Secrets in Plain Sight

Secrets in Plain Sight

2010, Conspiracy  -   80 Comments
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Secrets In Plain Sight is an awe inspiring exploration of great art, architecture, and urban design which skillfully unveils an unlikely intersection of geometry, politics, numerical philosophy, religious mysticism, new physics, music, astronomy, and history.

Exploring key monuments and their positions in Egypt, Stonehenge, Jerusalem, Rome, Paris, London, Edinburgh, Washington DC, New York, and San Francisco brings to light a secret obsession shared by pharaohs, philosophers and kings; Templars and Freemasons; great artists and architects; popes and presidents, spanning the whole of recorded history up to the present time.

As the series of videos reveals how profound ancient knowledge inherited from Egypt has been encoded in units of measurement, in famous works of art, in the design of major buildings, in the layout of city streets and public spaces, and in the precise placement of obelisks and other important monuments upon the Earth, the viewer is led to perceive an elegant harmonic system linking the human body with the architectural, urban, planetary, solar, and galactic scales.

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80 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Perplexed

    why do they say 33 in the phony news stories almost everyday?

    1. Coolio

      33 Bones in the bones/vertebrae in the human spine. Learn Gematria the language of the ruling class: Masonry=33, Magic=33, False Flag=33 in the news stories the coding will relate to the story, the people, birthdates, time in calendar year( we are on their calendar, the Gregorian calendar, created by a Jesuit. Learn the code see through the deceptions.

  2. Stoic187

    None of this is “hidden” people are just ignorant to the language. By that same logic, this entire website is “hidden” to anyone unable to read and decipher English.

  3. Denise

    There is an obelisk in Kingston Tennessee.

  4. Loops

    YOUR BETTER OFF watching a Muppet Christmas Carol

    1. erik

      This was written by someone zombi-ized by a life of passive TV watching! You've been programmed to buy, consume, and spend and live a bogus "Reality TV" life.
      Anything you encounter outside of your TV-induced programming must be rejected!
      Hurry, you might miss the next installments of Keeping Up With the Kardashians or Sunday Football. Don't pay any attention to the men behind the curtain!

    2. Saturn

      unless you can spell "you're" - if you fall in this elite company spare the muppets and watch this documentary.

  5. Nancy

    I hate to tell all you illiterate people that Dan Brown mixed his novels on mostly facts and investigating secret societies. I thought these documentaries were interesting because I love numbers and I am a believer that nothing in this world happens by chance. Truth is stranger than fiction.

    1. Aelina

      You are awesome. Thank you.

  6. anon

    Does this remind anyone of From Hell by Alan Moore?

  7. Kevin Poss

    Coincidence? Vatican City is a ******* pagan guys are r****ded. THIS IS INTENTIONAL!!!! THEY OWN YOU!!! THEY ARE LAUGHING AT YOU!!!! Every dollar they print makes them richer, and you poorer. Pull your heads out.

    1. Howard Long

      It is refreshing to know there are others who can accept research based evidence on clear facts. Who knew there would come a day when mankind was blinded by their own desire to be blinded.
      The scriptures prophesied this and Jesus Christ proclaimed it when he was on earth as The Son of Man.

  8. Kevin Poss

    Sad that so many dismiss this as 'nonsense.' The researcher/filmmaker isn't asking anyone to believe in God, aliens, or anything else. He merely is showing you that the people in charge 'worship' in the same way, a very interesting way...and it still goes on today. There are real impacts from this. Don't be id**ts...everything is're fools not to realize we all are paying 'protection' to the international cabal of organized crime. They own your eyes. The central banking scam is a great place to start.

    1. Kevin Poss

      Kev, this is a bit extreme, even for me. My name is also Kevin Poss...for what it's worth. 'Secrets Hidden In Plain Sight' is an interesting documentary, but all that really is suggested is that basic Hermetic principles are encoded in art and architecture. Is it true that taxation of any kind, including inflation, is basically a protection racket? Sure, from a certain point of view...and the Federal Reserve isn't performing well, but all profits from the Fed are returned to the U.S. Treasury. The mafia doesn't run the world. Is government basically organized crime? I sympathize somewhat with your position, but it isn't as if there is a cabal of international bankers that are making out like bandits.

  9. Liss

    I ended up watching the entire 4+ hours non stop.
    Credit and thanks to the creator.
    I found it well worth watching.

  10. Jessica Carden

    great film. ignore the sheeple

  11. BryantTucker

    almost every book referenced in this video has been debunked. It is amazing how gullible people can be.

    1. Coolio

      Debunked by whom? This comment is laughable let me guess debunked by the 'Fact Checkers' paid for by the same ones who brought you the lies in the first place. Bryant needs to find some critical thinking skills

  12. Mike

    This is just a pile of c***, shapes, patterns and ratios are re-used by civilisations due to study and recognition by the master planners of cities, not f****** cults.

    Have a look at the city of Canberra and how all the major roads point towards the major cities of Australia ..... and Wellington. Coincidence, I think not, Australia has been planning to invade New Zealand for 90 years!!!! Warn New Zealand now!!!!

    The argument above is just as valid as any argument in this video and as for Canberra, the truth is that Australia thought that the island of New Zealand would be part of Australia and not that generations of planning and foundation work would be set up for a big invasion.

    1. Undecider

      Who planned these roads and where they point? Joe Six-Pack? Or the cult groups? Definitely not average architects.

    2. Hdhd

      Yes, because master planners of history haven't been known to openly write about their love affair with mystery schools that make no secret about their deliberate insertion of numbers and reflection of the cosmos.

      They aren't talking about every cit in the world. They are talking about key cities such as New York, Paris, London, D. C. Cities with monuments and temples that make little secret about what they are trying to symbolize.

  13. Jim Bunion

    I can only say that God Created the Universe and some of these mathematical constants, fibonacci series, Golden Section, phi, pi, all these numbers are in nature and consistent in literally millions of things.

  14. Joshua Marks

    Long, detailed and dry... AND interesting... but this documentary goes into and stays with the presentation of the deep language of symbolism and its usage in ways that no other documentary I know of does. Great if you want to get a handle on the depth of the "esoteric arts" of the Craft and language of the occult. Watching this one should earn you a badge or college credits... ; )


    we have to understand to get rid of free massons


    nan it's conspiracy ah ah;) it's mathematic geometry ancient resurected by e a penis:O


    i knew all that almost....but to put it in place.....that deserve......whatever......respect and wathever you need to know if i can i'll help you,it's like a call to humanity...we are ruled by people who(they don't really care about us) rip michael you brought to me to knowledge my man,people still,like an hour ago..say that you are guay,pedophile,bla bla,and i keep everywhere saying you're gone for us,a symbol.....i don't know what massons say about that but michael jackson show me the way to were we must all go we re we have to


    it's all i know learned but all in place feels good to have everything put in place.....


    hiden in plain sight....i taught i googled that before and i have all my answer when i was sad after thinking that MJ is maybe dead for us


    and our main concern is to make our family eat,and they care about that ;)


    omg 20:19 jerusalem that is insane,thanks whoever you are you are giving me alot of credibility and maybe i'm lazy compare to the people who did that research but it's all in your face facts and mathematics and geometry and like it works since we are on hearth


    it's like beeing back in school but for once it's the truth,who did that ,are you a teacher i hope for our kids.....

  23. Jim

    Great stuff

  24. disqus_ZxBkBoCTA2

    I think he did a lot of good research and gave people a lot to think about

  25. onefeather

    Alot of research and interesting, it does not matter if you agree or believe his theroy he still has done a lot of researching to put this together.I think it is great that there are some who do this for us who enjoy wanting to know more. And he does give name's of books that one can check out.

  26. Chumpstain

    The major point I carry away from this documentary is how the cult of the Mason's have found a great truth in the sacred geometry, but lost the balance of the feminine energy. They have tried to balance their lack by worshiping Isis, but have forgotten the compassion, temperance and love the feminine energy embodies. War, blood lust and power have been the result. With this understanding, we have found their weakness to their downfall within the sacred geometry of male/female. "Pride cometh before a fall," and their pride has blinded them to the power of water over fire, or the balance of feminine with the masculine. So how do we defeat this aggression of power play? Non-compliance takes the power away from their hands. There can be no wars if we refuse to fight them. There can be no leaders if we refuse to follow. Think globally and act locally. Whenever possible, support local business. Cultivate communities which are sustainable and independent of established municipalities.

  27. Schel Harris

    Home Made Slide Show Vomit.
    Dont bother

  28. I AM POP SLAG.

    This looks like rather a load of theres a nugget or two of interesting in there somewhere- so long as the masons remain a creepy ritualistic secretive sect then there will be specualtion as to what their weird beliefs are... somewhere in all this lies the truth and they aint telling anytime soon now are they?
    the integers are fundamental realities of our universe- and thats not hokey s*it- stephen hawking told me
    why are teh masons so obsessed by certain ones as they know this by why 33? and 13?

  29. kbeslic

    I have a question for the people reacting negatively to this doc.
    Can you please name the things stated in this doc that aretn't true?

    This isn't a provocation I'am honestly interested in what you have
    to say.

    1. Simon Gramstrup

      Hi kbeslic.

      It kind of sucks when you see something cool, and the reaction from people is ridicule. Personally i'm one of the 'nutters' who wants to remove money from the world - so i know! ;)

      "Can you please name the things stated in this doc that aretn't true?"

      Yes, ..but mostly no. He makes a claim once every 5 seconds throughout the doc. If I roughly divide them in three parts:
      a) claims that might be true, and are presented as true - I have no reason to dismiss these, other than many of them seem to stem from a wide variety of non-scientific sources - but, they might be true.
      b) claims where he states "is this a coincidence?", "perhaps.." or "I think that..". It's alright to speculate, but you need to separate your facts from your "maybe's".
      c) the last part are claims where he forces the data to fit his theory. "There is 33 spines if you don't count the fused", numeral shapes that he 'fits' onto maps. He looks for/include only things that fits his theory. First rule of finding facts: You can't MAKE the data fit your theory, and expect it to be true.

      Overall the doc is dotted with b) and c) but just continues as if they where true. It's almost a 'claims-overload' situation. The same mistake is done by many other researchers on the outer 'fringe' of knowledge.

      ----- some other thoughts on this/similar docs -----

      This guy MAY be right in everything he says, but there's a few problems i can think of.

      1. The researcher:
      We all see patterns everywhere, we collect our data from sources that presents some of the same views as our own, and we surround ourselves with like-minded people.

      - The effect is that you might not get the criticism that your research needs (to be as true as possible), and much of your research is based on others like you. You need to be trained/learned in the scientific methods to avoid some of these pitfalls. (he does mention the methods though..)

      So it is reasonably likely that everything in this documentary is based on sources from non-trained scientist that simply builds on top of each other, all without proper (self?) criticism of methods or data.

      2. The presentation:
      If a message is to far from the viewers pov, a state called 'cognitive dissonance' sets in, and our brains have a tendency to dismiss the new conflicting data. We also have a limited ability to 'overview' a subject before we need to categorize/structure the new knowledge. If you present more than 4-7 'points' without trying to structure the data, a similar cognitive dissonance sets in and we dismiss it as 'confusing' and 'probably wrong'.

      - the effect is that, if you don't carefully introduce an oblivious viewer to your research, you risk loosing most of them (as he indeed did).

      All in all, I (felt i) was presented with one looong continuous stream of mixed claims/speculation, that seemed to jump from one topic to another, to another, to another, etc. seemingly without ever making a point to why this is important (unless you enjoy numbers/shapes) or trying to 'catch' the lost viewers with a summary, a common 'tread' or something like that.

      Sorry for the whopping (but structured) post :}

    2. Pythus

      remove money from the world? LOL. ok ill trade you just an ounce of weed for a sense of reality and reasoning. ill barter you some common sense.

    3. Ralf Amok

      believe it or not, this was the reality not too long ago... just as anarchy was a working system in some of the bigger EU countries... it was feudal anarchy yet anarchy nevertheless. In countries where some amazing technological, cultural and scientific advancements were made at the same time. Tisk tisk... a bit of a history never heard anyone.

  30. DjCu

    I am grateful that this information in this doc is available to everyone.

    Thank you

  31. xoxoxoxo

    Anybody notice the american flag upside down that Osiris is sitting on at 2:04:03. And this is on the wall in Egypt.

  32. Mauricio Gomez

    if you watched 20 minutes of this documentary and yawn, watch the full thing, but I think you must be interested first and/or have seen many documentaries of geometry, science and religion to reall appreciate it.

    This is a GREAT docu, full of info and alot of work has been put in it.

  33. Christian Hartmeyer

    I must say, when I saw the picture of Buzz Aldring holding a "masonic flag" I had to cought (Photoshop)

  34. BrightGeist

    Who ever made this film has, obviously, way too much time on their, proverbial hands.

  35. harry

    a very interesting film it certainly puts a new meaning on FACE VALUE for me its like the world is full of spies who just lie when in front of a camera a first division of liars!

  36. tawni007

    I watched this video over the last three days. I just want to say that this was a very interesting docu and i liked it. Gives a person alot to think about.

  37. hommydc2

    same high pinched voiced inflection pattern repeated for over 3 hours.. make sure you don't have any loaded weapons sitting around or this might be your last documentary

  38. Simon Gramstrup

    I lasted 20min, then he talked about '33 spines if you count the fused'.. Seems like most viewers here agree that its one of the usual numerology / mason / 'patterns everywhere' thingy..

    He definitely spend a lot of time on this presentation to the world. I allmost feel bad i only watched 20min :-/

    1. BrightGeist

      Ha ha, I got to 18min.

    2. Hdgd

      Yeah, these architects don'texactly make it a secret thatt they hold certain numbers in such high regard they build monuments in their dimensions. This isn't someone claiming grey ETs are running around below Washington. What's more unbelievable is tring to prove these groups do not worship the mystery schools and take things like the dimensions of Solomons temple seriously enough to incorporate at locations they deem important. He isn't forcing all of this shit until it fits his pattern... The bulk of it right there. If he's wrong about 5 out of twenty things, I can deal with it. He's clearly tryin g to cover a lot of ground.

      It is hardly unheard of for these numbers to be deliberate in so many of the places, and it has nothing to do with "well that's just what the best design for the job leads to naturally". Really? St. Peters square looks natural to you? Crossing a line across a tower and 6 other sites worldwide with deep seated reverence is a coincidence and all of those locations were chosen at random?

      "33 if you count the spine"... Why wouldn't he count the spine? It is not debatable they represent that number in architecture deliberately everywhere else, it'd go against occums razor to assume it's not just to make your case. What? That only applies to your opponent in debate? This isn't proving something that doesn't exist or is unheard-of. They do actually incorporate this stuff.

      Onstotts method can be used to try this on any random shopping mall or complex and not find anything that falls together. In fact, this is the thing you'd have to force it til it fits.

  39. ercan besli

    I am very impressed with the research went in to this documentary.It is very long and full of examples architecture, geometry,history and so on. Some of the findings shown in this film just might be coincidence, i don't know but i wonder why some high political and financial powers have some kind of obsession with ancient Egypt. Why did they bother shipping huge obelisks weighting hundreds of tonnes from long distances? Why putting a pyramid picture on the bill?

    1. Dean Edgington

      I actually enjoyed watching this film despite my misgivings.

    2. Robert

      there are zero coincidences in life. that is a learned behavioral response to what is called synchronicity. all aspects are and have purpose nothing is random or without meaning no matter how coincidental a situation may appear. the word should not exist. By using the word you diminish all and trivialize the thing originally observed, by never looking deeper. judgement or perceptions is frozen when one throws away clear useful data by coincidence...

    3. quisanum

      Very well observed, i agree; but note also how language has been warped in numerous ways to obfuscate meaning, obstruct understanding and impede communication, for instance by allowing for several, sometimes even opposite or mutually exclusive meanings to be denoted by one and the same expression. If 'coincidence' can mean the seemingly chance concurrence of reasonably comparable aspects of two or more distinct things, expressions or events relative to space and time, the fact that we are conscious of this correspondence proves that it is not by 'chance'; which is somewhat of an oxymoron...

  40. Dean Edgington

    It just goes to show, if you are determined to make the data fit the conclusions (pathological science) rather than letting the data inform the conclusions, anything is possible. Luckily, it doesn’t take much for people to see this kind of stuff for what it is. Still, I'm impressed with the effort it must have taken and how narcotic it is, thanx for helping me get to sleep last night Mr Onstott.

    1. Aaron K

      Yeah, he certainly gives off that Richard Hoagland vibe.

  41. Pythus

    is he brings up dan brown or his books one more time im not watching the rest.

    1. Jasa Gladez

      First Dan Brown then this Sitchin guy... Here we go...

  42. Carl

    I seen this some time ago. It was very entertaining. History's mystery's gotta love em.

  43. Aaron K

    This is hard to sit through. This is entirely opinionated and resonates in the same poor way Ancient Aliens does. The host's voice is completely without energy making this more boring than elementary math. However if you need something to watch before bed I more than recommend this.

    1. Carl

      I agree. Overall 3 out of 5 stars. 3 only because it must have took some effort.

  44. dmxi

    people that rule by agitating the abstruse to achieve abstruse rulement, attract abstruse people, charging the abstruse rulers of abstruse atrocities, which gives the abstruse agitators the benefit of discharging the abstruse accusants of abstruse claims...which leads to abstruse measures to control an abstruse populace which is dumbfoundly in awe of abstruse detractors,that it
    degenerates to an accomplice of the abstruse rulement...bend your head around that one!


      Very abstruse...especially the word rulement.

    2. Imightberiding

      Are you being a little obtuse?

    3. dmxi


    4. quisanum

      what might look like the triangulation of the acuity of obtuseness here and there, does not override the impression of inexorable factuality of coincidence overall.

  45. CarimboHanky

    3+hours of yawn fest!!!

  46. Johny Murgas

    So they have an obsession with Symmetry and a fetish with Ancient Egypt...
    What's the big deal? Symmetry has an effect on psychology, and mathematics is the language of nature, it's obvious they are going to mimic nature.

    1. Carl

      Not so sure about the obvious.

  47. tbar

    IlluminatiMatrix ... Read it all. Break free the Trance.

  48. Paul MacLeod

    In the description above it mentions "New Physics". What the hell is "New Physics" when its at home!? Sounds like another pseudo science to me. I suppose I could have a go at making some esoteric geometric shapes using my old lego or mechano sets, no wait, I think I have a spiral graph set some where, I'm sure it'll yield some really funky results! ;)

  49. a_no_n

    For those wondering if it's worth it, the guy was inspired by dan brown and various other novels.

    His 'secrets' involve purposefully taking tiny details out of things, removing all context from them and then trying to explain how they might fit into a narrative.

    He ignores the fact that THOUSANDS of patterns can be transcribed to the things he addresses.

    Not long ago, someone plotted patterns in lay lines, he found perfect triangle over perfect triangle, the focus of his experiment were Tesco supermarkets.

    We are pattern finders, it goes way back to hiding from tigers in the bush, the one that was good at seeing patterns was the one who lived long enough to procreate...we make patterns out of everything, because patterns make things easier to understand, but most patterns...Like the garbled ones thrown relentlessly at us by this video, are entirely made up.

    The fact that most maths can fit in with all other maths, is what makes it maths! The author has confused a fundamental aspect of maths with conspiracy.

    So yeah...If you tyhink the Davinchi code was a documentary, you'll love this. But if you want serious info, you're going to have to give this one a miss.

    1. Kateye70

      But is it at least entertaining?

      Edit: Not particularly entertaining, just mind-numbing repetition of numerology and masonic conspiracy. Nothing new at all. =/

    2. a_no_n

      Lol, i'm incredibly dull so I don't dare say. What i find entertaining might bore you to tears, and visa versa.

    3. Common_Tator

      That was all I needed to read

    4. Jim

      Did you watch it??
      Architects do not just 'garble' out cathedrals, church's, and obelisks. These are planned, every dimension, angle, sculpture, etc.. If a pattern is there it is there, the question is whether it has significance and meaning. Nothing to do with tigers in the bush,
      this is not pattern finding in nature..
      If you associate something with something else doesn't mean they'll share the same validity, that's just in your head.
      Some fiction is based on reality, some reality (news, media) is based on bull s**t.

    5. Jim Bunion

      The guy might be a little off, but Math constants are part of the Universe and in nature, you will find constants, fibonacci series, golden sections, etc. Phi, pi.

    6. a_no_n

      yeah that was pretty much my point.