Targeted Individuals

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In this era of global terrorism and unprecedented government surveillance, our collective sense of fear and paranoia has rarely been so elevated. That's certainly the case for the subjects of the fascinating documentary titled Targeted Individuals. Produced by the always reliable and provocative VICE News, the film profiles a growing subculture that shares the belief that their every move is being monitored and manipulated as part of an ominous global conspiracy.

The film opens at a conference in the U.K. which is attended by more than 60 of these targeted individuals. Some claim they are frequently stalked by operatives who stop and feed them messages on the street. Others say they have implanted devices in their heads which allow these forces to read their thoughts and transmit communications via satellite.

The Internet has provided a forum where new and established members of this community can converse about their struggles, and organize a movement to support one another while raising public awareness. Many of them feel isolated, fearful, and ill-equipped to hold a job or successfully communicate their plight to others outside of the community.

The filmmakers do not approach these troubled subjects with snarky cynicism. Instead, they provide them with an opportunity to express their beliefs and experiences without the fear of ridicule. Flagrant criticism would only burrow them further into their shell of isolation. One of the most prominent members of the community shows a recent CAT scan and dental x-ray which both indicate the appearance of a mystery implant. Another shows the lead sheet she wears to protect herself from alien transmissions, and discusses her impulse to move from city to city to avoid being tracked.

The medical community justifiably believes these individuals suffer from varying degrees of schizophrenia and other mental disorders. The Internet has empowered them to seek out the companionship of others who share in their delusions. Society at large has a shameful history when it comes to addressing mental health concerns. These are some of the victims who have fallen through the cracks, and their conditions have only worsened as they've begun to organize in greater numbers.

Targeted Individuals is an intensely empathetic portrait of mental illness that feels specific to our current culture of unease.

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  1. P32221

    A lot of this is transdimensional. They're being attacked from the Astral plane.

  2. A
  3. A

    Poor people. They all need to be sectioned in a psychiatric hospital. I mean they could seriously hurt themselves digging for stuff under their own skin or meat

  4. ken hawkins
  5. ken hawkins

    the state gov. you affend these people and they go to extremes using tax payers money. when you leave your house they come in and move something.,open your door house or a car window down,flatten a tire.many many calls. to no people a badge and tell them your a criminal, people will perscute you.

  6. an
  7. an

    Nobody would ever for a second have a need,or reaso to have a slightest interest in me!!!

  8. Larry McKibbon
  9. Larry McKibbon

    What the interviewer was feeling in the back of that guy's mouth were "normal" unerupted third molars (wisdom teeth). They're just teeth that developed to a certain point but never broke through . It's actually quite common. Many people have them extracted at a certain point in their life if they're causing health problems, but if they're not, many people simply ignore them and live their entire lives without dealing with them. I'm over sixty years of age and have two of them, never been an issue, but if you probe them with a finger they're quite easy to feel as 'hard' objects below the gums. After watching this video, I'm left believing the following regarding people who are caught up in the whole "targeted individual" thing. I'd suggest that it takes a fairly oversized ego in the first place to believe that the "Powers That Be" are all that interested in them as individuals. Combine that with a diagnosis of schizophrenia or Bipolar Disorder and you're on your way. I also couldn't help but wonder how much of the "leadership" component of the "movement" consisted of people just in it for a buck selling books and seats at conferences.

  10. Jenica
  11. Jenica

    It's too bad that this reporter's condescending attitude is preventing him from being a good reporter. A good reporter would get some Geiger counters and measure any possible radiation present. The presence or absence of radiation would solve this enigma pretty quickly wouldn't it?

  12. Bimbo Plumpe
  13. Bimbo Plumpe

    I am targeted and mistreated by the organs of our (germanic but not english) „state of law“ since the late 60s, with many symptoms as described e.g. at, who have a long list they got from yet another site... These symptoms described in that very long list differ somehow from those mentioned in this new film, they sound more like „normal“ secret service skunk methods, and less spectacular / ridiculous than in the film. However, this list says only, what the skunk service may do (*all* of their instruments of nonbloody warfare against humans, although implants or rays from satellites are not mentioned), and nothing about what their targets did *before* (to deserve getting the TI status-cum-treatment), nor about what they are found to come up with for their protection or fighting back *after* they remarked what is being done to them. This film was only about this last point, and choose to show the more ridiculous measures (thankfully without painting them as being ridiculous). As to the „professionals“ (e.g. the lady psychologist at the end), it is obvious that they say what they must if they don‘t want to become a case who did some of those things *before* which make you a TI from then on until the end of your life. Their „professional assessments“ are completely worthless, since they are exactly as terrorized as their cases, and only capitulated from before their start, which is a precondition for a permission to work „normally“ in a rogue state.

    It may not be a coincidence that the „long list“ mentioned above seems to have been written in 2008 already (and it took so many years before I, as someone eagerly looking for explanations, saw it for the first time) - and 2008 was the start of the Obama regime which at that time sailed full steam towards killing off all opposition to its evil plans: individuals by TI techniques, resisting countries by colour revolutions, and finally the eternal main enemy, Russia, by the next „justified“ World War III, „in response“ to their MH17 sham. Since then this WW is pending, „yet to be done“. So, it looks as if the combat of the skunk regimes and their skunk services against every possible opposition was much intensified in 2008, so that those techniques used in the 60s already (und surely before) finally became visible as a phenomenon of its own, to be studied by its victims in order to find a remedy. The real remedy would be to dismantle the rogue states who spread this evil - as it seems mainly (only?) in the allgermanic empire of England-America-Germany.


    So so. There's a whole lot more to this than chose to cover. Vice, by the way, attended lamestream media dinner events hosted by DNC chair John Podesta... along with Huff Post and the rest of the bought off... I'm not so high on Vice after finding out about that.

    If you want to know more, get: "Guinea Pigs" by Dr. John Hall, "Project Soul Catcher (Vol II)" by double Phd and former CIA mind control technology whistle blower Dr. Robert Duncan, Michael Bell "The Invisible Crime," etc.

    The government's MK Ultra human experimentation program is only part of it. Mafias' are also involved. Victims are found opportunistically, chosen by AI technology, chosen because of their DNA, chosen because of their activism to discredit and silence them, etc.

    I knew people who had friends who joined the intelligence community and experienced complete personality changes after their training. If anyone is thinking about getting involved in the military or intelligence communities - think again. You will be on the front line of their experimentation programs.

  16. tah
  17. tah

    You call this a documentary? It's a movie with real, professional actors. The script is lousy though. Why would they make a movie like this? What's the point?

  18. blige
  19. blige

    With all due respect, you are doing true targeted individuals a disservice by recommending the reads like Michael Bell "The Invisible Crime". This film and "books" like Michael Bell "The Invisible Crime" are made with the sole purpose of ridiculing targets of cyber-stalking and community mobbing (gone global thanks to the Internet). If you want the truth read about Jane Clift (blacklisted and branded as 'potentially violent'), community red-flagging, stalking by proxy... This film is a great cover-up for internet-community mobbing and cyberstalking if you are hiding stuff on your kid sister. Otherwise disgusting!

  20. JB Smith
  21. JB Smith

    Please help the victims of the National Institute of Justice's "intelligent surveillance" research. The NIJ is using our taxpayer dollars to violate our constitutional rights, recklessly endanger our lives, and torture us 24/7. Senator Kaine told me that this program funds Newport News Police Department and Virginia state police. Both are required to have a signed informed consent form for each human subject. The NIJ follows the common rule. Citizens need to request the name and contact number for the IRB as well as the grant administrator. We need to ask our senators to defund the NIJ for failure to follow the "common rule" and for violations of our constitutional rights as well as the torture and murder of thousands of innocent citizens. The perps are state and local police. The funding is the NIJ. They must allow us to opt out. The NIJ are required by law to pay for our attorney fees, medical expenses, and any change in financial position as well as punitive damages! I now have cancer throughout my body as a direct result of this technology. They are to blame!

  22. DustUp
  23. DustUp

    From the thoughtless description: "others who share in their delusions"

    When you hear a surgeon describe how a notable person and the surgeon were talking and it came up that he had something in the flesh of his ear. The surgeon offered to look at it ...and remove it. The surgeon describes feeling that something was indeed there, cutting with a scalpel to expose it and saw a very small shiny metal object. When he looked away to grab forceps to remove the object, coming back up to extract, the object had moved. He set the forceps down, cut some more, grabbed his forceps, and the object had moved. He told his patient what was going on and the patient said to just leave it before you end up cutting my ear off. Can't recall how many time the attempt was made but the surgeon reluctantly agreed after taking a moment to realize the patient was probably correct.

    Heard that interview many years ago. Who knows what technology is available today. However, also saw a docu, possibly on this website, in part showing another targeted individual who I think was outspoken or wrote books about some aspect or sector of the nefarious evil doers, where a satellite dish service company of some sort moved in next door to him. If I recall, he began getting headaches, feeling tired, and such. He mentioned to a friend and the friend who hadn't visited in some time, asked how long that company had been next door. So they began looking around the borders of the targeted individuals property and found a satellite dish amongst the shrubbery focused at his office window with the cables heading off to that company bldg. Can't recall the details of if he called them and threatened to sue or called the authorities or what but in short order the supposed satellite company next door packed up and left.

    Yet in the description of this vice of a docu, would have you believe the above surgeon and the friend who found the dish transmitter to be "delusional".

    Like with most anything, their are the legitimate and those who "may" not be. Have let their mind take a walk off the map and attribute all of their problems to something other than themselves to protect their ego.

    Has "VICE" done a docu on one of the most devastating occurrences still ongoing called GeoEngineering and Chemtrails? Some desire not to believe what is happening right above them and refuse to do a little homework that would explain it quite well. These people consider themselves to be the smarter ones, scoffing at "the idiots who believe such nonsense". Yet the evidence is plentiful, visible, and do not act like contrails.

    So the point is, who are the "delusional"? And who are those providing cover for the nefarious evil doers?

    What is truly amazing to me is that the evil pukes so easily find minions to perpetrate their plans. All it takes is some cash and people will sell out and do evil to others. The world seems like it has a few too many psychopaths and those who lack moral fortitude. Congress seems jammed packed with those or there would be hardly any suffering in the usa whatsoever.

    Govt is the problem. And of course obama considered any one who said so to be an enemy of the state. By the way "Enemy of the State" is a movie that depicts a targeted individual who had the potential to expose improper activity by an agency of the govt.

    Why do you think all the force of the media and fake intelligence agency leaks are perpetrated against the targeted individual Trump? Because the socialist-communist who have taken over the democrat party and much of the republican party are vulnerable to exposure. Rapid fire smoke screens and diversions so that no time is left to investigate the truly guilty.

  24. Brittany
  25. Brittany

    It is real these people are not crazy they are at war with outside evil forces. What they don't know is that the solution to these attacks is Jesus Christ.

  26. RipleyB
  27. RipleyB

    What journalism! I missed all the targeted individuals you spoke with, there are thousands, they are not hard to find. Isn't it a writer's job to investigate, not regurgitate bits and pieces of others work? It amazes me that X-NSA , NASA, CIA , Scientists , X-Military continue to discuss this horrible program, to bring awareness & truth to this . You must have missed that. I Imagine if you had put in any time on this we would be reading a totally different article. Keep up the good work and continue with your in depth , investigative work. I don't believe 20/20 or 60 Minutes will be knocking anytime soon .

  28. TI
  29. TI

    You dumb, evil, corrupt paid minion. You are one of the many misinformationalist Internet Trolls hired to help hide this criminal based CIA torture and experimentation program. You dog of hell, the Directed Energy Weapons are US Patent Radio Frequencies technology that needs to be exposed to keep others from becoming victims of the NWO and a rouge part of the CIA. HOW can you explain TIs numbers and their numbers are growing because of liars like you who hide the truth in unrighteousness.
    What you fail to realize is the future intent of this Program is to be used for global control, dominance, and depopulation thorough torture and Remote Nueral Monitoring (also a US PATENT ). The current victims today are unwillingly teaching THEM what future victims will do to escape, how they handle it, their reactions, etc. This is why victims are of every race, highly intelligent, and highly credible, and mostly live in industrial nations. THEIR diabolical thinking is if these people can't get out of it or stop it then...
    You are a fool and your greed for money that causes you to sellout humanity will one day send them knocking at your door.

  30. B. Smart
  31. B. Smart

    I'm targeted and I have major proof. They take over your home's water pipes, electrical wiring (splicing inside of walls to power their planted weapons) poisen your food and constantly steal small items. They can send electricity across a room via your TV using the power of the stereo system connected. I put in GFCI outlets and ARC circuit breakers in order to thwart. I also re-ran home's electric wires not allowing them to travel above in roof areas in order to make sure their weapons are depowered. You have to secure your doors from the inside to keep them out and you have to become an electrician to undo their works. They turned my refrigerator into a weapon which caused bladder to fill up with 1,000 millileters of urine (luckily my bladder didn't explode - they usually do when filled up around 500 millileters). Hospital even said it was an "anomoly." Then when I said "ok, I'll disconnect the darn refrigerator and purchase a dorm sized one." On a day I went out to eat, they came in and "kicked" two large dents in the back of my new dorm refrigerator. I have repeatedly thwarted their plans. People think their emails and phone calls are being monitored and that is it; well I have news for you. They're infiltrating our homes and killing people making it look like natural deaths. I keep escaping because the Lord has told me "they're doing it all for nothing." which basically means I'm annointed (protected) as all Christians are. Remember, we have the power to tread on scorpions and serpents and that is what I'm doing. These sick and evil psycopaths are creating "snake" like scenarios using electrical wiring to kill people. They've hired people out of the prison systems, etc., to do these crimes. Timer on my refrigerator was hacked so that it would run constantly to power a device that is in my roof. Don't believe me? Come and take my roof off and you'll have your proof. Can't get any roofers to show up - they're threatened obviously. Neighboring building has main wires (new) connected to the building without a meter - they already have a meter on the other side of their building. This wiring was installed to power a weapon that was used against me. A "church" owns the building. Our church's are infiltrated. Everyone - read the Jesuits Oath and you will see who is behind all of this. It states right in there they'll use poison if they have to. People better wake up because our country has been taken over. While all of you just want to take the easy way out and say "they're nuts" because you can't believe it could ever happen here better wake up - this is a world wide problem - every NATO country has many victims.

  32. wayne
  33. wayne

    I have been gang stalked for about 5 years now, During that time I had to move 3 times because of gang stalking, Then I moved to the town of Bucyrus Ohio where I was blacklisted and gang stalked to this day. I have also had a low flying helicopter circle my home on September 5, 2017.

  34. bulls eye
  35. bulls eye

    much of those targeted here seem to be victims of poisoner insertion squads that work hand in glove with the directed energy weapons sniper teams, they do both, one needs to throw away all clothing , bedding , foods boutht since last break ins, it makes it almost impossible for already economimcally deprived targets

  36. Farrah Day
  37. Farrah Day

    There was some interesting information here but it is obvious that the interviewer doubts targeted individuals’ experiences as coming from a source outside of the TI’s body.

    I’ve been targeted for a decade starting with gang stalking then progressing on to directed energy weapons. It started right after I worked on a highly contentious political campaign in 2007 and 2008, in San Francisco. I had no idea about gang stalking so it really affected me, the almost constant harassment and bullying by strangers in public daily.

    When the Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) started up in my home 2.5 years ago, I searched Google using the words “vibrations”, annoying” and “neighbor” since I felt this beam of energy that followed me around, coming from the downstairs apartment right below us. I found links for DEWs right away and from there learned about Targeted Individuals (TIs) and Gang Stalking (GS). That’s when I put it together what was happening to me in the years prior with people following me just to harass me and several times assaulted me on the street.

    My husband, friends and family did not believe me when I first told them about this. But now they do since I’ve been mining for bits and pieces of credible evidence and sharing it with them. There is much online to discredit the TI experience so we have to be careful what we share.

    For the last two years, I tried the ostrich approach of “head-in-sand” to avoid thinking about it all. We had just moved to a freestanding house from apartments where neighbors seem to be controlling the DEW’s above or below us. In the new place I felt only low levels of vibrations, nothing like the extremely painful and harrowing attacks that took place on a daily and nightly basis for many months. So I stopped doing research about it and tried to stop thinking about it which didn’t really work since it was basically all I could think about.

    Two months ago I started filling out the survey by William Binney and Kirke Weibe fort TI’s to gather all the info in one place so they could more easily fight this in the courts, I noticed some strange vehicles next door that are not usually there. That night I was attacked brutally again with DEW’s. It’s been “on” again since then.

    So I started researching again, but it was hard amid these attacks. When they aim it at my head it alternately feels like an eggbeater inside my brain or it feels like a ray of heat. It’s painful and makes it difficult to think. (Right now, it’s on low, just enough to prevent me from sleeping)

    It is important to connect with one another as TI’s sharing our experiences with one another but a good point was made in the documentary that it is only helpful to a point to commiserate about it.

    What I have been finding helpful is chanting Nam myoho renge kyo, a Buddhist mantra, with the Soka Gakkai International (but it is local almost everywhere in the world) Since it chanting out loud, it sets a positive vibration, which counteracts the negative vibrations, even as I can still feel the DEW’s microwaves.

    The philosophy of this Buddhism is that we can change any problem that we have by chanting this as it was meant for every human being's happiness. We were meant to overcome each and every problem that we have by squarely challenging each one that comes up, no matter how dire.

    The gatherings of the SGI are wonderful, hope-filled meetings of people where we all chant together and then share experiences of overcoming all kinds of problems and obstacles and study the teachings. So probably nobody there is a TI but all of them are going through or have gone through a life-or-death struggle or are overcoming it. Sometimes it takes time and we have to embrace that we may have created bad karma for ourselves in the past but we don’t have to suffer endlessly and by chanting can overcome anything much easier than if we wallow in it.

    I don’t plan on wallowing but I do intend to do a lot more writing and talking about this since I need to challenge this persecution.

  38. Nash Rambler
  39. Nash Rambler

    Professor John Forbes Nash was an original targeted individual in the 1950's. "A beautiful Mind" was supposed to showcase his 'delusional' contact with U.S. Army Intelligence operatives and their secret Black Computer room in the middle 1950's. Now the NSA has revealed his correspondence to the NSA back in the 1950's and it shows how he proposed a sophisticated communication's encryption and decryption device. British Intelligence and the U.S. Army ASA (SIGINT) did target and harass Professor Nash in the 1950's before his signature paper on economics, Game theory and equilibrium. This is why the DOD/DOE supercomputers target and harvest neurological data from targeted (intelligent) individuals using microcutters and stimulation techniques - hence fatigue and TI problems. It is unfortunate that they get data free with neural and internet target monitoring. It saves having to pay money to researchers. Professor Nash died in a "car crash" in Monroe Township, New Jersey in 2015. No one believed his TI stories during his life time. R.I.P. - TI Professor John Nash - an original 1950's MKULTRA targeted individual.

  40. Ortaine Devian
  41. Ortaine Devian

    If you think the victims are reacting to a "sense of fear and paranoia", then you haven't got a clue as to what's going on. Better investigate your subject matter a little harder before you start talking about it.

  42. Twila Miller cochran
  43. Twila Miller cochran

    if you are a target individual your predator can spit in your mouth so do a DNA test if they choke to death
    they can also blow you up with electro magnetic waves or other substances double your size and strength you out.
    they can also heat your head and give you a slow death. and heat your blood and clot you up and make you throw a blood clot so if you are a target individual get the word out so they will check you if you come up dead. after all they only want to keep torturing you.

  44. Nancy West
  45. Nancy West

    When VICE emerged, the reporting was diverse, hard-hitting, and at the same time, involved reporters who could interject wit/humor/satire to address the situation they found themselves in and/or the topic they were covering. Shane was my favorite pitbull of a reporter.

    Then, VICE was bought out by the liberals; no more Shane doing balanced reporting, or amusing reports from Thomas; instead, it is all propaganda to support the liberal agenda. But, that is what money does. They pound global warming/car driving Americans when the biggest cause of climate change, besides the geoengineering by our government, which is also ignored, comes from our nuclear power plants; not people; not cow poop. And, now VICE has moved over to becoming FAKE NEWS. There are many scientific documents/interviews providing supporting documentation for the horrific experiments our government has carried out on humans since the 1940's, if not earlier. Programs like Project Monarch involving the abduction of young girls and boys in the US and Canada who were trafficked under the guise of "exploring mind splitting"; right along with MKULTRA; HAARP, which has given the government power to control the weather since the 70's; etc., were revealed in the Church investigation, but no one went to jail, and the programs were shifted to remain better hidden, but continued.

    Canada's program The Fifth Estate documents the "secret program" where mental patients were used for experimentation in the US and Canada by our operatives. As secret programs expanded, particularly the corrupt alphabet agencies running drugs and guns through Mexico (Fast and Furious was one of MANY programs, and those agents who exposed it were targeted and killed as a result) that continues today--which is why our troops guard poppy fields in a foreign country rather than serve at home protecting our Southern border. Thanks to DARPA and other secret agencies, they have a plethora of "tools" in their toolbox that can do everything from cause heart attacks; cause people to hear voices as if they are schizophrenic; cause cars to malfunction; etc., as well as methods for direct assassination ordered by politicians or the powerbrokers who control them and the judiciary. The murders ordered over the years by Bush & Co.; the Clintons; Obama, and even Trump, to protect the corporations/bankers/Big Pharma, the military complex, and of course, the prison complex have expanded to add the rehab moguls and a plethora of NGO's and contracting firms which funnel money back to politicians.

    Anyone perceived to have knowledge that threatens their power is attacked viciously in the media as a "conspiracy theorist" (regardless of the numbers of such conspiracies that have been proven correct); harassed openly and/or covertly by such methods as gang stalking; and if all else fails, they are "suicided." Vince Foster didn't kill himself in the park in Washington, DC; the lack of blood established that fact; and Gary Webb didn't commit suicide shooting himself in the back of the head multiple times; nor did Breibart, Clancy, and coroner who did his autopsy die of natural causes--despite what the media reported. Same with the death of Michael Hastings (who exposed McChrystal) and John Noveske (the gunmaker who challenged Big Pharma by pointing out that all of the shootings had been carried out by individuals who had been prescribed SSRI's and other drugs that aren't properly tested for long-term effects). Seth Rich was another one taken out before the election. Then, they changed tactics with Phillip Marshall, making it appear he killed his children and then himself---just as they did David Crowley whose film Gray State would have directly taken on the corrupt underbelly of our government. Instead, his film was hijacked by the liberals, who used his title, and pointedly designed to misdirect the public into believing the "disturbed soldier returns and kills his family" myth. The list is endless; but unfortunately, Americans aren't taught the truth in history if it casts the government in a bad light. And as society has been dumbed down through progressive educational failures and Big Pharma's push to drug everyone ("psychiatry" only exists because they developed what they considered "abnormal" responses that Big Pharma could use to push their drugs. As a result, instead of treating upsetting or tragic events as a part of life, learning to adapt, and moving forward, we have quacks pushing drugs that actually change the brain's chemistry).

    So far, the deep state has been able to cover every insidious crime and act of treason by presidents all the way back to LBJ; including the genocide we have perpetuated in every war zone we have entered that also ensures chemical/biological contamination of troops which is passed to their families upon return. (See video Beyond Treason and the Army's own investigation of WMD's which were found in Iraq and blown in place to prevent others from seeing the labels identifying the company/country of origin, including Dick Cheney and Royal Shit Charles, while contaminating the population and environment. Our ordinance used are WMD's! And the transports even contain parts made with depleted uranium. Yet, our troops are spread all over the world purely to guard corporate interests. The MSM might praise a school we've built, but if you look at video of hospitals in Fallujah and the horrendous rate of children born with birth defects, the hypocrisy is obvious. But, the contractors building that school were pocketing taxpayer money. The billions of dollars "lost" in Iraq could have been used to reduce the national debt, or eliminate the majority of the tax burden shouldered by middle class America; especially if you added the billions paid to Dyncorp--a military contracting firm we gave 800 billion to even after they were caught trafficking in humans and organs! But, MSM didn't pick that one up; so you have to look to foreign news sources who don't hide news from their populace unless it serves their purpose.

    Before anyone takes videos or listens to news owned by the same corporations, he/she should ask who profits? Who profits from the death of a whistleblower? Who profits by calling targeted individuals "crazy" without investigating methods employed by our agencies on a regular basis? If you have ever known an honest one, he/she will tell you the truth that these things are true. Who profits by ignoring the fish/atmosphere in the Gulf is contaminated and causes cancer, neurological damage, birth defects? Who profits when soldiers return after suffering head injuries, and instead of being diagnosed by neurologists to learn they have CTE, they are given handfuls of drugs instead, and when they do act out or commit an act of violence that they cannot control, again, who profits? Who profits if we ignore Hilary's treason to our men at Benghazi? Who profits when people think we actually have two political parties, when both are controlled by the same corporations/power brokers making votes irrelevant. And who has profited from uncontrolled immigration bringing diseases, massive identity theft, gangs, and has been a major contributor to the dumbing down of education?

    How many people actually take the time to read or research rather than jumping on a political bandwagon or getting distracted by the government's next false flag event? How stupid must they be to not know that Operation Northwoods which authorized targeting of Americans to incite support for a political cause, was supported by Congressmen--even though it was not utilized "officially" at that time? And there is a plethora of documentation, even from the presidents themselves arrogantly addressing the fact we have a right to interfere in other governments to incite regime change. They just omit it is all for profit. But NONE of their efforts serve the American taxpayers; and only ensures Americans are hated around the world. Utter dumbasses saw the film Men Who Stare at Goats and thought it as just a silly movie; but how many took the time to listen to one of the actual men involved, especially Joe McMoneagle, whose integrity and genius is beyond reproach to realize it was an actual program; and he was/is one of the best remote viewers.

    The information is there for those who have the guts/willingness to objectively dig for information, consider the evidence, and realize the Founding Fathers would be ashamed we have given up the very freedom they fought to give us and are enslaved again to tyrants who can only be eliminated when Americans cease supporting them; stop going to their "rallies"; stop paying taxes extorted to keep us enslaved and the government wheels turning; and ensure every young man or woman considering the military understands how they are treated---from the experimental vaccines they are given from the start, to the deployments that will render them and family sick with tumors, birth defects neurological damage, etc., that quacks and Big Pharma will try to capitalize on at every opportunity. Patriotism isn't about supporting a corrupt government and corporate interests; it is about caring enough about his country to drive out corruption and those who have deliberately harmed dedicated men and women under the guise of "serving their country" when we have never been threatened by Muslims abroad; yet can't walk down streets in most cities because of gangs and drug infestation. Those are the terrorists; yet no politician has the balls to eradicate them and make society safe. That military oath does address enemies here as well as abroad.

  46. Twila
  47. Twila

    I am a target individual and have been one for 8 years and we need to help all target individuals get free it is children that are being tortured would you lie it to be you your child or go family member being tortured well think about it because the microchip is just around the corner and you don't have time to say no.

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