The Truth Behind the Moon Landings

The Truth Behind the Moon Landings

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The Truth Behind the Moon LandingsDocumentary debunking the conspiracy theories surrounding the first moon landing. Amid an era of global political suspicion the greatest conspiracy theory of all time casts doubt on what should be the greatest achievement of the age.

Did the Apollo 11 astronauts really land on the moon, or was this an elaborate hoax by NASA to satisfy political demands?

Bill Kaysing the former head of technical publications for Rocketdyne is considered, by many, to be the father of moon conspiracy theorists.

Both he and Ralph René the author of NASA Mooned America set out their stall with all the evidence supporting their theory:

Contradicting shadows in photographs, moon walk was a slow motion film, no stars in night sky, flag fluttering in a breeze, lack of Computing power to land the lunar module, can't manipulate camera to take photographs, dust below lunar module should have been disturbed, film would be damaged by radiation... etc.

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  1. I never understood moon landing deniers. The notion that proponents have made a vast coverup, that has fooled everyone, except themselves, is hilarious. The implication is that they are all special, while the rest of us are merely deluded fools, believing everything we are spoon fed, or watched on tv. Never mind the fact that non believers, watch a few YouTube videos, and are instantly convinced. Talk about believing everything you see! Many videos are manipulated by hacks that fall for the hoax fairy tale. People have invested way to much time down their rabbit hole, to admit they are wrong. First off, some easy ones......... The Van Allen Belts are a favorite among hoax believers, as proof we never landed. Well, it's sort of like firewalkng, you don't linger in the middle, that's how you get burned. The trajectory to the moon spent as little time in the belts as possible, while going through quickly. They are scientists, that trained for all of this, not some keyboard warrior, claiming it's "fake". Another form of evidence, is there were about 8400 publicly available photos, thousands of hours of footage, mountains of scientific data, full transcripts of all air to ground conversations. Plus 382 kilograms of moon rocks samples were brought back and examined by scientists from all over the globe. They must have all been NASA shills right??? Lol. There was also third party evidence as well, independent of NASA. One of my favorite hoax claims, was the no stars thing....... Well, first problem, is it's daylight on moon!! Second, the stars are too dim to be seen on the brightly lit surface of the moon. Go out at night, and snap a picture of the night sky, and see how many stars you will see. Also, shadows appear to go in different directions on the moon. Well, the terrain plays a role as well, plus the sun isn't the only light source. The lem, moon dust, and astronauts reflect light. Just remember...... The earth is not the moon!!!. Anyhow, the Nasascam site.... Is nonsense. How do you people believe this junk??? They are claiming the same backdrop is being used in some photos. So NASA is so dumb they forgot???? Sure...... That's idiotic to think they would make that kind of mistake!!. What's actually happening, is on the moon, there is no atmosphere, so therefore, objects don't become faded out over the distance. Like here on earth, pass a large mountain, with trees in front, the trees move, but the mountain barely does. Get the picture???? It's actually a slap in the face to all the thousands of hard working people who worked on the missions just to call them all "fake" No credible source ever said the moon landings were faked, that's a load of crap. There are a bunch of know it all's online claiming the earth is flat, the moon isn't real, and the government is being controlled by shape shifting lizards. These are the kinds of geniuses we are dealing with. All paranoid, and ignoring facts, but believing lies. are actual sites with facts!! Not opinions and lunatic theories like the rest of the conspiracy sites. There are tons of sites explaining all the lies that hoax believers follow, the problem? Most won't bother to learn or listen. Many feel they know it all already. There is no moon hoax, get over it already. All conspiracy sites are filled with bad science, and misinformation, but some people just accept it as the truth. The moon landings are factual, all the deniers have, is plain ignorance. If anything goes against their "theory" is not true, and dismissed. I guess I am a paid shill then.

  2. Ah, the old moon hoax, it's always a fun subject. It's a shame one of man's greatest achievements is doubted by some who are looking for attention on the internet. These conspiracy theorists have no good answers to anything, besides, it's all been done to death. I think many don't realize how hard it would have been to pull off a hoax. You would have to fake all the telemetry data that all the amateurs and professionals were using. All the launch missions, practice launches would be staged. When the rocket went up, the astronauts would have to have been removed, without anyone seeing them, which is not as easy as it sounds. Most of the common arguments from conspirators, are based on a lack of basic knowledge on photography, physics, cinematography, visual effects of the late 60's, radiation, and politics of the area. A total of 12 men walked on the moon, for a total of six manned missions. It's very easy to tell the truth from their "theories" , and all have been dismissed as silly, but sadly, most will never listen anyway, and they will claim they are right, and everyone else is wrong, despite all the scientific facts that prove them wrong.

    1. Try doing some research. You could start here:-

  3. Ok, Ok, I get it! Conspiracies galore, fake mission from the beginning?
    Here is what I know. I worked on the NIKEX project on the Kwajalein Atoll in 1964. I know a bit about rockets, how they work and how good computers were and are a part of every Atlas, Titan, Saturn et al. There is absolutely no way that Apollo 11, 1969 could have landed and reconnected to the Orbitor, no possible way. Obiter at 60 miles above the surface of the moon Obiter traveling at 3760 miles per hour. After launch the partial Lander had to "jump" to altitude, turn at the exact moment (remember, this is burning fuel like crazy in this little package} and generate enough fuel and momentum toe meet this Orbiter after 3 revolutions to the so called connection of the two. ALL THIS ACCORDING TO NASA, VIDEOS, COUNTDOWNS AND MORE! I contend that is was all fake because the lander could have never taken off and hooked up with the Orbiter! There was no computing power at that time to do it and there was no way the astronauts had the wherewithal to do it! Yes, we all cheered and even wept at the adventure and we were all bamboozled. It was great for us to beat the Ruskies and set us apart from the world. I love America, served in the military with pride, and now watching everything turn to garbage with the Commies in control now!

    1. So, I guess the laser reflecting mirror they left on the moon is faked too, eh? And all these astronauts, their support staff, the engineers, scientists, dietitians, doctors, etc. into the thousands have not only all been sworn to secrecy, but have maintained this secrecy inviolate all these years, as well, of course, as the enormous team of those required to fake the landing? Get real, dude. Just because you think it couldn't be done in 1964? Nonsense.

    2. Moon landing deniers will not let a silly thing like facts get in their way. These nuts could be taken to the moon, shown the flag, and the landing sites, and they would still claim it was all a hoax. I'm pretty sure it would have been all over news stations, and social media, if anything was truly fake. Hopefully no one really takes these people seriously, as their claims are truly ridiculous anyway. No one has ever proven the landings were false, on the contrary, just the opposite is true. All fake claims, are just that. Claims, and idiotic ones at that. No credible scientist ever came forward. No evidence for a hoax even exists, only misinformation being spread by the uneducated being sucked in by a site claiming fraud. I guess these nuts never considered the site could be incorrect. Sadly, these deniers will continue, even when we visit the moon again, they will claim that's "fake" too.

    3. US is anything but a Commie state. The reason the US is garbage is because of it's political system. Makes no difference if you vote Republican or Democrat, as the "powers that be" aka CIA, control the USA, and it is they who are destroying it. Read the following:-

    4. Explanations, and reasoning are wasted on the deniers.
      It's senseless to argue, if they won't listen. Some have a huge chip on their shoulders, while trying to explain why their theories are right. We all need to "wake up" and do some research. I hear that one a lot. Had anyone of these people actually done any real research, they would understand, that their beliefs are flawed. The whole no stars in the photos, radiation belts, and the same backdrop nonsense, have all been addressed, but alas, to no avail. There are numerous conspiracy sites with misinformation, that gets spread from site to site. Many argue that COVID was fake. Guess all the people who died were fake too.
      Anyway, despite the thick headed skeptics, all hoax theories have been answered, and dismissed as nonsense. Deniers will continue to cry hoax, even when man returns to the moon in the future. Nothing wrong with being skeptical, we all should, just fact check, and examine both sides, not just the conspiracy claims. Nasafraud, and Apollotruth are inaccurate in their claims.

  4. Wow, people actually believe their is a moon???? Lol

    1. Thomas you are 100% right, but these people will claim anything that doesn't go along with their theories, is "BS" Time for new tinfoil hats at YouTube University.

    2. Try, and look up moon landings. There are many facts to kill the silly hoax.

    3. One last comment, is to all the nuts claiming Apollo used the same backdrop in some photos. First, do you really think NASA is going to make that kind of mistake? No way. Second, the background we are seeing is a mile or so away, not the same "backdrop"like hoaxers claim. You can see this on earth as well, like when driving by a big mountain, the trees pass by rapidly, but the mountain in the background barely changes. On the moon it appears more evident, because there are no trees to block your view.

    4. The no moonies, will believe anything they read, if it goes along with what they believe and anything else, is ignored. Anyone claiming man hasn't set foot on the moon, is delusional, and all of their so called evidence is flawed big time, the only problem, is they are blinded by their own ignorance to realize they are wrong. I know People distrust their government, and assume if they lie once, then everything is a lie. Not so. Evidence is all over the internet to disprove the nay sayers. None of what they claim is true anyway. It's all old news, only thing, they are obviously to lazy to do proper research, as all claims of fakery, were dismissed a long time ago. These nutters are grasping at anything they can find, because they have invested so much time in their "hoax". I expect these no moonies are all over Facebook and other sites promoting their lies.

    5. Try, it contains facts. Apollotruth is anything but truth, as it's filled with opinions and lies. No moon hoax evidence exists. Some try and cherry pick all the anomalies they try to find, so they can appear smart. Here's what's happening- there is no blast crater. Actually the astronauts throttled down to about 10% before landing, plus the moon, is a vacuum, so there is no air, and the moon has a few inches of dust, with rock under it. So sure, there will be some sort of disturbance, just not an elaborate crater, expected by skeptics. Secondly, some claim there are wires on the astronauts to simulate 1/6 gravity. Actually, the thing people see is their antenna on their backpacks. Another anomaly skeptics point to, is the astronauts appear lit, when in darkness. People forget, this is NOT the earth. The moon dust reflects light, which helps explain the photos people claim are staged. Look, I'm pretty sure with all of their money, NASA
      isn't going to make all these simple errors. I can go on, but it's not going to matter to skeptics, as they won't believe it anyway. Some just have distrust for our government, so nothing can be true in their eyes.
      I can only wonder if their conspiracy sites said the landings did indeed happen, I wonder what they would think! Who knows. All I know is all I hear is how all of us need to "wake up" yeah, sure. Not everything is a scam or conspiracy. Show them pictures, "oh those are fake". Moon rocks....."fake". Russia and other countries agreed we made it to the moon. " Oh they are in on it too" You just can't have a normal conversation with a hardcore skeptic, as many make fun of the USA, or claim the schools are corrupt, we are all programed to believe everything on tv, and we are sheeple. Anything else guys? In all honesty, anyone can look up if we landed on the moon, and there are literally dozens of websites debunking all the stupid theories and "anomalies" these skeptics claim are proof of a hoax. I've read about the hoax for years, and it was mainly started by Bill Kaysing.

  5. Remember Bill Kaysing lived in a trailer with a bunch of cats, so does he really seem like a credible source? Absolutely not. Just his opinion. Some have claimed they used the same backdrops in certain scenes, wrong again. Those mountains are sometimes a mile or two away. Just like here on earth, visit mountainous terrain, then move a mile or so, the mountains are still there, only on the moon, there are no trees or bushes to block your view. Lastly, on of my favorite claims is that the astronauts were on wires. Actually it's the antenna from their backpacks. No conspiracy. One word of caution to people trying to convince hoax cheerleaders their beliefs are wrong, forget it!!! I tried, along with many others, they just won't listen. I have ran into many who make fun, call us NASA shills, sheep etc. So what their saying, is the schools are in on the hoax, as well as NASA, and the government, along with anyone else involved. Or, they will claim only the top few knew, while the others did what they were told. There is no evidence to support any of this nonsense, just the same old tired claims.

    1. Wrong. No one has been to the moon - end of story.

  6. Bill Kaysing is one main culprit who helped start the hoax fairy tale. Since then, there have been tons of inaccurate claims made over the years. Funny part, it's all easily explained, but some just won't listen to reason, or facts. It's so easy guys! Google It! Tons of websites debunk your "evidence". It doesn't strike anyone as strange that Russia or other countries didn't call bs? Nowadays you can't get away with anything without someone finding out sooner or later. I remember years ago going the National air and space museum, learning what it took to go to the moon. Guess that was fake too.... lol. Guess we will see some more friendly comments from our official space experts... aka hoax believers. Anyway, Nasa had an answer for the moon landing deniers... "Yes we did".

    1. An interesting fact to me, was how the astronauts made it through the Van Allen Belts. They made it by plotting to go through the weakest points, and to travel quickly, just like a firewalker , the key was not to linger. Overall, they all received the radiation exposure of a chest x ray.

    2. That's your evidence Cal? Lol, and you wonder why nobody ever takes hoax believers seriously. Do some research, and learn before posting lies.

    3. Conspiracy cults, like the fake moon landing, all involve some who want to feel special, like they discovered a secret, that no one else has. Truth be told, the hoax is what's fake, not the moon landings. In order for conspiracy theories to work, everyone would have to be kept silent, plus every single silly claim these people make, has been thoroughly explained/debunked. I've read tons of sites, and watched loads of documentaries. For every fake moon landing video, there's 10 that prove it's wrong. Plus many get money when you subscribe to their misleading videos. Ever notice when deniers are shown facts, they still deny them? That's how you know the kind of people you are dealing with, you cannot educate someone who refuses to learn. I'll give an example....... Many laugh at the computer technology back in 1969. Well, look at it this way, take a gps, vs a road map. The road map is way less sophisticated, however it will still get you where you want to go. All that was needed back then was a basic plot trajectory.
      Some conspiracy theories are just plain crazy. I cannot really add anything that someone hasn't posted on here already. Other countries would have exposed any fakery, plus it would have been all over the news, and social media. Also, someone mentioned the moon rocks that were brought back were examined by scientists from around the world, and proved to be genuine, and not from Antarctica, like some claim.
      What amazes me, is that all these facts are online and available to anyone, yet all the geniuses here choose to ignore them. All I see is hoax believers belittling others, and laughing at anything they don't understand. What a sad way to live. Personally, I would love to hear why some ignore facts in favor of conspiracy sites.

    4. The Artemis missions will send man back to the moon in a few years, I'm waiting to see what all the skeptics will say about that. I bet any evidence they are shown will be labeled "fake".

    5. Many skeptical people who are very smart, also aren't experts in science, physics, or rocket engineering, so I wouldn't listen to someone who says they don't believe it, it's just their opinion anyway, it's not fact.
      Now personally I love conspiracy theories, however this one is not true. Russia was our main rival, and would have stopped at nothing to embarrass us for all the world to see. They also tracked our missions as well. If someone claims going to the moon is impossible, it's because they haven't researched properly. There is so much misinformation available on the internet today. Any fact can easily be twisted into a conspiracy. I'm sure someone would have spilled the beans had anything been faked at all. Keeping everyone quiet over the years would be impossible and there is always a whistleblower someplace! NASA is also planning more trips to the moon in the coming years, although I'm pretty certain, those will be labeled as " fake" regardless of any evidence shown.

    6. Read the following:-

      Not one single anomaly with the Moonlandings has been debunked.

      and wake up for fox sake.

  7. Well, many claim there are no stars in any photos, so therefore it must be staged. Wrong,
    it is due to the exposure times of the camera. The stars are there, they are just to dim to be picked up, due to the camera settings, something hoaxers didn't bother to research. It was also daylight on the moon as well, which also helps explain the no stars thing. Just basic photography.

    1. What really helped propel the conspiracy theory was the 1978 film, Capricorn One., and a 1976 self published pamphlet by Bill Kaysing, "WE NEVER WENT TO THE MOON". Roughly 5% of Americans still believe the moon landings were staged. That may not seem like a lot, but it's still millions of people. Well, there are many innacurate claims made by moon landing deniers. , " There are no stars in any of the photos, so it must be fake." Well, wrong. This has to do with the camera settings, it was daylight on the moon, so the starlight lost the battle against the very bright surface of the moon, which won't show stars because it's so dim. Here's another good one. The crosshairs that appear in many Apollo images sometimes appear to be behind objects in the photos. Testing on Earth has revealed that brightly lit objects make the crosshairs appear fainter. When these images are copied, or scanned, some of the detail is lost completely giving the effect that the crosshair is behind the objects in certain shots. Another argument is radiation. Many think it was fake because the astronauts couldn't make it past the Van Allen Belts. They insulated the spacecraft with an aluminum shell, and they chose a trajectory that minimized the amount of time spent in the belts. Also there are approximately 8400 publicly available photos, thousands of hours of video footage, a mountain of scientific data, and full transcripts and audio recordings of all air to ground conversations. 382 kilograms of moon rocks have been independently varified by lunar laboratories around the world, ruling out a US conspiracy. Guess everyone was paid off, according to Derek, and Billyboy. Sadly most skeptics ignore facts, and logic, and make up their own beliefs. They claim we haven't been back, so therefore we never went. How is that poof? I haven't been to high school in 30 years, does that mean I never went? Many claim we would have a moon base by now. What good is a moon base? Lack of interest and funding was the main reasons man hasn't returned for so long.
      As for the video showing astronauts faking their mission, the video is only showing part of what's happening. Had they shown the entire video it would have explained everything, but as we all know, skeptics try and cherry pick anything they don't understand, if they don't understand it, then it's fake. Believe me, it's impossible to argue with any of these types of people. The Covid pandemic was a hoax, aliens live among us, vaccines are a scam. It never ends. Conspiracies make people feel like they are smart. They feel we all believe everything we see on tv. Not true. What makes me laugh, is anyone can look evidence up online. Anything this video doesn't cover, can be researched in minutes. Why won't skeptics bother? Like many have said, they are cherry picking any tiny detail to look smart. There is idiocy here alright, I just don't understand skeptics. They belittle proven facts with their easily debunked nonsense.
      The spaceship was pressurized with an onboard oxygen source, once on the moon, the astronauts wore portable life support systems, which was the large box on the back of their spacesuits. It allowed them to breath, and removed the carbon dioxide they exhaled. The batteries on the rover were isolated and shielded from solar radiation, and temperatures. Surface temperatures during the lunar morning ranged from 45 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, not very cold, but not very hot. I don't expect anyone like Derek or Billy Bob to listen, that's just not going to happen. Any official story is always a lie, and the conspiracy is the truth according to them. Remember guys, there were several missions, how did they get away with faking it that many times? That's just a silly claim. No credible source ever claimed anything was staged. Other countries were watching our every move. No one here seems to want to do any real research, if they did, they would know all the things they believe are false. Some are paranoid, thinking everything is fake, the earth is flat, and man cannot go to the moon only because they say it can't be done. Try googling " Did we really go to the moon". There are plenty of websites answering all of your questions, although I don't expect you to believe facts. Everyone must have been paid off. Remember a skeptic can post a video with his opinion, and people will be bamboozled into believing it. Just like many claim the Covid vaccine contains a "Chip" to track you, which is hilarious. If you have a cell phone, I promise they can track you. Anyway, I know what I said will fall upon deaf ears, but I tried to help explain why moon hoax theories are nonsense.

    2. Most "evidence" of a moon hoax falls into the catagory, of. " I'm to dumb to understand basic physics, so it must be fake." Their so called evidence is flawed, but they will not listen to anyone, so do not even try!!

    3. If they showed stars in the photographs, that would be a give away it WAS fake. Half of these deniers don't even know how a camera works, and all the settings needed to capture great pictures. Talking to them, is useless.

    4. I always wondered why NASA hasn't tried to explain everything to the skeptics, but I'm guessing it's not worth their time or money, to try arguing with idiotic conspiracy theories that have already been shown to be wrong, and loaded with errors.

    5. Lots of self proclaimed experts seem to say that everyone should " think for themselves". That great, however, you can't just ignore history, and science just because some people put a video on YouTube claiming man never set foot on the moon. I'm really surprised people get sucked in by this hoax foolishness. None of their wild claims are true anyway, and are easily explained. It's like monkey see, monkey do, if one person claims something, they will get other people to believe anything they are told. Just looking at the comment section, it's only a matter of time before another non believer posts another insult, or wild claim, on how they are right, and everyone else is wrong. First of all, people manipulate evidence, change words around, add spooky music, and people believe something is a hoax. It's actually very easy to weed out the garbage and false information, but, conspiracy believers, will not accept anything that goes against their beliefs, no matter what it is. Being wrong is not an option for them.

  8. I love a good conspiracy!! Lol however this is not one of them. How do we know there was a Titanic that sank? How do we know their was a civil war? What about the Holocaust? Its part of history, although I'm sure some claim those never happened as well. Many don't believe the landings because they distrust the government, with incidents like the Pentagon papers, and Watergate, that eroded Americans trust in their government. Most skeptics "Proof" is based on perceived anomalies in the images transmitted from the moons lunar surface. Unfortunately, they give they same old tired arguments again and again. Many should spend less time searching the illuminati, the reverse vampires, Zionists, the saucer people, and Freemasons, and take an introductory physics course. There is plenty of available information to put the hoax theory to rest, the problem is, what evidence will skeptics accept? The lunar reconnaissance orbiter took high resolution pictures from low orbit, there are thousands of photographs taken, hundreds of hours of video, rock samples brought back, and examined, telemetry books, corroboration from The Soviet Union, China, and other countries. There is also third party evidence, from neither Nasa or our government. Now this is just scratching the surface. Every single argument claiming that NASA faked the moon landings has been discredited. Personally, The Russia thing is what gets me. They would have revealed any fraud in the blink of an eye without hesitation. Of course, I do understand that usually, no evidence of any kind can convince someone who believes in a fake moon landing, so its a waste of time to even try. Today with the internet, people can manipulate facts and pictures very easily. I see many people falling for conspiracy theories, simply because some sites post misinformation. There are tons of websites debunking all the wild claims from people, the problem is, most have willful ignorance, we on the other hand, have facts. No hard feelings to anyone, believe what you want, but there were close to half a million engineers, scientists, and just regular people like us. Why has no one ever come forward then? Well, I heard a few claims that only a select few knew about the landings, the rest did as they were told. Again, not one credible source came forward. I think after the movie Capricorn one came out, it helped fuel peoples claims. I love the move, but its just fiction. Well, I'm sure this debate will continue for years to come, I don't see skeptics believing any facts no matter who or where they are from. On the bright side, thank God we are in America, so we can have freedom of speech to disagree with one another.

    1. You can never convince someone who thinks the moon landings were faked, that they weren't. No evidence of any kind is ever good enough, unless it coincides with their theories. There is zero evidence of any hoax, and there has never been any evidence PROVING man has never landed on the moon. It is uneducated people cherry picking any little thing they can to look smart. From no blast crater, to the flag waiving, and no stars in the photos, there is so much trash being spread by uneducated people. Its such a shame, they have no faith or knowledge on what mankind can accomplish. A simple google search shows loads of websites explaining why skeptics are wrong, but you guessed it! They won't listen anyway.

    2. Apollo missions 11,12,14,15,16,17 took men to the moon and back, 8, and 9, took photos of the lunar surface, along with other tests, and Apollo 13, had a malfunction, so it was incomplete. I would pay little attention to internet trolls, and just stick to facts. The internet is filled with loads of lies, and self appointed know it all's.

  9. Derek, YOU are the only one spewing lies. The moon hoax is old news. Go back to your YouTube hideaway, and believed your foolish claims.

    1. Mark, I agree with you, however, even if someone explains an answer to these people, what makes you think they are going to believe it? Lmao. They won't. Even if you answer all of their questions, they will come up with another answer as to why they are right, and all of us are gullible NASA loons. A good thing to tell them, is watch the moon rover, the dust it kicks up falls right back down again, exactly how it should behave in a vacuum. On earth, it would form dust clouds. Most likely, they will say it's a giant soundstage with all the air removed.

    2. If someone reads all the evidence, and still says no one landed on the moon, than don't bother arguing, it's a lost cause. No credible source who worked on the missions ever claimed they were fake, and anyone claiming this nonsense has read one to many conspiracy sites. Anyways, these smart people are only looking at the conspiracy side, not the facts. According to them any official story is a lie. If they don't understand it, well, than it didn't happen! That is just plain ignorance, and a slap in the face to all the hard working individuals who put all their efforts into landing on the moon several times. Nothing, and I mean nothing is going to convince these nuts they are wrong, unless their conspiracy sites says so.

  10. What I find interesting, is anyone can just search moon hoax, and literally there are dozens of sites explaining all the errors made by skeptics, plus debunking their claims. So what's the problem? Usually, a skeptic always goes opposite of whatever the official story is. We know Bill Kaysing was full of crap, plus Bart Sibrel, and all the other self appointed experts claiming it was all staged. Every single claim made by skeptics has been explained, but unfortunately, they will continue to spread their misinformation.

    1. Never seen a website forum with so many nutters posting BS comments. Wouldn't surprise me if they weren't all the same person hiding under differing names. Regardless of whether it's one person posting all comments or a hundred or more, one thing is for certain. That person/persons are clearly f**ked in the head to believe in the Apollo fairy story some 20 odd years AFTER they were proven to have been faked. So all those people who worked on the Apollo program and claim they were faked are incorrect, because that's what you are saying. Why don't you id**t m**ons do some research for once insdtead of keep spouting the same old BS nonsense all the time.

    2. Derk, please.... Get a life. All of your trash has been debunked!! Can't read??? You are a nutjob loon, keep believing your lies from the conspiracy sites. Baaaabaaaaa.

    3. Derek, I agree with you. We have a mass case of idiocy taking place here. I noticed the documentary ended suddenly but failed to note scientists have been shooting lasers at the moon for decades without any moon reflectors. I was LOL when they said all the astronauts had to do was turn the space craft around and shielded by the fuel tanks. They also failed to explain how the batteries were able to operate in extreme temperatures of 250 degrees above and below zero and how many tanks of oxygen would be needed for the mission. No explanation about faking the Earth shot inside the space capsule. Just like this COVID jab, millions of people can be bamboozled to believe anything. These people never do any real research and just resort to name calling. They are like trolls. Don’t waste your time with them.

  11. Russia would have been all over the US if anything was fake. The skeptics only have silly things like "Oh we haven't been back in years, that's proof that we haven't gone". That's just plain dumb. Lack of interest, and getting funding were the main objectives, plus it is dangerous. People should really do better research before posting their nonsensical claims. Besides, in this day and age claiming the US faked the moon landings, is just plain silly. There is so much evidence proving all the loons wrong. Most of these geniuses know little about rocket technology, or basic photography, but they sit behind a keyboard, and make bold claims, like there are no other choices, except theirs. Like people have already said, it's to big to be kept quiet for this many years. Man landed on the moon, that's a fact of history. Anyone can research and in minutes expose all these sites claiming it was staged. I can make a video, and say the earth is a square, and guess what? People will believe it.

    1. Do some research and you will find answers to the BS evidence that you keep posting. All answers to the BS questions you spout have been de-bunked

    2. Thousand of pictures taken, hundreds of hours of videos, coroboration from numerous countries like Russia, and China. Samples taken from the moon and examined by scientists from around the globe. Close to half a million people working on the missions. Plus Six manned missions. Ok,.if that's "BS evidence". To you, then you are lost, and their is no hope for you. The sites you follow tell you what YOU want to hear. Sorry to say, every bit of evidence you can muster, has been debunked and dismissed as nonsense. Get over it already. You are truly living in denial. The moon hoax is a fairy tale kept alive by internet trolls.

    3. The answers to all your stupid questions can be found at the bottom of this webpage, under Apollo Q & A:-

      You Moonlanding nutters need to get a life, or better still a brain. People who worked on the Apollo program have claimed it was fake, and one or two comments come direct from top officials at NASA so you are talking complete and utter BS. In other words STFU

  12. Nice try Jada, but all photos are genuine. Just because someone is skeptical, that doesn't make it fake. Most hoax nuts ignore how thrust behaves in a vacuum, or how people claim the sun is the only light source on the moon, when it has multiple sources. Moon dust is reflective, light is reflecting off the surface of the moon, the lander, itself, and even the astronauts. Remember...... The Earth's not the moon! Take a look how the dust behaves, it falls up and right down again, exactly how it would behave in a vacuum. If it was on earth, their would be dust clouds. Some will claim they are in a giant chamber with all the air removed. Believe me, hoax claims can get ridiculous, all because they refuse facts. Many claim the missions were to perfect, but they forget all the accidents and problems associated with space travel, it's dangerous. To me, there is no use in explaining anything, some nuts will refuse all evidence contradicting their wild claims. I guess I'm a paid NASA shill as they say!

    1. The only thing "debunked" has been the countless crap being spread by hoax cheerleaders
      These people ignore hard scientific facts, but oddly enough, believe a silly website, and all it's inaccurate claims. Once and for all, like it or not, all hoax theories are old news, and are just nonsense. Any credible source will tell you that. I can Google. " Did we really go to the moon?", And there are tons of sites explaining everything, and why skeptics are wrong. Here's one, why no stars in any of the pictures???? Well, first of all, it was daylight on the moon(what a shocker) lol, second, it's do to the camera settings, the stars are there, but they are drowned out by the brightly lit surface of the moon. They can change the settings, but then the astronauts will be blurry. See? All these theories are silly! Sadly it will never end, even when we return to the moon, these nuts will claim it never happened. Personally, I never understood how hard it was to just Google something. All the answers are there! The problem is some hoax believers won't accept anything that goes against their theories. So if a hundred sites claim it was real, they will search until they find the one that says it was fake. I'm sure it would have been all over the news years ago, and other countries would have exposed the USA immediately. Hoax theories unfortunately will always exist.

  13. Every single argument that says man never walked on the moon has been discredited. All sorts of claims like no stars in the photos, the photos look fake, why haven't we been back,.no blast crater, have all been explained in detail. Usually, the skeptics ignore anything that goes against their beliefs, facts be damned. I have heard many claim the same backdrop was used for some pictures on the moon. Yeah, like NASA is going to do something stupid like that,come on guys. The lack of atmosphere causes the illusion that some mountains are close by, when they are actually far apart. Don't try and explain this to a hoax nut, they will only laugh. The no stars thing, is easily debunked, it's the camera shudder speed. The stars are there, but the camera is adjusted to see the astronauts. Try going outside with your cell phone, and take a picture of the night sky. That's a perfect example of the little things hoax believers miss and ignore. The moon landing hoax is the weakest of the conspiracy theories, simply because it's foolish, and there is no proof to support it. Every claim has been dismissed as nonsense. Any credible scientist will tell you.

    1. Another who is clearly f* in the head. These have not de-bunked one single piece of evidence that Apollo was faked.

    2. I don't know what planet "Derek" is from, but yes EVERYTHING hoax nuts believe HAS been debunked! You are just to ignorant to read it. The hoax lie, is still being spread to this day, buy gullible fools like yourself. The flag waiving thing??? Debunked. The "no stars in the photos"? Debunked, just to name a few. I can explain everything, but why??? You won't listen anyway! Hoax believers aren't interested in learning, they post their ignorant claims and try to outsmart all the scientists who actually KNOW something about space.

  14. If I wrote a book on how the sky is really green instead of blue, i bet some would believe it. That's all it takes. That or post a video with lies and misinformation, and some people will accept it as fact. That is where many of the nuts that believe the fake landings get their information from. There are many facts that debunk all skeptics claims, and it's been that way for years. Every event in history has someone claiming it never took place. The Holocaust, the Moon landings, The great depression, it goes on and on. There are dozens of websites explaining everything, so I don't get why so many people still believe in useless trash like faking a moon landing. Every single claim has been explained and fact checked, however many will go to their graves maintaining man never landed on the moon. I know I am talking to a wall, because hoaxers never listen, they just insult everyone that disagrees with their claims. So much for their " open minded " claim that they always try to push.

    1. Many are here spreading their hoax misinformation, when their theories are easily explained. They feel they discovered all sorts of anomalies, that NASA was to dumb to fix. That's just plain idiotic. The same old tired hoax stuff has been debunked over and over again.

  15. Most non believers have an attitude that they are smarter than all the hard working scientists that studied for years. That to me, is hilarious. They know little, but want to claim it's fake. They forget about how thrust behaves in a vacuum, or how reflective the moondust is. Why hasn't this been all over the news? Are they "in on it too?" Russia would have loved to expose the USA. Of course, skeptics claim all kinds of silly things, with no evidence, just their word.

  16. Man never went to the moon, the earth is flat, and vaccines don't work. These are the types of people to block on social media. Most hard core skeptics, like to believe they are the only "free thinkers", in a world filled with "sheeple". There are many YouTube videos spreading inaccurate information, but facts are irrelevant to a hoax believer. Bill Kaysing is the one who helped start all this hoax mess, and there are still millions of people who still believe in this fairy tale. I can go on and on and show evidence, but really, what good is that? Hoax nuts believe everyone is in on the hoax, and the government lies 24/7, all evidence in is fake, and anyone who goes against them, is a paid NASA shill.

    1. Other countries would have been all over it if anything was fake. All anyone has to do is proper research, and it will clarify everything. Some videos are filled with speculation, and false claims, but people believe it. Usually, hoax nuts believe the opposite of the official story.

  17. An interesting note, the conspiratards have many silly claims. Take the moonbuggy, and the no tracks claim. In some photographs, the astronauts simply walked over the tracks and wiped them out with their bootprints. To take pictures of the rover they had to get off the vehicle, and walk away from it, so it makes sense that they sometimes walked over the freshly formed one case, on the "conspiracy" site, they had to make an improvised repair using duct tape,clamps and laminated maps, so of course they had to walk all around the fender this erasing any wheel tracks. The rover didn't have tires or solid thread. They were made of an open metallic mesh on which space titanium laminas were applied in a Chevron pattern. Now, Dereks "proof" in the last picture, is the lem which is made up gold foil, which is a sandwich of different materials. Aluminized polymide sheet, or kapton,mylar, with a sandwich of inconel skin, inconel mesh, and foil. These all keep the equipment safe from the extreme temperatures of space. Now, the outer thermal blanket is very thin, and flimsy, but it's not what provides structure support to the spacecraft. And it doesn't have to be sturdy to do its job. So Derek, your conspiracy site is wrong, just like you are with all your silly claims. Would someone believe an actual scientist or engineer who studied for years, or a graduate from YouTube University? I think you know the answer. Overall, I never expect to win any argument with a conspiratard. They refuse all facts, and everyone else is a fool, and only THEY are smart enough to know it was faked. They are blinded by their own ignorance. I tried being nice, but they just call everyone names and laugh. What's the point.
    Anyway there were six manned missions to the moon
    Why would the USA fake it that many times and risk getting caught? It's a dumb hoax theory. Someone would have spoken up years ago. It would be all over the news, and media. Here's something else.... Many nutjobs claim we didn't have the technology back in 69. The computer was not advanced enough. Well, look at it this way, it's like a road map vs gps. The road map is very basic, but it can get the job done. In conclusion, just because someone thinks something is a hoax, doesn't make it one. Man landed on the moon, get over it already!

    1. Eh. The videos and photos look really fake. The reason the news and media do not discuss this topic is because they would lose credibility with a large portion of their viewers. They were fake unless NASA itself admitted it.

      A lot of the evidence used to claim that the Moon landings were faked is absolutely preposterous, but a lot of it is actually fairly convincing, primarily the videos and photos. (Yes, NASA had everything required to create a studio film of the Moon landings, and I mean everything, giant Moon models, large sets, explosives, wire rigs, cameras with high tech rigs, cranes, simulators, everything.)

      Potentially fake photos and videos are not necessarily something a physicist at NASA would have the most credentials to discuss. Rather, an experienced photographer or filmmaker would be more qualified to determine if they were fake or not. (For example, in the documentary 'American Moon', many high-profile photographers express the many flaws with the Moon landing photos.)

      I personally believe that the videos and photos alone highly suggest that Moon landings were faked, and this has nothing to do with me believing I know more about science than a NASA physicist.

    2. Take the moonbuggy, and the no tracks claim. In some photographs, the astronauts simply walked over the tracks and wiped them out with their bootprints.

      Boy you really are f*cked in the head ain't ya to come out with a comment like that. The landings were faked and people who worked on Apollo have claimed it was faked as well as top officials at NASA.

  18. Well Derek, your little conspiracy website is wrong . Had you actually researched instead of trying to insult everyone, and deny history, maybe you would have learned something! Skeptics post a load of easily explained lies. First off, on the moon there is no atmosphere, a lot of pictures are taken miles apart, even though they look similar. My personal favorite is the flag is waiving, when there is no wind on the moon. It's not, it is due to inertia. The flag only moves when the astronauts are securing it into the moons surface, so it flaps like a pendulum. There is less resistance, so the flag will move longer than it would here on earth. My question to you, is why would NASA make these mistakes knowing people will be cherry picking everything? They wouldn't. It's just plain silly. The rocket also had different stages as well, not just the lander on the moon that you claim is a mess. You aren't even an expert on space so why would anyone believe you? Hoax believers are the laughing stock of the internet because they never listen. You might as well go watch "A funny thing happened on the way to the moon" another load of easily debunked lies.

    1. No the website isn't wrong, and all those people who worked on the Apollo program who claim it was faked, are they wrong as well?

      Do some research for fox sake.

    2. One last thing to Derek.... You are delusional..... You need to do some research!! No credible scientist ever said the landings were fake! OK? Only fools like yourself ignore basic physics, photography, or how thrust behaves in a vacuum. The earth is not the moon. Go kiss Bart Sibrels butt some more!! Please, hoax nuts never listen! All you do is believe some fools who say it was all "fake", and all other credible sources are wrong. People always told me you cannot argue with a hardcore skeptic, they only believe what the conspiracy site says, and ignore everything else. Yeah, I'm going to believe you lmao. All your claims have been examined, however you refuse to listen, or learn. Russia would have been on it in a minute if anything was fake. Please, all of your claims easily explained. Its pointless to argue, everything is fake... The earth is flat... Can't go to the.moon, because the almighty Derek has spoken!!!!

    3. Jesus you Moonlanding nutters are really f*cked in the head to continue in supporting the Apollo Fairy Story. Think about it you nutters:- A person born in the 19th centuary witnessed 12 men walking on the Moon, yet a person born in the 21st centuary has witnessed no space travel outside of Earth orbit, let alone 250,000 miles away. Do you honestly realise just how stupid you make yourselfs look by continuing to support NASA BS. If you do then you must work for NASA, and be on their payroll.


    Just take a look at the last picture on site.

    1. Derek, please..... The whole "hoax" has been debunked ages ago. There were large samples of rock brought back and examined. Scientists from around the world studied them. What were they all paid off? Sounds like mass paranoia from hoax nuts and other self appointed experts. Conspiracy cheerleaders are uneducated, but think they are smarter than all the scientists who KNOW something about basic physics or space. Nice try though. So what about all the photos brought back? Hundreds of hours of video, fake right? Guess if YOU can't believe it, well then, it's impossible!! Why did Russia not expose the USA? They were our main rival, and ANY fakery would have been exposed to the world. Hoax cheerleaders will always exist regardless of how much evidence disproves their silly theories. Hoax believers ignore facts but believe conspiracy sites.

  20. Most skeptics just deny everything, and that's it. I bet they don't even know there were three stages to the Apollo Rockets. To me, arguing with any hoax believer is a waste of time, because they never listen.

    1. All you nutjobs posting here claim that the heap of junk shown at the end of this page:-

      is actually on the Moon. If so then you are all beyond help, and unaware of how ridiculous you make yourselves appear to those of us who are very much in touch with reality. All it takes to convince one that the Moon landings were 100% fake is plain common sense, something which you Pro Apollo Nutters are obviously lacking.

  21. Only the uneducated spread nonsense like a fake moon landing. Someone would have spoken up years ago. Russia watched our every move. So where did all the money go to fund NASA?. Most skeptics don't look at the big picture, and what's involved in a cover up. Most just make assumptions, and claims, with no proof any kind to back it up. I guess for some the truth is too dull, and they want to believe in a conspiracy, that has been discussed and thoroughly debunked numerous times. Usually, if someone denies something, it's because they haven't researched it enough, and all it takes is one or two YouTube videos , with someone claiming this, or that was fake, and some believe them, no questions asked. It's sad, but many perpetrators of a hoax profit off of gullible people falling for these stories. Remember trust...... but verify.

  22. There is no hoax evidence, only paranoid individuals spreading lies. There is tons of evidence that prove humans landed on the moon. It's a shame stuff like this has to be taught. There is so much inaccurate information being spread online, and people believe it.

    1. Do some research instead of posting utter BS. There is tons of evidence to show that the whole saga was faked from start to finish. Even people who worked on the Apollo program have claimed it was all faked, so that proves you nutters are talking BS. Try this for starters:-

  23. Most moon hoax believers don't even know there are different types of radiation. The Van Allen Belts are dangerous, but only if the astronauts lingered. The traveled through the weakest parts and did so quickly. There is a reason the scientists at NASA studied for years, unlike many of the self proclaimed hoax believers.

    1. Most Pro Apollo Nutters like yourself ignore the fact that the whole of space beyond the magnetosphere is awash with intense radiation, it's not just in the Van Allen Belts.

      Here check it out for youself at:-

  24. Anyone still hoping for a hoax is going to be out of luck, if they just do a little research. Most non believers are believing sites that are loaded with inaccurate claims, and bad science.

    1. I wouldn't say skeptics are all nuts, but they don't do proper research. Any hoax claims are easily explained. Unfortunately with all the trolls, and jokesters online, that becomes difficult, as they will just claim all evidence is fake, even evidence independent of NASA.

    2. Anyone that believes the Nasa fairy story of landing on the Moon is beyond help, and that includes YOU. Try debunking this site:-

    3. I would say the only "nutjob" is Derek. If he really exists. See, how's does it feel when someone denies you? Most skeptics misunderstand NASA physics, and a host of other facts. The "heap of junk" people make fun of is the lunar lander, and haven't a clue what it's made of.
      Automatically, it's "fake". Again, most ignorant people assume many things. I've been to the Smithsonian air and space museum, you can learn a lot and meet people who actually know something, or be an internet troll and make fun of things you know nothing about. Some point out there is no proof of a moon landing. What? Lol there is tons of proof, the problem is these fools refuse anything that goes against their theories. The apolloreality2 site is filled with errors, and ignorant claims, basically, it's a one way trip to clown town. The reconnaissance orbiter took pictures of the landing sites, although I'm sure skeptics will only say they are fake anyway. All so called evidence of fakery has all been explained. However we all know it's never enough. The hoax will live on regardless. Many British are skeptical as well. Fake moon landings, inside jobs, and the government is being controlled by shape shifting aliens. Yeah, those are some people that I will listen too......

  25. It's pretty safe to say the moon hoax, is a fairy tale. It has been debunked ages ago, and is about as silly as can be. However, there are still persistent people who will go to their graves maintaining we never went to the moon. Wouldn't it be all over the news if it was fake? Other countries would have pounced all over the USA for faking it. We would be the laughing stock of the world. The missions were tracked and monitored by other countries. If there was any hoax, there would be movies, exposing everyone and everything involved. Just use common sense. Capricorn One is an example, I love the movie, but it's fiction. Some will argue that Hollywood is trying to send a secret message through the movie. Any proof to support this claim? None. Some will argue that all evidence is fake. Eyewitnesses, samples from the moon, videos, pictures, all fake???? Is anything real?. Is NASA going to make all these mistakes knowing people will be cherry picking the videos? No way. I heard some claim that although thousands were involved in the landings, only a small number of people new what was really going on. Proof? Lol, and everyone else is a sheep, that has no idea what's going on? Most people don't realize the moon is not the earth. The moon is a vacuum. Let's leave all this to the experts who studied for years , and actually KNOW something about space, and rocket technology, instead of hoax believers who go on Facebook and YouTube, and simply say, " the landings were fake". Remember, a moon landing denier can claim whatever they want, but it doesn't make it true. People can make up their own opinions, but not their own facts. The landings are genuine.

    1. There is tons of mistakes on moon hoax sites, that's what makes them so hilarious.

    2. If it's history, you can be sure someone will try to deny it ever took place, regardless of evidence.

    3. Even when man returns to the moon, people will still say it was fake. Some try to say if we went, there would be a moon base by now. Really? So how is that proof of anything? It's not, that's just an assumption skeptics like to make. For something the samples brought back from the moon were examined in different countries, and they are not from the earth. They have tests they can determine their origin with. Some skeptics just laugh and make fun, no matter what evidence they are presented with. That's pretty sad, but there are still people believing that the earth is flat, and the moon is just a light bulb in the sky. These are the types of people that want to be taken seriously.

  26. Every answer is available on Google. All the mistakes the hoax crowd make, are there as well. Beware, the hoax crowd tends to belittle anyone who disagrees with them.

    1. Conspiracies are popular, people love the idea that the government is in on some secret hoax cover up, and no one else is smart enough to figure it out. Except them! Wow how smart, all the facts must be fake. The schools are in on the hoax, history is fake, everyone involved either didn't know or was paid to lie. Even other countries. Now doesn't that just seem to far fetched? Of course it does, it's plain stupidity. People are to busy being "open minded " and ignoring everything they are told. After all it has to be fake, if it's the official story, Right? Lmao, this is the nonsense we deal with. Anyone thinking we never made it to them moon never stopped to fact check. Not that it would help, it's certainly more exciting to believe in a government cover up, than people actually landing on the moon. I never ran into a moon landing denier in person, only online. Some are very normal people, they just have their facts wrong, although they will never admit to it. It's a never ending battle as no evidence ,photos or samples of moon rocks will change their minds. They will always say the rocks are fake, or the pictures were fake as well. Everything is fake in their eyes. What a sad way to live. They have no faith in mankind's abilities.

    2. I guess no one ever stopped to realize Bart Sibrel, or old Bill Kaysing could be wrong. So much for the open minded thinking they are always preaching.

  27. A NASA Astronaut once said, “I’d go to the moon in a nanosecond….The problem is we don’t have the technology to do that anymore. We used to but we DESTROYED that technology and its a painful process to build it back again! “

    1. I know it's just so laugable ain't it. I don't think Apollo nutters realise just how stupid they are making themselves look some 50 odd years after they were sucked in by a load of lies and fake video. It's somewhat scary to think that so many people are so removed from reality

  28. If anyone does a Google search, they will see all the mistakes this mess of a video has, but sadly it's never going to end. People believe everything is a hoax, simply because they don't believe it's possible. The same thing they accuse the believers of the moon landings. there is so much evidence skeptics do not even know about. If someone comes on tv and says something never happened, that's pretty much it. They will believe them, and ignore thousands of scientists who actually worked on the missions and know something about science, and space.

  29. So Bart Sibrel knows everything, and everyone else is wrong. Ok let's believe him. Lol this is so silly, I can't believe people are taken in by his lies. This mockumentary, is hilarious. It's got so many errors, it's not even funny. Well, let the skeptics go on making fools of themselves, it's what they are best at.

    1. Derek, you wouldn't believe the landings if you were brought there and shown the landing site! Hoax nuts make idiots of themselves anytime they post their lies. I have read all of your "evidence", and again..... It's all been explained years ago, and there are many websites showing you the proof to debunk your claims. None of it is true, and your Apollo website is filled with bad science. Facts are facts, and hoax nuts don't have facts, they just believe random sites that cherry pick every anomaly they try to find. Personally, I never met a hoaxer in person, as every sane person knows the landings are real, not by "believing everything on TV", but by researching. Hoaxers don't research properly nor do they listen to facts. Who should we believe? Scientists with years of training, mountains of evidence from NASA, and third parties, or some random yokel online claiming it was all staged because he saw a website that said so? Did you bother to fact check that website? Of course not. Man has landed on the moon, that's a fact, like it or not. I gain nothing weather it's a hoax or not.

  30. Bart's work has been debunked . It's a load of nonsense. I guess non believers never bothered to fact check, they just think that everyone lies, except anyone affiliated with a conspiracy. Lol. How convenient. Russia would have exposed any lies right away. Many claim the USA and Russia were working together both with their own conspiracies. Yeah......sure, and not one person exposed it. You have to admit these sites are loaded with some interesting claims.

  31. We'll, I say keep the non believers around, it's fun seeing just how uninformed they are with all the misinformation they spread.

  32. What's the point in trying to teach hoaxers anything? They aren't going to believe you, regardless of what they are shown. Man did not have the technology to fake a moon landing in 1969. These people are blinded by their own ignorance. Every question they can dream up has been explained. There were six manned missions, why would NASA risk getting caught that many times? That's insane. I'm sure some smart person will have some silly comment on why it's a hoax, and why believers are wrong.

    1. Man did not have the technology to fake a moon landing in 1969.

      Oh Boy. Get help Mrs because you certainly need it. Hey I saw a film whereby King Kong was scaling up the Empire State building, so based on your logic that scene really happened because they did not have the technology to do that back in the 30's.

  33. Skeptics should watch the way the moon buggy kicks up dust, it falls up and right down again. It doesn't produce clouds, like on earth. That's exactly what would happen in a vacuum. Of course the hoaxers will simply say it's fake, or it's a giant sound stage with all the air taken out. That's why non one takes them seriously.

    1. Arguing with hoax believers, is like playing wack a mole. Just when you get rid of one, another one pops up.

    2. @Kim If anyone needs a whack on the head it's those nutters like yourself who believe the Apollo fairy story. They need a good whack on the head to knock some sense into their thick skulls.

  34. The film used by the astronauts was special temperature resistant and radiation proof. Also they are in a vacuum unlike here on earth. There are different types of radiation. Do skeptics think NASA just faked everything? Lol they studied for years to learn all about space and radiation. Unlike the hoax believers . Skeptics are sure hurting for education. All this information is available to anyone if the just do a Google search. I guess that's to hard for people like Henry to do. Lol. Just believe everything they are told by their King old Bart, the total lunatic. No, there is nothing wrong with asking questions, or questioning what we are told, however this hoax junk is old news. I guess some people hate being told what they believe is wrong. As someone said, any fakery would be all over the news, and all the other countries would have exposed the USA. There is still the persistent bunch that will not accept any fact , or evidence, as long as it goes against their theory. You also can't even have a conversation with any of them, as they will belittle you and just call you names. They are a sad bunch.

  35. It's also possible to create dinosaurs from mosquitoes the way they did in Jurassic park, but the government is keeping it a secret. Lmao Yeah, people like Henry are all over the internet spreading their nonsense. Another graduate from YouTube University. First of all, temperature extremes refer to the lunar surface from which the films were insulated by a vacuum. Temperatures were far lower because they landedon the moons shortly after the beginning of the two week long lunar day at the landing sites. The film's used were also a heat resistant type used for high altitude reconnaissance, and the cameras were treated to reflect the heat from direct exposure from the sun which is comparable with the heat from sunlight on a mountaintop on earth. There are many misconceptions about temperatures in space. Non believers need to do actual research, instead of calling everyone "dorks". The internet is a great tool, just be careful of bad science like Barts mess of a documentary. There are many facts available online debunking any hoax about the moon landings. It's a shame some people don't have faith in what man can accomplish.

    1. Derek, that was a MOVIE, it is fiction. There is a difference. Do some actual research, and learn. What's the point in providing you with any pictures???? You will only say those are fake as well. The missions were tracked. Its impossible to fake the landings, and have no one find out. Time for a new tin foil hat.

  36. Wow! I bet all these believers also think Bin Laden had something to do with 9-11 . Incredible to see these DORKS criticize those who were shown valid information refuting these events. As a photographer, there is no possible way any film could survive surface temperatures on the moon. Has anyone of the believers even looked this up ? At 350F , where is the climate control in the suits showing out-going exchange of gasses ? Lead lined carriers for film would be forbidden extra weight. Wearing thick gloves makes it impossible to focus or operate smoothly the camera. Bart Sibrel has it right. The 2 competent accomplished speakers here are saying something basic to how it couldn't be done . My YT channel has an entire playlist of moon hoax videos (Fluteristic) . The perplexed expressions at news conferences unable to utter a prepared response to basic questions tells you they are winging it. The materials available can't withstand heat from friction on landers. Do more research before you dismiss the doubters. Go back and watch "Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon" . Or remain stoopid.

    1. Looks like you know everything right Henry? Guess you didn't bother to fact check old Bart's work, or lack thereof. He's a fool, and so are you for believing him. You are the only Dork.

    2. A funny thing happened on the way to the moon is good for a laugh, and learning how ignorant some people are in this world. The astronauts suits were actively cooled. Cold water was pumped through a series of long thin tubes that were embedded in a mesh full body undergarment. The water was cooled by a small air conditioning unit on the ground. When they were in space, the backpacks they wore contained the cooling unit which ran the water through a heat exchanger called a sublimator, which is a plate which forced water through tiny holding a metal plate where it froze in the vacuum and then the ice sublimated away when water heated by body heat was passed through it. This is a process that would only work in a vacuum. My advice to you and all skeptics, is to stop thinking everything cannot be done simply because you think it can't. Scientists worked for years on Apollo only to have self appointed know it all's call all six manned missions fake. That's sad. I studied all the conspiracy videos, they are very misleading. Bart is a liar, who used to be a taxi driver. Yeah, let's believe him and ignore facts, and scientists who actually know something about the whole mission. ......THAT is stupid. In the end, a hoax believer can never be reasoned with, it's impossible, they know everything, and anyone else is stupid. It's that simple.

    3. Henry, you must be a special kind of ******. The missions were tracked. This video is a joke by today's standards. Uneducated people like you spread misinformation.

    4. A funny thing..... Is an idiotic mess. There are so many mistakes in this mockumentary. There is no proof of any hoax here, only speculation and wild accusations. Nice try Henry, but you need to do real research. You can claim anything, but that doesn't make it true. Was it Elvis who was in the planes when they Hit the towers? Lol

  37. Many hoax believers don't even know the science behind their silly claims. Conspiracy theorists are in denial.

    1. Absolutely!!! These nutters only want to hear their conspiracy side of things, anything else is always a lie, and no one can talk any sense to them.

  38. Many open minded thinkers, aka conspiracy theorists love Bart Sibrel, Bill Kaysing, and all the other self appointed experts that clam all the landings were fake. These men have no credibility but they spew the nonsense people want to hear. People just love conspiracies, they are way more exciting than saying man landed on the moon. However it is just a bunch of lies. Now really, one can never win any debate with any person claiming we cannot go to the moon, all they will do is argue, they have their minds made up, and nothing can convince them, that they are wrong. Some have even said they still wouldn't believe it even if they were taken to the landing sites and had a look for themselves. The problem? Most of these people do not even have a clue what goes on at Apollo, they just sit back on their computer, and deny anything they do not understand.

    1. A Hoax??? It would have been exposed a long time ago. This is nonsense. Like some have already said, other countries would have been all over it. I am afraid this denial of history will continue until the end of time. People have no faith in mankind, they just believe anything or anyone that says something is "fake" If people would fact check, they would know all conspiracy theories on the moon landing have been debunked. Now, before they jump on me, i am not saying we shouldn't question what we are told, just remember to fact check. Conspiracy sites love to try and cherry pick anything they do not understand, and label it a hoax.

    2. Skeptics and know it all's like Henry, are a special kind of fool. They believe everything they read on conspiracy sites. So if Apollo's film is going to be destroyed because YOU say it will, then all other photos from Russian , American, and European space walks are fake. Radiation can affect film, but remember the radiation in our region of space is not as extreme as say Chernobyl. NASA used temperature resistant radiation proof film for their photos. Of course we already know what the hoax crowd will say....."Yeah sure..... it's still fake". Sigh....... by the way A funny thing..... is a load of garbage, and anyone actually believing this mess should be ashamed of themselves. It has opinions, and tons of misinformation. It's been debunked, but old Henry will have none of that facts stuff. Might learn something new. As for Bin Laden, he's dead, look it's. Not everything is a conspiracy. Every event in human history has someone claiming it never happened, or it was fake, etc.

  39. Well, you can tell from the amount of ignorant comments from people like Buck Wheat, that most of these space experts never even read a book, or ever did any research. It must be hard to get out from under that rock! Another graduate from Youtube University. Maybe Buck Wheat can make the non essential employee of the month this year. I wouldn't take anything these people say seriously, most of them do not want to learn, they just want to argue, and say that everything they don't understand is fake. The education system has failed again...........

  40. Well Buck Wheat, this is what happened, it's sort of like making a new car, only much more complex. The plans for cars produced years ago were destroyed, along with all the expertise to create it. With Rocket technology, the same thing, all the scientists had expertise no one else in the world had. So once the moon landings ended, the factories were shut down or retasked., along with all the molds to make the parts. So just like a car, new plans would have to be drawn up, and tested. With rocket technology, a small tweak, can take thousand of hours to go through the development team. It's not as easy as people think it is. Many people who love hoax theories do not bother to read, or even get any education on the subject they are denying.

  41. Hahahaaaa. It never happened people!! "We "lost" the technology" Hahahaaa. Nobody wrote it down? hahahaaaa!

  42. Its 2021, and there are still uneducated people spreading hoax nonsense. These people never even read any books on NASA, they just think they are smarter than all the scientists that studied for years, while these nuts claimed the earth was flat or the moon was a light in the sky.

  43. The hoax believers are hilarious, they actually believe there is a moon. Lol

    1. The whole flag waiving thing has been explained, but as usual, these people never listen. It swings because of inertia, while the astronaut is trying to secure it into the moons surface. There is no air in a vacuum, so there is much less air resistance, so the flag will continue to move longer than if there was air. Very simple.

  44. The landings did indeed take place. I'm not sure where the non believers get their information, but it's wrong for sure. The missions were tracked, Russia, and other countries knew where the astronauts were. They couldn't have circled earth in low orbit and got away with it. The transmissions would have given their location away. These are the little things hoaxers miss. It is fun reading all the silly comments people make on sites like this, without even thinking, or doing any credible research whatsoever. Some people overestimate the Van Allen Belts radiation, but underestimate The brains of the thousands of scientists and people who came together and made the landings possible.

  45. All Moon Hoax theories were debunked years ago. Some people just refuse to believe they are wrong.

    1. The hoax crowd is not interested in learning anything. If an idea or fact goes against their theory, it is assumed fake. After all, official story has to be wrong, and an "open minded thinker" could never be wrong could they? Lol most act like self proclaimed experts in space, and rocket engineering.

  46. I have no doubt the landings are real. I never understood why non believers cant do proper research. Maybe they are afraid they will be proven wrong? I understand being prideful, but there is no hoax evidence, just misinformation being spread from the same people.

  47. All anyone has to do is Google moon hoax, and they will see many websites debunking the silly hoax, and all the crazy claims made by non believers. It's probably a waste of time, they usually ignore any evidence that proves them wrong.

  48. Much of the Information spread by the non believers is flawed, or overdramatic. Just like a car from the 50's. Ford, or Chevy can't just make one now, all the plans were destroyed, New models come out with modern technology. I'm sure they can recreate something if they had to, but they would have to design new plans. It cost money to do all this. The original recordings for the NASA footage on the moon were erased and used again, which was standard practice back then. They were able to restore The copies, and they are much clearer than The grainy original footage. So, many of the claims made by the skeptics are just inaccurate. I guess youtube university was wrong Now, if anything was fake, somebody would have squealed, that's why I never believe silly hoaxes like this. I have heard some say, only a select few are "in on it", and the rest just go along like they are told. It's just like people say, you will have a counter argument no matter what you say.

  49. My favorite response to the hoax believers, is " Oh you are one of those people who actually believe there is a moon?" Drives them nuts. There is no hoax, its all brainwashed people who refuse facts, but feel they know everything about space, physics, or the technology used to reach the moon.

  50. There are tons of silly theories people believe. A fake moon landing, a flat earth, and the government is secretly being controlled by shape shifting lizards. Many are very dramatic with their stories as well. Lets start with the basics. The whole " no stars thing." The stars ARE there, they are just to faint to be seen on camera. You have to know what you want to focus on, its all about exposure . With a different camera setting, you can see stars, but then the astronauts would be blurry. Any photographer knows this. Remember the landings weren't just for entertainment, it was a great opportunity for science. The Van Allen Belt is another hoaxer favorite. They went through the belts in less than two hours, well below a lethal dose of radiation. The footprints left on the moon are still there. There is no wind, or rain, or atmosphere, so the footprints will remain. Now some stories have been tampered with, and changed, so hoax nuts think they put the nail in the coffin........people exaggerate, and sometimes make up stories. The whole moon rock that was claimed to be petrified wood, was a badly spun news story. The rock was to large to come from NASA, and was never given to or claimed to be authentic in the first place. Real samples of moon rocks are much smaller, and encased in plastic. Really, none of these facts will matter, someone who is doubtful will say everything is fake reguardless. Arguing with them will result in them calling you names.

  51. If Earth was flat, you would be able to see the same distance regardless of your elevation. Maybe the hoax believers should ride off into the sunset on a unicorn, and fall off the earth edge. It's 2020, and this hoax nonsense persists. People come here and ask questions that have been answered. It goes to show they don't do very good research, they live in their fantasy conspiracy world, where everything is a lie, and if someone decides something can't be done in their opinion, ......poof, then it's fake. No facts or anything will stand in their way. It's just lack of understanding on how to do it. Not everyone is a "sheep" like the hoaxers suggest. They just like to talk, and deny anything they don't understand. It sounds like a believable conspiracy, the USA wanted to beat Russia, but other countries were watching the landings and monitoring them, so the hoax is false.

    1. Maybe the hoax believers are in the real world & you belive the lie. Just because people believe different things doesn't make them wrong. And for every finger you point, there is one pointing back.

    2. Or, Angela, maybe YOU are the one thats wrong , and believing the lie? The whole hoax thing is old news, and has been debunked ages ago. No one is saying people cannot have a right to their own opinion, you cannot have a right to your own facts. Every credible scientist knows man has landed on the moon.

    3. Angela, did you graduate from Youtube University or something?????? The only people believing the lies are special people like yourself, ignoring hard scientific facts, and claiming to be smarter than all the NASA scientists. The finger pointing at you, is trying to tell you how wrong you are. Nice try though. Keep ignoring the truth.

    4. So Angela, just because people think different that doesn't make them wrong? Well, that depends! If it's an opinion, sure......., but if its a fact, no. That makes that person wrong. People still persist in making up stories, and denying history, even with all the available evidence online, which debunks every silly claim made by a skeptic. There is no hoax evidence of any kind, all of it is people jumping to conclusions, and reading conspiracy sites loaded with bad science and inaccurate information. All it takes is one person to start denying something, and people will follow.

  52. You can be sure if Nixon said going to the moon is impossible, the hoaxers would be screaming " Of course we can, they are feeding us lies...its a conspiracy!" They always have a counter argument for any event. Saying we are spoon fed lies from school, is as stupid as a flat earth. Someone would have spoken up, the missions happened. The communications were tracked.

  53. Despite mountains of evidence, some still refuse to believe man set foot on the moon. Corroboration from Russia, China, and Japan does mot mean a thing. Lmao. There are a lot of strange people that come to these sites, claiming education is "BS" yeah whatever genius.....Some conspiracies can be true, however many are just people and their lack of knowledge. A persons having a high IQ doesn't mean they dont make stupid comments. The conspiracy cheerleaders are misled. They keep saying the truth will come out, well its been out.....they had six manned missions all documented. Some flat earthers claim space does not exist , well I bet the space between their ears does! People have been to the south pole, so now thats fake??? Its a wall? Ok, thats lack of knowledge. Any question a skeptic has an answer, Google it. Oh wait, they might be "in on the hoax too". Anything on TV, books or otherwise that contradicts their silly claims, is part of the government, and those crooks dare they use facts lol. Look, Bill KAYSING helped fuel the fire for the hoax. If someone says its fake, it must be. OMG. Personally, It wouldn't bother me weather it was fake or not, but someone would have talked if it was, Russia was our main rival, at the time, and would love to have exposed the US right away. I know people will make up whatever facts they want, so they look good, and NOTHING, can convince some skeptics, as they will always say its the government lies, or we are sheep. Please people do some credible research.

    1. I did some research, unlike you, and the evidence the Moon landings were fake far outweighs any evidence they went. In fact there is no evidence they went. The stupid evidence that you Moon landing believers put forward as evidence they went has been throughly de-bunked, and blown clean out the window at the following website:-

      view the APOLLO Q & A section at bottom of page.

      Then read comments from people who worked on the Apollo program, and claim it was faked at the APOLLO FEEDBACK site.

      Moonlandings faked case closed.

  54. All the hoax crowd has to do, is a simple google search, if they want to get educated. All the questions about crosshairs, waiving flag, no stars, toilets, its all been explained dozens of times. People love conspiracy's. Every event in history has somebody claiming it never happened. People are paranoid, like everyone is out to kill them. My one question to the flat earthers is how do meteors get through the "firmament ?" People take the Bible to literaly. The landings happened thanks to very brave men and scientists. there's no hoax. The missions were tracked, and any funny business would have been exposed. Remember not every video on YouTube is true, but facts are. Usually no amount of evidence can ever convince a hoax believer, they will never admit they made a mistake.

  55. The Truth Behind the Moon Landings is a crock. NASA rerecords over original Apollo 11 films? The photographic evidence addresses the missing stars in the background, but does not address NASA equipment that shows up in front of the reticles (cross hairs), the fact alternate lighting was used or the inconsistent shadows. In addition you have temp differences of +300 in the sun to -300 in the shade and yet Kodak who supplied the film admits the film supposedly used was no different than what they sell for use on Earth.

    1. This effect with the crosshairs, is caused by overexposure causing part of the white to bleed onto the crosshairs. This effect doesnt happen on the originals. Many hoaxers arent using the original footage when trying to cherry pick anomalies. The terrain can help make shadows appear to go off in different directions. Also, the moon dust reflects light, along with the capsule, and the astronauts. The sun is not the only light source.

  56. the apollo capsule didn’t have a toilet. the astronauts allegedly used pampers. the missions lasted 8-12 days. in a capsule with 6 cubic meters for three people (2m3 per person) the astronauts would have died of poisoning. if you have any doubts, try staying in a sewer for ten days

  57. Only God knows if they really went.

    1. Not true, Neil Armstrong knows the truth

    2. Not at all true... In fact, the impossibility of it all was proven Beyond doubt in the late 50s and the early 60s when both the United States and the Soviet Union attempted to blast holes in the impenetrable indestructible firmament Dome ( with over 50 nuclear warheads,) which completely covers Flat Earth... And if you know nothing about this I suggest you catch up, and quick, because the truth is coming at us all, like a locomotive! Let me be clear... No one has ever been to space because space does not exist! Antarctica is not a continent at all, but rather a 70000 mile, 200 ft High ice wall surrounding the edge of Flat Earth.... One more absolute fact... The Moon and the Sun are two-dimensional light sources and are in high orbit inside of the firmament Dome. That crazy book you probably don't believe in, the Bible tells you what they are... A greater light for the day and a lesser light for the night I don't like to dance around these facts like others, I just hit you with them Direct! Now, whether you wanted to or not, you have been red pilled. Go do your own research! Prove me wrong... Or right, as the case may be. in any event you can't go back to being ignorant because you already know too much to do that. Take the path forward to truth and knowledge.

    3. Not true, Only God knows if they really went.

  58. I have a simple question ... if a space craft need so much of fuel to go beyond earth's gravity then it should need at least some 1/10th amount of fuel to come out from moon's gravity .. but as we can see the space craft seems smaller than air craft . how did it fly up then... think... think..

  59. Ok 1960s NASA could do it. But even after 50 years of tech advancement no other countries including US haven't able to put man on moon, I call it bullshit. It was a CIA mission to boost Morale after Vietnam fiasco. Even NASA today tells us it has lost the tech. Or cannot do it today .

  60. Couldn't continue watching as much as I wanted some definitive answers . Jeez guys did you seriously go into this without an understanding of the role German scientists played in our rocket development and ultimately success of our space program.

    1. Really Billy? Nixon talked to them on a land line telephone... Amazing as we have issues with our cell service 50 years later... NASA astronauts and astrophysicists continuously contradict each others claims. "It's all black out there just pure darkness no stars" "It's beautiful up there, so many more stars to see up there"
      Also have you researched what the Lunar Lander was made from? Take a close look, looks like a grade 2 fairly decent science project... Also "NASA has claimed, they haven't figured out how to get humans past the Van Allen Radiation belts.... Wait but they did 50 years ago? This world and it's history, I personally doubt every shred of History I have ever been taught now, all of my beliefs about EVERYTHING is non existent. It took me a drug addiction and a recovery to identify what the human EGO truly is, and learn TRULY what HUMILITY is. Stay humble, have an open mind, we are all just "mindless slaves to the actual P.O.S who hide and run this ****hole we live on". German scientists i.e. Von Braun defects from Germany and helped the Americans develop rockets to get to the moon, directly after WWII? Makes sense to me.... And conveniently the Soviets and U.S are having a space race at the same time??? Who'd the Soviets have to develop there rockets? Why don't we hear more of that side? We don't even have a REAL PHOTOGRAPH of this planet FFS yet we went to the moon? with a magical non-existent technology (Only used for Lunar Travel though) And they just happened to nail it?! Perfect landing, the eagle has landed.... Man Santa Claus is alot more plausable than that fckn fairy tale.

  61. So did anyone else notice that the guys they called specialists with fire are the same guys they called specialists with radiation when they did the experiments? This is pathetic. Clearly you guys are just using actors.
    Lol, you don’t believe nasa, but some guy shows Mike Bara a rock and he’s like “good enough for me...” So terrible man, and I am a believer in the landings, but this show is clearly fake.

    1. Brousey sounds ignorant, along with many other hoax believers. Not everything went perfect, just Google moon hoax, and learn all the mistakes non believers make when thinking they know it all.

  62. The real horror story is that nazism recovered from WW2 to effectively murder an lie its way to control of west using racism an greed to debunk 'demon ocray' as foxnews says....trump farted an usa was MAGA!
    THe future will repair the damnage i betcha [wink wink]

  63. I don't know what to think. I just don't think at that time in history that it was possible to land on the moon.

    1. Jane I have to agree with you. We don't have the technology today to put man on the moon, we sure as hell couldn't do it 50 yrs ago.

    2. you must be so THICK!

    3. Just because you "think" it wasn't possible, doesnt make it so. The missions were all documented
      and tracked. It happened, like it or not.

  64. I'm pretty sure there is no moon. It's a cutout cardboard thingy. That's why you never see the other side. Seriously folks. There was no moon landing but why believe me. Go there and see for yourself unless yer a chicken s_ _ _.

    Honestly we take an awful lot on faith when you think about it. Just because it's in the media or whatever.

  65. When you think about the context (cold war, the symbol of the first nation to reach the moon), for me it's absolutely stunning to imagine that USA did NOT land on the moon. You can be sure that Russia had telescopes pointed at the moon and that they assisted to the landing, and if they had ANY slight doubt, the day after it would have been all over the news. It was a strategic battle, you really think Russia would let that go if US didn't land on the moon ?

    As for the rest, it was debunked many times (the flag (you're on the moon, there is no atmosphere, so if the astronaut hit the flag, the momentum is enough to make it move quite a long time), the Van Allen belt (you can't STAY there, but you can easily go through with no harm done), the lights ("why don't we see more stars, there is no atmosphere" : well, if you take a picture of someone at night in your garden, you won't see the stars either. Plus the reflection of the light ON the moon itself, the camera couldn't have the "stary sky" ! )... Well, you see the point. I think that no matter what you could say, if you want to believe they did NOT land on the moon, nothing would change your mind. It goes to people saying that Japan altered the images of the moon to make sure the "mess" is visible, because they owe America... See, whatever you could say, a counter argument will come, so actually it's pointless to try to have anyone changing his mind, it's one of these things ^^

    1. What about the extreme temperatures? How did Armstrong survive +-200 temperatures? And it is said that they spent 21 hours, how did they spent such time , in such extreme temperatures,.... because at night the moon temperature is about -200 F and during the day it's about +200 F , please explain.

  66. Of course the landings are real .they were tracked, no one has ever come forward, because it is real. Theorists have only speculation, and misinformation. Some have vivid imaginations like. Mindy. Lang. I dont know if it's. Religion or conspiracy sites she's blinded by but she's wrong, and like most deniers. They refuse all facts .

    1. Marky, here's the 1 and only truth. Noones been there, never has, never will be... Do you know why? We do NOT have a REAL LEGITIMATE photo of Earth, If I went to the Moon I wouldnt have been looking at the moon at all, but snapping pics of where I just came from. And no the 1 picture NASA has shared is a CGI'd imported (top half of a ROUND circle) Yet we live on a globe? which is a sphere, yet DeGrase Tyson claims an Oblate spheroid, so more of a football, oh wait then that same meatball claims it's pear shaped.... Hmmmm Why do you believe they were real??? Have you heard the latest Lunar news???? The moon is actually in our atmosphere? weird... NASA claims the distance is 384,400 km or 238855.086 Miles for you weirdo USA peeps. Yet My P900 can zoom right in on it with GREAT detail, like it blew me away how detailed it is, yet the water tower here which is 4.3Km or 2.6719 Miles again (Go metric ffs) which has my towns Name painted in bold large capital letters on it are actually hard to make out... Odd isn't it? And don't even say the Moon is sooo much bigger.... ppl like you bring down the IQ average of all humanity for the sole reason that you just eat up all and any bullshit youve been fed from childhood.

      Life Lesson; Be a seeker, not a mindless drone, Do your own digging and omit every belief you have about everything, start fresh as a grown man, cuz your still stuck with the mindset of that 3 year old child counting the days till Santa comes.
      Sorry about the low IQ jab, that was rude, because people with low IQs can figure this out.

  67. Yeah!!! Like this documentary. Though I have doubt that the history of July 20th 1969 is true or not, but still I confuse that if neil Armstrong never went to the moon so the history that is proved in front of hundreds of people that Apollo 11 headed for the Moonis really fake and false? Are the conspiracy departments able to prove this wrong that happened in front of hundreds of people?

    1. Annoyed AF, get a life,hoaxers are mindless fools, you are delusional. Do some fact checking, and LEARN. There is no hoax. Everything was tracked. Man landed despite the self appointed expert hoax nuts refusal of facts.

    2. Annoyed af, how do you know what YOU believe is 100% accurate? You don't! People like you make silly assumptions. If you only knew how wrong you are. There is so much information you don't even know. It would be nice if people like you would learn, instead of denying. Mankind is capable of extraordinary feats, but not according to geniuses like you, who apparently know everything there is to know about space travel. When all the scientists have questions, they can ask you, since you know more than everyone, and you never even studied or went to school for it. That's amazing. I hear there is an invention called the internet, but that might be a hoax as well. Remember if the hoax crowd says something cannot be done, well then that's it, there is no questioning the non believers. People like you should be ashamed of yourselves, bringing mankind down with your stupid opinions. What a shame.

  68. Oh for Pete's sake,with the results that The Space Glove Machine revealed it is now so obvious,the proverbial cat is out of the bag......The jig is up and the news is out...The entire planet was hoodwinked,almost the whole planet that is.

  69. It's obvious we never went there because if we did you would see a 7/11 or McDonald's.

  70. I could not bring myself to doubt the moon landings, however the 9/11 theories seem to have some credibility. Is it true as some have asserted that the only steel frame structures ever to collapse from a fire all happened on sept 11? How could that be? Especially the third building?

    1. You're on the right track by beginning to question what you have been told. Do more research on 911...the moon landing...and other questionable events. Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon 'bombing' are also good topics for research if you're willing to devote the time and effort. Do not ever blindly accept what you are told by ANYONE...even me. Do your own research and come up with your own conclusions.

    2. Finn, below, makes some observant responsible suggestions. The problem is that most people have never learned how to think critically. They will begin to research but invariably fall back to their original preconceived opinions when they come across evidence to the contrary. That is when cognitive dissonance takes over. As far as the event in the summer of 1969 is concerned, I have seen more sound, scientific evidence that we did not put a man on the moon, than evidence that we did.

    3. John Hutchinson is a Canadian Inventor/Innovator who kind of followed what Tesla was working on. Harnessing free energy. Long story short, with frequencies he is able to levitate objects (steel objects with a quick reactionary lift) Melt steel ingots, watch them twist and bend, some have peeled apart like a cheese string, others fractured, with ZERO physical force of any kind. Also there are tons of his footage of all this online. So the story has it, US military stepped in, learned, harnessed and used this tech on the trade centers. Dr. Judy Wood also has documentaries online on 9/11 and she explains everything. Steel Girders turning into dust, the amount of concrete, steel, desks, chairs, toilets, restaurants etc. etc in those towers and what was left after they both collapsed do not make sense at all. Also explained is why ppl were jumping out of the windows. Dig deep and venture down the rabbit hole, but clear your schedule for the next few years as you'll learn that everything is all tied together, from 9/11 and MANY OTHER False Flag Attacks staged by the U.S to Crisis Actors, Tesla/Hutchinson, Moon Landings, CERN and the LHC, to time travel, to opening dimensional portals, to DiWave and quantum superposition to parallel universes, to the Mandela Effect, to a 1 World Governmentto Flat Earth.... Sounds ridiculous but I am not lying. I'm not a Flat Earther, but Im definitely 100% not a Glober, or a moon lander believer.

  71. The lunar simulation set in comparison to the actual supposed lunar landing is that lunar had no atmosphere while the recreated set was here on the planet . how can you recreate events when its done in an environment with an atmosphere? in short the recreation is full of cr*p.

  72. The landings are real. I wish people would get better educated. With every event in history, there will be a person to deny it happened. Mindy has appeared on a few sites claiming the moon hoax thing, she tries hard! Seriously, six moonlandings, and we never got caught? That's silly, even the whole missile hitting the pentagon is wrong. All the wreckage of a plane, bodies found, landing gear. Conspiracy lovers believe theories before facts. You would be surprised at what information hoaxers miss. The moon landings were tracked, they are a fact of history, just because self proclaimed experts try to deny them, doesn't mean they are fake. The history books would need to be wrong, Russia, would have to be in on it too. It's so silly, one you do some credible research, the hoax theory falls apart fast, and any credible scientist knows it was real.

    1. Seems like you need to Uneducate yourself there Franky... Education is all bunch of B.S. People use the term "Conspiracy Theories" way too often nowadays, as if They're the crazy ones. You do realize Conspiracies were coined as being of "political motivation" I'll tell you what a conspiracy theorist IS: They are seekers, they are free thinkers, open minded, above average intelligence, they don't just make false claims without sufficient evidence or on the exact other hand, will go out and disprove the evidencethat was given to the "truth/truths" being told. They are humble, without narcissism, can accept new or other theories/ideas, if it interacts with their temporary newly developed theorized belief, they will work with it and either accept it or disprove it. They are also an aggravated/annoyed/bitchy group as they work their asses off to figure things out, they aren't mindless sheep just preaching what they read on Facebook that day, or what mommy and daddy said or the teacher, or President, etc... You do realize the president is also a puppet? maybe not yet, you are definitely a long ways away from feeling the freedom of being a conspiracy theorist as you're still blinded by your own ego and subconsciously instilled beliefs... It will come though, they always do.

      P.S. Do you know how many Conspiracy theories have been deemed and proven truth years later??? Majority of them all! Those are pretty good odds if my uneducated self were to guess.... What do you think your the "Smart" one here obviously..... Or so YOU BELIEVE.

      Reality is.... you probably continuously try to look at your own ears without a mirror or lick your elbows... Conspiracy Lovers only deal with FACTS you only deal with BS fairy tales because a person of superior status to you said so. Guess what I'm sorry to do this, I always hate it but Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy... They're not real either!!! You see chum? from a baby we are immediately fed B.S unless you're Jehovah then thats all whole other time, place, and story.

    2. You are right Frank, these people are delusional. The name "pothead" is enough to know hes a hoax nut. Conspiracy theorists deal only in facts? Ooooook, thats nonsense. They refuse every fact they are shown. They watch a YouTube video, and believe it. who's the sheep now? You are. We aren't blinded by our ego, you hoaxers are. According to hoaxers, nothing can be accomplished without your approval. How do we know the Titanic really sank? How do we know their was a civil war? All hoaxes? Maybe you are a hoax........ So all education is be right? Any proof of this at all? There is plenty of proof man landed, although nothing will ever change a skeptics mind. There was over 842lbs of moon rock samples brought back, and examined by scientists all over the world, and they have tests to prove they arent from earth. There were thousands of hours of audio from mission control to the astronauts, tons of photos, and the lunar reconnaissance orbiter took pictures of the landing sites. No hoax, just people banding together to achieve a common goal. Not everything people dont understand is fake. If conspiracy nuts would take time to research , they might learn something. In the end, I'm sure hoax nuts will just simply say all evidence is fake anyway. They think everyone is out to get them. People just love conspiracy theories, because they are exciting. Maybe one day these people will finally wake up, and learn mankind is capable of extraordinary feats.

    3. Pothead is a fool, and delusional. What makea you so smart, Mr. Conspiracy nut? Are you an expert in space travel? Not everything is a lie, thats called being paranoid. Learn, instead of denying everything you don't understand. Humans can accomplish many amazing feats.

  73. Obviously, there is evidence that man has actually landed on the moon at some point, I just can't believe that they did it on that very first occasion coz they were running out of time & they couldn't resurrect their dead president who made his speech to the world without apparently even asking if his target was even possible (by the end of the decade) - they just needed time, that's all, as it was they shaved it close.
    Almost all of the claimed anomalies that conspiracy theorists throw out there, can be refuted, countered or covered up by other means - eg Russia would never have known that there was nothing on the surface of the moon if the Area 51 footage signals were sent to the orbiting capsule then relayed back to earth, & there are countless examples like that.
    But no matter what conspiracy debunking film I see, no-one ever addresses the fact that the shiny gold feet on the moon lander weren't covered in the least amount of dust. Some say that the dust was kicked up as the lander approached but a crater wasn't created as the lander touched down on rock, then the dust resettled so that the footprints were clearly possible & visible. Fair enough - so why weren't the lander feet covered in just as much dust? I have never ever seen a single photo with dusty lander feet, not ever.
    And until someone tackles that one, I still won't believe that the first moon landing actually went through as claimed...

    1. Get educated, pothead, you are in need of a history lesson., not everything is a hoax, had you bothered to fact check you would know this poor boy.Smoke some more there...

    2. Pothead, YOU are the one being lied too. So now education is bad? You sound paranoid. The President is a puppet? You are sad. Hoax nuts think they are so smart, with all of their BS they spew. Do some real fat checking, insted of being spoon fed lies from conspiracy sites. I researched, and never found any hoax evidence. There is none. Why dont YOU be open minded and learn, instead of thinking everything's a lie, simply because you THINK it is. People like you have no faith in what humans can accomplish. Everything is on record, moonrocks were brought back and examined, and proved genuine. Conspiracy loons want pictures of earth, what for? They will only say they are fake anyway. If geniuses like you want to be ignorant, and deny any evidence that goes against your silly theory, than there is little that can be done for you. We landed, get over it.

  74. The moon landings were all hoaxes. Sandy Hook was a drill, er, false flag. Why were the "dead kids" photographed a year later singing their hearts out at a 1/2 time show.

    9/11, well, lets see, yes the buildings were artificially imploded. A missle was shot into the Pentagon, that was obvious from the video the gov. released.


    1. That's just your opinion, the black box was found, and plane wreckage as well, stop spreading lies.

    2. Mindy and pothead are delusional lunatics. Do some research, and stop being mindless, just like you claim we are. Conspiracy theorists believe in nonsense, not facts. Nothing and I mean nothing, be it facts, evidence, or visual proof, will ever convince some of these people man landed on the moon. There is no evidence of any fakery, just people with dumb opinions on space. The firmament cannot be penetrated??? Lol what about meteors? This is just insanity. I am sure hoaxers will say the schools are lying to students, NASA is lying, it never ends. All anyone has to do is a google search, and all the nonsense spread by the non believers will be exposed. Hoaxers chose to ignore facts, and evidence but believe trash from conspiracy sites. Even the flat earth is nonsense. No one ever has a picture of the edge, because it is the dumbest thing in the world. In the end, nothing is going to convince these know it alls. They are to proud to admit they are making mistake.

  75. The landings can be proven just as the WMD hoax was proven, simply by dispatching half a million US soldiers to the moon. Only a tinfoil hat-wearing nut would even consider the idea that the administration that bombed Cambodia secretly and illegally, in an era when the National Guard was shooting college kids on US campuses, would consider a hoax in the name of National Security. Silly conspiracy nuts!

  76. And who are you going to believe? Some old coot living in the desert in a cardboard trailer with a bunch of cats? Or the thousands of brilliant scientists at NASA and the several astronauts who actually went to the moon? Hmmm.................I think I'll go with the scientists and astronauts.

    By the way, in the many, many, decades since we first went to the moon, out of the thousands of people who worked on the project, not one single person has come forward and exposed it as a hoax! Not one person has had a crisis of conscience and come forward and exposed it.

    1. Indeed and if it were false, one would think the U.S.S.R., archenemy of the U.S.A. would have decried it as a complete hoax for decades.

    2. exactly...I still believe Iraq is housing WMD's somewhere...I mean who are you gonna believe: Colin Powell or Saddam Hussein?

    3. I hope you aren't being facetious. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine a person's sentiment when communicating through typed words. :-)

    4. could you fit the 'crazy man' stereotype any better? I mean living alone with lots of cats = definitely crazy people with crazy theories, no need to check the veracity of these characters. I would have like to have heard why photos on the moon always look to have a horizon of a couple hundred yards away, Im sure there's a logical explanation

    5. Its because the Moon has no atmosphere only blackness, and don't go on why no visible stars in the pictures please.

    6. Oh so blackness for background, light and no shadows for a couple hundred yards, makes sense. I knew there was an explanation and that it wouldn't take long for someone to deliver it, seriously you guys are space experts! I need to read about space-moon theory so I can expand my beliefs/knowledge on it all. Thanks for the reply

  77. Go to the McDonald Observatory at the University of Texas in Austin
    and ask them about the mirrors on the moon they beamed lasers at for
    40 years and see what they think of your doubts. You can also go to Apache Point Observatory in New Mexico or the Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur in France if you want to see the lunar ranging done live. Hard to bounce a laser off a mirror that doesn't exist, don't you think?

  78. Moon landing is fundamentally hard to believe because of its history. That is, they are not going back. They went seven times, without any competition or other compelling reasons. They sent A12 six months after A11, despite the supposedly "huge" cost involved. Then 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, all more or less doing the same thing. Would you throw away money like that? After the first success, wouldn't you first spend a few years perfecting all the technologies involved, especially when it's so costly and dangerous. No, they continue like crazy, as if it's a piece of cake, as if success is guaranteed and cost is no issue. Then suddenly they stop for 42 years, and now say "it's costly", "there's no reason to go". How is it too costly to do even one mission, with all the technology advances, if they did seven missions 42 years ago? Or, conversely, how come something that was easy enough to do seven times in three years' span becomes so difficult 42 years later. Seems in this business things move backwards.

    Isn't the manned moon landing a monumental achievement, a once in a thousand years milestone like the discovery of fire? It is not something you can compare with other earth orbit or unmanned explorations. Mankind traveled out of the earth, which people could never even dream of until a century ago. They set foot on the moon, something every human being on earth grows up observing, admiring, romanticizing. It is so triumphant and historic it should be repeated just for the sake of it as far as I'm concerned. And wouldn't the world go crazy if it's done right now, with the modern imaging and communication technology delivering high resolution live feeds of the activities. In my mind it would have a value many times greater than the dollar numbers they cite. But NASA somehow acts so reluctant about their astonishing achievement. Why do they keep it so low profile? Usually we have the problem of people and countries making too much of a big deal out of not so grand an achievement. Here we have the very opposite. People, organizations, countries just don't behave like this. So a lot of people feel something's not right here in their guts. Hence the conspiracy theory.

    1. NASA were living their golden years in the 60's...they were invincible, lunar missions for NASA were like a walk in the park for you and me. That being said how many animals and Cosmonauts did the Soviets 'go through' in order to orbit the earth (and return) successfully? At that stage the US was behind in the space race...but they magically pulled a rabbit (ie. moon landing) out of the bag. With contemporary technology, NASA send Columbia up to repair the hubble, a said journey of 350 miles above the earth, and all they got in return is a shuttle debris shower over Texas from a failed much for technology, too much foam insulation LOL. NASA should've just kept using the same 60's equipment; hell it worked 7 times without so much as a glitch :) and bring back Stanley Kubrick as mission director hahaha

    2. Engineering principles have not significantly overtaken the 60s technology. All that has really improved are materials. Take Formula 1 cars for example, The only improvement from the 60s is aerodynamics and materials. Those 60s cars are still the pinnacle of engineering in mechanical grip racing cars. It is simply naive to think that the technology of the 60s was primitive in any way apart from computers.

      While we do have better materials, they are a factor more expensive. Check out the cost of a modern formula 1 car. (whose suspension is much more primitive than a 60s formula 1 car)

      Also, another reason for the inflated expense is contemporary safety protocols, which have necessarily become much more rigorous and complex.

      You mention the Columbia shuttle break up and end it with LOL, slightly distasteful mate people were on board that thing when it failed. That was caused by damage to the ceramic heat shielding that occurred on lift off when a large chunk of ice from the support towers impacted it. This has always been a risk of reuseable space vehicles.

    3. I like your disinformation whilst acting like you know what your talking about whilst addressing...nothing. 60s cars were pinnacle of mechanical grip???? todays cars would easily have equal grip at least if they were to be designed without aero....and how does 60's mechanical grip compare to the beginning of the 90's active suspension? did you forget about advancements such as traction control and active suspension? because they were banned from Formula 1, dosent mean they never existed...or are you stuck in the 60's and unaware of such advancements?

      How dare you exacerbate the issue by using the people that lost their lives aboard the Columbia, I was merely referring to NASA's inability to return a craft to earth safely in engineering terms and you go ahead and use the fact that lives were lost in the incident for your cause. That is shameful, I hope you're proud of yourself buddy.

    4. Traction control and active suspension are both software controlled systems. Not mechanical.

      The shuttle was multifunctional and re-useable. This puts it at a much greater risk of failure than a singular function one use only component like each stage of the lunar landing missions.

      Why then did they bother designing and building a re-useable multifunction space vehicle do you think?

      Feigning offense because you yourself wrote something tactless then trying to twist it round on me because I pointed it out. How very dare I indeed. I'm not the one promoting the idea that people like them are frauds.

    5. Oh really? you suspension is purely a software system that magically controls the ride height of the vehicle? are you not aware of the hydro-pneumatic portion that is integral to the systems ability to actually do what it does? It maybe controlled by software but that's only part of the system, there is a hardware portion (ie. in the actual suspension)...its not just a computer with 2 wires connected to the strut LOL I know it doesn't fit your agenda but we learn something new everyday :)
      All I ask is that you stick to the subject respect those that lost their lives and refrain from using their deaths for your cause, that is all.

    6. Now that is a very good example of a strawman. I challenge you to show where I said that active suspension is 'purely a software system', as the rest of your post attacks that statement, which is your creation not mine.

      [edit] as it obviously bears repeating one more time;

      Feigning offense because you yourself wrote something tactless then trying to twist it round on me because I pointed it out. How very dare I indeed. I'm not the one promoting the idea that people like them are frauds.

      a little more respect please.

    7. moderators to the rescue haha moderators defending the status quo so my comment was short, Active Suspension is a Hydro-Pneumatic system controlled by software buddy, its not just a computer that magically controls ride height without a hardware component integrated in the system. A contemporary Formula Ford for eg. has the equivalent mechanical grip of any 60's Formula 1 car because its essentially the same suspension setup.
      We learn something everyday don't we :)

      All I ask is that you stop using the deaths of people to support your cause, a little more respect please

    8. Like I said, software controlled.

      And why is the formula fords suspension essentially the same as a 60s F1 car? because the engineering principles have not significantly improved.

      I learn plenty of new things everyday, you however appear to be ignoring the facts presented to you.

      [edit] as it obviously bears repeating;

      Feigning offense because you yourself wrote something tactless then trying to twist it round on me because I pointed it out. How very dare I indeed. I'm not the one promoting the idea that people like them are frauds.

      a little more respect please.

    9. Aye my comment was something Im writing is right haha 'The only improvement from the 60s is aerodynamics and materials' - FALSE as duly proven.

      The fundamentals of the 4 cycle compression engine remain the same for over 100 years...its the sub-systems that have improved efficiency, longevity, reliability etc - that's the point junior, what you claim may sound intelligent to the average Neanderthal - however, knowledge trumps bs....if you know what I mean.

    10. If you break the rules, you will get moderated.

      Why do you avoid my direct questions and arguments?

      Why do you resort to name calling?

    11. Yeah breaking the being right lol
      Im avoiding your direct questions and arguments because you are right, much like the above instance - '60s cars were pinnacle of mechanical grip' - replace pinnacle with genesis haha. Lots of dress up knowledge, your ok mate :)
      Since you brought up Formula 1, pour over this ..take Formula 1 mechanical reliability in 60's vs today. Compare with Space program (note the inverse relation). Discuss

    12. My last questions were rhetorical.

      Your initial argument was that flying someone to the moon should be cheaper today. I have explained how this position is incorrect.

      You compare the failure rate of the re-useable multifunction shuttle with the one use single function modular Apollo mission stages. I have explained how this is not a fair comparison.

      Tell me again how you are right?

    13. are you still going on about this lol

    14. You've obviously got nothing to add.

      Have a nice day.

    15. at least have a coffee before you get up? where did I say flying someone to the moon would be cheaper??? you're hallucinating lol have a coffee first? your just desperate to get back at me as you are suffering from the effects of your failed 'pinnacle of mechanical grip from the 60's' so seriously yeah I agree, really nowhere to go from here so move on to the next nutter that dosent believe in the moon propaganda...please

    16. A fair point. Your first one, well done.

      It was Tony who suggested it should be cheaper. My mistake. Forgive me for reading the entire conversation to achieve context.

      Tell me specifically how the engineering principles in mechanics have improved since the 60s without mentioning new materials and/or computer controlled systems.

      'Any damn fool can build a bridge that will stand up. It takes an engineer to build a bridge that will barely stand up.'

      The point is, while materials have become more advanced and software driven actuators create more effective as well as more complex systems, the science and mathematics used by engineers to design new machines has not changed in any significant way since the 60s

    17. you suffering from a little dementia? Or more likely, just diluting good informative comments (such as Tony's), just like NASA writes off non-believers as nutters...but then feel the need to provide proof for a fact thats well documented. Funny that...but then again you might just be suffering from a common believer-fluoride fueled attack :)

      Why are you quoting something Tony posted? I already debunked you with 'its the sub-systems that have improved efficiency,
      longevity, reliability etc' with reference to the compression engine..tell your handler to throw the towel in on that one ok?

      Your new comment 'The point is, while materials have become more advanced and software
      driven actuators create more effective as well as more complex systems,
      the science and mathematics used by engineers to design new machines has
      not changed in any significant way since the 60s' a bit of a 'no shti sherlock' (no shti science and maths used are the same lol) and beside the point we were discussing anyway.

    18. Debunked me?

      There's a laugh. I assure you I do exist.

      You have not debunked my statement;
      'engineering principles have not improved significantly since the 60s' and your ad hominem is not an acceptable substitute for a reasonable argument.

      Efficiency, reliability, longevity - for a start reliability and longevity are the same.

      These are material improvements. Mechanically, there is no difference. A carbon steel suspension rod is more efficient (lighter) more reliable (stronger) than a stainless steel one. The improvement is material. The mechanical purpose, the task it was designed for and performs is identical.

      Then you agree with my elaboration at the end. So which is it? did you debunk it or do you agree?

    19. look mate, ill copy and paste if you want to refute it and have seconds

      The only improvement from the 60s is aerodynamics and materials' - FALSE as duly proven.

      The fundamentals of the 4 cycle compression engine remain the same for over 100 years...its the subsystems that have improved efficiency, longevity, reliability etc - that's the point junior, what you claim may sound intelligent to the average Neanderthal - however, knowledge trumps bs....if you know what I mean.

    20. If we are simply going to copy paste previous replies;

      And why is the formula fords suspension essentially the same as a 60s F1 car? because the engineering principles have not significantly

    21. we already went through've just picked up from where the other fella left didnt you lol just going round in circles

    22. Circles? I completely agree. You are indeed running around in circles with your copy pasta.

    23. longevity - average lifecycle

      reliability - how many break downs in a lifecycle (ie quality control)

      not the same thing

    24. breakdown = end of life cycle

    25. errrr no..certainly not in the 60's, you get more miles and more reliability out of a car today on average, even with Planned obsolescence :) Whereas retirements were a feature of F1 in 60's and 70's (except for the Ford DFV), now FIA try to regulate reliability failure into F1 stop trying to prove me wrong already, your like a dog with a stick...go away lol you really didnt do your cause any favors by exemplifying cars and Formula 1 :)

    26. When an engineered component of any system fails, the failed component is not reused.

    27. lol is that you captain obvious

    28. Well, you keep denying the obvious.

    29. The only improvement from the 60s is aerodynamics and materials

      your words

      I already stated that the basics of an engine has been the same for 100 years, the basics of suspension in 60's F1 cars is the same, its not just material that have improved since the 60's, subsystems that have improved the product (fuel delivery)

      suspension (active suspension)

      vehicle dynamics?
      build quality, quality control?

    30. And how exactly have the 'subsystems' improved? do they use new mathematics or scientific principles specific to engineering in their design? Or do they use new materials, as well as adding new subsystems (working on the same old principles) to perform additional tasks?

    31. no ofcourse not, active suspension was developed with quantum physics via meditation. You sir, are ridiculous. Where do you put energy recovery that a new principle? LOL

    32. You need to stop with the name calling and provocations if you want to converse further. Read the faq.

    33. energy recovery systems are additional and do not change the engineering principles behind the mechanical components.

    34. well since the wheel has not been reinvented, I guess i all falls under 'mechanical principles' lol

    35. Exactly. come up with a better and more efficient distinctly different design that surpasses the wheel for the identical purpose and you have significantly improved the engineering principles.

    36. congrats dude, thats all i can say - vlatko is watching

    37. So I'm waiting patiently for your supposedly obvious modern engineering improvement to the 60s technology of strapping people to a giant firework to accelerate them into orbit and beyond.

      There are new ideas of course. Nano tube space elevator cables for example. None of these is yet a possibility with contemporary engineering.

    38. no your right NASA 60's tech = 2014 NASA tech

    39. With a great many improvements in materials, additional technologies and safety protocols, yes.

    40. you are correct, since there has not been a distinct differentiation in vehicle design a Model T is equal to a Bugatti Veyron. Been a pleasure sir

    41. active suspension>completely different from 60's suspension, not a materials improvement, not just a computer, developed at the end of the 80's - so 1960's onwards

      = theory debunked

    42. acitve suspension = computer controlled ride height. Addition of computer technology to existing unchanged mechanical engineering principles.

    43. unchaged? wheres the traditional damper and spring? 'mechanical engineering principles'? LOL could you be any broader in your definitions

    44. That depends on the exact method used to actively adjust the ride height. Some methods include dampers and springs and use fluid pressure to alter the behaviour of said springs/dampers. Others use hydropneumatic containers (balloons which are a type of spring and damper in one) all these ideas were developed a long time before the 60s

    45. ok mr suddenly active suspension expert

    46. I use my own words, in my own understanding.

      If I have it wrong I welcome any correction.

    47. I couldn't help but notice that when faced with thorough arguments, facts, logical explanations and evidence you resort to several tactics:

      - deflection,
      - relativization,
      - ad hominem, and
      - circular logic.

      Now Samuel is patiently and thoroughly explaining to you the logic behind his arguments and you're acting rather silly.

    48. anyone can go into google and copy and past how a system works. There is no point in specifying how a system works - he is not sticking to the point, that is my point

    49. were those thoughrough arguments your arguments?

    50. I'm not talking only about one particular argument. Your whole conversation is incoherent. You deflected the arguments about speed/fuel correlation in space and the third party evidence. You relativized the argument about the mechanics/durability of the materials. And in almost all of your comments there's circular logic and an ad hominem. Just sayin'.

    51. 'silly'? thanks for the 'encouragement'

    52. "Take Formula 1 cars for example"

    53. Excuse me?

    54. your words
      active suspension - late 80's

    55. And your point is what exactly?

    56. self explanatory exactly what I wrote

    57. Well you are incorrect. It was you who wrote active suspension early 90s (which is roughly the time it was banned from F1)

    58. yeah early 80's late 90's dosent matter +1960's - you will have to google it, I know it was developed in late 80's with Lotus - banned 1993

    59. So? being banned from F1 means nothing about the development of the technology nor its origin.

    60. Well you are correct, I said it was banned earlier earlier in the discussion and has no relevance to the topic

    61. Ok, well I have no intent to carry on this discussion. I feel we have achieved a connection of a sort through F1 motor sport. Apologies for any off topic, and edgedweller if you read through my posts you will of course find mistakes and inconsistencies I am only human.

      Have a nice day.

    62. which particular active suspension method dosent matter, spring and damper setup are not remotely the same - that is the point

    63. And when were the engineering principles for any particular method hammered out?

    64. I read articles that Soviets used the mirrors left there by the American astronauts but not that they used their own mirrors, can you link me to that article you mentioned where they used their own mirrors?

  79. Why would they need to tell those millions of ppl that they are faking mission to moon.

  80. Anyone who believes the moon landing was a hoax is mentally inferior to those that believe it was real.

  81. I would like to ask the conspiracy theorists if they believe in the 9/11 conspiracy theory?

  82. fake as fake can be. Same with the rovers and the iss....hoax hoax hoax

    1. you don't believe that with all the terrible space & weight constraints aboard the apollo they allowed for a 'lunar buggy' for the astronauts to fck around in???.. it is kinda hard to swallow...specially with nosuch evidence of lunar golf clubs to go with it

  83. I think it is quite ridiculous to believe this "conspiracy theory" that NASA never really landed on the moon in 1969 ? What would the government expect to gain by "staging" such an elaborate hoax ? I remember religious nuts were also convinced the Apollo rockets of the 1960's would pierce "Heaven" just beyond he clouds on the way to the moon, and destroy it !

    1. errrr they won the space race on a fraction of the allocated budget. History is written by the victor

    2. lol, you need to bone up on production costs, it most certainly would not have been cheaper to stage it, especially when you take everything into account, first you have to get an entire film crew, a set, you have to bribe everyone so they don't talk, then you have to actually build the rocket, and fire it up anyway...It would be so much easier to just send the damned rocket all the way up!

    3. wow lol 2 words: straw, man

    4. ok two things, firstly, no it isn't and secondly strawman is one word not two...i presume you meant strawman argument which would be two words.

      it's a common mistake by people who throw around terms they don't really understand.

    5. It would be cheaper to fake something with an gigantuous amount of technical difficulty, fake something that man hasn't even remotely come close to achieving....> so I guess its cheaper to take a trip to the closest star than to fake it?....'just send the damned rocket all the way past the moon and onto Alpha Centauri' big lol's. Is it a combination of the kool aid and fluoride?...or is today PC privileges in your ward? o_O

    6. lol, a trip to the closest star would be a trip to the sun.

      Alpha centuri is 29392499050000 miles you have any idea how much fuel that would need?
      Do you have any idea how you would transport that much fuel? If you can.

      i love the way you accuse me of being mental whilst spouting the most ill educated nonsence you don't even know the closest star is the sun and you think i'm the stupid one?

    7. THE MOON IS 400,000 MILES AWAY RETURN TRIP > HOW MUCH FUEL DO YOU NEED? I suppose your answer will be 'whatever apollo went through lol you're a special one

    8. hm, so i have to answer how much fuel it takes to get to the moon, but i'm nt allowed to quote the people who actually did it...well...i googled it anyway and got the answer 3,039,000 kg. can't even type a question into a search bar before making a comment?

    9. now work out the SV of rocket fuel and work out the volume of gas tanks required

    10. why? even if i do you'll completely miss the point as you've been doing thus far.

      You're not listening to logic, because even though you refuse to admit it there is no evidence or logic that will change your deeply held beliefs about the world.

      you're not so much concerned about the truth as you are your own ideology.

    11. what? so your beliefs are facts? I admire your faith

    12. no. i have no beliefs, i have an understanding, and that understanding changes when new information makes itself known.

      however that information must be of a certain quality, and yours has failed to measure up.

    13. you have an understanding of, federal stories, pictures and anecdotes. You are a good little citizen
      Certain quality you say? yes yes, I can see the shortfalls of information conveyed over the internet....unlike the fundementals of your beliefs, which are all set in stone

    14. lol i just explained to you that my understanding changes with evidence...that's the exact opposite of set in stone.

      and i believe scientists not governments, there's a'd understand that if you knew the first thing about science!

      that entire comment was just a big childish whinge because you aren't getting your own way.

      I don't think you even understand what the word evidence means...after all you've failed to provide a single shred of your own, you seem to think insulting me constitutes as an argument...that might be the case in play school, but here in the adult world it isn't.

    15. LOL 'own way'? yes yes I don't understand anything you are right. What you consider evidence=fact= federal stamp. Yes 0 shred of evidence
      Insulting you? Im not even trying to insult you. Just go back to sleep will you?

    16. i genuinely don't think you do...i think you think you do, but in reality you don't.
      You didn't know the sun was the closest star to the planet.
      You thought a star was something you could actually go to.
      You didn't know Strawman was one word.
      You didn't know how to find out how much fuel it takes to go to the moon.
      You fail to provide any evidence whilst bleating on that thou art the font of all irrefutable knowledge because OMG it's a conspiracy!

      You seem to think that stating your point as agressively as possible is proving your isn't it's just being a douchebag.

      When you've asked me for figures i've provided them, when I've asked you for facts or figures you've given me some sarky comment or told me that i'm essentially one of the sheeple because i'm not gullible enough to believe crank theories on the internet at face value.

    17. The distance is irrelevant. It takes 0 fuel to travel through space, once you are moving you keep moving. You only need fuel to accelerate / decelerate. It would take the same amount of fuel to get to Mars.

    18. Oh you mean speed isn't dependant on fuel economy in the 4th dimension? How long did it take to get to the moon again?

    19. Speed is also irrelevant. We could go slower or faster, it would take more or less time to get there. We could go further or shorter, and it would take more or less time. The fuel required to achieve escape velocity is a set number proportional to weight, no matter how far or how fast we intend to go.

      Now tell me again how the distance involved affects fuel consumption in space.

    20. sure, speed is irrelevant, fuel consumption>irrelevant - radiation = irrelevant, distance is irrelevant, vaccums are irrelevant, weight? not important. Why do people think space travel is so complicated? next question lol

    21. Stop deflecting.

      Tell me again how the distance involved affects fuel consumption in space.

    22. The bulk of the fuel is needed to escape the atmosphere. To return, they had much less mass to carry and they didn't have to fight the earth's attraction. They did a trans-earth injection. It was performed by the restartable Service Propulsion System (SPS) engine on the Service Module. An Apollo TEI burn lasted approximately 203.7 seconds, providing a posigrade velocity increase of 1,076 m/s (3,531 ft/s).

    23. omg you are so intelligent the sun is a star omg congratulations :) omg Alpha centauri is 2843747467 miles away wow...your google powers are amazing. Do you know what ad hominem means? Go on, google it. Closest star (sun) or closest star except the sun (Alpha Centauri) does not change the proposition sonnyjim

    24. lol, oh dear, is baby having a tantrum?

      You realize it's as simple as googling it yet still you fail to do it...I'm sorry, it's not nice being made to look like a complete idiot...though i must admit i'm not having to do much to achieve it.

    25. I said two words> straw, (that's a comma) man = straw man = 2 words. Now take those 2 words and derive meaning..;)

    26. yes but the term strawman is one word because it's a terminology not a description of a physical item.

      seriously man...Google. You should try using it before commenting.

    27. I repeat, I wrote straw and then man - 2 singular words alluding to STRAWMAN PRINCIPLE, which is exactly the direction those 2 words were meant to be taking you. Same as when someone writes 'kettle, black' what do you think they're alluding to? :)

    28. The converse of your question would be: if they valiantly did it in '69, why wouldn't they even try it now with so much more technologies available. Don't give me that money bull, because if it's so expensive, why did they do it seven times instead of just one, or two, or at the maximum three times just to prove it. Am I to believe in those days it was cheap and easy so as to make seven missions affordable but it is suddenly expensive now? And what about the safety of the astronauts? Did they get a guarantee from god it can never fail. Didn't they lose 3 in '67, 7 in '86, and another 7 in '04, while doing much simpler low earth orbit? Isn't the moon mission incomparably more difficult?
      Conversely, if they really did it seven times, wouldn't that have made it cheaper/easier as a result? It's common sense that the more times you do something the easier it gets as you gain more knowledge and reduce uncertainties? But in this case it's more difficult/expensive after 7 successes and 40 some years of technology advancement? The money argument doesn't hold at all for me. You can't have it both ways.

  84. To Jim McCusker and fellow believers, Re: Too big of a secret to secure.
    Yes. It's hard to believe the government, NASA and all the people involved could have buried the secret for so long. But not as hard as it is to believe in the fable that they slung a ship up to orbit the moon, gently landed a module on the surface, golfed, kicked up some dust, and horsed and cruised around like it was nothing, then strapped back in and lifted off from the moon and threaded a needle in space to reconnect with the command module and then return safely to earth. With such ease they did it again and again for a few years. Then suddenly... stopped! They haven't attempted anything even remotely as ambitious since. In over three decades following, no human has ever been sent and returned beyond the modest orbit of the space station. Excuse me for believing it was a hoax of monumental proportions. It would be among the greatest embarrassments in the history of human civilization if they fessed up. And the people that do know, every sworn-in President since included, tend not to boast about it much. America's greatest achievement is so hush-hush.

    1. Stopped? Money, money, money. Go ask your next door neighbor which they would like to see happen - government employees get paid or to go see the artifacts on the moon. No......wait.....I'm not psychic but I bet I know what they said. Now, you may go on about how the government furloughs are all generated for politics and they are just as much a hoax as the moon landing, and I'll be the first one to say that politics were all OVER those furloughs last summer. But the PERCEPTION is that there was not a budget and literally people were not getting paid. So the PERCEPTION that there is no money to pay people, much less go romping all over the solar system is enough to make the budget cuts happen. Yeah, but hey, whatever. Yeah, convinced half the government to hold their tongues for forty years. Whatever....your tin-foil hat is slipping.....

    2. I'm not buying the money argument (and I'll overlook your insults). They had the know-how, the bragging rights, and the resources, and they landed successful missions (so they say). Reagan was going to spend oodles on missile defence. And W spent trillions on useless wars. Money is printed paper, and they own the press. At the rate Nasa was going, they could have had a lunar tourism industry for billionaires by now. All they have 35 years later is a glorified airplane that can hardly get off the ground. Obviously you're not open-minded enough to consider it was a fraud. So stick your wagging tongue up your self-righteous butt. (Sorry, was that an insult? and I tried so hard to refrain myself).

    3. The wars cost trillions.. But there was no money to pay for it... Hence the outrageous debt we are in

    4. They had the money to pay for the war there's no doubt about that....they just decided to let your children pay for it...'cause that's the kind of people they are....

    5. Right on. This is one of the things most difficult to believe in my life. NASA has achieved the single greatest thing in modern history (comparable to the discovery of fire, according to some books), but they seem to struggle to keep it secret - "No there's no reason to do it again, big money, yada yada". Give me one example that ever went like this in history. Ha, ha.

    6. all of that can be very easily explained by budget cuts.

    7. It has been about 5yrs since this discussion or should I say LA,LA,LA...I can't hear you!....LA,LA,LA.

      I do hope that some on here have decided to leave there own tracks instead of blindly following someone else. For myself this was about the time I started questioning and before long 5 years go by and everything I knew or thought I knew was a lie.

      Trusting yourself is big but it still is just one part , critical thinking and the scientific method are 2 actions most don't use. The ones that do use them are the ones being bullied for thinking outside the box. I'm replying to a 5yr post so it isn't thinking outside the box it is willing to change a belief system that has been handed down for decades. Telling yourself that you have been lied to is not fun, then the anger will set in then wanting to know how much of myself has been a lie.

      An easy way to stop trusting a person , or a group is to stop giving them the benefit of the doubt , a lie is a lie.

      Science has lied but in these 5yrs the Bible has proven science wrong numerous times.

  85. I'd just like to add that the moon shines more brightly than the SUN when it is photographed in terms of Gamma rays and it is also bombarded by cosmic rays so i don't know how they got the photos to look normal, In contrast (no pun intended) the photos from Chernobyl were fogged by the radiation from the fall-out from a nuclear power station.

    1. Why are you comparing space radiation to Chernobyl nuclear fallout? Do you think all radiation is the same?

    2. The fact there are photos proves they didn't go. The hassleblad cameras used kodak film. Kodak film melts at 160f and freezes at -80f. From nasa's own lips it was + - 220f on the moon. So they really expect us to believe the film survived almost double their fail ceilings and all the cosmic radiation to deliver pristine images?

      The only mods done to the camera would altered f stop and aperture, brackets, and easier to take a pic.

    3. you state "The only mods done to the camera would altered f stop and aperture, brackets" that is not true. the housing and coatings applied helped shield the camera from the heat. also radiation is the only significant mode of heat transfer on the moon. so if the camera was properly cooled between uses the film would survive just fine as long as the exposure time to direct sunlight and time spent between cooling was limited.

    4. My take on this is that it may not be that important. I personally believe the still shots were taken on earth (even on earth it would take some skill to produce such incredibly beautiful shots). But even they were taken on earth it doesn't prove anything since NASA could have just slipped them in for propaganda whether they really went or not. So it's a good observation but may not be a conclusive evidence one way or the other.

  86. Electric cars and no telescope? Earth developed muscles in 1/6 gravity, in theory humans should be like "supermen" on the moon...what's the slow motion all about?
    Angular LM spacecraft another curiosity.
    No visible means of propulsion when the LM??? takes of from the lunar surface, what happened to the camera that filmed the take off, why wasn't it left running?

    1. "Electric cars and no telescope?"


      "Earth developed muscles in 1/6 gravity,"


      "in theory humans should be like 'supermen' on the moon"

      They could jump up a little over a foot from the lunar surface, much more than the inch or 2 they would be able to jump on Earth, wearing a stiff suit and a 200-pound suit and pack.

      "No visible means of propulsion when the LM??? takes of from the lunar surface"

      Except the big plume of white-colored gas bursting out the bottom of the lunar ascent stage. How does that not count?

      "what happened to the camera that filmed the take off, why wasn't it left running?"

      It was radio-controlled from Earth. And yes, radio control was developed decades prior.

  87. I have a theory, you are right and wrong. The moon race between Russia
    and the US wasn't about showing who was the most technically advanced
    country in the world as portrayed in the media. In the early 1940's
    evidence was brought to the attention of the worlds major governments
    that UFO's exist and in 1947 Roswell New Mexico was the proof the US was
    looking for. Sense then NASA and our government have been looking
    upward and found activity on and around the moon. Probes were sent with
    cameras from both our country and Russia's to get a closer look, bases,
    structures and towers were discovered on the dark side of the moon. So
    now we have a race with Russia to make first contact and/or obtain
    advanced technology for weapons and world superiority. In the process of
    sending men to the moon our government was in a dilemma about how to
    keep the people and other countries from discovering the real reason for
    going up their, a plan was devised to replicate the moon, creators and
    ships so as to be able to take photos and videos of the moon walks and
    landings that would show nothing but a moon surface that is baron and
    lifeless, but they knew differently. Some actual moon photos were
    doctored to erase images from the originals and some photos were taken
    here on earth to simulate the moon, to continue their real reason hidden
    and keep the public in the dark. So you were right, but only half

  88. If we landed on moon where are they pictures of stars and planets in our solar system taken from moon! I am sure the first thing they would have done if they had gone real to moon is taken a telescope with them..

    1. you ask "where are they pictures of stars and planets in our solar system taken from moon" first off the absence of evidence is not a substitute for evidence. next the relative light from planets/stars is insignificant compared to the light from the sun especially when not filtered through our atmosphere. just like we do not see stars during the day why would they see stars during the day on the moon? also please show me planets and stars from the space station or the shuttles . or are those photographs fakes as well?

    2. chill man! don't you think any astronomer will appreciate the pics taken from moon, atleast they would have tried to observe how different celestial bodies look when viewed from moon? now iam not saying if they can or can't take pictures from moon but wouldn't it be dream come true for an astronomer to study those things from moon? wouldn't it make a better viewing of neptune/ uranus due to no atmosphere and dark sky?

    3. you ask " wouldn't it make a better viewing of neptune/ uranus due to no atmosphere and dark sky?" again they were on the light side of the moon so no pictures would have worked

    4. I've seen a documentary where they were talking about a super telescope they are building on the international orbitant base. The reason why they are building a telescope up there is because, they say, it will work a lot better because it is out of the atmosphere....

    5. Yes and thy will use it when the space station is not facing the sun just like we use telescopes on earth at night and not during the day because the daylight makes seeing stars impossible with or without a telescope.

    6. A better question is "Why do you EXPECT pictures of stars and planets taken from the moon?"

      They were there to photograph the moon and astronauts and equipment on it, not to take pictures of stars and planets.

      Besides, they photographed stars using the ultraviolet camera during Apollo 16.

    7. Pathetic straw man argument. It's like driving all the way across the united states to the grand canyon, only to take photographs of your vehicle in the car park!

  89. the moon is a space station, n yanks been chased away from it 1st time by beings of some kind, , then all other landings was done in nevada desert , to put piece o mind in ppl thats there nothing off any interest or value i.e water n oil, or they would have invaded it by now

  90. Can anybody tell me why one of the most simplest but most important experiment, weighing with a weighing machine to establish that gravity on the moon is indeed one-sixth the gravity on earth, not conducted during the moon landings was.

    1. The ease with which they moved, the heights they could jump or throw things, already established this.

    2. That's the first thing they would have done if they 'actually' went there

  91. they say they went they say there is nothing there.
    so why are a lot of the photos still classified?
    either there is something there that they don't want us to see or they would reveal it being a hoax..
    which one is it.

    1. when did NASA say "there is nothing there."? also please look up "false dichotomy"

  92. the USA has faked so many things involving thousands and thousands of people for decades and managed to keep them secret. You can have a look at all the false flag operations and Gladio to contrast the USSR, CHINA, South America or the Middle East, and all other secret operations like the spying, monitoring past and present and you have an overwhelming picture of the cheating, faking and deceiving practiced by the USA. These were and still are normal practices for the USA secret services. Are all those revelations just conspiracy theories? NO they are facts!

    The moon landing is just one of a string, part fact and part fabrication, the perfect cover. The space programme was real, the space exploration is not contested, the manned missions are. There are a million inconsistencies with the moon landings stories but no matter what evidence is presented the cover can still hold, same for all false flag operations until they are officially revealed like Gladio was and still may get NO acknowledgement by the USA.
    The USA (and the UK) have been playing these games since WWII, for them the war is not over, the war now is bout keeping the hegemony and in order to do so they need to brainwash the masses and convince the world of their still "superior" technology and way of life. That was true during the cold war as it is today and essential ingredient for them to try to maintain a hold on the global markets they are constantly losing.

  93. This documentary is "cronnie" journalism. More opinionated than factual at it's very terrible rebuttal of the evidence presented by those who believe the landings were a hoax. They do not even properly sight the entire arguments and frankly the rebuttals were so void of providing scientific evidence but instead rather perform a "slight of hand" maneuver of complete scientific intolerance. The rebuttal of the intercepting shadows was moronic at best. The conflict of the shadows presented in the hoax argument point to shadows on the same plane, not on a traversing one. What a joke lol. And the photo "C" rebuttal "Hair on the negative" LMAO. Then republish it NASA without the hair. lol They do not address any of the arguments correctly and with responses like "try this at home"... are you kidding me????? cmon now. That's one of the points NASA/NAZIs want to fake. Try this at home LOL what a joke. Yes the hoax was done in earth's atmosphere NOT A VACUUM. They showed you footage of them using wire suspension to mimic moon walking. This doc is a joke. The violation of Newtonian Physics over and over in that Vacuum are so obvious to anybody who has opened up an even basic physics book.

  94. Ok for the sake of argument we believe they reached the moon. My quetion is they build rocket to reach the moon, who build the rocket from the moon to reach the earth. It is impossible them to come back the place were they left.

    1. What just because you think its impossible it is? They came back the same way they went its not a big problem did you not watch the show?They went to the moon one because it was the easier thing then to try and dupe 400,000 workers and scientist, plus millions more and the spy's. This was one of man kinds greatest feats I can't imagine believing it to be fake. I truly feel sorry for anyone who has been taught or believes it to be fake.

    2. I'd feel sorry for you, but I don't believe even you believe the rubbish in your comment...

    3. There is no rubbish as you say in my comment..
      I know man went to the moon becasue it would have simply been easier as I said, Why? Because the amount of forgery it would have taken to fake it would have been an enormous undertaking and someone would have noticed you think that the Russians weren't spying and didn't verify that America won the space race and just took there word for it are you mad?
      I am sure that any one of the many scientists who received a fake moon rock would have known it to be fake, it would have been far easier and cheaper for them to just goto the moon and get the real thing then spending billions to pay people off and make forgery's...

    4. While I appreciate your efforts, they may be an exercise in futility. (you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink) Actually, some of the best evidence they landed on the moon, is not the most obvious. (Edwin Buzz Aldrin in his 70's punching a man in the face for calling him a fraud) Yup, that is what I would do if some wannabe questioned my integrity after all the risks I took to see it done.

    5. the moon landings were proved by a punch in the face.....we're really starting to clutch at straws now aren't we lol

    6. So, you believe the moon landings were a hoax then? The only reason people believe this today is because they have not been back in 42 years. (that we are aware of) If you are interested in conspiracies, (they really do exist) I would concentrate on the assassination of JFK. Unlike the moon landings, there is a ton of evidence (undeniable) that it was not a lone assassin with a magic bullet.
      P.S: While I respect your skepticism in questioning governments, (a good thing) some things are actually true. Please do some real research before you respond back regarding the Apollo missions.

  95. All hoax theories have been debunked. The hoaxtards won't believe it even the LRO pics are not good enough. So they will simply continue this nonsense until we go back. And then when we do they will still not accept it because this is their obsession. So they will just say something like "well I was told the moon is a fake and it is being beamed as an image from area 51 by the know they lied to us before"...etc etc etc
    ad hominem

    1. its hard to admit youve been lied and taken for a fool with something youve believed all you're life isnt it? just let go...c'mon you can do it, have a little cry if you have to..

    2. lol, i think you'll find you're the one believing lies and being "taken for a fool".

      Let me ask you a question, what would it take to convince you that the hoax theory is nonsense?

    3. LOL I'll just pass that off as a fluoride fuelled nonsense

    4. that doesn't answer my question.

      I presume you're avoiding answering because you're aware that admitting no evidence would ever change your mind makes you seem irrational.

    5. what would you like me to answer? 'what would it take me to convince me that the hoax theory is nonsense?' - wtf? is that a threat....? : what kind of question is that? and another one: what would it take to convince you of the all the lies you've been fed your entire life?

    6. a threat? where did you get that from? it's a really simple question, What evidence would you need to see to convince you that the hoax theory is wrong.

      it's a perfectly simple question that i can't dumb down any more than i already have.

      What would convince me? scientific peer reviewed studies that have gone through the scientific method. Provide me with one of these corroberating anything and i'll be forced to reconsider my position.

    7. erm I don't want to come across as rude but I don't think there is any point to this 'match' won't be able to affect my 'beliefs' with your 'proof' and vice versa. You have already proved to be limited in logic, knowledge and critical thought so I find it difficult to believe I will take anything out of taking this discussion please, use this as evidence for your cause and because I have declined your offer, consider yourself and your position as 'right' :)

    8. lol if you don't want to come across as rude then maybe you shouldn't have started insulting me several comments ago.

      Ugh, you claim i'm lacking in logic and critical thinking, i'd like an explaination why this is the case, since you neglected to do that.

      To be honest i'm getting the impression that you're insulting me because you've run out of argument.

      Your argument seems to be "You don't agree with me so you're an i*iot."
      I'm afraid that's not an argument.

      there's none so blind as the ones who've pulled the wool over their own eyes.

  96. Showing us a graph of the landing, funny. Why bring a 4x4 on the moon? I mean, weight must of been an issue! sometimes my car won't even start at minus 20c never mind absolute zero. They had guts to go there for a couple of days...

    1. Bring a 4X4 to the moon, but don't forget your telescope ! witch they did ! and don't remember how clearly we can see the stars from the moon ! ah ! ok ! no problem , hopefully they won't forget the all thing was an hoax unless, they really think they were on the moon and not in a warehouse !

    2. Who said they were supposed to bring a telescope?

      Yes, they can see stars, unless their eyes are adjusted for bright light, like the entire surface of the moon. They had to look away from the moon's surface and from the sun to see stars. They had special optics that allowed them to do this.

      Photographs of the lunar surface don't show stars because the cameras are adjusted for bright light (lunar surface, bright white astronauts and equipment), and stars are too dim to register on film with such short exposure time.

      Try taking pictures of stars yourself, and include something bright in the frame.

    3. the 'lunar buggy' was indispensable to...just have a fck around up there, do a few wheelies in the sand dunes ROFL

  97. If the moon was so easy to get to in 1969 why dose NASA not just send some people back it is 2013 shouldn't modern tecnology make it a bit easier???

    1. Yeah but there is no money and/or no reason.
      If you want to you can fund the next mission, maybe go in it too.

    2. So you don't think there's any political mileage in sending an unmanned lunar expedition to beam back nice crisp images of all those US flags that are still up there, fluttering on the moon, not to mention the gold plated moon buggies and all those footprints in the lunar dust ... sure would go some way to restoring America's tattered image, revisiting the glory days of American adventurism.

    3. None of the flags are "fluttering". Look again at the videos. The LRO has taken pictures of the landing sites and foot print tracks and rovers but that is not enough for the hoaxtards so they will just have to wait until private enterprise of other countries go back (which will be soon) anmd then they can work on figuring out ways to fabricate more hoax theories when they are again easily debunked.

    4. "Hoaxtard" ... hahaha, that's so funny, you're a real comedian.

    5. They don't need to go back to beam back nice crisp images.

      They already brought back nice crisp images when they landed on the moon, SIX separate times.

      The US flags never fluttered.

      America's image isn't tattered at all, when it comes to the moon landings.

    6. No it was never easy. After the apollo missions NASA must have decided we have enough moon rocks and focused on the space shuttle, ISS, probes and hubble. However with the assitance of NASA we will be going back with other countries and private enterprise. NASA is going to focus on moving on to landing asteroids and hopefully mars. For dates, info and sources of future moon missions wiki...
      List of proposed missions to the Moon

    7. I believe there are claims today -whether they're from NASA I don't know -that within 20 years we'll have communities on Mars....I bet that program is costing billions if not trillions of dollars. Which they have because the wealth they have is100x or more what they used to have....they're much more interested in finding new and more elaborate means of lying to people.'Your' 'government is gone..all hail ZOG the bringer of lies, filth and misery...

    8. For the record, there is a private attempt to make a 'one way trip' to Mars. In reality, all the technology they used to get to the moon was given up for orbital activites. (shuttle) Without a doubt, it is folly to attempt even going to Mars until we can go back and forth to the moon as easily as we fly across the Atlantic. This doesn't mean we don't have the technology to go to Mars, only that they call it rocket science for a reason. (it is difficult, and extremely dangerous)
      Note: In 1972, the last 2 moon landings (Apollo 16 - 17) occurred in the spring, and fall. Had they went during the summer, they would have all died from a coronal mass ejection from the sun. Our information regarding this was not confirmed until they gave up the last 3 flights, (Apollo 18/19/20) and used 2 of them for skylab, where we learned just how dangerous the sun really is. (something that needs to be dealt with for a Mars expedition)

  98. Well, i think that the moon landings were in fact genuine, no hoax .

    I did some investigation , so.

    All those myths concerning the moon landings were busted .

    1. me too i studied the footage and i mean every footage and it is all the same, the intensity,and the color of the dirt plus the gravity.

  99. I did not watch the video yet , so .

  100. Oh, ok . Thanks, guys . I did not see that arrow . I am a bit lazy ,so .

    I thought this was yet another conspiracy haha kidding

    Thanks again, appreciate indeed.

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  105. In this age of deceit ,lies , make-believe , brainwash...where even a big event such as the 911 can be staged , nothingelse would surprise me, but i am inclined to think that the landing on the moon was genuine and true, i guess , unless someone proves the opposite case beyond any doubt..

  106. There is no moon. It is just like the Batman distress signal - a searchlight in the sky. At least once a month they forget to take the lens cap off and it isn't there at all. Some days it is only partially visible. It isn't real.

    I want to hear what the Intelligent Design folks think of this. If god wanted us to go to the moon, there would be talking snakes there to tempt us into eternal misery. Obviously, there are no talking snakes there.

    C'mon, this isn't rocket surgery.

  107. Marvin... 1) I've seen footage of successful lunar trainer landings. 2) In videos of Shuttle Mission EVA's, astronauts' spacesuits don't appear to expel vapor or exhaust. 3) Spacesuits are cumbersome and very stiff in a vacuum, making it difficult to move normally. 4) A penny pressed into dry baby powder will leave an impression so sharp you can read the date. 5) Although thin-skinned, the Lunar Lander's structural integrity was based on its geometric shape. Squeeze a raw egg from top to bottom. Betcha' can't break it... I have little doubt that NASA is keeping secrets. BIG secrets. But after studying the various anomalies regarding the moon landings (only a few were presented here) I am convinced that men did walk on the moon. However, since I'm not an astronaut, I have little basis for being smug in my opinions. ALL of you who expressed yourselves here show courage in doing so. You make me think outside of the box and deserve my respect. Frankly, I agree with Daniel Ng in asking Why We Never Returned? Now THAT is a mystery worth exploring.

  108. The arguements about the shadows, the lack of stars, the flag, the dust under the lunar module and the film that ''should be damaged'' show ignorance and lack of any scientific knowledge. It's stupid and ridiculous trying to teach those people science. It's like teaching a pig how to sing. So, don't worry guys, it's all fake. Earth is flat.

    1. You are showing real stupidity in your statement. Do you know how much radiation there is in space caused by the sun ? We are protected on Earth by its atmosphere. You think those space suits protected the Astronauts? You need to do more research.

    2. So the lack of stars argument was valid, I suppose?

      "Do you know how much radiation there is in space caused by the sun ?"

      Do you? How much?

  109. It does make people wonder, if the moon landing is real then why did NASA stop going there? Must be more there to study then just a few rocks.

    1. Interest in moon landings had already waned during the early Apollo missions. Funding was cut, and they did everything they could do on a dead rock anyway.

  110. well take some photosof the space junk left on the landing sites. if they can do it with satellites of earth then they can do it of the moon.

    1. Just so you know Mika, they have back in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

    2. O.K. smart guy, why are the photos of my house clear when viewed from a satellite up in space, but the photos of the moon "remnants" are at best a blurry photo that has to be accompanied with multiple arrows and explanations? B.S. If we had the technology to take man to the moon and back in 1969 you can bet we have the technology to prove it beyond a "shadow" of a doubt in 2012!

    3. 2damoon
      you asked "O.K. smart guy, why are the photos of my house clear when viewed from a satellite up in space," are you referring to Google earth? most of the images (the high def ones) are from planes not satellites smart guy. any images from the satellites over the moon are not any missions that went there to get photo's for conspiracy nuts. why would the government spend the money to prove something to this minority that wouldn't believe it anyway? there is more than enough evidence that the Americans went. if what has been presented hasn't convinced you then what would?

    4. Not talking about satellite pics, I'm talking about the recent LRO pics. The distance is much closer. All I want to know is why do you or the folks at NASA want me to use my imagination to see what they say is in the photos. It's a simple question! I was born in 1960 and I am not a conspiracy nut. I watched it on T.V. when I was 9 yrs. old and thought "This is so cool", but over the years I have come to believe that some of this stuff is just a little hard to accept. I mean, they cover me with a lead blanket just to be X-ray'd, but hey, obviously you are way smarter than me. Please forgive me for thinking that NASA (a government maintained organization) may have duped us.

    5. The LRO is a lunar mapping tool. It isn't there to prove the landings happened. There is no need to do that.


  112. My comment was directed to Achems_Razor

  113. ---"@vvindred:
    Tell us how you know this, otherwise I will put you down as a troll that is trolling. How old are you by the way?"---
    Where do you get off threatening someone for sharing their opinion on a pertinent subject that is even on par with what the film is about? Since he didn't answer you (I don't blame him; as you barely deserve one), I'll help you out amigo. Here are some films that should set you straight..
    Propaganda film: Dark Side of the Moon
    Who filmed the Apollo Missions: Kubricks Odyssey
    Most recent expose: A Funny Thing HappenedontheWaytotheMoon
    Low budget gem: Apollo Zero
    Decent yet timid attempt: The Truth Behind the Moon Landings
    Learn about the Van Allen Belt for Pete's sake. About Apollo 13; people did the calculations..and uh, yeah, if the "mission" was successful they would have landed on the far side. Purpose..adding drama, been there done that

    1. I'm curious. How could you calculate where the 'mission' would land? (Apollo 13 you said was calculated if the mission was successful they'd land on the far side) That would depend on when, during moon orbit, the lander separated and started it's decent wouldn't it? I'm not being smart, I'm curious how the calculations you mentioned were done. From NASA mission plans or something?

    2. The information is in one of the movies I've suggested. Happy viewing mi amigo.

  114. I want everybody to know that there is a secret military weapon being used that I have had first hand experience with that if any person reading this has any further knowledge of this weapon would you please speak up. The secret weapon is a fake moon that looks like the real moon but has a large halo around the outside and can move and change shape, this fake moon shoots a blue laser at a target that looks like lightening.( Project Bluebeam ) I exposed a very well connected illuminati paedophile network that involves members of the catholic clergy along with judges lawyers police and my own estranged doctor husband. This has caused me to become a victim of gangstalking and harrassmnet, threatened with murder,set up with the mafia and a character assasination, isolated from my friends and family and I live in fear of my life. There have been several major attempts already made on my life, but the most bizare and serious was when I was driving late at night after being stalked on the road by large working vans.I noticed a large black working van pull back from the back of my car very abruptly and then from out of the sky came what looked like blue lightening straight through my car front window and struck my right hand giving me what felt like an electric shock. I looked to see where it came from and it came from a fake moon that had come in very close to my car, it stayed in the sky for the next two hours comming in close and moving back out further changing shape. I thought that this would be the end for me, but luckily I tailgated a truck and could not be targeted by this fake moon.

    1. @Katherine Doenau:

      Welcome to TDF, you are sort of on topic by talking about the moon, fake or not. But do you believe that man walked on the moon?

      I do not know about any fake moons but some believe it is hollow. Viewpoints??

    2. The answer is that a ding was suppose to have been reported when man first landed on the moon.

      Debunking this is easy, there is not enough atmosphere on the moon to convey sound, let alone between the moon and earth, sound in space is silent, even star trek admits its a massive flaw in making their universe seem real with what we know today.

      If anything it may have been picked up as a vibration with some kind of seismic instrument, but it could not have been heard.

      Interestingly enough though we can hear solidified metals bouncing about in our very own planets core as it cools when its travelling away from the core...

      I aint saying we have not been to the moon btw, I am just saying, it aint hollow...

    3. I did not say the Moon was hollow, some people think that it is.

  115. Oh yes a conspiracy can be conducted with 400,000 participants and only a few clowns living in trailer parks know the particulars. Stalin was getting a constant flow of information about the Manhattan Project and that was 'super secret' the Apollo program was conducted in the light of day but somehow the security was better. Right!

    If you want a real conspiracy look to the Soviets and their attempt to hide the very existence of their Lunar Program after it FAILED.

    They built a Saturn V class rocket called the N-1, a lunar lander called the LK and the Soyuz 7K-L1space craft as their command module. These would have followed almost identical flight plans as Apollo did. They couldn't make their systems work & the N-1 had a 100% failure rate. The Russians cut up and destroyed the remaining 5 N-1s and hid the LK lander where the sun never shines along with the rest of their Lunar Program. They successfully hid that for just fifteen years. But the CIA knew all about their massive launch failures and the termination of the program in 1974 despite their draconian security measures.

    Why were the programs so similar in terms of hardware and mission profiles? Could it be that both programs had the same mission options and similar technology?

    Mission Options:
    •Direct Ascent: DA requires an HLLV that is 2X the size of an N-1 or Saturn V
    (too costly)
    •Earth Orbit Rendezvous: EOR requires too many moving parts in building a ship in earth orbit & its too costly. A single launch or major component failure screws everything up.
    •Lunar Surface Rendezvous: LSR requires 2 ships one manned one unmanned landing on the moon close enough so that the automated ship can refuel the manned ship for the return trip. Too costly and way too risky.
    •***LUNAR ORBIT RENDEZVOUS***: With LOR One Saturn V or N-1 class rocket, a command module and a lightweight Lunar Lander launched directly from Earth. This is what both programs decided was the best course of action...INDEPENDENTLY. Strange isn't it?
    No it isn't strange at all actually, LOR is the cheapest and simplest method of accomplishing a Lunar mission. That's why both the USA and the CCCP programs chose that option.

    And by the way check out all the tire tracks all around the landing sites where the Lunar Rover was used on Apollo 15, 16 & 17 and the descent stages and discarded gear from ALL the Apollo missions that are all still there and have been observed many times.

    Then there is my experience in watching Apollo 17 take off from the cape at midnight when I was a kid on a family trip. Wow I had no idea I was watching a hologram, a fake Saturn V or a movie prop...that was one loud Hologram from several miles away.

  116. "Kubrick's Odyssey". That documentary did not precisely help me dispel my doubts on what we watched as the "Moon landing's" were that real. highly recommend it. Hint on title... "wink" "wink"...

    I went from believing they were real, to not, to some degree... My beef remains with the footage, not the fact itself. Just saying...

    1. The footage is fine. Adjust your expectations, and stop believing everything you see on conspiratard sites and YouTube videos.

  117. there are those who belive and those who will never belive no matter what.

  118. @enzofloc

    Please, if you are going to express something that you truly believe in, then research it! How can you "know" something when you "know" very little to nothing about it.

    I do believe that you have the right to your own opinion on anything however I would like to point out that when you stated and I quote "Apollo 13 could have been staged as an exit strategy. A way for Nasa to end the theater. You can only fool an audience for so long" is a strange claim to make. First of all, if you were to research a little bit then you would realize that NASA did not need an "exit stradegy" to end the Apollo missions. By the time the Apollo 13 mission was launched most of the public would have most likely been happy to end the program due to the fact that most of them felt it a waste of the taxpayers money, they had been there already and very view saw any reason to continue with manned missions to the moon. In fact it is much cheaper, safer and much more beneficial to send machines to do science on other surfaces. Secondly, when you stated "You can only fool an audience for so long" is something again you should have looked into, if you had, I think your statement would have read something more like "You can only fool an audience for so long, or lack there of" because again, the public had a waning interest in the Apollo missions and I use the term waning as a big understatement. The broadcasts from Apollo 13 on the way to the moon were not even picked up by television becuase there was no where near a large enough audience for it to be profitable. It wasn't untill the explosion of the air tank and the huge effort to bring the astronauts back to earth that people at large, especially America was watching.

  119. It is so stupid that people would think that the moon landing was faked. Granted, there are things that would raise eyebrows if you were looking at it with a disbelieving eye however most of these things are easily explainable. It seems funny that people will point to the simple things such as the "C" on the rock or the flag "blowing" in the air-conditioning. I don't think these people are remembering what era the moon landing happened in. It was after all at the height of the problems that America was having with Russia. Judging by the age of the men who were lead proponents of the "faking" theory in this documentary, they should have easily remembered that little bit of information. Either these people are thinking that the ones who "faked" the moon landing are very stupid or that they are amatuer liers, which we all know the American government are not, are not to the latter. I say this because if the American government were going to fake the moon landing then it is very very VERY unlikely that they would screw up these things when they knew very well that the footage would be scutinized and looked at with a fine tooth comb by everybody, especially the Russian's, and its not as if Russia didn't have cosmonauts, astronomers and an entire space agency that would easily be able to pick up on these things and if my memory serves me correctly, I have yet to read or watch anything stating that the Russian's thought the moon landing was a hoax back then, if I am wrong about that then please feel free to point me in the direction of where I might be able to find that information.

    1. you're the stupid one. Nasa couldn't get the lander to fly without crashing, in tests. You think those space suits would have protected the Astronauts in the extreme temperatures. If so you would see a heat or coolant exhaust emminating from the suit. They also would not be jumping but walking in the lower gravity. You also cannot leave a boot print in the sand without moisture. Last time I checked there is no atmosphere or water on the Moon. Did you ever see what the lander was made of? You wouldn't believe it. I could go on, but you probably wouldn't listen to reason, Trust your government. HA HA

    2. What extreme temperatures? It was only extreme during lunar NOON, not lunar MORNING, when the astronauts were there on the surface. And it's only the surface that gets hot, not empty space.

      The astronauts needed insulation in their boots to protect them from the heated surface, and their WHITE suits to reflect the sun's radiation. (Think about how a white car is much cooler in direct sunlight than a black car.)

  120. i wonder how much money have nASA invested into convincing people they landed on the moon i see here they hired specialists to write books make propaganda movies...really SAD

    1. People already know it's a fact. That's why scientists all over the world have verified the evidence. Because it's real.

      NASA doesn't care much about a handful of deluded conspiratards.

  121. Listen to this "although he was paid by nASA he stood on the case"....what a bunch of's so funny cuz till now i wasn't sure but seeing this propagandistic film i'm sure these profesional LIARS didnt land no way no where near the moon

    1. @vvindred:
      Tell us how you know this, otherwise I will put you down as a troll that is trolling.

      How old are you by the way?

  122. Stanley Kubrick.

  123. I'm in a quandry.Evidently,after reading some of these posts I myself am both a "conspiracy nut" and a Government theory believer.Why? I believe Lee Harvey Oswald DID NOT kill JFK or anyone else for that matter.I also believe Governments (all) are handing out tons of BS regarding the existence of UFO's.I also believe the terrorist attacks on 9/11 was a combination of factors(involvement) including high explosives planted in those buildings.As far as the moon landing goes--I believe it was for real.
    Regarding all these events: I think I'll just label myself a REALIST.

    1. Well said! I am with you 100%. Well maybe 66.6666...% It was real, they landed. I said 66.6666...% only because you said that you believe all governments are handing out tons of BS about UFO's. I believe that aswell but I am assuming you believe there to be aliens flying these UFO's which I do not. If in fact that is not what you meant then I am again with you 100%!

  124. Seriously!!!!! There are people who doubt the moon landings? Get an education and stop embarassing yourself.

  125. @Achems_Razor:

    Apollo 13 could have been staged as an exit strategy. A way for Nasa to end the theater. You can only fool an audience for so long.

    NASA could have dismissed these conspiratorial suspicions long ago if they had incontestable evidence. I don't think they have. It's reasonable to assume the images they showed us from the initial moon landing to--gasp--the Rover joy ride may not have been broadcast from the moon.

    1. @enzofloc:

      Exit strategy? Sorry, you better do some studying, Apollo 13 was supposed to be the third landing, 4 more after that, there were Apollo 14, 15, 16, and 17 manned mooned landing after Apollo 13. A total of six in all, counting the aborted Apollo 13 would of been 7 in all.

    2. ...

  126. Why did moon travel suddenly end? Why haven't we returned in the last 30 years? Did they have better technology in the 60's than they do today? Or were people naive enough back then to buy the hoax? I can believe we orbited the moon. But the landing, hopping around, take-off and re-connect with the command module is the stuff of science fiction. Really! An infinite number of things that could go wrong didn't.

    1. @enzofloc:

      Something did go wrong, Apollo 13, one of the seventh manned moon mission, the whole world was watching.

    2. Ha ha, yes and no. Something did go wrong on A13, but, you know, no one got hurt. In '67, '86, and '04, something went wrong and 3, 7, and 7 got killed respectively. But on this much more complicated larger scale manned moon mission, something goes wrong near the moon, but incredibly, they all come back with flying colors, not even an arm broken, and become "NASA's finest hour!". Isn't this cute? 17 get killed on the ground or in low earth orbit, but nary a finger gets broken in the seven astronomically more complex missions. So, yes and no. Something did go wrong, but not really wrong.

    3. Return? What for?

    4. What for can be a cop-out answer for anything. What do we need a space station for?

      I'll tell you what for. To prove skeptics like me wrong and to prove that science can actually send a person beyond the mere limits of communication satellites.

      China recently landed an unmanned craft on the moon. And there was no returning. I believe that's as much as NASA could ever have done several decades ago.

  127. To all those retardeds that believe in a huge lie staged by NASA regarding the Apollo manned missions, i have only 1 suggestion :
    Go to the nearest Astronomical Observatory, or aim a decent home telescope to the Tranquility Sea (and other points) of the Moon.
    And explain me how the hell did the american flags, the rovers, the O2 tanks, the battery cells and an infinite sort of all other kind of objects were put in there ???
    No further comments....

    1. I'm pretty certain that the most powerful telescope on earths surface cannot see the rovers, flags or any of the Appollo objects. It was only recently that our space telescopes documented the surface again. Many still see infractions in those photo's and deemed them faux. There's a defraction issue that blurrs the sight of objects ,such as a flag , due to earth's atmosphere. From Physics 101.

    2. Here's an article for us retards, and for the astute alexandre.

      Smallest Feature Visible on the Moon
      The main mirror in the HST has a diameter of 2.4 meters. Visible light has an average wavelength of about 0.5E-6 meters. The Moon is at a distance of 3.8E8 meters. Putting these numbers into the formula gives the size of the smallest feature that the Hubble Space Telescope can resolve on the Moon's surface. It is just under 100 meters.

      Flags are seldom this big, so Hubble Space Telescope images of the Moon can not resolve the flags or other objects left behind by the Apollo astronauts. To recognize a flag and see details, such as stars and stripes, would require resolving details as small as about a centimeter. This resolution would require a space telescope with a diameter of about 20 kilometers.

      Even though it can not see the flag on the Moon, the HST can resolve unprecedented detail.

      Further Reading
      Wilson, J.D., Buffa, A.J., and Lou, B., College Physics 6th ed., Pearson, 2007.

      Read more at Suite101:

    3. Is this a stupidity contest? If any telescope on earth can see those things how can there be any controversy. Did you see them by any chance? As Frank Zappa said, there's nothing available in more abundance than stupidity.

  128. @ Virakotxa:

    The footage of the module take off was only done on the last three (I believe) missions. Those were the missions with the lunar rover, the little "car" they drove around in. The rover had a camera on it that could be controlled from Earth (this camera was used for a lot of the footage of the astronauts working on the moon's surface, as well).

    Because of the signal delay between the moon and the Earth, the camera operator had to start sending the command to "pan up" to the camera a couple seconds before the module actually launched. I believe that he missed the ascent almost entirely on Apollo 15, got a lot better on Apollo 16, and nailed it almost perfectly on Apollo 17. If you ever see footage of the module ascending, it's probably from Apollo 17.

    - From the Bad Astronomy forum.

  129. The first sentence of the story above says it all for me
    .... Amid an era of global political suspicion the greatest conspiracy theory of all time casts doubt on what should be the greatest acheivement of the age...

    With all due respect to the gentleman who do not believe, every example they cite has to do with what would happen on Earth, the flag waving, the dust being disturbed, the movement of the astronauts, etc. This is not taking place on Earth, it's on the Moon. Have they ever supported their theories in the same environment or atmosphere as the astronauts. NO, remember they can't get to the Moon.

    Give me a break. Everything is not Area 51.

    1. Nasa has shown Images of the landing sites on the moon recently but tell me this, why did they fake the photographs on the moon? for me the only explanation is that they couldnt take photos on the moon because of the radiation and they faked them out of desperation or they didnt go and sent a self piloted lunar module and used some kind of robot or rover to create disturbances on the ground.
      Its sad that we havnt seen a man on the moon yet even if there has been one there, isnt that a good enough reason to fake the pictures but sad in reality because we havnt seen what the astronauts actually seen. Its a bummer.

    2. "why did they fake the photographs on the moon?"

      They didn't.

  130. With all due respect to these gentleman who undoubtely intelligent but I think misguided, they're basing all their theories on how things happen on Earth. Conditions on the moon are not the same, therefore results would not be the same. How in the world would they know the reaction of events taking place on the Moon. The movement of the flag , dust not being disturbed. Have they made these experiments on the Moon? No. They made the experiments they say support their theory on Earth.

    Scientifically, I do not see that any of their claims substantiate that this was a hoax. In fact the gentleman showing that these events did take place on the moon holds more credibility to me.

  131. Is it not so depressing that people are so adamant that the moon landing is a hoax that nothing could possibly convince them that they weren't? A true skeptic demands evidence, demands to be proven wrong. The moon landing deniers are not skeptics. They will never be shaken from their beliefs.

    1. answer me this, if the cameras used to take photographs on the moon had no viewfinder then how is it possible that photographs of the earth are so tiny in comparison to the massively oversized sun in these pictures? The earth should be bigger than the sun in them if you consider that from the earth the moon and the sun are the same size, hence the solar eclipse.

  132. after all is said and done ,we put science and politics aside common sense wise ,if the last day was December 1972 you guys are telling me that from that day till to day our science is still DULL to have better devices ,better exploring techniques and much intelligent individuals to carry out more trips to that location.If its true then Donald Tramp would be on holiday exploring the Damn Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. Going to the moon was a GIANT Lie, while orbiting the Earth at 200 miles is easy, the moon's distance of 238,000 miles makes fuel for a round trip of 476,000 miles, a landing, and fuel for moons blast off unlikely. After 8,000 miles from Earth the Radiation belts average 100 million electron volts-now how is anything not highly shielded going to pass through this?

    1. You clearly don't know the first thing about space travel. Once you reach a certain speed escaping earth's gravity (or the moon's, which is way less), you need very little fuel, only for corrections. Not to maintain speed.

      It's not like a car, you don't calculate the amount of fuel needed based on a mpg basis.

  134. For those that care plans are to go back to the moon, set up a station there as a stop off to reach mars. If your really interested research the subject , Nasa's future.

  135. Besides My
    Pastor of my church worked for Nasa back then, as i did later in my life. Come on Get a life. YOu cant tell one who taught by one who was there and then was there later in time that this was a fake. My pastor was there at Apollo 1. He taught me computers before there was a pc. Go blow your smoke at someone else.

  136. I am a ham radio operator I was doing it back then. I tracked the signals. and enve on one mission they took a Ham set with them, Directional antenna dont lie. We tracked the flight, and talked to them on the moon. Plus Any high quality Telescope could see the ship. As I had even then. Now convince me My ears and eyes were wrong. jeez waist of film and time for this one.

  137. At 26:23 you can see the reflection of a steel wire extending from the spacesuit as the astronaut jumps up, but it disappears due to apparent editing.

    1. LMAO .. & you can see the reflection off the antenna in other frames. Your fooled easily...

    2. Very TRUE, can see it clearly

  138. Conspiracy theorists are trailer dwelling cat collecting gnomes. They waste their time and every idiot that gets sucked into their bullshit. I can take any event and out a spin on it to where it looks like the sky is falling. All Hail the CHEMTARDS!!!!!

    1. Even if the conspiracy theorists are wrong that the moon landing was fake, we need to have somebody to challenge what the goverments and media say. We need somebody to do all the work and take out a spin on events, while we should listen to both sides and make our own conclusions. So, there is no need to calls them names and say that they are wasting time.

    2. I agree.. Some so called "Conspiracy Theory's" get declassified and turn out to be true, some are bat shit crazy, but the governments lied so many times its good to see people hold their feet to the fire... since the medias been bought off and no longer does it

    3. It's helpful to remember that many of the comments ridiculing the faked moon landing are from paid commentators - i've noticed what appears to be full court press on attacking people who notice how fake the moon landing footage and story is - even Google has arranged the search entries for 'moon landing hoax' in a way so as to offer websites attacking the fact that no humans have walked on the moon- first. It's also very important to remember that this is a crime - and that the criminals involved in this hoax can very well be prosecuted under state and federal law...

    4. I'd also mention the documentary that came out that features Kubrick's widow talking about how they faked the moon shots. The movie appears heavily edited; they've used this fact to try to claim that it's 'trick' movie - that it's actually a movie about 'conspiracy theories'. It looks like a movie was made about the fake moon landing and then edited by gov't(ZOG) spooks

    5. ...who then made it out to be a documentary about how 'conspiracy theories get started - yes, that's what they claim(!!?). I think if you watch some of it(those with firm grasp on reality)will come to the same conclusion as me - something just isn't right with this's far too convenient to claim that Kubrick's wife participated in a documentary about CT out of the good of heart(or needed the money?)..No. She tried to set the record straight and then they set the record. And Stanley died about the same time....

    6. steve button
      you claim that "many of the comments ridiculing the faked moon landing are from paid commentators". do you have proof for that? or are you calling many of the commenter s dishonest because they disagree with you?

    7. I am sorry to say, but this is a not a great comment...

      There are people who "challenge" popular beliefs, namely scientists. Not everything and everyone is influenced by the media or politics, sorry to debunk that. Science is usually the most critical resource you can find, you know. It is inherent to the way scientists work, think and provide real proof of something.

      Conspiracy theorists are mostly pseudo-scientific wannabe critics, with an utter lack of credibility, who have their own very questionable ways of "proving" something.

    8. Scientists may be more honest than politicians (that's not saying much though :) on average but it doesn't mean scientists are all above telling lies. They're also humans with the same kind of aspirations and greed as any other. You can cite countless big frauds by scientists: like the cold fusion fiasco in the '80s; South Korea's Hwang's stem cell fraud; Japan's Obokata faking another stem cell fraud this year leading to a suicide of another Japanese scientist. You wish scientists are all trustworthy and so on, but the world is not that simple. This debate on NASA's (alleged) hoax is also mostly the work of scientists, isn't it.

    9. Sweeping generalizations and name calling are childish and lame.

  139. these are strawman arguments/......what about the letters "C" on the rock and ground,or the photo with the button flap undone but somehow,amazingly,the video of the very same guy jumping in the air shows the flap buttoned...It would be like walking down the road at 7:05 a.m. and being filmed by two people. One film shows you wearing boots,and the other film shows you wearing sneakers....

  140. I just want to know why we never went back!?

    1. Because they don't have the permission of those they found there...

    2. Do you really want to know? I'll tell you anyway. The Moon missions were very expensive cold war stunts to prove that we were superior to the Russians.

      While they were amazing uses of 1960's technology and advanced the state of the art but we had no real plan other than to beat the Russians.

      Then when the Russian Lunar Program folded because of the complete and utter failure of their Saturn V class rocket the N-1 they were out of the race.

      Once we had beat them there and they were out of the race the Lunar program ran out of steam and 5 moon mission were canceled. Then NASA wanted a space station and a re-usable space plane (Shuttle) to service it. They got the Shuttle bot no space station to service.

      Then NASA hit on the idea of making the shuttle our national launch vehicle to ensure its survival. And since the Saturn V's were still around and capable of putting 5 times as much payload into orbit as a shuttle at less than 30% the cost and to keep the Shuttle center stage NASA destroyed all the Saturn V's in storage by turning them into gigantic museum displays. Also they intentionally destroyed our capability to build any more by: selling all the special tools needed to make Saturn V's as scrap metal. And they also destroyed thousands of Saturn V blueprints. With the beginning of the 1980's we didn't have and still don't have the hardware to go to the moon. Thats pretty much it.

    3. No blueprints and certainly no tooling equipment is ever destroyed especially any that was a part of history or hoax as you think. Conspiracy theorists are folks who minimal brains will not allow them to process a positive event and are paranoid schizophrenics . And their whole exsistance is based on whether corn flakes or Wheaties get soggy first.

    4. Google "John Lear tells all"

    5. We haven't went back to the moon in 42 years, that we are aware of!
      P.S: In the 1960's/70's , the U.S had the 'mole' project, placing astronauts in orbit to spy on Russia, until the technology made the effort obsolete. None of this was broadcast, and was unknown to the public. Is it far flung to imagine they just don't broadcast it anymore, and that it falls under national security? (something to consider)

  141. Elvis lives on the moon!

  142. pffffft you believe man didnt make it to the moon?

    its CLEAR that the moon isnt real and is just a hologram that is reflected on the dome that surrounds our planet which we use to protect us from invading aliens....

    god dont you guys know ANYTHING?!?!

  143. If you were going to perpetrate a hoax why in the hell would you:
    1) Build massive vehicles like the Saturn V?
    2) Why the methodical process of moving to rockets of increased size and performance over the years?
    3) Why would all the launches have been done under intense public scrutiny.

    If they were going to fake it they would have chosen lower cost options...just enough rocket to make it look plausible and conducted the launches under heavy security.

    The fact is that the enormous Saturn V is just the minimum size a chemical rocket must be to deliver the 3 man Apollo CSM + LEM (100,000lbs) to lunar orbit. Check the stats on the Soviets ill fated N-1and you'll see that they are quite similar in performance. 2 man Soyuz 7K-L3 + LK lander (65,000lbs). Why would two competing space agencies come up with the exact same formula? The reason is simple neither side was faking it and they were responding to the physical realities of the real world.

    Sometimes people that feel marginalized want to believe in a lot of absurd bullshit to make it all feel better. And the Moon Hoaxers are just about the most pathetic of these. They have no case.

    1. "Sometimes people that feel marginalized want to believe in a lot of absurd bullshit to make it all feel better."

      That's quite a sweeping generalization there. Laughable as an explanation for why people believe things, but certainly makes it easy for one to label and discard any info that contradicts what they want to believe.

    2. It's not a sweeping generalization at all. He said "sometimes", not "all the time". Nor is it laughable as an explanation for why people believe things, I think it's dead on. I will go further and say that I've never met or seen a conspiracy theorist who was a really intelligent person...ever. The arguments for conspiracy theories are always extremely bad and full of inconsistencies, but the theorists hold on to them like religious beliefs. Rarely, if ever, do these theorists have a scientific background - yet they always seem to know which things are possible or impossible scientifically. I mean, where are all the aerospace engineers who doubt the moon landings. Oh sorry, they must all in on it. Apparently only uneducated retards can figure this stuff out.

      A great example of this is the 911 conspiracies. One of my friends is totally convinced that the buildings could not have come down without the help of explosives, yet he has no education in engineering at all, not even high school physics. Any attempt to explain the positions and arguments of the engineering community is totally lost on him - because he is a moron!

      I don't even understand why people could even doubt the moon landings. We know that both Russia and the US have been to space many times, and have even built a space station. is it really so improbable that they walked on the moon?

      Why do I care? I just really, really dislike stupid people who don't know they're stupid - it's a pet peeve of mine

    3. excellent post. you are exactly right.

    4. There are people doubting the moon landing based on "science", but there are also (maybe even more) because of the implausibility of the transpired history. To put it simply: NASA succeeded in this monumentally difficult mission in 7/69. Then they do it again in 6 months? Why so soon in the face of such high costs and danger to people. Not only once but 7 times in total. Then stop for 42 years without doing any groundwork for returning to it if needed, so that they can't in 2014 even if they wanted to. If this picture doesn't arouse suspicion I don't know what will. If someone achieves a big success, he'll want to dwell on it, expand it, and escalate it to bring more fame and success. But NASA went the opposite way. They went back to the lowly earth orbiting and can't even repeat what they achieved in '69. Not only that they don't seem to want to make a big dear out of the big feat but keep it low. This picture just don't jive with human or organizational nature which is why so many people have gut reaction. The history of this thing is riddled with suspicions, and science is only secondary.

    5. I find it amusing that many CLOWNS that doubt the reality of the Moon landings despite the overwhelming physical evidence to the contrary find it easy to believe in Nazi flying saucers navigating interplanetary space using the power of the Vrill and anti gravity, that 9/11 was an inside job, that HARP can cause earthquakes, typhoons, tornadoes and control the minds of entire populations. You can believe in all that nonsense if it makes you happy. As for me, I'll stick to reality.

      And by the way my preparations for Dec/21/2012 DOOMS DAY will be to lay in a good supply of eggnog and rum to celebrate the holidays.

    6. @RC78: Just a thought - Wouldn´t it be fair to say that you can find several professors and other highly educated people in conspiratory documentaries, speaking for and not against the conspiracy theory?

    7. @?RC78:
      Not to sound big-headed, but I have an IQ of 147 (do you come close to this?), which I am more than able to use, and dismissed a membership in MENSA (since these people are actually f'ing each other about who is the smartest and effectively doing nothing because they have no influence on anything), and I do have a scientific degree from a German university.

      I met quite a lot of people you would call 'conspiracy theorists' who are pretty smart, actually smart enough to not dismiss a theory for which is evidence at hand. These guys also do not ridicule anyone, or generalize hundreds of millions of people as being 'not intelligent' or 'stupid'.

      In turn, I see a lot of self-proclaimed 'debunkers' who are using propaganda techniques like ridicule, harrassment, or defamation, and I seriously doubt that all of them have a degree (except for the temperature outside).

      Regarding your friend and 'scientific background', I'd say your friend might not have a scientific degree, or be smarter than you, but he obviously has more common sense than you do. No need for a degree when it comes to that.

      Every child can see that WTC 7 went down by a controlled demolition. The same children will not see any remainders of the planes on the 4 sites though.

      Just visit
      pilots for 911 truth dot org, or
      AE (architects and engineers) 911 truth dot org, or
      scientists for 911 truth dot org.

      But I know you will call them all stupid or push their arguments away, instead of putting proof on the table why they are wrong in all points - since you can't.

    8. you dont sound big headed - you just look ridiculous by pointing to some number which nobody gives a fiddlers fart about. You obviously have a science degree because your english is shocking, you'd think a 147 would be more well rounded. Get off the internet and read a book.

    9. So eloquent - and such a convincing evidence...

    10. There you go again. Just attack nitpicking about peripheral things like English. If you have the intelligence and energy to challenge anyone, keep to the subject. Your comment was just waste of anyone's time.

    11. @Xbow:
      One of the typical strategies of propaganda is to throw totally different theories together, of which some are total nonsense, in order to ridicule one or two of the other theories.

      It doesn't prove anything if any of these is right or wrong - all of them have to be examined individually anyway.

      9/11: The official commission report and the NIST report for the events on 9/11 are ridiculous. Even 6 of the members of the 9/11 commission themselves are asking for a new investigation. The NIST report stops when the actual collapse begins - no comment needed on that one.

      HAARP: It actually CAN create earthquakes - you should read the technical papers about it. Can it manipulate human minds? I don't know - but at least it's a fact that certain brain waves have the same frequencies HAARP is working with.

      The Moon Landing: Well, something doesn't seem to be right there. Either they haven't been there and faked the whole thing - or they have been there and then faked the images to hide something they found.

      I agree on the NFS - if the Germans would have had such a technology, there would be a NWO already, and the flag for the world would include a swastika.

      And with your permission I would like to join you celebrating 2013 New Years Eve. ;)

    12. The Saturn V has 150 million horse power 50 million over the payload, whats the problem. I think they need to go out to more trailer parks and interview more credible sources that obviously worked on or in the NASA program, and gather more factual get a life

  144. On another note....I don't have an opinion other than to say, I have heard interesting and quite strong arguments from both of these camps. "The NASA guys and the deniers."

    This particular video didn't tell me anything "earth shattering" that would prove anything either way.

    And as someone else in the post mentioned, I have stopped caring.

  145. all conspiracy theorists should put a disclaimer before anything they post

    *I am not an expert on any of the subject matter being discussed. I am not a physicist, engineer, explosions expert, geologist, astronomer, nor have ever been involved in military project in or around Area 51. In short, I really have no idea what the @*%$ I'm talking about, but I will continue to act like I do, use big words that I don't know the meaning of and stand idioticly by my belief that, because I have no concept of how something actually works, the goverment, New World Order, and or aliens are involved. Thank you.*

    1. Are you addressing anyone in particular, or just "conspiracy Theorists" in general?

      In my opinion, the reason that a "conspiracy theorist" exists, is based simply upon the FACT that conspiracies are a part of our history.

      Governments, above all other organizations have consistently lied to their populations to advance one agenda after another. This has occurred for generations.

      So based upon historical record and common sense... I guess, I TOO, am a "Conspiracy Theorist." As I have said in previous posts, if there was an official jacket to mark me as such, I would wear it proudly.

    2. I agree Jeremy, we should all stick our heads in the sand and believe anything our government tells us even though the facts state otherwise.

    3. you two are obviously missing the point, but what else would i expect? did you actually read the post? doesn't seem that way, as is always the case.

      yes, i was addressing conspiracy theorists in general. of course governments lie and hide truths. knowledge is a dangerous thing and just as dangerous as having no knowledge yet pretending you do. think of all the damage that could be done if just anyone could get their hands on goverment secrets. you think that just because you are citizen of a country you have the right to request a copy of the lastest weapons tech or have a copy of the security detail of goverment buildings sent by mail to your house?

      you say "even though the facts state otherwise"..what facts? the "facts" of a website in the far corner of the internet? Alex Jones' "facts"? Dylan Avery's "facts"? Bart Sibrel's "facts"? i can say for a FACT that 99.9% of conspiracy theorists have no degree in physics, engineering, explosions, geologyt, astronomy, etc. etc. yet, there's always that one .1% that say, "well this is possible if (this piece is right or that piece is missing)..." well of course, if the conditions are absolutely perfect anything is possible!!! but then you conspiracy theorists read it and say, "hey if that's possible, then that's the way it had to have happened. And instead of finding out for myself by doing the tiniest bit of research, i'll just pass this along as the truth and everyone else is hiding something because i read something by some guy who sounds technical and wrote an equation that i can't possibly understand so i'll assume it's right." and when that guy easily gets debunked, then it's, "oh well, ummm. there's this thermite paint they used on the supports shafts." or "the flag is flapping so it must be wind on earth" (ignoring every law of physics and kenetic energy in the process, BTW) or some other half-assed idea.

      i can also say for a FACT that i don't even know why i wasted my time replying. a 10 second search or a trip to the library will show you why these idiotic conspiracy theories are just that...idiotic. but i know you won't and you know you won't because the proof would shatter your little fantasy world of you being good and governments and anybody who can prove you wrong as bad.

    4. So, you choose the easy fantasy world that the unbiased media claims and your honest government would never lie because , well, they were voted by the people and you are a patriot and patriots trust there governments or else you are an evildoer. Why would people lie when there is only billions of dollars to be made? People never sell out others that would be capitalist ooops...

  146. @jason

    Hold your horses with slapping people who "question" this moon landing. There is very strong evidence that some of it was definitely "staged". Maybe it was a high-bred of staged and actual. I think I am going to sit this one out...I still have no clue. Contradicting info.

    @jason the the problem with governments and government bodies is...they LIE all the time. It's like dating a crack whore @Jason. You know every time she walks out the door and tells you she needs to borrow $20 to go get cigarettes, you know she is Lying. How many time do you need to catch the Crack Whore in a lie before you always question what she tells you? GEEZ I HAVE SOME ISSUES to work out ahhaaaa. Just a metaphor for government and government bodies. It's worse than 50/50 you ever get the truth vs propaganda.

    I want to believe we went...I really do.

  147. If we went then going back should be much easier now. Everything becomes easier the second time when it comes to hi-tech stuff.

    1. Of course. And it's not the second time but the 7th or 8th time depending on how you treat Apollo 13. This may be the only one time in human history where something gets so much more difficult for the 7th time 40 some years later that they cannot repeat it. The first seven times it was so cheap and easy they just repeat it like crazy every 6 months, then 40 some years later, with all the incredible technology advancement, they can't because it's expensive and difficult. I would like to see the inside of the heads that don't find this picture suspicious.

  148. The conspiracy theorists deserve a slap to the face for the incorrect knowledge!

  149. I am a fence sitter on this debate. Lot on at the time with the cold war. Governments lie all the time. I really don't know anymore. Lots of Pro/Lots of Con.

  150. Thanks Vlatko for all these great docs, they get me away from Call of Duty for a while.

  151. I don't believe man went to the moon and don't I really care anymore, I just can't wait for the fake Mars landings lol.

  152. but that ain`t possible,or to go again :))

  153. i think the best way to see if the moon landing is genuine is to search the flag of USA

  154. this documentary to me backfires entirely they have successfully proved it was possible to create the exact 'moon landing' on earth what evidence is there left to say they went to the moon

    1. why did they not discuss the crop marks on the is obvious
      manipulation of them...why

  155. I wanna watch the following movie Tango and Cash.

  156. @MIKE I would say it is 50-50 whether the United States walked on the moon, I think the pictures are all fake, apart from all the obvious stuff about the sun being too big and spotlight effects, physics which behave just like on earth except at a slower speed etc but the biggest giveaway is the photos from a previous NASA mission which are sitting on the leg of the LM in 250 degrees heat.
    However I've seen a video which if it is not fake which proves that it is possible to go past the van Allen belt, there is also photographs of the landing sites which appear to show large areas of disturbance from the footprints of the astronauts, this may have been touched up to look this way by the Japanese as part of the debt to the United States. They do owe the USA a lot when you think about it.

  157. I served in the US military and even as a minority, in those decades, I was ready to die for this country. I scolded some of my cousins watching Capricorn One on HBO back in the 70s. Then I saw NatGeo's debunking conspiracy theories, the more I was for the NASA side. Until,,,,I saw "A funny thing happened on the way to the moon". And the UFOTV from the Brits analyzing pictures, shades, hotspots etc.. Now if I am bias and unfair I would still side with NASA. Well, being with the Lord Jesus, the TRUTH IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW. And being fair, I would like to know more from both sides. As of now, sadly, I am leaning towards the conspiracy theories' side. Regardless, we as Americans, we should still love our country.

  158. @Sweevo I dont know what you mean lol

  159. antogonist 119
    So tell me why the dust does not "blow" around the place ?
    It just falls straght down.

  160. Think you missed a bit here Guys ,its not "dirt" but dust.
    Neil Armstrong said "It looked quite granny, but a closer look and it was a very fine powder"

  161. @Antagonist

    To attemt an answer to your questions:

    The spinning of the wheels cause dirt to be moved at a tangent to the circumference of the circle (wheel) at the point of contact with the ground. This is explained by the laws of circular motion that are taught in high school (Newtonian)physics.

    The motion of a particle in this case dirt will always move in a parabolic motion whatever the value of the gravitational force may be - The less gravity the more elongated the parabola - until the ideal situation of zero G straight line motion.

    To experiment with parabolic motion in different gravity situations a relatively simple mathematical model can be set up (Use the standard equations of projectile motion; they can be found in any physics book), where changes in the value of G will describe the required effect.

    To clarify. The motion will still be parabolic and for a more detailed description of the motion use the projectile motion equations to explore. Have fun.

  162. I agree that there hasnt been anyone sent to mars because we dont have the technology however concerning the moon the footage of the luna rover proves that the moon footage was not filmed on the moon, this is obvious for the simple reason that the dirt coming from the spinning of the wheels would not follow the same trajectory as it would on earth when the forces of gravity acting upon the dirt are completely different, how can 1/6 gravity cause dirt to behave like that on earth but at a slower speed of trajactory, it defies the laws of mathematics, can anyone explain?

  163. @Rob, like Achems said, the LARGE portion of fuel used in space travel is burned off when the craft is being launched. it sheds off the tanks that were holding the fuel, and saves only enough to get slight propulsion in space, or if they are landing, to land and take off. there is no problem with the fuel.

    your other problem was that we have launched many unmanned probes to mars but no men. we dont need to launch men there if we can do it with robots first. its cheaper and safer. also the time it would take to get to mars is roughly 260 days. that is one hell of a manned space trip.

    and i dont see how one case of a couple astronauts slightly losing vision would hinder any other evidence we have that shows our successful space explorations.

  164. @Rob:

    Your fuel trip question is something that is not even worthy of answering, every school kid knows or should know how the rocket fuel is used, only to escape gravity re, the Earth or the Moon. Or alter course somewhat. The rest of the trip the engines are shut off!!

    Are you just being funny, 20 probes to Mars? no men on board? gee, I wonder why?

  165. Ask one question to all free thinking people and be objective. Since the mid 1970's we have sent over 20 probes to mars and not one single mission had a man a board.
    Common sense would force us to simply ask why? In 2005 the space shuttle went to a height of 700 miles above the earth and CNN reported that the crew had trouble with there vision.
    The moon is 240,000 miles from earth. Now let us talk fuel.
    For a round trip to the moon and back it would take a craft the size of an ocean liner just to carry the fuel, 480,000
    miles round trip! Best wishes to all

  166. ha..ha damn man u can clearly see the wires they were attached to at 8 min...i am lmao here...

  167. The final "busted" nails in the coffin is that the NASA public relations office paniced when they found out that most young people do not believe that any man walked on the moon. When you have to explain over and over that the fish was that long, then you've got a believability problem. How many astronauts come back from supposedely walking on the moon, and then refuse to place their hand on the Bible and simply swear that actually did it. How could that be, unless they new in the heart that it never happened at all. Could you sleep at night knowing that your lies have been recorded for all time and eternity? Whats worse is that with 10 dead astronauts, those still alive know what hangs in the balance. Bill Cayce, and Ralph Rene' were right.

  168. This video has simply handpicked people who are obviously i@#$%^ and debunked the stupidity of there idiotic ideas but there are several points to consider. At around 32mins there is footage showing the astronauts answering the question about whether they seen any stars on the surface of the moon, if anyone has seen the whole footage of that incident they will know it has been edited to make the 3 of them look confident which was far from the reality. Proof this is nothing more than propaganda.

    In the video is says that when the LM landed it would not have disturbed the moon surface yet when the japanese surveyed the moon and showed one of these landing sites it was obvious to anyone there was a lot of disturbance to the moons surface. There is also no mention here of what caused the glint of the wires holding up the astronauts during moonwalks on various well known videos such as during the apollo 15 mission.

    Also in the photography of the moon the sun is significantly larger than the earth yet the sun should appear significantly smaller than the earth since from the earth the sun and the moon are equal in size evident by the solar eclipse. My verdict is that it is fake and poor attempts like this to attempt to prove they were real confirm there is no evidence that man walked on the moon

  169. Mythbusters kind of proved the theory wrong. I'm not trying to be a sheep or anything, but a lot of the biggest points against the moon landing are bull s@#$

  170. Wow this one has exploded into a message board for disenfranchised paranoid shut-ins. Man do I hate Google and their keyword searches. Oh how I wish that Vlatko's amazing site could only be found by entering Intellectual Conversation in conjunction with Sane into the search field.

  171. best evidence that man landed on the moon. 72 year old Edwin "buzz" Aldrin at a 30 year reunion being told that he is a fraud, and punches the man in the head. Strap 5 million pounds of high explosive to your rear-end, land on the moon and some i@#$% tells you it was a hoax. Sounds like an appropriate response from someone who did what he said he did, especially at that age!

  172. I find conspiracy theories pathetic, but I'd say that this documentary's goal is not to inform, but to persuade

  173. sorry hats off to the GM for alowing me for the link for the "Fake moon landings"
    When I seen it for the 1st time I p***** myself
    hint :- there is others out there, but they are are fakes made by NASA

  174. Thank you guys , just a wee bit of fun to the subjet, but trut me I was born in 1955 and smell bs when I see it
    I cold spot bs till time ends
    The truth is the USA did do it
    I am not a hick, but an engineer ,some of my stuff is very cool but one would not shout about it.
    I take my hat of to the Yanks fot hat one.
    Masher1 relax, you know fa about THE pro9jet and your explenations are Non¢ents.
    I dont think you will see that ^^
    There is no way they they could fake the luner landings/take off in 1969, this is not Spelberg we are are taking about.

  175. Ha,Ha, now I know where @Masher 1, gets his information from!

  176. @sweevo
    lol i guess that is as good as other evidence

  177. #

    If they had done it 50 years ago, why aren’t they doing it today. I don’t even trust their Roving Mars project.

    Havent you noticed but the whole bloody planet is skint

  178. If they had done it 50 years ago, why aren't they doing it today. I don't even trust their Roving Mars project.

  179. @Masher1:

    Okay Masher, now I am thoroughly convinced you do not have a clue what you are talking about, just giving us more meaningless words because you figure that they sound good!


    That is a good one, you figure that your empire of USA is the only one that is more technologically advanced then others. The Russians where basically at par with USA, if not more advanced in some respects.
    And you better look to China right now, it seems like they may take over the Moon very shortly unless USA Gets off there @ss.

  180. Reason for movement of that flag is proof if interpreted correctly. The movement is not rational. It is on record and the effects doing the movement can be extrapolated if one were to do the work.

    Try it.

    Lack or rotational movement of the flag brace whilst the tip of the flag passes through some 70 degrees of movement is telling a you something.

    If you are willing to hear what it is is up to you.

    All the things about every one of the anomalous things seen in the so called live feed from the moon has done when combined a mortal blow to the moon shot movie.

    Many have seen. Many more will know soon enough. For those that have been looking we know already. In my opinion naturally! But we still see and know even if emotional blindness on a massif scale persists.

    Assumptions on the Russian,Japanese and Chinese motive for their not blowing it open will swirl but IT WILL BE KNOWN soon enough. topics with this level of emotional involvement built on lies and run on a long enough time like will always unravel.... Always.

  181. Sorry, I meant FCC.

  182. I've watched 4 docs today on this subject and have been open minded about both sides. I am convinced that it was a fake. Anybody can dispute anything when they sound smart enough, and have an English accent. Don't you think scientists could have obtained their samples from unmanned spacecrafts? There is a lot I can say, but honestly, do you think the FDA will approve a documentary for national TV that will say "Look, our Gov't really is F***ing us around, and everything was a fake". Not a chance.

    And I bet the Russians didn't say anything because they didn't know. Just because American Gov't had spyware up doesn't mean they can assume Russians did. And I highly doubt they would be talking about top secret material just anywhere...

    Don't believe something so easily, and make sure you indeed do your homework. In the days of free speech and old top secret files, the truth only lies in what you believe.

  183. Well i don't know if this thing really happen or not, but considering time when it happen and reason behind doing this act, i believe this mission could be hoax. Both USA and USSR were at extreme point of cold war, and they end up showing false technology to world just to avoid each other head on.. And my valid argument is "why on earth that mankind need to land on moon" considering cost for whole project during that time?

    Our argument should be "did we achieve anything from moon landing or not" I mean if Government put this whole lot of money for moon landing, what did they achieve? E.T technology? Unrevealed physics? Element of life?

    well nothing but rocks of moon which is useful in Museum right now. so I don't believe that these people really spend this much time, effort and money to achieve nothing, simply they didn't do it.

    BTW i might be all wrong, but it's just my thought, same as yours..

  184. Humans are circa 70% water. As an obvious result their survivability revolves to a great deal around maintaining this ratio. Now; on the moon it's around 110 degrees celsius in the day and around minus 150 degrees in the night. The moon takes 27 earth day to rotate around its axis which means that if you are somewhere on the moon it will be sunlight for 13-14 days and then darkness for 13-14 days. Earth days that is. Hollywood TV days.

    Those astronauts were allegedly strolling around for 3 earth days on the moon in 110 degrees celsius temperature. How the freak did they survive that? Batteries says NASA, I´m not buying that ...

  185. @masher1:

    Anomaly's and Anomalies mean the same thing! So quit the Caps.

    Australia monitored the moon shots from day one.

    In a vacuum when you give an object motion it will go in that motion forever, that is why the flag appeared to be waving. (simplified)

  186. @ masher1
    everything you say is opinion (and you are allowed to have 1) but where is your proof for your claims why would japan confirm the landing (see selene) why would other countries not disprove it, why did russian tracking devices confirm the landing (see ronald sagdeev former director of soviet space institute) please show proof for your claims not arguments and opinions against the accepted claims.

  187. i love watching all the conspiracy theorists use the airtight logic of The Argument from Incredulity.

    "well i dont understand how it works so it cant be real!!!"

  188. Well Some force is moving that flag. Every single explanation is an obvious cover to hide the facts of the FORCE moving it.

    Saying that there is thorough explanation is not proving it. The ability of thousands of normal folks to see the lie even in the face of tons of PAID documentary hoax debunking films and what not is not proof either.

    The T.V. broadcast is proof. The things proved can not be just shoved aside with 'denier' and 'conspiracy theory' rhetoric.

    Everyone that seen those ANOMALIES knows the meaning of them. Those same folks that have waded through the resulting explanations have seen the lies and the need to cover up their mistakes hence the entire propaganda campaign to sow doubts of the anomalies and their importance.

    The serious import of these anomalies and the amount of time and MONEY spent in all the arenas to keep the masses conned into thinking man was on the moon in person doing work and science whilst exploring our satellite moon tells a tale far more than the obvious wind effect on that flag.... OBVIOUS.

    We live in a world with failures like Challenger,Colombia,Mir,Skylab,Ranger 1 through 6,MARS Climate Orbiter,Hubble,Apollo 18,19 and on and on and we are to believe the most complex and dangerous missions ever went without any serious troubles until the Apollo 13 mission... The 13 is a clue. Getting to that mission without serious troubles with the level of technology of the era being used is not too realistic in light of the other projects and the failures of the early days knowledge in space exploration.

    "Failure is not an option"

    Accidents were written out of the narrative to ensure continued long term funding of the weaponization of space.
    Nothing was going to interfere with the revenues needed to develop ballistic missiles along with development and testing of nuclear weapons.

    The ability of the War machine to do everything and to develop into the required venues hinges upon a successful moon shot to enable the masses to self induce a sense of superiority in the USA and it's ability to master everything related to space.

    sure they took the high ground. Sure they filled the orbit with satellites. Sure they developed the nuke and the ballistic missile to carry it BUT putting boots on the moon never happened. If it had the rush to weaponize the moon would NEVER be stopped. The moon would bristle with bases of military and industrial might.

    Seeing as we never went back with all the subsequent developments in space exploitation at our disposal to draw upon is a TRUTH of the failures of the moon shot movie. A failure we all see with the ANOMALIES daring us not to see the truth of the tricks used to enact the space race into reality.

    Man on the moon is a lie and every denial of this fact rings with a hollow desperate tone EVERY time it is evoked. Ol Buzz saw to that Very Well indeed. Forget Dust,Flags and cosmic radiation.... Everyone supporting this face is not up to the job of the con and they all look like the liars. Spotting a lie and an anomaly is the most precious gift a freeman can ever have at his disposal.

    Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr is a liar in my opinion. His behavior and demeanor SCREAM this from the hilltops for all to hear.

    Mr Achems Razor Pleas tell me this IF the NASA boys knew the contrast would be an issue with seeing stars on film why did they not provide film to compensate for the contrast issue with appropriate films,cameras? Provide glare shields? Tripods? I bet those images would be of significant value to plenty of science types.

    If i was walking on the moon i would have imaged as many of the constellations as my time and position on the moon would permit. But this lack of images is a truth. The truth is the smart astronomer could and would spot the faked images in time so they were also written out of the script.

  189. @Masher:

    I'm flabbergasted, just because you see flag waving on the moon, you figure air must be moving it.

    It seems you really do not know what you are talking about. On most of the moon docs here on TDF. that has already been explained thoroughly. As with most other anomaly's.

    Also haven't a clue of what you are talking about with your dust thing on the moon, as I suspect either do you.

  190. I would say this The atmosphere does not render the effects noted by many regarding the anomalous discrepancy's in the rates of fall observed in the 1/6 Gravity AND ZERO ATMOSPHERE.

    On the moon air has ZERO effect! As i have said logic is your friend. I get air is a factor BUT not on the moon.

    Same reason the waving flag is so hard to excuse with talk of Chain mail like wiping or resonating aluminum tubing. The human brain has a wonderful capacity to spot and uncover anomalies in things like this and just screams baloney is afoot!

    The flag is never going to be properly explained because the observer will always sniff out the deception using simple logic and observation to deduce what it SHOULD be doing.

    The whole flag issue and lack of reasonable explanation has done way more than most other errors in the moon shot movie. Anyone can look at that flag video and use logic to see the air moving it not some resonating tube or physical wiping effect.

    1. When "the human brain has a wonderful capacity to spot and uncover anomalies" its because something is/isn't acting/doing what we EXPECT. Our brains have trained to expect certain reactions to given stimuli - the wind blows, flags flutter; a car drives in dirt, we see dust clouds; etc.
      Our brains pretty much have to "re-learn" when we see objects behaving differently on a strange moon where less gravity means different physical behaviors.

  191. @Masher 1:

    You say atmosphere has no effect on dust? well it most certainly does!

    Air/atmosphere is a medium, just as water is a medium, where do you think that you get air pressure from? falling bodies will, and do fall faster when there is no medium holding them back is in "water" or "air/atmosphere".

  192. The Lunar Roving Vehicle had a mass of 210 kg and was designed to hold a payload of an additional 490 kg on the lunar surface. The frame was 3.1 meters long with a wheelbase of 2.3 meters. The maximum height was 1.14 meters.

    The Lunar Module dimensions:
    Height: 17.9 feet (5.5 m)
    Width: 14.0 feet (4.3 m)
    Depth: 13.3 feet (4.1 m)

    As you can see, plenty of room... With a bit of professional interior design, anything can be made to look the way the designer wants it to appear.....

    But I'm not trying here to prove you wrong on the issue of landing, I'm only saying that this line of argument is not the best way of proving anything. Things can be faked.

    I'd recommend watching In the Shadow of the Moon. Personally, I couldn't be persuaded that landings did take place by any scientific argument put forth prior to watching it. What made all the difference in the world for me in this one were the interviews with the astronauts - the way they were talking about their lunar experiences could not be faked in my eyes. They were sincere and that's when I had to accept that they actually walked up there :)

  193. The Space Power Facility is not big enough for the vidio shot with the moon buggy, that is very obious so you can take that out of the equation.

  194. the sceptics other problem with the their shadow theory is that if there really was two light sources then surely two shadows should be cast completely disproving their theory.

  195. @Creatio-whaa!? And YOU Sir you can manipulate virtually any fact or observation to support your position as well.

    "There has to be some way to disprove your theory of world domination, the Illuminati, trilateral commission, Apollo 11 hoax, whatever."

    There is it is called LOGIC. You might employ some for your own health.

    As to it being my theories.... well you seem to think so so i guess you will have to labor on with your bias and keep up the games you play.

    As to your other Questions i think i have been plain enough to comprehend. If not..... Logic is your friend.

  196. Air resistance is not a factor. Gravity is going to work the same on dust and space man alike. Seeing them not is proof of some trick. Air resistance will not do anything to falling bodies. Thinking air has any effect on making the dust fall faster than the man is wrong. Both SHOULD fall at the same rate unless there is another factor to prevent it.

  197. @ Creatio-whaa!?

    I thought I did a pretty good job in bringing 9/11 into a moon hoax blog too :)

    You are right. I probably did go off the track but there was "method in the madness" in so far as I was responding to your reference to "conspiracy theories". Most people tend to lump 9/11 in with moon hoax & JFK when they refer to "conspiracy theories".
    The point I was trying to make by the cross reference is that just as their are lots of professionals who question 9/11, there are some thinking people who question the moon landing too.

    It made sense to me at the time...
    Just as well I didn't say anything about Lee Harvey Oswald shooting the video!
    Maybe I shouldn't write this stuff after midnight...

    Oh well! It was worth a try.

    Thanks for the free personality analysis too!

  198. @Brett

    LOL I love how you managed to twist the response back around to 9-11 on a "man never went to the moon" debunking comment board. I'm not really interested in discussing or arguing about 9-11 because a) this isn't really an appropriate place, b) I frankly won't take much of anything you say with any seriousness, and c) you have no interest in changing your point of view, so why bother with any sort of argument? To be fair, I don't have much interest in changing my POV on either the moon or 9-11 either. As my original post made clear, if all you have to bring to the table is the same speculation and insinuation, you aren't going to get anywhere with me.


    I don't have any interest in arguing "facts" with you. Once again, all you have is speculation, guesswork, and insinuation. Trying to argue against self-induced Cassandra complexes is a hopeless battle. The structure of your conceptualization of the "truth" is such that nothing can possibly disprove it, and in most cases you can manipulate virtually any fact or observation to support your position. The key to a legitimate theory versus 'conspiracy' theory (in the vernacular sense of "fringe theory") is the component of falsifiability. There has to be some way to disprove your theory of world domination, the Illuminati, trilateral commission, Apollo 11 hoax, whatever. So, I ask you two specific things:

    1) What, exactly, do you believe and disbelieve occurred surrounding Apollo 11 and subsequent human missions to the moon's surface?

    2) What, exactly, would you accept as evidence to demonstrate that YOUR explanation of those events is false?

  199. If The man kicking up the dust is in a harness to mimic the 1/6 gravity and the video is shot on earth then the dust would hit the ground at earth norm and the man in the rig will hit at the desired 1/6 rate they would have you think was shot on the moon. As you say the dust IS telling you a tale... It is telling you the gravitational constant is earth norm and the error is in the man not following this constant. Hence the man is in a rig to simulate his mass to 1/6 rate.. Also a rig i might add this very movie clearly shows at work. This rig used to simulate a moon gravity of 1/6 rate of earth shown to be error by the dust coming down at earth normal rate and man doing so later... his doing so is PROOF of the deception as sure as gravity is going to always going to react to any mass the same if the masses are all dropping in the same gravitational field without outside resistance affecting rate. The video of the hippity hoppity moon walks have errors associated with this 1/6 gravity simulator rig. The debunking done on earth and then slowed down to show the effects were done without the 1/6 gravity sim rig so don't have the light in the feet looks of the film record.

  200. Dust will fall at 1/6 the speed on the moon. Not VERY QUICKLY! 1/6 of the speed... That means Slower than on earth. Lack of atmosphere has no effect. Gravitation pulls the dust back to the surface. 1/6 the gravity then 1/6 the speed of fall. Very basic.

  201. Dust will not act weirdly on the Moon, it will act according to gravity in a vacuum, and yes the moon is in a vacuum. No atmosphere! dust will surge upwards only as much as the momentum carries it and fall right back down very quickly!

    How about perusing that site I gave, it explains all.

  202. So what your are saying is gravity is somehow not going to do it's job on the moon? Dust will act some how weirdly on the moon even with the 1/6 gravitation?

    Seeing as time code is not directly encoded onto the video you seem to be doing these measurements with Who is to say anything of rational value on video measurement of dust or how it's going to react.. It's like the guy saying the aluminum frame was resonating causing the waving flag but without a time code empirical measurements are all subjective.

    I will say this the cross hair thing is a good place to see some baloney at work. Where are these registration marks introduced into the film record? I mean are they in the lenses? On the Film? Placed on during processing? Added after processing? Who knows?

    I have not seen any proof the rocket motor exhaust subject using photos can be explained. We all see the clearly undisturbed areas that should be disturbed. No VERY disturbed! The exhaust would blast this dust above the top of the lander and a certain percentage WOULD be present as fallout upon every up turned surface. We all can see that is not so for the landers seen in the photo record.

    Go ahead and find one shot where dust is present on the lander feet. Every shot i have seen it looks like the lander was placed with a crane, None of the shots have me thinking Rocket motor and blasting hot chemical rocket exhaust preventing the landers mass from crashing into the soil.

    The photos of the landing sites just don't show rocket motor effects and SHOULD. No reasonable accounts have dealt with this issue. the waving flag had never been dealt with. Those reg marks. The lack of radiation effects upon the film exposed inside the limited shielding of the cameras was ever dealt with. Some of those camera film packs were exposed for some time to space. None of the film i have seen has any rad damage at all... Not too likely in my estimate seeing as the moon has no atmosphere to block them out and even minor rays will cause film to react.

    As i see it this film does far more to add fuel to the fire of faked moon shot than it does in refuting any of the subjects covered.

  203. @Sweevo: is right about the dust thing!
    Check the link that @Pete: provided on..."A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon" on TDF blog 6.

  204. ok Masher1 you seem to be the top man with this then tell me the story to this :-
    On several of the moon misions there was a moon rover and we seen the astronauts driving about and kicking a lot of dust around, the dust does not float about but falls straght down, how did they fake this and you can see with the guys jumping the dust hits the moons surface before they do too :)
    Ok big guy answer that one lol
    and plz dont tell that s**** about "giant vacum chamber"

  205. So laser reflector seems to be the strongest refuter of hoax theory.

    REFLECTOR: So just Why is it that man had to go to the moon to place a reflector there???

    Could these reflections be procured with Probe type instruments shot up there?

    Could they be a product of as i have said already by a scattering of sand sized glass reflectors like the center line paint used on every modern road?.

    I tend to the Reflective glass sand idea on ease of deployment and the fact the laser beam would be some miles wide in area and the return would be even wider still upon reflection back to earth even from the most precise laser. Atmospheric distortions aside.

    Contrary to Mr Goldfinger REGARDLESS of the level of extraordinary light the laser emits the ability to project a SPOT on the moon is not possible... not even a foot or two in diameter through the atmosphere and it's resultant distortions even if you negate the error of the two reflective surfaces that make a laser beam possible.

    The area the most precise laser would project would be measured in MILES not feet or inches. The power of such a return?? How many photons would come from such a device as the lunar ranging experiment from the miles wide beam after transmission through the thick atmosphere then the long range distance to the moon TWO times?

    Can any independent person replicate these tests and come up with a power level to refute or confirm the tale of the hand placed reflector story? Not even close. Is it more plausible that a field of cells of reflective material is there giving this return? A field of material dispersed by a missile designed to scatter this reflective sand? A substance i might add that has been in use on roads the world over for fifty years before the moon shot movie. I can buy that from the technology of the times and could even buy that the reflections are from Natural occurring glass particles native to the lunar soil makeup long before i will believe Man propped up a 2 foot box reflector there to shoot lasers at.

    ROCKET MOTOR: We are to buy that the landers all set down on the moon Under power and did not blast out the soft light talc like powder from under the lander main motor exhaust?? And we are to buy that the soft and light powder all just vanished? "Kicking up some dust" was the quote. And where is all the dust that would fallout onto the lander after the kicking up dust event? I have seen all the pictures and not one of the landers have ANY of the expected dust fallout present. Most noteworthy being the dishes at the end of the lander legs are clean and uncontaminated with this soft talc. This movie did not try to explain this fact of photographic omission by just not mentioning it because of the need not to call any unwanted attention to the missing dust coatings that would have been present "If"

    PHOTOS: How many were taken? Funny that not one is blurred or that they all seem perfectly framed. Funny that of every frame of film that was supposedly exposed on the moon not one shows ANY radiation anomalies AT ALL. Funny that even with the exposure limits not even one attempt was made to image the stars as far as i can tell. All those rolls of film and not one try? Magnificent Desolation abounds and they just deem stars not a relevant target for at least one attempt of historical record? Another convenient omission i think.

    COMPUTER ABILITY: Neil Armstrong almost bought the farm in a simulator that was not up to the task of doing the job. The footage is seen in this film. Now we are supposed to buy that Apollo turned the tide of serious operational problems and managed 6 successful landings using MANUAL control with a untested lander system? Did they work out the bugs 100% on their first try? Then managed to outfit the other five landers with this info in time to operate? Plausible? I think not.

    As you peel this onion of outrageous story telling one has to come to the conclusion that getting the funding for future projects hinged on a SUCCESSFUL in all respects moon shot program. Having it shoved into everyone's face as a done deal was REQUIRED to maintain many black programs relying on it's successes to continue NASA black hole budgets into the many years to come.

    Emotional blindness held the truth at bay. Logic and Cosmic Radiation Put the nail in Sibrel's hand Buzz's lack of control hammered the coffin shut. And God's own gift of Rationality to man buried it six feet under and no amount of disparaging comments like "Conspiracy theorist" or "Moon shot denier" Will ever exhume it form it's liars grave.

    One Day truth will visit for good on the moon shot hoax/Hollywood movie and i will be laughing the hardest at the ardent Apollo supporters.

    One Day.

  206. "The official story is plausible and is supported by the preponderance of available evidence."

    For the cost of 30 billion i would think it would.

    But even at 60 or 100 Billion dollars cost it would still be a lie regardless of it's cost. A cost the person being told the lie was expected to pay. And cost is all the program did to the average person.

    Those INVESTED science types and their part in the whole affair is just another proof of the well worn tracks of propaganda and it's players. Many feed at the trough of a lie and it's sale to the fleeced... Some are still here right now PROPPING up the old lie with name calling trite, More proof.

    We can see the lie. We can SEE the liars. They are lame and stupid to think we do not. Propaganda is only useful for a limited time because this world is filled with persons for who truth is NOT optional. Truth is always laid bare because TRUTH is right and LIES are wrong.

    9/11 was a lie from the git-go if you listen to the Government/Media/Bankers and Military. Everything they said is to push PROPAGANDA (LIES) upon our lives. Any look at the moon shot using "Truth is not optional" as a credo will without doubt come to the truth without any trouble whatsoever.

    The other thing this comment stream is proving is that once started a lie of this size requires ever larger and longer lies to support it and its powers the further down the time line you go.

    Just one little comment with a teaspoon of truth can torpedo a whole tone of carefully crafted lies from the highest places of power. This is the real reason moon shot supporters work so hard and we just have to learn the real and true.... Truth is and will always be truth. Lies require lots of work and support to maintain.

    And Ron sorry to say but yes sir it is and was your cash. Not one human on this rock is able to side step the costs of this grand epic movie of lunar conquest. Not ONE. That's for sure a truth.

    1. Just one little comment with a teaspoon of truth can torpedo a whole tone of carefully crafted lies from the highest places of power. Excellent!

  207. I find it rather funny that many people wag their collective finger at religion while they worship at the alter of science. Condemning the dogmatic views of religion while embracing the dogmatic views of science - trading the white collar for a white lab coat. Science is just as guilty of prejudice and bias just as religion is.
    By looking at the effect the moon landings had on the american psyche, you can see how it serves to enforce feelings of patriotism. To question it immediatley conjures angry emotions in all who take what the gov't or scientists say on faith. In the age of television we have grown intellectually lazy, and forgot how to think for ourselves, preferring to let others think for us. Speaking for myself, upon watching this film juxtaposed with conspiracy films, i find the evidence suggests the moon landings was false. Don't know for sure, only beyond a reasonalbe doubt.

  208. @ Creatio-whaa!?

    Again a post that relies on a bit of name calling but disappointingly little content.

    The mixed metaphors were good though - snowflakes amongst drab sheep - I like!

    I am interested in the list of "lunie" conspiracy theories you mentioned. Have you looked deeply into them or just had a cursory look?
    I'm not saying whether they are true or not. I'm just wondering how deep you look into things?

    Why I ask is that you also said -
    "Sway the consensus of the scientific and engineering communities".

    Perhaps you are not aware but there are plenty of scientific & professional groups adding their expertise to the search for truth.
    Maybe look into the following list of organisations. They all have websites where you can learn more.

    * Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
    * Firefighters for 9/11 Truth
    * Intelligence Officers for 9/11 Truth
    * Lawyers for 9/11 Truth
    * Media Professionals for 9/11 Truth
    * Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth
    * Patriots Question 9/11
    * Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth
    * Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth
    * Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice
    * Scientists - Journal of 9/11 Studies
    * Researchers - Complete 911 Timeline

    Now that should put to rest all this talk about professionals not having their doubts about what governments say at times.

    Cheers & I hope you enjoy the research


  209. I love how a documentary that debunks the moon landing conspiracy nonsense eventually leads to a discussion on 9-11 hoaxes...

    In my view, the official Apollo story is plausible. All the facts corroborate each other from SO many different angles; tracking NASA budget spending on rocket parts, transport records for components from the manufacturer to NASA, communications tracking from dozens of relay stations around the globe, moon rocks, reflectors left by the astronauts, thousands of employees and contractors: engineers, administrators, janitors, technicians, both American and foreign, across how many states? countries? continents? And the entire scientific and aerospace engineering community... The percentage of aerospace engineers or astrophysicists who deny Apollo 11 is smaller than biologists that deny evolution. Not to mention the fact that the USSR/Russia and its entire space program's resources either A) were unable to detect this fraud (which would have been absurdly easy for them) or B) they're somehow in on the conspiracy too, which is equally ludicrous. IF the Soviets could have decisively demonstrated Apollo 11's status as a hoax, they stood to benefit in a huge way. Any yet they didn't, and they haven't for over 40 years. The thought that they did know and chose to bite their tongue for some reason is silly.

    The claim that "man has walked on the moon" is indeed pretty incredible, but given all these interlocking, corroborating facts that have stood scrutiny more than 40 years, it becomes plausible. Moreover, what do you have in your arsenal to debunk these claims? Nitpicking over grainy images and videos to point out discrepancies that your "expert" eye is qualified to evaluate? Speculation about interplanetary radiation, of which you have no technical education? All the "lunie" conspiracy hoaxers have is speculation, speculation, speculation, and more speculation.

    "Look at these shadows! This angle right here proves they're in a studio!"

    "Think about the war in Vietnam, man. This is totally a black-ops cover-up to funnel money to CIA and SOCOM operations in Cambodia and Laos."

    "Two words: 'cosmic radiation' dude. Wikipedia says those rays are deadly! The LEM was just tin foil!"

    "LBJ was just staging this as a false flag to keep public scrutiny off of his involvement in JFK's assassination."

    And on and on...

    Look, if you get some sort of comfort out of your tin foil hats and the psychological effect of convincing yourself that you posses insight and analytical skills that everyone else lacks, then good for you. Conspiracy theories are seductive for just that reason: they permit you to indulge in self-induced paranoia and/or Cassandra complexes, and they give you a reason to feel like a unique and special snowflake amongst a crowd of drab, deluded sheep.

    But the reality is that all your claims rely completely and totally on pure, unadulterated speculation, and are frequently contrary to available data. That isn't good enough. The official story is plausible and is supported by the preponderance of available evidence. Moreover, every argument I've heard presented by "lunies" has been rebutted by plausible, reasonable responses. If you honestly want to convince me or you expect to be taken with any ounce of seriousness, speculation isn't going to cut it. Show me several articles published by experts across multiple fields in reputable scientific journals that debunks Apollo. Sway the consensus of the scientific and engineering communities. Find me a couple of former employees (who were directly involved in the scam) who want to spill the beans after all these years. Etc, etc, etc...

    You can't do it. Period. All you got is speculation. Sorry, that isn't good enough for me and in the meantime, I have little tolerance or desire to enable your Cassandra complex.

    Oh, and same for 9-11 "inside job" hogwash too!

  210. @ Tim
    Thanks Tim.
    That was the point behind me mentioning the 9/11 stuff earlier in regards to the moon landing question.
    Those who have an alternative view to the governments may not have the details worked out, but as you pointed out, the official story is obviously not true. Therefore if they have not told the truth in regards to 9/11, it is not illogical to suggest that with the inconsistencies in the official moon landing accounts, that maybe they could also have manipulated the truth there also.

    I find it quite interesting how many people are willing to critisise empirical analysis in favour of nationalistic loyalty.

    All we are saying is why not lay the 2 theories out for examination.

    The governments account Vs Alternative accounts.

    Gather the available evidence and see what the evidence points to.

  211. Sorry to interject, but when it comes to 9/11, ok maybe the "conspiracy theorist" are wrong about how it all went down, but we know the gov't is lying. So I think that's the main point. The official story is a lie. Maybe its a half truth, maybe there is an element of truth, but it is definitely not the full truth. Which is a crime in itself when so many lost their lives.

  212. @ron i am the farthest thing from a christian.And they didnt need to plant WMDS its easy enough to just say there are. And then make up some sort of group that threatans national security.And heres 1 more fun fact,the chinease hired the man who bult the twin towers to make a pretty much indistructable with it what you will.

  213. @ Ron

    Just a tip mate.
    In your comments to Masher you suggested collecting like minded people.
    Well, you probably don't know but there are lots of professional groups in the movement.

    Pilots for 9/11 truth
    Engineers for 9/11 truth
    Architects for 9/11 truth etc.

    So maybe don't point people in this direction because it breaks your character and we wouldn't want that would we?

    Just stick with the simple stuff with maybe add a "Na na na na na!" at the end.

    Cheers & keep up the good work!


  214. @BuckOhFive4Freedom
    Sorry Mate!
    I promise I'll try to keep reason out of the argument in future.
    As you appear to have found out also, it gets one nowhere.
    You need to get a friend like Ron to help.

    You are brilliant man!
    You stay in character so well.
    I would be really struggling to prove my point without your help.
    Any time you feel like commenting on my posts, please do. It helps my cause more than you will ever know.
    So thanks again!



  215. ...and after much rambling, Ron comes out on top with a loud "You don't like it, you can GET OUTTT!!!!"

    and the crowd goes quiet indeed. Speaking for myself, I was in awe by how you could write so much, without having really said anything at all.

    BTW based on your prejudice of Christianity, I think you would actually enjoy Zeitgeist - might be right up your alley.

  216. Masher it is your money not mine.

    You people will never believe. It is in your nature to believe what you believe. The next group to go on the moon will show you and you will come up with the same arguments or find new ones. Its pointless. Just like religion and faith. You believe in documentaries like Zeitguist but a 14 year program that put people on the moon is a farce.

    Some here say that people could not gain the experience or knoweldge to fly planes into buildings. But they have no proof on what is possible behind the controls of a plane because those same people have nevre flown a plane. If you have money you can pay to learn to fly. If you have a brain and you have money and all your limbs you can fly. I know. I see it everyday. It takes experience however to be good. But flying low level the pentagon was an easy target though people say that could not happen. They say it could not happen because they have never flown or worked in the industry to see who or what mentality or lack of mentality actually sits behind the controls on commerical transports and pulls it off on a daily basis.

    Why don't you leave such a dreadful country and go somewhere else or go and gather up all the believers in history being total fabricated BS and enlighten the world? See how many people you get to join your group.

  217. Brett you are incapable of a meaningful or logical debate.

    You will never see that or understand it which reflects your whole belief system around what you are saying you are not then admitting to what you are only to turn around and tell people you are not.

    You make no sense in your debate. There is nothing left but to say you are a sociopath with a medium.

    And corey you are asking me to rely on Zietguist as a reputable source yet you are supporting man never walked on the moon. This is all way over the top. Maybe the both of you should buy guns and ammo and hold your bible for what is coming based on your belief in government.

    Government the all powerful manipulators who pull the shades over the worlds eyes and create history as they please.

    I am telling you straight up and you will not reply to this because you have nothing to say on it. If your government was so adept and convincing with conspiracy why did they not conspire to find WMD in Iraq? Why would they not have made a slam dunk a slam dunk? After all they put a man on the moon X times as a farce in your opinion. Why could they not plant and create the WMD situation in Iraq justifying their whole reason for going to war and gaining global support for doing what they did? They created a 14 year conspiracy but could not do that?

    And the crowd goes silent other than to start talking about 9/11 or some other irrelevant remarks.

  218. Damn it Brett! Quit being so reasonable!
    Some of us have taken a lot of time to construct our media induced warped view of reality. If you start messing with that than the house of cards comes crashing down and we're forced to admit we're wrong and our gov'ts actually don't act in the people's best interest.
    Keep it to yourself, I have some American Gladiators to watch.

  219. @Ron
    Someone is going to blow it open. China MAY find more reason to do it after the scamers hyper inflate the value out of all those mega stacks of treasury bonds. BUT some of the time i feel like they too are going to use the bullshit to con their Billions into going for a Pie In The Sky Pissing contest.

    In the grand chess game one is not bound by logic. Emotions are King in Statecraft and emotional dicking around is why they have so many psy-op types on the payrolls. In '70's cash the 30 billion blown on the moon shot scam was biblical amounts of cash, China might have a plan to revisit those heady days of excess seeing as USA is going down faster than a whores skirt.

    If one was to think calmly about NASA and it's abilities with a eye to cost/benefit one would clearly see the whole thing is scam. Big bucks SCAM. What did the USA benefit in real terms from the moon shot movie? Clearly every benefit gleaned was Emotional. Gobs and Gobs of chest thumping "Look at how Good we are" "We can walk on the moon there is nothing we cannot do" sheit. Absolute rubbish for 30 BILLION. After the last game was played on the moon shot the REAL scam began and is still raking heaps o dough.

    Who thinks that if the moon shot blew that they would have managed enough frenzy to float the Space shuttle program? Not a chance. How much money went up in that adventure? ISS,Mir,Skylab how much on those? More than they cost that is for sure. "Ya don't think they spend $400 dollars on a hammer $700 on a wrench do ya?". Spy sat's are a very costly game. Wanna guess the percentage of orbital population is for Spy gear? Way more than half that's for sure. And if it's way more than half then the cost of black programs cost 10X the cost of for any civilian stuff.

    Have a look at the Photo depicting the entire Satellite population. Just try to say even 10% of those are for peaceful purposes and you are into deluded territory.

    Trillions of YOUR money shot into space all to stride a power grip over YOUR life for as long as they can. Do you thing your ability to call the world up on your phone is for your own benefit? Today if you have or use a phone ANYWHERE you are being spied on. Tracked. Eavesdropped. Recorded.. Filed. Thinking otherwise is silly.

    This thing called the 'Internet's' Started as DARPANET. Not one byte is missed if it is deemed important. Most don't get just how limited the real internet is in reality for the average user. CONTROL is the reason. POWER is the product and the good ol moon shot was the grease to make it a functional reality for every single human overshadowed by it's lie.

    When i was in another time basking in the multitude of different glows from the space program i saw a curious event go down. That event starred Mr Buzz Aldrin. The event featured a question to Buzz. That Question was "Would you swear on the Bible that you walked on the moon?" What was Buzz to respond??

    He assaulted the man asking the question. Punched him out. Threw him to the floor right on video. At that moment i KNEW the whole thing was a farce. That moment i KNEW it was a scam. Looking up the other mistakes of there fairy story hammered the nail into Mr Aldrin's coffin and that of the entire NASA game.

    Trillions of YOUR cash GONE. Millions of persons future lives lost to a lie. All brought down by Cosmic Radiation.

    Sucks Eh?

  220. @Corey
    Thanks mate!
    I really like good discussion. But when it gets a bit silly like that sometimes I cant help myself



  221. @ron the documentary i mentiond states sources and also alot of anchient religeon/civilizations have it in there texts.and brett i probably couldnt have said it better my self.

  222. @ Ron
    I thought you were looking for some serious dialog.

    I gave you so much info that you could have commented on but you only come back with calling me a couple of names - oops! sorry, "labels"

    I get it.

    You are making the point that once the 9/11 apologists loose the argument they ignore the facts and attack the person.

    Very clever!

  223. Corey


  224. Brett

    You are a sociopath

    I labeled you a conspiracy theorist and then you came back at me with "you calling me names"

    Now you say you don't have any fixation with it???

    You are nuts

    Good day to you

  225. Now that I have shown that governments do conspire for their own reasons.
    Don't you think that it is possible that during the cold war that it may have been advantagious for one superpower to hoodwink the other over its capabilities.

    So perhaps an alternative theory about the moon landings isn't so weird after all?

    Governments do lie and they tell really big ones sometimes too!

  226. @ Ron
    OK - Being gentle doesn't seem to get through.

    Gloves are off!

    i think you may have misunderstood me. I don't have any fixation with being called a conspiracy theorist. I am just trying to get you to realise that just as people dismiss an alternative theory as a conspiracy theory, the 9/11 Commission reports finding are also, by definition, a conspiracy theory -

    19 hijackers conspired to commit an offence armed with knives & box cutters crashing 2 planes into 2 buildings in NY and bringing 3 buildings down (2 in less than 2 hours and all three at free fall speed and into their own footprint)+

    One of the hijackers (who his instructor said he would struggle to fly a single engine light aircraft) manages to fly a commercial jet aircraft & pull of a virtually impossible piece of flying to crash into the Pentagon (the most heavily defended & watched building in the world yet no attempt to intercept any of the planes was made and no video of a plane hitting the Pentagon has been released)+

    The 4th plane crashes into the ground and disappears completely leaving no debri (9/11 report says it disappeared completely into soft ground leaving no wreckage at all! The report actually says that the plane hit the ground and went straight through and the reason no wreckage was visable was that the plabe was completely underground)

    None of these types of events have ever happened before or since anywhere in the world - only on that one particular day

    Coincidently, the entire US defence system was rendered useless due to a number of military "exercises" that confussed the military

    Now, these are just a few of the hundreds of obvious discrepencies in the official 9/11 Commission report. I've read it!

    Oh! And you think an administration wouldn't be involved in something so evil as killing their own.

    Think again. There is clear, undeniable evidence that they would - Undeniable evidence that they have!

    After the 9/11 attack, the White House instructed the EPA to reverse its public warning that the area around ground zero was toxic. The EPA obediently did what they were told and released public statements advising people that it was safe to breath the air (smoke & dust).

    40,000 workers (heros) were told it was safe to undertake their rescue & clean up work without respirators. The air was full of asbestos and other deadly contaminates and the White House sent the trusting workers in to ground zero knowing full well that they were at extremely high risk.

    It is estimated that more people will die of the resultant cancers than will have died in the innitial attack.

    Wake up and smell the flowers Ron!
    The evidence is overwhelming and undeniable

    It was a set up!
    And you have fallen for it! Hook, line & sinker!
    They orchestrated their "New Pearl Harbour" (their words, not mine!)

    Cheney & the others lied all along and they didn't care one bit about who died as a result. And they still dont care.
    Thousands still die in the supposed "war on terror" nearly 10 years on & with no end in site.

    I can't believe that you & others don't really look at the facts. I can't believe that no doubt whatsover comes up in your mind about the validity of the US governments conspiracy theory.

    You rather believe the ?official" conspiracy theory

    Like lambs to the slaughter...

  227. OK, so to prove that man actually landed on the moon, they built a "moon set"... on earth. Doesn't that actually lend credibility to the theory that the moon landing was done on a "moon set" in 1969?

    The fact that our government consistently lies to us about EVERYTHING, leads me to believe that man walking on the moon was indeed a hoax. The insecure, childish nature of the corrupt souls in charge of this country is proof in my opinion. Also, the fact that "we" haven't been back to the moon since then, should make you think.

    "We can't let the Russians win, we're the United States of America damn it!!" I imagine that as the opening line in a meeting which is then followed up with the idea of creating the moon landing. It probably originated as a joke, but then quickly turned into reality once they realized that getting a man to the moon and back was impossible.

    You don't have to believe what I believe, but if you can't entertain the idea of a possible deception, then all you are is one of the many mindless sheep bringing shame to our country and humanity as a whole. Learn to think for yourselves and stop allowing the establishment of evil known as the United States government do your thinking for you.

  228. At 8:00 look at the top of the backpack, there is an aerial looking thing that glints in the light. Strangely this is some shots and photos but not others.

  229. ps i am not trying to stick up for any fairytale,just the facts.

  230. @Ron
    actually there was an anchient flood that is proven to have occured in the middle east a long time ago.and its also been told in the egyptian relgeon as well.a good documentary that i would recomend for you is zietgiest.make sure though that you watch the first 1 though.

  231. Brett from post #8

    "we are simply ordinary imperfect people, who are not convinced by the evidence provided by some governments and agencies of some events that are alleged to have taken place."

    People are not name calling you are admitting to believing a theory that what most people believe to be believe differently and that an organization manipulated the what others say as the truth.

    Conspiracy - an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.

    Theory - a proposed explanation whose status is still conjectural, in contrast to well-established propositions that are regarded as reporting matters of actual fact.

    Uh that would be you

    So you can lay off the you calling me names stuff. Read what you post and stay on track.

  232. Masher1

    Well it should be interesting to see the Chinese pull off the same hoax.

  233. Brett I called you a label not a name.

    Look. People by the thousands were there in person to watch the rocket lift off. A receiver dish was located in Australia to keep communications going. And I could go on but it is pointless because of your fixation on the possiblity of a conspiracy which you take offence to being attached to though you want others here to get on the program. (?????)

    I have read nor seen any scientist who says the events that created the planet took 6 days. I know you will respond back that maybe it meant X million or billions of years for 1 day in the book. Well maybe it meant 6 Days and therefore the rest of the book stands in question to legitimacy. And then lets take a look at Noah and how every living thing on the planet from every corner and every climate including insects etc got on a boat while the rest of the planet flooded and perished. If the glove don't fit you must aquit.

    Nice try but I think the whole planet could learn a lot and grow a lot from getting to know what Carl Sagan and Richard Dawkins are preeching. And then maybe a little John Lennon ....Imagine. Rather than eye for an eye and stone the woman to death and kill the people who are standing on my god given land etc etc etc while you talk to me about the good morals in your book.

  234. know i know for sure Masher1 thx alot your my new hero.jk you forgot to mention that thered be nuclear bases.Thats pretty much the best reason to have a base there.

  235. Dammit Vlatko!!! You make it very easy to lose oneself for hours at a time!!!! Ca't complain tho... this is muy awesome and informative site. Keep it coming

    Vlatko for speaker of the House!!!!!!!!!!

  236. Obama will be on Mythbusters, after proving one of the U.S.A's greatest feets, ironic huh.

  237. Simon: Shadows DIVERGE with a close light source. They CONVERGE from a distant light source. Try it yourself at home with two cups or something on a table. Move a light closer and then further away. See what the shadows do. They 'split" apart with a close light, and "come together" with a distant light. The moon pictures are consistent with a distant single light source, not a close one. :-)

    Peace to you.

  238. I agree with Razor:

    Landscape plays the biggest part in the way a shadow falls, doesn't it? Optical illusion is a part also as a hillside will change the shape of the shadow also. Thay showed that in the clip on that part.

    Multiple light sources give multiple shadows. When there is one shadow for each object, then there is one light source no matter how the shodows appear to fall. Put two lights in a room and stand in the middle. You have two shadows, not one. In the pictures we see all the rocks, etc. have one shadow each, not two. The angles vary due to the uneven terrain they were on.

  239. I cannot believe that rational mind still thing man WALKED on the moon. Two words "Cosmic Radiation" are all you need to know. Forget the FACT we never did it again. If we had done it in 1967 We would have been back, There would be a base... Heck there would be a casino and a Starbucks at every base IF WE HAD GONE THERE in 1967.

    At the time 30 BILLION dollars was a handsome sum. You all don't think they bombed the hell out of Vietnam with the cash they said they used do you? How many times have you hear "Well if we can put a man on the moon!" Billions of more dollars have been sucked out of your lives because of a NASA movie shot in the Sixty's.

    Look at the photo of every satellite depicted above the globe and you can see the limits of man and his machines. Anything above 190 miles high needs so much shielding it is cost prohibitive to operate anywhere over 500 miles high on account of the high levels of cosmic radiation. find the photo have a look for your own self.

    The claim that the Apollo 13 boys toured from the Earth to the Moon AND back inside the Eagle lander is so beyond the realm of realistic i cannot fathom the propaganda needed to sell it to science and it's followers. Being conned and covering up the lies are a staple of American culture. Lies about the Apollo program have been Blatantly obvious since i was in school some 20 years ago and everyone i have tried to tell thinks i am nuts but they are WRONG.

    If you get OUTSIDE the protection of the Van Allen belts without enough shielding to protect you YOU DIE.

    The Saturn V rocket Can't launch enough mass to do the job ONCE forget many times. Go ahead do the MATH. See the lies?

    Have you ever wondered WHY there is ZERO photos from orbit of the sites? Why there is ZERO historical photos of Footprint tracks at those sites?? That's because they could not be bothered to produce them. If Google can image my back yard in clear enough detail to see a tarp and a picnic table there the the boys with the heavy gear can surely image EVERY SINGLE FOOT PRINT THERE. Japan KNOWS. Russia KNOWS. China KNOWS. But the BS is Cost effective to maintain for future rip-off power.

    Some day an intrepid INDEPENDENT explorer is going to do this set of surveys and i will laugh my ass off once i am proved correct. Footprints and lander remains,Experiments and other things Or the lack thereof will tell the tail. You can't fake footprints on the moon too easy can you? Forget Thousands of em! Gear that SHOULD be there is not going ANYWHERE is it? T

    he target one commenter is referring to could be a field of cube reflective powders dispersed over a wide area and still do the trick. Hell a laser beam shot from earth to the moon from the most accurate laser would still be miles wide once it got there anyway and the return would be wider sill.

    Many things abound on the moon shot and BS surrounding it but Cosmic Radiation will get man every time. And don't get me started on MARS....!

  240. @Simon:

    What you said about the light does not make sense! It does not matter how far the light is away, might only vary in brightness, for one thing the sun light would be far brighter than any artificial light source would be. Still the brightness would not matter one iota, with the converging shadows.

  241. Awfully one-sided view documentary made to ridicule people who question things, things which are indeed questionable. The example of the converging shadows is recreated with the same studio settings as the supposedly real footage. Why are they converging? Because the light source was near the subject in both the original and the replica. The sun never gets that near.

  242. i am now undecided.but A plus for the music

  243. That was wonderful! It answered every question I had. Loved the music. Combind with the Mythbuster one, I'm fully convinced the moon landing was real (but in fact I never doubted).

  244. If you value your sanity don't watch this video--or--find some way to edit-out the background music. For one thing--it's incredibly weird and unsuited to the subject of the documentary. The text is far too short and it ends-up repeating so many times it drives into your skull like a corkscrew connected to a pneumatic drill. It's been a week and I can't get the stinking tune out of my head-it's driving me nutz! AHHHHHHHH!

    Seriously --the music is a severe annoyance.

  245. One other thing, the fact that there are mirrors on the moon also dosnt prove that man went to the moon, it just proves that there are mirrors on the moon. The Luna 9 space probe, which was a soviet probe, was the first object to touch down on the moon in 1966 and it was completly unmanned.

  246. This is an extremly biased documentary. The fact that much of the conditions they replicated on Earth match the pictures taken on the lunar surface still dosnt mean that man went to the moon. It only means that NASA thought about the physics surrounding the event before they shot filming. A lot of these conspiracy theorists have made valid points in the past, such as some of the cross hairs on the camera passing behind objects in the pictures. And as for the moon rock evidence, plenty of moon rocks can be found here on earth as the result of shoot offs from asteroid impacts on the moons surface. I dont think that this documentary took the conspiracy theorists seriously and was basicaly an attempt to label anyone with an alternative view about this subject as a hick.

  247. Thanks Ron!
    You are welcome to call me what you want.
    Although name calling doesn't really achieve anything.
    Rather than bore you with answers to your questions I would just ask you to think of reasons why yourself. Any reasoning person should be able to come up with some semi plausable reasons. They don't have to be true. But they do show that it may be within the realms of possibility, no matter how far fetched
    Here, I'll get you started.
    Because NASA departments were so compartmentalised and often operated independently of each other it may have made it easy to acomplish a "conspiracy" by having the various departments "do their thing" whilst believing it was all being brought together at a higher level.

    Now, I'm not asking you to believe it. I'm simply asking that you consider it as a possibility, no matter how remote.

    With regards to your comment about religion can I suggest that you read the "book of fairy tales" that you euphamisticaly refer to. I have read it and apart from the creation account (which incidently, scientist appear to generally agree with the sequence of creative periods as mentioned in "the book") it contains lots of useful guidelines on good sanitation, family & personal development etc. I would recomment it as a good read, although the geneology in the Hebrew & Aramaic bits can get a bit tedious.

    @ Karliah
    Isa 43:10,11 :)

  248. wow Brett you pretty much said everything I was thinking. Their arguments that the moonlanding happened were really weak and the people they interviewed who did not believe in the moon landing gave extremely good arguments but were somehow made to look foolish. I really liked that man with all those cats, since I have eight myself.
    Oh by the way im a Jehovah Witness and ive never chased anyone down a street and have never forced my beliefs onto anyone, our aim is to just tell people what we believe and to discuss it in a respectful polite manner. I have always been respectful of other religions and love asking questions about their beliefs.

  249. Brett

    Man walked on the moon. People watched the rockets go up. Mythbusters showed that all the predominant theories against the man landing were just that myths. Every astronaut that went there lived a long life and had ample time to cave on the theory as did everyone who built the rockets designed the rockets did the communications at mission control worked out the formula's for appollo 13 being able to make the proper trajectory etc. If it was a hoax would appollo 13 even have been necessary? why would anyone say....Houston we have a problem.

    If you don't believe something like this happened then there is only one label for you. A conspiracy theorist on a man landing on the moon.

    I personally think religion is the biggest conspiracy out there and you can call me whatever you want on that I have no problem with that label because I have absolutely no sound proof that God had anything to do with a very dense about of matter exploding and creating the universe. That event is simply explained in some book of fairy tales that is not even logical with the knowledge we have on how things began or work in the cosmos.

    and Jay has it correct. when the Chinese video all the junk left behind it will make those who think this was some conspiracy simple have one big cup of shut the blank up.

  250. what about the lights of the capsile itself?? wouldn't a space shuttle have an external light source ?

  251. surely the chinese will video all the "junk" left behind by the apollo missions proving once an for all whether we did or not go to the moon

  252. @coyote03
    I just thought that they dismissed the claims with very little evidence.
    The shaddows for instance. Whilst saying that shadows can go in different directions because of the topography they showed the angles produced when a shadow goes over a kerb.
    OK, in that type of situation it can change angles over the ground at the point where the land changes, but it still extends beyond that point following the same original angle away from the light source. The many suspect moon shadow photos don't show this like in the kerb example. Rather, they show the shadows heading off at various angles not related to the only light source (sun)
    That is just one.

    But I think people need to really listen and take in what these "experts" are saying. Like the chap who was talking about the contingency plan to escape the effects of the solar flare radiation. Quite matter of factly he said that they would have "hours if not days" to do something about them. He didn't mention that the LM was foil thin and the fuel tanks were not full having already used almost half their fuel when landing on the moon. But he basicaly implied that they would have just quickly launched the LM off the moon and turned its back on the radiation confident that some tin foil and a partialy full fuel tank would protect them.

    Would you entrust your life in that contingency plan? Would you risk the life of others like that?

    With regard to the reflectors, they probably are there on the moon. The lenses are multi faceted so I believe they don't require aiming from the moon. Actually that would have been just about impossible to do anyway given the circumstanstances. The lenses could have been placed there by unmaned craft. They do that too.

    I think it is important to note the producers presentation of the information to see what I mean too. The producers really try to emote a cynical reaction from the audience in their reference near the end about people once not believing the Earth being round and implying that anyone who isn't convinced that man walked on the moon is in the same mind.

    The producers viewpoint is very clearly presented.

    Go back & watch it again and you will notice that the scripting is very cleverly worded to prompt a particular response from the viewer. An emotional response at that. I have seen this type of scripting and been a victim of it myself many years ago. People tend to go along with the narative without giving the content too much thought at the time. Once that emotional response to the words is developed, certain opinions are established in the viewers mind. The facts tend to get lost or dismissed to some extent via the emotional response.

    Its an old one that works well.

    I guess all I am saying is look at it with open eyes and questions should arise

    Thanks for taking the time to read my lengthy blurb!



  253. @ Brett

    I'm just interested to know which parts of this documentary didn't satisfy you? I felt all the theories were debunked quite well, and the fact that Van Allen himself debunks the radiation claims (in other writings) and the fact that the 'debunkers' have nothing to say about the laser reflectors on the moon (which provide us with scientific data every single day), just adds to the scientific proof that we did in fact go to the moon.

  254. @ Insomniac
    Point taken. I was using a broader definition of the word rather than its literal interpretation. I'll try to be more careful in the words i use.
    Thanks for clarifying that for me.

    The point I was trying to make though is that some people dont believe that it happened as the authorities are saying. So, they are labeled "conspiracy theorists"

    On the other hand, there is a collective of people & agencies (as shown in the video) that say that these "conspiracy theorists" are knowingly not availing themselves of all the facts yet publish their belief that the moon landing was fake. By so doing, these "conspiracy theorists" are acused of trying to damage the government and individuals involved.
    It is in this capacity that I made the "conspiracy" link. In that some government agencies and individuals believe that "conspiracy theorists" are involved in acts that could be defined as- "a plot to carry out some harmful or illegal act" against those involved in the moon landings ie: a conspiracy against the government & individuals etc.

    Sorry if this was long winded but semantics is a minefield.

    Getting back to my original point, it is easy to dismiss "conspiracy theorists" by attaching a label to them. Instead why not use the logic of the argument to answer the valid questions raised. After all, if we don't question, we are no more than sheep ...

  255. @ Achems Razor
    I actually dont mind discussing religion with anyone.
    I dont think the world would be half as bad as it is if people could rationaly discuss religious beliefs or whatever subject they want. As long as it is done with respect.
    I cant say I have ever been chassed down the street by anyone. I think it is too easy to characterise certain groups in a negative way. I have had many good discussions in my 50 years with all sorts. Not once can I recall having experienced any of these common negative characterisations. Most have been ordinary people with ordinary beliefs. We may agree to disagree but almost always we end shaking hands and wishing each other peace.
    Why the reluctance to talk about such things and be tollerant of others viewpoint?

    Back on the matter of the onus of proof. What level would you prefer, "beyond reasonable doubt" as in criminal cases or "on the balance of probability" as in civil matters?

    The higher level doesn't necessarily get to the truth. It just requires reasonable doubt to be raised. I think on the balance of probability would be best. Then at least it can be measured. Eg. 51% - 49%

    What do you think?


  256. @Brett: sorry but that makes absolutely no sense at all. No one is saying there is "a conspiracy to disprove it". That would be like saying atheism is a conspiracy to disprove the bible. I suggest you look up what the word conspiracy means.

  257. My wife wants me to take her to a meeting . . . documentary or making the love of my life happy?!? Moon landing or keeping the Mrs. from being upset at me?!? Man! What a choice.

    . . . . of course I'll choose TDF! But, later, after I take the Mrs. to her meeting. I've been forbidden to baby sit even (least the house be made into a disaster area), so I better log off if I know what's good for me!

  258. @Brett:

    If religion is a personal thing of faith that you keep to yourself, so be it.

    How about telling that to the countless others that push their religions, like JW's or Mormons that literally chase people down the street, or ones that bang on doors forever to push their unwanted beliefs, to name a few.

    Or the religee's that intersperse their holier than thou, cat ate the canary type attitude on some of these doc's that have nothing to do with any type of religion.

    And at @Laz: unclear verbalizations that remind me of a b1tch dog biting on the heels and running away.

  259. I met Sir Patrick Moore some years ago. He seemed to be about seven foot tall and six foot wide; was covered in shapeless, rumpled clothes; and had the eccentric energy of a hyperactive child. He was making a journey and needed assistance boarding his train. I helped him out but it was a shattering experience. It was like meeting the Honey Monster (Suger Puffs advert - UK breakfast cereal beloved by children of all ages). Don't get me wrong, he was charming but in a small space like a train carriage it was a bit overwhelming.

  260. Well said Achems Razor

  261. @insomiac
    Thanks for the response.
    Then equally people on both sides of the argument are conspiracy theorists.
    Those who say it was faked say there was a conspiracy by some people to fake it.
    Those who say it was real say there is now a conspiracy by some people to disprove it.
    How about we agree on just "theorists"?
    That way both sides are treated fairly as they try to establish the truth. Because that is what we want isn't it? Or do we just want to be proven right?

    @Achems Razor
    With regards to your point on religion.
    I think both sides neither have to prove or disprove anything except for themselves.
    Faith is such a personal thing. If one is to either believe in the existance of God or not, then wouldn't one have to only prove it, or disprove it, to themselves?
    Point: If you have examined the question and have concluded there is no God and that satisfies you - Good for you!
    If I on the other hand have examined it and reach the conclusion that there is a God - Good for me!

    Funny though, one of the most compelling reasons I have for believing there is a God is from looking at the earth, moon & stars. Yet others may say that these are the reasons they believe there is not a God.



  262. Conspiracy theorist is derogatory only because you see it as such. The fact is that these people are advancing the THEORY that there was a CONSPIRACY to fake the moon landing. Conspiracy theorist seems a dead on description to me in this particular case.

  263. Interesting video.
    It is unfortunate that a program that promotes itself as objectively examining the evidence seems seems to fail to provide clear explanations for each of the doubts raised.
    The supposed anomolies are presented reasonably well but the explanations are short and somewhat lacking in detail. I would have prefered more of the science relating to each point.
    As I am still a doubter of the maned moon landing based on what I would say are reasonable grounds, I felt the pro moon landing people in the video lost credability when they turned to some name calling near the end.
    I don't consider myself a "cultural vandal" and I am not reticent to learn more about the laser or what the Soviets believed. I would like to learn more about those aspects.
    To me, name calling means that someone is not confident in their own argument.
    I and many others are not "conspiracy theorists" we are simply ordinary imperfect people, who are not convinced by the evidence provided by some governments and agencies of some events that are alleged to have taken place. That we express these doubts in forums like this I think is good. So it would be nice if people could please refrain from name calling and catagorising us. I am no more a conspiracy theorist than these people are apologists.
    I think the question at the end of the program asking what would be easier, going to all the trouble of making an elaborate hoax or simply building a rocket and going to the moon betrays the lack of objectivity of the producers.
    I think that somehow puting men on the moon may have involved a bit more than that .....


  264. Ongoing saga to refute the refuters, ask the deniers about the corner cube reflectors that are in place on the Moon, they disregard that, because they do not know what to say, and have not even visited where the data is collected from such, on Earth.

    And of course the deniers think that the Russians are st00pid. That they would not know in a heartbeat that there was no manned Moon landing! Right!

    The onus is on the deniers to prove that there was no manned Moon landing. It is the same as the religee's having to prove that there is a God! not the other way around!

  265. Yeah, I like how the narrator says Bill Kaysing is keeping a low profile, and then goes on to tell us where in Nevada he lives.
    Loved this doc! The mythbusters epi on this subject was interesting too.

  266. working fine for me, thanks Vlatko!

  267. Video links not working. Saying page not found

  268. this is the best site, the only thing i dont like is that there is so many things to watch haha thank you for the great site now back to the video

  269. at 6:00 narrator says the guy lives low profile,yet here he is on national television,this is made purely for the ratings.

  270. After seeing the most awesome doc, "For all mankind" yesterday, I'm looking forward to see this one!