Shooting War: World War II Combat Cameramen

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Shooting War: World War II Combat CameramenFrom writer, producer, director Richard Schickel and executive producer Steven Spielberg comes a remarkable film that takes a special look at the first war to be truly reported and recorded by one of the more unsung heroes of World War II: the combat photographer.

Through the unflinching eye of their camera's lenses, these courageous soldiers continually risked their lives in their brave attempts to capture history.

em>Shooting War is a compelling portrait of these men and women who have given us the iconic images that serve as the collective memories of last Great War.

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  1. Rob Aldridge

    Theres enough glory, blame and everything else to go around in such a huge event so its silly to keep pointing out the same mistakes and flaws in the history and conduct of the war for the last 70 years...God, get a grip. 25 years ago there were three or four ways of ending the pacific war without the A bomb. These were legit proposals and being from the boomer generation so I was immersed in WW2 I gave them a lot of thinking. It moved me from a "had to" position to a hmmm undecided position. The last fifteen years I've gone back to a "had to" position. I came to that decision (as if anyone would care lol) by watching and reading new information as it was discovered and released and hearing a quote where someone asks Pres. Truman how he will defend himself to the American people at his courtmarshal because they found out he had a device that could have ended the war but instead chose to allow the killing of 300,000 servicemen and the wounding and MIA of another 700,000 to say nothing of the killing of millions upon millions of Japanese. Another thing I didn't know was while Japan was on its knees it had a huge army, millions, in China it planned to partially bring back to defend the homeland. I can't get into it right now, I'm boring myself, but I also read, a few years ago, a complete critique of all the ways we could have skipped the A bomb and they pretty much sank all of those ideas completely. I'm just saying let others have their ideas and realize as time goes by research or new discoveries may change your thoughts of WW2. The end

  2. Metin Yüksel Kaya

    Such humble..i will become like them.

  3. R.L.K.

    Tom Hanks is easy to listen to and does a very good job moderating. I especially enjoyed the cameramen telling their stories of the shots they took combined with the footage. This is a good documentary.

  4. James Robert Edwards

    My dad was a 82nd Airborne P.O.W. in WW-2 and said he wished for no more wars because people or the countries should not have to go thru anything so horrible; it's not what humans were born for.

  5. Blakdust Efefef

    hanks looks like his about to lead a cavalry charge

  6. Lucais

    Hitler ordered the destruction of Paris but the local German commander, von Choltitz -- also known as the "savior of Paris" -- refused to carry it out. The resistance cannot be cited as the factor that prevented Paris' destruction.
    I take the liberty of adding here that Steven Ambrose is a dunderheaded dolt.

  7. PavolvsBitch

    Interesting that as we are immersed in WW111 we become nostalgic for the days when journalists weren't imbedded. Didn't make any difference to the warmongers, no matter how graphic the suffering and didn't make any difference to those who voluntary conscript their lives away today.

  8. mmkkpro

    The fact of the matter is the United States bailed europe out of two world wars,that can never be denied!

    1. Paul

      The fact of the matter is that American has NEVER won a war WITHOUT the help of Europeans...even your independance was won because of the French. I*****

      We won many wars LONG before you even exsisted.

    2. SeanQ38

      I guess you have no class to say this. Instead of saying thanks US but we helped you also, you sound ignorant and for some reason mad that we fed you and armed you and provided all the necessities of life but its cool, your ignorance sickens me.

    3. The Brake Fast Club

      The wars we would have lost were, seriously, way smaller. :)

    4. Pete Leclair

      In total agreement and lets not forget the sacrifice at Dieppe of my fellow CANADIANS that were slaughtered because some M*ron in the British army sent ill prepared for the landing on shells and pebbles grinding down tanks and guns that would have made Canadians heros before D-Day.Not sure how many were used for target practice while desperately defending a beach head and nowhere to turn but the Atlantic.Yet that landing made the next mission much more easier'Canada and the coastal towns cities was a very absolute vital importance yet when the war is discussed we hear U.S this Britain that.I am proud to say my fellow Canadians back then were just as tough and willing to put all we had into stopping that absolute brutal monster of a regime known as the NAZIS.Their were two STALIN was the other killer and much much worse but they the RUSKIES were needed cause Stalingrad,if defeated bye Hitler.Would very possibly became a war of two Continents.Peace to u in Canada

  9. xpirex

    Almost 7000 American soldiers died in that Japanese battle yet only 27 medals of honour awarded? That is outright disgusting..

    Tom Hanks calls this "immortality"?? What kind of immortality is it when you are dead and forgotten. War stinks and anyone that gets involved in it is a misguided fool.

    1. KemicalsRfun

      what do you mean anyone? so no one should have fought the nazi's? or were all allied soldiers "Misguided fools"? Check yourself.

  10. Glenda Bernabe

    it breaks my heart seeing the little girl shaking.... maybe of fear or hunger or maybe wondering "why am i still alive?"

  11. BeardHero420

    I feel as if my thirst for knowledge of this conflict will never be quenched. It will probably continue to be the most studied event in human history.

    The lost souls of over 40 million people deserve nothing less than the attention of generations to come.

  12. Pangaea

    is it beard week at tdf?

    1. BeardHero420

      Nobody informed me about it :)>

  13. cheese81

    Shame it's made out like America won the whole war by themselves, typical.

    1. Teamtigerpaw

      Are you kidding me? The whole primes of this doc is from US camera mens perspective. Where ever you are from where is your point of view?

    2. cheese81

      I realise that, I just meant some of the things Tom Hanks says. Like saying 'American' and not 'Allies'.

    3. fedupindenver

      they stated up front that it was from the perspective of American photographers and journalists....Tom Hanks thinks these men should be lauded for their war service......other countries have similar films that are from their own have to get past the propaganda in any film.....and if you want a quick lesson on the way other countries skew things to their own advantage is to watch RT news on's the Russian newscast.....very interesting.....
      and realize tha it was a different world back then......very different....

    4. BeardHero420

      Ok. I'll bite. The Russian contribution was by far the greatest (western front), that much is true.

      Then again, there was a shortage of Russian rifles, much less cameras.

  14. cheese81

    I laughed when Tom Hanks appeared with his manly beard

  15. kchief58

    Very good doc,,Well done