Secret Space

Secret Space

2010, Conspiracy  -   64 Comments
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Secret SpaceSecret Space takes you deep inside the dark occult world of NAZI Germany, where Jews and ex-French Resistance fighters were used as slave labour to develop rocket-based weapons such as the V2 and the V1 'Doodlebug' - the forerunner of today's 'Cruise' missile. We explain how ex-SS Nazis were brought to America by the CIA under 'Project Paperclip' and given senior posts at NASA. We also see how NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasedena was set-up by Jack Parsons - a rocket engineer who was a disciple of Aleister Crowley.

From the late 1940s onwards, an unholy alliance of O.T.O devotees, NAZIs and senior 33rd degree Freemasons dupe the American taxpayer of billions of dollars and fake several moon missions in order to further their work on secret 'black budget' operations - a series of secret space programmes designing space vehicles and weapons systems to thwart attacks by alien craft... For the first time on film we see the 'Baby Shuttle' - a small space shuttle which fits inside the payload of the existing space shuttle and is then released into outer space for covert operations.

...It sounds incredible - but Secret Space contains a wealth of documents, photos and footage which proves that all this and more has come to pass. Secret Space exposes the fact that nearly all the first American astronauts into space were high ranking 32 and 33rd degree Freemasons. And that the brother of one of the Apollo Mission managers was appointed Sovereign Grand Commander of all Freemasons in America as a 'thankyou' for engineering the fake Apollo moon shots of 1969.

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All things about space and around our space and pertaining to the secret space program and the warden Program should be free by the American public because we already paid for it by taxes thank you for your
3 years ago

All things about space and around our space and pertaining to the secret space program and the warden Program should be free by the American public because we already paid for it by taxes thank you for your time

10 years ago

Fiercely disappointed by the embarrassing downward spiral this piece took precisely at the moment my screen began dancing with ominous flames and old photographs of deranged looking fellows who fancied themselves icons of devil worship. This isn't the first time I've watched a space conspiracy film that had some juvenile bias of this kind. "To Be Continued..." I did not bother watching the rest.

This film is oddly intriguing for its pseudo 2001-esque manner (the soundtrack) and it contains some interesting footage and interviews, if you are simply looking for conspiracy stuff to watch for a bit. However, I deem it a general failure for the reasons mentioned above and whole host of others. The inclusion of religious prophetic nonsense (the so-called "End Times" doctrines are the erroneous whims of John Darby, c. 1827, who was not educated on the literary styles of the writers of antiquity, let alone the writer of Revelations) almost 2 hours into the film, without any previous reference except ambiguous statements about membership within the Free Mason society, is evidence that those who wrote this piece might want to consider re-taking some low-level college courses. Particularly those ones which first teach good form and then teach good style.

Mandu Gogi
11 years ago

Conspiracy nutter is all the same. Too crazy to check any fact or hypocrisy. They want us to belief that man is too stupid to go on any moon mission, yet at same time we can hav secret mission in space to battle aliens, since even before moon travel era?
If we can't make a moon journey and must faked all, how can we travel beyond the moon and battle aliens in secret and not once any astronomer notice any of these nuclear weapon used in space battle? If we has secret outer space technology to battle alien since world war 2, how can moon travel be so much difficult it is fake?
Moon conspiracy person is stupidest conspiracy person of all!!!

11 years ago

what the Fxxx did i just watch?! one can entertain conspiracy theories if they're presented in a rational manner. although some topics presented were relevant and did bring into light certain issues, but this shit just keeps on getting worse and worse. what next? a colony of Nazi's on the dark side of the moon? the "whispering" soundtrack only added to the nonsense. i just wasted 2 hours.

11 years ago

This makes my head hurt.
Now how is it possible for the aliens to survive for years floating around in cosmic radiation and we can't?
Oh, wait...I know...they have...uh...madgycal sheeelds....
I kind of lost the point of the whole film.

Sam Haslam
11 years ago

"They" don't want you watching this particular documentary - it constantly freezes inexplicably, despite there being no drop in connection...!

11 years ago

regardless the word will be as is written. As to beings (critters) in space and ufos. Sould this be Angels, Demons, And the souls of man that unseen in earths air be seen in space? Every time a event happens that may or can lead to Revelation becoming fulfilled these spirits flock to observe it. 2021 will come like it or not. what will be will be. Thing is for now man rules nature and space. Soon nature and space will rule man. When water to drink cost more than Gas for cars, when food is worth more than Gold. When Governments own populations rather than the populations owning the government. Government will rule, or try to, but will fail. If you dont think so read news papers and watch tv and see it coming. If you cant see it coming your blind. When man did not see the wisdom of the native Americans he doomed his own self. When he did not except Gods simple rules as the way to live he sealed his fate. You cant take without giving back. If you do there will be a price to pay. If you take from earth and dont give back or replace you rape the earth. If you do it to man you rape man. DO it to GOD and GOD will wont strike you dead on the spot. He will let you go and live in your blind folly until you destroy yourself. If a government takes from the people until it has taken all. YOu have the United States And it Budget problems. You Cannot fis this with taxes or budget, you must change how the Government is structured. Freedom Becomes communism, and Communisum will be come freedom. The endless Cycle but never learning from it because of greed and power. Until Tribulation and In pitty GOD stops The tribulation. Only then Will Man see.. Even then some wont, Even after 1000 yrs of peace, Man...some men will defy GOD and Want power again.. then will the total End come the Year will be close to 3021. But before this around 2021 will tribulation come for 3 1/2 yrs then peace for 1000 yrs. then will come the end. 3 1/2 yrs pf peace and proffit then 3 1/2 yrs of tribulation. Then 1000 yrs with GODs chosen ruling the new kingdoms of earth. my Gift in life is to read people. one on one and in groups , I see past and future and it is not me But him that this gift belongs to. I am nothing but a speaker of what I am shown. I ask for nothing, I want for nothing, I expect nothing. I am here only because He wishes it. When he is done with me I am gone back unto him that sent me. Let him that have a mind read and understand what is said for their own sake.

11 years ago

open up your minds people, we are all living a lie, Do you really trust your government that much? the ones that only care about money, the ones that use YOUR money to do what THEY want to do? They make billions of dollars themselves they have enough money between them to do what they want to do but they use yours instead. They rob you and lie straight to your face. World domination has been the agenda from waay back as far as history can go, what makes you think its still not going on now? Greed, Power, Control Thats what it all comes down to and they will do anything and say anything to accomplish that. Highly paid professional liars.. We need to put all this energy we are using on mainstream things and put it towards finding ourselves and why we are all here on earth, not to be pushed around and controlled to be slaves

11 years ago

The Bhagavad -Gita (as it is) Tells the absolute truth and is spoken by the highest of all authorities ,Lord Sri Krishna.
The purpose of human life is to go back to the spiritual world . The moon is a heavenly planet but still another material world ,so we have no business to go there nor do we qualify to go there.
However for those who still want to go there Krishna explains a Yogic mystic process as the method needed to qualify to obtain the moon .This means you can not travel to the moon by any mechanical method .
Nobody can deny that for every living entity on earth there is birth ,disease ,old age and death. It is the same for the moon or any other material planet .The spiritual planets have no such suffering therefore it is much better to make this your goal.
Chant the holy names of the Lord .

RAMA RAMA HARE HARE ...........and start heading in the right direction.

12 years ago

And of course, sustaining the whole Apollo programe was fake is patent nonsense. It took place at the height of the Cold War and the Space Race when Americans and Russians were watching eachoters like hawks, hardly waiting for any proof of swindle and occasion of exposing the enemy as a fraud. Besides, since the mid-sixties, as Arthur Clarke put it, it was impossible to secretely launch (or fake for that matter) anything larger than a pen into space without instant confirmation from a dozen uncontrolled sources. No, in my opinion trouble was that 1. the footage was too short and of bad quality (I'm talking here about the orriginal Lunar footage) and/or 2. it recorded forbidden things. LIke artificial structures that had no place up there, since that was the first Lunar landing. So, surely some of the footage had to be remade, hence the impossible light sources and shadows direction.

12 years ago

Highly debatable the permanent demonization of german scientists as "nazis". Whoever did any scientific research in his or her life knows more about the scientist psychology than the producers of present documentary. A scientist has no stomach nor time for politics. He lives for one thing only: to see his project materialized. For this, he would make a pact with the devil, in a hearbeat, without hesitation. Which does not make him necessarily a devil worshiper, if the help would come from God, he would become very religious, very suddenly for the same reasons. Von Braun & Co became nazis out of necessity, not convinction. Should they have chosen to make dissidence instead of science, we would have today several hundred more dead heroes and no Space Program. Personally I prefer the Space Program.

Muhammad Ali
12 years ago

P.S. In case no one noticed...the copyright always says..*Your name and personal details are enclosed on this DVD*..thats against the law isnt it??

Muhammad Ali
12 years ago

Enigma tv says it all...Clicked away the instant I saw that...what a bunch of bull.

12 years ago

Seriously? so all the times we shoot lasers at the moon are fake? Anyone who believes this s*** must be religious aka delusional

12 years ago

Warning!!!!!!!!This documentary is JUST for idiots and a total waste of time.Even a retarded could have done a better job.The only thing remarcable about it,is the lenght(1:51:14),and the boldness calling it a documentary.Don't take my word for it.........just watch 1:51:14 seconds of c**** and then you will see what i mean :)

12 years ago

What a load of half-baked bull. I'm so sick of so-called documentaries that use speculation and hear say to offer "proof" of their agenda. I watched about 10 minutes and I'm not getting those back... David Icke is an occult follower himself, and more often than not mixes lies, wild theories with no proof with real information. He's also an ego maniac.

Darksider, you're absolutely right and you managed more than I did (you fool lol)

BringMeTheHeadOfJarJarBinks, your first paragraph says exactly what I thought when I saw his name on the credits.

It's no secret that NASA routinely doctors photos of Mars to make it look redder to meet public expectations. So what? All this crap about the moon landings is not at all of interest to me. We'll soon know for sure when the telescope that's either just been completed or is being made takes pictures of the moon and we can see the flag, moon buggy etc.

Why are all the British conspiracy theorists wackos? David Icke started out of Jesus Christ and now David Shayler is a cross-dressing messiah... Bloody reptilian overlords... Where's the video evidence, Mr Icke and I'm not talking about frame by frame videos of people licking their lips. YOU PLANK!!!

12 years ago

This has to be one of the most stupid documentaries ever i managed to watch about 20 minutes of this crap until i turned it off.About the moonlanding there is a Mythbusters episode about that watch it instead of this ! nazis,aliens,alien technology, is all a bit too much to swallow horrible !!!!

12 years ago

The first name in the credits is David Icke. My Bullsh#t meter blew a fuse right there.

Then in the first 5-6 mins we have the typical "light-sources" claim of the photographs that can be debunked simply by going out on a (ironically) moonlit night and taking a few snaps.

And if we're going to have an evil conspiracy for Everything Nazi associated then get ready for the New World Order courtesy of Hugo Boss, Porsche and Volkswagen.

This isn't a documentary; it's a video Bedlam, laughing at the crazy people.

Otter Nonsense
12 years ago

What's not a laughing matter is that influential people either take this crap seriously, or play on the delusions of others for their own selfish and devious ends.

Uncritical acceptance of absurd ideas is the foundation for later abuse.

Otter Nonsense
12 years ago

soto 34
first they say the moonlanding was a fake, then that they did a freemanison ritual there …


12 years ago

first they say the moonlanding was a fake, then that they did a freemanison ritual there …

12 years ago

Imo a strong reason to keep many things/technologies secret, is for a country like USA to have a secret last line of defense in some way. imagine if war broke out, like if the situation with north korea escalated, then they might pull out some crap that has been in the works since the 40s, stuff that prolly wasnt perfected back then, if now even.

if thats how it is, then its a pretty good reason to keep it a secret, nonetheless it pisses me off that i dont know.

12 years ago

Google project bluebeam... aliens people... come off it now.

All sci-fi is predictive programming. The Government invented the theory of a UFO coverup at Roswell. After we finish fighting the phantom men with turbans, look out... because war of the worlds will be on - courtesy of the same elitist "corporation" that seeks to enslave us all in their neo-feudal global dictatorship.

12 years ago

This is so extremely fascinating.

So much credible evidence. I've heard about Philip J. Corso for years. The things that went on underground in Area 51 talked about by Bob Lazar (I know many, including Zecharia Stitchin, who claim his education records and yearbook appear to not match his story, so they discredit him; I've since learned more and his authenticity is even more verified, so he is not making things up), the Project Paperclip, the flying saucers back-engineered in Nazi Germany in a giant underground facility, etc., the moon photographs with two light sources, the Nazis at the head of the CIA, NASA, and the space program, Werner von Braun and things he has said about UFOs and the external threat out there...

it all starts to come together. very amazing. definitely saving for reference and reflection.

12 years ago

Heck the second moon landing saved the faith in religious belief, if they had showed our population evidence of others, alien ancient structures, UFO's etc., the religions were thought to not understand these new understandings, which would distroy churches beliefs, proving the dark age religion still practiced is simply then the untruth, man invented gods would be in greater question.

12 years ago

The producer of this film is a known wack. Not to say there aren't government cover-ups and whatnot, but this is the type of trash that makes all conspiracy theorists look crazy....Anyhow, there is a market for this stuff, so i guess someone had to go so far and make a few bucks being the most "extreme", for lack of a better word. The security features on his videos are a complete lie too.

12 years ago

This documentary hits almost every conspiracy theory out there. It contains a lot of very good information but uses it in a very bias way. It's also very scattered with its approach, taking one position then contradicting it later on. Example: It starts off eluding that the lunar landing was faked, but ends with the astronauts performing a satanic ritual on the moon. Which is it? Was it fake or real?

12 years ago

Oh, and another thing. Anybody who did any serious science research knows more about the scientist's psychology than the producers of this movie will ever know. Nazis ? Von Braun and Herman Oberth and all the other Germans from the Paperclip list ? My 11 number foot ! A scientist, a true one, couldn't care less about politics ! He doesn't have time for such trash.

He often favors dictatorships, yes, because contrary to what happens in a democracy, namely endless debates for very little funding, if you convinced the dictator that your project is valid and the dictators says "Build it !" then it'll be built in no time. Hence the initial progress of the Russians in the Space race. To see his research funded and validated, any scientist would make (metaphorically only !) a pact with the devil. Otherwise said, with the dictator.

Best proof is, by the assessment of American colleagues, the loyal Germans became loyal Americans, once adopted and paid for their keeping like very few Americans ever did. It's downright idiotic to reproach people like von Braun and Oberth of having used the work of concentration camp prisoners and to label them as "nazis" just because they had the misfortune of being historically synchronized with a nazi regime.

Their science was a totally different compartment, providing the work force was the task of the administrators. Who, sadly, were recruited from the ranks of the SS sometimes. Just imagine what would have happened if von Braun would have refused to use slave work, for humanitarian reasons. It would have been labeled as treason, he would have been imprisoned and probably executed himself, another scientist would have been taken his place and the weapons project would have merrilly continued. And we would have no von Braun and no Oberth for the Appolo program. There are not many such brains per century.

12 years ago

Frankly, this is beyond pathetic, beyond ludicrous. Like you'd hear Torquemada talking in 21-th century. Dangerous though because the producers are trying very hard to get negative associations: NASA - satanism - nazi. Therefore implying that everything that's pertaining to Space exploration is also negative, tantamount to blasphemy.

For the record: given the intensity of the Cold War, such a scam was purely impossible, Russians and Americans were watching eachother like hawks, each would have immediately exposed any scam the others tried to pull. And every space mission, lunar or simply orbital was monitored to the millisecond. Besides, from almost 50 years now nobody could launch in Space (from Earth) an object of any visible dimensions without the opposition being instantly aware. This thanks to the terrestrial and space spies, human and technological.

A series of experiments were then conducted from Earth involving equipment left on the Moon by Appolo missions, e.g. a laser reflector which reflected a laser beam from Earth and so permitted to measure the distance Earth-Moon with unprecedented precision. A number of nations who had the necessary techology, some of them fierce competitors of US, were invited to repeat and validate the experiment.

What the spectator should ask himself is the old question "qui prodest ?" To whom such an interpretation is useful. Proabaly to the same lobby which manages to ground any serious (human crew) Space research for 38 years now, who's shutting down proissing Space research projects and who, for the last 30 years fires NASA specialists by the dozens. And what would be the only rational explanation ? When would humans abandon such a vital field as Space research ? Well, my guess is only when they are pursuing it successfully in secret. With technology and new propulsion system of incredible performance, of which we have no right of knowledge, although it is built with our money...

12 years ago

Btw, Mazlan Othman is about to be appointed the first UN (and Earth's) ambassador "for extraterrestrial contact affairs" :-). Ain't that fun

12 years ago

@ gero2006,

I think it was the sixth minute that was essential... Soooooo, your comment is basically irrelevant :-). Tough

12 years ago

sweet, looads of information.
but dont break your teath on the way it's presentad

13 years ago

I could not stand watching this doc for more than five minutes. Have they something to say? Maybe they should do so before the audience dies of old age!

13 years ago

Wow this is total propaganda lol! complete and utter garbage. dont waste your time with docs like these, they are simply a bunch of random images and quotes taken out of context and delivered in whatever fashion best serves the agenda of whatever group is behind them. oh and btw Paul McK is absolutely right about the Val Allen belts, it is scientific fact that the radiation is not anywhere near a lethal dose unless you have prolonged exposure, which you don't while passing through on your way to the moon. And if you think scientific fact is wrong and you are correct.. then, quite frankly, you are a self righteous m@#$%!

13 years ago

This one is for Paul Mc knowitall. "It simply isn't supported by any evidence". Thats right little man, no flesh has passed through these belts....Duh! Learn who you are and why your contained in a flesh cage and you will be on your way to understanding. I would suggest you start now, because the Warden is coming back to check on the inmates soon.

13 years ago

Good doc, shame about the stupid chimes played at every opportunity (first half hour)
and the terribly terribly cheesy editing, I really don't want an alien flashed up after every shot (second half hour)

13 years ago

That's one mixed up video.

Paul McKenzie
13 years ago

These programs always cite the Van Allen Belts as a reason we never went to the moon. Im sick of hearing about them, they are indeed very radioactive, but the missions that have passed through them do not go through the most radioactive parts, and do not stay for a sufficient time to suffer any ill effects. In order for them to be "deadly" as these programs often say, you would have to stay for a long time to receive a deadly dose of radiation. This is scientific fact...its easy to find out on google or any other research you wish to conduct. Please stop using this as an example because it simply isnt supported by any evidence.

13 years ago

i think they needed another 5 minutes of intro lol geeeez

dirty d
13 years ago

SO lemme get this straight, the same documentary claiming that space travel is impossible is also using nasa space footage to prove UFOs...


13 years ago

So cheap disaster scifi . Total bulshit brainwash i've ever seen..

13 years ago

oh my god the director & the editor of this documentary MUST DIE of shame... i love documentaries & this one is kinda silly but interesting... anyway i fell asleep 5 times... the sphere is like a horror movie but with space images instead of monsters... half the documentary are just unnessesary images that are down right boring...

13 years ago

I normally stay the hell away from anything to do with the moon, but this was pretty interesting. Lots of assumptions but delivered nicley. Didn't realize that so many nazi scientists etc ended up in nasa, the freemasonry thing is pretty bizzare aswell.
Deffo worth a watch

pete b
13 years ago

Stupidest documentary i have ever seen, are you people kidding me, space serpents....loll, there was no clear evidence for any of there theories, they see a blob of light and its an alien, dotn waste your time wiith this one, i got threw half of it and that was enough for me....

Kevin Jones
13 years ago

Wow is right. The summary had me foaming at the keyboard to check this out. I'm all about conspiracy theories, even ones I don't believe, I still find interesting. But combining Free Masons AND UFO's... goodness gracious this might be the mother load ha ha ha ha ha.

13 years ago

WOW is all I can say. Video makes fantastic claims.
Definitely worth a weekend of research time.

13 years ago

I dont know why 'they'(whoever they really are)would hide these wonderful things from the general populace. I just hope that they dont use it for any bad things and also hope that one day they would share it. knowledge is power,depriving someone of knowledge...CONTROL

Achems Razor
13 years ago

Charles B.

To get the full benefit from this, you must watch the full movie.
It is one hour and 51 minutes long.

Google-(google videos-secret space)

There is overwhelming evidence that we are not alone in the Universe!
It is a given, that it has always been a cover up!

There have been 6 Moon landings, my position is clear on the manned Moon landings, see my other threads.

Space serpents? It is so far fetched that it is hard not to believe!
Reality sometimes is stranger than fiction!

I believe the last 30 minutes of the movie are very informative of
how little, the average person actually knows about anything!


Charles B.
13 years ago

Not sure what to think of all this. Mr. Razor, what do you think? Is it all a bunch of puck? I'd like to believe that U.F.O.'s aren't real, but the moonlanding was. Space serpents? Now that would be an interesting discovery if it were so, wouldn't it?

14 years ago

anyone know the music in this documentary?