Taiga: The Last Nomads

Taiga: The Last Nomads

2015, Society  -   1 Comment
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Embark on a breathtaking journey across the vast Mongolian steppe with "Taiga: The Last Nomads," a documentary chronicling the struggles of a herding community clinging to their ancient way of life. Follow Nergüi, a weathered but resolute leader, as he guides his families on a 400-kilometer trek to vital spring pastures.

This is no ordinary trek. As they battle harsh weather, hungry wolves, and the unforgiving landscape, they also face an even greater threat: a world pushing them to abandon their nomadic traditions. Government incentives and encroaching mining companies lure them towards settlement, jeopardizing their cultural identity and their deep connection to the land.

Nergüi embodies the resilience of his people. Steeped in history and fiercely proud, he grapples with the future. Can they preserve their centuries-old customs in the face of modernization? Witness the poignant struggle to bridge tradition and change, where survival hinges not just on finding new pastures, but on holding onto their very essence.

This is a powerful documentary that will transport you to the heart of Mongolia and ignite a conversation about cultural preservation, climate change, and the fight for a disappearing way of life. Watch "Taiga: The Last Nomads" and be inspired by the courage of those who choose to keep moving, even when the ground beneath them seems to shift.

Directed by: Hamid Sardar

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John Mack
John Mack
4 months ago

Superb docu about a region we here all too little about. The style is admirable ... i.e. letting the real life participants be their true selves in a very harsh environment. The anguish of the principal old man was palpable concerning his diminishing culture. More, please !