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The demand for pork - especially in China - has significantly altered farming and environmental realities across the globe. The need for greater populations of pigs has called for an increase in the production of cheap soy to feed them, which in turn has placed a tremendous burden on the environment and the small farmers who are being pushed out by the titans of agricultural industry. The informative documentary Soyalism provides an in-depth examination of the issues at play.

In North Carolina, one hog farm has been taken over by a Chinese corporation. Once family owned and run, the operation is now a massive producer of swine waste, which is consistently being dumped on the coastal plain and creating an ecological imbalance. It's impacted the purity of the water, and the quality of the air that residents are forced to breathe in every day.

In Brazil, the insatiable need for soy has furthered the deforestation of the Amazon. Plush rain forests are now soy fields that stretch beyond the horizon. A handful of corporations have incorporated soy into the feed of animals throughout the planet. In the process, they've made it an inescapable part of every human's diet as well. "The world is one big pig sty," says one environmental and health advocate.

Soybean farming has also made an aggressive move into Africa, an expansion made possible by cheap land leases. A venture that promised widespread development that would benefit every citizen in the region is merely a scam designed to exploit natural resources and cheat hard-working independent farmers of their livelihoods.

The climate implications of these practices are profound. From corrosive greenhouse gas emissions to the destruction of precious resources, opponents look upon the massive agricultural industries as nothing short of criminal enterprises.

What is the solution? Ultimately, Soyalism advocates for eating less meat. This would result in less harm to the environment, an enhanced quality of life for consumers and a welcome reprieve from the practice of animal cruelty.

The film travels to globe to uncover the root of the problem, how it has impacted ordinary citizens, and compromised the world we all inhabit.

Directed by: Enrico Parenti, Stefano Liberti

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3 years ago

It's a nice documentary, I think it would be just a reminder of what we are doing with animals and land. In this sad moment for us, we should spent our time to meditate about that and make a choice as human being not just follow the big companies and the trends.

3 years ago

One solution is to nuke China out of existence

Winter Andresen
3 years ago

Globalization is a wonderful thing.

3 years ago

The solution is to stop feeding animals grain or anything they didn't historically eat. All grass-fed, i.e., pastured, meat, dairy is healthy, but not grain fed. Also, it costs a lot less to produce if you know how to manage the soil so it increases in fertility.

3 years ago

What? Only a 6.64 rating from the sycophants who haunt this website? No arcane comments from you, the all knowing, about how this doc this totally off base or whatever excuse you find convenient to dismiss the facts that are presented, making you comfortable in your illusion? How sad it is, that facts are so easily dismissed, just to make ourselves comfortable with the reality. So, in your denial of the travesties raping our planet, of which we are all guilty, now comes a simple solution to all of this onerous activity on the part of the human race who are no better than a horde of locusts, devouring every natural resource on the face of the earth. There comes a conqueror, unseen and yet manifest that will destroy the very fabricate of this wayward world society to the betterment of what should be. Do not despair, the best is yet to come!

3 years ago

good old pork...i do enjoy it i must admit although what surprised me was reading on canniblism..humans were called longpigs as we taste just like pork..i have a good look at my bacon butty now to check for pubic hair lol