Sixty Symbols

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Sixty SymbolsEver been confused by all the letters and squiggles used by scientists? Hopefully these videos will unravel some of those mysteries.

Sixty Symbols is a collection of videos about physics and astronomy presented by experts from The University of Nottingham.

They aren't lessons or lectures - and they never tried to be an online reference book. The films are just fun chats with men and women who love their subject and know a lot about it!

It's worth noting many symbols have multiple uses across scientific disciplines and they sometimes tackle them from an unexpected viewpoint.

On gamma you'll find a professor of physics talking about cricket balls... and on rho stuffing paper clips into coffee cups.

And sometimes when there's no symbol to tell a story (like Schrödinger's cat), they just make one up! Whatever video you watch, they hope you'll see something interesting and maybe learn something new.

You may have noted more than sixty symbols in the playlist. That's because when they finished, everyone asked for more. They're currently working on the second sixty!

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  1. GRACE

    ƒavorite ¥outuß? Channel ?ver!¡ for §ure ?:)


    these are a great collection of clips, very interesting and entertaining.

  4. far
  5. far

    The answers on the question about G-d were a bit thin and you could see they were uncomfortable.
    In astronomy the greatest breakthroughs you could ever have is proving life beyond earth or existence of G-d (not the one that died on cross for those that only know that story) ;-)

  6. Yanis Vergos
  7. Yanis Vergos


  8. Guest
  9. Guest

    Lot of good stuff on this, leads a person in many different directions,
    like quantum physics.

  10. Jo McKay
  11. Jo McKay

    60 Symbols:Making Physics real - should be the title. Excellent. Very entertaining (least I thought so, ha). Loved the visual examples and the friendly interaction with scientists. Now maybe if I watch it many more times I'll catch an 'idea' of the Quantum world :). A definite must view. Thanks!

  12. Daryl Walters
  13. Daryl Walters

    Great doc! Loved it! Very likable scientists that never gave the impression they were talking down to us. Must be great to work in a job that so consumes you that you would do it anyway even if you wern't getting paid for it.

  14. Guest
  15. Guest

    I find myself giggling with delight when I watch this, think its my 4th time now. Coffee , cake, head phones and and an hour of self indulgence. Ahhh

  16. Guest
  17. Guest

    These scientist really have a passion for teaching.

  18. Guest
  19. Guest

    Perfect way to end a working week

  20. oilchng
  21. oilchng

    fantastic.... thanks for posting .

  22. Teresa Dietzinger
  23. Teresa Dietzinger

    There's a sister channel from the same school that discusses the elements of the Periodic Table. That's also worth posting at this site if it hasn't been posted already...

  24. dewflirt
  25. dewflirt

    Here we are, one of the most lighthearted, happy docs ever. Lots of excited scientists bursting with childlike enthusiasm for their chosen subjects. Makes my heart giggle just seeing their happy faces, love it :) back off to work in a minute, see you later :)

  26. AntiTheist666
  27. AntiTheist666

    Thanks, I needed inspiration to watch something? Tell ya about it later. Don’t work toooo hard! ;-)
    Edit. I've just seen how > long it is. Are you mad? Where do I begin? Please don't answer with any song lyrics thanks :-/

  28. dewflirt
  29. dewflirt

    Watch all of it. Time will fly, promise :)

  30. AntiTheist666
  31. AntiTheist666


    Top or bottom first or go to you tube? The two I tried here looked like they’d started in the middle somewhere? I know I’m a fart but I like to do things properly, like starting at the beginning etc. Comments look good though. Could you advise me on a question I’ve asked at Web of Hate, I would be grateful of your brief opinion? I will watch some of this today. I need a smile :-)

    The Melancholy One

  32. dewflirt
  33. dewflirt

    Top first, no need to YouTube it. Not as long as you think as they're all short clips. I know of a great hotel where time stands still, maybe you could kick back there and watch. Infinitely more enjoyable if you don't have to worry about time. Trust me, I'm a goddess. See the long ears? I'm already down the rabbit hole and I'm late, I'm late, I'm late. Will check your other comment when I get home again ;)

  34. AntiTheist666
  35. AntiTheist666


    Could only manage the first vid, waaaaaaay too exiting, me waaaaay too melancholy. I’ll watch it some other time..........if I live....I have Diamond Jubilee Sickness........ I’m dying and it’s hardly begun! Lol

    The Ashamed One

  36. dewflirt
  37. dewflirt

    Please don't be melon cauli sixes :( its bad for you, you know? Makes you sad. I had to make 80 meters of jubilee bunting with school kids yesterday, they don't even know what it is. They covered their triangles with monsters and cats and glue. Don't worry, it's almost over and then we have the Olympics! Woo hoo :/

  38. AntiTheist666
  39. AntiTheist666


    Oh Please, Isn’t there a bleedin awful football tourney as well. Oh woe, woe is me. Save me from my misery! Sixty symbols huh. I need one for utter exhaustion, have been awake for 40 hrs, wake me up when the Olympics are over Boo Boo :-/

  40. darlynjohnson
  41. darlynjohnson

    Thank you Brady Haran, University of Nottingham professors, and, of cousre, George--for sharing your passion for physics in layman's terms. I enjoyed every minute!

  42. Gareth Hayes
  43. Gareth Hayes

    I was in China for that eclipse :D

  44. Hina zeb khan
  45. Hina zeb khan

    Simply loved it, one of the best clip I've ever watched (:
    I wish I was there too....

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