Endurance: Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition

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The Endurance - Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition (2000)In 1914, explorer Ernest Shackleton set out to become the first man to cross the frozen wastes of the Antarctic continent on foot; however, a combination of treacherous conditions, unexpected changes in weather, and simple bad luck left Shackleton and his crew of 28 men stranded in one of the world's most unforgiving environments for nearly two years.

Miraculously, Shackleton and his men not only survived, but brought back remarkable footage of their ordeal, thanks to cameraman Frank Hurley, who traveled with Shackleton to record the adventure on film.

The Endurance: Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition, adapted from the book by Caroline Alexander, combines Hurley's material with newly shot footage tracing the path of Shackleton's journey, presenting a remarkable true-life tale of courage and human survival against grim odds. Liam Neeson narrates.

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  1. Bodd

    Wow, very inspiring doc. I find it very difficult to believe that this hasn’t been made into a movie of some sort and we have garbage like 2012 raking it in. I would suggest this doc to anyone and everyone who enjoys anything and everything.

  2. Chris
  3. Chris

    It has been made into a film. It is called, simply, Shackleton and stars Kenneth Brannagh. I think it's a BBC film but I am not 100% sure. It is very moving and well acted.

  4. Lacedaemeon
  5. Lacedaemeon

    This is an extraordinary documentary; the filmmaking creates a feeling of what they endured, day by day. I read the book with photographs years ago, and it's still one of my favorites, and I liked 'Shackleton.' This documentary, however, makes the incredible adventure come alive. It's just amazing.

  6. StonedDragons
  7. StonedDragons

    I myself live in the area of a small Western Australian town named after Shackleton, Ironically about as far from the coast as you can get and the kind of place where everything green gives you the finger come summer and just dies. Anyway, great docco, wish more like this where on the history channel instead of the BS like battlefield 360 'yay lets flash numbers and transparent shapes on screen for NO REASON AT ALL!!!!!!!!' kind of documentary.

  8. normal
  9. normal

    All great men, along with Scott, Mawson, Sir Ranulph Fiennes.
    The books are better to read Especially, Mawsons will.
    This is the type of history we need to be teaching our children. they are all true not like most of the things in our history books today.
    I would have volantiered....

  10. Endurance
  11. Endurance

    probably the best documentary iv seen,it's amazing what british men ane irish men can do when they work together.

  12. nigel
  13. nigel

    brilliant cheers

  14. nigel
  15. nigel

    agreed endurance im irish :)

  16. Anthony
  17. Anthony

    "we had seen god and his splendours, heard the text that nature renders, we had reached the naked soul of man" Shackleton, what a story.

  18. anuta55
  19. anuta55

    Amazing documentary.Everybody who liked it read Dan Simmons-The Terror
    Great book about earlier explorations of south pole by Royal Navy

  20. Terry
  21. Terry

    I have just finished watching this amazing documentary . Their strength, endurance was incredible. To have the mental endurance to keep going through such horrific conditions and in the end everyone was saved! I agree with a previous poster,here. There should be more shows like this.

  22. John
  23. John

    Excellent documentary. Best one I've seen so far on Shakelton. Neesom does a good job of narration. I understand lifeboats or dinghys for one of Shakeltons expeditions to Antarctica were made less than a mile away in Dargaville NZ. The original boatshed is still is use today.

  24. Christine
  25. Christine

    What an awesome documentary!! I will watch this one more than once.

  26. Naeem
  27. Naeem

    I now have mental strength and endurance to take on traffic of my daily commute.
    No really"
    All my problems is life seem small compared to what these men went through.
    I feel inspired to rise above my situation and be brave to take on situations.

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