The Day India Burned: Partition

The Day India Burned: Partition

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The Day India Burned: PartitionDocumentary about the effects of Britain's withdrawal from India in 1947 which triggered one of the biggest migrations in history. 15 million were displaced and more than a million lost their lives. The story is told through the testimony of people who lived together for centuries, but were forced out of their homes as one of the largest and most ethnically diverse nations in the world was divided. Dramatized reconstructions evoke some of the mistrust, violence and upheaval that ensued.

Partition of India and provides a good overview of the fateful events leading to that cataclysmic decision by the British and the catastrophic suffering of ordinary people caught in the crossfire of communal hatred.

It describes in detail: British motivation for leaving India after World War 2 in a quick and face-saving manner; the underlying distrust of Hindus and Muslims of each other despite centuries of living together; Muslim educational and economic backwardness relative to Hindus and their fear of Hindu domination in a united India; the failure of the March 1946 Cabinet Mission in Simla on account of Nehru's refusal to a agree to a decentralized Subcontinent.

The beginning of the Hindu-Muslim communal riots with Jinnah's call for Direct Action in Calcutta in August 1946; the desperate attempts made by Gandhi to effect Hindu-Muslim unity via appeal to their humanity; and the pressure exerted on most Princely States to agree to ascension to India.

It also describes: the manipulation of people by political leaders in the name of religion; the slaughter, looting, raping, and mayhem among different communities at the village level; the deep reluctance of people to abandon their generational homes; the brave attempts of certain individuals to save their neighbors of other communities from forcible ethnic and religious cleansing; the horrific price paid by women for defending their honor;

The utter lack of governmental preparation for a mass migration of people; the needless human carnage caused by Mountbatten's decision to expedite the planned Partition; and the decline of hitherto culturally rich and cosmopolitan cities like Lahore by loss of other communities.

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  1. ahhh fuk it.. the 'partition' .. parocial bollix talk.. okey i'm stll watchin

  2. Im all up for debates that come from moving documentaries like this, but some of you people beneath me believe that you have the grand solution to the worlds problems, whether it be confrontation of intolerant religious institutions or throwing off the shackles of the western world, you are the idealists like Nehru and Jinnah who if come to power will divide the planet in your own image. It is human nature to seek perfection and unity amongst mankind but in doing so only brings about destruction.

    1. in yer head in yer head.... waz dah ... rem... neah... never got me indira ghandi tranny op... not tuned in

  3. Great documentary. A good over-view that looks (briefly) at all events that contributed to the current situation - and challenges my preconceptions.

    1. yah but its shorted little bit like skip

  4. this documentary is biased portraying muslims killed hindus!

    1. they did. They are savage animals. Subhiman of that

  5. brilliant documentary..amazing insights by actual ppl whop were there when it happened

  6. It is time for Indians (of both types) to grow up, frankly. I am not a Brit, but trying to blame them for India's problems three generations on is just stupid. India will not reach its deserved place as a world leader until it takes an objective look at the society that they have created and drag it into the 21st century.

    1. You are right, Dave. The sub-continent should not allow the Brits and the other colonial cultures (inc the US) to continue to divide and rule us. It's time we realized that we have to fight our battles alone...

    2. First of this documentary is not a blame's the truth that they are potraying. Britain has done wrong to both the countries . Secondly, the partition wasn't a light issue and the documentary is just to reevaluate the situation of that time and highlight the war stories (so the citizens of pakistan and india can learn from them) of the people of that time and give respect to those who have tried to fight for their country's freedom.You are not a Brit but you are a human so please show some sensitivity.

  7. muslims cry for "objectivity" here.. yea.. your whole life is a conformist extremism of reality but whenever someone pips against muslims they are "not objective". i would laugh if it wasn't so sad and taken a lot of good peoples lives.

    objectivity comes hand to hand with a western set of values including democracy, freedom of speech and equality. yet muslims only support those rights when it's in their best interests and will violate them the minute after.

    now it's time for the anti israeli ciber war of people who knows a little something from some book and try to convince me that we are all bible freaks with one task of ruling the world!!!!

    1. if you had been born palestinian (whethor christian or muslim), would you feel the same way?

  8. seeing the comments below i really dont want to watch this doc anymore, its amazing how the blame game shifts side to side , well the fact is that pre 9/11 islam was too a peaceful religion, every one has his own view some might wish to see it violent but yet again the conversion rate in states is rising, what i believe is that influential people benefited the most and are the reason for soo many deaths both hindus and muslims !!

    1. No religion is peaceful.

    2. That's ridiculous. Religion is fundamentally peaceful and has been abused and manipulated by those who are, by nature, violent. Take away religion and the same crimes will be committed under the banner of 'Nationalism', 'Race', or 'Ethnicity'.

    3. Have you not read the Bible or the Qu'ran? Or even heard of them?

    4. Of course I have. But if we are going to take the Bible (for example) literally in order to justify violence we would also stone people for working on sundays, sell our daughters and wouldn't wear clothes made of two different fibres.

      What I'm saying is that people are taking bits and pieces of religious texts and manipulating them to justify their violent actions and suit their motives.

    5. If one chooses a book written by ignorant, misogynistic, intollerant desert dwellers, as their source of morality and truth, it is not a question of whether to read the bible or the qu'ran literally o metaphorically, it is a question of sanity. However you read them, their message is of hate, ignorance and intollerance.

    6. What separates those "who are by nature violent" from the rest of society who I will assume "are by nature non-violent," and how do we tell the difference? Just curious

  9. India did get one good thing from the British 'The Map of India' .

    What happened was our mistakes.There are few families who control the total economy of Pakistan and most of them have posh villas in England and most of their black money in Swiss banks , Same is with India. They are the ones who decided the fate during partition.

    West needs to do one thing to put world history back on the right track, close all the Swiss banks and return the money back to countries it belongs to until that time west will keep on getting blame for every damn thing happening in Asia. Until corruption exits there is going to be no solution to any problem on the earth.

  10. two months to divide a country, so Britain wouldn't be 'sullied'.

    and the world reaps the whirlwind of another success story from european colonialism.

  11. Its good if we put this in religion section also.. It shows how religion can lead to inhuman behaviour ...

  12. We should learn from history .. Learn not to repeat mistakes .. learn not to create divide in society again ...

    1. No one can rely learn from history, they clam that they can but no one can, sadly.

  13. seems like one more biased doc..not british themselves but hindus and muslims are to blame?.. nope.. i wont watch..
    what about the title 'the day pakistan born :independence''

    1. Ok so you only want to hear anti western media?
      Sad really.... I have discovered that events like this usually have many sides and the people involved usually give ten different stories to describe the event in question. It is always some racist bigot (and they come in all colours and religions)in the west who claims to be an expert on issues they have only read or heard about

    2. no tommy what im after is objectivity but even reading the the introduction is enough to understand this doc isnt one of them ..

  14. how about people just blame the people of india and pakistan for killing eachother and not the british. nations always say they want freedom , and this is what they do with it

  15. The population of Hindus in Pakistan in 1947, at the time of Partition, was estimated to be anywhere from 15 to 24 percent. In 1998 the Hindu population in Pakistan was 1.60 percent.Whereas the Muslim population in India at time of partition was 12% and now it is nearing 20%.................It is not that Muslims are reproducing faster than Hindus.:)).............but
    it is due to forceful mass conversion and genocide of hindus the no. has come down drastically.


    1. Muslim population in India is 13.4% according to Indian Census information for 2001. Stop making up stats out of your Arse.

    2. I do believe the year is 2011 now you idiot

    3. And what is the percentage of minorities in Pakistan, at the time of partition and now?

    4. Respected Anurag,
      Its an age of mass media and even a sneeze is heard all over the world. There is not even a single incident reported of "forceful" conversion of Hindus to Muslims. All the Hindus who convert, come to the lightening by their own choice. Islam forbids the forceful conversion or suppression in religion. Please study thoroughly a religion before making wild statements.
      Aamir Malik

  16. This is a sad story. It shld be well known to this people that are calling themselves pakistani (muslim indians) that there was nothing like that before until the Arab muslims conquered ur forefathers and forced them to Islam and gradually changed that part of the Indian subcontinent to Islam nation. I'm sure those ur forefathers that were brutally killed by the Arabs will be shifting in their graves now to find out that the killings now have been passed on to their own children to kill their fellow indians now because of this same foreign Arab religion called Islam which brought nothing but suffering and division to anywhere it goes. Shame on all of u.

    1. So you are saying that muslims forced 400 million indians to islam, thats redicilus.
      Also, dont forget what your forefathers did with the muslims in 1920-30's. It should also be well known that SHUDDII & SHANGTHAN movements by Hindus were focused on :-
      1) Conversion to hinduism or 2) getting out of Subcontinent.
      Now, muslims made the united India as before muslims there were as many as 20 independant Hindu states.
      You do talk about the suffering that Islam brought to you with itself, what about the Architechture that you are so proud of i.e. Taj Mahal.
      Shame to you guys that you have devided Hindus in 4 kinds like Barhaman & Shooder(Achoot).
      Better see your own backyard before putting nose into other's problems.

    2. Post-partition, the numbers of Hindus has dwindled in Pakistan; In India, their population has grown faster than any other community. India has a secular constitution, Pakistan is an Islamic state. Yes, the Hindus do have a terrible caste system, but that is weakening all the time because Hindus have the right to question and condemn it, unlike Muslims who are ruled by a book which comes with a million intolerant interpretations. Hindus do not spread terror across the world unlike the muslims and the christians who have been plundering the planet for centuries now, and will not change their intolerant, acquisitive ways.

  17. People are missing the point here. If the British had not come to Indian subcontinent, they would have fought anyway. It's apparent because the muslim Mughal empire killed more hindus and destroyed more temples than the British did.

    It is apparent that there was peace only because the british were there.They saw british as one "common enemy". They apparent coexist under british because they saw the british as neither Hindu or Muslim, and this united them. The unity broke down when the center that united them( british) were leaving, so the old animosity rose up. It's like d Russian and America fighting against Germany only 4 them 2 fight each other later.

    The british rule was responsible 4 the peace that existed between them for those years otherwise the muslim empire will have tried to continue their conquest and killing of Hindus. Ofcourse it wasnt the british that told the muslim to start the Calcutta killings which started the whole problem. The only place I blame the british is that they should have tried to stop these people from killin themselves and the guy that drew the map made a mess of it. At d whole d muslim were to be blamed( there is no sense in what they started at calcutta). If u have grievances,do u have to kill innocent people? Knowing fully well there will be reprisal attacks. I am yet to understand this tendency among some muslims to quickly pick up violence upon slight provocation. The religion still baffles me til 2day. But i guess d era of jihad is over

    1. If indeed the Muslim invaders had been so intolerant, the Hindus would have been wiped out in those few hundred years since the 8th century. In the 1857 war, Indians were massacred by the million by the British in reprisal killings

  18. did India benefit from the British? yes
    do the British Benefit from India? yes

    do people in power (all colors) care about the Poor? NO

    1. Was India rich before the British? Yes
      Was India poor when the British left? Yes
      Did the British and other European nations plunder and enslave large parts of the planet? Yes
      Did the 'natives' in the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Australasia ever harm or enslave the Brits and their colonizing European cousins? No
      Do the same colonizers now prise open these previously colonized markets through the WTO, IMF, World Bank etc? Yes

  19. Communal violence is often due to two things in the contemporary world: economics and security. When people have a job to go to and are materially content, they are less compelled to go fight their neighbors. OR, if they know that they are likely to be rounded up by the police swiftly after the riot begins, they'll avoid it. Political disillusionment, economic malaise and a lack of law enforcement is what fuels communal tensions. Religion, race or ethnicity are simply the identity that rallies the crowd.

    These three factors were certainly present in India 1947. There was uncertainty over the political system, tensions over how to divide resources, an imperial power that kept the country together who was dying to leave and no enforcement of any law and order. Add it all up in a country as diverse as India, and it's bound to happen.

    It doesn't matter what religion or what race/ethnicity. If the same political and economic conditions were in Canada or the USA, I guarantee you the same thing would happen.

  20. As usual it is the British to blame! Everywher they have been, only problems and wars after them!!!

    You know why??? Diuve and Rule! this was the moto of the British in their colonies. They would assess the existing divisions in the target "colony" and create hatred among as many sides as possible. then it would be easier for them to control the area - how else could they rule a county like India with their small army?

    They have used this strategy in all places where they rule - divide and rule! Another example is Cyprus - for hundreds of years the greek and turkish sides existed peacifully. Then the Brits came. When the greek side opposed the Brits, they formed a police force exclusivly of turkish miniroty and ordered them to put the greeks down. When the turks revolted, they formed a greek police force and asked them to put down the turkish revolt. When the Brits left, the 2 sides went to war! What did you expect?

    They did the same with india. They recognised the differences and agravated them on purpose, it srved them well while they were there putting people against each other but when they left there was war and chaos...and all they have to say "it was not us we tried to help" drawing borders on a paper and forcing billions to leave according to the will of the english gay lord who happened to be there at the time???? Radiculous!

    1. Sonia, what you're describing is the history of every empire that has ever existed. Britain itself has in it's own history fallen victim to the tactics of divide and conquer. And it's a tactic that the American military and industrial complex employ to this day, with it's phony wars on terror and it's so called bringing of democracy to other countries.

      One question that I like to ask is, what legacy do these empire builders leave behind?

      In the case of the British empire and India, along with the horrors of partition, they also left behind one of the biggest railway systems the world had ever seen. Modern India has been built on the foundations that were laid by the British empire. So yes, call them out for their wrong-doing by all means, but please take a step back and look at the whole story.

      Compare that to the legacy of modern American imperialism, and ask yourself what sort of legacy America and it's allies have left behind in their meddling in the middle east. Whole countries that once were at relative peace, now lie in tatters, their infrastructure shattered and the money allocated to repair it, skimmed off by companies such as Halliburton. All that's left behind is radioactive dust from depleted uranium munitions, and mothers who no longer ask the midwife if their new born baby is a boy or a girl, instead, they ask if it's normal, and tragically many of them are not. The degree of radioactive contamination that has been left behind is effectively causing a slow-burn genocide that will destroy countless lives for generations to come. If you doubt any of this, you'll find a very good documentary on this site, called Beyond Treason.

      If history teaches us one thing, it's that there's really not much moral high ground to be had by anyone in the west, over these matters.

    2. I like d world u used "existing division" the problem is not British divide and rule policy, it's because these people are not united at all. It has been a charade all along. The peace they had was superficial. They've been lookin 4 a way 2 attack themselves b4. Otherwise no matter u division tactics the British used it wouldnt have worked. If a armed man come 2 my house and asked me 2 shoot my brother, I wouldnt I rather him pull the trigger himself or kill me instead in dat case d blood is clearly on his hands. All dis were as a result of deep hatred within d groups that they have been harbouring.

    3. The one big lesson: the colonized and enslaved must stop trusting the ones who enslaved us--the Brits, the Americans and other Europeans. We must unite and see through their game of dominance that continues to play out to this day through the so-called multilateral institutions...

  21. This is a tragedy where people's beliefs are turned against them. So many times in the past religion has been used to get people to turn against each other with equally horrific results.

    The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Britain itself are now successful countries and civilizations because religious tolerance, understanding and harmony is the law of the land. Meaning that people can practice their own religion free from persecution.

    It is only through tolerance and understanding of the differences of various peoples and their beliefs that countries can grow and prosper.

    When the people of India and Pakistan understand this then they will prosper as one people as they did in the past.

    Segregation simply does not work. Only tolerance and understanding will prevail to respect the differences that people have.

    Why is this so? Because the more you segrate people the more differences they will find to divide themselves. It is the nature of humanity to be like this. So the more that tolerance and understanding is taught, then the more that different types of people can accept each other.

    This is the basis for the success of the societies of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Britain.

    This documentary shows what leaders of countries can do to instigate zenophobia turning ordinary people against one another because of their differences instead of using those same differences as attributes of strength and unity.

    Many times it is simply about power, control, and money.

    1. The difference between the Anglo world and India is that these countries were formed with one dominant culture: English. They were overwhelmingly white, Protestant, English speaking, capitalist etc. There's one tradition that dominates all, and in many of these countries, minorities (Aboriginals, African Americans, French Canadians etc.) have suffered. Ultimately, none of these countries are truly "mosaics", they are built on one culture, but tolerate others.

      India is a true mosaic. There are so many different ethnic and religious groups, it's difficult to consolidate all of these differences. But add poverty, inequality and the problems of a large developing country, and cultural tensions become violent. Also, let's not forget the British commonly exacerbated communal tensions wherever they went, even in Canada and Australia to a point.

  22. I haven't seen this doc yet nor do i want. I am a 32 year old Indian lived all my life in punjab where in 1947 riots took place. We Indians deserved it.
    we were always divided first muslim invaders looted this land then british.
    I wonder why we Indians never went out of our country did the same.
    I applaud British people as some where i read that England has never been invaded. they did because they could & we stupid Indians havent learnt the lesson yet. we are the most corrupt nation on the face of earth. here a court case goes for 20-25 years if it doesnt become a media trial. conviction rate is less than 6%. justice is joke here.
    sometimes i feel compelled to believe that there may be some truth in race theory. where ever english people went & inhabited like new zealand, australia, canada these countries became rich & developed.
    I am not jealous . I am sad.

    1. So am I

    2. 1) The ONLY reason they haven't been invaded is because they're an island. You can't charge tanks and men into Britain like you can in France or Germany.
      2) India was never a unified country, so there couldn't be an "Indian colonial empire". It's called a sub-continent for a reason. Also, why is that desirable?
      3) Yes, India is corrupt, but not as nearly as corrupt as most of the developing world. It's a relatively poor country, corruption always happens
      4) Well obviously, white colonies had preferential treatment. Why would they be exploiting a colony made up of British immigrants? Contrary to what most Americans will say, the UK treated the white colonies pretty well. India and Africa? Not so much.

      There's some explanations. Don't resort to self hatred, please.

    3. 1066, William the Conqueror, the name sort of gives it away...

  23. Under,

    'Possibly similar documentaries to The Day India Burned: Partition',


    'Iran and the West'.

    It should read:

    'Iran and the Rest!'


  24. good that they got massacred in Afghanistan these bastards .

    1. Are you the one who was wondering why your comments did'nt make it here?
      Massacre is not something to wish on anyone, even animals.

    2. 01bad2dbone yes look what they did to one nation these people they ruined the generation and you saying dont wish massacre on these people i mean the invaders

    3. if anyone or any goverment goes to some other country tries to invade the country and hurt the people of the that country i wish they could massacred 100 times thank you very much

    4. @ Azilda

      What about the massacre of executioners?

      Massacre the first one just as 'it' is about to kill.
      Maybe the rest of them will get the message.

      If not, kill'em all!

      Aren't we then just as bad as they?



    5. Why not? We don't bother to control the population any other way?

    6. why u dont ask all the soldiers fighting in Afghanistan why they are fighting for ? who they fight ? and for who ?

      Shame on human been, calling themselves rational....

      PS.. Would be nice to say Peace, but they bring fear and death to Afghanistan they should die. Do you still believe Al Qaeda and the towers have some relation ??? The biggest and evil plan made by the powerful ones....

      God bless us

      ~~~~ I was crazy when crazy means something ~~~

    7. @ Antiloops Afghanistan had nothing to do with so call 9/11 they wanted Osma he left AFG a long time ago why is USA and the rest of the world still there and the funny thing is that they're losing the war with country of only 21 million people and there is armies from all over the world INC army of a superpower . I fell sorry for the poor solders and their family they think they're the fighting for a good case what they dont know is the're fighting and dying for their fraud government and the Jews. these people got massacred there and learned a lesson or two in that land of lions Alexander the great, the Mongols, the Turks, the
      British at the time they were like super power and now lets see how these 12 or 15 countries will do there now i bet they will give up with their pants down and their a##es up.

  25. I confess I am a bit of an anglophile, I love mclaren F1, monty phyton, the concorde, bob marley's accent, bentleys, castles and so on. I mean, people are usually afraid and greedy as individuals, as I am sure nobody would really care that much if a distant uncle died as long as you kept his 2 million dollar estate. Collectively it is the same story and the English is no exception: peoples of the world want the nice things don't they, and for whatever reason they rather create nicer roads in their neighborhood at the expense of african babies than drive around on gravel. As Hitchens would say: we are made imperfect and ordered to be perfect.... but I don't think we can be.....I think we as high apes instinctively live the economic version of survival of the fittest everyday, and compassion is still in the works.

    1. We tend to forget that we have more commonalities than differences.

    2. Sounds about right.

  26. Disgusting colonialism.

  27. I liked this documentary, Currently I am watching the story of India. Very eye opening about how long their history is. Even the Caste system has a place. But even past rulers gave up everything to find Enlightenment thru Budda.
    The English messed up with Partition here and also in the middle east where they drew arbitrary boundries for each of the major groups. Many smaller groups got lost in the shuffle and still do.

  28. What an educational doc. Thank You V!! I will watch this several times before i dare to make an ignorant comment like i have been guilty of in the past!

    1. Not a problem S!!

  29. it all happens cause of power, status, religion, rich and poor, all bull shit leaders who does not know secience

  30. we will always remember this people of the UK

    1. What's that supposed to mean? I'm English and work in India, no one appears to blame the British for the current sutuation, to busy hating eachother. Likewise the million of Indians living in Britain appear to have forgave and forgot.....just maybe....shock, should be taking responsibility for your own actions in the present rather than looking for a 100 year old bogeyman.

  31. the british came to india to add fuel and make vuolence between muslims and hindus .before the the british rule they were in peace

    1. The muslim Mughal empire killed more hindus and destroyed more temples than the British did. Get your facts right.

  32. intelect friends can somebody figure out who was responsible for this bloodshed?????????

    1. Religion, religion, and more religion!

    2. A myopic view of world history and the human condition. Eliminate religion and there would still be bloodshed. The urge to be violent is a part of psyche of many living creatures. When humans as a whole can fully understand why we do the things we do and stop blaming one another, then we may have a chance to live in a more peaceful world.

    3. Jack

      "The urge to be violent is a part of psyche of many living creatures"

      This is one of the misguided popular beliefs modern media, including some of the docs here, feeds us to justify the shortcomings of humanity. But in general, without the man's appetite for more resources and religious intolerance, people do get along without too much fuss.

      In India religion was the main factor.

    4. Islam and its various tendency 2 violence is one thing I am yet 2 understand.

    5. btw - I personally witnessed 92 bombay riot where hindus and muslims killed and burnt each other. I didn't see any british people.

  33. Curiously Sudan a former british colony also officially split in two halves this week, one part muslim and one part christian, and left some millions dead. god's love is infinite isn't it.

    1. Thankfully, yes it is.

    2. for entitled US baby boomer consumerists he is, as long there is a 10% tax. For the millions of Sudanese raped and mutilated teenagers however...

    3. Charles, please explain to me in whatever way you can, how God forsook Elizabeth Fritzl. Seriously, how can someone be systematically raped for 24 years living a dungeon with no daylight, and be forgotten by a personal unipotent christian god. She must have prayed for decades for a break there right? If there is one life only, that puts god in a very precarious place in my books, since this can only be called negligence.

      However, if one believes in reincarnation, it is a bit easier for them to go there I think.

  34. The point that it DOESN'T make -- and most assuredly because it is a production of the BBC -- is that, if not for British colonial influence, nothing like this would have ever happened.

    1. Agree, and I am from Pakistan, but still feels like an indian :D

    2. I thought this documentary made it quite clear right from the beginning, that for centuries, these people had lived alongside each other in peace. It also seemed to me, to repeatedly stress the point that Mountbatton's deadline for completing partition, made a bad situation even worse.

      Of course, the programme makers could have said outright that had the British not been there, then the whole mess wouldn't have happened in the first place, but don't you think that would be stating the obvious?

      The rights and wrongs of colonialism should really be a no-brainer, and at the end of the day, this wasn't a documentary about that. It was an account of the process of partition, and I feel that it covered the subject in a reasonably balanced manner.

    3. "..but don't you think that would be stating the obvious?" ... It may well be stating the obvious; but if you DON'T do that, then the anti-religious nuts will try to claim that it was the belief in the Flying Spaghetti Monster which caused it to happen ... Not that they won't do that anyway!

    4. I'm sorry David, but you've lost me already. I thought your beef was with BBC bias, but now you're heading off into a whole other debate.

      People can and do, tend to think all manner of things, but I don't think that should mean every documentary should be tagged with disclaimers so as to protect people from their own stupidity.

      For what it's worth I would agree that the BBC are quite badly prone to bias, but my view is, their bias tends to come out when they cover current affairs, not historical documentaries.

      *edited to add - personally, I lend as much credence to the Church of the FSM, as I do any other organised religion, which is kinda the point of FSM'ism, as I understand it. ;)

    5. @Earthwinger i dont agree wit you. If the British had not come to Indian subcontinent, they would have fought anyway. It's apparent because the muslim Mughal empire killed more hindus and destroyed more temples than the British did.

      It is apparent that there was peace only because the british were there.They saw british as one "common enemy". They apparent coexist under british because they saw the british as neither Hindu or Muslim, and this united them. The unity broke down when the center that united them( british) were leaving, so the old animosity rose up. It's like d Russian and America fighting against Germany only 4 them 2 fight each other later.

      The british rule was responsible 4 the peace that existed between them for those years otherwise the muslim empire will have tried to continue their conquest and killing of Hindus. Ofcourse it wasnt the british that told the muslim to start the Calcutta killings which started the whole problem. The only place I blame the british is that they should have tried to stop these people from killin themselves and the guy that drew the map made a mess of it. At d whole d muslim were to be blamed( there is no sense in what they started at calcutta). If u have grievances, killin innocent people is not the way 2 solve it and who said u must always be majority.

    6. Thanks Stvyen, you've pointed out an aspect of it that I wasn't really aware of. Although of course, we'll never know if what you're suggesting would have come to pass, what you're saying seems to make a lot of sense, and I've no reason to disagree with you.

      Thank you for shining more light on this subject for me.

  35. amazing documentary! it makes a point of seeing each other as people and not divided by religion. religion is not an ethnicity.

    1. It is. Look at judaism and jews... Worlds most politically powerful pseudoreligious political elite that controls america via aipcac is infact jewish :D

    2. I wouldn't waste your time commenting or trying to get any one to see things from your viewpoint. It is near impossible. They are stuck in the same box they complain about others being in. I just sit back and watch and occasionally hold back the urge to waste my typing.

      Love from a sister in US

    3. It seems that every nation has it's own religion, until some outsider comes along and tells them they can't practice it. Then somehow it becomes a separate issue.

    4. This ur comment is irrelevant. Try and be objective 4 ones.So jews is now control Obama who's advocatin 4 1967 border line? It's irrational people dat brings sufferin 2 dis world, we are talkin about d same indian people who splitted along religious line, u're talkin about Jews and Americans.Absolutely incoherent

  36. Ah yes, the Religion of Peace.... More like Religion of Pieces....

    1. Hahaha. What about the political hindus? Why is islam to blame always? If Hindus never demanded their hegemony over muslim minority, there was no need for Pakistan!

    2. Pls stop defending what's wrong. It only shows u're capable of committin d same attrocities. Who demanded hegehomy? Even if they did. Did they start by killing people? Why cant muslim seek peaceful ways? But they started their own demand by killin in calcutta(Kolkata) which started d whole problem.Pls dont blame d british.Pls tell me what is it about this religion dat turn people to sadistic violent people dat will start killin on slightest provocation? Pls just no dat d world has advanced and Jihad idea cant work again

  37. I don't like the Red Bull commercial in the corner. It sneaks on my Check Out the Recent Comments page.

    1. Azilda, is there anyway to delete messages without having to email Vtatko?


    2. I have erased a message once thinking it was working but what it did, it left the message there but took my name of and replaced it with Guess.
      So my impression is No there is no way!
      What you can do is Edit, Erase the words and replace them with a different comment...a quote by some smart cookie from somewhere in the world...or your self!lol