Kill Shot: The Story Behind Osama bin Laden's Death

Kill Shot: The Story Behind Osama bin Laden's Death

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Kill Shot: The Story Behind Osama bin Laden's DeathABC News 20/20 gives viewers the most complete picture yet of the death of Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden, from inside the situation room in Washington, DC to inside the compound in Pakistan to inside the minds of the brave men who stormed it.

With new details and behind-the-scenes reports from Chris Cuomo, Elizabeth Vargas and Chris Connelly in New York, Martha Raddatz in DC and Nick Schifrin in Pakistan, the hour will include the exclusive video from inside the compound; a look at the definitive tale of two cities.

Washington, DC and Abbotabad; the elite Navy Seals team; the reaction from teenagers who have grown up only knowing life after 9/11; and reality vs. fiction: how we think we know exactly what happened because of Hollywood’s film portrayals of special ops.

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  1. Bin Laden was dead a few years after 911, which by the way, he had nothing to do with. CIA, Mossad, and the Saudis are the likely culprits.

    1. If you truly believe that to be true. You are sadly mistaken. Learn your history and stop trying to make Bin Ladin innocent. You are right that Saudi Arabia is guilty. They supported and sheltered Bin Ladin.

  2. Do they really expect us to believe this crap? They trying to sounds like? heroes. Typical american.

    1. There is no "Typical American"
      Should I say "typical Muslim"?

  3. Bin Laden and 911 supposedly flew a plane into twin towers etc. it cost them $1/2 a million USA dropped interest rate in response and it went world wide then the cheap credit got the suckers in with over spending now USA is broke and can never get out of debt and we are heading for a depression..The best military win ever in the history of war.

    1. Didn't get us overspending.
      We invested. A depression God Forgive me, would be good for us.

  4. I find your comments to be a slap in the face of many men that were and are far better than you could ever be. First off, if you pis* us off we will kick your as! strait up, toe to toe. But most whiney ass little pis# ant nations dont have the balls to square off the the U.S military for they know the results would leave them in utter dissary at best if not completly anhialated.

    This hatred you speak of is jealuosy based as most all is. They want our freedoms but want someone to give it to them instead of fighting for it like we did all thru our history. I have nothing but good things to say about the U.K and there armed services as they have been a worthy allie with the same goals in mind. To say we are poorly trained is a strong indication that you are either drunk or stupid. I bet its the later. Fu@! civilians. War is hell.

    If you know the shi* is going to hit the fan why would you stay there? If your in the way, thats your problem, not ours. We lose so many kids in foriegn conflicts doing the bullshit jobs that the people of the country are just too scared to do. Policing the streets? Thats not a soldiers job. Their job is to kill and get out safe. Navy seals could kick the living shi@ out of anybody you care to put in front of them. Plain and simple. The problem with you guys is you spend too much time on the bloody loyal pagentry bullshi* that you think your fellow country men admire.We would crumble eh? Do you even know what a "Peace maker " is?

    Do you know how many we have? Do you even have a B-1 or an F-22 Raptor? Theres no country I would rather fight with as an allie than Great Brittan, but I feel you are just ignorant or a U.S hater. We are always the first country in to help some natural disaster victems no matter what it cost us. Spoils of war mean anything to you? We go in and lose young men liberating countries from dictators that there to damn affraid to do themselves and we dont take shi@ for our troubles. The minute we stepped foot in the middle east we should have just started taking oil 24/7 365 but did we? oh hell no! now we pay out the as* for gas or petrol as you call it. Why do we do this?

    Because its the right thing to do. If we waited around for the useless countries that in my mind have no business being included in NATO to get there thumbs out of there as! nothing would ever get done to stop these ruthless fuc@! that hammer there own people with oppression and killing. So while your armies banter about in all that really pretty historcaly useless regalia we will send some of our untrained no skill Marines to go there and kick as! first and ask questions later. It seems to me your country is going to hell in a hand basket at a rather high rate of speed. Are you officially socialists yet? Just give it time, you will. You owe the U.S Armed Forces an apology.

    And you owe it to yourself to get some knowledge on the subject before you go running your mouth about something you clearly have no idea about. For the record, the only army that compares with the U.S elite are the Isralies. But then again, they dont take any bullsh@! either. They just get it done. We would fold without you? Didnt we tell you guys to go to hell back in the 1700s and there wasnt a damn thing you could do about even though you tried you hardest with what could have been considered the strongest army in the world at that point? Its a two way street. We both beneifit from each others abilities and willingness to work together.

    Now you should get back to your cup of tea as i believe its gone cold. Next time dont put so much whiskey in it so you can think a bit more clearly and not end up writting this sensless jibberish. I will maintain my love for your country and not hold you as the spokesman for the U.K as there are far too many good people there that I believe are happy to have such a strong and willing allie as the U.S. Dont forget who supplied you with materials and weaponry during worl war II. Arsenal of Democracy ring any bells? I expected better from a Britt. Your country is full of people far more intellegent than you. You owe them an apology. Ta Ta!

    1. I feel sorry for people like you.. I can't belive there can be such people like you are, even more ridiculous is - in such big numbers.. You and your knowledge is exact example of non-democracy. If your beautiful country would be real democracy (working toward universal one-world democracy) - you would have access to the truth, real facts about war, real reasons for wars... You would know exactly the same thing as this "I see the truth" person a bit lower knows.
      This doesn't mean that "I see the truth" isn't american. If he is american - he had to do his homework and find that information by himself. NO media in USA will ever print that, but not because it is not true - but because whole usa nation is guided like a bunch of hypnotised rabits toward the slaughterhouse - and there is no space for truth (that will set you free).

      You all have to belive in stuff like weapons of mass destruction (that were never found).

      You all have to belive that hijackers of 911 planes were radical muslims from Iraq (eventhou 90% were from Saudi Arabia).

      You all had to belive it was all a masterplan from Osama bin laden (allthou he never took credit&was never prooven).

      You all had to belive that war in Iraq was to save poor people (why there is 100x worse chaos and harder life in Iraq now then b4 the war if usa was there to help).

      You needed to trust your congress that it was not war for oil (proof is here: north korea has worlds largest oil reserves and their people are also very opressed so thats why straight after Iraq usa went to help korean ppl, while forgetting afghanistan, not bothered by iran, syria... who cares).

      I saw controled demolition on 911 - BUT You Americans had to lie to yourselves and instead of breaking megaslabs of falling-apart building of concrete - You were watching a boiling madness of hundereds of small explosions inside of the building (that looks like 360" watterfall shooting tones of steel few hundereds of feet far) - and say to yourself: The building fell down?? Don't tell me that you can't even imagine how it would look if wtc would just fall apart?? Can you really disregard all the signs of explosions?

      You just had to belive to Obama saying that they finally did kill Osama... Regardlessly that they forgot to tell you that he was on dialysis all these years... For your president it is normal that some sick 30kilo guy is running on a donkey for 10 years even if he is heavy kidney patient and needs to be plugged into machines every few days..

      Hey... I threw out few dumb paradoxes - I am sure Your eyes will never get opened - BUT - take care that at least your children will not be slaves to the system and live in one of the most opresive state in the world - United States of America.

      BTW: If you still don't know who created Al Queda - it was CIA. Al Queda means sometihng like latrine and it stood for a list or number of small warlords that were the core and leadership of mujahedin that were breaking balls to russians in Afghan-Russian war.
      Today they are peddling drugs (heroin) through many roots with help of cia and your spotless army straight into arms of the youth of america and the world all around.
      But this you can't belive, huh?

    2. You are brainwashed, the US military is run by globalists and are now trying to turn that military against you. The rank and file will never go for it, but they are trying.

    3. Doiglas you dumb. I am a 22 year old white man in America. We are slowly loseimg our freedoms and it people like you who are too blind to see it who can stip it along with meny others but no you too busy useing our troops as a threat. I spit on your arrogance and ignorance. You dishonor our troops with you vulgar depicton of what the do and what they r about. The other countries will have more freedoms in the end than we do now. We are no longer what our fore fathers sught to make us. Thr shed tears at what we Americans have become.

    4. Typical American. So high on your own beliefs. History shows that Americans never have and never can win a war without slaughtering hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. You got your a*ses kicked in Vietnam. You got your a*ses kicked in Korea. And you're getting your a*ses handed to you on a daily basis by a bunch of freakin goat herders in Afghanistan. All your bullsh*t talk of how tough you are yet you have accomplished nothing during the Gulf wars. And as usual you freakin pukes have bailed out without finishing what you set out to do. Ok, I admit, I'm lying. America (Government that is) more than accomplished it's goal. It robbed the tax payers of trillions of dollars. Damn, I wish I could be a proud American. Like f*ck!!!

  5. This is one of the worst documentary I have ever seen.

  6. He was a creation of the CIA in the late 70's and controlled by those a*sholes through the 80's. The man died in early 2001 from marfan syndrome/kidney failure. Dick cheney had benzir Bhutto killed a week after she admitted the fact years ago. It's a f****** lie!!!

    1. then why you came here to watch........when documentary about his death in 2011

    2. He came here to mock all the idiots that think Bin Laden was killed by Obama or the Seals.

  7. I think the guy is still alive but the story is fiction and fabricated. He is in his motherland. Agreements mayb are that he accept silecy and American propaganda of his death in exchange to be forgive and let go.

    If they killed him why don't we se any singel klip or clear photo of OBL providing that he has not bodyguirds at the time of operation.

    The world can not accept that the guy was devensless, but we "USA" were unable to record or photo him. They would better say that he defensed and fought and killed scores of US-dolders therefore we could not photo him.

  8. Why his body not shown. There is thing secret going on

    1. Because they never got him, and then they said on the news, they buried him at sea, saying that is customary to Muslem faith, a lie also.

  9. @ Bakeaked
    l have to agree with some of you're points you have made, without The Commonwealth Support, the United States would be in a terrible mess, after the Iraq fiasco there are a great many parts of the Commonwealth that are not so quick to say yes to the requests of the United States. Generations of my Family, 5 in fact formed the famous Aussie Diggers, their emotions one may have thought had been trained out of them, but not their Compassion for Civilians. Saturday 24th of March, Australia found out that North Korea is going to fire a Missile in April and it will land somewhere in between Indonesia, the Phillipines and Australia, perhaps it's a Blessing that, that young whipper snapper Kim Jong Un is doing it down this end in the Southern Hemisphere. Because The Commonwealth will deal with it, in Our way, l believe that 53 Nations can deal with North Korea without interference from the United States. However l was rather perplexed to find out why President Obama a number of days ago felt the need to drive up to the North Korean Border whilst he was there for a meeting with Leaders of other Countries? Then a number of days later North Korea decided to do this? Coincidence you think? Please President Obama, l am not sure if The Commonwealth is going to support you this time round, yes you have NATO, but Australia thankfully refuses to join NATO. Yes we have the ANZUS Treaty with you, but that is just an agreement afterall, we have already said no to going to War with China, please remember we can say no again. l as a 5th Generation Australian am a bit nervous about this new Executive Order of yours and what you are willing to do to you're own people, l'm sure the rest of the developed world is concerned, so imagine my concern what would be done to foriegn people in foriegn Countries. l hope and pray the Commonwealth plays NO part in it.

  10. im confused is osama dead or not?
    what about elvis?

    1. Oh hes dead John, hes dead.

  11. Is everyone here completely divorsed from reality?

  12. Why wasn't this done ten years ago, when Bush was so gung ho..His admin.. answer was wrap your house in Plastic, and Duct tape . Then go shopping .Just goes to show how politicians being involved with our military, can screw sh%% up. Maybe someday our military will be allowed to do what there trained for.without some politician who has never served run things. yeah, we got Bin Laden from whats been told us , but we stirred up another hornets nest . I would have taken him somewhere private and blown his brains out. buried his ass, then let his family know he died . Then tell them to keep an eye on there kids from now on. and be careful who they hang out with esp. the bush family, Carlyle group etc. So now the ? is where do we go from here .maybe now the Gov. agencies will do the job there supposed to do. And start working together . and leave the American people alone .there's people living in fear in this country, thinking we have fanatical Islamic terrorist and communist coming out of the woodwork . when we see people coming out of there houses with gas mask on, and checking there house wrapped in plastic, and duct tape , checking there house for leaks then going shopping .. is this what this country has come too.we have had more damage from natural disasters and the Gov. can,t run the rescue and cleanup with that, let alone protect us from ourselves and our paranoia .Gov. needs to Do what there paid to do, protect us, and our Liberties .Doesn,t matter that day is coming soon enough . the pink slips will coming out in 2012 .

    1. Bush is quoted, and you can you tube it, that he is not looking for Bin Laden, you know why? Because it was a slip of the tongue, a knee jerk response, to a question, that Bush already
      knew Bin Laden was either dead or had nothing to do with 911.

  13. Well it looks like the 4th branch of Gov't let us down again. What a crock, everyone in corporate media should be ashamed of themselves for the blatant propoganda they spew out, I ask them is this the country you want, you sellouts, get off your knees and stand for something you wusses

  14. Why after mission completed all other things wew done in so secracy anh hurry....should have shown proper body... and made our minds clear...
    still ambiguous about if he is really killed...

  15. This is a big lie again from the us goverment Bin Laden ( Tim Osman ) died many years ago. Please waaaake up people. And also 911 was an inside job.

  16. propaganda, propaganda, propaganda... al qaida never did nothing, and nothing will change without osama

  17. this is such BS. But now I am mystified as to what the ultimate endgame is here. "he is all small talk, and Obama, gives an oscar performance"....Business as usual on Capitol Hill.

    Osama is dead...and the great evil, is...hmmmm...searching for a NEW enemy?

    Why would Americans bury him at sea as according to Sharia law? And how can WE sit back and say, Yeah, thats the honour he deserved, and as the Honourable West we would do that for an enemy who committed the greatest crime on US soil...

    Sorry....just got distracted by a movie which showed a guy getting his head blown off, while the censors digitally altered a Boob that might have caused a stir....

    It amazes me...this is so scripted and obvious...but what the heck?

    "...marks the most significant achievement to date, in our Nation's effort to defeat "Al Queda"

    Mission accomplished! yet again...

    So can we stop all the killing of Innocents and go home?

  18. "A precision strike with B-2 Bombers" as they show clips of F-117's that were retired years ago. I hate the networks.

  19. Ok, now that the news is no longer secret that our 'terror fighting' US is in talks with the dreaded Taliban, yet still talk about countries supporting terrorists and dealing with such groups.
    Are we now going to see the world that will attack US for being a terrorist sponsoring state? After all all the known so-called terrorists today were in one way or the other sponsored and trained by the US. They did that with the Mujihadeen turned Al-Queada/Taliban, and now they are at it again with their so-called Allies, sponsoring the unknown group called the 'rebels' in Libya. How do they look 'democracy' in the face and said that group that has no known democratic credentials should be referred to as 'pro-democracy'?

    What the hell has NATO to do with Africa and when did it become a military wing of UN, that Banki Mon or whatever has been the worse UN secretary ever, never has a Zombie occupied that post. In fact he and the current pyschopath NATO secretary (The man that loves destruction more than peace), made the best par with Sarkozy, those who will want to bomb other peoples' country for their evil interest and claim to be doing so for 'civilian protection', yet the same idiot was fighting Italy for allowing the people running away from same NATO bombing cross over to France..

    By the way, Who made Osama, did they say he was killed in Pakistan in 2011 not 2001?
    ABC news, is of course a GMO of news media, no one serious can take their onesided news serious.
    May we get the other side of the story, like the ones we got about the 'controlled' demolision of the Twin Tower... and building 7?

    Unfortunately, most Americans are world best in ignorant/Dumbness and GMO brick heads that never think with their heads, but as their capitalist driven government interest groups feed them.. Too sad

    1. You said it.

    2. Serbia too would make a good point, the US in 1995 was allowing Germany to do deals with the mujahadeen, and sponsering them with weapons. then 1999 with the KLA, who were somehow removed from the CIA terrorist list in 1998, when even untill today, are Europe's biggest drug and human organ smugglers. The US is sick, and they have turned NATO into a world military force. Someone like Russia, India, and China need to get together and step up to America, for the sake of all of us who have no voice in the beaurucratic American world we live in.

    3. I like that idea unfortunately that would lead to war and NO army ESPECIALLY Russia's and China's would discriminate targets. China will soon be the economic power house of the world but I fear they would set a worse example than America. Look at things in terms of people rather than countries. We're territorial, possessive, materialistic, egotistical, basically none of us think the right way. A dog will just bite you, a man will ponder for days if need be on new ways to make death a lengthier more painful experience. Yet we are civilised and a dog is just a dog hmmm.

  20. the kill the civilians in afghanistan and iraq daily ...nobody condemns their brutal actions ...when these things happens to their own kids then they will start whining ...i hope one day they pay the price for their actions ..they invade a country in a day but cant kill their target enemy in a couple of months.....did Osama has been killed cause of economic crisis in USA ?????DO US THINK WE ARE BLIND

  21. If you kill CIA assets
    you kill a important guy
    and this guy knew too much (thats why u dont want him in the court)


    Deadt dont speak... and thats you afraidt to realize YOU ARE THETERRORISTS!!! America is only terrorist nest in general on this world!(cia is if i make my self clear)

  22. joke....

    1. Its sad that they are victims of the government's crime....

  23. f***ing joke!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. yah, not even funny

  24. ....and we all thought this site was 'documentaries'. Great Hollywood fiction. Al Queda is within the US government, with oBama (no coincidence there is but one letter between that and oSama, nice touch, a joke on all of us) and Al Queda's 'obsession with dates', we also note that George Bush Senior gave his famous 'New World Order speech' on September 11, 1990. Yes, they do have an obsession with dates and they like to make inside jokes on all of us.

  25. totally agree this is bs. Great exposure of how manipulative the media is and what spin the 20/20 team is engaged in. No wonder we're screwed

  26. u've god jop

  27. It is Cartoonish! Watch it, worth a laugh... just ridiculously hilariously dumb fiction movie.

    This is stinking like rotten fish. Smells of a bad PSYOP, seriously. We need healthy skepticism when dealing with the White House and there dutiful propaganda repeaters in the mainstream media.

    There are so many things that are not sitting right here. Reminds me of Jessica Lynch or Pat Tillman frauds that the White House was busted lying & ginning up as PSYOP during the Iraq war. Give it some time, this is going to blow up in there face as a massive fail.

    Top US government insider Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, a man who held numerous different influential positions under three different Presidents and still works with the Defense Department, revealed that Osama Bin Laden died in 2001.

    Pieczenik said that Osama Bin Laden died in 2001, “Not because special forces had killed him, but because as a physician I had known that the CIA physicians had treated him and it was on the intelligence roster that he had marfan syndrome,” adding that the US government knew Bin Laden was dead before they invaded Afghanistan.

    Marfan syndrome is a degenerative genetic disease for which there is no permanent cure. The illness severely shortens the life span of the sufferer.
    “He died of marfan syndrome, Bush junior knew about it, the intelligence community knew about it,” said Pieczenik, noting how CIA physicians had visited Bin Laden in July 2001 at the American Hospital in Dubai.

    “He was already very sick from marfan syndrome and he was already dying, so nobody had to kill him,” added Pieczenik, stating that Bin Laden died shortly after 9/11 in his Tora Bora cave complex.

    Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under three different administrations, Nixon, Ford and Carter, while also working under Reagan and Bush senior, and still works as a consultant for the Department of Defense. A former US Navy Captain, Pieczenik achieved two prestigious Harry C. Solomon Awards at the Harvard Medical School as he simultaneously completed a PhD at MIT.

    The character of Jack Ryan, who appears in many Tom Clancy novels and was also played by Harrison Ford in the popular 1992 movie Patriot Games, is also based on Steve Pieczenik.

    1. I'm glad you brought up the Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman issues. As these just illustrate the government's ability to manipulate lies into fact.

      I have to say that, Osama may have been dead prior to the events on 911, but who cares? Clearly 911 had NOTHING to do with OBL, Al Queda, Iraq or Muslims/Islam in general.

      I personally believe that Tim Osman is on a beach in South America, enjoying a beer with his new friend, Anton Hister.

  28. I was ashamed at how sensationalized this video was. 20/20 used to be on par with such shows as Frontline. This reminds me of Wayne Gayle, host of American Maniacs who interviews Mickey Knox in prison in the movie Natural Born Killers. Oliver Stone was right. I think this is more informative in regards to the bastardization of news in this country than "The mission that brought down OBL". Assassination IS solemn business, no matter who the target is.

  29. Surely a nation of numbskulls cant rule for much longer.

  30. Lol Rofl Pmsl (and all other silly acronyms) American politics has become a world joke Shame on anyone who actually believes this stuff it should be in a category of its own called FANTASY

  31. I asked Osama back in the day whether he really wanted to go through with the plan...this how the tet a tet went:

    me: hey, mang, u really wanna do this?
    ubl: yep
    me: u know u f*** wit america u f*** with da best..
    ubl: yeah, well, will see
    me: 'nam an aberration, the base would be destroyed
    ubl: dat's the bizness we're in...they been going around the world kickin' a** for too long, sumbody gots to give them a taste of their own meds
    me: but I ain't prepared for this s***, what's gonna happen to me...
    ubl: u can always drive a taxi...u grabastic piece of amphibian s***...

  32. Cool Science fiction documentary . . . come on people you really believe that he got shot . . . one year before elections, and then they simply didn't wanna show his body . . . and when Saddam was hanged it was all over the TV . . . WHO are you kidding . . . ( Besides as USA showed videos of bin Laden, it was clear that when you compare the videos, that different person was on those videos, jet THEY claimed it was Osama ) - - - - this is a joke, and people believing the Fairytale of his Assassination are simply put . . . Well not as smart as they think they are . . .

    1. You do have a point and Obama wasted no time in taking a few bows. I wonder if his sagging poll numbers had anything to do with the 'Kill'.

  33. omg is this actually for real???.... holy s*** it is!!!!! i thought this was some kind of onion style parody it was so ridiculous!!! hahahahahahahahahahaaaa!!! W-O-W

  34. I will just say thank you all team six. You showed your brave. A wilde and deanger animal got eliminate from the earth. Iam aproved Kurd from Iran.

  35. As far as I'm concerned, the Navy Seal are no more than a glorified goon squad!

  36. go USA you can run but can't hide! we will smoke you out, when you awaken a sleeping giant prepare to be flattened beneath it's feet! now I will sit back and watch the fools hate on my comment lol!

    1. united states is 18x more powerful than the next kid on the block. im talkin military here. aint no giant big enough to take her on. and thank god there aint cause it would mean the end of the world

    2. yes america has a huge army, however the US army is terribly operated, massively spread across the world and hated by pretty much everyone for the disgraceful way they carry out operations. they are poorly trained, the US infantry are one the most basically trained fight forces in the MEDC's US marines arent even trained to the standards of the british army, US Navy seals arent trained to as high standards as the royal marines and then theres the royal paratroop regiment SAS and SBS. American tactics are devoid of care for civilian collateral damage and use a mass swarm method of operation where speed is key. Now imagine the US pisses on 1 to many countries and oil ceases to be readily available tactical strikes take out US bases in the Middle eastern. Most of the US strength would be divided up across the world. Not a problem with the allies of the US such as Great Britain to support, stage and back them but if the US lost the British they would crumble. Surely you realise the reason the US govt acts so aggressively is because the US is actually very weak, totally reliant on foreign support, losing this support constantly and making more enemies than friends. America is failing and the world cannot wait

  37. oh my Good Lord... this is just too much to handle..

  38. PROPAGANDA ALERT!! PROPAGANDA ALERT!! I bet they had hollywood right this one.

  39. KILLLL SHOTTTTTT! ROFL what a dramatic bunch of tripe.

  40. I'll buy American clothes and products, thats some good quality. But I ain't buying there media, its cheap and trashy and you might as well throw it in the bin because it is broken the next day.

    1. @ Bilal Bruce Morpeth,

      I agree with you, fully, on your second point. But this business about buying "American clothes and products" is nonsense. America doesn't make clothes and products. Just look at the 'Made In China' labels!

  41. I can't even watch this after seeing the intro., it's too much pro-america propaganda for me to stomach..............

  42. that was sh*t*e

  43. dramatic!! don't waste your time watching this s***

  44. “I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. “

    1. wisdom, you got it brother!

    2. Amen Bro!

    3. Rarely does a post get so many thumbs up. AA

    4. @ Kevin Bramhall,
      Your comment is set off in quotation marks.
      Are you quoting somebody and , if so, whom?

    5. Was said to be of ML King, but it is denied on the net.

      "a woman in Pennsylvania first posted the quote on Facebook, beginning with her own commentary. Her commentary was added to the quote, and quickly spread across the internet.


  45. Ouch!
    That was freakin embarrassing.
    I just want to tell everyone here that not all americans buy this crap.
    Some of us still believe in Innocent Until Proven Guilty.

    1. What does that have to do with Osama Bin Laden?

  46. They use words like "Sheeple"

    They are the prejudice filled, wanna-be intellectual - douche-bags.

    1. Actually, it's postjudice, not prejudice.

  47. What has haunted me is a story that the second tower was mostly evacuated when someone told the people to go back to their jobs trying to increase the body count I suppose if this story is true the government had to know something was up they couldn't been that stupid since the skies were clear anyone with half a brain should have been suspicious at a airliner crashing into one of twin towers as for Osama being in Pakistan in a city filled with retired generals it was a perfect place to hide the last place anyone would think to find him the only mistake he made was to build his compound to big making it stand out.

    1. I think the whole "someone told people to go back inside" story is just that. A story. Osama was not in some compound he had built it was the home of a supporter. One with ties to the Pakistani military as it was located within the perimeter of a Pakistani military base. There was no mistake. We learned his location through channels stemming from prisoner interrogation in gitmo. As to the veracity of his death I can't say but I am pretty sure we "got him" one way or another.

    2. I recommend you research into other news reports of Osama's death, and not just the near-propaganda that comes over mainstream media (especially designed to entertain the stupid people). You will see that an Egyptian newspaper reported his death from failed kidneys almost 10 years ago. We should exume the body and dna test it, just to know that trillions of dollars were not just spent hunting down a dead man...

  48. Seasoned observers will not be fooled; no matter how many of Obama's bold lies get courageously rolled out; doctored photos that appear on the Mainstream Newspapers of the world (and get busted for being fake); heroic footage (or lack of... think about it?), Continuous correction/updates of CNN Animations laying out what happened?, lurid new testimonials of Porn loving Osama, CIA pronouncements of a million pages of NEW operations/targets/countries/terrorist names, explanations for getting caught faking "Situation Room" Photos, or White House Press Secretaries peddle there unique talents for honesty.

    As put simply by Paul Craig Roberts:
    “As the alleged body has been dumped into the ocean, nothing remains but the word of the US government, which lied about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and al Qaeda connections, about yellowcake, about Iranian nukes, and, according to thousands of experts, about 9/11. Suddenly the government is telling us the truth about bin Laden’s death? If you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I’ll let you have for a good price.”

    It's a PSYOP... Obviously, any idiot can see that, Right!?

    1. Obviously, any idiot can.

  49. I am waiting for "The Making of Osama bin Laden".

    1. HAH

    2. Check out "The Power of Nightmares" while you're waiting.

  50. Don't Know that he is dead, Don't care if he is or not, Will not be voting for Obama because of his new found Heroism. Will not be tuning in to any of the networks to watch this between the 7 minute blocks of cave-men, babies, and talking squirrels trying to sell me S*** I do not need. Propaganda? maybe but so what? Propaganda only works on those who are listening to it.

  51. And it’s all over now, Baby Blue
    ~ Bob Dylan

  52. YOU kNOW WHAT !!!!.....? I am actually going to miss Osama Bin Laden, S*** i miss him already. Now where am i going to find good source of videos of so called Muslim Jihadist that would love to kill the Unbelivers "Kafaar's"??? Anybody know? A need a Dose of Knee shaking Fear!! I knew BIN use toke on the cannabis and use to eat spicy pork rhines for Munchies!!!! On the Down Low Baby......... Miss You Bro.

  53. Can't believe the media. Can't believe the history books. Can't believe scientists. Refuse to believe Alex Jones. Someone tell me what to believe. I'm sheeple .... have to be told.

    1. Believe yourself, believe those in your life that you care about, believe that each day in your life is important. The rest is posturing and frivolity. Wake up go to work feed your family and invite friends over on a sunny day. It all ends for every man, far sooner than we care to think. So let the peacocks prune their feathers and strut and peck each other to pieces.

    2. I do those things. I am surrounded by good people and I live in a wonderful community. But when those peacocks kick my door in and point their guns at the heads of my friends and family, I don't want my last words to be "Why didn't someone warn me?".

    3. I hear ya Jack. No person with the pull to find out the truth about any of it will ever tell. Simply knowing is their key to either immense wealth or a unmarked hole. My suggestion is that we all live happy till they knock and when they do knock back. No one can warn you of the tornado that could wipe your home off the earth, Nor the meth addict who may stab you for your wallet, or the texting teen behind the wheel of that oncoming car... There quite simply is no knowing all the ifs and whats that could bring all we hold dear to the ground. Until those moments come we only have one true enemy and that is fear.

  54. sertsis, just to clarify, do you think that this is unabashed propaganda? you're not very clear on your stance in this regard.

    1. Yes paolo, I do think this is propaganda. maybe the producers of this report should have been a little less clear on their stance. this show views like a white house/ pentagon combo wrapped in hollywood, with extra cheese.

  55. Osama is with Elvis now.

  56. I think Waldo is right on the money on this one and I follow along similar lines. I am no expert in anything regarding politics and yet I make political commentary like I know what I am talking about. Yet, I can barely memorize my phone number and I draw pretty pictures for a living.

    One thing I know to be right though: that being American is not something to be proud of anymore. To be brutally honest, it was never supposed to be if you ask me, for if you know history America has spent its 7 lives on evil doing. Ask the folks in Laos which got 600 thousand secret bombings in 10 years. Ask the kids in Guatemala that were experimented on with Syphilis by the US governemnt in the 40s.

    People hate America everywhere, more than ever, but not because of its imperialism which has never changed. It is just now so proudly publicized and sold to us as being humanitarian. This goes right against people's need to feel like the world they live in is safe and fair. Ask a 7 year old, they know that it is not cool to take somebody else's lunch.

    I mean, every person I talk to here in south america sarcastically goes, after I tell them I lived in teh US for decades: "Did you bring some bombs?" I answer, no honey, I brought FEAR with me. I am afraid, thanks to Diane Sawyer and Alex Jones and Hitchens that I will die soon because chemtrails and hydraulic fracking and airport radiation.

    I go on to say: the fear is everywhere over there, but common sense is gone and the only natural remedy available is cooked in South Dakota and it is called Meth. I go on to say that recently they tasered a 86 year old lady for misbehaving in her hospital bed. That is how is works over there: The procedure is to stop future problem actions and pretend via the media that it was all necessary for her protection.

    Then before turning it all into a verbal bloodbath and start losing friends.... I continue to talk about things pretend: pretend fancy pie shops, pretend fancy outlet clothes, pretend hairstyles, pretend lettuce, pretend godly fairytales: all for 1/3 of the price of down here.

    Suddently I see smiles: they forget all about the bombs. Then I realize that people here too would be like north americans if they could get Ralph Lauren tshirts for 8 bucks.

    1. The way you rounded that all up was wonderful. I Am American and while I disagree on the pride issue I agree to all of those faults. You are dead on the money that any people anywhere would drop everything for the false commercial success of the American dream. I hope it turns around soon. If not I'll see you when I stroll out of the mountains across the plains of ash when it's all over. Because I, like some others I know have never traded out individuality and ability to overcome for a pair of Prada shoes and a middle eastern rug to wipe them on.

    2. Don't be afraid man. Yes things are getting sketchier by the moment here in the states, however silence is what they want. Only an active thinking mind can make a difference. One day this will be the America it was meant to be.

    3. @leonardobdas

      My feelings and beliefs about my country went through a total change that started about a year and a half ago and yes, it was a very painful, confusing and frightening period. Even though my new paradigm for living and my new ideas about the condition of the US are still forming, I have found a sense of comfort that comes from knowing that I no longer blindly accept what people in power tell me is true. Hang in there, it will change.

    4. I want to believe it and I hope you are right. Reading an article on The Independent today was very comforting. google "Johann Hari: Protest works. Just look at the proof" . Power to the people.

    5. Reality check. Great post. Similar to my own epiphany.

  57. What does it matter if Bin Laden is dead, and what would ever change if he was?
    Does his death bring back anyone that died in 9/11?
    Or instead anyone dying in Irak?
    And what did he care about dying?

  58. popycock

  59. seems to me that the corporate media doesn't take the time to fabricate a good lie anymore


  61. Do your self a favor sometime and just kick back and read all the comments under all docs that have anything to do with 9/11, Bin Laden, Kennedy assination, The Illuminati, The Bilderburgs, Roswell New Mexico, Ancient aliens, The Skulls, The Moon Landing, Princess Diana, etc.- you get the point. It reads like the psychotic diary of a schizophrenic twelve year old. Anbother thing you can't help but notice is this totally false dichotomy between either believeing in all these crazy conspiracies or being some kind of blind sheep following main stream media. Just because I don't buy that Britney spears is actually the estranged daughter of Elvis and some alien from Mars hardly makes me a sheep.

    I think the world is at an odd point in time right now. Its like everyone has become so distrustful of all the old institutions, systems of belief, standards and values, etc. Everything is being questioned, and thats great. Its not the first time the world has went through this kind of shift in the way people think. But I think a lot of opportunistic people are taking advantage of the fact that everyone is confused as to whom to believe, how to get trust worthy information. Even science has passed into a realm so far beyond our intuition and common sense or ability to measure that we just have to take thier word for it. I mean I don't know about you but I don't have a particle accelerator available nor the ability to do quantum physics. Its getting harder and harder to make choices about who to believe, what is real, why we even think or feel like we do.

    So whats my point, right? I suppose it just to say that I think it is silly for anyone to think they know the truth of things like 9/11 or Bin Laden. Maybe he is dead, maybe not- maybe he did organize the efforts of 9/11 and maybe he didn't. Believing the mass media or government is risky, but so is believing every nut that has internet access and thinks he has solved the mystery. Telling people they must question everything and then expecting them to believe something simply because some college kid with no experience or first hand knowledge with explosions, terrorism, building construction, nor physics made a movie saying so- well thats ridiculus. I have no idea what really happened on 9/11 I wasn't there, I didn't exam the after math, I am not trained to make those kinds of decisions- and neither are the vast majority of the conspiracy nuts that get red in the face mad because I think they are silly and misinformed. Just because you can't trust the main stream media doesn't mean you can trust anything you see on the internet.

    1. I have also noticed a sharp increase of interest in conspiracy by government,military expansionism,global banking monopolies,etc. I see the trend to mistrust the integrity of mainstream media. in this way,then perhaps the people are overreacting to the realizations that for decades following WWII, America was all too gullible in entrusting their interests unquestioningly to the benevolent government. Now, feeling marginalized and deceived, NOTHING is taken on trust. We have a society of suspicion. Our first reaction to everything is "Who is going to profit from this lie, from this tragedy, from this assassination? Who stands to benefit? What secret agenda does this event expedite? "How would you describe a society terrorized by shadows?

    2. Yeah, I think the craziest conspiracy theory I ever heard was that Bush-Cheney one.

  62. This movie is rubbish he dies in the end and we still don't know who killed him:))

    @Achems, I prefered your tag with the underscore:)))

    1. The one that actually fired the bullet should always stay safely anonomous, don't you think? I had a good friend from Arkansas who was one of the secret "Osama hunters" and I'd like to think that maybe he was the one that took him out.

    2. Charles, what you are saying is that you condone killing someone.

      What does it say in your bibles about that? Want to know.

    3. Mr. Razor:

      Oh, yes! I condone killing a terrorist, for sure! Plug the vermin! And yes, in the Old Testament there is plenty of examples were killing during war, etc. was acceptable. You have to have wisdom, Mr. Razor. If you're angry with your neighbor over a disagreement and you kill him, then that's murder, but if you kill someone as a soldier in war (such as Osama Bin Laden), that's not murder. If you kill someone in self-defence that is trying to murder your wife and kids, then that's not murder either. In Exodus chapter 20, the word used there is "murder" which is different from "killing" at the proper time and place.

      When Jesus told us to turn the other cheek, I also think that is in a non-life threatening situation like we all have from time to time with other people, not war or self defense in a life-or-death situation.

      I'm sure you'd do the same as I if someone was trying to kill your daughter, wouldn't you? But, you guys are just trying to force me into some kind of "contradiciton" between what you view as a standard in Scripture (which you guys don't follow anyway), and rightfully dividing what the Word of God truly says.

      Even God himself in the future will "kill" the wicked at the proper time and place when judgment comes. It's part of His nature of justice. Now is a time when grace is offered; but such will not always be the case.

      Peace to you!

      Charles B.

    4. Yes, Charles, I too thought your god says 'turn the other cheek'? Pretending, pretending, pretending, aren't we? I would say you should be praying for the poor soul. Hypocrisy all the way down!

    5. @WTC7:

      Hi WTC7, maybe Charles is finally reading the horror novel the OT, where all the killing and the revenge stuff is sanctified by his gods.

      Am not trying to put Charles on the spot, but am extremely interested in his response!

    6. @ Achems Razor!

      Hi there :)! I myself am surprised Charles made such a blunder... But reading OT, in truth, really can make one have bad dreams :). I'd like myself to hear his response but I doubt he'll give one after this...

    7. Remind me to never f8ck with you Charles! Ba-da-bing, ba-da boom...

      Feeding him to the fishes is also just too weird, alarm bells are ringing. Why do that? It just feeds the conspiracy in my mind when I am trying to starve him out.

      @le_razor. Wo-haaa the undercore is back!! Instant response.

    8. Osama was the son of a mother and a father, a man caught in the middle of the fight between the lies and truths of the US and the lies and truths of the rest of the world.
      We will never know the real truth, it has been covered by the interest of many.
      And the oil will continue to pour, and the poppys will continue to grow, and the world will continue to live in blindness.

    9. Az, that was very poetic, but you're putting lipstick on a sow! Osama was evil evil EVIL to the core. He deserved no sympathy or mercy whatsoever. He would have murdered you, your kids, your dog and your grandma for no other reason than you're Americans (Western and non-Muslim). Remember he had not only murdered thousands, but was planning to do so again if he could. You cannot blame poppies and oil for his evil. If you want to blame anyone, blame Osama Bin Laden himself. I have extremely low tollerance of truly evil people.

      Peace to you.

    10. Right evil, but where was Bin Laden trained? Why, the CIA in AmeriKa, where else? look to your own back yard Charles!

    11. Mr. Razor: Evil is as evil does. CIA training or otherwise, there's no excuse for such evil.

    12. @C_and_N

      "...what the word of god truly says"? According to you I guess. Listen to a thousand different christians and you'll get a thousand different versions of "what the word of god truly says."

  63. Wow! Fantastic! The most touching part was the interviews with the kids of 911 on the end. It really touched my heart.

    1. Wow! as Epic_logic says "Ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom"!

      Did not know that you were a militant crusader Charles? you aren't "packing" are you??

    2. No, I'm not packing currently, Mr. Razor. My 30-06 was taken by someone in the family (I think my nephew) and my 38 special with hollow point bullets was found by my brother. I told my mom when I left "Here's the gun and here's the ammo if you need it" and she told my younger brother, who eagerly took it. Alas, it was a gift from my Dad but I don't think I can pry it out of my brother's fingers any time soon. I don't have one in the Philippines, although leagally I think I could get one. They sell them in the mall here on the 3rd floor. But, the chances of my son getting it is greater than a violent home invasion robbery, I think.


      Charles B.

    3. Oh, I forgot to mention, I don't think I'd shoot any normal theif in our house, just one intent on bodily harm. In China someone broke in and demanded money from one of the teachers. He was just beaten repeatedly with a stick until he left--a bit surprised that the Americans weren't as easy to rob as he thought they'd be.


  64. Sensationalism again, watched up to 34 min. This doc is made for the sheeple!

    Interpreted as resistance? Right!

    Killed bin laden? so what? cover up, for an inside job!

    1. @C_and_N:

      Charles, you Yankees and your guns, hollow point bullets yet! It must cost money to live in the states, right away would have to get an Uzi and a .44 magnum. (LOL)

      I had major rifles for hunting only, Canadians don't usually pack a rod, or keep guns for protection.

  65. Gah! Five minutes in, and I just couldn't watch any more of that schlock-umentary drivel.

    I always thought it interesting that in an interview with David Frost, for the BBC in November '07, Benazir Bhutto claimed that Bin Laden was already dead, but Frost (ever the consumate journo....not!) didn't even bat an eyelid, never mind question her about it.

  66. omg will ppl realy believe this propaganda...!!! joke

  67. Fake Bin Laden death LOL they dumped him at sea? These propagandists have to be kidding me. Nice N.W.O. quality propaganda for you tho, nice try tho ABC- the news arm of the Disney propaganda machine.

  68. Anal Qaeda

  69. If ABC is putting this show on air than I believe it cannot be a documentary. ABC reporting real news, c'mon!! If you want to hear news or real world views unfortunately youwill need to find a news agency outside of the USA. The US government, and Patriot Act filter all the news you see...basically you see what they want you to see. Bin Laden is no longer relevant. Killing or claiming to have to is a desperate grope by the president and US to garner some respect or gather votes of confidence. An ailing 'terrorist' who has been dead, or on a dialysis machine since 2001, poses no real threat, it is the stronger more legitimate threats who are free that are the real worry. Are we to believe that they did what they say without any proof (can you say, weapons of mass destruction?). Until I hear or see evidence I will continue to believe that this was a desperate PR ploy, for a country that continues to sink deeper and deeper in debt to the world financially and morally.

  70. Now that the military propoganda machine has crafted yet another diversionary fiasco, I guess we should all prepare ourselves for the gung-ho charge toward Libya and Iran. That is, after all, where the oil is, and what the controlled demolition of the WTC buildings was all designed to do.

    Oh yeah, as an aside, isn't it convenient that there was a bural at sea, and with full Islamic preparation too!! What a farce.

    1. If you research Islamic burial rites, a Muslim only gets buried at sea if he dies at sea (to prevent others on the ship from getting sick). The whole burial at sea story is a crock.

  71. So they killed Bin Laden?, or Did they really kill him?
    Honestly,... all these questions and answers seems moot,
    for me the real question is So What?....

    Maybe its because I'm not an American, or
    Perhaps its because I've never truly been convinced by the official 9/11 story.
    either-way, I haven't been caught up in this latest fad.
    Doesn't change anything politically, and for me its just the end of a chapter in the ongoing war of terror.

  72. looks interesting!

    oh nm...its abc..

    1. total propaganda,.. anyone who would believe this trash deserves an eternity within their own stupidity

    2. I found something that is far more interesting than this ridiculous PROPAGANDA

      How to make Yorkshire Pudding !!!!


      3 eggs
      1 cup milk
      1 cup all-purpose flour
      2 tablespoons butter


      Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C).
      In a medium bowl, beat eggs with milk. Stir in flour. Set aside.
      Divide butter evenly into the twelve cups of a muffin tin, about 1/2 teaspoon per cup. Place tin in oven to melt butter, 2 to 5 minutes. Remove tin from oven, and distribute batter evenly among buttery cups.
      Bake in preheated oven 5 minutes. Reduce heat to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C), and bake 25 minutes more or until puffed and golden.

      ENJOY !!!

      and F**K those that think that they can B.S. us with such total CRAPPOLA !!!

    3. i like the name...SillyWillyOneNut, how about a recipe for Dough Nut.
      Good one!

    4. Mr. OneNut, is that really how you make Yorkshire pudding? That sounds yummy! I'm too lazy to bake, however.