Testosterone: The Making of a Man

Testosterone: The Making of a Man

2019, Health  -   4 Comments
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Aggression, boldness, and brawn are all adjectives our society might apply when describing the testosterone-driven male. But the true effects of testosterone are much more subtle and varied than these descriptors would suggest. The DW Documentary series examines the truths behind the most important male hormone with the fascinating Testosterone: The Making of a Man.

Testosterone often gets a bum rap as it is commonly linked to the unseemly instincts of violence and competition. According to the multiple scientists interviewed in the film, however, this reputation is undeserved. In fact, an abundance of testosterone might inspire a greater sense of social openness and selflessness. It might even improve upon a man's ability to learn and strategize.

Some of the hormone's functions are already widely acknowledged in the scientific realm, including its instrumental role in the development of men's hair patterns, beard growth, bone growth and density, musculature, sexual function, and overall personality.

Throughout the course of the film, we hear the intricate details that outline the hormone's production, genetic make-up, and its impacts on male behavior. This field of research continues to evolve, and is closely related to issues of brain function and psychological motivations. We witness the fruits of various test studies as two subjects are given two injections of testosterone of varying volumes. Will it bring about more aggressive behaviors?

The film addresses a series of crucial questions. What amount of testosterone is considered "healthy" and "normal", and how much is too much? Testosterone replacement therapies have never been more popular among seniors, but are they really a viable option to rejuvenate energy and vitality? What is the hormone's culpability in the sporting scandals of recent years?

In addition to the health scientists featured in the film, we're introduced to several men who suffer from testosterone deficiencies. The panel of interview subjects chimes in on testosterone's ability to impact everything from weight gain to infertility.

Testosterone: The Making of a Man is a much more nuanced and complex portrait than many viewers might expect. It's likely to change your view of testosterone and the role it plays in sculpting masculinity.

Directed by: Kirsten Esch

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Joe Livingston
Joe Livingston
4 years ago

I have serious doubts about effectiveness of the tests conducted in this film. I Variables that could significantly influence the results of behavioral experiments are not acknowledged, probably because they cannot be mitigated. Still the film presents plenty of useful and surprising information and casts doubt on what I have been told about testosterone and how it affects behavior in men. I recommend the film to all males 17-67 years of age who haven’t either gotten laid or gotten into a fist fight in the past 10 months.

4 years ago

by the sound of the intro text, this docu is aimed at people who have a stereotypical preconception of the subject.
this implies that if you dont have this preconception, the docu will not be in a context that is relevant to you.
why dont the docu makers just present facts? why do they have to use BS to engage viewers? is it because the content of the production lacks any real merit?
i think ill give it a miss...