Secret History of the Freemasons

Secret History of the Freemasons

2007, Conspiracy  -   199 Comments
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Documentary about an unprecedented inside look into one of the world's most private mysterious secret organizations, the Freemasons. Their inner workings, secret rituals, revelations of the 33rd-degree Master Mason is also to be revealed, history, and secrets will be uncovered. Centuries old rituals are filmed for the first time ever and to be showcased as well.

A system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols, Freemasonry is considered by some to be a sinister organisation bent on world domination. Listen to what Freemasons themselves have to say about Freemasonry, learn the meaning of some of the most popular masonic symbols, and watch a real masonic initiation ceremony! You will see that Freemasonry is not an evil organisation but a benign brotherhood intent on personal and societal development.

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  1. "We can't agree on what whether to serve ham sandwiches or tuna sandwiches after the meetings. How could we possibly agree to try and take over the world?". Yeah, good point... I don't know what I was thinking....

  2. This was a whitewash to make the average joe Free Masons feel better about spending all this time doing weird s***.

    For an excellent review of the 'energetic' history of the US, read Elana Freeland's Sub Rosa America series. As her one of her characters says, "there are masons, and then there are masons..." Anyone can follow both Free Masonry and the Catholic Church into the Jesuit-controlled Illuminati, the global financial system, and the Satanism they believe in, and lots of horrific acts against children that continue to this day.

    Don't believe me? Check out Ronald Bernard's videos about the real nature of the global financial elite.

  3. As the defendant of a Mastor Mason I am saddened by the lack of intelligence in the anti-mason comments. You only fear that which you do not understand. My grandfather brought his Masonic teachings home. We were brought up to be respectable members of society, be true to our word, to not speak the untrue, to treat everyone we meet as an equal and to live to better oneself and ones community. What is so dishonorable about that? What is illegal about that? What is selfish about that? They have their secrets yes, but none that would bring harm to you. If it does not hurt you than you need not bother with it.

  4. Complete rubbish. Explain to me how it could be a secret society if anyone can join? The only requirement is that you believe in a greater being. My grandparents are Freemasons and I've met a lot of other Freemasons as well. Do some research about Freemasonry. They give huge amounts of money to charity all from the pockets of their members. They are good people. Things like this make me insanely angry and it's clearly made by someone that knows absolutely nothing about freemasonry or the people that join.

  5. Although I have no idea what intentions the freemasons had in their beginning, that doesn't mean it couldn't have been overtaken by advantage takers, growing more evil over time, some lodges or sects worse than others. Look at what happened to the ideals of the usa over time. Now they use The Constitution for hiney wipe, including the Supreme Court.

    Any organization has to be extremely vigilant in order to prevent same.

    1. Freemasons are humans. That entails many varying aspects of extreme behaviour.
      Greed, corruption and dishonesty are a part of that behaviour regardless of a person’s title or what we might want to believe they represent.

  6. Regarding some of the founders of the usa being freemasons: Look what they wrought! Wiped out the indigenous. Became what they hated about England: High taxes which gets consumed overseas. Empire building tyrants killing millions of other peoples. Now this isn't nearly as bad as what occurred in some other countries like Russia and large parts of Asia but it certainly isn't "good".

    There are youtubes by those who have been in the freemasons. Those wanting to find out more and how dangerous/bad news it is ought to take a look.

    @wtc7, It seems those who made it out of the freemasons did so by the mind seed of God, by the ongoings finally not being enough to sustain their shielding and realizing it wasn't of Jesus. Yet you dismiss their description due to their realization? If you are able to see the wtc7 fall and not dismiss it, how is it that you cannot value the seeing of freemasonry by those who were in it, that managed to escape and tell of it? What if no one escaped without that method? If that is suspect, it seems we should dismiss everything everyone says about anything? Just because someone has a "Christian" view doesn't make them wrong. And what of that perspective? It would seem quite telling if one was more discerning than dismissive: If Jesus is perceived by Christians as good then it would seem obvious that things opposite to Jesus would be bad. If the freemasons are not to speak of Jesus but any other higher power is fine, there you have your answer. Especially when it is clear from the description, Bible thumpers in particular aren't what they were trying to prevent but "Christ" altogether, being the actual light freemasons wanted to avoid. If they are instructed to believe in a higher power, why exclude Jesus? Since Jesus was all about doing the right thing and helping mankind; that should tell you plenty about the freemasons if they exclude Jesus at whatever level of their layer cake organization.

    @Nootrelitei, to say there is no such thing as good and evil is to deny reality. Anyone can observe these two actual things at most any time. What do you call someone who abducts a child, rapes, and kills the kid, and dumps it in the ditch? Do you call that just a different view on life? If so, then that "different view" is what those who still have sense lump under the word "evil". Stand in that child's shoes for once, consider the experience, and see how it is not just "someone else's perspective" but quite absolute. No, your words have no relevance but to display your relativistic nonsense you acquired from someone, likely a govt school teacher, wanting to justify some other nonsense, like Socialism-Communism.

    The Georgia Guidestones are worth a web search to read, which describes what the elite freemasons and many other world elites (if not freemasons) desire. It of course is evil if you are not on their list to keep. Of course if they truly were honorable about "their view" they would off themselves first "as a good example for the rest to follow" in order to accomplish their stated goals without being evil.

    1. Thank you. For an excellent review of the 'energetic' history of the US, read Elana Freeland's Sub Rosa America series. As her characters say, "there are masons, and then there are masons..." Anyone can follow both Free Masonry and the Catholic Church into the Jesuit controlled Illuminati, Satanism and lots of horrible acts against children.


  8. I have read Mackey, Pike, and Hall. The old books by prominent masons tell the true story. Masonry is an order within an order. The lower level degrees are the cover for the true beliefs of the adepts, or "princes of masonry". They are the keepers of the ancient mystery religions. Read the old books by masonic authors and learn the real truth. The lower degree masons know nothing of masonry. As Albert Pike stated in Morals and Dogma, "it is not intended that the candidate (blue lodge masons and those except at the top of the order) understand the symbols, it is intended that he BELIEVES he understands." Read the OLD books. Study the mystery religions. It has taken me years of research in these areas to have a real grasp of how this ancient order works. It can be confusing at times; and depressing. Some of the books are a tough read. If you want to know, and truly seek the knowledge, it is out there. Masonry is a subversive order to society, God, and man.

  9. I'm not a mason, but anyone with a brain that thinks the founders of the USA were attempting to give freedom to a people they were trying to enslave, does not use that brain they were given. A lot of the Constitution of the united States comes directly from the Constitution of freemasonry, ALL men are created equal, and all that other jibberish they use to enslave men, by giving them freedom.

    People are scared of things they nothing about, yes freemasonry is a secret society with its intention to make good men better men, those who can't be better men will never get it. It is not "monolithic" or "ruthless" although there are those that penetrate deep into government with the intent of enslavement of thought. They think they are doing Gods work. While through charity, freemasons freely give without taking your taxes to do the work they do.

    It teaches character, integrity, honor, trust, many principles that are missing from society today. Principles that actually started disappearing from society with a decline of freemasonry.
    Snake oil salesmen hate them, because they are not looking to control or govern men but teach men to govern themselves. Conspiracy theorists use them to cause people to fear what they don't understand, and Masons do not defend themselves to ridiculous accusations. Men can think what they want, emotion blinds the eyes of reason if you put the fear of what you do not know, down and look with the eyes of reason, you might see something greater than you're being told.

    So many of these comments made by Christians who hate things they don't understand, no discernment at all. Sometimes you have to eat from the pasture and look for what grows, rather than stay in your pen and eat any old slop thrown your direction, rending anyone who stands in your way.

    No, I am not a mason. I have looked at becoming one before, and found it to be a very honorable fraternity, I couldn't join because most of their secrets I already understood, and am not bound to secrecy

  10. I love reading all those wonderful comments. There are some really smart people, some very simple and the rest just plain blind and ignorant.
    This documentary was just another one sided disinformation about the craft of freemasons. I have read many books and seen many videos on the craft and they all contradict eachother a great deal. Unless someone who is in the craft at anything from 33rd degree or above in any other side path actually tells 100% what's happening inside from Entered Apprentice to the top then I will take it all as good entertainment to watch.

  11. (History repeated 2017)
    Masons are evil history states!!!
    History who killed chirst ?
    Jews and Rome
    Jews were the first they believed in spirts to gide them
    (The root of all evil money )
    We're there's money you find a jew (jew will sell you the rope to hang yourself )
    History states jews were sent to europe and asia because of interst on money (kings needed money to fund wars) (can't make money on your own kind !)
    Kights of Malta roman assassin's evil popes used them to protect pilgrims journey to isreal
    Stole there wealth through promissory notes (gold silver gems ect ) like all regions money is funnelled to the top (why work land or farm animals when they can just take it)
    Secrete to isreal is (money magic)
    Pope will feed afew poor pilgrims not thousands So bring in death colts Tar Tars
    Pilgrims killed cycle begins again fresh lot pilgrim return more money
    Hundreds of years go by knights more richer than pope ( set up banking ) Pope pissed off Jews create islam to fight knights ,
    (Knights have learnt the secretes of Solomon ) devil worship pure evil (canabalism ,child sacrafice pre teens ,slavery ect ) Jews use islam to distroy knights expelled from europe ( use Scottland for safety ) Were ever jews have gone Through out history to spread there evil they get expelled and in comes islam
    Supprise history repeating
    Kings and popes are evil (masons are a tool they use to enslave us)
    Eg corrupted all religions (The good in evil) slavery is slavery two tier system Tax tax tax the poor young and the weak while ellite feed upon us for amusement Satanic blood lines rule earth 1% ellite (rothchilds in breads and others )have all wealth in the world

    The secret of all secrets is God is love he creates (( life ))
    Satan destroys Everything God created (Time will show us this )
    Air poisoned foodpoisoned Forrest gone sea poisoned
    Masons have done this for the love of money And control can't patent gods creation (pope owns everthing including our souls )
    Masons uses synthetics and test tubes eg Gmo foods ,oil ,drugs computers , tvs all tech which will kill you eventually or send you mad for the medical institutions law instatutions and others
    Transhumanism next (true evil)
    (secret to life )History states love is a frequency tap into it as the song goes (picking up good vibrations !!beach boys!!!)(ancients know this )Greeks Indians ect know this (healing with sound,premonition ,speaking without speaking
    Levitation of objects and much more (missionaries killed a lot of shamans and witches for this knowledge to be kept in the hands of pope )
    This is what the ellite posses and control changeling evil through music and movies turning us all into zombies kill lie cheat steal for money appease evil

    Look waisted a lot of years on this subject it's meant to send you mad like they are !!!! hope this helps the people of the world

    Ps people that speak to sprits are evil Jews and masons that sacrifice ,rape drink blood and eat children to get favours from demons are satans soldiers
    If satan exists there must be a god ( SaveYour Soul ) ( To the young ) Remember Life frequency study this and you will live forever in bliss don't waste your time on these masons or preacher organisations that feed on volunteering eg (time and your money )There is still good on this planet people just have been deceived


  12. Masons are evil idiots. A judge Hellier found that they are not a charity and would not give them a VAT exemption.
    How can any country call itself a democracy when these people act in their own interest, and have infested local government and the courts.

  13. where is the top document that you told me? ahhhh such a damn liar. Hate you man!!!

  14. KYCH, I hate liars, and everyone like you two with your statements: it is better to keep one's mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and prove oneself to be a fool.

  15. I have researched this subject for over 20 years . This video is bogus . I'm currently working on a website which exposes them . It is : . The video The Lightbringers is accurate .

  16. Lets have a bit of perspective here.
    1. Most freemasons wouldn't understand the negative accusations thrown at them such as discussed in this forum. I am not suggesting they are stupid. They are just ordinary men from a broad cross section of society.
    2. Most freemasons would not recognise another freemason except when in a lodge.
    3. Freemasons are explicitly instructed not to do ANYTHING that is at detriment to their
    connections or friends or the laws of the country they reside in, in connection with Freemasonry. I have never seen this contravened.
    4. Many freemasons would struggle to remember the secrets entrusted to them.
    They don't need to remember that many secrets any way. The secrets are about the internal workings and ritual in the temple. Not about how they are taking over the world. Most people would be wholly disappointed or even bored if those secrets were revealed to them.
    5. Freemasonary is NOT a religion. They just have to acknowledge that there is a greater being of there OWN religion. Any ritual that includes reference to God is with reference to their own god.
    6. Freemasons are not allowed to talk about Religion or Politics in Lodge and tend not to talk about it out of Lodge either for this reason.
    7. There is NO great conspiracy. If there is, 98% of Freemasons wouldn't know about it or be under
    pressure to know about it.
    8. Why be a Freemason. To better oneself and have a bit of fun doing it.

    1. My grandfather was a Baptist Minister in Ohio, noone knew he was a Mason until his death, when his obituary read Masonic ritual... weirdest funeral ever.

      Which made me watch this documentary I missed the start and it has been a long time since watching it.

      Still unsure how to feel about it, in the scheme of things cannot be as bad as Scientology and the FLDS... but then again who knows

  17. Also, I read how some will stop them. If they are so hush, hush, its time to ignore their arrogant asses. If they truly are watching, they are a pathetic, desperate lot preying on the weak. No wonder they remain anonymous.

  18. Wow I barely skimmed a few sentences. I think mind control can only conquer the weak and evil. The kind and good and unselfish will fly to the heavens while the evil will only destroy. Love thy neighbor as you would have them love you

  19. I've been turned over by Freemasons for over 20 years, and It is ruining my life over and over, and for those who wish to defend it, the charitable donation is a small fraction of its income. One of the worlds most prolific Paedofiles, (Sir-knighted) Jimmy Saville gave a lot to charity, and look what he got away with. It is a fact that Freemasons on the inner (control) circle spend their time financially abusing us profane, and guess what we've had enough, I hope your days are numbered, I have a list of at least 10 Freemasons who have been involved in shady deals, and are actively financially ruining the profane. Its inhuman and God forbid you complain and expect to be at the end of a Stasi like response. No New World Order!

  20. The Free masons secret hierarchy is based in Oregon the thirty-third state founded by masons at the height of the Anti-masons, when Andrew Jackson the Grand Master of masonry and the 7th U.S. president orchestrated the relocation of masons suffering under the Anti-Masons of the early 1800's. The leadership flys under the banner of the FreeSouls and they conduct human sacrifices on Lone pine Drive in Eugene, and also at Bohemian Grove California. They are evil and I will stop them! Who will stand with me? You can leave a message for me at the Groundworks collaberative in Bratttleboro Vermont, thank you. Jesse Rishel

  21. Your comment here. Be cool. Ha. OK. So, I'm delighted to see the discourse going on here. Here's my two cents. From what I understand, Freemasonry was a normal club, but it got infiltrated by the Illuminati. So it could have the workings of a normal club still... but be used for other means. My personal testimony: I decided to donate my whole life to God one fateful day in 2008. Long story short; God brought me to the 12 Tribes communities where I was genuinely, eternally saved in an extremely real Biblical way, and then served there for 6 years. Another long story short; I got persecuted out of there by my fellow "believers," so although it was the real deal Kingdom of God there for me and others, I can't necessarily say the principles and standards of God's Kingdom are being upheld there so much anymore, unfortunately.
    I had three spiritual experiences with Freemasonry that convince me of its extreme Satanic POWER during those 6 years with the 12 Tribes (who have no affiliation with Masonry, I just encountered Masonry in different ways at that time in my life.)
    #1. I got an email which was sent to me from a conspiracy website. This email basically said to me "We are the Illuminati. We know you know what's up. Resistance is futile, so why don't you join us and get in now on the ground level and we'll give you lots of benefits. Many are actually being recruited to form the New World Order right now. Buy this program for $70 to get started. You will be richly rewarded. Just kidding , this is for entertainment purposes only. But no really it's all real. Join Now. Just kidding. This is for entertainment purposes only. But no really." <--The essence of the email from a supposedly truth seeking online forum website.
    #2. A man tried (in a very mysterious way) to recruit me to the Freemasons outside of Madison Square Garden in NYC. I can't describe it in words, but this man had an EXTREMELY POWERFUL, tempting spirit upon him, which actually made it a very difficult temptation for me not to go and join the Masons.
    #3. A serious experience happened for my friend and I as we walked into Hamilton, NY one time. For short, I'll say that we could tell there was a battle going on in the spiritual realm, and that the energy on the bad side was coming from this masonic building. I tried to sense if any other buildings gave off the same vibes (churches and such...I know that's where they would also be...), but none did--the dark power was coming from solely the masonic temple.

  22. I'm working on joining. I was invited by a Master Mason... Oh, wait... At the time, I understood what my friend said as an invite... It wasn't... He's since been asked to withdraw his membership (because he engaged in some minor criminal activity) but he has recently put me in touch with the Worshipful Master of the local Lodge. I had no idea that I would fill out an application that is just as intense as a job application... I figure that it's just a big "good ol' boy's club," but if there IS some big conspiracy, which side would you like to be on? The masters? Or the mastered? I want all of the light that is available, and I'll go to the ends of the Earth to find it!

  23. The first 70 minutes of the film is good. The last 20 minutes is the hoax. There really is a connection between Solomon's Temple/Key, Egypt, Angel of Abyss, the all seeing eye is Egypt and the Angel of Abyss tie-in, Andrew Jackson did have Morgan killed, the Catholic Church and their trillions of dollars are tied to it, Hirman is connected to it all, almost all Presidents - except Carter are connected to Freemasons, the candidates, all except one, running for President are part of these groups, holy grail and ark of covenant are connected. Yale Skull and Bones, Harvard Brotherhood, Kabbalah, Illuminated and more are also themed around this.

  24. My name is Bond, James, Bond. I have seen many documentaries on the history channels and I have to say that this one was pretty good. Anyway there's a lot of people who have seen the documentaries on Freemasonry and many people wouldn't know right from wrong. And most are always listening to conspiracy theories. Freemasonry exist and is the most charitable trust worthy with good morals and helping the community they also help schools hospitals and were would we be if founding fathers like George Washington Ben Franklin and so on. They were Masons.Conspiracies boy the world would be a lot better. People like to judge and the only one that can Judge is the Great Architect of the universe. The Brotherhood or Fraternity has nothing to hide the secrets are for the individual who's being initiated and is nobody's business if you are a good and moral man ask one and put your petition in your nearest lodge. No body is going to torture you or make you do something bad. I have been studying to see if I can be and join. My Dr.Aquino from Mayaguez. P.R. who is a Grand Master and friend is an example of the way Freemasons are a good and honest charitable giving of contributions to the community of Mayaguez. Puerto. Rico the lodge capital of P.R

  25. I have been a MM since '79- I have been active and inactive (as many)- I had to say that I was 21-free-white- and non-catholic. I have heard much of that has changed, BUT not where I attend- I NEVER heard in all my communication of a 76th degree and surely not a 360 degree Mason- not in the shriners or elsewhere!There are a lot of books and TV specials that talk of freemasonry BUT they DO NOT know of all the info that a MM has to know- I have NEVER heard of a former Mason being threatened or hurt. They are considered un-lawful masons. The masons help the needy and poor, and the shriners (who have to be 3rd degree masons) - MANY Cripple Children Hospitals and famous Burn centers- Man, if that ain't Christlike, What is? What are you doing for your fellow man??

    I heard recently that the Rotary Int'l is Masonic ran; BS- they also have many Masonic members but there is NO assoc or co-hoots- They are raising 2-3 million for Polio Vaccines and Bill Gates and wife is matching with 3.5 million (maybe a Billion) -is that Christlike or what?? Are those against Freemasonry doing anything close to helping the suffering as Jesus says (Matt. 25:31-46) and some other Fraternal organizations?
    Yes, there are secrets and oaths, BUT how many of y'all raise your right hand when going on Jury duty? Man,, yes there is a lot of BS with the world and Gov't but masonry is not one- I have NEVER heard, seen or anything to do with Satan worship. Yes, one can fold a dollar, five, ten or 20 and get anything they want eventually but Masonsry is not of the enemy of mankind. GA

  26. Didn't see it, haven't read the book, but I can tell you that they run all the councils in the south coast, and control planning for the backhanders. I personally know somebody in Lyme Regis who was given a key to a flat in the Canneries - the perfect untraceable backhander. Moreover, the leader of the council Robert Gould condones this, and the masonic chief constable has just been sacked, but they arranged a better job for him!

    If it ever does kick-off in this country, I for one will be organizing their permanent removal.

  27. I just happen to see this today. Anytime you take an oath to a secret society, it is against God. Any blood oath is a blasphemy against God. I don't care if it is the Skull and Bones, Jesuits, or Masons. They are all against God, and you will be held accountable, until you denounce it. Many young men just thought it was helping the community, and many don't go much above the first few marks, yet, they still had to take an oath. It isn't until you go to higher ones, that many people realize what it entails. It isn't just the masons, it is many other fractions in this country and world that are literally in league with the devil. Their hearts and minds are completely entangled with the dark one. Why do you think things are happening in this world they way they are? In this program, they made sure the words supposed, conspiracy people, etc., were said, and nothing really definite. There wasn't anyone except for a couple of people that said the truth. Most, if not all was very close to what is happening with them. At the end, and it was shown supposedly what the initiations were, and what they really believe, and are involved in is insulting to all of us. Why should there be secrets, if they and others were not trying to cover up things. If people had known the truth, our world would not be in this condition. It has all been secretive for many, many years. The word conspiracy came from the people who are involved in covering up, just to let people think we are crazy. Anything, that any of these sinister groups do, is directed from the hidden most sinister people taking direction from satan. These people are the wealthiest in the world that we don't hear about, and are involved to the nth degree with the devil. Of course, there are many lesser people involved with doing their bidding also. Much had to be in place of what they and others were doing before the computer age came, so they could work in secrecy in order to get us to this place. They still continue to do their treasonous and completely evil doings. Now they don't care. It is just a matter of time. However, with much prayer, God will slow things down. After all, He is in control. He only gives as much power to the devil as he wants to. Satan has already been defeated.

    1. Very well said brother! This entire documentary was made with the express purpose to throw questioning people off their scent. But we know that there is more to this - just as you said. Good on you.

    2. The Jesuits don't take a blood oath ... where did you hear that? I was educated in Jesuit schools ... the Society of Jesus can only be against God if Jesus is not God ... is that what you believe?

    3. The word conspiracy came from the people who are involved in covering up, just to let people think we are crazy.

      yep...that's what does it alright...I know that's what makes me think you're crazy as opposed to the endless walls of text talking utter nonsense.

    4. People are always afraid of the unknow. The unknown, in this case, is nothing of evil. Mason's don't take an oath, the take an obligation of morals. Only God's judgement is the one that matters to me. I pray for you.

    5. The difference is almost night and day...

      here's to my pursuit ;)

    6. Freemasons do in fact take a Blood Oath. Freemasons swear to God that they will never unlawfully reveal the secrets of Freemasonry to a non Freemason under pain of a gruesome death.

  28. Wtf!! All the way til the, secrecy, spooky theories and then -blam!!!- just kidding, here's what its really all about! What a kick in the nads!:(

  29. can one brother harm another

    1. Cain and Abel

  30. G means WELL DONE. It is a combination of a letter C ,which means "capable of creation" (Continue with the construction of a C and you end up with the O of birthing.) and the letter T which means "of substance in this reality". Tel me to a T.
    see Book of Names published by Ex Libris.

  31. F&AM; Much of an initiatory system by comparison to, but on a broader scale in relevance (or irrelevance) to matters of religion, ancient knowledge and teachings of many historically renowned ascended masters.

    That being said,

    The "average person" is far less capable of absorbing true light like many the profane are lead to believe.

    1. You use the word 'profane' which in it's strictest sense means non religious and no reverence of what is sacred. I also understand that it can mean unitiated into secret knowledge. However why does someone have to join a group and pay loads of money to be 'enlightened'? I have had many spiritual experiences. Regularly research gnostic literature as well as much as I can find on The kaballah. I am not rich so I can't pay thousands for a personal tutor. But having practised meditation myself and understand the kaballistic system to a certain degree does this make me not 'profane'?
      Or would I still need an official initiation?

  32. I've been invited to become a Brother on several occasions but have (& always will) turn it down. I have integrity.

    Hmmmh... Just imagie a mate was Kent, UK's, most senior 'Thrice Grand Master' and would have killed a woman and child (leaving the other sibling almost dying) just to 'prove' Loyalty!... and watched as someone was given life imprisonment for the crime. Thankfully it would, of course, never happen!

    Imagine a famous Kent, UK, 'Road Rage' murder had occcured? ... Imagine ALL the relevant Lodges knew (approved?) the REAL cause. Imagine the Police also knew, very very well, the actual cause...Imagine the perpetrator had once pitchforked a Policeman and STILL got away with the crime!!!... Imagine the Road Rage case even went to the Lords on appeal and yet, even then, the actual 'reason' was kept quiet and 'road rage' was simply a useful charade!

    Humans are invariably weak, scared, cowardly, greedy individuals... with egos very easily 'massaged' and nurtured by brainwashing!! Integrity flies out of the window and never more so when 'pressure' is bought to bear!! Masonry, just like religion, is simply control. It serves the commercial intrerests of the ruling heirarchy.

    Life's unfair... Get over it if that bothers you!! ;-P

    1. To be one ask one for he can not!!
      according to our constitution no mason is allowed to solicit potential to be "invited on several occasions" the lodge begging for your membership must have be serious low on numbers....regarding integrity, if you had any understanding of masonry you would know that integrity forms the foundation on which the two great pillars stand....
      There are of course rotten apples in every organisation and individuals in life itself, like the fore-mentioned road rage incident. We need not look to far to find so called men of integrity falling short of the morals they preach....Catholic church springs to mind as well as a whole host of charasmatic church leaders.....people talking jibberish and rolling around on the floor listening to rock music in a church seems to be acceptable these days....well to me it is not, i'm a traditional christian c of e and we have respect.

    2. If you've been "invited", I would suggest turning it down, for LEGAL lodges can't invite a man into Masonry. It has to be a decision of his own free will. So either it was a clandestine lodge, or you missed understood what the individual was asking of you!

  33. This Documentary Glorifying Freemasons is full of s*it!! Psyops...

  34. don't trust the media maintstream

  35. You all have no clue what it means to be a FreeMason. For never being a Mason you sure know alot....of nothing. I invite you tonknow a Mason and you will see themperfect points of whatnit means for allmof us tonbe Brothers On a positive note i needed a good laugh NWO

  36. Haven't you discovered that if you openly invite people in to your customs and traditions they begin to be changed and or abused. Just look at American Indian Rituals. They allowed men from different races to take part in a sun dance and it became a disrespectful shenanigan. This is so stupid. It keeps traditions alive. just like a tradition many families share of eating dinner at the table together...Seriously.

  37. Haseeb- It isn't a secret. I can go straight down to the Scottish Rite Cathedral down the road from my house and join. The don't openly ask people to join. It is not a religion. they don't want to force beliefs on people like the church does. Go to their website and sign up. Not hard.

    1. I know there presence is not a secret or we don't know about there locations. Its just that they only reveal something to their own people. If their is so positive for mankind why don't they put such things on their website too?

  38. One simple question to all the freemasons. If its about brotherhood and just a social club then WHY SECRET? let it be an open book for all the human race... so anyone can come and embrace rather then you chose people for freemasonary

    1. What boy doesn't like a secret clubhouse with a secret handshake and no girls allowed?

    2. Me!

  39. The people commenting on this page who claim to be freemasons are genuine freemasons... and I am the legitimate heir to the throne of Morocco.

  40. i spent a while watching a movie for them to tell me at the end none of it was real so wat was the point of them making it. although i am not for freemasonry,illuminati,zionism,skull and crossbones etc.i think it was made by freemasons in an attempt for them to seem open about their society so we stop questioning them.

  41. Founded by Noah's grandson Nimrod which means "Great hunter" or "In the face of God" built a tower in "rebellion" to God after the flood ( just in case God sent another) named Babel in the bible or some say Babylon, first King of Babylon and the known world. Cut a long story short hes back not that he really left ,well not him personally...? well the driving spirit namely Lucifer but gets a body and hes been preparing through masonry since the beginning of time really. Who is he? s*it I don't know or want to know all I am truly interested in is living life under the one whom gave it and in His words " Satan is a liar,thief and destroyer". In a nut shell they have been exposed,deny, deny, deny. Don't be fooled.

    1. And Pharisee ism has never left either, Hillel and Shammai. History repeats itself, it just looks different and people have 'short memories' relative to 2000 or more years, let alone what they ate for dinner a week ago. That it originated with Nimrod can be found in Jewish Literature. Jesus spoke Absolute Truth, so why would he call it 'this evil generation'? Satan looks totally awesome, attractive, and totally benign otherw wise people would know it and not be fooled. OH well. Truly I tell you, they have had their reward.

  42. Being raised about a year already and becoming a officer in our lodge I have found a great secret that needs to be shared with you all. There is a 5 dollar spaghetti dinner Saturday night and all the money received will be donated to juvenile diabetes.

  43. True freemasonry
    This is dedicated to all good hearted freemasons, who know or feel, the true essence of freemasonry is esoteric in its nature and that the legacy and greatest gift left by the Djedi was the creation of the philosophers stone, a middle pathway of balance that paved a road towards enlightenment- the first freemasons were called the Djedi and they were know and referred to as the Illuminated ones
    I am sol, I am the light in the heavens and my partner is space, grandmother void who gave birth to reality, I am the centre bringing illumination to the sacred Nine, 9 who are made from two who are really one. I am both the power of creation and destruction, it should always be remember that one day the time will come when all will be consumed by my power ,all body’s will become ash and all will return to the centre where everything is one. Herald my warning and do not be blinded by my light, because it’s the light that cast the shadow, so in this way it can be balanced ,the light speaks the truth, their once was a time when people forgot this and so they prayed to me “ grandfather Sol you are above all things, you are the creator of life and so we will honour you first above all others” so to remind the people and illuminate the truth for them I searched the vast reaches of the universe looking for a ancient sacred grandmother, one who would be willing to give of herself to help and teach the people so that they would always remember and know there place as people living as a part of the universe, deep in outer space I found grandmother Môn, she had been waiting for my arrival ,ready to fill her destiny, grandmother Môn is a very ancient grandmother ,she is older than both me and the earth, she has the power over the waters and women’s menstrual cycles. In this way she reminds people that reality is birthed from the feminie ,travelling in both the day and night, her cycle of twenty eight days is her time to govern, during which she waxes and wanes reminding the people that the darkness and the light need to balance each other.
    Salutations Mecurio the wing messenger you are nine the bodhisattva, consciousness that’s reached completeness the guardian angle that is each person’s higher conscious
    Hail the planet Lucifer, sweet Colombia ,goddess of love and fear you are number eight because you have two face one of love, one of fear, you are the illusion of separation, Lucifer the male, Columbia the female, in the freemasonic story of Adam eve and Lilith , Lilith the goddess Columbia appeared as the spirit of fear so her other face the spirit of love could smile from within Adam and eves hearts and this face of fear secretly it would balance and protect their love, love is a child like energy that’s drawn to things that give it pleasure and without fear to balance it, love is blind
    Songs of respect to sacred earth, mother to so many, you are the heart, green with balance, the feminie sacred 7, 7 is consciousness with the understanding that it exists as a part of a whole, aware it strives to live in balance and harmony with the whole, in action done for the benefit of the greater good
    Honours for lord mars ,the red centre ,the stomach, 6 is sacred instinct(gut feeling) 6 is a reflection of nine, because it is a sacred centre that communicates through feeling and with wisdom without words ,this is how and from where the animal kingdom receives its instruction on how it should be encompassing all instinctual behaviour. It is red because it is the centre (the red road) and by being this way mars teaches the people that the centre is balanced, that all animals and people have red blood at their centre and so for balanced understanding, it must be realised we are not greater or less, we are equals with the animal nations and all of creation
    Praise to mother Jupiter number 5 ,she is 4 the earth air fire water plus 1 inside this is because she is pregnant ready to give birth to one , the single cell
    Celebrations to Saturn prince of temptation, Saturn is desire, the desire for life, Saturn represents the 4 elements (for now let’s ignore the semantics of what an element is) earth air fire and water and they are the building blocks 4 all life, Saturn is the entry point into 3th dimensional reality (length breath and width), desire can grow into many things, other than the desire to live life that’s balance and centred. it is said through legend that another planet who was the embodiment of truth, gave its life so it could become spirit ,which is truth ,so it could be the rings of truth that surround and contain desire ,so that desire doesn’t grow into some other desire than the desire for 4 to give birth to 5 so that 5 can become 6” balance and centred” then 6 can be come 7 ,living in service for the whole so 7 can realise 8 is illusion “the idea of separation and duality “then 7 will become 9 complete ,as it can be seen and said, the one eyed monster of temptation and desire within an enlightened consciousness is contained by the truth and light of spirit, as can be seen circling both Saturn and the black hole of desire at centre of each galaxy , in this way the universe teaches us how to balance these energy that also exist within as a part of us, Saturn is lord of deception because 4 is illusion ,the stages consciousness pass through from its birth to its death 4, is the beginning of dualistic reality, the experience and illusion of separation and the self
    The last 3 Neptune Uranus and Pluto represent the 4th dimension, the dimension within ,the realm of thought where thought divides from the singularity and appear as the black whole of desire and the light of self ,one and one, make 3 the holy trinity the sacred 3 that make 4 “earth air fire water”
    As above so it is below, it is known that by bringing these 9 archetypes into balance with one’s own being as reflected and done by the higher consciousness that manifest as our solar system , then enlightenment and liberation can and will be attained
    End part 1
    To be continued with Part two
    The origins of freemasonry

    1. Basically freemasonry is just Kabbalah then.

  44. to all you people who claim your freemasons quit bs-ing if u were really a freemason u wouldn't flaunt it you would have to keep it a secret so enough with the bs

    1. Which is why the Masonic Lodges are listed in the phone books, have the emblem on our buildings, and members wear the emblem to identify ourselves.

      If you know nothing about Freemasons, which you have demonstrated, don't go presuming to tell us what we are and should be doing or not doing.

  45. This Documentary is JOKE!!! As a freemason, This documentary is an insult to every member of the craft. Why are we responsible for all the bad stuff in the world!!. If we are to be depicted, then do it correctly.

    1. the first rule of being freemason is to never reveal you identity whatever happens dun lie .you are not member of the hood.

    2. not true

  46. I can tell you, as a Freemason, that about 30% of this "documentary" is totally inaccurate. I would think that since some Brother unmasonically betrayed the Craft by sharing the Passwords and Grip, that they would at least get it correct.

  47. well you hiding some thing.
    there is some thing hidden from world.
    Wake up, unless its too late

  48. Before I saw this film,I didn't know what to believe about the Freemasons.
    Now I'm convinced you are hiding something
    Next time, at least make some believable arguments.

  49. This is not a well completed documentary. For something that has a lot of words in it, it contains very little actual information. Repeating the same things and asking the same questions is not the basis of good documentary making. Its like having an argument with an i*iot. What a painful watch that was.

  50. my mums name is sinclair! Im from Jesus bitches. BOW!

  51. this documentary left out some of the most damning evidence of the masons having an new world order type agenda...Albert Pike,Manly P Hall etc etc

  52. wow the masons get let off the hook hardcore in the last half hour. so many holes in their reasons why the freemasons are not the puppetmasters.

  53. this documentary is obviously a contribution to masonry, specially in the end. they draw you in to all the mysteries non-masons are talking about to make you feel that this documentary is against them and in the end they blow you out with information that look like facts that they are good. guys just ask yourselves, does a group need to have such rituals to get it's members to be simply "better?"
    go to YouTube and watch The Arrivals series. you will notice that the whole internet is literally fighting it because its the truth about the masons!

  54. LET,S GET SOMETHING STRAIGHT! THE VISIBLE MASON LODGES AND MEMBERS ARE FALSE FRONTS FOR THE REAL INNER ORGANIZATION WHO SERVES THE HOLDER OF THE LIGHT, THE FATHER OF LIES, BAPHOMET, LUCIFER PERIOD. ALL OF THE PYRAMIDS AND THE ALL SEEING EYE, AND A MYRIAD OF OTHER SYMBOLS ARE SATANIC...THE MEMBERS WHO BELONG TO THESE VISIBLE MASONIC LODGES ARE TAUGHT FALSE INFORMATION ABOUT THE MEANING OF THEIR SYMBOLS AND THE ORGANIZATION. NO, THE G DOES NOT MEAN GOVERNMENT NOR GEOMETRY....IT MEANS GOGATHA.....WHERE THE SKULL GOES....they are brain washed worse than someone who knows nothing about Masons.....the visible Free Mason Lodges exist to pose as good respectable fraternities ; they cover the inner secretive Masons and ultimately, the illuminati. The members of the visible mason lodges, you know, those of you who get your 32nd and 33rd degree over the weekend programs.....what a joke....then they think, this isn't satanic, "We are a brotherhood"....What joke! Seriously, Wake up! People who belong to the visible Masons are brain washed with nothing but false information about their meaning and symbols. Why? Because when someone says the organization worships Lucifer, they will have millions of members world wide to back them up and say," we are not like that, we don't worship Lucifer,we are pillars of the community, look at ourCharities etc". HA,ha,ha,ha...what a deception...replicating the father of lies himself....those in the visible organization have the wool pulled over their eyes worse than anyone else...The real meaning is the worship of Lucifer through their symbols, and those symbols have power and sacred Geometry associated with them....they are on cars, and businesses...just look around and you will see them...For example, on the Monster drink and clothing, you will find the Hebrew numerals 666. YES, THE M IS NOT AN M BUT THE NUMBER 666 IN HEBREW. Symbol is 666 in Hebrew numbers.....look it up and do your research but please do not take your information from a so called "visible mason" ; they know nothing but the false information they are taught. Everything they are taught is false...that is why mason members claim they are not devil worshipers because they are misled and purposely taught everything falsely regarding Free Masonry.....the inner organization's sole purpose is The New World Order and complete collapse of the World's economic system.....The foremost one behind this is Lucifer and his demons...which use the illuminati..,Masons, the real inner Masons, not the lost misled visible Masons,CIA,FBI,Gov, name it....Wake Up People! PRAISE Jesus Christ our Lord and your holy Bible....Also, look up John Todd on you tube and may get scared but do it....look up John Todd on you tube....The most important is Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior period!

    1. Can I please ask you on what basis do you associate lucifer with satan? Is lucifer really satan? He is only mentioned once in Isaiah 14: verse12 : How you are fallen oh day star son of dawn!
      I know this verse continues but I am sure you probably know every word of it.
      However could not this have been a reference to the earthly king of Babylonia? Who through his own self exaltation was proclaiming himself king over all?
      Is this verse really evidence enough that lucifer is infact satan upon earth?
      In the good news bible the name lucifer is not even used, but I understand morning star to mean lucifer. But still this is not hard evidence that lucifer is satan?
      I am not saying lucifer is not satan but just find this passage alone not enough to prove it is.

    2. the number of the beast isn't 666 it's 616...666 is a mistranslation. "Papyrus 115" and the "Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus" confirm this.

  55. Can we say damage control... good job masons. you've duped quite few more into believing you're just a harmless organization.
    The pyramid and all seeing eye is a masonic symbol. If it weren't then why is all over their temples, aprons etc? I actually laughed out loud when this documentary said it wasn't. The masons openly admit the Lucifer it the eye at the top of the unfinished pyramid and that he is the giver of enlightenment. Yep, sounds harmless to me (rolls eyes).

    1. ;-)

    2. @ Donnie Hutton,

      I am glad to see a post of a person who actually belongs to Masonry. I know very little about it and the little is mostly from sources that see them as an ultimately sinister organization in the background of all sorts of conspiracies in the world (at least the top echelons of it). I do understand that a lot of such ideas stem from the fact that not much is known about Masonry. I am not prone to such thinking and it would be great if you could provide some first hand insight (as much as you are in a position to) as to the symbolism involved and its meanings. For example, it has been suggested by many researches of the topic that the pyramid and the all-seeing eye were the symbols of Masonry. I would like to know if that was true and if yes what do these symbolize in the Masonic context. That's at least something that interests me personally. The researchers also point Lucifer as the "bringer of light" in the same context, but what does that exactly mean for a Mason? I ask these questions of pure curiosity and there is no hidden agenda in them. If you can shed some light - great, if not, well, I will remain in ignorance:).

    3. The pyramid and eye are not Masonic, in fact, the only Freemason Franklin, OBJECTED to the Pyramid and Eye.

  56. Video has been removed

  57. i just wonder why my parents kept the fact that they were freemason (mom eastern star) from their children? i never knew what masonry was i thought it was a person who laid bricks for a living. when i got online somehow i run across all this stuff on the masons and saw their rings and jewelry and that triggered a memory that my father kept some masonic jewelry in his drawer and as a child i would look through this stuff. so when i read about all this sinister info online. and i have no absolute opinion on what the conspiracy theories have stated as of yet. mainly because it's just hard to imagine my father and mother involved with anything involving the occult. they rasied me in a christian religion. nevertheless after i had that memory i asked my mother if my father was a freemason. she said yes and said she was in the eastern star but said she was not as active as my father. only after he had died did i find out. recently i found out that only advanced masons wives were in the eastern star. so all my life i never knew my parents were masons and never even knew there was such a society or organization as the freemasons. i vaguely remember Shriner parades and events i must have been taken too because i remember those hats they wear. i just fine it odd that for years, i suppose, i've been a female version of "the widows son" and never even knew about it? i wonder if the fact that i was an "orphan"
    "ward of this state" and adopted by my parents made the difference? and i wonder do you have to be a blood relative or something to be told by our parents they're involved in freemasonry?

    1. You should know that Eastern Star is open to any Mason's female relative, not just the wives of "advanced" Masons. You should also know that the "star" in "Eastern Star" refers to the Star of Bethlem, and its lessons come directly from the Biblical stories of women like Ruth and Esther. Doesn't sound all that occult after all, does it. Instead of listening to conspiracy theories, why don't you ask questions at the source? Any member will gladly speak with you.

    2. When I was younger I went to some Eastern Star ceremonies with a friend. She got to wear a pretty dress stand in the middle of a pentagram holding a candle and gave reverance to a bunch of squawking old women chanting stuff about the wind rain earth and fire while she was turning from the north south east and west ... okay so yeah this stuff is a little creepy. Yeah they had a bunch of biblical references too. But there was def a pagan aspect and luciferian feel to the ceremony. It was like it covered all aspects of worshiping something. I remember thinking ... wow ... these f'ing people are crazy ... you know why do people have to stuff like this? ... form exclusive groups? ... and chant? ... and worship weird stuff? ... if it's nothing we should take seriously then why do you? Why form a circle around a young girl and chant crazy weird stuff in the first place? Because you get a certain sense of power from it thats why ... group exceptance ... and the more cultish and weird it is the more you like it. And I notice you said any female relative of "a mason" is welcome to come see for themselves what a nice bunch of Christians you all are ... well that sounds pretty exclusive to me .. Oh and by the way ... they said I was a The daughter of a friend who was a mason so I could attend this whacked out show ... so yeah they are liars too ... just saying ...

    3. Yeah, any low lying member that is no better than a compartmentalized drone monkey and cant see things for what they are.

    4. Hey friend , remember this please though your mother and dad are freemasons they cant reveal their secrets to you. Please do research for yourself and i promise you that wonderful things behind this organization, and others like Jesuits, Oras Dei, Illuminati,Assasins etc. They are the people behind many evil things that ever done, bloodsheds, Revolutionaries,Assasins, Drug barons, and they wars for their own profit. So alas, and remember you have already clue, and in your house you can get so many things where informations lie. So do it please now, and please let me know what you get.

    5. Or perhaps they just didn't think to explain the complex organisation they're involved with to their child who probably wouldn't understand.

      It's more likely that the most harmful thing your Mum and Dad were doing at masons meeting was drinking booze with their buddies.

      they certainly wouldn't have done anything occultish, not much need for occultism with Masonry, building pays more than enough on it's own.

      I see the Masons as more of a frat for grown ups.

  58. Very Interesting documentary. It was very professional and seem to give a nice balanced view. Although, I do think that anything they didn't want to share because it may be deemed controversial, they just didn't give the crew access to it. But, I still enjoyed it.

  59. i appreciate it. i was upset when i posted. buddy's been cancelling on hanging most of the time for 2 years, then when i do see him i find out he's used family emergencies, work schedule problems, etc. to get drunk with his new freemason buddies. i hope it's worth it. i apologize for my tone, but stick with views and have a life's worth of reasons to do so, but i'm not got going to start an internet chat fight either. this friend gave examples of privelages of freemasonry like getting a jump start, an honest job referral, almost anything someone could need. we need to help anyone we can, whenever we can, however we can if we can. Peace, Merry Christmas.

    1. @sportscar67:

      Asking someone who is interested in Freemasonry to not join is like telling a girl that she can grow to love you, or asking a priest to leave the cloth: both are irrational statements. I see you like sports cars. Please stop enjoying them; anything with wheels or a propeller will just waste your money. :-) See how that sounds??? :-) However, the fact that they suck money from your wallet is true.

      Freemasons do much that is considered "God's work," and go out to better the communities. However, if your friend is going out to get drunk with his "freemason buddies," he is either lying to you or he joined a Shrine Club (and there is NOTHING wrong with that, and on the Shrine, I am kidding. Kinda). There are privileges that friendship gives anyone lucky enough to have real friends; in a Lodge a good man may find many of them. Masons do not go out and get drunk at lodge, they do not go out womanizing, and let's not forget that a Mason can lose his standing for immoral and/or unethical conduct in or out of Lodge. Did you lose this friend to the Masons, or is there another reason he does not hang out with you? Introspection may do you better than blaming the Freemasons here, my friend. Perhaps you should speak to a real Freemason. They may be willing to help you understand your friend.

  60. @sportscar67

    I think you have developed an obsession.
    Your reasons to may be sound but it is an obsession none the less.
    pull back man for the sake of your happiness

  61. after asking my best friend of over 16 years and many adventures to please not join the freemasons, he responded in text "maybe you shouldn't text me anymore." he meant it, i know his passion, i know how he works. i may have just lost my dearest, closest Brother by asking him to not join a group that will put a bag on your head. he might never speak to me again. is that the Mason way? what the crud? he's been distant the past couple years that's he's been doing steel contsruction. how he's willing to throw our own Brotherhood away. i just gave him and his wife a bed to sleep on instead of a deflated air-mattress with no condition, no handshake. i send one text later and offended him and what they've been filling his head with, and i may have very literally lost my best friend in this world 5 minutes ago via text over Freemasonary. chew on it. if anyone knows how to help me restore things with my friend, please tell me. i don't want to lose him.

    1. maybe you shouldnt lose a friend over a bulls*** conspiracy theory.

      there is nothing evil and scary about the freemasons and if you allow yourself to lose an old friend over a silly belief that is YOUR fault not his. you are the crazy one believing all this nonsense.

    2. Come back to this site and read the post about masonry......not the bs video .....then do your research on what history use to be called.....The Conspiracy....before they changed it to History....all of the events have Been planned from Wars to the eventual destruction of of the world economic system.......Unfortunately, New World Order is Real.....and so is the Illuminati......look up John Todd on You tube,Phil Schneider and Bill Cooper,
      then do your research without bias and you will come out pissed off at the wool that has been pulled over the eyes of The American People and the World...don't be biased just research....

    3. i have done all the research and believed just like you did. then i realized that i had been tricked by a bunch of fear mongers.

    4. Actually, what happened is your "brother" realized you're part of the tinfoil hat crowd and wanted nothing more to do with you. No one wants to associate with a crazy person who's constantly preaching about secret societies and the end of the world and all other nonsense.

  62. other last comment: every frat and group i've known has turned on each other when criminal charges get involved, especially any significant jail or prison time. if anyone is under the impression that any group, club, frat, brotherhood or other is going to stick by you when 7-20-life is headed your way (even if you wanna protect them), they will send you down the river before you know it. you may even get set up. It's sad to see people who don't understand what narcing means in the context of others facing hard time, bad reps or any legal crunch. secret-society pals, you know, the ones you're told you "know" but only know casually but are bonded by this brotherhood to protect each other... they will deny you. you will be left to hang. they will try to spin as many crimes onto you and your name as possible. seen many, many Brothers of all allegience do this. the judge and the prison you could end up in do not give a care about your credentials. they will not risk their current lives to go to bat for you when felony charges pop up. they are not concerned with covering you. they are concerned with using you as a fall-guy, patsy, whatever name you give the poor fool who had faith in his organization that left him to do the real time in jail or prison. those of anything less than 30 degree will get no real legal or financial support if caught doing anything that could cause a man to go behind bars. once you're there you've all sorts of other allegience choices to make, but you have to make them faster, day one. nice Freemason guys with families end up in jail and have to choose yet another club to join. often goes against their original prinicipals, but in the situation there are few choices.

    secret societies, frats and brotherhoods can lead you to prison. it's hard to do right by your wife and kids when you're locked up. my cousin won't let me forget it. he was fairly "passive" in his part of their crime. they all got the same wrap, nobody rescued them, and he's doing life without chance. other people talked him into driving the car. his Brothers. now he's got a kid he'll only ever know through bullet-proof glass.

    anyone thinking about joining anything- just remember they will sell you out when handy, they do not care about you, your family or wellbeing. you are just a tool they want to use and will dispose of whenever they wish. Real men are stronger than this. they see the danger before it ruins the rest of their lives.

  63. lastly gotta mention what most of us know: drunk guys spill the beans. Get a few Buds in a Brother and as long as he feels comfortable he'll tell you about anything going on in his life or on his mind. Never use it against anyone. But I spent many hours last weekend hearing things a couple freemason's might be obliged to not discuss. some specifics, some more heavily suggested themes of freemason-chatechism. They're call, i asked no questions at all, just let them speak their mind. by definition, traitors. by my take, human guys that work hard and raising families venting both frustrations and wanting to offer something... secretish... to drunken conversation about wiring houses and cleaning out 2-stroke carbhurators. they didn't know me before then. i learned a lot. i've learned a lot about several fraternities in the past from drunken members without ever asking. the rites, the handshakes, ceremony, credo, oath, principle, history and why these guys go for it. as a famous, alcoholic news reporter once said "I get all of my best stories at the bar... When people have a few, they talk."

    Point is, there's a lot of hit and miss info online about freemasons, but there is tons out there spilled out through the keyboards of drunken masons with net access. especially when they're drunk and fired up about the cause. that gives many people the notion that they can respond by exposing the secrets held under Internet Anonymity. and they do. they will likely stay anonymous and never get caught. but they put it out there time and again. whiskey's a trick, huh fellas? especially when they're looking to validate and express themselves, which is a reason they join. Every group, society, brotherhood, sect, cult, religion, frat, and the rest have all been sold out by their own throughout time because of alcohol (and often a guilty conscience to go with it). again, this isn't a specific Freemason thing, this is an Everyman thing. here's a secret: lots of cops are dirty cuz they're scared of organized crime and gangs. they fail the society that not only pays them but depends on them for safety and civil life. get a cop drunk and he'll tell you the same.

    the longer we keep secrets, the more they eat at us, change our behavior to accomodate them, ruin our relationships with friends and family (and God most of all) and drive ourselves into bad spots. i feel much of the freemason community is made of good guys just looking for hope, faith, respect, honor. if anyone ever puts a bag on your head or coerces you into doing something you know is wrong, you know they do not have your best interests in mind. under no circumstance are people hoodwinking you doing it for your true benefit. never. if you're in that situation or anything close, take the next exit and don't look back. what man what's to be under more and more rules? that's being "ruled" by others. by definition a subjugate, an underling, a "less-than" person. they do not respect you. they do not care about you. share all you want, bond, take oaths. they do not care about you. they might find uses for you (your skills, for example) but they do not care about you. men who put bags over another man's head for any reason are sick in their hearts and do not honor, love, respect or care about you, your family or their wellbeing. think about it. anyone puts a bag on my head i will give the count of three to reconsider. otherwise i've got real relationships to get back to with people who love me.

  64. i apologize for stating a few things in an immature way in past posts. i never want to be a hateful man. i'm concerned for a friend who wants to join, and concerned he'd put his club ahead of Christ in his and his family's life, which is always a mistake in any context whatsoever. I'm also familiar with certain other "groups" that my recently passed Father was involved with that make me feel sick to be his son often. (best thing i ever did was call him and tell him i loved him- didn't even mention all he'd done to hurt me. first time he said "i love you too, boy". he died 1yr later. i struggle with him and his old ideologies and ways he was, but ultimately love him. I encourage every man to do the same while you have time).

    he would've been 84, worked industrial construction, mainly aesbestos, travelled across the US map with my mother to more that 60 places following work, and insulated many of DC's underground passages including the Capitol and Quantico, others he asked i don't speak of, and NASA. He knew just about everything was to know about the Masons, i'm sure. He may have even been one. or he despised them. or ignored them. never had the chance to ask him a lot of questions because i hated him most of my life. His mother was a Cherokee witch who would use her secret knowledge to inexplicably heal or curse (even to death) at will. Family meetings were always secret, only her blood-children allowed, my mother and aunts were despised and never permitted entry. my family history is dying off fast and is largely a mystery.

    my family's old, my old man was a violent, wife/kid beating, original Aesbestos Union-line-holding, Southern hard KKK WW2 US Marine Vet, Greaser, horse-breaker and more. he was was the hardest of core and spent his career with other's in the trades, be it at the top of power-plant smoke stacks, working for DuPont in a 'Nam era Agent Orange plant, or insulating DC's underground tunnel network. worse than Darth Vader, but he knew everything about this stuff and i never asked. of course if he'd truly felt it important to know as his son, he would've told me.

    i hope that part of the freemason brotherhood does not involve keeping the kind of secrets that involve people getting hurt, wives or kids being beaten and thrown into walls, racism, help men keep secret cheating on their wives, sinful thoughts and other damaging moral, spiritual or sexual things. that's called hiding. that's when behavior in any context regardless of any affilition becomes cowardice. I'm a guy, i know the kinds of secrets we keep, that we only dare share with certain people we hope we can trust, because we mess up so bad there's often a lot riding on the line. sometimes we're betrayed when we trust, which makes us angry and bitter and reluctant to try again. so we seek buddies who will offer us an oath, a pledge, a promise, that all things discussed are kept secret. it is tempting. resist. it will only end in more internal struggle, to fallow any path of secrecey. any path where we need to prove ourselves to anyone but God and family. I fundamentaly don't understand what secrets any man or group thinks they have to keep that are more important than the Fullness of Truth God has offered everyone freely. it is my stance that any group hold true enlightening knowledge should share it freely, and any who refuse to are either deceived or deceivers. enough secrets in my family, i'm not complicating it with joining any club. life's much more enjoyable when we cast off the burdens of secrecy, white lies, lost friends and the paranoia that can come with it. Peace to all.

  65. they're a cult at their core even most members deny it or can't see it. like all fraternities and secret societies they are made up mostly of men with daddy-issues and trust issues who want to feel like they belong. They are told what's right and wrong by a few evil men at the top. true enlightenment never involves secrets. they're used to keep the sheep in line, keep them interested, and keep them from wondering why they have to have bags put over their heads by their buddies. Try Christianity instead. no secrets, far greater enlightenment, no need to threaten others because you promised to keep a secret, full brotherhood and sisterhood with all of God's children, honor, faith, security and more. no secrets. no one is better than another. Christianity is also free and all you have to do to reach the "top level" is Believe in Christ as your personal savior.

  66. okay look only a mason can tell u about masonery a person that has not crossed over into masonery only thinks they know the truth but all a non member has to do is open their bible and start to read u will find masonery in their for i can tell u this for i am a member of the brotherhood until u come to the door steps of the temple and walk the path of the brotherhood (RIDE THAT GOAT!!!) just keep your mouth off of something that may as well take your life for we gave an oath to the brotherhood and will die for the brotherhood....TRIVAL LIGHT

    1. i wouldn't be surprised if some members of the early Church were involved also in masonic-type brotherhoods as you've said, truly it only makes sense. When the Church was forming it was new and was adopted by some folks previously involved in the many elite orders or secret societies, circles, cults, many pagan groups, etc. that were around at the time, including Jewish, Roman, Samaritan, and every other culture in the area at the time. Some came to reject fully what they'd been taught and believed and sworn previously to follow Christ with their full hearts. Others surely did not, and splintered off into sects and denominations because they wanted to retain at least parts of their old beliefs. this is how cultures form.

      This topic is all over the New Testament, and many of the Apostolic Letters (the ones after "luke") were urgent cries of warning and call to repentence to those who'd accepted Christ and distorted it. Again, some listened, some didn't. Weaning a family or culture off of generations' long beliefs and into a "new" Chuch of Christ (after His Victory) can take a long time. The Bible's still used by racists and wife-abusers to supposedly justify their dark hearts. Even Christians are human, guilty of and prone to evil. my father was a Methodist (i think) and a KKK member. sick. sad. true.

      my friend, i am all about Brotherhood, but the kind that needs keep no secret or have need of levels of access or degree. this is not a "hate freemasons" post. it's a love, honor, respect, love, help, forgive, encourage, share with everybody. it's hard to trust people and i understand wanting to have brothers (my dead father likely killed my 3 eldest). i just want you to know that Brotherhood is real, available and free of hidden things, secrets, levels of acheivement, for you and everybody in the world. take care and Merry Christmas, Brother.

    2. There is something on a Catholic site about it, although who knows how reliable any information on the internet is anyway since it's evil as it is...sounds stupid ...but it is. Just look around at all the B.S. on it, and Facebook doesn't help matters match by serving people's egos. It's all ego driven, all of it. If it feels good , do it. Who cares, you only live once..huh? It all started with Nimrod and Cannan, got back and read Genesis. It's called "Genesis" for a reason...people think of it as the creation story. The Catholics get sucked into it too, but I supposed any one could. Just like they got sucked into A Course In Miracles.

  67. well, look at all the other religions or orders. crime is way higher. LOL. only you can do a crime. not the order. if you use that order for good or bad is up to the order. if they find you use thier secrets to do bad. then you are one bad person. all spies in the USA also get the death. The secrets is to protect the people from them selves. the average person is nothing other then a slave. they kill, murder, and rape. If an EMP turn off all power you'll see what the average person is really like. The order is prepareing. Elenin to 2013 nasa solar storm. The earth is over populated. no need to feed, house and destory the earth for the average man. Only through your studies of science will you live Or HAVE YOU LIVED.

  68. people need to get over there selves thinking they know so much about masonry you do not all you are is some one that thinks they know something. masons take a good man and make him better. whoever it is that has the time to sit and come up with such ridiculous accusations needs to go get a job and maybe join the masons so that they will know what they are talking about... otherwise stop theorizing. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!!

  69. its interesting stuff , i would love to talk to someone ina lodge about it and see what goes on

  70. id watch the documentary, but i dont trust mainstream media...

  71. all of it is ridiculous... im a 32nd degree mason and i have never ever come across anyone worshiping satan or the devil in our lodges... in fact no worship is done... every meeting is opened with a reading of a psalm and closed with a farewell prayer that is it... no talk of politics or religion. But u all want to invent lies and add stuff that just isnt there...

    1. um do think we are stupid,you were sworn in by oath there for you would now tell anyone outside of your satanic cult whats really going on,do your self a favor and get out why you still can or you will become nothing more then a lifeless puppet..and as far as calling anyone a lier you have no right to say that,if anyone is a lier its the global elite power structure and all that fall beneath it.

    2. ''um do think we are stupid'' i do now,its liar ,

    3. I have no doubt that some of the accusations made about the satanic rituals of Freemasons are ridiculous and far fetched, but IF you are a 32nd degree Mason it's not as if you would nip onto TDF and give any shred of truth: Your entire organisation hinges on secrecy and always has, not just between Masons and outsiders but also between the Masonic degrees.

      Satanic elements removed, it can also be said that the Masons are politically subversive, and collude to allow criminal members to escape justice and abuse the network of professions within the cult... That alone qualifies them as a societal cancer that should be removed

    4. so what "psalms" are read? what "prayer" is prayed? if you must claim a higher-power (not necessarily God), who are you praying to? if you do not define who or what you're praying to, how can they hold any meaning? the more i scan the internet and see masons trying to convince people they aren't a cult (but still need to keep their secrets... cuz enlightment for them is based on having a bag put on your head...for the greater good, i'm sure), the more i'm convinced they are. how do you think the Devil would answer the same question? he's a tactitian who's been at this for at least 10'000's of years and he plays a mean game. like lies. secrets. lying about secrets. i have a friend who told me he's considering joining the freemasons and i have not stopped laughing since. even if you don't see it, it is a cult, please get out while you can.

  72. You want to know whom they serve? They brag about keeping secrets, right? Would you agree that secrets are in the LIGHT or DARK? Well, since light makes all things clear and known...lets say that secrets are firmly placed in the dark. Now...who is the Prince of Darkenss again? you get it.

    1. well put, LR. Christians aren't commanded or even asked to keep secrets, in fact quite the opposite as you said. true enligtenment, honor and belonging are not found through secrets. Christ wants the whole world to know everything about him, his father and the true Kingdom, freely.

      unless the freemasons are holding the secret recipe to Coca-Cola... then i might have to join :)

      oh, and the Order of the Eastern Star are commonly freemason's Witch Wives with pentagrams for symbols. deeply, darkly Satanic.

  73. Think about the way secrecy works, you really think that as a non-Freemason that you were ever going to be revealed any secrets?

    Most Freemasons aren't even privy to the knowledge because they are simply a front – you are correct in describing them as a boys club.

    However, what you were assessing was the Middle-class version of a Noble order. The truth is that they are a method of training and controlling the middle-classes to manage the peasants. They are not even subtle about it; each degree is a marker of their training and they openly admit helping out their fellow Freemasons over a non-Freemasons (the Profane), utilising their old boys network to get influencial jobs.

    However, what should be noted about the Nobles is that that they do not breed with commoners, they use terms like ‘Noble-blood’ and ‘preserving the blood-line’. These guys were social Darwinists for 1000’s of years before Darwin was born. They are internationalist; they don’t recognise nations all they see is land and power.

    Look through your history books and you will find that they have been in charge for a very long time. This is not a hidden conspiracy, we use the term dynasty to describe it and they guys at the top can trace their ancestry back long before we started keeping records. They are at the apex of that 1% that has more wealth than the other 99% combined.

    Nobles have their own orders, in the same way that the middle-classes are trained to manage, these guys are trained to dominate and rule.

    Let’s compare it for a second to a secret agency like MI6 or the CIA, your documentary is tantamount to you claiming that these agencies have no secrets because you got a tour of the lobby from the receptionist and she told you that you had seen everything.

    We know that in the structure of the secretive intelligence industry, there are various levels of ‘clearance’ with only the chief at the top that has full access. We know there is such a thing as ‘no-eyes-only-documents’ which are destroyed after reading to leave no evidence, we know that these secret agencies routinely test loyalty, plant moles, initiate propaganda, disseminate disinformation, are master liars and manipulators, assassinate, overthrow regimes etc… all for the benefit of us citizens you see, because we are like children and we have to be kept in the dark and protected from the ‘real’ world (truth).

    So considering the nature of powerful secret agencies let’s return to the Freemasons, they have their degrees which represent ‘clearance’ a room within a room within a room and so on but each within their own caste – a commoner will never have access to the inner sanctum of the noble order. Exceptional commoners who have proved themselves may become noble, but it will take a few generations for them to be considered pure bloods. They are ancient, well-trained and they have had many, many generations to ensure that all their people are at all levels of influence in every industry, they are a tight-run ship, a well-oiled machine run by inter-generational megalomaniac planners bent on world domination.

    It is a mistake to think that this has not already been achieved.

    1. Sounds like Mormonism in some vague way, they too have secret handshakes. And that was formed by J.Smith seeing an angel, just like Islam. The reality is, it's not the 'groups/ sects /religions per se, it's a 'mind set', the is traced back to nimrod, the Hillels, Shammai and Canaan best I can tell. There is endless splinter groups each taking a slice of the pie all around the globe..but it's still a matter how one slices it. If one, for example 'decides' to believe the account of Jesus (just for example)..he was tempted to own the earth which he declined. What does that tells us about 'the earth', and why would there be a new heaven and a new earth? Because those were the original ones, this is not the real earth in the long run..Genesis has 2 accounts parallel to each other of creation, and there is two worlds, That of the Tree of Life (Eternal Life) and one of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Good. When told he was a good man, Jesus said, "Why do you call me good?". Don't have to , want to, or even consider believing any of it...but so what, who made us god? Man did..just like it's written. Can Satan cast out Satan? Can man cast himself out from this world? There will always be one left no matter no, he cannot until the Strong Man comes. Red Communism is another one, A Course in Miracles is another one, New Age anything goes is another one and those too have splinters. The more I See, the more convinced I am that Jesus is the Real Deal. Maybe that is not where you were heading but it's where I'm keeping my focus. It does NOT mean I'm a religious 'nut' one would know the difference by all appearances and I plan on keeping it that way except for those I perceive are open to Absolute Truth and not only truth.

    2. If only you looked into other religions as you have Christianity, maybe you wouldn't make wild assumptions and compare Mormonism to Islam. Personally agnostic, but I find a religion that feeds it's poor, and actually practices what they preach to have a bit more credit than one that say; takes from their poor with false promises of self fulfillment through these acts, or forces itself upon everyone while claiming to be the most tolerant (if you did not catch that I was first describing Islam and compared it to Christianity/Catholicism). I don't know if I am not brainwashed enough or what, but you seem to almost get to a point and veer off right before you get there. Please do your' preaching at your' church, also saying you are not a religious nut right after talking about how Jesus is the only way, should actually be included into the definition of redundant. Last thing, If you have yet to figure out that good and evil are relative terms, I doubt your' "absolute truth" has really any logic or validity at all.

  74. Maybe the reason for not letting in outside people is simple? Maybe they don't want any influence that is destructive? Politics, media, and rigid religion tend to f*ck things up, maybe they are trying to prevent those things from screwing up their group or whatever you want to call it. I hope if they do good things they continue to keep it secret if not it could become like everything else; full of greed and power hungry as*holes.

  75. the rap up at the end is pretty anticlimactic, pretty much just stating a heap of facts that they dont back up, just stating this is the way it is. For the very least I would say this wrecked any hope I had that this documentary was going to get interesting!

  76. Don't bother watching any of this debunker crap, go to your lodge find out for yourself! then go find some esoteric knowledge and join witchcraft, which has the exact same initiation rites.....

  77. So who are the Freemasons? d'uh anyone can join the free masons so long as all brothers within a lodge show no objections! All you have to do is ask! LOL

  78. Most of the documentary is made of questions, such "Who are they?", "What is their secret?", "Is this related to them?","Are they a religion?" , ... Thank you, I can ask those questions myself. Plus, why would this documentary contain "never before seen" rituals or what it claims it contains? If the rituals haven't been seen before and have been well kept secrets, why would the freemasons reveal them for this documentary? To prove that they are not what we think or speculate? If that's the reason, it means they don't have important secrets to hide, so us knowing everything about them wouldn't be a issue. But if this isn't the reason? What would make them let us have a sneak-a-peek inside their society?

    Whatever...There are lots of things to question, and we should start/continue to ask questions

    1. They allowed us in to film their rituals to dispell all the bizarre rumors about their initiation rituals. They figured it was time to let everyone see that they are harmless rites of a boys club and nothing more. I'm happy you could answer the questions we posed about them yourself--but most people can't. They only know the conspiracy stories. Hence, this show. Thanks for watching, tho.

  79. I found this to be a very good look at what the masons are. I tried to do my own research on them and it is really hard and for obvious reasons. Even having had some family in the generations as masons I found little information of any relevance beyond a few prayer like sayings and some basic uninteresting rituals. I have heard others who have had relatives speak of it later in life and they will admit that MUCH was kept from them even as masons. Many of their questions would not be answered. The mason a level up always has his thumb down on the ones below.

  80. Many facts were left out along with important details leaving us with half truths and a bunch of b.s. about the freemasons, I live near the one of two Masonic homes in the whole U.S.(masonic home, not lodge) and I'll tell you I find it strange that they have nothing to hide considering this place has probably almost a thousand people living in it with serious security and a giant gate that literally doesn't let you get within a football field of the actual building.

    1. "and I'll tell you I find it strange that they have nothing to hide considering this place has probably almost a thousand people living in it with serious security and a giant gate that literally doesn't let you get within a football field of the actual building."

      Probably because theres a thousand people inside sick to death of morons breaking in to try and discover "the precious secrets"

  81. See: Trapped in a Masonic World

  82. Masonry now is Jewry

    1. Actually, quite possibly...

  83. This is nothing short of propaganda created by minions paid by the freemasons. We see the same thing everyday on every major tv, print, and radio network. This is a joke and only includes a little bit of truth to make it appear genuine.

  84. @GypsyPrince

    You like me have to agree many are a little more on a different degree. But I guess half the world are fools as well as half the rest at best.

  85. All men have to stand out and look for the truth, see it with your own eye.

  86. Am I to believe that all these people who happen to be in positions of power and are Masons and do horrific things for power and money are actually benign? lol this is some horsechips. It's like me saying I will slit your throat but I'm a nice guy. doublespeak propaganda. Freemasons do horrible things but not Freemasonry they keep saying and only a dummy would believe this doc lol for real

    1. No Ron, they hate you and me. They hate us because we believe we should be handed everything, and not have to work for it. They hate us because we mindlessly consume, while giving little thought for the future. They hate us because, for all of our constant protesting about peace and human rights, we are unable to govern ourselves. But most of all, they hate us because WE are their market; and therefore cannot be eliminated. Those are not my words, but my father's. He was a 33rd degree Mason.

    2. obviously you haven't seen the street layout of washington dc, designed by a french freemason, they built the world and constructed society.

  87. Stupid Americans believe everything they see through media!

  88. Don't trust Discovery Channel on these matters...History Channel seems more impartial to me anyway. This documentary is only telling people what the people already know. Anyone expecting to learn the secrets of the masons needs a reality check

    1. There secret is that there IS no secret. They mean to govern, and that is that. It's a social club for the ambitious, and nothing more. They make absolutely no attempt to keep that a secret; although they would most likely to call you a nut-case for bringing up the topic. But they don't NEED a greater conspiracy, they ALREADY run the show!

  89. Information leads to belief,leads to control, leads to power, leads to ultimate objectives of the group.

    Some of these below may help all of us in the process of enlightening ourselves on what is the truth;

    We need to look at it from the all sides and from every source of information in order to have an idea what it is really. The more we read, we may find more 'secrets'. But then the media world is controlled by few people who may have a secret agenda to psychologically lead us to believe whatever they want us to believe!

    Who controls the internet, the administration of some powerful countries, weapons of mass destruction etc? America, Israel, CNN, Oil, Religions, NATO, UN, TV, Facebook,Emails co's,...etc

    We are surrounded by information which at first seemed true but then turned out doubtful, exagerated, misinformed even became untrue. Most were well-planned operation,secretly directed,covertly executed and objectives successfully achieved.

    In many cases such as Iraq war, Sept. 11, assasinations of famous people/musicians/influential people, fast spread of viral diseases, 'humane' act of liberating countries in conflict, widespread calls for 'so called Freedom of speech', Wikileaks which actually have good and bad intentions as well as effects,advance technology used in making bad info to be so real, public figures who are actually puppets of them, ... i can go on.

    We are already being controlled by groups of people whether they are using religions, race, politicians, businessmen, scientists, selected groups like Freemasons,KKK,Al-Qaeda,The Media like CNN, BBC, Internet , Facebook, Youtube, UN,Hollywood movies industry, FIFA, ....many many more.
    We have hundred of satellites, cctv n hp cameras, 'big brother', secret agents, CIA's, FBI's, supercomputers, sensors, transmitters, smartphones, youtube/facebooks and all these are created to ensure we follow what they want us to do, they can blackmail us using it, they hold our souls, they control our own existence..killing us off is so easy , for a few dollars.

    Why are all these not solved till now?
    -The true religion of all?
    -Which historians will tell us the real truth of history?
    -Why countries keep invading other countries , back then and even now?
    -The modern man rejection of religions based on our low level of intelligence( can't even create Oxygen)?
    -War/cold war/psychological war/fears of coming war that has never stops?
    -people/public figures/scientists/priets who always think that they are the smartest, God-sent, knows everything , got most Phd's, yet they can never control own sexual desires?
    - Why drugs are everywhere?
    -humans, animals, plants, creatures, everything on this earth starting to kill each other,reaching extinction, mutated, highly stressful, never learn from anything since the day we started ?
    - The truth about Aliens/UFO stuff, Bermuda Triangle, Osama Laden, Oswald, JFK killers, Illuminati, Masons, MJ murder, 9-11, holocaust,Who spread anthrax, etc
    - How do the richest people get their wealth - some illegal means?

    Humans are generally weak because :
    - we are duped by sweet talkers who wants our money
    - we sell our soul to sex, women, drugs, idols, hatred
    - we believe whatever is given to us by the help of modern technology including wrong facts/info
    - we are kind to others who later on kick us out of our own family, jobs, hometown, world
    - we consented the use of technology that invades our own privacy
    - we have become hedonistics because we think we live only once
    - we never follow rules/ law/religions because we want total freedom but we are not free from eating,biological needs
    - we never learn from past history how to make a better world
    - we in organized way destroy our own world
    - we want power over others, creating conflicts
    - we dont need devils advocate, satan,criminals ,because we have it in our own self
    - we are not yet prepared for the total destruction of earth coming very soon by the signs shown to us everywhere
    - we always make mistakes and never admit them
    - we created serial killers, mass murderers, crazy soldiers, suicide bombers among us...etc

    Let us look at who profits the most if in power:
    - Weapons suppliers thru continuous war,
    - powerful govt gets oil,earth reserves from snall countries,
    - Media moguls thru govt contracts by doubtful facts/brainwash people
    - Drugs lords by sale of drugs/lack of enforcements/ bribing the mostly corrupted govt officials in all countries
    - The around the world royalties using the people's wealth and money to support their 'criminal' like lifestyles
    - Smart businessmen who falsely created drugs,viruses, comp. viruses , unnecessary gadgets , monopolised softwares/hardwares,
    - fashion industry by using actors,artists,football stars
    - academicians who make us believe everything they say then claim something else later on
    - charity driven societies who use their activities for other monetary/religious/social/political purpose.
    - govt officials who tells the public something but then do something else, use public money for secret operations
    - the industry main players who use/trick/misinform the public to buy products they dont need, got paid billions as bonuses
    - financial institutions who trick the public into keeping our money and yet charges us for it, when they failed, ask for bailouts
    - businessmen who gets contracts by supporting the govt
    etc etc

    Everybody knows about this.

    We are already trapped in this whole mess.
    Whether its freemasons or other groups, all they want is to control us, the are like chameleons, change names, change officials, show good intentions , use strategies to make us belief what they want, in every platform they use their own people to convince us ( including this very one), they already employed people of various fields to make things work , we ourselves without realizing it are doing/helping them in many ways, even we share the profits ourselves,
    there is no escape because we are in too ******* deep, we are in need of a superbeing, a great saviour among us who truly will liberate us from this mess.

    The time will come very soon for all of us.
    The end of this world will come.
    The great saviour will some out of hiding.
    Nobody can stop him.
    Are we ready for him? Will we become his followers?
    What if we don't? What will happen to us then?

    Let us all start to pray hard or to hope or to wonder or to imagine or to plan early for that day.

    Well if we die first then its easy then.
    As for now the answer is out there, somewhere.

    * If all of this is rubbish, wasting your valuable time , then i thank you for even reading this .

    1. what u said is very touching and very true!!

    2. You left out: "They use our own hopes against us".. Maybe that's because, not unlike all those doomed souls who walked obediently into the showers of Auschwitz, you cling to the hope that a savior will soon arrive. But then, what else can ya do? They say: "God is the hope of the hopeless". I believe they are right.

    3. Zack, if you really want to know the truth of history (I mean part of history cause one human life will not be enough) you should check the works of this African scientist from Senegal (west Africa). His name is Cheikh Anta Diop. Senegal is a former colony of France, so not sure if it's possible to find something in English related to this man, but you can still try, I can guarantee that it's worth it. btw, he died in the late eighties (I think he got killed because he really started to become troublesome..). SAMO, some people will say.
      Goodluck in your research.

    4. I couldnt agree more Zack. But savior? I doubt it. Lets just keep our fate and protect ourselves not to be a victim of more than whats happening to us right now.

    5. "The great saviour will some out of hiding." You're insane.

  90. puskas sorry but your rant is just gibberish to me.

    just to let you know, freemasons and the illuminati (secret societies, different names, same thing) are not at all a positive group. I know people that are born into it and how hard they try to escape, they cant without fear of death (started very early on in their life when they are forced to watch a sacrifice). now before u go and say i didnt do research, look up SVALI (not a real name for obvious reasons), someone who lead the local sect of the illuminists.

    and on their agenda which is made to look good (Charities, donations like before stated,) they actually use mind altering drugs and combinations of those drugs to brain wash people which has been proven time and time again by the CIA, who they also helped perfect the technique. these people in this group generally BELIEVE they are doing something for the greater good, but hey wouldnt you if thats what you were taught from birth?

    read for yourself and dont tell me im spreading disinformation. i know what i know and whatever someone says cant erase the experiences i have heard from people who were ACTUALLY INVOLVED. not some closed minded geek sitting infront of his computer screen day after day.

    1. I'm the son of a 33rd degree Mason who found me very easy to disown. Not because I didn't care for their rituals; but because I did not care for the Wall Street Journal. Care to try that again?

  91. as regards what free masons are or arent does it really matter ive got news for you masons or not no it doesn,t.The religous among you dont even bother trying to wake up its never going to happen as regards alistar crowley he is dead,unwittingly i was introduced to his works as a young boy.If you think he the masons and all of this is dark and mysterious wake up its all inside you there is nothing to compare it too stories symbols meanings mere camouflage to the real darkness dont fear god dont fear satan fear you.

  92. hmm...If free masons exist(im not sure whether they do or not) and they control all the industries including the movie industry,do you think they would let their secrets be exposed in such a way and not do anything about it(referring to this documentary)...or is this what they want you to think about them?.........

  93. *Chelsea... the religion is all important as it is one of evil and in fact it is representative of the oldest religion. 6000 years plus and still kicking hard. Part of the "Trick" is to get Christians to start making statements like... "Well I don't think their religion is important" or "All religions are different expressions of the same thing" once you've made those sort of statements or come to those conclusions you're heading down the path to complacency and then apathy.

    These Masons are the anti-christ and his followers make no mistake. These are the rulers of this world that prepare for his coming. Good news is we've already won as Christians.

  94. I think this is a slanted view excusing all notions that the freemasons are a cult as "conspiracy theory" if the masons would allow a camera inside their temples..I have seen masonic temples and they are creepy and have frosted glass on all the windows. This documentary never answers any of the questions they are posing and leaves the viewer wanting more. I also think the religion of the masons is not that relevant. This video even says the freemasons are dedicated to a "new world order" which is a nice way of saying they are planning on taking over the world, WHICH THEY ARE

  95. The people who make these negative comment and documentaries about Freemasonry have a.) never been inside a lodge, or b.) although they "claim" the opposite, it has been proven time and again they never actually raised high enough in degrees to find out what the craft is really about. Either way, none of their perceptions are based on any form of truth.

  96. To all those people that have written comments regarding Freemasonry being a Luciferian/anti-Christian religion: please inform yourselves properly before making such sweeping statements that have nothing to do with the truth. Freemasonry requires of its members to believe in a Supreme Being of their chosing and there are lodges where Christians, Muslisms and Jews are members and address each other as brothers. Politics and religion are banned topics of discussion and charity is one of the main principles on which the order is founded. Is there anything anti-Christian about this? No, of course there isn't.

  97. I recommend to all to watch "the arrivals" on youtube
    Its a series of 50 episodes about zionism-freemasons and the boot of the Anticrist or "Dajjal" (It contains many shocking facts in about them and proved by the koran)

    please be patient this documentary is very long and I recommend you watch from beginning till the end and dont judge from the 1st episodes (if an episode was confusing the 2nd will explain more)
    this documentary was found to reveal the truth for all religions regardless. To all christian or jew brothers and sisters I strongly recommend that you watch it

    (sorry for my bad english language)

  98. @ Doug,

    "I have had a few friends with parents in the Masons, and often they know nothing about the truth of what their father is actually involved in."

    And what would that be that they were involved with exactly??? Charities? Theft? Humanitarian work? Murder?

    Your comment was not very helpful...

  99. LMAO ~ The conspiracy theorists and the "over-the-edge" christians need to come out of their mommy's basement and get a little sunshine.

    1.) Allister Crowley WAS a Freemason... that is, until he was kicked out for criminal and immoral behavior, at which point his twisted little mined drove him to form his owned (unsanctioned) masonic order and lodge.

    2.) Everybody tries to tie Pike's allusion toward Lucifer as "proof" that Masonry is a Satanic cult. Here's some info for the stupid. Lucifer is not now, nor has it ever been a name for Satan or the devil. Any person educated in astrology and factual religious history (as most ministers, preachers, and preists are not) knows that the name Lucifer refers to the planet Venus (the morning star) which resides in the constellation of Virgo (Virgo Lucifera), which is why the name Lucifer was recently removed from new versions of the King James Bible. If you are still dumb enough to believe what your preachers tell you, then you are also equating Jesus to Lucifer since Jesus said that he is the morning star as well. Since Masons study such knowledge as we move up through the degrees, we know this a little bit better than you. The ignorant concept of equating Lucifer to Satan is the fault of Dante Alighieri, as he first did so in two of his plays, The Divine Comedy and The Inferno. Dante made the allusion between the two as sarcasm toward the Catholic church's suppression of knowledge.

    3.) Some one said it earlier, that if it were not for the Mason and Rosicrucians, there would be no King James Bible or even America. Thank about this as you hide in the basement demonizing everything you don't understand. In addition, without the Masons and Rosicrucians, there would be no protestant form of Christianity today.

    People need to stop relying on what their preachers tell them and go study factual historical documents for themselves. And stop relying on the internet as a source of factual history or knowledge because the preachers and conspiracy theorists who post this stuff rely on information they get from other quack jobs and not actual documents or experience. Think about it... if these people who claim to be ex-freemasons were exposing any real secrets, don't you think they would have been killed by now for doing so? No! Why? Because there are no secrets to divulge and no penalty of death as they claim. Let's see now... I join a secret organization under penalty of death for divulging secrets but I never wind up suffering the death penalty I claim when I divulge them. Wake up people and read between the lines of the nut jobs who are feeding you this conspiracy and devil worshipping crap. And again, come out of the basement.

  100. Masons thrive in the west of scotland (Glasgow). Very anti-catholic society.

  101. I'm not about to claim that I know anything about the masons, but what little I do know, from my father, father-in-law, and grandfather being masons is that, they donate more to charity and contribute to society, special needs groups, hospitals, schools and more civic organizations than any other single group of people I know.

    How many of us can say the same? How many people outside of our own immediate circle do we help?

    Not trying to add fuel to the fire here, because again I know nothing of the history or agenda of the organization, but from this outsider's point of view, they do way more good that I see, than what other bad things people may accuse them of.

  102. This is pretty obviously false propaganda supporting people's ignorance about Masons. It is produced and directed by Masons, duh. I have had a few friends with parents in the Masons, and often they know nothing about the truth of what their father is actually involved in.

  103. This film, like most propaganda films is full of misinformation, and thin sugar coating of truth covering it... Conspiracy theories aside it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. As much as they were ass kissing and glamorizing free masonry, its obvious this film was made by free masons as some sort of sugar coated public relations campaign on an average American television network.

  104. Sorry, disregard the unfinished sentence at the end, mistakingly hit the send button too early and no added value to it anyway

  105. I am only beginning now to do a bit of research on the freemasonry, so by no means am I any kind of connoisseur here, but one thing is quite obvious from the comments so far - too many of the commentators look upon the freemasons through the prism of the judeo-christian religion and its offshoots as if these were the only relevant background for judging freemasonry. That alone makes such comments largely bias and not particularly relevant.

    I also noticed that there is not much critical thinking about this topic, most of what has been said simply reflects hostility towards something obscure and unknown, in most cases not well or not at all justified by some sort of supporting evidence.

    In one case only, someone mentioned Aleister Crowley, but it appears that here too there was not much research done. It appears that the organizations he was a member of were not considered regular "by Masonic bodies in the Anglo-American tradition" and were not recognized by the "United Grand Lodge of England, whose recognition is generally considered the standard for Masonic validity".

    On the other hand, nobody mentioned the fact that all of the Founding Fathers were freemasons and that is certainly not a secret. Search on the internet their contemplations on religion, nothing wrong there. Not to mention that their work speaks for itself.

    Just a bit of

  106. I am confused. The more research I do the more I feel like in going round and round in a big circle. The reason why I have been doing research is because I have a friend who is a Mason and soon my son will be 18 he has offered to be his sponcer. I dont know what is true and what is untrue.

  107. This is PR film, made in the most stupid sense. Taking some examples of stories connected to the freemasons, excluding the central points; as how the organization is a layer cake of secrets where only the top level 33. degree masons holds the agenda and controls a network of high level society members across the globe... And than to debunk the claims in a childish propaganda ending, with no evidence, is just disturbing..

    Hey, one think they didnt mention in the false propaganda-debunk ending, was the statement made earlier; And than the Masons imposed their control over Hollywood.....

  108. Conspiracy theorists are mentally incapable of believing anything that doesn't indicate the world has been covertly controlled by secret societies for centuries. Conspiracy theorists need to believe that there's some epic struggle for good and evil going on behind the scenes, that there's a reason for why their lives suck.

    They're incapable of escaping reality. The Freemasons are an organization of affluent men and women? No, far more likely that they're a Satanic cult which has secretly controlled the world for centuries and plans to enslave all of mankind for the purpose of...well, we don't know what the purpose is. Conspiracy theorists can never find a proper motivation to explain why the "elite" want to enslave everyone.

  109. i dont see the point of hatting on freemasions based on this documentary as we grown ups has the right of choice,if u dont like them why watch it?

  110. ...Here's the truth:
    Religion doesn't exist. Yeah, there is a god somewhere. Have you seen God? No. God, Satan, Devil, Angel, Demon - these are just terms placed with random definition. Maybe, our historians and/or writers mixed those words together. Everything is possible. Almost all religions are made by man, and some religions started as a way of thinking but turned into religion because of its fanatics wanting power. Hey, lighten up, people - just stating some facts just in case some kid reads your beliefs. Religion was created to unify or colonize people. Today, we are unified and smarter than a 100 years ago. Do you still need religion to feel safe? Yeah, freemasons can be evil or good. But there are no such things are good or evil - those are just perspectives imposed on society. If you really want proof, then talk to the person who has the most pure thoughts. You'll know because he/she doesn't watch TV, doesn't use the computer or the internet (as well as google/yahoo/msn/aol or wikipedia), doesn't read books, is blind, is deaf, cannot read braille... He/She is the one who follows his/her heart - not the mind. I hope you learn something from my words and not just skim on it.

    1. No. Good and evil exist. If someone intentionally stomped your toe into a pulp right now, you'd remember which was which.

  111. here is the truth from the verses of Quoran descended from the only one god to the man kind 1400 years ago...

    They followed the incantations that the devils used against the kingdom of Solomon. Solomon did not hide the truth but the devils did. They taught magic to the people and whatever was revealed to the two angels, Harut and Marut, in Babylon. The two angels did not teach anything to anyone without saying, "Our case is a temptation for the people, so do not hide the truth."
    People learned something from the two angels that could cause discord between a man and his wife. However, they could harm no one except by the permission of God. In fact, the (people) learned things that would harm them and render them no benefit. They knew very well that one who engaged in witchcraft would have no reward in the life hereafter.
    Would that they had known that they had sold their souls for that which is vile!(2-102)

    1. how it is in reply to what a lie!!!!- in order to know the truth you must sell your soul! yet to whom or what do you sell it to?? if you live life without remorse you win!!!!!

    2. so you think do you live you life without remorse? And still alive how lucky. And where do think luck comes from?

  112. Biggest bunch of c*** ever! I was suspicious when I saw the discovery channel. This documentary did better to prove the conspiracy theories right then wrong, they show evidence they could be true, then the douche bag just says, no they are not true, without any proof to prove it. thank you crowley, its funny to me how many people who are parts of the highest levels of these groups that come out and tell the truth and people say its not true.

    Just like normal catholics don't see all the things the popes and bishops do, its the same for the bottom levels of any group. We didn't get an inside look, they just should an initiation rite, which as Crowley said, doesn't show you the truth of this cult. the proof is out there, if you don't want to know it thats fine, but don't just blatantly lie. it says all you have to do is believe in a supreme being, meaning Satan is just fine.

  113. Freemasons are people who are too smart to be Christians, and too stupid to be atheist. They worship basic mathematical symbols, and the mathematical nature of nature that people started to find long ago, without understanding it. They're people who might become politicians through their cultish network, but rarely scientists.

  114. blindsheep, those jokes are really old...why don't you go and watch some football...

  115. ok, way to much time wasted on the internet with this today. The only fact I learned from all the conspiracy theorists is that their webpages look really crappy. nothing like a neon font on a black background to make me believe that the masons killed kennedy and lincoln. You guys are pretty lame, go outside and play. play nice. With outdoor people. The real kind. no, your high school girlfriend is not calling you back. she found another guy. with a job. and his own place. and no, your mom is not your roommate. she is your mom.

  116. ignorance is bliss...and curiosity killed the cat....

    if you read into all of this s*** you would die of paranoia .....its a disturbing world.

  117. it's funny because you guys really have no idea. the more you don't know, the more things you make up.

  118. So many members, over so many centuries, in so many parts of the world able to keep so many deep dark secrets. Who are the robots?

  119. Wow Falcon and i hate liars u guys nailed it. kych look it up who owns discovery and so on. For the record this doc was a serious let down, let michael moore do it better lol. but i do have a mason lodge in my town and i now wanna be one!! woot woot

  120. Freemasonry is an impostor Christianity. What does scripture say?
    "Hereby know ye the Spirit of GOD. Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is GOD come in the flesh is of GOD. Any spirit that confesseth NOT that Jesus Christ is GOD come in the flesh is NOT of GOD, and is this spirit of anti-Christ..." - 1 John 4:2-4

    In the very first initiation process, I remember that I was blindfolded and had a cable tow tied around my neck. I was asked what is it that I seek. A brother beside me whispered in my ear,"Light.". At which I replied,"light.". That there is an apostasy to GOD and His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, as Jesus Christ is the Light of the World, and in Him, there is no darkness. I was denying Jesus Christ as being my light and that I needed the light of the fraternity(free masonry)in order to complete my life and existence, and without the fraternity, I would continue to live in darkness. Please remember the scripture that I quoted above, ANY SPIRIT THAT DOES NOT DECLARE THAT JESUS CHRIST IS GOD COME IN THE FLESH IS THE SPIRIT OF ANTICHRIST. WELL, THE LODGE IS DENYING IT HERE, AS THEY REPRESENT THEMSELVES AS THE LIGHT AND THEY DO NOT ALLOW THE NAME OF YESHUA TO BE SAID OUT LOUD IN THE LODGE OR AT ANY MEETINGS.

  121. Yeah, as a 3rd generation free mason, and I left the craft forever in 2008 btw, I have two words for all free masons:


    Did Ya Know:

    1. Aleister Crowley is the most decorated free mason in the history of the craft.
    2. Aleister Crowley unwittingly revealed the royal secret of freemasonry in "The Book of the Law".
    3. Crowley's brand of freemasonry is the O.T.O.,the Ordo Templi Orientis, a Magickal order run by Crowley while he was alive.
    4. These are the 3 main royal secrets of freemasonry as was told to me personally when I became a sublime prince of the royal secret(32nd degree), and began the 5 step process of illumination.
    A. Royal Secret 1: All paths lead to god. All paths lead to heaven. As above, so below. Order through chaos.

    B. Royal Secret 2: We worship the devil, and the name of Yeshua, AKA: Jesus Christ is forbidden in any lodge.

    C. Royal Secret 3: We gain immortality through immorality. In other words, sex magick. Through sodomy, we gain immortality and eternal youth through sex magick.

  122. I don't think it's relevant what their religion is as all religions have good people and bad people. I think the issue here is whether or not this global conspiracy to rule the world actually exists and whether or not people will be turned into zombie-like beings (which maybe we already are, who can tell) and whether or not we can do anything about it if it's true.
    Luciferians just have a different vision of which path is the truth. It doesn't necessarily mean these people are bad. The bible isn't the truth unless you believe it and these people even believe in the bible but interpret it differently. To me both religions are dogmatic and dogmatic religions are intolerant to other religions.

    We all know the world is not as peaceful and happy as could be but is there really one cult (one mind) behind it all ? If we could all find it in our hearts to tolerate other opinions the world would be a better place.

  123. Wow...that was stupid. They had as little evidence to proclaim the Masons free of conspiracy as the conspiracy theorists had to claim it. Must habe been made by and for the Masons to continue some nefarious activities of some kind! Again...Stupid.

  124. If any of you knew anything you would know that if it wasnt for the Knights Templar and the Freemasons then the bible would not be here today (nor would America be what it is FREE) and everyone would be catholic. Why dont you try and do some research before you speak you just show how dumb you are.

  125. to KYCH and i hate liars
    the best thing about the history channel and discovery is you can watch 2 masons on each show contradict what the other has said in a previous show or documentory. so in time it shows one of them or both of them are liars! period!

  126. all you guys need to chill

  127. Thanks for the link Falcon, I was at pt. 3 before I started thinking for myself and checked the comments...

    watching lightbringers now!

    Hey Kych, I bet this part hurt eh: "they just like to feel special and to be part of something bigger."

    Don't take it so personally.

  128. Kych, you are not fooling anyone...well, maybe yourself. I'm sure Albert Pike, the Luciferian, was a good Christian...and all freemasons that give oaths on their different religious books are of course really Christians...

  129. That's what I love about you guys. If all else fails, just make stuff up.

    Which Lodge are you a member of again?

  130. Kych, I think it's hilarious that you believe freemasonry is a part of the Christian religion...

  131. It is hilarious that people who have never set foot inside a Lodge claim to know anything about Masonry.

    It's funny that the culminating degrees require you to vow your belief in and to uphold the Christian religion.

    Which Luciferians is it that are practicing Christians again?

    1. All. All religions are actually luciferianism. Blood sacrifice? Multiple universes? Higgs Boson? Don't think magically. If you do, you are only turning the world upside down. That's luciferianism in a nutshell.

  132. Discovery Channel is a masonic owned company. Every time I see something from the Discovery channel speaking on conspiracies or anything about occult organizations it never surprises me that the discovery channel lies like crazy. Lol, a camera allowed in for a secret initiation, haha, yeah right, as if they won't put on a fake stunt just to help spread the lies for a masonic media channel.
    I never know why I still watch crap coming from the discovery channel, maybe I am waiting for them to start telling the whole stories and telling truths, but I won't hold my breath.
    Look into the facts that this video series lied about and never even tells any info on the rest of story.