The Reality of Truth

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In these chaotic modern times, it's easy to view the world as a dark and foreboding place. The 24-hour news cycle is awash in tales of terrorism, political corruption, and global strife. Is this truly the reality of the world in which we live? The powerful documentary The Reality of Truth defends an alternative realm of consciousness where we can all achieve a renewed sense of meaning and purpose.

Religion provides the platform from which many seek enlightenment. That's where it all started for Mike "Zappy" Zapolin, a successful entrepreneur whose personal journey serves as the basis for the film. Blessed with great personal wealth and a happy family, Zapolin seemed to have it all. But something was missing. He happened upon passages in the Bible which described Manna from Heaven - a small, round edible substance with spiritual powers. He then noticed the appearance of mushrooms in ancient religious iconography. Could this provide the key to the fulfillment he seeks?

Thus begins the revealing journey of self-discovery which is documented in the film. Zapolin receives counsel from Deepak Chopra, Joel Osteen and other popular spiritual teachers. He collaborates with a team of his closest confidants who have undergone their own personal expeditions of consciousness, including actors Michelle Rodriguez and Peter Coyote. He even travels to the windswept mountaintops of Peru where a shaman supervises his first foray into the world of mind-altering plant consumption.

The established medical community may not yet fully embrace the healing powers of psychedelic plant remedies, but research has long testified to its effectiveness in treating depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and other common ailments. Equally potent avenues of treatment can be found in the act of transcendental meditation and even something as simple as tightly controlled breathing exercises.

The Reality of Truth explores each of these potential solutions thoroughly. In each instance, the practitioner appears to achieve a deeper sense of self, and an elevated relationship to the world around them. If these practices were adopted on a mass scale, might unity and love replace chaos and destruction? For some, this notion wouldn't seem so far-fetched after viewing the film.

Directed by: Laurent Levy, Mike Zapolin

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  1. Sifres

    As soon as you see Deepak Chopra be very suspicious of everything. This guy doesn't know anything about physics or how the world actually works. Truth is that everything is based on chance and there is no greater meaning. We create meaning ourselves in how we choose to conduct our lives. But we should not have any delusions that we can ever live in a kind of enlightened state and simultaneously live in reality. Disaster is heading towards all of us, no matter how rich or how successful or 'enlightened' we become. Death has the last word. So try to live your life according to your being and be careful with what you internalize as a part of yourself, for time takes its toll.

  2. JMFD
  3. JMFD

    Junkie drivel. Even worse: rich entitled junkie drivel.

  4. marke
  5. marke

    yeah i don't think tripping balls in peru is gonna fix a damn thing about your best it might give you a few insights into how most everything around us is bull**** except for family and love, but thats about it.

  6. Wiper
  7. Wiper

    a bunch of rich people in their protected habitats and extortionists of rich people not yet in the kundaFlini.... put away your shells and you are gonna realize you are all just a pray like the rest of us

  8. martin
  9. martin

    I guess the Right Reverend Jones (past) would be enamored by this documentary.
    Bring on the converts, and I will show you the way.
    A load of hogwash -- if these so called 'concerned' people were serious about their 'concerns' get out to the countries that need help - but probably more succinct get out into America and sort out all the people there living in poverty -- there you go - that's a challenge!!!

  10. thomas
  11. thomas

    The man who is doing this documentary does not give the scripture where Jesus turns water into wine, If he did then you could read it for your self and see that Jesus did not add manna or any other substance to the water. In fact there were servants who witnessed what he did. Read John 2;1-25 As far as Manna read Exodus 16 and pay attention to verses 28-35 Manna is bread from heaven. It never fails to amaze me how such people can twist around scriptures to make them sound like its ok to play with drugs or get drunk and stupid. Scripture calls such people liars and deceivers, who jesus refers to as being servants
    of their father the adversary , Who is a fallen Angel. The great deceiver. It is not ok to put drugs into anything, Or to get stupid drunk at all. If you really want to be enlighten then read a Bible. Not the ones that have been watered down over 200 of them out there now. But read the original text transferred into english, A King James Bible comes very close to the original text. Hear are some reference scriptures you can read for your self. Numbers 11;6-9 deuteronomy 8;3 &16 Joshua 5;12 nehemiah 9;20 psalms 78;24 john 6;31,49,58

    hebrews 9;4 and revelations 2;17 Have a nice day

  12. Connie Rifenburg
  13. Connie Rifenburg

    I think this is just one big commercial for this man's place. And if you have a 9-5 job and a family to support, you'd never be able to afford to go to his place. It's all about money once again. Bring it to the people for free and I'll believe all you have to say.

  14. Kquen
  15. Kquen

    Appreciate the comments I've read, especially from Sifres. I won't waste my time to watch it, I'm too busy living in reality, free from superstition, tridition, ritual, imaginary beings and fear of the unknown.

  16. Jeffredo
  17. Jeffredo

    The first four comments should be highly disregarded. In fact, I'm inclined to believe these four negative comments where all created by the same individual.

    This documentary goes deeper than the chaotic (closed) mind/ego is capable of comprehending and ultimately must fight back and discount others' shared experiences. It isn't at all surprising to find such reactions left behind. These comments are a testament to the unconscious boundaries (social conceptual filters) noted in the film.

    That's okay though, it is all part of the balance. This film is well worth your time and attention. Take plenty of notes and enjoy!


  18. Jerry
  19. Jerry

    Many are called, few are chosen ... nothing before it's time.

  20. steve collier
  21. steve collier

    I have to say I'm not usually put off easily by comments prior to viewing a documentary on here. On this occasion as mentioned by Sifre, the very name Deepak Chopra is enough to make me pass on this one.

  22. Loring Palmer
  23. Loring Palmer

    "The first time you hear the truth, it will piss you off. Later you'll accept it." (Gloria Steinem).
    This documentary resonates with my spiritual adventures and intention, both with psychedelics as well as tantric yoga. It's related by a sensitive and tender script and outstanding camera work. To know that such a peaceful and peace promoting oasis exits is an optimistic message at this time of crisis on earth. I love this film. Well done! I say. Thanks to all involved. You've touched my heart.

  24. Loring Palmer
  25. Loring Palmer

    Correction to the Gloria Steinem quote (above): "THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE, but first it will piss you off."

  26. Esmee
  27. Esmee

    I agree with Jefredo, in the doc Kymatica is alot of info on how an individual's happiness can effect other people's state of mind. If you wanna look inside your soul and can accept your own darkness, you can heal yourself. If that would happen on a massive scale the earth can heal. It is an collective sickness we dont do soul work.

  28. Ray
  29. Ray

    It is painfully obvious that most of the commentators never tripped or had an out of body experience. To those enlightened few who have there is nothing new here that has not been known for ages.

  30. Phileo
  31. Phileo

    The first error is the description of how the water was turned into wine. Here the way the text is translated in John 2:8-9: Then he told them, "Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet." They did so, and the master of the banquet tasted the water that had been turned into wine.

    Just water and no manna. So the guy is pushing hallucinogens.

  32. Oldschool Returns
  33. Oldschool Returns

    There's a few 'haters' down here folks and the smell of money in this documentary definitely spoils it, but hat off to 'zappy whoever' for making this film - you got a good vibe man.

    The actress lady should learn to listen better and ease off with knowing everything - talks a great job though.

    Why does almost every single person on this journey to find JOY outside of this reality, display major expensive Dental work?

    The old lady in white who adorned her self far too flamboyantly with jewellery, kind of let the side down - but I bet she's really nice - well let's hope so.

    Please makes some more films without the money people.

    Love Steve

  34. Oldschool Returns
  35. Oldschool Returns

    Nearly forgot.

    The guy who set up the healing centre, ? movie to advertise it? made the usual mistake - saw a light and applied good ole Big is Best and blew it out.

    Small is big maybe next time - when the franchise sets up?

    Love Steve

  36. bobby
  37. bobby

    Why ask a non Christian about the Bible or Jesus? Although I have respect for Chopra, he is not able to know these things. Seriously..... To imagine that religious teaching has a basis in psychadelics is self serving. Religion comes from God, not drugs.

  38. G
  39. G

    The Irony of this Documentary is that its purpose was about becoming one with the universe knowing who we are and that we are all equally a part of this beautiful vast space and abundance - we are all the universe's children and yet they needed a Movie Star to focus the film on to make it interesting to attract viewers to watch total contradiction of equality within all of us - Hollywood is the cesspool of inhumanity and greed the fact it is associated with this documentary - a complete contradiction to the direction of peace and uniformity of the mind and equality - You demean the value of the documentary by trying to play off Michelles Fame

    Shame on you but thank for showing the way the world really is.

  40. Dave
  41. Dave

    i was intrigued by some of what was being said throughout the movie until the very end when it is revealed i was just watching one long ass commercial for the resort they want you to spend your money to visit. Definitely one of the more clever ways to market i will give them that. Go sit in a time share meeting if this is entertaining to you.

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