Targeted Individuals

Targeted Individuals

2017, Conspiracy  -   174 Comments
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In this era of global terrorism and unprecedented government surveillance, our collective sense of fear and paranoia has rarely been so elevated. That's certainly the case for the subjects of the fascinating documentary titled Targeted Individuals. Produced by the always reliable and provocative VICE News, the film profiles a growing subculture that shares the belief that their every move is being monitored and manipulated as part of an ominous global conspiracy.

The film opens at a conference in the U.K. which is attended by more than 60 of these targeted individuals. Some claim they are frequently stalked by operatives who stop and feed them messages on the street. Others say they have implanted devices in their heads which allow these forces to read their thoughts and transmit communications via satellite.

The Internet has provided a forum where new and established members of this community can converse about their struggles, and organize a movement to support one another while raising public awareness. Many of them feel isolated, fearful, and ill-equipped to hold a job or successfully communicate their plight to others outside of the community.

The filmmakers do not approach these troubled subjects with snarky cynicism. Instead, they provide them with an opportunity to express their beliefs and experiences without the fear of ridicule. Flagrant criticism would only burrow them further into their shell of isolation. One of the most prominent members of the community shows a recent CAT scan and dental x-ray which both indicate the appearance of a mystery implant. Another shows the lead sheet she wears to protect herself from alien transmissions, and discusses her impulse to move from city to city to avoid being tracked.

The medical community justifiably believes these individuals suffer from varying degrees of schizophrenia and other mental disorders. The Internet has empowered them to seek out the companionship of others who share in their delusions. Society at large has a shameful history when it comes to addressing mental health concerns. These are some of the victims who have fallen through the cracks, and their conditions have only worsened as they've begun to organize in greater numbers.

Targeted Individuals is an intensely empathetic portrait of mental illness that feels specific to our current culture of unease.

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6 months ago

Just reading to summary of this, I will not watch it, because it is a load of bunk, loads of victims have confirmation of non consenting Body Area Network implants, including nerve stimulation, the CIA is still working with behavioral health and victims are routed to these front places. Nils Melzer of the United Nations came forward on TIs, and defined it as "CyberTorture", zero media coverage, because it is a hidden economy in research and development. The fact that there si zero checks and balances on R&D as in approvals of a test subject in a court room annually is an issue, another issue is that all victim targets are non investigative subjects meaning this: they are on the terror watch list, and each victim can obtain that evidence.

Every single victim is compromised in email/ computer.

Every victim can prove this in blooodwork, to confirm TBI, heavy metals levels, LDH testing, and SCADA scans which confirm registered radio frequencies coming from their body that are registered to specific companies with BLE prefixes that are in joint projects on IEE.

The does not magically come from the air, it comes from military contractors, and the longer it is denied when facts are obtainable, that means more will end up on the list, so it could happen to the idiots that produce fake information not based in scientific data-- as they say follow the science.

Want evidence as a victim--
trace your computer IP, cell phone IP, review the temp and prefetch folders, event viewer, and in your email, view the source code and look for data called TRIDENT which is used in NSO Pegasus/ Mercenary software defined by Citizen Labs.

What is sickening today-- implants are as common as garden seeds-- semiconductors. Every hospital should complete a hscada scan of an individual as they come into the hospital especially in the days of a borderless world.

Scada systems are used by governments, military literally in use in everything we know, yet you have professionals denying the scientific instruments confirming the RF that is abnormal within the human body.

7 months ago

I have been a TI since I was a child. My mom confessed to me shortly before she died that she and her parents who were satanists sold me into this program as a sacrifice when I was a child. I wrote a book about my childhood called Targeted Tommy Son of a Satanist and Child of MKULTRA available at Amazon.

9 months ago

This seems biblical with the push for a new digital identification digital currency, the loss of personal privacy and the implant or chip with 666 in the body was predicted over two thousand years ago.
Than the drying of the Euphates river after which a quarter of the earth dies by some great event. The Euphates is about dry now.
It looks like something is trying to occur.
The antichrist who puts the elect to death. And their blood cries for justice.
One thing is for sure is whatever is happening is above us.

Henry Eberhardt
1 year ago

You want to interview someone who's a Targeted Individual and has done extensive research into the street terminology Gangstalking which is Proactive Policing and Threat Assessment Teams committing crimes against targets all over America after many of which were illegally put on a Homeland Security Watch List come Talk To Me! Cointelpro Tactics has been handed over from the FBI too Homeland Security, Infraguard, Citizen Corp, Local Police Departments, Community Watch Groups and even Community Improvment Associations all of them getting Federal Dollars and Federal Grants to orchestrate Cointelpro Red Squad Tactics along with DARPA And the Department Of Defense who provides the Military Grade 5G Mind Control Technology and Military Grade 5G Energy Weapons Attacks VIA Satellites, Cellar Towers and Mobile Platforms now many who are involved in Human Trafficking For Federal Dollars Don't know all that they're involved in. This is premeditated murder that the FBI calls a Soft Kill and the Freemasons calls Silent Dagger đź—ˇI call it premeditated murder by Criminals With Badges!

1 year ago

There is no doubt that some people are delusional, but most people who make claims about being targeted are right about their situation. Stalking is REAL and if anyone is in total denial, they are either stalkers or dumber than a box of rocks. Check out former NSA employee whistle blower KAREN MILTON STEWART and EDWARD SNOWDEN, among many other countless people who are followed and tagged for life.

2 years ago

Google has an IT guy who is placing items like these next to my name. They are trying to destroy my life. This guy and others who are electronically harassing need to stop or they will be stopped.

Janet Busener
2 years ago

PLEASE STOP placing this bad news article with my name on Google. You are putting me at risk and I will sue you. STOP!

2 years ago

Mental illness is a huge problem in the US, and this documentary is proof of it. These people are just plain delusional. Many are schizophrenic.

2 years ago

This is undeniable proof of the existence of TI and gang stalking. If you want to help yourselves, and others, understand what it is your going through, find the research and share it. Lilly waves are rider waves, millimeter waves are carrier waves. 5G uses millimeter waves, the only microwave that can penetrate the blood brain barrier, and are capable of carrying other wavelengths with them as they invade the brain. They often use Lily waves, easily attached and undetectable unless you know what your looking for, and completely capable of controlling a person’s thoughts, ideas, beliefs and even actions...they can use DEW (millimeter waves) on an unsuspecting individual and cause that person to kill their entire family, without the person even realizing what’s happened til it’s over. This technology is no joke. And when 5G is worldwide and turned on, those who doubt will see the truth. Our government has no regard whatsoever for the people they “govern” to them we are projects...and
People who don’t get it, well, ya’ll better shake that cognitive dissonance off cuz this is the real deal! The government won’t need chips to control us, they can do it whenever they choose..because these rider waves are undetectable, .and will see us all under mind control. The TI community is practice, to see what they can do, how to do it, and what works and what doesn’t. People better realize what’s coming at us. IF you want to protect yourselves: negative ions, Schumann resonance, and the scatter frequency seem to work the best. I’m not TI but I AM aware that this is a real issue for millions of people world wide and soon it’s going to be all of us. Education is key. Thinking outside the box is essential. Be Proactive. Be educated. Educate others. Share KNOWLEDGE not stories. Share FACTS not conjecture. BE YOUR OWN HERO.

Gordana Filipovic
2 years ago

The indiference and lack of empathy in the face of this greatest crime in human history is absolutely unforgivable. Delayed reactions to show shame to the UN should not be accepted.There is no need to talk about the hypocrisy of world powers...

Will putnam
2 years ago

I am being targeted.for 9months now 24/7thay jump my vehicle ride long distances.i have lots of pitchures I have taken.all the stores people seem to no.i have had one friend who was brave enuff to tale me the truth.havent seen him since he told friend told me I wasn't suppose to figure out.i have been blessed with a since of things being out of place and can spot the smallest thing.dont no who turn to ask for help.

2 years ago

As a T.I. I didn't subscribe to the groups online, and I bless the pitiful gang stalkers and prayed that they would find something better to do with their time. The answer is never give power your power away to negative, destructive forces. Once you react, they are controlling you like puppets. In my darkest hours I felt I was dying but......didn't you know? "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

2 years ago

You think Medicaid has a protocol of prescribing 6 months of lexapro,efexor,Zoloft ,because it works?!?!? Hell No! They do it so they can suck the treasury dry for years down the road with other man caused disease and experimenting,gabapentin ? Neurauntin? Metformin? Doctors have no right feeling comfortable with feeding humans prescriptions with B lack box warnings.......they tell us in those little pamphlets that this stuff has been and WILL FOR SURE cause horrendous side effects! Hoarding,not trusting,one even makes you feel like collecting stupid stuff and one makes you gamble uncrontrolably and have sex with strangers! A common one calms kleptomania,so next time your doc prescribes for depression or anxiety definitely ask some questions then read up yourself,it's discusting and wrong what Americas health care has become!

2 years ago

This is a torture program,people have said"your nothing" why would they waste all that manpower,they have destroyed every relationship,now working on my kids as they grow up....when my mom died I realized I wasn't batshit crazy,even fully aware , I did not realize the power behind the hate & the reason I could actually write a book on how the law didn't work for us,my mom was also targeted,and her torturer lived with her for 23!years,they will make you feel incompetent to handle business,they forged the death certificate lied about status,and wiped out the bank accounts as her husband , they forged her life insurance and are ruthless till they destroy every aspect of your life....I am almost ready to give up,then I look at my little ones and my dogs,that have been protectors and I keep trying to find a attn to stop this HUGE church,realtor,health and welfare,kootenai courthouse ,hospital ,local law enforcement, gang of greed and hateful mostly republican creeps from knocking on my door and kicking my family out,this is the second inheritance that has been stolen and lots of crimes commited by officials banking on the fact I can't afford a attorney and there is no public defender that will take a case where the pioneer title company and Scott weaver conspire with the alter to steal homes bashing lives in there path,my aunts were involved through LDS and here in idaho the promise keepers are true women haters that play along,the torment makes me look crazy,but the only thing keeping me from the pursue of happiness is my right ignored because I am low income,title companies don't have to obey the rules if they know you can't afford the courts,and now health and welfare would rather me go back on benefits than to sign off my moms death cert with the RIGHT info and give me what is mine ,it makes no sense but corelogic,costar ,holdco,Tiffany oshay in Portland are all profiting,the children's village and good Samaritans are working with the street theatre ! Watch Fred smith and his fast talking family steal from seniors" on youtube! We has a recorder on moms phone and got so much proof!,pioneer title and Scotty weaver ignore daughters poa to confuse dying woman,and turn her against her family! I desperately need a attn" I'm sitting here waiting to be evicted from my moms home legally......they literally got away with murder,

Daniel Williams
2 years ago

It takes seconds to look up the thousands of government documents CIA MKUltra mind control CIA control of the news media brainwash the internet is a greatest to humanity as ever had for information use it wisely.

Larry F Hinojoza
2 years ago

It is an RFID injected behind your ear it is used for a two-way communication device.
They here from the vibration on the coil inside of  the RFID it is carried through the signal, amplifier so they can hear.
Any signal can be dropped on the microwave/radio freq. It travels at light speed. It was used in World War II for comunication.

Do you know how you hear your own voice when you read a book to yourself?
There's part of your brain thats for speaking, it automatically vibrate your vocal cords, so whatever you're thinking of saying it automatically vibrate your vocal cords.

When you push the air out of your lungs, out your throat, that's how you we hear each other out loud.

 If you don't push the air out, your vocal cords are still vibrating on your bones, your throat, your skull,  your inner ear picks that sound up.

 That's how you hear your own voice in your head. When your dreaming and you're talking in your dream, not out loud in your bedroom, but in your dream, guess what?  Your vocal cords are vibrating, that means they hear your dream. When you having a conversation with somebody in your dream and they're talking back to you, it's still your own vocal cords. They here all that.

 So now you know how you hear your inner voice, what about when your thinking to yourself?  It's the same damn thing as your inner voice. I just asummed of it being 2 seprate things.

That's how they read your thought, its from the vibration of your vocal cords, vibrating on your throat on your bone.

The RFID picks it up any vibration in your body. It picks  up, snort, gulp, burp, cough, crunch, they hear all that.

Whatever you look at with your eyes the cones and rods in your eyes convert it into a signal and sends it through your optic nerve, so your brain can see what you're looking at.

 When you get an EEG reading they put those sensor on your head to read your  brain signals because your brain leaks out the signals. The sensors picks up the signals for everything you do.
 You move your arm, blink your eyes, you fart, whatever, there's a signal for it.

Well when the cones and rods send the signal thru the optic nerve, guess what's leaking from that optic nerve? Your vision and it  is picked up by the RFID.
That's how they see.
Energy weapons.
The energy weapon is your own body used against you. They inject these pieces of optic glass into your body.
The optic glass is the same diameter as the RFID so the same needle injector is used.

They injected it into your muscles by your ligaments anywhere on your body to mess with you, toes your gum your scalp your fingertips your butthole everywhere.

They send the high frequency sound to the RFID and certain pieces will react to the sound. Different frequency for different sizes of glass that are in your body.
Vibration, friction causes heat.
 Heats up your blood in that area causes your area to get hot. It will cause your muscles to jerk  your jaw to snap down, jerk your hand when you're trying to drink coffee.

What is produced from glass under your skin?
Because of the glass is under your skin, soaked with skin fluid which has the protein for hair, color hair, and skin,  when it vibrates and creates friction and heat, it starts cooking that liquid in the cracks of the glass. It produces a fiber.
That fiber is Morgellons.

When it starts vibrating and pushing out the fiber it starts traveling under skin until it bumps into something. Some will come up a hair root, wrapping around  the hair your original hair like it chocks it.
Some looks like it connect to it. Some fiber will come thru pushing out your skin causing it to itch.
Itch like  an insect bite, to chickenpox, scratch till you bleed.
No satellites are used, just the microwave /radio freq. antenna .
M/R freq.bounces of the atmosphere, which clouds are apart of. There are clouds all around the world so there is no escaping signal.
The clouds I am talking about are the low clouds. These clouds are not of mother nature. That is all I will

Secret_ Society
2 years ago

The author of this article is a government or corporate paid stooge trying to discredit these victims of rogue government and corporate sponsored terror networks from being exposed, and from holding the perpetrators accountable for their actions for causing pain and suffering to their victims. a sick and paid author like you would do anything to discredit these victims of crime. denying the truth and disinforming the public is a crime, nazis and rogue governments pay this kind of fools to spread a disinformation

2 years ago

Anybody who claims that Targeted Individuals Individuals have skitzephrenia is MOST DEFINITELY involved in the targeting individual program. There is lots of information available to support the claims of TIS; including the testimony of many former Government Official whistleblowers. Perhaps there is an emphasis on trying to convince people that the program doesn’t exist because the program is an impending agenda for the world wide population to support the plan for a fascist government.

malcom x
3 years ago

Social Justice will be when the us military has to destroy the California police state SSelling drugs all over the country. Tesla is the new Delorian.

3 years ago

This is rediculous. Have a whole community stick their tongue out at you every time they see you. They are funded by billionaires and the CIA drug fund. I have a few names for you. Check out the google videos on the subject. You will see names and addresses of those involved. I have detailed video and address and civil cases involving corrupt law enforcement. This is white power struggling to survive. Covid 19 is cover AI. controlled by microwave internet towers and some 5g. In rural areas they still use microwave transmission internet. These are the offending towers. The left is burning down along with these pieces of dog dodo. The deck against the LIBERAL WHITE SUPREMACIST IS SET!!!!!

3 years ago

Has anyone heard of a TI watching his story in the form of a movie

3 years ago

This is a slap in the face to people being experimented on. Vice does good work but why did they have to pick the odd balls to do this story on. I agree many in the targeted individual community likely have a mental illness but there are many that are telling the truth. By the way, for any targeted individual reading this, can you stop saying this is the mark of the beast or some alien invasion nonsense. The claim that federal government is doing this is already difficult enough to believe for a layman , we don't need people throwing out unfounded speculation about strange things like that. Let's stick to the facts of non consensual human experimentation since the cold war regarding mind control. Listen to Dr. Robert Duncan to understand the who, what, why, when and how. Stop believing your neighbours are involved or local police departments. This is a crime driven by the CIA and perhaps cooperating governments.

3 years ago

Today, most folks will gladly receive the mark without question and without friction. Technology has slowly conditioned the world. And with all of the hacking and the fact that you “must” use computers to survive. Well there we go. Off to the new world order. No complaints. As long as the computers stay working. That’s as far as most care to see.

3 years ago

I firmly believe that the ones helping and or covering up for this evil movement will be the first in line to receive the mark of the beast. It’s just around the next corner. “Deceiving and being deceived.”

Jarod jameson
3 years ago

It’s the anti - Christ. And he shall deceive many. They shall worship his image. It’s here folks. So stop looking for the arrival.

3 years ago

Don't believe this folks. This is a government sponsored disinformational hit piece on t.i.'s The word "paranoia"is introduced in the very first sentence. I'm a U.S. army veteran and targeted American and I promise you there are hundreds of thousands more professional, articulate and engaging stories than these out there.

3 years ago

Belief is not required for a thing to be true!

Zack Lonbee
3 years ago

Ooh, this could be good.

oh. it's Vice.
never mind

3 years ago

A very serious Warning, criminal activity by police departments from lagrange Indiana and sturgis Michigan, Police departments, public safety and authorities from sturgis Michigan and lagrange Indiana, st Joseph county, lagrange county and a company called morgan olson located in this areas are committing crimes that involved drug trafficking, sex trafficking including with children,corruption,extortion,terroristic harrassment with the use of energy, acoustic,sonic weapons,devices aimed at civilians and houses ,they are commiting a crime that is known as electronic harrassment,voice to skull or v2k 24/7,sonic attacks, nonstop putting lifes in danger,.Voice to skull ,acoustic, sonic attacks which are devices for transmitting voices with low or high frequencies. Voices can be for command or harrassment attacks that may even look like the victims own voice.It can also be use for sleep deprivation, inducement and manipulation.
Electronic harrassment is similar to the sonic attacks that occurred to the American diplomats in Cuba.They are using this type of criminal act for torture,murder, ,Terrorism, false imprisonment,extortion.This is a serious Warning and a extreme danger to society and its probably happening all over the country with out people knowing about this criminal, terroristic activity,this is a well hidden Terrorism and people dont know much about this crimes being committed
by this so called law enforcement departments, in this places of sturgis and lagrange Indiana
they are conspiring and using this Terrorism called electronic harrassment, voice to skull,v2k, targeted individuals,sonic attacks against
Hispanics and African Americans. Michigan Passes Anti Electronic Harassment Law Including Life in Prison'
Michigan — Public act 257 of 2003 makes it a felony for a person to “manufacture, deliver, possess, transport, place, use, or release” a “harmful electronic or electromagnetic device” for “an unlawful purpose”; also made into a felony is the act of causing “an individual to falsely believe that the individual has been exposed to a…harmful electronic or electromagnetic device.”

Officer Williams
3 years ago

Seen a case in Austin , Texas that was ongoing for years. The victims Twitter handle is (gangstalking201).

Well it was discovered he was telling the truth. A collection of videos not shared showed with the public shows the exact same styles of harassment used in multiple states on him. It is the worst case of stalking to ever be seen by my associates.

Michelle ollerenshaw
3 years ago

I really don't agree with all these comments posted on here!! My father and grandfather were both Freemasons and I was targeted because of some of the highly abusive secrets they keep. It's terrifying to have covert abuse thrown at you 24/7 . People are very narrow minded when it comes to targeting and harassment !!!

Timothy Norman
4 years ago

"The medical community justifiably believes these individuals suffer from varying degrees of schizophrenia and other mental disorders. The Internet has empowered them to seek out the companionship of others who share in their delusions."

Vice / you are dead wrong. I have 16 years of education. Are you are trying to say that RNM (remote neural monitoring - Ed Snowden) and patents developed to project voice into peoples heads does not exist? That we are all "mentally ill in varying states"? You are simply wrong. I believe it to be a very old technology that is being used worldwide to advance the mind sciences and AI (artificial intelligence).

The Navy has admitted to the validity of videos of objects showing the properties of anti-gravity. There is no more powerful a weapon than control of the human mind. How can you not believe that such technology is in the works? Elon Musk has stated that AI may be the biggest threat to the survival of the human race.

Please wake up and listen to us. This is happening. Period.

4 years ago

The pinpointed pupils on two of the people in the picture are a sign of organophosphate poisoning. It's real easy to break into somebodies house and bypass security measures. Go to youtube for complete tutorials. Why would somebody want to break in your house and adulterate your food? Some believe it's because the people breaking in have insurance policies on the targets and want them to get cancer or heart failure and die.

Dawn Marie keller
4 years ago

I hate Vice. They work with the Elite/Satan worshiping. They try to come off as news reporting good guys. They are not. Dawn Marie Keller/ swan 8-1-1967

Austin Micheal lee Cunningham
4 years ago

Hello my name is Austin cunningham and I have been a victim of the v2k program ran by the federal government and they have been playing a low fequency sound while releasing alot of radiation. It can also make a electric feeling or a burning pinch and they are currently trying to cover it up to if they happen to speak to me it'll be to cover it up by saying I hear noises. But they attempted to murder me and tried to make me do things I didn't want to do while using the device to rape me. But as we speak there releasing radiation in large doses. But they had it placed in my head at Union hospital the night of January 1 and have been ever since. But I suspect it is the FBI or my local Homeland security office.

4 years ago

People have been saying this lately it is frightening and we have heard this on the internet coming through our lines YV and Computer possibly hacked by piggy back signals or reversed signal ... other people can also hear through TV sets and internet and doing breathing and SX sounds while listening to you also... and they got your computer IP and they watch you over live Google and use a detectable drone for stalking you ...they use over their internet and some say that you are implanted and tracked everywhere you you can hear this group or individual as your individual a "revenge tactic" and they say those people won't ever live their lives the same way, because they have you on their get rid of you list now and they use A.T.V. or vehicle burn out 360 circles on the road and dirt roads also and they don't care if that road damage hurts or causes accidents with other tell other gangs where you live and it is seen on the maps turned on to Satellite view so they can watch all the activity you do at home and else where!!And they have a video on internet telling all how it is done and told by a gang leader was on CBS or ABC news and their are learning this from police class and books and the real internet! You are their personal attack game piece and their personal abused victim as their punishment towards you! And people want it to stop! and this is true and those people are not even under any investigations or in trouble with the cops they even abuse the police/military by this technology making them look bad like they are doing this to the attack person! they treat you like your in their own personal prison and they are the guard and they monitor your every move and thought!!

4 years ago

I agree with most of the comments here. This is a shockingly ignorant piece. I have seen these operations first hand. There are many very credible whistle blowers and others you could have interviewed for this "documentary". Many I know are former Intel analysists from federal agencies. Others just regular people targeted by people who didn't like them. 90% of the people put on these "watchlists" are innocent. They have done nothing wrong. In fact, most often their "crime" is doing something right. The amount of evidence and reliable testimony you had to ignore in making this piece is beyond comprehension. If you ever decide to do a real doc on this.. Please email me. Then be prepared to be stalked and harassed yourself for blowing the whistle.

4 years ago

This program is a violation of civil rights , human rights , and it violates the Geneva Conventions! Its been around since our great father God was on this earth, then Adolf Hitler made it worse and it helped him kill millions of people, Now the United States is using this demented program on Americans taking something created by satin himself and making it even more sinister then even satin could have imagined. Where are all the good Americans who truly care about their fellow man?

4 years ago

It is not about mental illness. Ignorant writing.

4 years ago

Probably, and I want to highlight “probably”, as in each group of people, there is someone having mental problems. But, when you are experiencing that kind of “treatment”, the gang stalking treatment, carried out with specific and tested strategies, you know that it is not a mental problem. The mental problems are in those that are part of a gang stalking or in who are denying the existence of this phenomenon. Unfortunately, people do not understand electronic harassment because they ignore what technology can do and what private companies or sects are able to do.

4 years ago

if you search patents that have to do with brain chipping and mind control it goes back to the late 940's early 1950's that patents were given for this reason and ability. so to just dismiss all those who say it is happening to them makes you the foolish twit and allows rimes like MKUltra to continue. next it can be you or a loved one who gets their/your lives distroyed .

4 years ago

Whoever wrote this review is an igoramus who does not have a clue about reality. This is REAL and there are many whistle blowers from intelligence agencies such as DR Robert Duncan and Dr Barrie Trower who have spoken out about this. Do some research and have some compassion

Robert R.
4 years ago

This Fusion Centers and Citizens Corps programs use NLP tactics which are sanctioned by the Dept of Justice and promoted through other agencies. This programs is funded with U.S tax dollars . Some people are targets for mere sport and revenge and others I feel are human test subjects under DoD directives. This is what I have experienced in every state I move to .

This movement is also tied to HHS which helps Citizens Corps. I could not believe the harassment I experienced after informing them of what Citizens Corps is doing in our nation covertly.

Calling HHS for help .

Later I was harassed by a man that worked for HHS and he is my neigbor and he works for a defense contractors tied to DHS. The document is shared on this video.

This mans profile shows up on a Dept of Homeland Security documents that says exemption 6 which means pretty much restricted or secret. No information under exemption 6 can be released like secretive community policing methods through Dept of Justice and DHS.

I deliberately went out daily to be groceries sometimes in the morning , afternoon and at evening at different place to discover I was being systematically harassed by the same people and that local police at times supported this activity and also failed to file police reports. One time I had a guy follow me for over 20 miles and later that night again . I live in a city with over 1.2 million people its just not a coinidence. I have also experienced extensive car damage , slander, harassment from neighbors tied to local police depts that working doing community policing work.

I called the Human Rights Commission they stated they would give me 2 minutes to talk and I was denied the ability to talk afterwards.

This movement has caused me massive computer loses and its is supported by local police and Fusion Center along with the CIA , FBI , DOJ , NSA and Dept of Defense and its components . I left New Mexico due to the harassment.

jennifer stern
4 years ago

yeah this sucks. my whole high school got involved so imagine being hated by people for a decade and part of some lazy plan to piss me off with sexual aggression ... these are guys who use the term "already lived" so I guess having families give them this excuse to act super piggy... it's just the worst set up. I have no idea why my illness would make people even more violent. I think it's the whole "i smoke pot so i don't need medicine" brigade, and they want to tear down st judes and just trample on the souls of people who try. i was always the subject of criticism being tall and thickheaded and just a lollygagging artistic type... epilepsy runs in my family and everyone would tell me to abort... not a lucky life so any prayers for help were really nothing to anyone, especially if i was just the joke of technological telepathics. sucks to be stalked. entire families pose as nazis for this project against me. stevenson high school was hell. americans really suck... genocide is coming, things will get worse, there is no desire for a constitutional population, etc

sorry to anyone i hurt but no way am i anything like the people who induce TI torture and bull**** like hate. so stupid. they hold vigils to induce suicide. my brother probably wont survive.

josephine grace
4 years ago

This film is not in support of targeted individuals. In fact it is much like the New York Times June 10, 2016 article "United States of Paranoia: They See Gangs of Stalkers" by Mike McPhate. Unfortunately many TIs I've spoken with feel the same way. Too bad this film is listed right under the Google category of 'targeted individuals.' Citizens all over the world (including US Cuban, China, and Russian Diplomats) targeted with directed microwave, radio wave and acoustic weapons (DEWs) are the bravest people you can find anywhere. They live with remote DEW torture, rape, brain computer interface, and heinous slow-murder every single day of their lives 24/7. The targeted individual is the person who has stood up for justice for others and now themselves -in a world growing more fearful by the minute. God bless all targeted individuals. Josephine at

4 years ago

I'm hoping this doesn't happen to you. I was a licensed social worker so how can I be delusional for 10 years? I hope this doesn't happen to you because you'll see how isolated you get and it's really frustrating when it when they can perp us right in broad daylight and nobody sees it. I hope they find a way to catch these criminals that are terrorizing people for real. Community harassment is against the law and these people are purple right in front of people noise campaigns color harassment, brighting...the list of torture tactics no-touch torture as a matter of fact; is cruel. we are real human beings and this is really happening to us. I think it is Criminal gangs. I got on some drug traffickers radar unfortunately and they throwing a Molotov cocktail through my window is that delusional??? why don't you ask my neighbors if that's part of schizophrenia symptoms. give me a break people you really think that were hallucinating this whole thing I assure you that I am not delusional!

5 years ago

To those who have not left your post, never doubt God, even unto death. Stay faithful in the Lord. Do not hold on to worldly corruptible crap including and especially idols but let go. This is the transforming that's taking place. Remember carnal for carnal, spiritual for spiritual. GOD IS SPIRIT. When you pray, pray always in the spirit. Never worry about nothing but in all things submit request and prayers with thanksgiving unto God. Bless God every chance that you get. Do not forget him. God has a plan, to prosper you and not to harm you and to give you an expected outcome. SUIT UP in the full armor. You stand in the Word down to your last breath. You have the
Right to defend yourself physically, God's law says so, you have the right to defend the kingdom with all that has been added unto you as you sought the kingdom of God and his righteousness. God has withheld nothing from you. Be as meek as doves and as wise as serpents. As servants of God he declared that you have the right to refute slanderous tongues and that no weapons formed against you will prosper. The enemy can take any life, but not one soul will God allow them no matter how much was paid because the price he paid can never be matched. We do not even have the right to judge one another, God has set his witnesses in place and the Judge will stand in judgement. Remember all hangs on the Law and the prophets who have the testimony of Christ. (These are the two witnesses, for they are one in Christ, the law was given that man might come to understand judgment, because all will be judged in the end and his coming proved that the law could be fulfilled and it was. The Prophets can only reveal what has been given them to reveal which is truth, God it Holy, True and Righteous. You may not ever understand what is going on, but accept the Sovereignty of God, for who can question it? Hold on to God's unchanging hand, let him use you. He created you for his purpose, plan and pleasure. Before you were a thought in your mothers womb or a worm in your father's loin's God knew you. He wiped clean the slate so that you would not be hampered by what you were sent to do. Just get the testimony of Christ, do good (behave justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God). Religion is for people, we're to look out for orphans and widows during their tribulations and keep our souls (garments) free from worldly corruption. We are not to be deceived, because we think God has forgotten us. He is no man who lies, he is who he says that he is. If he can forgive what we became through Adam and Eve, by making the ultimate sacrifice, then count your blessings. He put on despicable flesh, abandoned glory, came down lived among those not worth to be in his presence and was slain in the presence of all who live today, because if Levi can tithe in Abraham yet Jacob had not been born, then whom ever loins that we sprang from since that time was there, that means that so were we. A mother only carries a child for nine months, but the father carries that child all his life until he passes that child into the womb of its mother. Nothing in this world is as it seems. It's full of lies and deception. But what we have to remember is that we are not of this world, we are spirit beings in carnal bodies, here to do what we were sent to do, no more, no less. We are not along, we are not doing it on our own, we do need to understand it, all we need do is accept that this mission is about God. The Holy Spirit can do nothing its on, Christ can do nothing on his own, we can do nothing on our on. One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism. If anyone should tell you different, the truth is not in them. Who is the Truth? God is. It's why you test every spirit. If you falter, cry out and the Holy Spirit will take muttering on your behalf to Christ who will mediate to the father on your behalf and God will strengthen you because anything ask in his son's name will be done. Justake sure that all you do is within God's will and not your own. God will be exalted. Pharaoh was born that through him God might be glorified. Remember God harden Pharoah's heart. We don't always understand his ways, but we accept his sovereignty. If you were created for this very hour, be zealous. God's word goes out and it does not return unto him until it halls done the very thing which God sent it out to do. We lose mama, daddy, children we get mad cause we don't understand, yet not one person can prove how the
universe came into being. You come
Through the passage of a womb you're told that you came through, you had nothing attached but the umbilical cord and even that is cut, so you came with nothing, so what on earth actually belongs to anyone? Folk rack up money, material possessions, idols the whole time their here and don't even ask God to make known what he would have them to do. Then they die, and nothing they steal, will or killed for they can take with them. Who knows who get that crap. In heaven gold is pavement. They walk on it. No one there gives it a second thought. Perfect pearls line the gates, the foundation is gems. They don't want for nothing and could care less that they are among untold wealth because real wealth is being in the presence of God. Can't you you stay wake now that you woke, don worry about saving your body God has that all worked out. If you just have to worry, worry about your soul. As for what's going on down here, don't nothing inside or outside the will of God goes unnoticed. He' all knowing, all present and all powerful. Saints are all around you, we were born to this. Do your part! Not to please man or yourself, but to please God. Exalt God before every nation. Consider yourself blessed because God will not just use any vessel. He sets aside the perfect ones that he knows will meet his greatest expectation. Worry for nothing, you may have forgotten what was said in the foreknew (predestination) but God alone, knows. I love you because you have a testimony and all will be astounded to hear it in the courts
As we enter with praise and thanksgiving. I hope that you feel, see, hear, taste and smell the divinity and humanity that has been gifted you of God and that you pass them on. Be Blessed.
PS you can do it you'd have never made it this far if you couldn't, just tell yourself, "not my will Lord, but your will
be done."

5 years ago

Those who sell their souls to save their skin will be like the ostrich who stuck his head in a hole and when he dicided to take a look around discovered that his ass was gone!!! If you have not realized that this is not a game of let's pretend, or someone did not get enough attention when they were young, or that you just simply cannot be bothered, you may not deserve what you're going to get, but you will get it non-the-less, and then you'll know where you are. You don't have to listen to the trumpet being sounded, you can choose to ignore it, but don't you dare come running towards the very ones who risk all to warn you while there was still time. Around this globe, we are being showed before our own eyes what is slowly but surely taking place. It is a well oiled, well calculated plot that has been taking place throughout the ages. No, it didn't just start, only now it has reached a level so perfected that it can run from here to eternity with the least bit of effort leaving the gullible non-the-wiser. This Beast is a Royal Babylonian Bitch, and will not be satisfied until it has achieved the very thing it has set out to do. On the one side it has enemies that fear it because they are being made the examples of its intent, on the other side, it has enemies that fear it because they don't want what is being done to the other enemy to be done to them so they down play, knuckle under, pretend, go along to get along, but to the Beast, an enemy is an enemy no matter which side it's on. Without, playing the fear monger, you all had better stop calling each other pots and kettles and come together and form one big ass caldron so that when we all topple this abdominal desolating Beast, we can hack this thing to death and boil it down to ashes. Everyone this thing has attacked saw it coming, they figured out that those predispositioned medical conditions that killed off this great, grand, mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin and so was the intentional diabolical plan that was never to be figured out because people are to busy fearing than figuring out that these folk are being murdered off without their loved ones ever being the wiser. It's a slick plan, and it would have worked, but the Beast miscalculated that by the time folk realized this murderous plot, time would have ran out. Now people lie, and if they say that they don't, they're lying to themselves. If something as measles break out in one continent, and suddenly people on other continents are breaking out with measles, we say to one another, there is an epidemic. We readily accept it, it's gospel. However, if people on one continent say, I am being stalked, I am being surveiled, I am experiencing pains that are not characteristic, or that someone in their family at one time did but it went unaddressed because we all
accepted it as part our genetic history until it began to be too coincidental, my home, property, relationship, integrity is being destroyed, I am being mobbed at work, my friends and family seem to be changing for the worse, and others on other continents are reporting the same incidents that read like novels of your own life experiences and it all just happen to be going on at the very same time that coincides with your own, but someone you share this with tries to convince you that you're delusional, need to be institutionalized, or ignored and you know that none of their answers apply to the situation, they are either gullible through innocence, deliberately misguided by their ego, or out right lying to you because complete and total strangers who do not share the same continent, who have not being in contact with similar plaintiffs, and are questioning what the hell is actually going on, don't all tell the same lie. What is taking place is not just an American happenstance when the global community is experiencing these exact same criminal atrocities. That would make too many people suffering from medical conditions world wide that would imply that an innumerable part of humanity has lost its ever-loving-minds. Can you really and truly imagine that all those people making identical claims to your own are crazy? What does that say about you? You feel normal, you look normal, you're not trying to hurt yourself or anyone else physically or otherwise, yet you cannot get those you once held with esteem, honor, the highest regard to give you the benefit of doubt. It is time to keep your own counsel. Close your mouth and use your head. Never ever forget the heart is for love, but the head is all business. You cannot control others, but you can sure as hell control yourself. You need a plan of action. Remember if you don't has a 'C' to go with plan 'A' and 'B', you do not have a plan. Think it through and whatever you do, keep it locked in the closet of your soul and don't pull it out but go inside yourself and work it like it's your job. Since your mind is the main thing that is under attack, guard your thoughts and understand how you are being attacked. They either have technology that can scan and read your mind or they are good at making you believe that they do when you feel the technology being directed at your brain. You can feel it, especially in your sleep because it's when you experience things that are negative or seem too real to be true. Train yourselves to wake up! Struggle and fight violently but break free. Yes, you'll be tired but you have to learn to survive on less sleep or learn to grab sleep where you can. But for your own sake, STOP being scared. Take control of the situation and let them know and see that they are going to have to work for it because you're not going to willing go along like sheep to slaughter. Yes, at first be frighten, but not too long. Anything can be used as a weapon from your mind, to your carried out intent. If you just give up or in without a fight over an enemy who you view impossible to defeat, then you've defeated yourself because nothing is impossible. Take that mind and turn it into every possible escape tunnel. Every battle you have knowledge nog re fit it as if you were the strategist, then put tactic after tactic in place. How? By going over that battle and seeing what could have turned it fit the loser. Make it a part of your arsenal. This battle is being played out against the mind, however, to throw you off track, they are attacking you physically to keep your mind on your pain so that they can distract you long enough to carry out their own tactics. You know sometimes when we don't have what we need, we use what we have. GET IT DONE. Yes, pain hurts like hell, but their number one tactic is DECEPTION!!! Be alert. There are lots of things you can do in a battle like this, but understand above all, that just because someone says that they are you lot friend does not make it so. Just because someone says that they are a Targeted Individual does not make it so. The best thing that ever happened to me was when someone told me once, "You know what you saw, don't ever change it, no matter what!" In other words, what I shared with that individual, was being confirmed to be true without the person having compromised themselves. I am alone, isolated by choice, but I do not fear, because in this world, you are going to pay tax and you're going to die. I have no problem with paying taxes, but you take this to the bank, "the way I choose to live, is the way Inchoose to die." I was not born in fear, I am not out of control and do not wish to control anyone other than myself. I do not wonder why people do what they do because it would drive me batty. Long ago I had to make a decision, I opened up the gate and turned it a loose so that it would not tear it's foot off on the prongs trying to get away from me." Love, is a two way street." The road that my life travels will not fit but one at a time and I refused to back up because I'm not going that way! I'm either going forward, or Houston ain't seen the damned problem. To you who have sold your souls you got about as much as you was worth. You want to be used, I will use your ass like a bloody rag. You can believe that!

July Rain
5 years ago

For anyone that thinks they are a targeted individual. I know your pain, but it’s not the case. I know that what you read makes you feel like you’re not alone, and symptoms are exact. Anything you google will lead you to a false conspiracy that fits perfectly. Google etheric world and ascension it will also fit exactly. Google soul trap and the matrix and it will also fit perfectly. Google archonic mind control technologies or parasite and all the symptoms will fit. What’s happening to you is real, but the internet will only lead you to these false beliefs. What ever it is that is doing this to us. Wants you to pick a conspiracy so it has something you blame and look crazy doing so. I don’t know how to stop it, but I know that everything I think it might be I google and there’s a frequency video made for it . Lol so I listen to them all and hope there’s a little truth in all of them or none at all. Lol It’s been 3 years and I haven’t told a single person. The symptoms go away completely when i Hang out with someone new to mylife especially in a public place. It sounds like he’ll and is honestly torture to me and when I’m by myself the voices pretend to be that person or people all day. Are they people or demons I have no answer but this is not it. I have to be dreaming this can’t be happening if it is where is god?

Loki singularity
5 years ago

I have been targeted 2 yrs in denver. Synthetic telepathy, V2K, energy weapons, gangstalked, ECT. This country is sh** and I hope to see the day the light exposes these cowardly cockroaches. Justice for TI'S or non consenting GOVERNMENT experimentees.