The Secret Mars Colony

The Secret Mars Colony

2014, Conspiracy  -   68 Comments
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Are you worried the government has interests and endeavors they don't want you to know anything about, and that there are rich and powerful people all around us that have access and influence you will never have? Then UFOTV's The Secret Mars Colony is very likely right up your alley. The film looks at man's interest, exploration, and pursuit of habitation of our closest planetary neighbor from a hyper-conspirative perspective, theorizing a number of the widely-accepted truths about Mars are in fact merely propaganda. Some of the ideas presented:

Mars is being prepared as a survival colony in the event of what is thought to be imminent catastrophe that will leave Earth basically uninhabitable. This inevitability of planetary demise is pitched as having been known since as far back as the 1950's, when top secret government summits with the world's most enlightened scientific minds presented data not unlike the notions of global warming. Predictions as early as our previous (2000's) decade were made as to when these events could occur.

That Mars was colonized by mankind in mid-20th century, and has been populated by strategically selected specialists since that time. Travel between Earth and Mars has been an ongoing and rather routine practice during this entire time span, with teleportation (utilizing technology stemming from wormhole-like physics concepts) being the chief mode of transportation. " across large distances is best done using portals. Anything else is's just inefficient."

An elite class of Americans, President Eisenhower's great granddaughter being a vocal member of that group, have been presented the opportunity to opt in to these "escape programs" on a rolling basis throughout the years.

"The NASA that we've known for 50 years has been a lie." The idea that NASA is an open civilian scientific organization is a front, and rather was actually formed for the purpose of achieving all the aforementioned technological advancements for governmental utilization only.

The narrator is adamant in the closing minutes of the film that the data presented is not intended as proof the government has colonized Mars, then in his next point turns the conversation to whether Disney's (atrocious) 2012 film "John Carter" could have been a glimpse at the government's portal-based interstellar travel technology. It certainly is a presentation of a number of bold ideas, but only the most skeptical will be able to buy into most of the ideas here.

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  1. Joey Michaels

    Basiago is a government troll who introduced his nutty theories at a Canadian 911 Truth conference years ago. Why? To make "Truthers" look crazier than hell. If you really think this idiot and Obama were zapped to Mars, you need a major reality check. And Laura Eisenhower is another well known nut job that is making money selling this science fiction as fact. Poor Ike. Must be rolling in his grave.

  2. Pachacouti

    Teleportation already exist's, and it's this easy to prove: The medical profession decided that they could email a prescription (ingredients) to someone at the other side of the world who would 3d print their synthetic medication! So yip, we have teleportation already, next please haha!

  3. Cartesian Pete

    Flat Earth is a PsyOp designed to distract attention from everything presented in this excellent video

  4. Miguel Rodriguez

    I really want to believe this! It wouldn't surprise me that stuff like this is happening. However, I have yet to see the evidence. Yeah, I've seen interviews with Bob Lazar, Andy Basiago, the British dude that hacked NASA networks, and others, but they don't provide much solid evidence other than their testimony. I'd like to see or hear pictures, videos, tools, blueprints, voice recordings, anything tangible to support these claims. I can't dismiss any of this because I really have no clue as to what goes on in the black projects industry or what our leaders are doing in secret. But I can't accept it either because of the lack of proof.

    1. Lisette

      how can you provide solid evidence? in 50 yrs or less, they will be able to say that WW2 cant be proven, that the holocaust was made up..and nobody will have evidence. I can give you some now.. but even that, you could say was CGI...i know what I know because my family were there, the film clips I've seen depicting one individual whose granddaugheter was confronted by are consistent with first hand accounts Ive been given. Myth used to have adiffernt meaning than made up story.. these things will be myth..the wicked ones will be able to have their lies in print to dilute the truth..

  5. TC

    I believe just about everything in this documentary & I have watched interviews with Henry deacon, Gary mckinnon & Andrew basiago but they arnt the only ones that have came forward & talked of teleportation devices & Mars.

  6. fred

    I have an idea, if you do not like these kind of movies, instead of crying about it, DO NOT WATCH IT. By the way, here on earth scientist's have been working on the transporter for over 8 years that I have read about. Back then they could transport only 1 molecule, but that was in the open science news, not black ops. true.

    1. Lisette

      who is crying about it?

  7. MarvinMartian

    It would seem people in NASA and anyone who makes things for space related companies would promote any propaganda to get more funding.

    The asteroid watchers had fear campaign a number of years ago to get some funding so they would continue to have a job.

  8. cs

    Please take this down. Some people may actually believe it!

    1. Lisette

      I suppose you think your govt is there for you, vaccines are life saving, chemotheapy is the answer? that there is no cure for cancer?

  9. Gorm

    This is incredibly retarded.

  10. Ryan

    best comment Ever - Kudos to "PWNDECAF"
    I bought a time-share on Mars but the travel costs are astronomical, even with teleportation! Lots of overhead, so they say...

  11. st

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha............... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.................. HA!


    Uh , this guy has seen way too many episodes of Battlestar Galactikook...I will not elaborate as to the source of my knowledge , but ,humans have NOT nor will they be able to for a very long time if ever, travel beyond the VanAllen layer of protection. Gamma and Xray energy at levels humans can not fathom , will immediately cook anything the nanosecond of passing past VanAllen region...period. Astrophysics aint legos people. We have disregarded the massive power the sun emits. Look , if you need SPF30 sunscreen to enjoy a beach for a couple hours, the level of SPF required to pass VanAllen is exponential and fantasy...Hell , lets go to Narnia while were at it , its just past where the sidewalk ends...Kooky fantasy not based in scientific review is what this "film" is ...thats it...I am reporting this nonsense to Flash Gordon mars needs women blah , blah ,blahbiddy blah abject sillyness .

    1. Miguel Rodriguez

      Never say never. Things that were though of as impossible just 100 years ago are now routine. Breaking the sound barrier is a perfect example. Before Chuck's feat, it was thought that it would never happen. Today, supersonic speeds are routinely engaged by fighter jets. I think a group of geniuses will figure out a way to defeat the radiation belts. It may take a few lives in the process, but it will happen. PS. How did they reach the moon if the belts are so dangerous? Or how have countries been able to send spacecrafts to other worlds without having the equipment ruined by such intense radiation?

  13. Chig Walla

    I have a bit of a routine...
    On Saturday mornings, I like to make myself a big breakfast and sit down to watch something silly before getting on with the day.
    Many, many thanks to whomever uploaded this: it was fantastic for that.

  14. bunzoo

    my first thought: What fun! and I'm deciding how much time I'll spend on it.

  15. a1

    the annoying music at the end ruined it.

  16. Pie

    I did teleported too! instantly into sleep while trying to watch this tragicomedy!

  17. MikeValentineSmith

    I normally love loosely stitched together conspiracy theories, but this film was worse than anything I've come across... The narrator's delivery was one step above that of an amateur hypnotist, and the "evidence" provided was simply randomly selected movie plots and quotations from books which have LONG since been debunked. I have a long-standing relationship with the peoples of Mars, and although they have seen this film, they do not grok it rightly... They are still waiting on a retraction from the creator of this waste of breath... Waiting is...

  18. Brian

    Wow....there are really people out there who believe this stuff?

  19. Ed

    How much BS can you spew in a half hour? Condpiracy theories and fantasy all wrapped in one pile of stupid. Nice

  20. John Brigden

    Are movies pushing Science or is Science pushing movies. Maybe the're a wake up call. One comment says. "Why don't we Terra form Earth instead" That's about real estate and who controls what! A new planet would no doubt come under one rule. One government. Question is. "Is that a good thing for people?". UFO's are real but who's are they? If we own that technology what else? This planet has way too many secrets. I'm commenting in October 2015. NASA Has announced water on Mars. Really! By the way the Really was a smart arsed comment.

  21. Tom Wonsetler

    Theres some closed minded unintelligent people on this comment section ! Of course this kind of stuff is going on, though im not sure how advanced the teleportation technology is. It could be fairly advanced ! Anyway, there is human life on Mars, its NOT all uninhabitable ! Wake up peopie ! Stop believing corporate, bankster and black ops lies and propaganda ! WAKE UP ! ! !

    1. Kristen Quimby

      You seem to be the only one here who isn't a troll

  22. jimmy

    They are ill discoverers that think there is no land when they can see nothing but sea.

  23. jimmy

    The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size.

  24. jimmy

    It could be true OR it could be fake......but remember earth use to be flat to us.... we should all have a wide open MINDE for what can come to us and what we can accomplish in the future........

  25. ronsfi

    Wouldn't it be easier to terraform earth...since were here already?...and it'

  26. Gigi Bardel

    2050 planet is dead.

  27. Gigi Bardel

    this was fun.
    people have never leave orbit of earth.
    to leave the planet you need superior space crafts that are not existing.

  28. bd1

    I saw Alternative 3 which was aired in June 1977 and was shocked. Later, I met a girl who had the book which was pulled off the shelves nearly as soon as it hit them. The documentary was said to be an April Fool joke. I would like to know when in the history of April Fool jokes has one been pulled in June. Pull the other one. It's got bells on.

    1. Patrick James Bayham

      Alternative 3 was an april fools joke…good thing about still works.:)

  29. Klaus Reims

    ROFL!! He had me at Schwarzenegger in the Hollywood Movie 'Total Recall'. It's originally a novel by Phillip K.Dick - which any halfway sophisticated person would now.

  30. jamie m,.....canada

    when I was in junior high school in new Brunswick Canada, we studied in science class what we would have to do to make colonies on the moon and mars. these were detailed studies o things such as breathable air, food plantation, an all basic necessities of life for sustainability. we also studied how we would improve things on the planet such as pollution - not causing the problems we caused on earth with transportation (gasoline),and electricity, etc. If we studied this in detail in junior high in new Brunswick you can be certain an agency like NASA would have more detailed reports on the subject from the worlds smartest minds, and have put such plans into action. as humans you can type anything into the internet such unbelievable concepts and there are videos on YouTube about it (on any subject) this proves if mankind can think of it mankind will do it.

    1. metawake

      Smartest minds? Not necessarily. I believe a majority of people never get to realize their unique intellectual potential due to limited educational delivery in a public schooling system. Or, that even diet, affecting optimal health can play a role. Personally, I believe that only the effects of greeds threaten this planet and mankind as a whole.

    2. i_drink_Scope

      your response is not on topic.

  31. Richard Neva

    I believe every word of this film but distrust the government in Washington that is keeping this information under wraps. You just know they are planning our demise very earnestly! Remember this when you go to vote if you still do. I do not vote anymore and have not for several years.

    1. Jessica Honeybarbieque Peters

      i concur! Never have voted and never had the urge to do so. For some reason I always believed it did not matter. voting for puppets while they do their dirt behind the curtain

    2. LazyNonVoters

      People who sit on their backside while they "distrust govt who you know they are planning our demise" is THE problem. If you saw to it decent, wise, incorruptible people were running for all offices from all parties, in numbers, so no matter who the major media watching fools voted for, someone good would get in.

      "I have seen the problem ...and it is us." No, you are not elevated because you don't vote. You are lame for not picking who is to be on the ballot.

  32. Terry Smith

    Sorry, couldn't get passed the "someone made a movie" chain of evidence. I saw a movie once where a green witch had flying monkeys...I didn't start a green witch with flying monkeys conspiracy.

  33. Mic Medeiros

    You know, not anyone of us can verify if the moon is real, or if there is a colony on mars. Yeah many things are a bit out there but what can be worse than a large mass of people all believing what they are told?

    1. InvisibleHandInMyPants

      Because reality has its advantages.

  34. Brian Johnson

    nasa is bs everyone knows there are ice caps at the poles of mars and there may be life there but nasa continuely send probes to the deserts of mars to look for water. bunch of bs

  35. Martin Hedington

    What a gyp. This is not much more than a Powerpoint presentation, not a documentary at all. The narrator also seems completely disinterested in the subject, no feeling, no passion. The subject really deserves better.

  36. Casey Brummitt

    Sound like the story line from doom the movie

  37. danceman

    I believe in fairies ,too.

  38. DrJack37

    Remember, you'll never get this time back.

  39. InvisibleHandInMyPants

    I heard snorting chemtrails while reading Ayn Rand will make this video plausible.

    1. Thekman


  40. ZarathustraSpeaks

    "but only the most skeptical will be able to buy into most of the ideas here."
    Actually the "most skeptical" are laughing their arse off that anyone might even consider this as anything more than a morons bad joke.

    1. Vlatko

      Yeah, that part is ambiguous. It means the most sceptical towards the official government positions regarding space... meaning the ones who tend to believe in hyper-conspiracy theories.

  41. Fabien L

    Is it at least a little bit funny, intentionally or not?

    1. Chard

      It really isn't. I watched it expecting a laugh. It's just kinda sad.

    2. Fabien L

      Thanks, I won't waste time watching it.

    3. bringmeredwine

      I just had a snort and a chuckle when I read this title, lol!

  42. pwndecaf

    I bought a time-share on Mars but the travel costs are astronomical, even with teleportation! Lots of overhead, so they say...

    1. KC

      Did you make sure to have a clause in your time-share contract that says the contract applied to all parallel universes in the inertial-frame of your choosing? Otherwise you might end up occupying zero time in an imploded universe, or one that Mars never existed. Watch out for those Nasty-Rosenberg-Abramoff loop-holes.

    2. pwndecaf

      Should have used an agent...

    3. cyberdog

      There is a very reputable Nigerian organisation offering tickets with timeshare. I am considering it for myself, I'm just waiting for the Nigerian prince to pay back the money I borrowed him in the tragic travel mixup he found himself in. Then it"s off to mars I go.

    4. i_drink_Scope


    5. cyberdog

      Yes, it was a very weak and rather terrible joke. Thank you for your feedback.

    6. InvisibleHandInMyPants

      Well, if the laws of supply and demand apply in similar fashion to those on planet earth, then Id venture you have yourself a goldmine of a property there, my friend. BTW: speaking of gold, is it vaulable on Mars? What does one buy on Mars using whatever currency is accepted? You prly have a solid cases for fraud against the realtor who sold you this property.

    7. Richard Neva

      Then you wasted all that money on a flap!

  43. Beejs

    Stopped watching when "credible witnesses" were "teleported"

    1. The greatpersian

      A few years ago, a post-grad research student in telecommunication here in Australia, succeeded to teleport a lifeless object (a piece of timber) from one side of a table to the other side, the closest I have heard to teleportation I watched on Startrek movie. However teleporting a human from aboard a star ship to a surface of a planet or vice versa may require a lot of work and many thousands of trials or experiment of which I have not seen or come across. These things or claims in the video clip may be true but the evidence provided do not present a credible argument to prove it and hence can not be accepted. One thing for sure: we should always exercise an unbiased open mind but let the logic guide the way.

  44. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

    Sensationalism that should only be heeded as fiction, confabulation, and other such exploitation of curiosity.