Symbols of an Alien Sky

Symbols of an Alien Sky

2009, Mystery  -   188 Comments
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As a modern society, we stand in awe as we gaze upon the colossal monuments and mysterious cultures of ancient times. These civilizations were vastly different from our own; so different, in fact, that our perspectives on the world as it exists today often place a barrier to our comprehension of ancient beliefs and customs.

This documentary titled Symbols of an Alien Sky seeks to rectify this. With vivid insight and enlightening exploration, the film allows us to fully grasp and appreciate the customs of our ancient ancestors through their observations and interpretations of celestial events.

Celestial activities and planetary movements are the subjects of exhaustive research today, and can generally be predicted with great degrees of accuracy. But ancient civilizations approached the canvas of our skies with great fear and reverence, often imbuing its activities with profound mythological connotations.

For them, the chaotic events of their times were written and reflected in the skies. The movements of planets were once thought by our earliest astronomers to represent the presence of omniscient gods. These gods were the subject of much worship and trembling wonder as evidenced by the ceremonies, monuments and artifacts of the time. In fact, reverence for the gods overwhelmingly defined every aspect of these ancient cultures.

While most modern scientists generally regard these beliefs as symptomatic of a naive civilization, Symbols of an Ancient Sky poses several intriguing theories which challenge this assumption. For example, the prominence of various beliefs, symbols and archetypes are strikingly common across every ancient culture.

This commonality is apparent in centuries-old recounts of the dragon, an unexplained mythological phenomenon whose existence was insisted upon by every culture of ancient times. Could this creature, in addition to the other widely accepted archetypes of the day, have really existed in some form?

Symbols of an Ancient Sky opens our minds to the infinite possibilities of our ancient world. This noble journey is unlike any other, and could forever alter our perceptions of the planet we once inhabited and the one in which we exist today.

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2 years ago

Pseudoscientific claptrap, dreamed up by unqualified mythologists. Scientifically impossible nonsense.

bishop cranmer
2 years ago

To the initial hour of this program, NONE of the mass of commentary applies.
Electrical [and/or] Gravitational concepts of our universe do not enter here.
This first program posits that says - for some extensive period of ancient times, Saturn shone brightly enough to be celebrated as a sun in earth's night skies - and the covering of it by both Venus and Mars created ancient astronomical depictions explicable in no other way.
Opposing positions in the comments section cannot birth from this first episode as no mentions arise here of any universe theory - gravitational or electrical.
I know it costs money, but I would have deeply enjoyed diagrams: a from the top view of the ancient earth - saturn - mars - venus relationship at that time

This documentary [at least its first hour] must be seen by everyone seeking a door into ancient symbology. True- False? Add to your knowledge! Decide!

Donald Jay
3 years ago

Would like to see ufo and ancient aliens from the history channel.

Donald Jay
3 years ago

Would like to see ufo movies,documentarys,anceint aliens,from history channel.

Damien Olive
7 years ago

Refreshing take on theories and some forgone conclusions, a must see documentary.

7 years ago

I hate this, I'm an ispector documentary and I have experience, I really now about this, and this is pure crash.

8 years ago

Try exploring the very real Elongated Skulls of Paracas, Peru as well as other parts of the world to explain the ancient conical headdresses.

Jack the Giant Killer
8 years ago

Wow this has been a very intellectually entertaining thread. Thank you all! You are all obviously very very educated in your fields and I learned a great deal reading both sides of the fence. Thank you.

8 years ago

Awareness of the nature of our Electric Universe is an epochal paradigm shift in Cosmology. This key documentary re-examines the history of our solar system, starting from the ancient depictions of the same shapes found to be the same all over the world: great plasma exchanges in their skies, in the typical shapes we see in laboratories for this scalable phenomenon. Go to Thunderbolts. info for more and seek out their YouTube channel with updates and predictions on the scientific missions being carried out by the various space agencies and videos of the fascinating lectures from the annual conferences. Highly recommended is also the work of the Suspicious0bservers team and its Sun Series also on YouTube. Electricity flows through the universe aligning nebulae over billions of light years, it is the fuel of life, of every orb as of every living cell. Leave all unnecessary baggage behind and enjoy this both exhilarating and sobering conceptual journey revealing another layer of the onion of the world we thought we knew. Eyes open, no fear, enjoy the ride! ;-)

8 years ago

As the daughter of an engineer, when other kids were watching TV, I was reading encyclopedias. I made A's in every science class I ever took, except chemistry. Science and Technology have been my hobby and interest since I picked up a science book from a school trash heap and my mom (a school secretary who had to take care of me at work that day) tells me I spent hours and hours trying teach myself to read.

Why? Because I was fascinated with space. Always have been.

So, when I was first introduced to the EUT, I came to it as a very well read scientifically educated Electronics repair tech with some electrical engineering training. I knew the Standard Model view of the Cosmos intimately, was a die hard fan of Hawking and Einstein, and while I knew that were some controversial spots still where multiple theories were still up in the air, they were just details, and we were sure the basics were all answered.

I am stressing this point to tell you that when I came to EUT, I was ready to have a good laugh checking out yet another "New Age" theory.

But if there is one thing I am all about, it is following where the evidence leads, not trying to make it lead to somewhere I've already decided to go. This is something a lot of people don't want to believe. I cannot tell you how many times I have run across some "well intentioned" individual who's thought "she's just not familiar with the 'truth'" and who start by trying to give me a basic education in the standard model.

I know the standard model. I know the evidence supporting that model... but I've also examined the evidence that doesn't support that model. The unanswered questions, the questions that kept popping up with every new headline about "astronomer's baffled" with some new anomaly that had showed up in the latest observations.

Any model that fails to predict is a model that has failed, period. I knew standard model had failed, but I kept clinging to that dream that sooner or later, we'd figure it all out, that we'd find that missing piece that would suddenly make sense out of everything. I knew there was something so simple that we were going to facepalm when we finally saw it.

That facepalm turned into a wrecking ball the size of Saturn.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, right? EUT doesn't have "extraordinary evidence". Extraordinary is far too weak a word for the evidence that electricity, and not gravity, is the prime mover and shaper of the cosmos. It has models that actually can predict what we are likely to find that have been verified repeatedly. It explains mystery after mystery with simple clear, and logical explanations with references to observed laboratory experiments with plasma.

It's the missing piece. That element x that suddenly made it all fit together. That electricity, interacting throughout space as well as gravity, together build the vastly complex structure we see. And it eliminates the need for ad hoc solutions, like Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and all of the other mathematical creations that we can only claim exist by inference, i.e. "they have to exist or the math won't work"

So, if you are someone like me. a True Believer in "Evidence Based Science" who isn't afraid to challenge their models, this documentary is your first step into a world of evidence, evidence, and more evidence, that never once will ask you to have "faith" in any thing that "cannot be seen, because it doesn't interact with normal matter."

Can you handle the truth?

8 years ago

This is just one in a series of documentaries and a ton of other smaller videos that covers most of the whole theory that is the Electric Universe. The next one to watch is 'Thunderbolts of the Gods' as it give a great overall presentation of the cosmology. As opposed to the 'standard model' which is derived from contorted mathematical speculation, the Electric Universe Theory uses the true scientific method of Observation, Measurement, Lab Experimentation & Prediction That Proves Correct and takes its basis from the true science of Plasma Physics and Electrical Engineering.

Tim Gross
8 years ago

not enough is explained regarding the physics of the Polar Configuration- anyone that has any education in gravitation immediately would reject the claim- HOWEVER the configuration was not a stable structure- it was TEMPORARY- and caused by the interaction of the Solar and Saturn systems- for at least several years the normal orbits of earth/venus/mars around the star saturn were perturbed by it's fall toward the sun- stringing the planets out along the poles- as we OBSERVE when an asteroid breaks up and collides with a large celestial mass- a gravitationally bound system will string out into a line of bodies-

Tim Gross
8 years ago

it took me over a year to deal with and accept the Saturnian cosmology-the overwhelming astrophysical / laboratory / archaeological evidence that earth/mars/venus were originally planets of the brown dwarf star we now call Saturn- and that just a few tens of thousands of years ago- the Saturn system encountered the Solar System and for years earth/venus/mars were strung along behind saturn like a string of pearls from the gravitational/electromagnetic interaction while it plunged toward the sun - the Polar Configuration- which resulted in Saturn being extinguished- planetary alignments - and catastrophes as venus became a planetary sized comet from it's electrical interaction with the sun- destroying the northern hemisphere of mars- and causing havoc on earth- including creating many of the mountains on earth we falsely believe are millions of years old- and raining oil saturated dolemite and shale into these rapidly accreted mountains-

the Saturnian Cosmology is very hard to accept- it just seems so crazily different than the story from the scientific orthodoxy- which is the two hundred year old Nebular Theory formulated by Kant- the reason it seems so outlandish is because of all the details- crackpot ideas often have a lot of arbitrary detail like that - but what you discover very quickly is that the Saturn Cosmology's details are ALL supported by huge amounts of confirmatory evidence- hard multidisciplinary evidence- that immediately makes ALL ancient art and religion SIMPLE to understand - belief is unnecessary- once you know the code everything automatically explains itself in every obscure ancient glyph and text- you cannot turn it back off- I don't "believe" it- it just always works as the truth-

Sam Pacetti
8 years ago

For those who believe this configuration could not happen and would use physics as a backdrop to underscore that claim, I would invite you to thoroughly examine the work of Kurt Gödel and his incompleteness theorems. We as a species are still laboring under the delusion of a gravity alone driven cosmos. That gravity alone accounts for all motions of orbiting bodies, while discounting the role of electromagnetism in the universe. If you think that bodies cannot align axially then Google Herbig-Haro objects and you will see that is a common occurrence. One of the great failures of modern cosmology and much of modern science is the discounting of the anomalies that do not conform to established theory, so contempt prior to investigation is thrown as a defense mechanism. If you don't know anything about the history of science, please do read the famous tome by Thomas Kuhn "The structure of scientific revolutions", which in incredibly clear perspicuity examines the history of science in painstaking detail. It is a history wrought with resistance and suppression of new ideas. it seems there is an arc to the progress of science, and it follows a pendulum swing of sorts. A pervading theory rules for a period of time until evidence that does not conform to that model begins to build, until eventually the theory reaches a state of "crisis". Then the paradigm turns. We owe our modern usage of the word "Paradigm" to Thomas Kuhn. Remember no theory is forever, it is model based upon observation, induction, deduction and "theoretical speculation". Sadly in astrophysics and cosmology, "theory" has run amok. REMEMBER! Just because a theory can offer an explanation for an observation, does not mean that the observation has proven the theory. To truly understand the reconstruction being put forward here, you must understand the methodology that was used to arrive at that conclusion.

8 years ago

I have no doubt in my mind that sky could have looked different to the ancients than to us. i am 48 and until the last few years i could not see the northern lights from my back yard like i can now. never seen a comet till i was in my 30s now ive seen 4 some thru filters showing the electrical connection to all other bodies near .i have no evidence of such but its my belief at this point in time that the electric connection of our sun to the planets has more to do with global warming than any gas present in our atmosphere

8 years ago

Fascinating. And despite some of the bah humbug a comments below, I say why not? Way back when, when no artificial light was on earth (unless you had a fire going) during the night. In the complete darkness at night, you can see a spectacular array of stars and planets at night. The fact that all over the earth way back then, these heavenly scenes are recorded all around the world. Apparently. So again, who's to say, so, again, 'why not'?

Fabien L'Amour
8 years ago

I too found 2 ancient symbols on my keyboard !

0 and O.

I profoundly analyzed these 2 ancient drawn symbols and I came to the conclusion they perfectly describe planets. The first one was elongated in its vertical axis by a magnetic field produced by the second one.

8 years ago

Tl;dr: Any and all symbols can be interpret as planetary movements (that science tells us never happened).

8 years ago

I completely believe everything in this because things that look like other things are usually related.

Norman Van Rooy
8 years ago

The physics of gravitation and mass and motion are completely ignored in this documentary. Cannot take this doc seriously. It could have heuristic value, but that is about all.

mike j.
8 years ago

Pseudoscience. ? Enjoyed this as a "factual fantasy"/"What if"/"WTF" type documentary .Was intrigued by the correlation of plasma discharge to rock art across the world..cannot however in my mind correlate planets being closer and or nearer to earth than they are now?? That said I honestly thought I would not watch another documentary by the Thunderbolt project. But my boredom took me to a sequel on YouTube.I think its just called episode 2. This has possible and I say possible explanations to the great Marineris Valley on Mars and Olympus Mons as possible yes again possible plasma and/or electric arc discharge sites. How and when and if it ever happened I would like to know. if it did happen I am doubtful that it ever did in the time frame of any humanoid existence. But I did find the second one I watched more interesting than the first.
edit... Watching deeper into episode 2 and find myself being questioned at every end of my reasonable being.. I would like to believe and or think deeper into different explanations for what science proclaims, but I find myself sliding back toward what and how I was taught. Just because you think it doesn't make it so.. The producer of this film can think it but until its proven through the scientific method my skepticism returns.he claims high-energy arcing between the surface of Mars and a ????. Asteroid, moon planet or aliens? what type of body could produce a cathode and anode effect that would gouge and or raise Mountains?

Patrick Adrien Varencaus
8 years ago

the gods=fallen angels, myth ? they is alonged skull all around the world and giants Gen 6:4

8 years ago

Three minutes in I detected the unmistakeable aroma of BS. If there is anything to this, I will wait for the article in a journal.

8 years ago

Good thing all the High Priests of official science are here to protect the status quo from new ideas. And here I thought that science and the search for new ideas didn't need protection.

8 years ago

a pity that they didn't jump to the conclusion as in r.scotts 'promtheus'!?.....entertaining nonetheless!

8 years ago

i really like this fiction.

8 years ago

I find it odd how people can still believe this nonsense, or religion, or UFO's, or cryptozoology or the rest of the woo in 2014. You would think that mankind would have made some progress by now.

Thinking Allowed
8 years ago

Fascinating documentary, an eye-opener and well done. Its compilation of comparative mythology provides an intriguing synthesis of the amazingly similar art forms & myths found the world over. And it clicks! Changed my world view actually.

Exploring the “Electric Universe” theory is a lot of fun. I highly recommend checking it out. Interesting analysis of cosmic aspects that conventional physics has been unable to explain.

Fabien L'Amour
8 years ago

Completely delusional document that ignores the rules of physics shuffling the planets around in the solar system as if they were rubber balls. Their premise : Mars magically appeared in front of Venus and Saturn a few thousand years ago.