The Girl Who Makes Miracles

The Girl Who Makes MiraclesAt the age of 3 Audrey Marie Santo fell into the family swimming pool and, following doctors botched attempts to revive her, fell into a coma-like state referred to as ‘akinetic mutism’. Audrey had been brought up a Catholic and in her bedroom there are numerous icons and statues of the saints and the Virgin. On her return from hospital the statues began to weep and the stigmata appeared on her body.

Seventeen years after her accident, Audrey is still in a coma, still stigmatic, and the statues continue to weep. On the last Monday of each month from 1 to 4pm a select group of fifty or so terminally ill people are led away from a larger crowd of pilgrims to cluster around Audrey. They have come because they believe that she is a real stigmatic, that she displays a regular and spontaneous manifestation of bloody wounds which imitate the five crucifixion wounds of Christ. They have heard that blood seeps from Audrey’s wounds and then stops, with the wounds healing and disappearing.

They have also heard that the statues of Christ surrounding her weep oil; that traces of human blood have been discovered in communion wine and the Tabernacle; and that churchmen have witnessed the holy bread bleeding.

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  1. Triforce

    Last night, I shate out the virgin mary in my bowl...

    Could have been a sign from god that I eat too much spicy food,


  2. Lee
  3. Lee

    Munschausen by proxy? - mommy likes attention? - a dirty room with a ventilator ew no wonder crud is dripping from the walls add a little olive oil and voila!

    Poor child - how cruel and criminal what's happened to her - allowing all those sick and dirty people to crawl all over her - wth?!

    This kind of madness is going to bring down mankind - I can't believe the gullibilty of the American/christian.

  4. Brinneman
  5. Brinneman

    Wow for crhist sake, poor little girl end his suffering already

  6. realist
  7. realist

    RELIGION is a tool for mental dependence. I feel that letting that little girl live on a ventilator w/no quality of life is unethical. poor her suffering, some people just need SOMETHING to lean on, but we cant accept that everything is not under our control.praying to a disabled girl will not take yoru problems away, the gullibility of religious folk ...sad

  8. cld
  9. cld

    don't waste your time on this video if you expect to see any evidence. i was hoping that a real investigation would be part of the story line. there was none.

    p.s. audrey died from cardio-respiratory failure on April 14, 2007 in her home.

  10. The Concerned....
  11. The Concerned....

    Oh my, now isn't this the most ****** up thing that you had ever seen in your entire life? How sad is it that these people believe that they can just say their "prayers" and instantly be cured? do not see hoe selfish that is? Even if none of these religious ideologies are true... how can a mother put her child on display like that? She must feel bad, she has to, because what she is doing isn't human....

  12. Syly1212
  13. Syly1212

    Where does it say in the Bible that people should pray through others instead of directly to God? In my religion I'm allowed to go straight to the Big Guy.

  14. H Toromoreno
  15. H Toromoreno

    If a doctor or hospital only helped to cure 150 people in 19 years, they would be considered really bad at what they do. What about the thousands and thousands who visited and received no help? (Notice how no one ever asks this question). This pattern of self-delusion is seen at all the "holy" sites everywhere around the world. Awful frauds taking advantage of gullible people's superstitions ... why aren't more people offended by such LIES? This little brain dead girl should have been allowed to die peacefully 18 years ago, when her brain stopped functioning and she became a mound of flesh supported by MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY ... if she is really miraculous, unplug her and watch what happens.

  16. loli
  17. loli

    Given that the Croats massacred plenty of Jews during WW2 I guess this is a welcome "miracle".. What hypocrisy!

  18. Carl Hendershot
  19. Carl Hendershot

    After reading the comments i will stay clear of this DOCU.

  20. Carl Hendershot
  21. Carl Hendershot

    So i watched it and i think it is unexplainable. I do wonder how the baby billie is now.

  22. uzbir
  23. uzbir


    I lol'd when i read that.

  24. Anonymous
  25. Anonymous

    What happened to the little boy ?

  26. Moon
  27. Moon

    Actually a good docu. It is very fair, and without speculations, just simple facts. Not like the comments you have read at all. People are getting healed, there are lots of testimonies. One would be sufficient, but there is much. How people can be skeptic, is like when they try to disprove the sun, with calculations. Yes that is possible, but you can easily shatter it by stepping out into the sun and Experiencing it. Proof can be used for anything, but only what we see in this movie, experience is real truth. Is everything in it real? Doesn’t matter so much, they don´t try to prove, or convince, this is just how it is. Like a dolphin does not try to convince anyone by saying: “hey you, I am a dolphin”. ^_^


  28. me, myself, and I
  29. me, myself, and I

    Wow, could you people be any more pessimistic?! I follow no organized religion, but does it matter that a young girl - who most of you, as you have already commented would have let die - re-inspired tens, if not hundreds, of thousands to believe in THEMSELVES again? Honestly, I don't believe that the power of anything greater than ourselves works through ourselves, but I believe that the power we carry around can move mountains with just imagination. So how can anyone say that it is cruel to let a girl inspire thousands and only save 19 peoples lives. How many have you saved in the last 15 years. If any one of you who commented negatively have done one tenth as much as this poor little girl, then you have the right to criticize, if not then maybe you should spend your focus on trying to equal up to a "brain dead girl"!

  30. Mehadi
  31. Mehadi

    Is it true or illusion?

  32. Eve
  33. Eve

    Suggest you watch the doco and stay clear of the people who posted such cynical and cruel comments.

  34. L.Walker
  35. L.Walker

    The one thing that stands out to me is how selfish people are when they pray. as an atheist i find it puzzling that if you firmly believed in a huge omnipotent being that had his eyes and fingers in the making of all things and had the ability to alleviate all forms of suffering with just a wiggle of a pinky would ask for things like their their eyesight or to save one child of a random middle class family. why is it god never stops wars, or helps people who are homeless or actually suffering?

    i think these people are the worst kind of charlatans - and for those who believe in it, deserve what they get.

  36. DavidEvanRobarts
  37. DavidEvanRobarts

    What a very moving piece of TV. If we, all of us are not open to looking at things without question then yes we are fools, however, this program did not blindly walk in to the Santo's lives and fall at their feet. They were able to produce a piece with sincere compassion and intellectual open mindedness - in other words it was intelligent enough to look at both sides of the religious and scientific experiences and facts that were offered to them, (the makers) and dealt candidly and respectfully with the family as a whole. How else would they have been invited in at a time of Audrey's serious ill health...

    On the flip side of the debate however I do think that taking into account the "business" side of things I did think that was a little bit wrong and smelt of commercialism of a little girls condition.


    Santo means: Saint or spirit

  40. Vladimir Petkovic
  41. Vladimir Petkovic

    the place where "mother marry " shows is just business..never nothing happened.

  42. lex lexich
  43. lex lexich

    human stupitidy has no boundaries, keeping her in this state to me is totally disgusting, and now 'selling' her 'powers' for the money is ... uf

  44. Karamel Kandi
  45. Karamel Kandi

    what a scam to help pay off the little girl's expensive medical bills. i believe and have faith in god and religion, but that doesn't mean i believe this liar or any BS like this. i pray to god and only god.

  46. satchito
  47. satchito

    Ok, she was in the USA and as doctors couldn't help here, she took her girl to Croatia hoping the advances of medicine there could wake her up from her coma... makes sense.

  48. Sabrina Pelchat
  49. Sabrina Pelchat

    What kind of person would go up to a girl in a coma and say "Please heal me" when obviously God hasn't spared a miracle for the girl herself. That's like saying "Oh I know you havent had the benefit of a miracle, but could you give me one? Pretty please?"

  50. 1stBorn
  51. 1stBorn

    I hope there is a follow up documentary on the baby boy miracle cure and others who went to Audrey for cure.

  52. Jordan Stevens
  53. Jordan Stevens

    Why does not God stop wars? We too are mini-Gods made in his image. We too have power to rebel against God, create wars and other sufferings and shut out His help and even deny his existence, such as you do. Again, we are Gods and belief is an underestimated powerful force. Consciousness is the key to understanding it all.

  54. Sieben Stern
  55. Sieben Stern

    if we can do as we want, what's the point of god anyway? there are more Christians in prison per capita anyway, so it's not like believing in something makes you act better. there are no atheists molesting altar boys or in terrorist training camps.

    how does it go?
    If God is unable to prevent evil, he is not omnipotent
    if God is not willing to prevent evil, he is not good
    if God is willing and able to prevent evil, then why is there evil?

    i find the idea of humans as min-gods or gods disturbing, btw... i don't even think that's in the bible :T i think you're just telling me your opinion. we are not gods. we are animals, mammals, distantly related to apes and monkeys. read a book, ffs.

    consciousness - i laughed out loud when i read that! XD theists shut down their brains in order to let someone else think for them. not what i'd call consciousness! more like... unconsciousness!

  56. Bex Smith
  57. Bex Smith

    there are atheists that have murdered, raped or done other horrible crimes also lets not forget.

  58. Josiah_G
  59. Josiah_G

    Remember that many prison inmates profess christianity in prison. A sort of emergency spirituality or prison ministries may be their first encounter with christianity. Either way it doesn't mean that Christians believe we can do anything we want.

  60. Simon Jacobs
  61. Simon Jacobs

    hahahahaha, what a sad joke

  62. Shawn Haynes
  63. Shawn Haynes

    You i*iot!!! She would starve to death. She wasn't on a ventilator until right before she passed. I watched my father starve to death because the doctor's wouldn't put a feeding tube in...It took him 10 days to pass. I was too young to provide any funds to support the cost of a feeding tube and the ongoing care that it required, and I still feel like the doctors and my family who could do something and didn't in a way murdered my father. We are not dogs. We are human beings who don't put other human beings down by any means...just because we don't want to put up with them or incur any "annoying" medical bills. People like you, when you see someone sick and in need of ongoing attention, are more quick to be selfish and, in a sense, murder them, just so you can get on with your "normal" life. LIFE IS LIFE no matter what quality of the LIFE is still a LIFE.

  64. Shawn Haynes
  65. Shawn Haynes

    I only wish you would read the bible more. It is harder for God to hear our prayers now, because the evil surrounding the world is so thick. If God in some way, put someone here on this Earth to be his ears and eyes to be able to be closer to people's prayers. How is that so far fetched. If you are a Christian, and you believe in the rest of the bible and the miracles that happened then...why, then, can't they happen now.

  66. crydent
  67. crydent

    and where in the Bible is that?

  68. Nina Trimbath
  69. Nina Trimbath

    I understand your point, and I feel it. However, we should be careful about putting intentions, and logic into the mouth or heart of another person. The kind of person who would go up to a girl in a coma and ask for a miracle is a mere human being who is suffering or knows someone who is suffering and wants to live. I don't know if you are in any position to judge those people, and that isn't what this documentary is about, especially on the basis of "logic."

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