want to be comfortable by being healed.

    The dynamics that underlie this are also at the foundation of our political system. We give politicians billions of dollars to "heal" our system because want to be physically comfortable.

    In this process the faith healers and the politicians achieve their aim and those desiring the same thing for the same reason, those who sent all their money,.....well,...you know the rest of the story.

    Our physical bodies motivate us to do what we do to each other and it is only our convicting consciences that restrains us. In the first state of our nature we are clearly more influenced by the one and not the other. Perhaps this will change when we evolve. Perhaps this change is necessary for consciousness to survive itself.

  18. It just goes to prove that leeches like Benny Hinn and his ilk don't believe in God - they know if there was one then they would be spending eternity in Hell. But as God is a fiction they know that unless they are brought to account in this world, which is unlikely, they are safe to fleece the weak, the sick and the desperate. I have nothing but utter contempt for these false prophets who deserve to be prosecuted for fraud and imprisoned and their ill gotten gains confiscated and returned to the deserving poor and sick who have been so ruthlessly exploited.

  19. no one has the truth,but atleast science is giving us prove..tangible data appealing da senses

    1. science is updated every year - first eggs are good for you .. then it's just the egg whites that are good .. then they can't even be eaten raw at all .. science only catches up to what's been known for thousands of years, at times.

    2. @Karaitiana
      "science is updated every year " yes it is, that is the power of testing,observing and updating our knowledge. science is interested in the true causes of phenomenon if it has to change or discard previous theories in light of new evidence then so be it. how is your belief system on changing due to overwhelming evidence? next "We didn't even evolve" do you have proof for that statement? i will show you proof for evolution if you show proof (i mean facts) of an alternative.

    3. @kara- Science embraces facts. They celebrate when an opinion is shown to be wrong. Religion? They fight back agains anything that discredits it. They close their minds off.

      Science can prove our evolution. Religion has no facts, just faith.

  20. Religion is fantasy, get over it and meditate to strengthen and free your mind people.

    1. it wont be a fantasy after you die and find out where you go. You must be on here searching for something otherwise your on here to just criticize. Yes, we need to meditate but free your mind no.....that could let evil in.

  21. I'm Christian and these people scare me. I hope they are truly helping people.

  22. it says the video is not available

  23. Wow! very interesting... First off this documentary implies that we evolved (yes i caught that) .. No we did not evolve there is no such thing as evoulation.. Second the bible states in the last days there will be many false prophets. Many will be decieved in the name of my father,but i believe there will be a special place in hell for these folks ,that decieve Gods people. In these last days the church will rise and the world will continue to fall. The world is going to start deviding. I plead with you ,who ever has not excepted christ please do not wait . No man knows the hour of christs arrival ,but you better believe its soon.. Birth Pains.... we are in those days...

    1. saying there is no such thing as evolution is the same thing as me saying there is no such thing as god. do you for one second that anyone that believes in a scientific process to explain the rise of man would take anything you say to heart? and would you, a person that believes in an all powerful creator would for one second believe any sort of scientific argument or evidence? we all have our books that we read, but at no point should either side believe that their book which were both written by MEN not gods, are full proof in what the say. crawl out of your ignorant hole

    2. People do forget the bible was constructed by humans.

    3. We're in those days? Says who? You?
      Sounds like you're a false prophet to me...

    4. Yes we did evolve, and since you said that you must believe that we aren't animals.
      Jesus is not returning!!!
      get the f--k over it.

    5. u ain't no prophet lol - just saying :)

    6. When did I say I was a prophet?
      oh yeah I forget we were spoken into existence right?
      or ''god stuck his a** into the universe and sh*t us out'' right?

    7. We didn't even evolve lol we came from the heavens (outer space) get over it

    8. lol, why are you displaying how little you understand about the world for everyone to see?

      first you talk down to science....you do realize the computer you are typing on is a testament to the power of science?

      you then mention the book of mormon....do you really believe a known con artist found golden magic plates in the woods that no one else was allowed to see???? how gullible can you be?

      what is wrong with you? how can you be so ignorant?

    9. I'm sure Karaitiana believes god gave people the knowledge to build computers, which would mean god gave us nukes purely for the purpose of killing other humans.

  24. Is there a part three... it seems there is no conclusion to the documentry...

  25. Well there it is, finally explained to an understanding i can believe in. I couldn't figure it out,or taught rite, i guess. This was really well thought out and put together. I'm impressed. Have to watch again when i need it. Thanks for the knowledge.

  26. Can we sync the audio and video on this? How horrible.

  27. People like Benny Hinn are "the best of the best" when it comes to preying on weak minded souls. He makes money on people who are out there trying to find some sort of salvation.They dig up any bible verse they can find to further increase the size of their wallets.

    I can't beleive this man has not been arrested for embezzlement. He should be tried,found quilty and sent to prison by a jury filled with people of faith. No wonder people think Christianity is just a fairy tale for the ignorant.

    I personally believe there is a God with a son named Jesus Christ. But I don't believe in organized religion.There are to many groups that have different interpritations of the Bible. I know how to read and can grasp the Bible with prayer(one on one) with my Heavenly Father.

    1. Well said my brother...I was just observing the little buckets being passed around and people putting their hard earned money to this fraudster. It's truly heartbreaking to see such things.

  28. @sarp kaya

    You're right, but what a great way to let off steam.

  29. Reading these I need also to profess a few things. The US scares me. You, Ralph, scare me. I am no longer surprised by the level of delusionality that exists in the US, just plain scared. Of course, it is not just a North American problem, nor just Christian. However, take the world's leading superpower and fill it with a population of whom more than half (53 % to be precise) believe that the entire cosmos was created 6,000 years ago, and you have a mix that does not bode well for the rest of the planet.
    @ Robert: You can not convince these people of anything, nor can you ask them to explain themselves and expect any answer that makes any sense. Religion is the most effective conversation stopper known to man. I applaud you for trying but take my word for it you will quit when your patience runs out one day.
    To quote Sam Harris: "Among developed nations, America stands alone in these convictions. Our country now appears, as at no other time in her history, like a lumbering, bellicose, dim-witted giant. Any one who cares about the fate of civilisation would do well to recognize that the combination of great power and great stupidity is simply terrifying, even to one's friends."

    1. America became a lumbering, bellicose, dim-witted giant when it through God out of its schools, economy, its legal system and their churches. God will have the last word.

    2. Land of the free, home of the brave. Not a theological state but a state where citizens can grow up to become persons with the ability to think for themselves. Develop their full potential, be critical, avoid all sorts of tyranny and worship as their hearts and minds dictate, respecting each other.

  30. Ha,Ha, I concur with @Robert Allen, he has a way with words.

    And @Ralph: there is no second coming at all, it just means that the end of times will become the age of Aquarious in the zodiac, follow the water bearer, the age of picses the fish is coming to an end. Before you know it the Popes will no longer wear the fish head symbol on their heads. Then it will be the water bearer.

    The whole religious thing is based on astrology, the science of the bronze age.

  31. @RALPH

    Don't profess to know what you don't and can't know. You were probably better off before your born-again transmogrification.

    You have wasted the last 15 years of your life reading the Bible, absent a knowledge of its history, the contradictory tenets during its compilation, the reason behind the inclusion of some books and the exclusion of others and the widely varying manuscripts. You obviously have no concept of what the Bible is, much less the age in which it coalesced. Hence your statements anent a second coming, etc. equate to fustian and rant.

    You write of Satan, but again you know nothing. However, let me start you off. The term Satan is Greek for accuser and early concepts of this entity portrayed this "being" indifferently, i.e., he was neither good nor evil. Now, you take it from there.

    Since time immemorial, every kook and crackpot has been predicting the end of the world based on some cockamamie interpretation of the Bible, especially Revelations--and, think about it, they've all failed miserably. So on what do you base your knowledge that the apocalypse is near?

    So spare me the dogma and feed me the evidence--and I don't mean the biblical "evidence" either--and try, try, try to come up with something concrete and failing that try, try, try to read more.

  32. Sorry to say that it is so very true that many false prophets and teachers will arise in the last days. I've been a reborn Christian since 96 and have studied the bible inside out, and yes, Jesus said do not be deceived by false prophets and teachers, it makes me angry too how they exploit many innocent people. These are prophetic signs of the end times. Because Satan has twisted and corrupted mankind, many people will turn away from God and not believe in him and in Jesus. And many people will grow cold and have no love. Truth is, the second coming of Christ is almost here, and the end of this evil and cruel world will be destroyed by God himself and his angels, then he will create a new one, without pain and suffering, and anyone who confesses with his mouth that Jesus died and rose again for our salvation will live in God's new kingdom for all eternity. If you don't believe, just ask him with a pure sincere heart to come into your life, and he will personally show you that he exists with great love!

    1. Don't cast your pearls before the swine. They said Jesus was mad, operated by demonic powers, swore at Him spat on Him, beat Him and crucified Him. They will do the same to you.

    2. Book of Mormon - Another Testament of Jesus Christ :)

  33. Sound is like 10 seconds out of sync

  34. Well, to be more precise it is commonly referred to as biogenesis, the theory where life is created via biological matter, and the contrary, abiogenesis, where it is created from inorganic matter.

  35. @ Negri

    It's called organogenesis NEgri, and life arise from organogenesis, not some imaginary deity or some other human contrivance. And, you need to be able to discern "fact" from "fallacy," or "fact" from "fiction."

    The gospels of Mathew, John, and Luke have conflicting stories about the life of christ, this is a fact.

    Get some education Negri, it's the only way.

  36. @Negi PS

    Obviously you don't know much and what you assert you know is not worth knowing.

  37. I know only the fact that the Lord has created human being and all living beings surroundings you and the Bible says that we must worship HIM and HE IS JESUS CHRIST.

  38. @negi PS

    This is medication that may give you some relief from your psychopathology. You should look into it since this is the 21st century and there is no need for you to suffer. Good luck.

  39. Look at Jesus Christ only and live life according to the Bible and seek His guidance. I assure you, the Holy Spirit will speak to you spiritually.

  40. Read 1 Peter 5:7 carefully. At the outset, I thought worldy things but finally, the Holy Spirit guided me that this verse is for Spiritual. Amen

  41. I hate it how the audience spend all the money they have to get to these "services" and then use credit cards etc... to give even more in donations. Most of the people that go are not that intelligent. I am an atheist, but I thought Jesus lived amongst the poor. He did not have a Mercedes Camel to ride to his sermans. Why are there so many blacks in his audience?

  42. @bishma

    Faith "healer" = parasite exploiting the desperate, the ignorant, the uneducated.

    No different than the pentecostal white trash, Sarah Palin exploiting people who live in states that host the majority of churches and meth labs.

    Instinct tells me that bishma is just another tel-evangelical exploiter profiting on those who are desperate and disenfranchised. You can't get any lower than a televangelist ..... Hinn, Hagee, PTL, TBN. Thieves, zealots, American white trash.

    Stupid, stupid Americans

  43. @Bishma

    First of all learn to write! Even if you have nothing to say, learn to express it clearly.

    Secondly, spare us your illiterate maxims and general mindlessness.

    Faith healer = fraud.
    Faith healer = trickster.
    Faith healer = cheat.
    Faith healer = thief.

  44. Also, one more thing:

    They compare healing people, helping others who have nothing, and no others to take care of them. Such a Hero, a saint they compare with making war. =D

    This Documentary will make you more religious rather then what their original purpose was about it.


  45. Very Good!

    I don´t argue with success. And why people look at the (possible) error, is beyond me. Edison made 10 000 Errors before he invented the light bulb.

    Look at the success if you care for your life.


  46. What a rip off!!!:/

    For those who believe in Christ! 1. Stop getting HIGH on God!!! 2. Stop making money on God!!!

  47. Are there more than 2 parts to this? If there are, can someone please help me out? I really want to see more of it. Cheers

  48. @Erock

    Don't insult the intelligence of those with intelligence! As with all alleged faith healings, we have no proof except for someone's word and if your blog is a representation of your intelligence, I certainly don't believe you.

    Faith is a fraud!

  49. As I read the comments of the ignorant,and I laugh!! It was the same with in the time of my Savior. As he said, I say unto you, "A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it". Mat 16:4. The proof is faith alone!! However my own personal proof with in my self manifest my restoration form extreme asthma, and that exist far more then you do my friend. DR's said it would cost me $1200 a month in medication to keep my Asthma under control. I did not have that kind of money. What cured the issue was my faith and standing on Gal 3:13. With in a 3 day period healing took place. I will say that those 3 days while believing for healing were the worst the asthma had ever been. It was faith and belief that "Gods word is true and every man a lier" that this issue that had plauged my existence. Besides its not these men who heal, they r just tools of the Father. Its God that heals, not man.

    As a man of faith my heart breaks for you! I pray that Aba will one day chose to reveal himself and his amazing love to you! Not just you, but ALL of you!!! "One day every knee will bow, and every tong will confess" until then you will believe what you want to see, despite how much proof is given to you. I say these things not with a harsh tong, but genuine concern. My only and true heart is that you would know the same God I know and share in his amazing love, by the way that includes healing as well. Good luck with your search for truth, I hope one day you can be where I am sitting knowing the difference between the WORLD and the WORD.

  50. @ Charles B

    I would be interested in empirical proof of your claim of faith healing. Since you claim to know several, this should not be a difficult request. Where is the documented empirical proof of your claims please??

  51. @Erock

    OK, the ball is in your court. Let's assume that you are correct in that you have knowledge that the the producers of this documentary were unable to reveal or uncover ...... Can you produce a SINGLE example of an individual who's disease or symptoms were NOT mitigated or cured by contemporary medicine only to be cured by a religious zealot in the image of Hagee or Hinn??

    Who are these people who will not come forward to manifest proof of faith healing ??

  52. @Erock

    No, enough hasn't been said.

    Are you really as ignorant as your spelling suggests?

  53. The opening statement claims to have been well researched. In stead it shows a impartial bias towards the slander of two individuals who obviously carry the Mark 16:16-17 anointing on there life. The truth is you either beleive the word of God or not. My heart goes out to those who did not receive the blessing they were looking for, however in order for something to have reliableity and validity it has to show the WHOLE perspective, not just pointed out cases. Truly how many people recived healing and yet they only singled out the small % of people who did not. As far as science goes, EL Elyon created the body and belive it or not the brane as well...WOW! What a concept. The synaps that takes place in the frontal lobe during highten sence is the same thing that takes place while thaking a dump on your toilet wiping your butt when your done, so to compare endorphen release and wave acctitity to something like that is rather stupied. There is so much more that can be debonked in this film, however the bottom line is "What is foolishness to God is Wisdom to man and What Is wisdom to God is Foolishness to man!" Enough said!

  54. @Wendy

    Actually, the only way God can divide by zero is with a knowledge of limits and L'Hopital's Rule--and this works only some of the time. So much for his omnipotence.

  55. @Wendy

    I can tell you what Jesus/God cannot do. He cannot make squared circles or married bachelors. He cannot usurp logical absolutes (law of identity, law of non-contradiction, and law of the excluded middle). He cannot divide by zero. It's not something even a cartoonist can do in a cartoon.

    Also, if you do not believe that giving money would "pleases" God, then what's the big deal with tithing, other than "it's written in scripture", "greedy people are taking advantage of others", or "it's to help out those in need?"

  56. @Timothy.

    Your quote needs some sprucing up. 1 Timothy 6:10 basically reads, "For love of money is the root of all sorts of evil." Me, I love the stuff, but I will only go so far to obtain it.

    While Mr. Binn and his genus (species?, phylum?) are mere refinements on serpents Genesis style,their victims are no less culpable and certainly no better. Be sure the mind is in gear before pulling out the pocket book. In other words,they got what they deserved.

  57. I was raised that way but I have since abandoned it... It brakes my heart when people take advantage of people because they are hopeless and sick. It is a very sad world we live in. Jesus did NOT teach for people to do this. Jesus taught LOVE, KINDNESS and COMPASSION, not theft and false hope!

  58. I felt very sad for some of these people. The Prakesh family, sure. But there was one scene where the journalist asked a little girl if she thought she was healed, and she said the Lord told her she was healed. I wanted to cry for that little girl. Not cry with her, but for her, because it seemed an evil trick to play on her, playing on a child's gullibility.

  59. I believe in the healing and deliverance of Jesus. Jesus is God Almighty, what can he not do? However, i do not believe that giving money would pleases God, especially that they are poor. We cannot force people to give! We cannot pervert justice! We give out of thanksgiving to God, knowing that God is our provider! Jesus do not want our money! The only thing Jesus want is ourself. it is not by might or power, it is by the grace of God that we receive Healing. They are healed only because of God's grace.

  60. @Daniel:

    People like you, makes me actually hate people at times.

    You don't like money? then give yours all away!

  61. Money is the root of all evil.
    The most high elohim of heaven and earth don't want our money. He want our obedience.
    I'm sure that his son Yahushua (Jesus), never asked money to the people around him.
    The gospel is for free!!!
    Repent! The kingdom of Elohim draws near!

  62. This video might be 480p but, I saw Benny's "gulp" in HD once the journalist suggested hypnosis.

  63. "jesus", god, whoever the f***, tells the first lie in genesis in "the fall of man" section. case n point,

    "if u eat of the tree of knowledge of good n evil, you'll surely die". now, we know Adam n them lived for hundreds of years: and if god was so concerned about their lives why didn't cough up some of that tree of life before bootin them out of eden instead of hording it?

    Beware of TV "Evangelist" because their on the

    ..and it's not "hallelujah", it's "how-they-ju-ya"!

    feel free to use both.

    I feel like throwing up too. These are traveling circus'.

    "I don't lay hands on anyone to be healed, I lay hands after they've been healed", Benny's ass should be indited having made that statement. He's established a forum to take folks money in via offerings yet provides no real service, whereby his disclaimer absolves him of absent results.

    Unfortunately brilliant; and that reminds me...

    Matthew 4:19, Jesus says to the two fishermen, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men".

    Catholics paid for indulgences, and Christians pay for blessings... Same hustle, different con.

  64. this guy still has a tv show. i dont know why theses ppl spend thousands of dollars on a fake pastor when they can get a bible for 5$ and know this guy's ridiculous. sins of past generations? arent ur ancestors already in hell or heaven for their deeds.. newayz.. if i give u 10000$ u better get me out of my wheelchair or im gonna put u in one. try to heal urself then. harry potter makes more sense than theses idiots but they still sell more books even though the buyers can't read.

  65. @Travis please tell me you are being sarcastic.

  66. How truly wonderful this is!! So much joy and hope brought to so many!

  67. This is f-ing horrible! What a misapropriation of resources, efforts and hope. I so long for the day when religion is left in the gutter where it belongs. To give false hope and request tithing from the poorest, least educated and most desperate of people, and then to tell those people,"It is a generational curse" or "Sorry, you just don't have enough faith" is digusting and debased. If those poor people could have sent just $2,000 more dollars, maybe ol' Benny could've flown in his private jet to talk to GOD personally and straightened the whole mess out? There is no punishment to equal the evil ways of these 'profits'. If there ever was a Hell, I'd guess that I'll be there. But, I would hope these guys would be put under it. Thanks for posting this Doc! Still love this site!

  68. These are the same pathetic idiots who are exploited by the Sarah Palin/Michelle Bachmann frauds. The same fools who stand on line wasting their time and money on Palin's book that was written for her by a ghost writer and religious zealot. These are the same people who are exploited by the extremists that hijacked the Republican party a couple of decades ago, and these are the same people who can't think for themselves as they are manipulated by reactionary talk radio show hosts and Fox news frauds and zealots. Pitiful, religious parasites, and dumb, dumb americans. It's no wonder we are in decline.

  69. What a load of bull sh~~e I feel so sorry for these poor mislead people, he has a private plane and they are poor. Both these conmen are at it if you ask me I never saw any miricals happen only people being conned out of money how can these con artists sleep at night. They should be locked up and the key tossed in the nearest ocean. To give people false hope is criminal I am an A+E nurse and I have seen people being brought back through conventinal means I have witnesses people that refuse to let thier brain dead relative's go it is very distressing for my staff when they pray and cry over thier family member when we know nothing can be done as the brain stem is dead the power of suggestion is very strong and if you believe that god will heal then anything we say get's treated with a pinch of salt.
    I would like tosee these conmen stopped and imprisoned for the terrible lie's they are spreading while making a fortune.

    These view's are my own.

    Linda ;-*

  70. It is fascinating how the US government, which will jail you for personal tax evasion, and which has the most refined systems in place to prevent almost any kind of fraud, can allow these thieves to prey on the sick and disabled people they trick by the millions. The US managed to vote out Bush and his equally sick cohorts who supported these mass delusions. Unfortunately we still do not see senators moving against such crimes. How can such blatant daylight robbery be left unchallenged ? And all this in supposedly the most advanced population on the planet ?

  71. Can someone say Jesus? Now get up and walk. Oops, let me help you back into your wheelchair. Sorry. That'll be $2000.

  72. Evangelical preachers such as these men sicken me.Taking advantage of the weak,ill and otherwise impaired is the lowest form of greed.In my opinion,if a person feels that they genuinely have had a religious experience and have to "spread the word",then it should not involve requesting large sums of money from those who come and listen to the "revealations" that have been given to them.This is an old concept,the travelling ministry.Fine.But getting rich off of the poor and ill by claiming to perform a service for them and not delivering is fraud,plain and simple.Saying that it is "God's will" if the person dies is a cop out.If these ministers "put their hands" on these people and claim a miracle,then they should be responsible for what happens to them.If the ill person stops taking medication,regular medical treatments/procedures for their illness because they believe that they have had a miracle performed on them, and it hastens their death as a result of these "ministers" claims,then the so called preachers should be held liable for it.These bottom feeders illustrate another reason why I have turned away from organized religion.They are a powerful example of the concept that one can only connect with the a higher power through an intermediary.Such a fallacy has held humanity in bondage for eons now. The demise of religion in the 20th and 21st century,imho,is due to the fact that people are moving away from this concept and are finding their own path to try and connect with what they feel is a higher power.It has nothing to do with a lack of belief in spirituality,just a lack of belief in the worldly manifestations of this concept,which,if you look through your Bible,etc,it is plainly stated.Anyways,these guys really make me angry.Glorified criminals in private jets and thousand dollar suits.

  73. if benny hinn were a real christian he would give up all his worldly possessions let alone his millions of millions, perhaps to medicine or the 3rd world. and all the sufferers shouldnt care because its gods will 'which is part of the lords prayer' and it will all be worth it when theyre up there, spending eternity worshiping yahweh with all their friends. if a benevolent creator were possible-it would reward moral virtue above selfish opportunism.

  74. utterly discusting!and these people turn around and say stem cell research is against god and abortion should be illegal, gays are evil-the pope defends pedophiles.and then.... im going to hell. contradiction is a common human flaw but this is mass psychosis.

  75. It is both incredible and also very alarming that this all takes place within the borders of the most scientifically developed and (so called) advanced nation in the world.
    Could someone who believes in these things please tell me how many amputees their "god" has healed ?
    These people make millions of dollars each year, all tax free because their organisations are "religion". Over 70 % of the US population supports these con artists and also participates in the brainwashing of children by them.

  76. This is just disturbing. I had no idea. New to me. How can this be? It does not seem like it should be legal.

  77. Fast forwarded most of this.

    No words to describe this garbage, well, swear words, but won't go there. (LOL)

  78. P.S watch zeitgeist. Religion is dealt with nicely in the first part of the first movie. Bon Appetite

  79. Vlatko, it would be great if you also put up "MarJoe"- a 1972 documentary.

  80. I didn't watch all of it, as it's kinda long on the boring parts. Maybe I'll finish watching later or tomorrow. I don't know. I do think actual healings happen, but I can't help doubting the people in this video, although I think maybe some healings could happen at those events, not necessarily through the people supposedly doing the healings. I think most people would question the way they seem to think loudness counts, and Benny Hinns voice at the first parts of the 1st video at least, sound like the voice of satan. The almost violent movements also leave me thinking that's a bit too much weirdness. Must he sound loud and satanic and make violent movements? Just doesn't seem very "spiritual" to me. I very much want for there to be healings, spontaneous healings, especially for people like the child with brain tumors. But I seriously doubt that such a stage-show act can do as much as they claim. I also think a few of the people there who think they were healed probably didn't have it last long. Much of it is obviously fake. And I'll bet there are also some fakes there that weren't hired fakes. Just people who want attention, pretending to be healed for the attention they'll get. I think there are probably even healings that occur that have nothing to do with religion nor doctors. But to believe the yelling satanic voice and pushing people over, and violence movements are a source of healing? Not I. If it helps people feel better, & does no harm, I wish them well with it. I just hope they don't think that's the only way. Seems like that could be harmful.

  81. religion: we'll promise you the moon if you just give us money!

  82. The end shows it (again): Science rules! =)

    ps.: You may make your own judgment about religion.

  83. I vommited on my laptop

  84. my god is smarter than your honor student

  85. This is not happenning in the age we are living, I wanna convince myself. But obviously it is. When fear and emotions rule one's life, this happennes. If reason was understood the thoughts would have never alowed such a deteriorating state of human beings.

  86. Fake fake fake! all power of suggestion!

  87. This is BS! everytime I see this guy makes me wanna barf! he' s a con artist preying on innocent stupid people! spiritual things and money doesnt mix, if it does then its not religion, its called business!

  88. Kay: I don't fear death; I just want more time with my kids and wife, but granted, there will always be some trepidation about your own demise, especially if you know it's coming soon.

    I'm very disappointed by the sin and shame of Benny Hinn and other "superstar" evangelists. God knows what is ultimately "true" and what is not. I've known several people healed miraculously by God, personally, so I know that healing is for real. I'm just ashamed of the evil by which some of us called by Christ's name act.

    I'd hate to have my life under a microscope for all to see, but then I'm not a well-known pastor/televangelist either. There should indeed be the highest of standards there, which obviously many are falling woefully short of.

    "Lord, grant mercy were mercy is requested, and a heart is repentant, but judge most harshly were evil is the motive of the person's heart, no matter whom they may be, begger or king, pastor or prince, rich or poor. Amen."

  89. what a joke. only 10 minutes in and i feel sick. more money u put in the more u get back. sounds like an email i got the other day. im sure that was just as legit. how much further must christians stray from christianity.
    for people who trust so much in "God" and his heaven why do they fear death so much.

  90. ...another wheelchair is healed...she is basically a walking dead woman...HA!