Syria: The Reckoning

2013 ,    »  -   22 Comments
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Since its independence from France in 1946, Syria has been rocked by periods of political instability.

This documentary tells the story of the past and brings it right up to the present to provide deeper historical context to the events of today as war continues to rage in Syria with the unleashing of many of the forces which had been previously repressed.

As the colonial hold of the great powers began to fade and the region witnessed a wave of Arab nationalism, Syria shifted through a succession of military coups. But in 1970, Hafez al-Assad, an ambitious minister of defense, seized control. Rising from a humble background in western Syria, he was to rule the country for 30 years.

His was an autocratic one-party state in which any dissent was ruthlessly suppressed. Following the death of Hafez in 2000, father was succeeded by son - Bashar al-Assad took the reins and a dynasty was born.

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22 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Guest

    Its nice to finally learn something.

  2. Carl Franklin Hendershot
  3. Carl Franklin Hendershot

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. bumpercrop
  5. bumpercrop

    Historical review of events leading to present day war in Syria. 47 minutes

  6. bringmeredwine
  7. bringmeredwine

    You see the footage everyday on tv, it's too depressing for me to contemplate why this genocide goes on and on.
    I feel so bad for the innocents who get killed and maimed just because they were born there.

  8. Kev Coffey
  9. Kev Coffey

    Al Jazeera is controlled by the Qatar state which regards Syria as an enemy.

  10. wald0
  11. wald0

    Thanks for posting this, I have been searching for some background on what's going on in Syria. Its hard to have an informed opinion about something when you only know what they (the MS press and U.S. politicians) tell you about it.

  12. Sertsis
  13. Sertsis

    I liked this one too. It provided a little background and context to current events. The reasons for the civil war in Syria are still a little perplexing to me, but sadly, it still seems to be a matter of religious/sectarian zeal, as it always has been,

  14. ChairmanDrew
  15. ChairmanDrew

    as per what Kev Coffey say's below, you probably don't want to be getting that info from Aljazeera

  16. Olew1964
  17. Olew1964

    I liked this one too. It provided a little background and context to
    current events. The reasons for the civil war in Syria are still a
    little perplexing to me, but sadly, it still seems to be a matter of
    religious/sectarian zeal, as it always has been,

  18. 1concept1
  19. 1concept1

    Some perceive the manifest world for what it is; Finite and act accordingly? Others kick back in this new moon cradle and watch these f*c*ing idiots beat the sh*t out of each other and all in the name of mental masterbation; A continues reenactment of sociopath cultural implants. While all along the theoretical physicist keep searching for the magic by way of the hammer, mm! Not to worry the Artist has inherited the Earth and is guiding the spirit toward the light, to manifest a brighter day:)

  20. 1concept1
  21. 1concept1

    What have you learned?

  22. Sertsis
  23. Sertsis

    I couldn't have said it better.

  24. tom horn
  25. tom horn

    If the muslim brotherhood is good so is cancer. Syria is a hell of a mess now not because of the Assads its the radicals. If Assad were so evil why do most Syrians still support him? Its not worth another failed war for the brotherhood.

  26. ChadUllom
  27. ChadUllom

    not available in the U.S.? Why? Well i guess it doesn't matter. The United States is about to play WAR with them very shortly and as always its not going to be pretty.

  28. Sensible
  29. Sensible

    Cute how this doco fails to tell us about Syria under Bashar who is a doctor by trade, introduced the internet to Syria, brought in the right to vote in secret, almost paid off all IMF debt, bolstered the economy and introduced free trade with the EU which saw the country grow by over 6%...

  30. Kevin Logan
  31. Kevin Logan

    And the content here is mostly BBC.

  32. Kevin Logan
  33. Kevin Logan

    Think Natural Gas pipelines.

  34. Angelis Dania
  35. Angelis Dania

    Saw the Al Jazeera symbol, and so was forewarned of misrepresentation, fabrication, and the omission of key points.

    For anyone interested, Al Jazeera has been exposed not only covering for, but actually cooperating with terrorist activities in Syria since the beginning of the crisis. It's less a news network and more the impotent and frustrated ventings of a pseudo-Arab dictatorship (Qatar) that promotes democracy abroad but never at home.

  36. Naomi
  37. Naomi

    Those that are not recommending this film bc of AlJazeera etc...any recommendation on a film?

  38. John Defalque
  39. John Defalque

    In order to combat communism, we have to have an absolute dictatorship.Seeds of the current quagmire.

  40. Gary
  41. Gary

    Fox News is the best news portal on Arabs history.

  42. Sandra
  43. Sandra

    Al Jazeera is a credible news agency that makes excellent documentaries. This one was no different. Very informative. Provides context to the current escalation of violence and tension over Syria.

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