The Disappearing Male

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The Disappearing MaleThe Disappearing Male is about one of the most important, and least publicized, issues facing the human species: the toxic threat to the male reproductive system.

The last few decades have seen steady and dramatic increases in the incidence of boys and young men suffering from genital deformities, low sperm count, sperm abnormalities and testicular cancer.

At the same time, boys are now far more at risk of suffering from ADHD, autism, Tourette's syndrome, cerebral palsy, and dyslexia.

The Disappearing Male takes a close and disturbing look at what many doctors and researchers now suspect are responsible for many of these problems: a class of common chemicals that are ubiquitous in our world.

Found in everything from shampoo, sunglasses, meat and dairy products, carpet, cosmetics and baby bottles, they are called "hormone mimicking" or "endocrine disrupting" chemicals and they may be starting to damage the most basic building blocks of human development.

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  1. woman

    wow.. what an eye opener.. we are our own enemy by creating and using harsh chemicals.

  2. Linda

    Interesting, it explains the shortage of males and the reason for feminine males. We need to reverse this problem fast.

  3. Charles B.

    Wow! This is serious stuff. Thank you God, for my healthy baby boy (and girl).

    Thanks Vlatko for another great documentary! A "10" from me.

  4. Kurtis K

    My wang still works, there's no way one film will bring down the chemical industry, apathy my be the destruction of our species but right now all it's saying is more pussy for me

  5. eric

    what one has to understand is that whether it is war, technology, chemistry, pollution and so on essentially we are destroying each-other and the death to any human being is death to all of mankind, there is no denying the effects, we are chemical beings, and chemicals interact, you don't have to go to school for that, but what is the cause of such carelessness, that we continue to live in such a way, that even our human waste is so polluting, the carelessness of yourself is carelessness, which is the carelessness of all man

  6. eric

    we have become so careless, concerned with ourselves that when we talk about love towards another we don even care for ourselves, and one can see that in the way we eat, the increase in health problems across the board, the use of pills is one of the major health problems, and there are so many, you can go and tackle them one by one which obviously that kind of approach has done nothing, or you are going to find out the very root cause of it, and rip it out completely, what confuses me when i hear people say, if you get rid of the president there is someone else who is corrupt that takes his place, and if you get rid of a company they change their name, if you get rid of a pill it gets sold somewhere else or they change their name, so it should be obvious to any sane human being that this kind of approach has been done with for so many years and it has done nothing and is there awareness of such a thing, the docs are a good watch but if you are not aware of this actually then it has no meaning, everything we are doing has to do with how we are living, all the problems, the wars, the conflicts, antagonisms, the hate of your ex wife, neighbor, the man, and you meet each-other with hate, dislikes, antagonism, guns, so its inevitable as to what is happening, its not something secret its clearly obvious, nothing profound at all

  7. lanvy

    oh I very much doubt this is a threat to the survival of our species...In fact, it's our own ability to proliferate that is a threat to all other species.

    I dont find this decline in births to be so bad of a bad thing. Please....share some clean air and water (what's left) to the rest of us.

  8. Mike


    "I dont find this decline in births to be so bad of a bad thing. Please….share some clean air and water (what’s left) to the rest of us."

    We should start with the next addition to your family. No problem there, right? I mean, lower birth rates mean someone isn't having a, why not begin with the folks (and their families) who think there are too many of us? Certainly a little sterilization might be in order as well...why leave it to chance, right?

    Read some history for God's sake.

  9. Collette

    I've already heard somewhere about the dengers of disappearing males and how the reproduction will be done by using female cells only or something... Makes me think if maybe the growth of homosexual population is not because ''in the past people just didn't come out wth their true identity'', but more in the disturbnces of the testosteron hormon being distributed to the cells. It is not a new thing to know that natural is more healthy. More toxins can make more people sick. But in a population growth we are expriencing sometimes it is really hard to separate the facts from the fiction. It may just look like because more people live more people will be dead every day, bigger the population bigger the number of deformations, illnesses ect ect, however a longer study only can give us the right information. This is just a ''good'' assumption.

  10. colby

    no one is giving up the plastics which are used to wrap mc doubles. eric summed up my thoughts, we don't give a shit about anyone including ourselves. the blind leading the blind, sheeple keep your heads down and keep eating the fertilizer if you're thirsty, wash it down with fluoride.

  11. Fathimah Zainulabideen

    This is not a surpirise at all for is such an affirming factor..and just increases faith for Muslims...because our Prophet Muhammed PBUH 1400 years ago had already foretold thatthe ratio is going to become 50:1 towards the end of times...

  12. CaliGirl

    Very true Fathimah, this affirms the faith of many Muslims.

    I just didn't expect it to happen so soon. :/

  13. duck

    Well, females have been against having males artound for years.....the fems should be jumping for joy....

  14. Sean


    When the female to male ratio becomes 50:1 according to what you sited in Koran, does that means a Muslim guy should have 50 wives to solve the problem by then?

  15. Jeff

    What the hell has this hypothetical god have to do with this conversation? Lets talk facts not myths. Reality please.

  16. Gianna Love

    I don't think this is an explanation for feminine males, there are records of gender variance amongst cultures that lived thousands of years before chemicals like this even existed. And to suggest that gender expression is somehow a problem that needs to be rectified is an insult to thousands of years of cultures that included gender expression outside of a gender binary (or a social phenomenon in which there are only two modes of gender expression based on physical sex). There are many cultures that have had and continues to have third, fourth, fifth and up to several modes of gender expression (esp. in South East Asia and the Native American peoples). Furthermore to say that endocrine components are the only thing responsible for a person's gender makeup ignores all of the social, and possibly spiritual components and elements that are part of human existence. There are also several instances of males who express what is socially considered as "feminine" reproducing with females (who may express as masculine, feminine, in-between, or neither). Do not confuse sex with sexuality, gender with sex, or gender with sexuality, they are all very different aspects of life that have elements in common but are not the same.

  17. Amanda

    This is exactly why my boys have organic skin care, stainless steel water bottles and plastic free lunch containers.

  18. Lou

    Right on, Gianna.

    Gender is performance, and not performing your gender according to societal expectations is not a problem. Quite the contrary.

  19. CaliGirl


    Thats funny! Once you start acting mature Fathimah will probably reply back to you.

    Giana and Lou- What if all of this happened because God willed it. A Prophet revealed this to happen 1400 yrs ago. Now lets work on how to deal with the numbers we have been divinely ordained population numbers.

  20. Epicurean_Logic

    The strong male is not dissapearing this is a myth! When you grow up and get married you will find this out.

  21. Jamila

    Its amazing that some people are so naive! The fact is clear that there are more boys being born then girls's not a's a real epidemic!

  22. duck

    I never realized that I was an epidemic. Do you suggest a sex change operation or just euthanasia ??

  23. pete

    Wow a lot of you are in denial.

    Yes some historic cultures had variances, but some historic cultures also practiced fetiside. In most species including humans the ratio should be 50:50 with slightly more males born. This is a problem.

    The scary thing is, all these things have been known for a long time to be causing problems but the FDA, et al are protecting the corporations who make money polluting our environment.

    The scarier thing is that amoung the ruling class there is a 100+ year old agenda to implement population control and reduce the population of the world.

  24. Andrew

    wow. Pretty good doc. I liked how this tried to go into detail about the chemistry. I'd like to see more documentaries go deeper into the science and chemistry.

  25. Epicurean_Logic


    An epidemic! We have a huge backlog of bird flu virus here in the UK. That H5N1 strain never was the epidemic that it was made out to be.

    Maybe the anti men hit team assembled here should take note!

  26. Apostate


    The Prophet Muhammed was an illiterate pedophile. There is absolutely no connection between that epileptic pig of a man (The Prophet) and the chemistry presented in this documentary.

    Get a life.

  27. Healer

    So this might cause us to have smaller penises and trouble with getting children. I watched a whole lot of documentaries about big corporations and/or governments lying, staying quiet and denying things like these. But none of them is as big as this. It's hard to talk about it when you think that it might've happened to yourself, when you realise that this might be the end of line for your family tree. It could kill us all if left unchecked.

  28. Amos

    WOW...There is real lack of concern or love of the next man in this world. The comments i read sometimes leave me speachless. I could only muster up the ability to say God bless all you self approved vipers on here and don't cry when you realize that the things happening today don't just affect the next man but will destroy us all. My pain is yours, and you are you brothers keeper!!!

  29. duck

    @ Amos

    There eastern religious groups that want this to happen in order to prove their beliefs...

    There are feminist groups that want to get rid of all males..

    There are environmental groups that want to get rid of all humans...

    There are political groups that 'feel' if there were less males, the world would be better off...

    These people only have 'love' for themselves and their ideas/agendas which throws love they neighbor out the window very quickly........

  30. Truth

    yes, the Prophet (PBUH) did mention that eventually Women would greatly outnumber Men.

    HOWEVER, this does not mean we should not do something about it. All of Humanity must unite against the chemical industry.
    Go natural whenever you can.

  31. roy

    Processed food

    floride in water

  32. roy

  33. Humayun

    Some one wrote very large comments, really it is boring to me. I have no comments except only one. If the number oh girl increase then the boy will be happy, cos they will have more girl friend. Everyday they will have a new girl friend......

  34. Russ

    Looks as though Nature is very intolerant when messing with Gods plan for Her.

  35. lukcic

    OMG maybe I'm 'broken' or my children could be...I think the factor that is very important (and even not mentioned) is the life style. It has been proved that if you are in stress for a long time you get sick (usually cancer or something similar) and kids inherit some of illnesses etc... That's what I think. Mankind is too materialistic/money is the most important thing in our time of being.
    Let the nature take care of us all - good or bad, anything will be ok :)

  36. luke

    WOW! We as a species are actually pretty dumb. We put comfort and luxury ahead of our own survival. We believe what we want at this very moment is more important than the well being and safety of our own children. We either turn this trend around or our species will parish in silence.

  37. pelle

    if my grand-grand-grand-grandchildren will be a man, he will probably get laid alot... :)

  38. DEC

    One of the primary chemicals that effect male development and fertility is Proestrogen ( i..e the contraceptive pill). Proestrogen passes into the water system when women pee, some countries filter it from domestic supply, some don’t; nonetheless it still enters the water table.

  39. Pyrrhus

    Let's hope the phenomenon is worldwide so that by 2050 we don't hit 15 billion.

  40. David Foster

    Hear! Hear!

  41. kongkakingchongcha

    I'm not too worried about this issue. We still have the Chinese and Indians! I mean their procreative ability should be no.1 in the world.

  42. researchRoyalRaymondRife

    no we'll just have 15 billion women geniuses, seriously are you people this stupid?

  43. wutluviz

    These estrogen mimicking chemicals we keep poisoning ourselves with could easily mean the end of our species. How tragic would that be? We are the most intelligent creatures on Earth and it gets us extinct? and we did it to ourselves? Oh the irony. You don't see other animals causing their own extinction. It's us. We murder the other animals on the planet and kill each other. Intelligent indeed.

  44. 0zyxcba1

    yes, they are

  45. Mona Benham

    You may be thinking...hurray! Here's a cure for overpopulation. However if you paid attention when watching....they also mention that only 10% of sperms now are okay while the rest produce children with deformities, especially smaller or distorted male organs, and probably other issues too. If we somehow survive, it may possibly be a smaller group of humans yes, though vastly inferior in intellect and physical structure, reproductive abilities and health than past generations.

  46. elziba

    god, if i get any more bad news I don't know. This sucks. I'm depressed again.

  47. Eric Leon

    haha... yup

    -Edit: haha, pic makes me look fat

  48. Eric Leon

    lol.. my tiny img makes me look fat

  49. Giselle Portales

    u mean how the girls in china get laid alot? because there are 50 million more men than women? selective abortion did that...not fun.

  50. solrac503

    If you think about it, 2 separate sexes isn't the only combination humans can have: Hermaphroditus, A Sexual, even having 3rd sex is all possible. There's a book (the name is failing me) that takes a look at this very issue. I think chemicals are only speeding up the process, according to that book. And I disagree with the scientist's comment when she states the reason why this isn't a talked about subject is because it's "scary." Though it's scary, the reality is it's a money issue: big oil's philosophy is profits over people. And the reality is that we don't vote at the ballot box, we vote with our dollar - be an educated consumer.

  51. Yusiley S

    The ultimate ruling class and elite is the Bliderberg group. They want to reduce the population and make them subhuman (lower quality males means lower quality offspring), because it's easier to control a small population that has lower IQs and other mental health issues.

  52. Yusiley S

    Thank you so much for your comment. I thought I was alone with the idea that there is a huge difference between sex, gender, and sexuality.

    A well known Native American tribe that don't believe in the rigid sex and gender rules of Anglo-Saxon America is the Zuni. They believe men can house female spirits and women having male spirits. They even believe a single body could house multiple spirits. They are very accepting of men who wear traditional womens' clothes and women wearing traditional mens' clothes. They don't see it as homosexuality, transgender or transsexual... for them it's just the individuals being themselves.

    I love this little passage from Zuni Man-Woman...
    " Zunis believed that men skilled at women's crafts (and women skilled in male activities) combined the two sexes. This made them extraordinary in every respect." Clearly to the tribe it benefited them more that their members find the skills and occupation that they're gifted and talented with than being forced into them because of they were born of a certain sex. It wouldn't make sense to them to force a woman who is a bad cook to cook the meals or force a man to be a warrior when clearly he doesn't have the heart for it.

    Again thanks for your comment.

  53. Yusiley S

    A step closer to my dream of seeing the extinction of our embarrassing species. It has insulted itself long enough and I rather see it die off already than furthering its poor excuse of intelligence. Yes men will have more women, but many of these men will be infertile or carry low quality genes. Also the only women who would properly have sex with these lower quality men will be lower quality women. You'll be seeing an increase of cognitive and intellectual disabled people in the future. After all, the higher quality men will rather be having sex with love dolls and sex bots than actual women and the higher quality females will be with their own love dolls and sex bots. The countdown to extinction has started. I can't wait for it's conclusion.

  54. CNZ

    Haha, this is why I read comments before the story.

    So many answers and good points in the comments section worth bearing in mind while you read the story :)

  55. Adi Singh

    What the f***? You were making sense until the "love dolls" and "sex bots" If a high quality female or male can be defined as an intelligent person with desirable genes, then how can you not refute that they'd mate with each other. What evidence do you have that they'll have sex with "bots." And one more question to ponder, if a person is high quality, then wouldn't they want to procreate and pass on their DNA to the gene pool? Isn't that a quality action? Please give me some kind of proof of these sex bots running rampant in the future via a video (not an anime) or an article. If you were serious, then it would greatly interest me in reading about this.

  56. Daryl Walters

    Ummmmm....I'm guessing that you rate yourself in the "high quality" section? hehehehe lol! You're funny!
    (FYI, I'm laughing at you, not with you! hehehehe!)

  57. Joe Ricola

    More women for us:) Won't tell them my soldiers can't make it to the egg! lol

  58. Jamie Bejune

    they know exactly what their doing.. poisoning and sterilizing people is deliberate and happening on a thousand levels

  59. Neel Sutton

    It's a paper called The Five Sexes.

  60. clairelworthington

    The summary makes me think of "Children of Men." I must read that...

  61. Yusiley S

    Not really... I don't want any part of the species by adding more of it. I want to help with its extinction, not postpone it.

  62. Guest

    It is really sad that you feel that way about "most" men... My wife is curled up next to me right now watching a dvd, with her little leg thrown over my middle and her head on my shoulder, eyes aglow, and I wouldn't trade my physical closeness and emotional intimacy with her for anything in this world. I couldn't even begin to explain to you how much I need her for a great many things other than just the fantasies we sometimes indulge in. When she's gone, I always miss her badly, and when she comes back, I'm usually all over her...sometimes to her annoyance, I admit! But I think most men get to feel this way about the woman they become bonded to, and, although I don't claim it'll never happen, I really think it'll be quite a while before a majority of us are willing to trade up what we can have with the real for a facsimile, however well it can impersonate that. Something incredibly vital would be missing, and, believe it or not, most of us would be able to recognize that... Maybe the men you are referring to would be better classified as boys, and it's true some never do really grow up...

    My wife is NOT aware of anything I'm writing here, btw, so this isn't an attempt to win a gold star from her, although I am not above such a thing, considering the payoffs, lol. And that works both ways, of course.

    I checked out your link. It's interesting, and I can certainly see some applications in the relatively near future for such technology to bring a measure of contentment (I will not say happiness) to men -and women- who may feel they have little other option, as well as a lot of potential for satisfying fantasies, and nothing else. But until such machines have "souls," I wouldn't hold my breath expecting a trade-up for it to become all that common.

  63. documentarywatcher

    Has anyone considered that this may be why we are seeing an increase in gays among our population? A dysfunction/mutation in the male organs and decreases in testosterone levels could very well mean males becoming/feeling more feminine (for those males that even make it outside of the womb). Now, someone make a documentary in 10 years on that.

  64. Kizu

    Testosterone levels (and dysfunction or mutations on sex organs) don't affect sex orientation, and "feeling more feminine" is more related with GID than homosexuality.

  65. laalana

    The thing is that, why have so many women while an average man can't even f*** them!

  66. bassman21

    Worldwide there are still more boys than girls being born, but overall there are more women than men. This is in part to womens longer lifespan. This documentry is misleading. I looked up the number of boys vs girls being born and it is no lower. Still interesting to watch this.

  67. Chris Farrell

    In the Potomac river, near Washington, D.C., the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has cataloged up to 80% of the male fish have eggs inside their bodies. This is due to the powerful 'gender benders' or endocrine disruptors found in many plastics.

  68. His Forever

    Bassman21: Are you taking into account the 40 million female babies aborted in India and the millions of female fetuses aborted in China? Just watched a news video on the "missing 40 million girls" in India just a few weeks ago. That would skew the ratio in favor of "boys" I would think. China and India are huge countries.

  69. Azzah Lisa

    they don't need to be havin kids, a sign of the end times, hadith that women will surpass men in end days, also another reason why men are allowed to marry more than one woman, up to four, hope to God it doesn't come to that.

  70. John Phung

    Seems like these “hormone mimicking” or “endocrine disrupting” chemicals are going to be hard to avoid without making any drastic lifestyle changes.

  71. Tereza Martins

    If plastics do that much damage to boys I'm sure it's doing the same to girls and to all the other life on the planet.

  72. Tereza Martins

    Maybe if all the males are as charming as you, just a picture will do.

  73. laalana

    Personal insult is extremely lame. By the way, a female person is not and would not wish to be as "charming" as a male!

  74. Durand Laurent

    that's why there is more gay, balls produce testosterone and testosterone make u more attract by women.

  75. Mantid

    Did you know since we started recording history people have been predicting the end of time. I guess God said ''let there be a chemical that causes sperm to not work properly''.

  76. joeafrica123

    I am glad the ratio of boys to girls is shrincking. It is a benefit for a zero growth world and a female ruled earth. A female run earth would mean low or no war,crime and poverty.
    There is a video on You Tube that explains some of this."Year 2030 AD, only humans able to give live birth and nurse their young will be born". Geneticist have invented technology that causes a blastocyst with the male y chromosome to be aborted . Hence only xx blastocyst (female only) will be born. Woman will need a vaccine in order to have a boy. In this way we can maintain a male population of 10% or so.

  77. joeafrica123

    Thank god. We dont ned male sperm anyway for baby making anymore.

  78. Frank Tetto

    Thank god. We dont ned male sperm anyway for baby making anymore.

    Like Reply
    6 hours ago in reply to researchRoyalRaymondRife

    I am glad the ratio of boys to girls is shrincking. It is a benefit for a zero growth world and a female ruled earth. A female run earth would mean low or no war,crime and poverty.
    There is a video on You Tube that explains some of this."Year 2030 AD, only humans able to give live birth and nurse their young will be born". Geneticist have invented technology that causes a blastocyst with the male y chromosome to be aborted . Hence only xx blastocyst (female only) will be born. Woman will need a vaccine in order to have a boy. In this way we can maintain a male population of 10% or so.

    Most ignorant comment I have ever read. I am not even going to waste my time to justify my point.

  79. Bob Smith

    And you know who made that technology possible? A male. That's right you deluded feminazi, once again you are helpless without your male counterpart. I don't know what your problem is but you need to stop being a lunatic.

  80. Bob Smith

    This has nothing to do with birth gender it is about synthetic hormones heavily disrupting a normal body's function. Hormone levels don't decide birth gender, chromosomes do.

  81. cr??py cupcake ?

    I also blame female hormonal contraception. It gets into the water supply, and males drink the tap water. The amounts are not high enough to sterilize females, but males are easier effected because the hormones are found in much smaller amounts in their bodies.

  82. cr??py cupcake ?

    Also, it's typical that people only worry about humans. What about wildlife? It's effected the whole earth. We rely on wildlife, and wildlife seems to rely on us.

  83. cr??py cupcake ?

    Males and females have their natural separate roles for a reason. I don't think that the human race would be able to function healthily with just one gender of humans, even if we could still create new humans. Gender equality is more of an ideology than a reality. You must also bear in mind that this issue is effecting male animals. As usual, animals are ignored and pushed aside. If you are positive about this issue, then there is something very wrong with your mentality.

  84. cr??py cupcake ?

    How many men do you actually see with those sex robots? I don't personally know anyone, whereas I know a tonne of men with wives and girlfriends.

  85. suzyq

    Ummm have you seen the "girl fights" on YouTube, or even watched one episode of Teen Mom??? Good luck with that world full of "peaceful" females...ROFL!!

  86. Inflikkt

    tbh none of this is surprising. i realized all this on my own within the past decade as ive began to suffer a wide array of health ailments (as a male).

    it seems we have set ourselves up to end the y chromosome and honestly? the future will be better off without us. i am so tired of machoism and hearing males use the word f..a..ggot towards each other. in general i think males suck and the future will be better off without us. i also hate females though since they are the cause of all the inherited genetic disorders us males must suffer with, and they are still disgusting humans in their own right... nevertheless, i think girls are in general much happier and live exalted existences compared to males.

    death to us

  87. Jeremy Janson

    The thing about men is that they WILL fight each other if insults et cetera are flung, and because of that, they are responsible for their violence and frequently have the scars and broken bones to prove it. Violent girls, on the other hand, can be as mean and vicious as they want and the consequences, insofar as they exist, will simply be an increase in popularity. The incentives are switched. It's like when you go to a small town in Arizona or Idaho and everyone is so peaceful and nice because if you're not peaceful and nice you get shot or at least beat to within an inch of your life (depending upon the talents of your sheriff) but then you go to NYC, where you'll spend 5 years in jail for a bar fight, and everyone is mean and manipulative and finding ways to control the business world so only their friends can get good jobs.

  88. Jeremy Janson

    That, and the need to connect families, is the reason I find same sex marriage very disrespectful to the concept of marriage. I do not care what gay people do or whether they live together, but the sacred ceremony of marriage must be reserved for couples that provide a balance of gender, can reasonably represent fertility even if they themselves are not fertile, and in between these two can bring families together. It is not simply about sexual commitment, that is only one part of how and why it works.

  89. Jeremy Janson

    The myth of exponential population, in a world where the growth in population is slowing or reversing everywhere, is probably the most dangerous lie of all time. I think the reason people believe it is they want to believe it, they want an excuse to get rid of people they don't like!

  90. The_Portraitist

    I am sorry Jeremy!

    But you don't have a clue about NYC, your information is based on whatever small town mid-american propaganda is spewed about the big scary city.

    I am living in NYC for the past twenty years, I lived in all of the five boros, except for Staten Island. Living currently in Manhattan.

    In those twenty years, I have not once encountered a bar fight, IIRC. People have a different dynamic and not everybody is rich and New Yorkers are much cooler than you describe.

    It's also an international town with 2/3rds coming from other parts of the US and from all over the world.

    Not arguing other points, didn't follow all your posts, but this one caught my eye, because it's simply false!

  91. Dwayne Fritz

    Jeremy didn't say there are tons of bar fights in NYC, you missed his point completely. He said "but then you go to NYC, where you'll spend 5 years in jail for a bar fight." He was talking about male violence and how different areas of the nation will charge you for the crime of fighting.

    I would also say that New Yorkers are more busybodied and less friendly than places down south in small towns. I have to agree with Jeremy on that one. I lived in Central Florida for most of my life, moved to eastern Pennsylvania 11 years ago and have visited New York City several times. It's a totally different lifestyle, New Yorkers don't view things as manners and politeness the same way. It may have something to do with the massive population compared to a rural small town. In NYC you simply have a harder time being polite to passersby because there are so many. Watch the show "Breaking Amish." You will see first hand how many people are too busy to help a stranger out, they simply walk by completely ignoring the person or making a lame excuse that baffles the Amish kids. But nevertheless, just like any area there will be a diversity of people who are more/less polite.

  92. Alan Baird

    In relation to a world without men would mean no war,crime and poverty, war is for resources. As women are the biggest consumers, then they are more responsible for the wars, poverty: sweatshops make a lot of the luxury items and so need to keep the children uneducated to stay working for pennies and the cruelty of these fur farms and dogs boiled, skinned alived to make ug boots. I look at the huge amount of men who become monks in western and eastern traditions who take on austerity and renounce material trappings, you might have to look up the last part, they don't advertise that on Cosmos pages. Point being woman do as much as men, and if there is some truth to women being naturally more nonviolent then the fact that they do commit violence is an indictment of something very wrong with them. Look up history there were always women warriors, in 90AD they were allowed not fight on the basis of being child bearers, not because they were less violent, history shows many cases of not just warriors but very accomplished ones also.

  93. Leon Newman

    Women, never forget: al acts done by men are done to try and court women.

    The genes are that selfish.

  94. Phil Rickaby

    The world has gone to hell in a hand basket, it seems now that absolutely anything goes, regardless of intent, reason, manipulation or right. There is nothing left but a tyrannical travesty awaiting us all. The earth and its bio-diversity needs to be nurtured and cared for, humans can offer little other than perform misery.

  95. Sauron ofMordor

    The human species must be exterminated altogether to save the earth and wildlife. We are the ONLY species causing damage, for our own comfort and malice.

  96. Natalie Portelli

    I have been thinking about this topic for a couple of years, the effects of environmental oestrogen’s such as those found is cosmetics, tap water & pollution. Good to have some research and facts behind my thoughts… I wonder if these chemicals also contribute to men being more feminine!? (is it just me or are more men more feminine now?)

  97. ishmael2009

    You first, lead by example.

  98. Kazi Sumon

    Absolutely agree. Men are seriously becoming more feminine, which suggest that endocrine disrupting chemicals may be targeting the brain as well, leading to such psychological effects.

  99. Keith Olson

    I have been noticing men under 30 or some age, are acting gayer. Lisping and limp. I didn't know it wasn't really a trendy thing but more of a chemical poisoning thing. It's scary. What a thought. So the elite satanists are bombarding us with eugenic drugs to kill off the species. Nice. Thank Bill Gates and Monsanto and their ilk.

  100. Keith Olson

    Yes men are gayer now and some think it is due to estrogen mimickers in BPA in plastic food containers like water bottles. If you look up BPA and estrogen you can find studies.

  101. Lori Alayne Weber Miller

    Well heck, some cultures selectively abort girl feti and so what with less boys gestating, and more of the girls being aborted, your wish should come true you unnatural misanthrope.

  102. Lori Alayne Weber Miller

    You guys are all so egocentric and are only focusing on what this means for human reproduction and you are forgetting what they were saying about fish and crocodiles and such. What is the life cycle of the animals exposed to these toxins? If this indicates a decrease in the third generation that means you are going to have to worry about the the extinction of food species real soon we wont have to worry about our inability to reproduce because we will have died from famine long before that

  103. Lori Alayne Weber Miller

    Oh and you vegans congratulating yourself on not eating animals . bees pollinate your food crops suckers . guess what the life cycle of a bee is. Ever heard of colony collapse? you'll be starving along with the rest of us

  104. Manfruss

    I love how they say: "Scientists are telling Health Canada "you have to move on this"." However, The Harper Goverment have a policy of muzzling scientists that don't agree with Industry.

  105. rocketmahn

    I don't think we men are getting feminized, but excuse me for a moment while I shave my legs and chest hair...

  106. Jacek Walker

    It is all about possessiveness. These "men" want to possess and dominate.
    And only dead things can be possessed.

  107. Lucy

    never mind this damn stuff has caused massive rise in cancers in women...this estrogen dominance from chemicals that disrupt natural hormone and replace those receptors with the chemical, causing estrogen dominance in turn creating massive issues for women..this information has been around for decades and no one notices until men are threatened? bulls*it! The point being, this is not new, which goes to show they have been very successful in misleading and spreading disinformation. Ever so clever keeping truth out of the main stream public's eye... Those of us watching these issues unfold like a napkin at a dinner party full of drunks, well we wait and watch and act as much as we can and no one is listening...and those who may hear but not truly hear just shrug these issues off as nonsense. Many are finally waking up to these issues but still in all actuality...there are not enough people really paying heed nor do they believe. They'd rather argue the issue. Why bother.

  108. Lucy

    and us women are shaving nose and lip hair that shouldn't be there. Oestrogen
    is not anymore natural to a woman's body than it is to a man's. It's
    destroying all of us. This film focused just on the male population
    babies but it failed to point out the thousands if not millions of young
    girls to full grown women who have had various cancers directly related
    to these chemicals.

  109. Hughspeaks

    First up, alligators are a poor example to use, because the sex of an alligator is determined by the ambient temperature at the time it was incubating in the egg, not by genes or hormones.

    From Wikipedia, "The nests built on levees are warmer and thus produce males while the cooler nests of wet marsh produce females."

    If there are more intersexed alligators around, it's probably because their enviroment has been disturbed, forcing them to nest in less suitable places where the ambient temperature isn't in the right range for normal male or female development.

    More importantly as far as human male development is concerned, while I'm not saying that chemicals in the environment can't cause problems, there's a massive source of fetal exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals that nobody's talking about: pharmaceutical hormones. I think that doctor-prescribed medicines are the actual cause of most of the problems that are being blamed on environmental EDCs.

    In the "wonder drug" years immediately after the second world war, a whole range of artificial hormone derivatives were developed and promptly pressed into service as medicines, often under completely false pretences and with little or no prior safety testing. The earliest of these treatments was an artificial estrogen called DES, which until 1971 was widely used as a treatment to prevent miscarriages. The doses used were absolutely colossal. The cumulative dose of DES over the course of a pregnancy was typically around 11 grams, roughly the equivalent in estrogen content of half a million birth control pills!

    DES was abruptly withdrawn from the market in 1971 after a link to cancer was discovered, but by then, about 10 million people in total (mothers, daughters and sons) had already been exposed. DES mothers and daughters both have high rates of cancer, and many DES daughters were born with abnormalities of their internal reproductive organs that make it very difficult for them to carry a pregnancy to term. That's if they are able to get pregnant at all; many of them are infertile.

    By contrast, the official line is that the DES sons came through their exposure almost totally unscathed. I wanted to find out about the effects on male development of being prenatally exposed to high doses of artificial female hormones, and so for the last couple of years I've been trying to find out as much as I can about DES sons. If the ones I've had contact with are in any way representative of DES sons as a whole, then there's been a whopping cover up. They seem to have experienced very high rates of fertility problems, intersex-related genital abnormalities, endocrine disorders, and psychological problems such as depression, ADHD and Asperger's. Perhaps the most interesting thing is that a third if not more of the DES sons I've had contact with seem to identify as women!

    Although DES itself is no longer used, other treatments involving high doses of female hormones took its place, and are still being used to prevent miscarriages even now. There's one called Proluton Depot which certainly looks like it could interfere with normal male development, but there are probably others too. With these hormone treatments, the regulators, the pharmaceutical companies, and doctors, all seem to have forgotten that a pregnant woman is actually two people, and 50 percent of the time her unborn baby is a boy!

  110. Hughspeaks

    It's the medical use of artificial female hormone derivatives (estrogens and progestins) during pregnancy. They have this highly specific action of interfering with normal testicular function, and blocking testosterone production. The biggest use of these drugs is during difficult pregnancies where
    there's though to be a risk of miscarriage or premature birth.

    In humans, testosterone is what drives male development, so giving these drugs during pregnancy is a recipe for disaster. They tend to mainly be used during the second and third trimester, which is after development of the genitals and reproductive organs has completed but during a very active time for brain development. In pregnancies where the developing fetus is male, what I think you typically end up with is a normal looking baby boy who has a brain that developed as female. As adults, not surprisingly these people tend to act like women, which is why they look gay. I think it's also the reason why we're seeing so many stories in the news lately about transsexuals!

  111. Sick & tired of the status quo

    Lol what's with the vegan comment? You sound like you have something against them? Why include and denigrate them specifically in your little rant?

    I agree with most of what you said but I think you're an idiot for the vegan comment. I think they should be congratulating themselves in a way. If you look at vegan culture at least they're actually trying to find better alternatives.
    You're the one who looks egocentric lol...

  112. Lori Alayne Weber Miller

    if you had bothered to read all the comments there were several self-congratulatory vegans talking about how the meat eaters were going to starve I was just reminding them that that if animals die so will the crops.

  113. Billy Plante

    The hate is strong in this one

  114. Gabriel Stan

    And what happens is your wife leaves you, divorces are increasing in those times ? You would be devastated, that's why too much attachment isn't good. Women demand more from men, and men find their own solutions, so sex bots would be one of the proper examples.

  115. Glenn

    So funny. A documentary about boys and men, yet the guilt of a mother is featured. Who gives a crap how she feels? Stick to the science, thanks....

  116. Glenn

    Humanity will disappear without men. If you think a female only human population could be a dominant species without men, you simply know nothing about biology. Specialization/dimorphism by sex has been a huge driver of our success as a species.

    Sadly, rabid radical feminists are so deluded by scientific ignorance, lies and politicization starting with their debunked belief in the social construction of gender that they come up with the most ridiculous, hateful ideas and don't realize how idiotic they are. Fyi, artificial wombs are just around the corner and sex selective reproduction is already possible. In the MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) movement, many men are discussing forming male only communities in which they will raise only boys. The reason? To get away from hateful, bigoted vile, lowlifes such as yourself.

    I'm not sanguine about the genocidal ideas that underlie your views - you need to be shamed out of civil company for even bringing this up. Without men, you wouldn't even have science, you do realize that, yes? Men build most of what you rely on every day to survive. Cars, houses, dams, power plants - men do most of the mechanical/engineering/technology work, not women.

    I'm so sick of hateful radfems like you. How can anyone not see how horrible a person you are?

  117. Glenn

    Your consumption point is quite accurate but the comment about female warriors is misleading. Very few cultures have female warriors. But that doesn't mean an all female culture wouldn't have war. Women don't want to admit that men are doing their bidding as their proxies. And women are not violence free in their lives. In fact, research has shown for decades that women initiate domestic violence just as much as men do. As well, lesbian couples have the highest rates of domestic violence (and divorce).

    Women have historically lauded men who go to war for them. The phenomena of "Fleet Week" in NYC is evidence of this. When the Navy comes in, the girls come out and hump the daylights of the men in uniform, like it's a duty or something. Or consider the White Feather Girls in the U.K, during WWI. Women would approach any man of war fighting age not in uniform and pin a white feather on them, shaming them for not going to fight.

    Men need to pay more attention to all this. We need to protect and raise lots of boys - we can hire women to do the child care and use surrogates to birth them. In fact, in today's climate, boys should be raised away from women as masculinity has been so demeaned. And then we could just watch and laugh as women fail to create technology and science, and fail as a species. Men give away provisioning far too cheaply to women and we need to stop. Women also have become parasites on taxpayers, working in govt in high numbers and demanding women oriented programs for everything. we need to stop supporting politicians who support this too.

  118. Osiris Nhine

    Yeah, throughout history groups have moved to defeat their enemies by targeting the males.

    If the males go to war, go to work, or get sick, the fort is open for the taking. Plus there are plenty of women around for reproducing a new society and handing care services. And plenty of children around for reindoctrination.

    I'm not sure if the globalists are targeting the world's male population on purpose. However, I am pretty sure they would at least see it as a pleasant surprise.

  119. Louis Scuffil

    As a baby boomer who marched and protested for the rights of women. It is the fight for the whole of humanity at stake. The chemical companies are the most corrupt group you would ever meet. Their roots are out of Nazi Germany, so do not hold your breath for any change. They all got positions in the good old USA right after the war. Many were convicted war criminals and were put in charge to start fresh in America. No I am not some nut. Just go and do your own investigating. Do not believe what I say. Go and find out for yourself.

  120. Atox

    Soon every single man will be buying a script for testosterone replacement every month. No wonder why chemicals are being put in foods to reduce our testosterone levels, no wonder why so many people are suffering anxiety and depression now a days, and it makes sense to understand the low energy humans face everyday. How can you avoid this? Scary that we have to fear our own environment now a days. Keep in mind guys, Zinc, DIM, fish oil, good fats and even saturated fats, exercise but specifically intense weight lifting, and cortisol control all reduce estrogen... just pointing that out.

  121. Leslie Payne Simmons-Hale

    rocketmahn, you gave me the laugh out loud of my day. You must be a real card to hang out with...:)

  122. Dudebro Zero

    Estrogen doesn't make you hairy though. While it's true that it can be damaging to women aswell I really doubt these things are related. Do you seriously believe that in the past no woman had nose hair or a mustache? Please.

  123. jamesmarkii

    lol and youre shocked at the # of gay people popping up.

  124. Mary Louise

    Ignorant statement. She grew him inside her body and was mainly responsible for his care and what he was exposed to. She can't be subtracted from the equation. The point made in the film was that parents shouldn't have to be chemical engineers, and there should be a basic level of responsibility we can expect from manufacturers, but there isn't.

  125. Mary Louise

    I'm definitely not a "radfem" as you call them. But let's look at how similar your hateful rant is to her stance. You've simply switched the gender-disdain from F-M to M-F, and have more in common with her than you seem to realize:
    "In the MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) movement, many men are discussing
    forming male only communities in which they will raise only boys. The
    reason? To get away from hateful, bigoted vile, lowlifes such as
    Neither view is realistic or helpful. We were made male and female because we need each other.

  126. Mary Louise

    This ISN"T a male vs female issue, people! The documentary clearly stated that the effects on the male of various species has been known for a long time, that at the time of production there were over 80,000 chemicals, and that the US has banned only 5. Considering that most chemical companies are built and run by males, most scientists are males, most of our elected reps are males, and virtually NOTHING is being done to address these issues - it doesn't bode particularly well for males at all!

  127. Kasia

    This is just terrible terrible pseudo-science. Correlation is not causation. There has been a lot of studies that counter these findings, offer completely different statistics and have results that differ both good and bad. The age women fall pregnant, obesity, different nations. Sex ratios are both increasing and de-creasing - but not the way it's spouted here. I am neither for nor against this argument but the science is flawed from the get-go. Documentary is not fact, people. Remember to educate yourselves before believing the crap some TV producer has edited.

  128. John Bovay

    Yeah? Well let's see how 'educated' you are Sparky. Where does money come from?

  129. phatshaft

    LOL same numbers of gays... they are just much more vocal

  130. miss j

    plenty of studies on bpa... research.

  131. miss j

    even if kasia tried to research online she would probably still get the wrong answer. O_o

  132. Phil Airborn

    Any links explaining your view?

    Can you please elaborate?

  133. Phil Airborn

    Also most women know 1-2 men they care about, and visa versa.

    We're not isolated from each other.

  134. rdshinebright .

    Do your research on Soy (estrogen) then check the foods that you're eating, the Science is there.

  135. rdshinebright .

    Don't forget the Milk Thistle @ 80% silymarin

  136. jack black

    indeed, environmental pollution that prevents masculinization of the male brain in fetal development

  137. saturnx311

    OK, let's see YOUR documentary showing the flawed science in this one. Please. Tell me why people would come together to make a documentary like this based on "terrible pseudo-science", and please show by your research how this is flawed. Show how the sperm levels are completely normal in males and how they are all normal, not abnormal as this doc shows

  138. saturnx311

    That's a mature reaction, really mature. You direct your disdain for "vegans" at someone that never even mentioned not eating animals, but instead bring up bees, which she did not even mention. Talk about making up strawman arguments

  139. Organic

    After watching these findings and then reading most comments, I think it's also shrinking most peoples brains. This is a real issue for the balance of humanity not to mention the cancer it's causing. Wake up people.

  140. Wildheart

    Adolous Huxley wrote in "Brave New World" that estrogen dominance would be used to control population growth by the corporate "Controllers" IE our government. Google "Genetic Gender Manipulation" article by Dr. Ted Broer very informative and discusses the elephant in the room of government controlled eugenics programs. Wake up people. There's a reason this is happening and it's no coincidence

  141. KHM

    An earlier docu "Assault on the Male" is the original.

  142. Blaise

    Some of the comments on here are such propaganda - anything can be explained through today's everything goes ala Aleister Crowley "Do what thou wilt" relativistic culture...but the absolutes remain unchanged as God had intended by way of creation and design and it's only the voices of moral depravity and decline which say otherwise...the Luciferian spirit is at an all time high (or low)'s a new age

  143. Sean Dunne

    Hi, we really are altering our mother fast. We need to start the healing process soon.

  144. Sean Dinne

    Wow,, and what are we doing about it?

  145. Lee

    A lady posted something that may hint at the other side of the gender confusion equation. Partial Quote: "This is exactly why my boys have organic skin care".

    With the drastic rise in single parenting do boys have access to any kind of male role model or are young lads now to expected to copy their mothers and use make up as part of their daily beauty routine as the new norm.

    Also do growing boys subsist off calorifically deficient chick food * which is entirely adequate for the mother or sister in a family but in no way sufficient to support a nutritionally far more demanding and larger male physique while growing up.?

    * Low calorie, lo-bulk stuff often built upon a foundation of leaves, or microwavables containing only a couple of hundred calories per portion, sold in supermarkets to cater to many women's eternal quest for the perfect figure.

  146. Meagan

    Reply directed at Hughspeaks:

    I'm a child of the 70's, exposed to DES. My sister died two years ago of ovarian cancer but it showed up in a way they had not seen before. Of her three kids (2 girls and 1 boy), 2 are openly gay. I was her only sibling and I have always felt female. So much so that I began transition (MTF)almost 3 years ago. I don't feel wrong being me...but I do want to know why I am like this. That is what brought me here to begin with. I do believe being transgender can and does happen naturally....but I also where this can happen at a higher rate because of synthetic chemicals and drugs. My life is very difficult....but this is the hand I was dealt.

  147. LaMamaSims

    Makes sense. My hubby just started taking testosterone shots about 2 years ago (when he turned 28) and come to find out...there are quite a few of the guys at his work that are having to do the same and they are in their 20s. I keep trying to get my hubby to go organic and use less chemical filled body products but he won't listen. Even even came to me the other day and said he saw something about how many different chemicals are in newborns due to the things the mother eats and wears....I told him about this crap years ago! He just won't listen. So, I'm making sure my son knows about it and doing everything I can to keep him safe.

  148. Salim

    It is not just Chemicals like pesticides, we now have GMO's and Herbicides, Floride in toothpaste for 60 years, cell phone and laptop radidation, chem spills, light bulb chems, and the list goes on all of which the gov will not ban any time soon, and all of which do lower or kill the sperm count, at best kill the weaker Y sperm and leave the stronger X sperm which mean more girls. More girls than men may mean that women will not get the love, and romance and the 1 prince they were hoping for ,, it does not mean the end of the human race, it only means that the strongest best fit males will pass on their X's

  149. Salim

    in the future it could mean polygamy, 1 man, 1 house, 1 home, 1 family, 8 wives, 1 room, 1 bed, single sheets.

  150. Salim

    As to why would the government want to do this, they don/t ... the government is being bribed, or blackmailed by the NWO, the Illumiati also known as the shadow Government, to carry out what is known as Agenda 21 to kill off 3/4th of the worlds population, to be able to control the remaining population. Methods used to lessen the population: war, chemicals, birth control,

  151. Jay

    Well, I think it was Linda Ellerby that said, "If we can send a man to the moon, then why can't we send all of them?"

  152. druid

    Charles Darwin.... The Decent of Man. read it. all that is taught is not even close to reality. man has an inherent flaw to destroy all in his wake including man himself. the Decent of Man suggests cross breading genetic pools will eventually move evolution in reverse and destroy mans progress. very interesting food for thought.

  153. joe

    you left out 1 and the most important word,WHITE male.

  154. Jay

    Let's not be one sided here. Did it ever occur to any of these people that a chemical that makes boys less masculine might also be making girls less feminine? As I watched the video I don't recall one woman or one girl wearing a dress. All the little girls were wearing pants and acting assertive. The research ladies were all wearing pants as well and trying to assert themselves like a man would do. I'm old enough that I still remember when girls and women were feminine and attractive instead of bold and brash like a man. I think these chemicals from petroleum are hitting us from both sides and I wouldn't doubt it if it was intentional to fulfill the globalists depopulation plan.

  155. Fk U


  156. sadiq

    thanks progress

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