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The Big PictureFor every question regarding our world, there is a conspiracy theory offered from some quarter claiming to address it. These conspiracy theories number into the hundreds and they are nearly always dead ends, or at best, lead to another conspiracy and so on, ad infinitum. Even though it’s become obvious to most that something is not quite right, and that some sort of global conspiracy does indeed exist, it is still hard to see exactly what it is, and where the truth really lies.

It is time the people of the world stood up and paid heed to the urgency and importance. Yet, you say, even if one were to do so, then how do we the ordinary individual, ever get to the bottom of this? And if we do ever get to the bottom of it, then what are we to do then? And those are both very good questions.

Well, the best way to start is to get all fluoride out of your diet and gain an understanding of history. Then learn to look at each news story from a global perspective. Disregard most of what the announcer tells you to believe, and place the event where it belongs, on the Global stage. Then ask yourself that old Greek adage – Cu Bono.

Who Benefits? And more importantly, when you discover a truth, uncover a lie, or find an anomaly, tell your friends. Spread the information as far and wide as you can reach because the media most certainly will not. However the most important thing of all in order to be able to do either of the above is to be aware of your surroundings in a global sense. See the BIG Picture. (Excerpt from

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  1. Excellent video and if I may add...for the last 60 years another Race has successfully taken control of our world. All this behavior is not that of humanity, one Race amongst billions upon billions. God has spoken again for we need a greater teaching, humanity has never had to unite, collectively and stand up for our planet. We think the universe is for the taking. We are the natives in the jungle, they don't need all 7 billion, 2 will do, we'll be their slaves, humanity will survive just not the way, we thought, unless we learn Knowledge. A new message for this time only . For our reality, there is no other writing like it.
    Yes the revolution is now, but we need to KNOW our True Reality

  2. We cant wake anybody!!! We can shake a person sleeping,yell at them,turn the lights on...........The majority are in a coma!if the majority keep on popping sleeping pills,eat poison that society feeds us (willingly)t.v.,mainsream media,magasine,ect.....!! Who do you thing the elite take there orders and promised lies ??=transhumanism,cyborg,splycing d.n.a. ect... ?? The god of this world !! Who is he ??? i know but seek and youll find out !!! The truth is a Person, i know his name, but you ll never beleive me, i cant make you beleive anything !! So here is an idea go in a isolated place and yell H ey!1 Truth who are you? ( if you do it in public they might put you in the cou-cous house so.... dare!!!!! After all its only your life ,your kids lifes futures ect talking about !!

    1. Many of us are awake.. No need to go scream anywhere. Not sure who that Person is that you are referring to. These kinds of things are found within. Max Igan has a youtube channel (crowhouse) with lots of good ideas and interesting perspectives to reflect on.

  3. not enough facts. low level doc

    1. talk about beeing blind !!! that not ! that litterally having no eyeballs

  4. Global Capitalism=IMPERIALISM.

    1. Your comments regarding LSD, being of some detail and attempt at substance, has prompted me to offer you in the very least some feedback to your comment. Treating it as a suggestion (and or a thought out implication in the case of your response if you choose), treatment of global capitalism and imperialism as the same, or in-majority-part, in some way, as an ideology (I'm guessing, although I'll grant you an empirical basis if intended) or as function producing the same outcomes of relevant similarity, is of use only to the extent that that the intended context is one comprising the meanings of the terms of interest (global capitalism and imperialism).

      This takes me to the point that I would invite you to respond.

      In the context of; the past, present, and future here on earth; and relating as conscious beings by way of linguistics to communicate; do you genuinely think the comment you made is of any sustaining credit or meaning to the purpose to which it was intended?

      And, to be clear, if not already, that I make the above comments on the assumption that your words/ equation was intended for the context I have suggested that may serve as a mutually acknowledged one (I hope), albeit incomplete.


  5. well its 2012...and just 35 or so days from the end of the Mayan long count calendar...the population of the globe is 7+ Billion people..and I guess we shall see what happens in the very near future....with that being said...I do believe governments to be evil...specially the USA!

    1. Yeah, 2013.... still lots of peeps.... I'll stop watching this now. :P

  6. love how bill cooper named 1st in the credits-great doc!

  7. read your book "Earths Forbidden Secrets" and loved your video,

  8. Kennedy was a very smart and powerful man, his famous speech about secret societies only needs to be read slowly, and thoughtfully, if you still say there are no conspiracies, you are an idi*t. Not saying all of this guys stuff is true, just commenting to the "conspiracies are ALL BULL CRAP" crowd.

    1. Kennedy was brought in like all the rest, the difference is, he began to actually believe he was president in charge and went against the people who put him in office, he was supposed to be taking orders like the rest of them have.

    2. he was killed because he ate lsd and spoke to god and was ready for peace and love. check out his girlfriend mary pinchot myer- they're actively rewriting history to cover this up.

    3. And what would be wrong with that?? Human Beings have used psychoactive substances for millennia in the quest for a spiritual experience. In fact, a spiritual experience is the only thing that can cure addiction in some circles. LSD has shown benefits in the treatment of alcoholism. The popular 12-step programs are based on having a spiritual experience-although they do not recommend LSD to have one-the founder did experiment with it. Many of us do know about the doors of perception and how they have been opened by this drug. Perhaps they would have a higher recovery rate if they did which would be better than the 5% they do have. Prejudice prior to investigation is simply......

  9. What's this rambling old fart talking about? I don't know how I made it to the end of this. Absolutely terrible conspiracy documentary, possibly the worst I've ever seen and I've see my fair share. He's just recycling things people have said before and adding his own blathering nonsense. Well worth the watch.

    1. and your contribution has been very awakening for all of us as to the the depths of human Hypocrisy .

  10. haven't watched movie, read some comments turned me off.
    most of the info is out there, you can lead a fool to school but you can't make them critically think about the big picture, or think at all.
    some people are hopelessly childish, waiting for the next revelation from the almighty TV or the cool guy or of course their banker.
    self preservation is dead ! stupidity is not terminal but it can give you one hell of a migraine. I feel truly alone and that is OK with me.
    being a part of any group mind is dellusional and demeaning to the most ignorant. but you do tend to feel comfortable knowing nothing and being the smartest guy in the room. i sleep like a baby everynight.
    I don't fear........... the big picture is being brought to you by the weak souless and feeble who steal all that could be great and turn it into shit. the more humanity awakens the less it really matters. I will not follow the "if it bleeds it leads" re-run sad ass story even if it means I might be a star or get rich or possibly roadkill. stop with all the stay tuned after these messages and let's get on with this.
    there must be more to it than this small perception of our all to human short comings and silly copycat lifestlyes.

    1. Trotsky as Alternative. No Man is an Island.

  11. The Kennedy quotes are taken out of context......he was talking about Communism, not the Military Industrial Complex. I'm not saying he didn't understand the threat of it, i'm just saying that's not what he's talking about in that speech. Eisenhower was the last president to openly address it as a warning, which I think says a great deal about the man considering his position prior to becoming president.

    1. You should get your facts straight, bro!
      First off, Eisenhower didn't address it prior to becoming president, but instead in his Farewell Address to the Nation in early 1961.
      Second, later that same year on April 27 1961 JFK spoke about secrecy and secret societies, not communism.
      Nothing is taken out of context here.

  12. This guy knows the score. A bit of reality and sanity instead of all the bullshit and pseudo science that abounds. WAKE UP PEOPLE STOP SCREWIN OTHER OVER FOR A FARTIN BIT OF FAME AND OR PROFIT. FEEL SEE EMPATHISE AND WORK IT OUT FOR YOURSELVES. THIS IS NOT SHOUTIN.

  13. By far the worst documentary I've ever seen. ZERO facts, just a voice played over a series of pictures. Seriously, what the hell was that.

  14. Until- episode 2 and 4 etc ,viz some planet x-the narration would be a useful warning-about our world HERE.
    Whoever is behind this documentary- -is sabotaging the real message-by talking about a science fiction 'planet'-elsewhere

  15. Here's a solution for these issues. You can't do crap if Nibiru, if it exists, decides to land on your doorstep, but as for real problems, become self-sufficient and have sufficient force to protect yourself. I'm not an expert on protecting oneself with force but would go with a gun with a lot of ammo, some dart or bow/crossbow with paralyzing poison, and trapping. Self-sufficiency is reality with permaculture. I'd say that's as far as you can help things as an individual if you don't wanna get involved with other people. Simply alerting others for preparation isn't gonna do much good if you're ill-prepared at best. And it's not about preparation only, more so about resigning from their schemes and giving other people a chance to do so too.

    And overpopulation isn't as big issue as the current ways of farming land. Producing low-nutritional soy, corn, grains in monocultures and using pesticides is what poisons the land. Furthermore, the global water robbery combined with less sustainable farming systems leads to water shortages, and that leads to wars, has probably already led.

    1. Food shortages triggered the Arab Spring so yes....we in the West need to learn to take collective action. No thing social has ever been accomplished without it. General Strike is the best and only real effective weapon that the people have against the establishment. A general strike produces self organized committees to feed care for each other become the genesis of the future society. TAKE UP YOUR HISTORIC TASK END WAGE SLAVERY END CLASS SOCIETY.

  16. Some people are really lazy as a friend wrote before me. This doc is excellent in my opinion. Many indications and many reasons to investigate things and start searching. Max Igan has done a great job here as well. The biggest message of this one is to search and challenge the truth instead of just accepting it. Great doc again.

    1. Within that doc. we often see screen caps. from sone show of a comic, namely : "George Carlin".
      I never seen any of his shows.
      Stumbles on one posted on a similar doc. website.
      My gosh that guy is really something!
      'Been a long time since I laugh up to gagging, losing breath and having cramps in the belly. Some (60-65) minutes non-stop.

      Thank to topdocumentaryfilms!

    2. You have never hear of G.C he was a part of everything progressive in spite of the fact that he hated it.

  17. About the adage at the description - It's ''Cui Bono'' (not cu bono), and does not have a greek origin, but latin. It means ''to who's benefit''.

    1. I don't understand why people like you have the time to criticize such insignificant errors that don't affect the meaning of the message in any way. You know he meant "Cui Bono," and he may have gotten the origins mixed up, but who cares? Is he trying to teach a language class? But I must admit, making those sorts of blatant mistakes does undermine one's credibility.

  18. Wonder when people will realize that 'Jews' doesn't mean a race?
    It is a religion - there is no 'Jewish Race' whatsoever. You can choose to be a Jew no matter what race or nationality you are.
    And Israel doesn't equal Judaism - there are many Christians and Muslims living in Israel as well.
    There are some indications though that many of the top-rank Israeli politicians and their tool of choice - the Mossad - are following a pretty sinister agenda.

    1. i was under the impression jews only accept you to be a jew if you are born jewish. or have they rescinded this rule.

  19. I'm always in favor of hearing both sides of the story, but this documentary was garbage. Documentaries are suppose to be informative about the subject they're presenting; I saw a lot of him making claims with no proof whatsoever. This documentary gives a bad name for people who are actually present great information on cospiracy "theories".

    1. I disagree, the movie is called the big picture. It is not about all details, it is about the big picture! Get the picture? ;)

    2. I don't need "all the details" but how about at least one.

    3. you also cant be lazy and wait for people to tell you what they think, a documentary or any single form of information will never give you the full story or what you want, to successfully accomplish this task of understanding both sides you must your self investigate both.

  20. @ Hambone Littletail how can you be a "critically thinking" conspiracy theorist. Thats a oxymoron.

  21. a standard conspiracy docu;; big claims, no evidence.

  22. As a self-described critically thinking conspiracy theorist, I will give this documentary about three stars. Clearly this fellow has done his homework on 9/11, the police state, attacks on our civil liberties, and the evil of the bankers and corporations such as Monsanto. His argument contains one GLARING error, however, and it is, quite possibly, the single most fatal (in more ways than one) flaw of the entire conspiracy theorist agenda: no, it's not Planet Nbiru (that outladish red herring is more humorous than fatal), but this whole BS notion of the NWO's "endgame" of "depopulating the planet."

    This documentary (produced sometime before 2009, I believe) is a perfect case in point. This dude actually predicted that the NWO was going to "depopulate" this planet by THREE BILLION people by 2012. Well, we're into February of 2011, and there's a helluvalot more people on this planet today than there were when he was making this preposterous claim. The mean old NWO better get busy, because they're losing ground to a neverending new supply of hungry mouths.

    Make no mistake about it: OVERPOPULATION is the number one danger facing all forms of life on this planet, as those of us who have truly woken up have figured out after studying the FACTS (not theories) of the matter. If our species does not make voluntarily reducing the population of this planet by 90 to 95 percent its number one agenda item, the population WILL crash by those numbers, but it won't be the "New World Order" behind the plummet. It will be the Oldest Order-Keeper on the planet -- Mother Earth -- getting out her big broom and sweeping house. The NWO can try to hide in their little concrete rat-holes like the vermin they are, but the broom will reach deep. And I say, the sooner, the better: the choice is a population of less than a billion, or a population of ZERO, and we will have nobody but ourselves to blame for it.

  23. This is a joke.

  24. cui bono is latin, not greek. But they would probably ask themselves the same question.

  25. Its important to remember what was said about Australia losing their right to bear arms, and now the folks from down under will lose their internet capabilities. We might as well make plans to fight this attack at our freedoms in the U.S. as well.

  26. None of this will matter when yellowstone blows it's top.

  27. I think this is all true,an we, as in the workers of this world need to take it back though, I think to many people are to far brain washed to give a fook. achems razor i have read a lot of your comments on this site an i agree with them all its like reading my own.

  28. So Josh your saying that some of the players in the bank cartel are Jewish? lets face it the bank cartel is THE conspiracy. The money has enabled Zionists to control the media and most other organisations. I dont know why you would find the star of David and Jews disconcerting , they are heavily involved in the conspiracy, especially Israel.

    I find Israels war mongering disconcerting. The lineage can be traced to the Rothschilds who have always used many Jewish families as their front Men.

  29. What responce does a society take to these deceptions within our structure? We the people have no say so anymore, our military is out of our hands and now belongs to the United Nations. We're bankrupt as of 1933, was any of it the decisions of ours? Nope. Were sold out by the ones on top for their reasons, and they have no compassion for the masses. I'm no expert but we the people simply allow our government to do as they please without our opinion, for some illogical reason. Awaken to what we have been awake to is insanity. It's almost as horrific as being told a non existing entity exists, and your ok with it.

  30. how about the maskots of 2012olympics way they are so familiar to the hammers of pink floyd videosong the wall????

  31. how about the maskots of 2012olympics way they are so familiar to the hammers of pink floyd videosong the wall???? the politics dont know that we are all domestic animals the race of the first humans who domesticated the wild animals domesticated and the other humans the story of adam is the prof. example
    the jehovah witnneses are telling at that time will be no death. yes i belive this because they are going to construct a society where when every person will killed in secret and everybody who know him will think is transfered to another job remember hitler practices because all will be transfered from their jobs and locations several times during theirs life. Allso nobody will know how the humans kome in life because they will take apart all the pregenant womans and kill after birth the mothers. remember hitler practices. germany was a place of several experiments social and others.

  32. S=K. log W Research that people and you'll graduate. You'll start to see the light. Don't be a novice all of your life. Don't think out of the box, Think outside of the box that the box is in.

  33. Simply question everything, decide for yourself by researching the resources available to you. It is a pretty simple message if you think about it. Im not sure what else really needs to be said about believing anything this guy thinking is good that is all.

  34. Part five of this theory-documentary got f*cked up. To say the least. And I don't mean stuff in that part is a lie. It's so very f--ked up, because I watched many documents and seen things in real life that firmly support those documents, and part five sums it all up in a way I never thought before. The food and medical system that makes us so sick and makes us to pay for it and work our asses off for it, is actually there to kill us, not just to make us slaves and take our money for their well-being. That's a possibility I can't deny with any logic.

    It is possible to me they don't really want to harm us, but if that was the case, then why on earth would hemp still be illegal? It is so healthy plant there's no sense, you get so much good stuff from eating it. Why deny something like that? You could make so much money out of it, so much, but it all goes to criminals and to those who are criminals just because they grow it. The money is by no means going to elite nor to the good of the public there. So what's the reason with war on drugs? I can imagine that jailing business is one reason. But hell, try and put half the population to jail, I dare you do it.

    You know why they can't just blow us all off with nukes instead of slowly trying to kill us? Because that'd ruin their precious living environment for too long time. You know why they don't use ion bombs instead? Because there's still no certainity in killing everyone, you could destroy only the population in cities, assuming you had enough of those life-killing bombs. You'd leave all the country people with their rifles alive, and just guess how many of them would come after that button-presser one by one. They would kill that button-presser because he obviously threatens their survival too, and that's just one reason of many, one big reason.

    There are at least three big things people should know about. Monsanto, cannabis as a medicine and food supply, and the corruption of medical business. I guess the most I can say to the people who don't want to listen, is that sleeping it away doesn't work for good. One day, you or your children will wake up to this horrible truth, and you will all be conditioned to believe it's normal that someone got you by the balls by having the ability to control your food supply. It is a very fearsome thing to realise that all the world's food cannot be produced if one certain company (HELLO MONSANTO) doesn't give you the seeds nor baby animals for that food. If you let Monsanto take control of all the world supply, it is an inevitable reality.

    I don't really know about the other parts, but every single person no matter where you live, should take part five (5) with utmost seriousness, because that's something you can do everything about in your area at least, as a single person.

  35. This film should be shown in schools (haha isnt going to happen).

    If you still deny the truth after seeing this film then you have been thouroughly brainwashed.

  36. Are the "x-men" from planet X?
    Where was he trying to go with that anyway?

  37. @ rocksybeats

    Unfortunately, that statement is more reasonable than all this other fear mongering and hypocrisy.

    I firmly stand on the grounds that if you do not have a solution, DO NOT sate the problem. No matter how imminent its dangers. What will you accomplish? Nothing but causing panic and spreading fear. This is however, how a lot of people make names for themselves. They suppose, tis better to be infamous than completely unknown.

    My message. Grasp something that cannot be taken away. All this fear mongering is selling all of us greed and selfishness. The only selfishness I cultivate, is that of acquiring my own peace! And I am making sure that 'peace' cannot be altered or taken away by any outside force. Whether it be Aliens, Government, Natural Disasters, 2012, The Rapture or whatever else they are selling.

    I will not but it! I am investing in my own perpetual peace. And once I have a concrete hold on it, I am going to help others find it too, instead of spreading this nonsensical fear and greed. If you have all you need (peace/bliss) within, what could scare you? Not even death.

  38. us 'humans' are just the result of alien technology, and they are watching as we evolve into a paranoid breed of greedy individuals and theyre laughing as we destroy ourselves, then theyll just start a new experiment on earth, its been going on for millions of years. i think its hilarious me

  39. paranoia n. A psychotic disorder characterized by delusions of persecution with or without grandeur, often strenuously defended with apparent logic.

  40. william bosien

    Could not agree more! Thanks for stating it with some sense.

  41. @Peter Carson:

    On your blog 47, I quote..."Just give it time for Randy and Achem (dull) Razor, both will eventually find time to take more pot-shots"...unquote.

    Am curious, and because am a bit bored, explain what you mean, lost track of where your stance is on anything actually.

  42. For all the mindless minions who continue to invest their time watching deceitful "MSM news" releases about 911 and many other "pentagon mis-information stories" - I am secure none of you will spend any time in review of the latest release of 400,000 secret military doc's on WikiLeaks.

    I hope all you unwashed masses of kiddie winkie's in denial, who are the bewildered herd - dont forget to spray some PAM on your tin foil hat before attaching the chin-straps.

    Maybe read a few chapters from Edward Bernays book titled : PROPAGANDA.

  43. we all need to remember that the big picture on your television screen is comprised of many,many thousands of color pixels, which in one way can be perceived as tiny takes many pieces of a puzzle to generate the finished image, and many small stories to conclude in the final grand tale...and many years to make an education, and so on and so forth...CONSPIRACY MERELY REFERS TO TWO OR MORE INDIVIDUALS PLANNING TO ACCOMPLISH A GOAL PRIVATELY...OF COURSE THEWRE ARE CONSPIRACIES...YOUR PARENTS CONSPIRED TO RAISE YOU PROPERLY...THE PENTAGON AND MILITARY CONSPIRE TO WIN BATTLES...THE BANKERS CONSPIRE TO PROFIT...RELIGIOUS LEADERS CONSPIRE TO GARNER LARGER CONGREGATIONS...BELIEVE IN CONSPIRACIES...THEY ENGAGE EVERY DAY.

  44. This film needs to be shown on terrestrial television - oh wait...

    Great documentary i loved the way he linked all the 'terrorist' attacks to events preceding them in each country. People need to realise everytime one of these incidents occur we lose more liberties and freedoms. Its a classic Orwell scenario. Remember the German people pooh poohed and dismissed the rising of the Nazi party until it was too late.

    Even as i speak Obama is talking about controlling the internet to prevent 'terorism', we must stop him at all costs. The internet is someting thats bringing us closer to the truth and unifying us, its the only source of independant news. The powers that be know this and thats why they must stop it , its all playing out before our eyes.

    The television channels are filled with crap and premoderated discussion about paradigms they want us to believe. Its so dumbed down its barely watchable anyhow. Its like we are being debased and denuded of our ability to think on higher levels.

    They are tightening their grip as they see the people are seeing through this 'war on terror' BS we are subjected to every day. Hopefully its not too late to stop them.

    Id like some ideas on how to stop them , the only thing i can come up with is not to consume the corperate crap they sell us.

  45. Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, HaHa, Ha, HaHa, Ha, HaHa, Ha, HaHa, Ha, HaHa, Ha, HaHa, Ha, HaHAAAAAAAAAa !!!!

  46. This has got to be the worst doc on this site!!!! WTF is the point??? I wouldn't recommend this...

  47. @ The loler
    Couldn't have found better words myself. Bravo.

  48. I find it very amusing that he talked about the planet X thing as being a distraction, yet it seems a good deal of people here think the doc was about planet x and he was promoting the idea. Do you even listen to whats being said in these docs? Or do you just listen to enough to pick up the general theme and then just fill in the gaps with your own imagination? Regardless of my loling @ the doc maker some of you people need a big lol of your own too. so heres to laughing at you.

  49. I think people tend to believe in this large-scale conspiracy stuff because they want to believe in a power beyond their grasp. Don't get me wrong, of course powerful groups of people are doing horrible things! But what makes you so sure that they act according to a global plan?

    Think it this way: There is no conspiracy. All the evil is brought into the world by ordinary, albeit powerful, people who just overestimate themselves or are thoroughly misguided. No secret plan, no larger-than-life force of any kind, just human incompetence.

    And think it through: You don't need a secret malevolent group to explain the mess we're in. It's just that this idea of a nameable evil is easier on your mind than the idea that mankind is essentially incompetent of organizing itself.

    Unless someone came along and started acting responsibly, that is, and god forbid if that one change-bringer were you! The responsibility would be unbearable!
    No, it's easier to just let your imagination play and construct a nice distraction so you don't have to face the fact that you are in fact in control.

  50. Best doc on conspiracy theories ever! I have been feeling this uneasiness about life for a long time now and now I know why. And for those misinformation spreaders, this guy is not trying to convince anyone of anything. What he mainly stresses is that you should research for yourself. If you dont you are blindly following, which wether it is a good cause or not, is bad news. An interesting thought for the misinformation highway, why do you waste your time calling people quacks, or crazy? If you don't like the information why not just watch something else? Why because it is your job to confuse. So get the f@#k out. Wake up people and realize the time is now. 2012 isn't a flashy disaster movie (don't forget all the others that came out around the same time to confuse you "Knowing", "the day the earth stood still", "day after tomorrow" just to name a few) its misinformation to distract you from the truth. What is the truth? Well get up off your butt and go research history. Anyone with eyes and the internet can find the truth, but be aware of the misinformation highway.
    I absolutely love the main message of this movie. Which is, dont believe me, research it yourself, and BE AWARE. WAKE UP PEOPLE, something very wrong is going on and we are being hypnotized into believing it is our faults. Its time to wake up, the only thing that can ever overcome true evil is love and compassion. Research Ghandi or Martin Luther King Jr. both assassinated for trying to save the world with love and kindness. We have the methods to win, the question is, do we have the will?

  51. i like that there was another Bill goodwin who posted.

  52. I watched this an wondered when it was goin to end ha it was eye opening and does fit together! it reminded me of that Stephen Marley tune called Mind Control. Corruption of ya thoughts....... destruction of ur sole! It seems every1 has lost there way and dont even realise. Only if everyone was equal..........theres alot more to life............

    Too many greedy people with no heart and no friends. Yet these people are running us. Think we maybe in too deep.
    The mess that these jokers have got us in is beyond repair yet they dont care. The only thing that i think could change us iss some other inteligance........

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  54. Also, the phrase isn't "cu bono," it's "cui bono." And it's not Greek, it's Latin.

  55. I'm sorry, but whenever conspiracy theorists bang the drum for "THINK FOR YOURSELF, DON'T BE A SHEEP," I just burst out laughing.

    Every conspiracy theorists repeats the same exact lines, you'd think they're reading from a script penned by Alex Jones.

    Being a conspiracy theorist doesn't mean you're not a sheep, it just means you're a sheep from a different flock.

    1. but no sheep goes straight from flock-mentality to solo overnight. the key is to trick them into progressively smaller flocks until one day they look up and notice they've been wandering around all by themself.

  56. Trent and Nanette W

    Excellent quesitons and answers.

    Another excellent Top Doc film : One Third Holocaust.

    Do a Google search of "Zionism", and you will find it has nothing to do with being Jewish - Russian roots.

    Start watching films about Banking also on Top Documentary - William T Still : The Money Masters.

    Too many other excellent films on this site to list.

    Amazingly, there are not too many people wearing tinfoil hats trolling this particular film ??

    Just give it time for Randy and Achem (dull) Razor, both will eventually find time to take more pot-shots.

    For another genre ; check out the films about the Lunar Landing - Appolo Zero, Somwthing happened on the way to the moon, and one other lunar film also in the "Conspiracy" sec.

  57. So, I'm totally willing to believe that all world governments are controlled by an elite organization who's objectives include total control and domination and possibly even genocide. It's harder to believe they want to kill us all. They need us, and I think if they're smart enough to have worked out how to control us, they're smart enough to have worked out that we're necessary. They want us to convert to religions that demand reproduction and have made medical advances to prolong our lifespans, so I really doubt human extinction is their goal. Many valid points though. I'll certainly be doing some research on the subject.

  58. yeah, this is for real. those few that do not realize how insightful this is... don't worry. just like he said, we will win by pure numbers. even if your ignorant, the rest of us are not

  59. It is so f****** sad to see the comments of the ignorant people, I do my best to not read them because it is disgusting to think that people are still that much asleep... go back to bed boys and girls, take your Prozac and save for your new BMW, the government loves you. I pray that what Carlin said was right, and the Earth shakes us off like a bunch of fleas... we have become a cancer on a beautiful lifeform we call Earth.

    1. not us as a species, my free friend. just our culture. and culture is only an idea that we keep reminding ourselves to practice, a story we keep telling ourselves about who and what and why we are. we've only been f*cking it up for 3% of our total time here as a species, we'll outgrow this toxic fiction, i promise.

  60. This movie didnt say planet x was the reason for the weather or anything else he simply said that it could exist or it could be another distraction but didnt rule it all the way in or out. In fact he stated that underground bunkers being created lately are to preserve the interests of the elite such as organic REAL seeds and the such so they remain healthy while they poison everyone else! If this man put the total facts out about everything he talked about in this video it would be 6 8 10 or 12hours long and how many would sit and watch all of it? But he stressed one important thing over and over!!! And that was that EVERYTHING could be researched and found to be existing for the people TRULY wanting to know what is going on! Take what you see in videos like these and LOOK IT UP!!! Whether in libraries or the internet the information is there!!! My advise to people.....Dont dismiss something you know nothing about if you havent done any research into this topic or any of the numerous other topics about our world and the way in which we are heading.Like the fluoride part of this film that is true!! The nazis used it and it IS the leading ingredient in rat poison sodium fluoride!! There is nothing in this film that cant be backed up by the TRULY interested person not someone who is only relying on video documentaries for their truth because these documentaries are meant to inform you and encourage people to do your own research!!! To quote a saying i recently heard...A person who dismisses what he knows nothing about is TRULY IGNORANT AND SLEEP MORE THAN HE REALIZES IF HE REALIZES IT AT ALL. Im not saying that everything you see you should believe but dont dismiss it a garbage keep it stored in your mind for future reference because we are living in a age of awesome deception and you never know what what could turn out to be true. Keep it stored until youve researched it and then make a choice on whether to dismiss or keep and if you chose to dismiss let us fellow people know what youve found that cause you to take such action that way we all can be informed! Because me personally i love people it doesnt matter what color size or shape i love them all and if this new world order comes into being races wont matter we will all be in the same boat and i will do what ever i can to help anyone i come across in those trying times or ill die trying we all must unite and put differences aside if we want to live and see our children have a future! God Bless us all!

  61. In 1348 the Pope's personal doctor proclaimed that the black death was the result of an alignment of the stars piosoning the air. With the limited scientific knowledge available at the time can we blame anyone for harbouring such wild and unfounded notions? Now, in the 21st century, have we moved past that? Have we learned to think rationally instead of superstitiously? Or are we still looking for answers to our anthropogenic crises in the arrangement of the stars?

  62. Cr*p documentary!! I stopped after halfway through part two. Merely a series of photographs flashing past to some boring vocal. Dont waste your time.

  63. I see Nanette, I have little knowledge of the history of Israel and how the religion in question works. Your post makes me want to go read some more. I did know that Israel is inexplicably almost an entirely atheist state that should have told me why its not really important who they are dealing with. By no means do I think Bush family is at the tip top of world policy but their ruthlessness has certainly earned them a spot in the banksters stranglehold on our society.

  64. Trent,

    There are basically two types of 'Jews'. Hebrews, and cons. Think of it that way.
    The 'Jews' who follow the tenets of the Torah are the Hebrews - the Zionists are the CONS.

    Orthodox Jews don't have to serve the mandatory 2 year sentence in the Israeli army.
    Orthodox Jews go nuts and throw stones at people (mostly other 'Jews' in Israel) if they drive cars, etc during Shabbat.

    There are more (Orthodox) 'Jews' in NYC, US than in the faux state of Israel - that 'state' is almost entirely atheist!

    'Jews' and 'Arabs' are both Semitic. Jews and Arabs used to babysit each others kids. But since 1948 (thank you Mr Balfour), it's been a bloody war ever since.

    A con is a con is a con.
    Think of it that way.

    (the Bushes are definitely NOT the top of the top, btw)

  65. I'm about to watch this but thought I'd read the comments first. It's been mentioned a few times and I'd just like to reiterate...people throw away your tv's. It's without a doubt the worlds most effective hypnotic tool, meant to stop you thinking. WAKE UP !!!!

  66. I have watched and read a lot on these conspiracy subjects and I am on board with some of it. However I have a interesting question I think. I am to believe the reich quietly moved to the U.S through paperclip nazis and formed the principles for the C.I.A., ok I get that. The bilderburg group and Jewish "banksters" set the world's adgenda.. ok. The bushs' have nazi connections back to Prescott got it. But the mossad is the brother of the nazi cia? And the nazi bushs' are at the top of the world food chain with the most powerful jews? Doesn't this seem like a giant contradiction? Wasn't the nazi goal to exterminate Jews? Then how is the "big picture" Jews and nazis controling the world aren't they mortal enemies? How is this explained?

    1. (please note i am NOT an anti-semite, nor am i any other variety of racist)
      the reason the banking elites financed and influenced the nazis along the path of pogrom and genocide was to create a very believable case for the creation of israel.

      in order for two (or more) factions of the same cabal to appear to be separate entities, their motives and ideologies must be exaggeratedly opposed to one another, the differences highlighted so even a child can see them. which also has the side benefit of imposing a generally childlike and simplistic worldview and understanding of events on your target population. we're being shown caricature drawings and told that they're photographs.

    2. @Trent,

      "Wasn't the nazi goal to exterminate Jews? " ....?

      Nope! As usual in the humankind history, these guys (Prescott Bush and the gang of NAZI were in fact interested into acquiring wealth and goods. As we seen at the Numerember trial and as well seen in the numerous documentaries that came out after then.

      The "Bush Syndrome" do not emane and has no souce in racism or nationalility.

      Therefore, instead of considering the 9/11 event as a USA Gov. lead "All Out" fasle flag, one should rather look at it as a business operation that just happened to fit marvellously into some Elite individual leaders.

      It is much more trivial than one can can expect,


  67. I love the people on here that think screaming "BULL****!" makes them sound smart. Yes, it's a fantastic theory. If you don't believe it, don't believe it...but shut up, already.

  68. ok folks there really is a neon pink elephant in the room wake up and do something!!!

  69. Great film.
    One of the best truther-films i have seen.

    The short version of this film is "The Calling" from the same Producer (thecrowhouse com). I personaly enyoed "The Calling" more than this one. (Without the PanetX stuff)

  70. " If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. "

    People dont seem to want to ask questions or look into things for themselfs. The world as we know it is changing. (and i dont mean cause obama is in office) To really understand everything, you need to understand the real history. They poison the food, water and the air. Turning smart people into zombie products.

    " Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. "
    Both Quotes George Orwell.

  71. I FORCED myself to throw the TV out the window...

    Please send me my WAKE UP THE WORLD T-shirt

    My new reality and freedom begins at noon.

    PS: Spread the word....

  72. I agree with his message that we all need to wake up to what is happening on the earth. For the good of everyone.
    How can war bring peace, We are all so very lucky to be able to live on what was a great planet. An in return we have all abused that privelage. So maybe now we can find a way to stop destroying our Humanity.
    We do not have much time left, as we are but a species due for extinction along with every living thing on this planet.
    One day mankind will cease to be, and Earth will mend the
    mess we have left behind. Before it to get's swallowed up by the Sun...........

  73. I would like to commend everyone who watched & commented on this documentary (except the disinfo agents, you know who you are, haha) Just paying attention long enough to tear it apart & stay curious is a bigger step than most people make. Analyizing is good & so is free thinking!

  74. Thought provoking, as documentaries are meant to be. If one desires more information do your own research (anyone who does not expect to do this has missed the core idea of the documentary). Good effort.

  75. I`m 99.999 pct sure the narrator - "doc" maker is Max Egan. I was subscribed to him for a while on YT. He is an Australian radio broadcaster. He is sort of a very Christian version of Alex Jones. I un-subscribed because after a while this well meaning and nice man just repeatedly said "there are two things that run the world - fear and love".............

    There's quite a few things in this doc worth giving consideration - as there is in many a CT argument. Those saying he gives no credits or evidence - most of what he says is well known CT.

    He makes these video's for his Ozzie folks and they are simplistic. It's an idiot's guide....

    As for the Nibiru cr^p - well we all pick and choose our CTs don't we? Max Egan is a Christian and as such wishes for the rapture. He is worth listening to though if you can find him on You Tube - his voice is quite hypnotic.

    His mentions of Zack Stitchen (probably misspelt): well that guy is a well known fraud. One of the first to "decipher" the Mayan language, however since then - all subsequent researcher's have found that he was quite literally making things up.

    In Conclusion I would say this isn't a "doc" that deserves a slot on TDF. It offers nothing new and it is just a narration. A script. Why is it here? This is not a documentary. This is one man's extrapolation of his understanding of conspiracy theories. We could all make these so I argue why this is here.....

    There you go charlesovery I don't recommend everything!

  76. Dear ???
    well the ruling elite cant censor the net really, we live in an age of info wat does the powerfil guy who also controls media and hence public opinion do when some of his secrets start leaking? does he ban them? (no that would mean accepting the allegation) he uses the information fountain against itself by overloading the media with more and more exxagerated versions of his the point tht they sound ridiculous...and "smart men" such as ureself, snigger at ppl who might even think it to be possible. From UFO sightings to Men In Black movie?

  77. we create everything, therefore i am talking to myself here lol...
    loved the doc and gave me renewed inspiration to better this reality i am in.
    Alex the me is a weird character by the way ha ha

  78. Sometimes you have to see and hear many lies to find one truth.
    All documentaries help in that

  79. I just disconnected my TV set. This video is the truth.

  80. No matter what you think after watching this, at least you didn't watch yet another Will & Grace or Cosby Show rerun (and all of the commercial advertisements that would entail).

  81. i beg to differ, most legends and fairytales have some kind of truth in em.
    if there is so much stuff about conspiricies and beyond out there, chances are there is some truth to it - i admit though figuerung out what exactly it is is a (beyond) lifetime task.

    be aware, but dont let urself eaten up by it - thats what i can take from this one ...

  82. Why is no one asking a really obvious question about the explosion of sooo many different conspiracy theories to the world and general population. Its everywhere literally its not hard to get ur hands on something like this movie or like zeitgeist or any alex jones movie on the net today! Surely if what they are saying is true, then why oh why would the so called ruling elite let them expose them???? it makes zero sense whatsoever! The only logical conclusion i can arrive at is, there is no ruling elite or worse of all, its not about exposing the ruling elite but rather, exposing us!

  83. Nice documentary. Nicely done. The production is good definately not boring by any means. Right, onto the subject matter, 1st of all am no expert and anything I know about these so-called conspiracies are as a result of documentaries like this. However, I do believe in that there is something 'fishy' going on in this world of ours. What I wanna know is if this so-called conspiracy theorists are right then well, its almost inevitable that most of us non-elitists are in for a life of 21st century slavery. Infact the only thing that could save humanity is God and i dont think he exists, so.... They are all saying 'WAKE UP'- What does that even mean? and do what? - go round street corners handing out flyers - 21st century hero trying to save the world 'a guy handing out flyers'... No thank you, i'd prefer to go quietly... or just hope that they are all wrong and that the world is but a bed of roses.

  84. bang on summary of the situation we find ourselves in.this film doesn't get caught focusing on one arm of the octopus like so many do.the only thing I think missing is the occult angle.Without understanding how evil these people are you will constantly be saying"Oh they wouldn't do that".Yes they would and then some.

  85. The devil knows he has but a short time but in the end he looses

  86. (This is not the same Tim as above; at least I don't think it is...)
    Not a bad documentary. It has a lot of interesting theories, but nothing drastically different from other conspiracy films. However, I find the implication that other conspiracy theories are generated by a REAL conspiracy in order to mislead us a bit troublesome. It might be true, but it's not likely. I'm generally skeptical about any conspiracy claims unless the evidence is overwhelming.
    I'm glad this film doesn't jump on the 2012 bandwagon and predict doom and destruction. The narrator actually doesn't say whether he believes that Planet X exists; he says it is possibly, and quite likely, but that it doesn't matter anyway. There are much more important things going on, as this film points out; things that we already know are going on.

  87. find it absolutely fascinating, reading the comments.

    how a person perceives this doc, seems to be projected into an arena of social profiling.... mirroring the point of the doc. very fun to observe. must be a common way to think. know i am guilty of it. just a thought...

  88. I cannot believe that even after someone takes the time to make such a concise perfect effective short documentry detailing in my belief almost exactly what is going on in the world today that some people are so dumb they think he is saying he believes planet x to be real.Quite obviously he doesnt believe it to be real but that is all to expected from the average population we have now.It truly braeks my heart watching that video

  89. his message is just wake up and think for yourself.. dont believe anything he or anybody else says. THINK FOR YOURSELF. now that is a revolutionary message.

  90. This is worse than Fox News or CNBC.

  91. This documentary is only a synopsis on a broad range of subjects that all need to be researched individually to completely understand the big picture.

    Basically, it's a brief 'connect the dots' documentary and is definately worth a view for people just getting familiar with these topics.

  92. I thought that was a good documentary. Doesn't mean I agree with everything it's saying, but that leaves me to go & do my own research into the subjects.

    Thought provoking - that's all documentarys should be.

  93. this is a great jump start video for people to see.
    just wish more would.
    so many people i know have no idea about anything
    except who is on american idol. sad.
    kill your tv.

  94. dan dont think like that.. change will come. morons will always exist i know its a bad subject to throw in here but i feel like i should... for any of u religous folk out there can i ask you to at least question your so called faiths. i find that most of you have just been handed down your beliefs by your parents whom got theirs from their parents. BE THE ONE WHO BRAKES THIS CHAIN OF NOT THINKING FOR YOURSELF. heres a tip look at the amount of similaritys between them... them being a huge percentage of religions. and while your out there questioning ur faiths do some other research that could make ur life make alot more sence.... stop hating everyone who does not believe what you do and stop creating wars over what "GOD" is the right one. sorry to close on a bad note but .....for any of you who believe god will "take" you when ready.. i ask you one question why is it that you look both ways when you cross the road if this god character will take you when he/she/it sees fit? just do humanity a favor and PLEASE DONT EVEN TAKE A GLANCE EITHER WAY. by the way i am sorry for stating my point of view if i offended you. it was not my original intention. drop any kind of war unless it is an information war

    1. I could barley read your lame comment but let me get my two cents in. GOD is real, there has always been only one GOD

  95. Tyler why are you even watching conspiracy movies...
    just go back to your blissfully ignorant reality...people like these will never allow the people that have woken up to prevent anything...

  96. This was home-felt. Guess I'm on the A-List now.

  97. He presents his theories, you idiots!
    You don't need to be shown the entire way, you must find your own! Research on what he says instead of expecting hours worth of proof.
    1. He said Planet X is POSSIBLE! NOT TO GET DISTRACTED BY IT! Thats exactly what you did, got distracted by it.
    2. He mentions HAARP for the weather stuff, but if he were to go in to that subject deeper the movie would be two hours longer! He mentioned it so YOU RESEARCH IT! there are more movies on this site about HAARP so don't be lazy!

  98. oops! phenomenoms

  99. Reply to Tyler: No credits? I guess you didn't wait till the end! He also clearly stated that Nibiru is an unknown factor, as to weather phenemons check H.A.A.R.P.

  100. you people dont seem to listen if info is given to fast (both audio and video). read between the lines, see the big picture god damn it!

  101. Always the same. Somebody watches a lot of consiracy theories and makes up his own by combining his favorite ones into a new one. But that's far from beeing journalism or science. If someone wants to reveal something or even just explain it,he has to do A LOT of original research, interviews, etc. He also has to learn the basic principles of the disciplines he's talking about.
    So in conclusion i would say - if you like science fiction or want to explore new (intersting) subjects this kind of 'documentary' is great - to base a belief on it seems foolish to me

  102. This is a joke. It's very artsy, but there's no real information in here. Planet Nibiru? Give me a break. All of a sudden some smart-sounding old man is claiming that the existence of this unknown planet in the solar system can explain "underground bunkers, satellite launches, global warming, erratic weather, etc." What? Who is this guy? What "research"? There aren't even any credits.
    This is a joke.

    1. Still not convinced that Planet X is almost here ?????
      Google Nibiru again and find out more.