In Transition 2.0

In Transition 2.0

2013, Society  -   6 Comments
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"In Transition 2.0" is a documentary about the Transition movement. Transition stimulates the creative juices of people on the streets to get together beyond their differences, to make the best use of their resources, their energies, their spirits.

It's not about trying to change behaviour, it's about setting in place structures which can be available when needed. When there's the perceived need for them, they're there.

Transition is moving towards an economy where everyone has a place, a value and a purpose. That includes the environment having a purpose, but also people. Transition is about engaging your community, building your community and helping your community.

There are over 1800 Transition Initiatives around the world. It starts with a group of people coming together, and that group can come from a range of different places. They might be a group that's already been meeting as something else, it might be a group of people who already know each other but don't work formally together. It might be a group of people who meet at an event or in the pub and say, 'Why don't we start Transition?' But that initial coming together of people, that forming the group, is the seed for the whole process.

The groups are part of a five-year experiment and they go through a number of stages. The first stage, is 'starting out'... creative, playful, storming stage where you're showing films, putting up posters, organizing events, doing awareness-raising stuff, starting to lay the foundations for what will become the Transition Initiative.

The second stage is called 'deepening', where you realize all of a sudden, that you're becoming an organisation and you're having to make things a bit more structured and a bit more formal.' It feels very different from that initial starting-out phase. It feels like you are becoming an organisation.

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Valencia Jefferson
9 years ago

Transition can be good or bad . It shows a good side of humanity. Who could not appreciate the working and giving effort. But it also reveal that people are in it to profit. Everyday I see people not concern about the problems that go on in society and yet they are the ones that argue about how the economy is bad. They do nothing to help out what others put into. It isn't the money. There are people without money. You don't need money to help. It is the well being.
Transition is good it is humble. transition is a way to connect with others. It is a way to understand our world and what is happening. We need transition it is a way to share our strengths and ideas beyond our difference .Transition allows movement to occur. It bring communities, jobs,family, friends and people together. Without transition we will continue to suffer.

9 years ago

Ok, i got ten minutes into this documentary, i've seen a whole bunch of people who look like they're one glass of cool aid away from a tragedy tell me all about transition...and i still have absolutely no idea what transition is and am starting to wonder if they even know.

when people talk more about raising awareness than they do the actual thing they're trying to raise awareness for then I start to question the sincerity...

Just Thinking
9 years ago

This definitely makes people feel good about themselves as reflected in the young boys tee shirt late in the video saying something about it all being about "me". It took me back as I saw this being conveyed as a religion due to every attribute about the project was copied meticulously from the current miserable failure of the Evangelical / Fundamental christianity playbook. Transition goes door to door to educate about a big problem...Peak oil. Modern tightly scripted christians go door to door to tell people about their big problem...that they are sinners and guilty before a holy and just God that must judge righteously and that means eternal punishment for breaking some or all of His law (The 10 Commandments). Transition follows up after the bad news with the good news....we can de-industrialize. Christians follow up with good news that God sent His perfect, sinless Son (Jesus Christ) to earth to take the punishment that we all deserve, so He died on the cross in our place to satisfy God's demand for justice. Transition doesn't tell potential converts that people before mechanization / industrialization spent a significant portion of their daily efforts either working at their own trade to earn enough to barter for their food or to invest most of their lives in producing enough food to feed themselves and their families. When done as a hobby while having both feet firmly planted in and enjoying all of the benefits of a carbon rich lifestyle (along with having solar panels subsidized with someone elses tax dollars) this all looks kind of fun and somewhat noble...Just to keep the correlation going, when most Evangelicals and Fundamentalists try to "sell" Jesus door to door, they too kind of create a view of utopia that has no foundation in reality...when one throws themselves at the Feet of Jesus Christ and accepts His gift of forgiveness they are giving up all they are, all they want to be, and all they hope to be in order to follow God's leading in every detail of their life. Today's christian proselytizers kind of think that by being honest with potential convents that it could hurt their closing stats of people who they get to say a little 30 second prayer about "accepting Jesus as their savior" so they just pitch a "come to Jesus...He will save you from Hell and then you can pretty much continue on with the same empty sin filled life you are currently living". They aren't told the truth that as much as that a new convert will go from "death to life" and "darkness into His marvelous light", that they also go from being a slave to sin to becoming a slave to righteousness and to Jesus Christ meaning they no longer have a will of their own. So...with all that said I would prefer to know that all my sins are forgiven and hand my life over to the God who made me and loves me than to join a sad and empty group of people trying to manufacture some sort of "self righteousness" over their use of carbon....even kind of sounds empty when you say it out heart breaks.

Just Thinking
9 years ago

Heart warming...I invested a year and a half and a lot of my resources into creating and designing homes that could operate totally off grid (without living a minimalist lifestyle) for $119. per sq. foot so I'm on your page; however, this current approach (In my opinion) is not yet ready. I say this because as I dug seriously into which modalities I should use to power these homes I found the solar panel manufacturing industry has failed to quantify the significant waste streams that producing panels creates. To add insult to injury we are buying panels from China where those waste streams are going directly into your and my environment. If a person says they care about our environment and aren't rabid "buy from the western world" they are just pretending. Wind we are finding is punching a monstrous and frightening hole in the entire ecosystem with the wholesale slaughter of birds and particularly bats...we need to avoid building any more farms (to my disappointment).

9 years ago

awesome well made documentary one of the best ways ive seen to try to speed up our rehab from our addiction to fossil fuels.