The States of Exit

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The States of ExitThis documentary zooms in on the Serbian Exit Festival, the people behind it and their continuing struggle to organize a wide variety of events under difficult circumstances. Counter culture as a means of progress in society.

The Exit Festival was first held in 2000, as a student protest against president Slobodan Milosevic's politics. This unique festival still plays a crucial part in building a new Serbia via the means of counter culture. Even though nowadays the biggest stars are rocking the numerous stages in the fortress, Exit has not turned into a commercial mainstream event as it is still based on the ideals and beliefs of the founders.

The States of Exit features several Exit originators like founder Bojan Boskovic and programmer Rajko Bozic. For the first time ever, they tell their stories in a dedicated Exit documentary. "Over the course of thirteen years, we have generated probably between 200 and 250 million euros for the Serbian economy. In comparison, the oil industry of Serbia was sold for 400 million."

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  1. lakhotason

    "That was the error of the politicians, to mess with us."

    It's the error of every politician to mess with the youth. They never learn.

  2. Jo McKay
  3. Jo McKay

    I liked it very much. A youth protest becomes "Counter culture as a means of progress in society." now focussed on creating culture above the politics. well done

  4. Petar Vitanovich
  5. Petar Vitanovich

    What the f*ck are you talking about??? Do you remember the 79 straight days of NATO bombing over Beograd, Novi Sad, and Nis??? Oh, those weren't bombs that exploded on innocent civilians, and civilian structures such as bridges and hospitals. None of that happened either, right? Or am I just f*cking r*tarded. Check your facts smart a**, before making political statements. And your Wiki link is extremely funny, written by Western Civilizations pawns. Just like their Draza Mihajlovic article that accuses him of being a Nazi collaborator, when the only collaboration he did, was take Italian soldiers weapons and ammunition, since they already surrendered and became part of the allies, after Rome fell. Nazi posters wanting Draza, existed in 1945. Meaning Wiki's article is complete B.S., since the Haylard Mission, the rescue of 500 downed airmen over Yugoslavia, by the Draza led Chetniks, let to him postmortemly receiving the Medal of Valor from Truman. These are facts. Your comments about the Bosnia video clips dont matter in the scope of the documentary, they are trying to make a point that there is a proggresive, almost Paulite like uprising in Serbia, that is balancing the corruption inside our government. And if you live in the US, you cannot criticize anything, since the corruption in your government is the reason why Serbia's and the world, or anything Amrica touched, is corrupt.

  6. AddNewComment1
  7. AddNewComment1

    oh, really...and where exactly is "Amrica"? Let's face facts.. you can call "Amrica" corrupt all you like... however, "Amrica" is the first country called upon to help others in time of need. People flock to "Amrica" to escape the injustice and inhumane treatment they face at home... if "Amrica" was so terrible people would be leaving, not illegally crossing the borders to get in

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