Stoned Kids

Stoned Kids

2016, Drugs  -   18 Comments
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Produced by the acclaimed VICE news organization for their new Viceland channel, Stoned Kids takes a probing look at one of the latest trends taking place in the world of medical marijuana. Cancer patients have used marijuana to tame the side effects of toxic medicinal therapies for decades. Some actually believe the drug has the power to cure them of their devastating diseases. Some parents of cancer-stricken children have begun administering the drug to their offspring in the hopes of such a cure. Is this a reasonable use of medical marijuana, or does it harbor hidden and unintended dangers to the lives and wellbeing of these children?

Reporter Krishna Andavolu travels to diverse regions and meets with families who have taken the notion of a marijuana-based cure to heart. In a small town outside of Portland, Oregon, we meet Lauranne, a precocious seven-year old girl who has been diagnosed with a deadly form of leukemia. After suffering through fierce and largely unsuccessful bouts of radiation, chemotherapy and multiple bone marrow transplants, Lauranne's mother decided to take her daughter's care into her own hands by medicating her with highly concentrated quantities of cannabis. In the ensuing months since undertaking this homespun therapy, her daughter's white blood cell count has increased substantially, along with her recovery and quality of life.

The science behind medical marijuana in the treatment of cancer has just begun to blossom and gain acceptance in the popular culture. Traditional cancer-fighting therapies are hit and miss when it comes to targeting affected cancer cells. Many healthy cells are destroyed in the process of these treatments, and their side effects are grave and despairing. It is believed that marijuana arms the defenses of the body's healthy cells to attack and destroy the cancerous cells on their own.

Another of the film's interview subjects, renowned oncologist Dr. Donald Abrams, also lends supportive voice to the medicinal benefits of marijuana. He admits that while there's no doubt as to the effectiveness of cannabis in controlling the myriad of symptoms from traditional therapies, there is still much research to be done to conclusively determine the benefits and potential risks associated with its use as a means to a cure. But his insights, and the stories of additional families whose lives have been undeniably improved from the use of the drug, are never short of promising. Stoned Kids convincingly advocates for a deeper investment in this research.

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18 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Liam Boon

    @anonymous dont do drugs and stay in school

  2. anonymous

    i call it a students life...

  3. anonymous

    i use it to relax and escape the rat race

  4. anonymous

    im 22 smoke it everyday for about 6/7 years and i must say i don't believe that it cures any disease except some psychological disorders maybe

  5. Bryan Dott.

    It's amazing how society will believe a program that was actually made to profit from. Then you back it up with the crap you read on the internet. All of this is about is control and money . Nothing is more precious than those two items. And humans will always buy into it.

  6. Stella

    @Doctor Jack Marijuana has tons of medical benefits, especially high CBD strains. It doesn't suppress symptoms. Our body already produces cannabinoids (found in marijuana) naturally so marijuana is NOT poison. It's harmless and it HELPS. The war on drugs really brainwashes people into thinking otherwise.

  7. Will

    As for Clara`s comment above - you need to educate yourself, ignorance is NO EXCUSE. As someone who has watched 3 uncles, 1 aunt, and a father waste away and die in pain from this disease, take my advice, educate yourself woman

  8. Will

    If it works, use it, as for the people consumed with rage regarding dosing children. Are you mentally ill?, Think on this: Since the 1960's there are 3 major cancer treatments. 1. Surgury 2. Radiation 3. Chemo
    So 2&3 poison and kill our cells (Proven). Doctors use to carry oil in their satchels when making housecalls, but then it was outlawed. If it was aa choice between Radiation / CHemo, or to give my child oil, it would be Oil. How stupid are people to think that Oil could be worse then chemo or radiation is beyond my understanding. Watch what happens if it goes mainstream and the large pharma companies get ahold of the production, watch the price rise. Big pharma does not want to cure you folks, it wants you to take their expensive drugs for the rest of your life. Google the FDA and do some Shakes head

  9. billy

    I strongly believe that cannabis cures cancer....I smoke cannabis for about 50 years, never liked alcohol, although I like to drink a couple beers once in a while, now im 65 years old, and never had cancer....also i quitted tabacco 5 years ago, never had anything in my troat, lungs , only the intoxication by nicotine and thats traditional if you smoke cigarretes... my point is , I have a brother 7 years younger, that never smoked cannabis nor tabacco, and last year he was diagnosed with intestine cancer, which was removed by surgery for it was in the early formation...since then, he continue his treatment, and is fine etc... its something to meditate about it....I strongly believe that smoking cannabis prevented me to develop any form of cancer, and I hope some day the medical society will discover (officially) that cannabis really cures and prevents cancer.

  10. Kathy ford

    Fantastic documentary. If your child is going to die then you would try anything to get them a longer time and better prognosis. Positive outcomes from this drug. About time governments starting looking at the medically benefits of this drug, and completing some proper reviews.

  11. Doctor Jack

    Unfortunately, neither medical treatments nor the use of marijuana has any health benefits. Yes, marijuana may suppress symptoms so one might temporarily feel better but the symptoms one is suppressing is the body's efforts to improve it's systemic integrity that one is thwarting. In other words, the symptoms are RIGHT ACTION. The only way to overcome cancer is biologically not medicinally. The body needs cooperation not deadly poisoning in any form. If the body is unable to overcome / kill off the mutagenic cells, then it was simply too late and God's will be done. A neighbor of mine just died. She was treating her diagnosis of cancer with radiation exposure, chemical poisoning and marijuana. She would not listen to me. She thought she could poison herself into health. Oh well...

  12. Suzy

    First of all, cancer is a laboratory spawned disease created to genocidally kill off as many of us as inhumanly possible. Radiation & chemotherapy are just as deadly and should NEVER be used for ANYTHING!!

    Second, marijuana kills cancer cells and cures emphysema. I know this to be true because I used it to cure myself of emphysema when I quit smoking cigarettes.

    Third, if my child was desperately I'll with cancer, I would much rather administer controlled amounts of marijuana than allow the pharma jocks & docs to torture & most likely kill them with their sorcery. Get on your uppity highhorse all you want. You don't know what you don't know, specially if you haven't been there!

  13. Jess

    @clara would you accept parents allowing their children with cancer diagnosis to have narcotics? Thats technically still "stoned". Realize the difference between someone using drugs for recreation vs medication.

  14. patricia

    This film is very good bc it follows real families in their fight to get their kids well after a CA diagnosis & invasive treatments like chemotherapy & radiation. Because of the federal governments scheduling of Cannabis as a SCHEDULE I drug - along with Heroin - there have not been enough research studies to determine Medical Marijuana's effectiveness against CA, so these brave parents are finding their own way to help their children get better. I liked the doc. alot.

  15. Clara is butthurt

    ^ someone is sandy.... Teach me thine ways of fearmongering me please.

  16. alan

    clara, try watching the film before commenting. the evidence from doctors is supported by what study has been allowed. if the choise was to watch your child die im sure you would re think your bias.

  17. clara

    american people all need to be psycho analysed

    this is not OK in any way to stone your kids

    there is absolutely no medical proof that cancer ever cured it its just an excuse for them to get high with kids

    sick f...... people

  18. TDF

    This doc is not available in Australia, New Zealand and France.