The Illuminated Chakras

The Illuminated Chakras

Ratings: 6.87/10 from 95 users.

The Illuminated ChakrasGenerated from the heart of divine spirit, condensing into manifestation, the one in the many – father sky and mother earth.

Between them, the seven layers of manifestation form a rainbow bridge connecting earth and heaven, the stepping stones for matter to spirit, connecting through our bodies as we connect to each other and to the endless web of life, ever awakening into consciousness.

The Illuminated Chakras makes it possible to see and experience the subtle energy that until now has only been described.

This thrilling visionary voyage takes you on a multi-sensory journey into the transformational beauty of the inner world.

Follow the path of Kundalini-Shakti, the mystical serpent, who drives the vital force that awakens consciousness within each chakra.

Journey from base to crown in this fantastic sound and light extravaganza, and experience the elemental reality of each chakra, as earth, water, fire, air, sound, light, and transcendent consciousness.

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Crystal Shard
5 years ago

One of my faves...... I watch it a lot its beautiful!!!

Sadananda Chandrashekaraiah
6 years ago

it one of the best, I have ever seen so far.

Ace Rich
10 years ago

Love the explanation very spine chilling I had goose bumps through the entire video.

10 years ago

Amazing video! This reminded me of spirit science.

11 years ago

This video has little to do with the actual chakras, but its nice. anyway.

Allan Nichol
11 years ago

spirit science youtube series if anyone is really interested in chakras or spiritual understanding. also have learned lots from geometrical patterns in matter and pyramids through documentaries on this site!

11 years ago

This was a good twenty eight minute meditation video imo. I enjoyed this one the narrators voice was very soothing lol.

12 years ago

Sorry but it looked to me as "Bonzes" huming.
I felt like I should have smoke a whole barrel of grass.

Since it became obvious that I wouldn't learn much, I'll move to a next one.


12 years ago

Then you should be ashame of urself. Am a chinese, probably i know more more than you do. The truth is human being have eleven instead of seven major chakras on our prana(energy body) which connected to divine being. In chinese the chakras is actually acupuncture points where it should be to treat diffrent ailments. Tai Chi or meditation is also another form of aligning or fixing our chakras to be healthier or to gain elightment spiritually. If you don't see it doesn't mean it's not there, can you see electricity? go and touch it. I bet you will be electrocuted. Wahaha. How shallow..;-}

luvhandle luvhandle
12 years ago

bullshit crap!!!
something which doesnt have any base or reason or proof.
another superstition from India.
btw i am an Indian & met many fake gurus here. it is fake but it seems strong enough to make you westerners fool enough to believe in this sh*t!!!!

12 years ago

Wow...this is an absolutely beautiful documentary. All the chakras are portrayed wonderfully, their individual essense captured perfectly. I believe they did the best job with the Heart.

And of course, who needs LSD when you have the last 8 minutes of this documentary?!

12 years ago

yup I get it now. Yoga Smooga was my thinking. I just couldn't figure out the different meanings and the real reason. Huh..Glad i stopped by the site today. Feel a lot better,relaxed, and aware. Its about connection. This explained it perfectly.

12 years ago

I kinda wish I went to the same school that lady went to! Man that was cool, I'm still not all the way back yet... many thanks

12 years ago

All i'm going to say is put on some 3-d glasses. Very trippy well kind of. And it won't hurt to have a little smoke on hand;}

12 years ago

@X yes, this is indeed "black magic"...where else can you think of a seducing serpent? Remember the Garden? Same Satan, different lie...

12 years ago

@ x
No this is not black magic, black magic is vodoo stuff and sacrifices like what is portrayed in the movies. This is consciousness, being alert in every sense of your being connected to earth and the universe.In no sense is this evil or demonic.

12 years ago

This was awesome, very soothing, peaceful and reassuring. Beautiful way to bring people into consciousness.

12 years ago

is dis stuff wat they call black magic just wondering?

12 years ago

what a beautiful video it is great cristals do have affect on chakras in a good wAY

12 years ago

Beautifully done! Does anybody know what the music is when they go on to the throat chakra,it's beautiful!?

13 years ago

I am constantly amazed by the range of awesome docs on this site. Especially love this one! Totally agree with moonman, this is one i will come back to watch again and again!


13 years ago

@DancingSpiderman Perhaps you could try eating it.

Me With Me
13 years ago

2 minutes into this I already saw the first fail, signifying that this video was sadly made by someone who has not experienced these things but just read about them in books/on the internet.

The fail being that the 'chakras' (horisontally positioned energy spirals) are not in between the 2 "snakes" but where they cross - cold light from Earth and warm light from The Sun.. just like tornados form from a meeting of hot and cold air.

Beautiful video, nice graphics etc... but a shame it spreads false info =)

13 years ago

i have watched it again.

13 years ago

i love this video. i've watched it twice already and im watching it again... i am the moonman the moonman i am.

13 years ago

I found this really old crumpled up toob of anti-itchy kreem at the back of my bathroom vanity drawer, the expiry date is gone past some years...

But I have to take care of my itchy Kundalini. It's also starting to smell.
Q1: Shall I continue to suffer, or do you think I should at least try the expired kreem on my nagging, itchy kundalini?
Q2: Should I expect that there are at least 6 other places on me to get itchy?

13 years ago

@ DancingSpiderman
@ the Dude

There are in fact only seven main or major chakras - however there are many minor ones. This is from my memory having delved into this mystical tangent many years ago.

I do suggest when uncertain - chk Wiki or just Google the query ie - Chakra or Kundalini.


the dude
13 years ago

the 8th chakra is only open when ur other 7 are fully "awake" and align .. i belive

13 years ago

I thot there were 8 chakras.
What happened to the eight one?
I'm going to have to inSIST that the filmmakers redo their video to include missing stuff.
Otherwise, good instructional video.

Anti Zionist
13 years ago

Condelini the serpent says: This is Cool!

13 years ago

Really awesome video, even more awesome site!. Way to go Vlatko!

Julia R.
13 years ago

As a Pagan, I use the chakra system when meditating, great video.

14 years ago

Beautiful video!

stephen monslow
14 years ago

i just want to say keeps this website going is doing an amazing job sharing knowledge, i never thought i would see endgame till i found this site ..