Return to Africa's Witch Children

Return to Africa's Witch Children

2009, Religion  -    -  Playlist 78 Comments
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A story of an estimated 15,000 children in Africa's Niger Delta being denounced by Christian pastors as witches and wizards and then killed, tortured or abandoned by their own families.

Two-and-a-half-year-old Ellin is one such child. Found at the side of the road, her body having been severely burnt with boiling water. Nwanakwo, eight years old, had acid poured over him after being labeled a wizard, and later died.

Return to Africa's Witch Children is a documentary that follows the work of Gary Foxcroft, an Englishman whose charity, Stepping Stones, raises funds to help care for more than 150 children accused of witchcraft, and blamed for catastrophes, death and famine. Narrated by Sophie Okonedo.

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2 years ago

I'm like almost in tears. Seeing the pain on the kid's faces. Is killing me

6 years ago

This link is broken and I can't find a button for reporting broken links.....Just a heads up.

7 years ago

Look at all the people defending religion. I am surprise no one has call this Christian Terrorism. Natasha says: "Religion is an idea..." That's the whole purpose of religion to fill the naive mind with revolting "ideas" insinuating morals that clearly instills hate, misogyny, xenophobia, racism, VIOLENCE and the disintegration of the human race. Christians hate Islam and Islam hate Catholics and so on...We have been living in total chaos thanks to male gods and superiority complex. Religion embraces the perverse and sadistic violent masculinity as an ideal, applauding and condoning the disparity, irrationality and the nostalgia of violence and oppression within the political and religious spectrum. All religions are made to compensate power and dominance over the so call "weak" -humans are not weak but ignorant, religion works very hard for poor people and women to be under educated and be only of servitude. These people playing saviors know this very well. The human intelligence can't be underestimated, if these people would be given proper education and a lot of science believe me they will refute the first pastor with baking cookie nonsense back at him.

natasha yates
7 years ago

Religion is not responsible for violence. Religion is an idea. Guns are said to be dangerous. A gun is an inanimate piece of metal...... harmless. It takes a person to pick it up load and shoot it. Its use it to hurt a person is a choice made by the shooter. It is people that cause harm to others. They decide to judge others. They decide to punish those they judged. They decide to twist an idea to justify what they are doing when in fact they know it to be unjust to judge and punish and kill for any crime on hearsay and circumstantial evidence. Often religion is in fact used as a justification when in fact greed is actually the cause. Ie:without greed, theyd be no violence in the name of religion. Without religion people would find another 'reason' to committ violence. people that wish to harm others do so for their own benifit ultimately. Its greed, power and hate that motivate thier actions and a need to preserve self image that causes them to find justification. Religion is not founded on those key princibles. Usually its overall message is of love selflessness self sacrifice and kindness. All religions are full of these ideas and millions take that message and live good helpful happy law abiding lives. People need to take personal responsibilty. If you blame religion you are not helping them do anything but feed the power behind that justification. Its such a cop out. Blame those that act this. way so others are clear about this #response ability.

7 years ago

This is a classic understanding of how 'religion' (which is basically witchcraft when taking a spiritual understanding and never understanding it...)takes on the imperial business of extortion...torture...and death. Filled with a price tag superstition that sacrifices children, Mrs. Ukpavio (sp?) unbridled power makes the ultimate government extortion also to the tune of authorized police brutality. The US operates in the same way when these same types of occult church leaders control politicians, media, propaganda, and ultimately the zionist killers of Palestinians. A spiritual understanding of the Truth (which is not religion) has been hijacked, extorted and only the principalities of darkness control the mind. Religion = Witchcraft.
On another note for British accountability is the fact that this woman mentioned "Harry Potter". So she sees that the whites who came to bring religion...also makes witchcraft...and she is right in that regard. So the fight with the ignorance has to start with the 'religion'...educate and ban the superstition of failures and hard times, and ultimately ban these priests and prophet(ess)'s. Well done to all at the center for these are very brave. God sees your work and will protect you, the children and the powers that be in this government. ***
2 Cor 11:13-15
13 For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ.
14 No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.
15 Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their deeds.

7 years ago

It's such a shame when Pastors who profess from their mouth that they believe in the Most High God. Who are they calling on when they pray??? There should be a deliverance service for BOTH the Pastors and the "accused" child to drive out the spirit of destruction. To condemn a child as a witch is not biblical and there is no scriptures that will back that up. I am appalled that these country in this modern time are allowing this type of doctine. Biblical scriptures in the New Testament we can see or read that Jesus, The Healer, and The Deliverer cast out demons from a man in His name. He did not condemn them to die, but He commanded the spirit to leave the man. It's important that we read and know God for yourselves so that you do not be led astray by these men who are abusing children by allowing their ignorant parents and family to neglect or killed their children.

8 years ago

This series of comments make no sense,
Humanity itself makes no sense,
The only point made by this documentary is that a greater degree of altruism may be needed in human daily activities...the point is not in the documentary, it seems to be in all your minds. That's what images of suffering do to modern people Altruism Now why don't you make that your religion...since it is the one point that's in your mind.

Jessica ts.
9 years ago

ok, this dumentary is a gift , because to many people ignore that situation because that not happen in our countries, so...... that's not so important?(what about Ebola) ... you no what i don't think that God doesn't , actually i'm sure that God is!!! there but to many people are blind when they practice their religions and you know it's very easy to abuse ignorant people more than any kind of people in our world ...

9 years ago

It is so sad to see, that people still stick to these myths about witchcraft and other nonsense bulls*it. Same s*upid Myths are also the cause of killing hunderts of Sharks and Rhinos. This is the 21th Century guys. Welcome.

9 years ago

in a lot of respects this world has not changed..despite the 21st century there are still the Inquisitors, Romans, Pharisees, bigots, zealots. puritans all living amongst us. Mixed in with them are some politicians that call themselves 'conservatives'. Don't know who is more dangerous..whether its the religious murderers or the political whores. in any case they both represent the same thing..a part of human history that must be eradicated and it cannot be too soon.

10 years ago

I think the kids coming out of that school should be the next leaders of that country.

10 years ago

Poor babies. :( Victims of pure ignorance.

10 years ago

Its so sad and the Priests claim they can bring back the dead? Well that sounds like Voodoo to me so maybe they should do us all a favor and kill themselves!

11 years ago


11 years ago

Obviously, the carnage of infidel children is not as immoral as condoms and gay people are.

11 years ago

Murder in the name of God is always justified...

11 years ago

great job stepping stones .....

11 years ago

The things people do in the name of religion. very touching documentary.

11 years ago

This was an excellent film, It was terrifying, but no doubt an eye-opener. It is a relief to see these young children being able to go to school and educate themselves, for education is the foundation of developing society and hopefully, in the future the cure for all the superstitious nonsense practiced in this place.

11 years ago

Since WHEN does it cost 'money'
for 'deliverance' ?

- Pastors for 'hire',
got lots of em over here in America...
just ask 'Pastor James'.

Manipulation takes many 'forms'...

11 years ago

I remember when the Nigerian movie industry was ,making only witchcraft related movies, now I know why it does not anymore. Anyways, whoever does those kinds of horror actions I just saw in this documentary should be punished on this earth and in hell.

11 years ago

We tend to think of superstition as harmless but indeed it has horrific effects when people allow emotion and superstition to over run their reason. Children are the most helpless members of our society and yet they are the most vulnerable and mistreated.

12 years ago

Shame on those adults who blame their own situation on helpless children.

Becca Richter
12 years ago

God bless the man who tries to save these children. They dont deserve to be treated like that at ALL

12 years ago

i want to help

12 years ago

renounce religion!

12 years ago

It's hard to believe
how can parents and people be so insensitive? How they treat these innocent children. It’s really heartbreaking...

12 years ago

This is revolting, but please, whoever gets here to watch this documentary (which are very few, most will be watching "Britney Spears" on YouTube...), don't think their parents are bad people, that they deserve to die or be tortured, they are just ignorant people, and they didn't choose to be so, different from other people who are able to make this choice. It is more our fault than theirs, we are the ones to blame, because we having the knowledge we have, and the resources we have, should be doing something to help them, instead of just saying "oh! how bad, i hope it changes".
Ignorance is what makes the evil, it has always been, from the slavery, human sacrifice, animal sacrifice, prejudice, to the blindness from the different faiths (which effects the documentary shows).
The ONLY thing that can change this is education, laws may temporarily help, but they won't extinguish the belief, and we (people who are aware of it) have the power change this, there are many ways to help, from publishing, sharing links, donating money, to going over there like Gary Foxcroft, so find your way of helping, don't just be like everybody else and easily do nothing...

12 years ago

religion is a cult ,unless you are talking to God himself you are putting your beliefs in the hands of A FALSE PROPHET!!

12 years ago

heartbreaking.....probably most of these kids don't know what witchcraft is. the ones doing this to them deserve torture; hopefully for a LONG time. who could hurt a child, or animal like that? not a human being.

12 years ago

will the real christians please stand up?

12 years ago

where is Christ in all this? Christ is with the burned child, the abused, and the outcast. Whatever we do to the least among us, we do to him. There is no excuse for this. This is in no way consistent with the teachings of Christ or the church body established in Acts.

12 years ago

Did everyone not notice how many times they said these were "FAKE PASTORS"? A blatant and obscene use of the title "Christian"! I hazard a guess that some of the money to help this organization, came from real Christians that were as appalled as I at seeing the twisted, money hungry, fake pastors. This is not Christianity, no matter what those monsters try to sell. It is more than unfortunate that those poor, uneducated people fall for this putrid corruption of God's word!

12 years ago

Religion is a lie made up by people who want the power that a professed connection to some sort of "god" will give them over those who "have faith". This fundamental truth holds in all religions; the difference between any of them lies in just how much power those that sell religion can create for themselves in a given society. In well educated, industrialized secular western societies, they can't get away with much and their power is diminishing. In less enlightened societies, they can terrify people into killing their own children as has been the case for much of human history. Anyone who sells religion is looking to create as much power as they can and history, past and present, shows that priests of all times and places will tell any lie they can get away with to further their greed. Religion is a fascist hate crime and should be treated legally as such.

Voodoo dr.
12 years ago

Those who have harmed and killed these innocent children are the true witches and wizards. They carry a heavy karma for the acts they have committed. May the children find peace and happiness.

Achems Razor
12 years ago


Good try at your trolling attempt, no cigar though, better get some trolling lessons, or better yet give it up! It was not even funny.

12 years ago

I thought this was a very good documentary. It is important that these baby vampires, warlocks, wizards, and monsters are burned, tortured and killed. It has to be done and I commend these families for have the bravery and staunch values to follow through with ridding the earth of these dangerous voodoo babies!

12 years ago

This was ugly. How can people be so inhumane?
And the worst part about it is, what can I do about it? Sure, I can give a few $ to this organization (and I will most likely do so), but is that REALLY going to change the situation? Beliefs are hard to change, especially in uneducated areas like where the child witch hunt is happening..
Anyway, thanks for the video.
12 years ago

Thats religion for you!.

Hemp Solo
12 years ago

Don't just talk about it. How it hurts to watch, the pain, the discust. Go out there and do something about it.
Once upon a time most believed the world was flat. All the bieleving in the world didn't make it so, did it?

Son Of Scotland
12 years ago

This video contains content from Channel 4, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds... Anyone Get That Or Just Me ? :/

R. st. martin
12 years ago

THey say this is pentecostal worship. It is not Liberty Gospel is not part of the upci. Some one should have done their homework. Yes they have started churches there but this is not what they are taught. looked up liberty gospel church and they have woman as minister this is not allowed. Alot of churches claim to be pentecostal, but unless its accredited by upci it is not true pentecostal worship. Pentecostals are taught if someone is sinning or going against God you offer a bible stuy ,if they accept you then invite them to church, if they believe (their choice)the whole time you pray for them and let god decide what he wants to do.Its not for you to judge and decide or yourself.

13 years ago

Its Funny, when Muslim is being attack the very same way,Christians are at the Front line of the attack. When we say our Religion is peaceful,you say our religion is base on hate,terror and etc.When we say Islam is not Based on terror, You don't believe and continued blindly attacking Islam with out knowing anything and just get what ever you here on the circus television,and just spreading it like wildfire. And now you are being attack by your own, and just like us trying your very best to convey that Christian is not like that,to an atheist....... Just like Ying and Yang, if you do bad things to others bad things will happen to you to i guess.....As for this Documentary ........As much as Christian want to deny it,its the happened at Europe once same goes for the Native Amaricans, and my Culture....(oh boy i am really pissed at that one.....It happened at Malaysia, During the British rule..., a Islam Religious scholar preaching Islam at one of the Village,was being beaten to death, then dragged all over the village then hung upside down at a pole.To serve as a reminder.)And many others that was not known or spoken.....History Speaks for its self.....

Reasons Voice
13 years ago

Another statement to the attackers. Go ahead and look in to the "Stepping Stones Nigeria" charity group that this film is based upon. Their web page is quite informative, which includes a full disclosure of financial matters etc. You will find a few things that you may choose to ignore or you may chose to see. One is that withing the information on their donation page is this statement.
"Stepping Stones Nigeria is a secular humanitarian organisation. We do not have a formal link to any faith-based organisation but we do wish to engage with people of faith and encourage them to play an active role in bringing about positive change. Our work focuses on defending and upholding children’s basic rights and we welcome people of all religions to support us."
If this organization adopted your views on religions they would likely never achieve the great things they have and continue to achieve. From their financial statements you may also learn that two of their three primary financial supporters are christian based charitable foundations. One being Christadelphian Meal a Day the other CS charitable foundation.
I write this only as I see in your rage toward any who do not see the world as you do a hypocrisy that any truly analytical mind can see. You verbally assault and stigmatize any who disagree with your world view, you actively seek confrontation with them. From your posts it is plain that you are intelligent people. I ask only that you utilize some of that intellect in the realm of introspection and not just existentially.

13 years ago

@ K.T.- Excellent point!

13 years ago

Your bible is a sick joke on humanity that has nothing to do with goodness, but angry bitter men in the bronze age that wanted to control their sheeple.

Your bible is disgusting to ANY secular humanist, the only reason we don't live in a horrid Christian dark age is because of secualr humanists. At the start the Christians killed them so they could continue their theocracy.

I am tried of Christian apologists, saying but my god is so pure!! Oh yeah he was so pure when he was killing every first born just to prove a point. Just feed them to the f***** lions.

K.T first because obviously he had little understanding of this film.

13 years ago

Blaming religion for being the only reason people do such horrific things is to say the least over-optimistic and blind. Check football/sports fans in general killing and rioting, check political revolutions and check racism. Religion has NO exclusive fault in evil as it doesn't have exclusive rights on good. Good and bad has little to do with religious or not.

13 years ago

This is very disturbing! This cult "liberty christian gospel" headed by that woman Helen is not truly following the true principles of Christianity. It is so evident that the pastors and leaders of this cult ARE the demon possesed ones and not the children they victimize. This reminds me of all the extreme christian cults out there that operate under the false pretense of a true gospel.

The true Gospel is LOVE. Murdering, ostracizing, and conducting deliverances that appear as a fusion of witchcraft ritualistic customs is NOT what Jesus represents. It's written clearly in the bible that in the last days many false prophets will arise performing miracles and making claims all in the name of Jesus. But, we have to beware because Satan disguises himself as an angel of light, seeking to devour and destroy fooling many.

These pastors were clearly doing the work of Satan, not the children. This nothing but a demonic cult!

13 years ago

you can not blame religion on this honestly the Christian teachings are of peace and love,the main reason why there have been wars is because of stupid and ignorant humans, we will always have stupid, ignorant, arrogant people and we will always have war, violence, and scapegoats even if religion was taken away. the main issue with taking away religion and living only rationally would be moral dillema's and guidelines and without moral guidlines this happens all over again. things like this will always happen and have always happened remember hitler, thats almost exactely like what is going on here only this is on a slightly smaller scale.

taking away religion wont help what will help is the correct teaching and practice of Christianity only what god himself said not the twisted and horrific interpretations of gods word

13 years ago

I can understand their government not wanting people to call the kids witches but putting someone in prison for 10 years is really idiotic, i mean they can not even run a country right. lol