The Murder of Fred Hampton
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The Murder of Fred Hampton

1971, Crime  -   72 Comments
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The Murder of Fred HamptonThe Murder of Fred Hampton began as a film portrait of Hampton and the Illinois Black Panther Party, but half way through the shoot, Hampton was murdered by Chicago policeman.

In an infamous moment in Chicago history and politics, over a dozen policeman burst into Hampton's apartment while its occupants were sleeping, killing Hampton and fellow Panther Mark Clark and brutalizing the other occupants.

Filmmakers Mike Gray and Howard Alk arrived a few hours later to shoot film footage of the crime scene that was later used to contradict news reports and police testimony.

"You can jail the revolutionary, but you can’t jail the revolution…You might murder a freedom fighter like Bobby Hunton, but you can’t murder freedom fighting." - Fred Hampton.

Recently restored and reworked by Gray, The Murder of Fred Hampton is a chilling slice of American history. (Excerpt from

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72 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Zii

    Carrie Lynn, its clear you have been conditioned into believing you belong to a race. When you are born, you are born human into a world of different people and when you die you are buried the same way, with all kinds of people. Victims never write history but the victorious do.

    The history you were told was all a lie from the beginning. An African man could never come to South America and write history about its people, he'd leave that to the south americans and learn from their experience. In the same way, a foreigner could not have come to Africa and given the world the history of Africa without hearing it from the peoole first and trying to condition the world for decades into believing all he wanted them to believe.

    Racism was always built on greed, the pursuit for money and marginalization for self growth. It never empowers any set of people, instead it destroys them mentally, generationally and humanly. Turns them into animals and all this was created by someone/a group of people who wanted to keep all the profits made from their exploitation to themselves and exempt others from discovering the hidden treasures and wealth of a continent.

    Life is about common sense. The mind is an internal tool. Step out of the world for a second and use it. Stop being deceived into thinking you are different. The real fact is we all hailed from Africa as "whites" did exist in Africa way before history but the difference is that they were not called whites or separated from other groups and neither were they seen as different. They were seen as HUMANS. Don't believe me, ask people from Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Algeria, Morocco and more about their history dating back to their ancestors. Its the same thing as the vikings, everyone was out to explore land and claim territory.

    Your comments sadly make Americans look worse as the truth is bitter, you live in a very divided world. One with very poor self education and a lot of mind programming. Step out of your comfort zone and live in the shoes of other cultures, then you can comment about what you feel they should have done or what they did not do. Ignorance is bliss.

  2. Steve

    How many people know about a multi-racial coalition spear-headed by Black Panther leaders around the time of Fred Hampton's murder. There's a little known fact that they helped a group of poor Southern Whites who migrated to Chicago. They formed what was called the Young Patriot Organization. Porta Rican immigrants formed the Young Lords. These two along with the Chicago Black Panthers formed the original Rainbow Coalition

  3. Brian Elwin Pomeroy

    Chicago. The top criminal city of the top criminal country of the world.

  4. T. Millsap

    Hey Carrie (hope you're still following)

    It makes me really sad that after all the years the many races of this country have lived together, there are still people that haven't taken time to discover what is really "the deal" is on their own, but have only repeated what they've heard or been fed by the ignorance and hatred of the past.

    Certainly not for ME, but for your own edification, please investigate (just a little bit) at the real cause people who have suffered being stripped of our identity, decimated family structure, inferior education, and Willie Lynch brainwash, still continue to suffer the psychosis that has never been treated, only wiped over, but have still managed to struggle our way to some of the HIGHEST levels of government, education, entertainment, sports, religion, and every segment of society IN SPITE OF the continued racial hatred that divides our country.

    Opinions like yours are the kind of poison that continue to "taint the kool-aid" in our country. TAKE THE CHALLENGE, I beg, to investigate on your own and see that if it weren't for dedicated people in the struggle that continue to push forward beyond what the government issue has been, the powder keg of discontent would have exploded a long time ago, and self-righteous fanatics like YOU would probably be brutally beaten and DEAD!

    Hopefully you are intelligent enough to read and educate yourself to learn how ALL minorities have suffered at the hands of bigoted racists like you who think you are the only one who has worked hard and struggled to make a life for themselves and their families... I'm praying HARD that the kind of ignorant rhetoric you spew will die off like a diseased limb on a tree, so it can be drug off and disposed of with all the other trash of the world. Hope you live long to learn the TRUE STORY and get a CLUE... God BLESS!!!

  5. M.Reina

    Fred Hampton: What an amazing, articulate and fearless 21 year old at the time of his assassination. The world was truly hurt by the loss of this young man of dignity and dedication.

  6. M.Reina

    Carrie Lynn is a joke and a troll. Not sure what her "real" third job is...

  7. E. M.

    Actually @T-ROY your commentary is brilliant, poignant and well thought through. I barely noticed the spelling until you brought it up. :) You're a writer and I wish I knew your blog site. Also, you speak to exactly what BPP was about. They understood racism was a divide and conquer tactic. They said, "we don't fight fire with fire--we fight fire with water." If folk kept getting caught up in racism, they would never be able to fight the real target of their work. Ending capitalism and establishing "All Power to the People"--ALL People, by the by. BPP helped politicize many, many, gangs and organizations of every color and creed and created alliances all over the world. BPP was big. And most certainly, they were a lot of things--but whiners they were not. Like, AT ALL. If nothing else (there was plenty however), BPP is the reason why public schools offer free breakfast every morning. They served over 50,000 meals a week to children for free all over the country. And that's just breakfast. So there's that.

    Back to you @ T-ROY Well done. You're on to something...

  8. B. Mitchell

    Well spoke @Alex Peters, i couldn't have said it better myself.

  9. Guess ?

    Carrie Lynn is black trying to act WHITE.

    1. Nadia Misdorp

      Whats the definition of acting White or Black? I am very curious.

  10. Snoik

    I can't take this serisouily, he looks and sounds like Jules, in pulp fiction. "All we want is peace, and if you won't give us peace, i'll blow your head off motherf--ker!". "Say 'what' one more time. i dare you motherf--ker!".

    1. So Wren

      You're saying you can't take Fred Hampton seriously because you found out who Samuel L. Jackson was first? I pity you... Racist pig... I'm nearly surprised you didn't say he looked and sounded like Lil' Wayne.

    2. Johanna Saarni

      Why should anyone take seriously someone who repeats words like that?

  11. Nimi PK

    Why we are still so racist in the 21st century. We claim to be most civilized, educated, well mannered and so humane. What it makes difference If someone is black, white or brown. Are we all not humans ? Are there no bad people in all races ?

    Then why is that so ........

    1. Johanna Saarni

      Maybe you have been wrong the whole time.

  12. Bianca

    People: Stop feeding the trolls.

    Kthnx, bye.

  13. Zoe

    How about if you don't like the documentary don't f***** watch it.

  14. Mike

    As soon as I read Carrie Lynn's "I've been a civilian/military police officer" statement it became far too obvious why she is spouting this nonsense.

    Simple police state indoctrination. Prime example. Nuff said.

  15. Nevermore

    Brian, thanks for making my read worthwhile.

    Racism is certainly not new, the desire to identify with your own and suspect out groups is human nature. Overcoming this type of thinking is possible, especially when we start to see members of other races as individuals, with unique stories, and struggles, which, at the end of the day, might mirror our own more than many of us care to admit. Those in power are well aware of racial mistrust, tensions and divides and have acted to exaserbate them in order to maintain and increase their control.

    The Blacks and Mexicans haven't destroyed your economy, white bankers did that. Middle Easterners haven't sent your young men and women off to die in a pointless war. Your government has. And in this vein, how many of your fallen heros have names like Sanchez? Blacks and Mexicans bleed and die along side White American teenagers, please dont forget that. No wonder America is so easily controlled.... so many of you eat this divisive drivel up and beg for seconds.

    "History is written by the victors" W. Churchill

  16. the one

    Carrie Lynn has left the board, She had to go to her job as a:

    Military Officer
    Civilian Officer
    Fashion Designer

    and her other 3 jobs.

  17. T-ROY

    Carrie Lynn, whether she was just baiting or for real is important to discourse. We need her to speak her mind and the way she feels. Indeed, the hate, and ignorance she has in her doesn't come from nowhere. If comes from a real place. Whether she is incapable of having her own opinions and is just spouting off what she has heard in the stereotypically arena or she really feels that blacks, etc..., are, dare i say, is important that she his heard. Please, all hater's speak your mind and, speak it often, and maybe you will run in to some astute individual with a free critical mind able to see through all the bullshit that you can't. Carrie lynn, sometimes the truth is the hardest thing to accept. And don't let anyone tell you that ignorance is bliss......

    Maybe, slowly, if carrie lynn is for real, this thread will some how change her thoughts on things and broaden her mind thereby setting her free from the pain that she causes herself.

    Jesus :0)

  18. ProudinUS

    Granted, Carrie Lynn is way out of line. BUT, look at the people who YOU assosiate with? Do they look like you? Are they the same color as you? Have YOU yourself laughed at racial jokes in your life or still do? Do you feel safer with your OWN race? Would you have a person of a different race teaching your kids about YOUR culture? Do you feel safe being the only one of your race in a group of another?

    I'm am most certainly not racist, but unfortuneatly this is a f%$ked up world where race places a big part whether you like it or not...Carrie ,you were way out of line and way to blunt!

  19. maryland71

    i know what it is carrie likes black ppl why would anybody keep making comments about ppl she can't stand yeah ms.carrie got the fever lol

  20. maryland71

    white folks are trashy too not just blacks and mexicans get it straight carrie

  21. jake

    For some reason I keep reading Carrie Lynn's posts in a typical ghetto girl accent...

  22. Trish

    Hi Brian,
    I read your comment and really had a lot of respect for what you had to say and the way it was articulated. You mentioned Bobby B, I have to say honestly, after reading a few comments made by Ms. Carrie, I stopped reading. Your insight made me curious enough to want to watch the doc (I still haven't) and know a little bit about Mr.B. After reading just one of his comments I now have a question for Vlatko. Comments with foul language are removed, shouldn't racial epithets fall into that category? Just asking.

  23. Brian

    I'll admit. I trusted the "generally" accepted versions of both what The Black Panther Party stood for and were involved in during this period. My choice to view this doc was fueled by curiosity. I needed to see for myself.

    It amazes me how well the party decoded the esoteric racist "policies" durig their generation. The doc exposes much more than an assasination, cover-up, collusion & conspiracy. In the broader sense we see how even 50 years since, the status quo is justified and still defended, making the Carrie Lynn/ Bobby B thing relevant.

    Though their methods can be debated there is no question the doc depicts The Black Panther Party as one which promoted a more politically aware, socially conscience & astute poor community. That the majority were/are black should be no surprise considering certain historical truths which have not been addressed and/or remedied affectively.

    To the point: As none of the posts are from Bill Gates or "somesuch" each one of us is either carving out or trying to hold onto our "slice" of a pie none of us created or has any real control of. What would any one of us do when we believe the system by which we do this is skewed against us and rigged either by design or manipulation? I personally would work for equality and be careful that "equality" is not turned into a dirty word.

    50 years later the irony is The Tea Party and Black Panther Party have some things in common.

    A note: Much like clutter blidness Carrie Lynn refuses to count her "black friends" and the many "blacks" who work hard every day as examples of what it means to be black in her world.

    Unfortunately, she is lauded by Bobby B and the cycle (now endorsed) continues.

  24. Trish

    Thank you all for standing up to the hatred and bigotry that is Carrie Lynn, I appreciate and applaud you.

    A Black Woman

  25. Trish

    Carrie Lynn,
    I just have one favor to ask of you, I don't think it should be difficult, since you are so proud of how you feel. You say you have Black friends? Ask one of them to read the comments you've posted here. Get their opinion. No need to report back with your findings, I'll assume the outcome.

  26. suppahtime

    @Carrie Lynn @Bobby B @adam walsh
    Why are people even responding to this "Carrie Lynn" - weather she's trolling or not, everything she has said has actually - LITERALLY - made me sick to my stomach. I am sitting here with my stomach in knots just thinking that people like her exist and still carry these opinions, and actually think they are justifiable and correct. She is the reason why society is the way it is. She is a racist. And I don't talk to racists, which is why this comment is NOT directed to her and why I do NOT want to hear any response.
    BUT. In a way, by choosing to be blatant and blunt about her skewed opinions, she is reminding us all that we have a long way to go before equality can exist. Not just for race, but for gender as well, because if you read everything she's said and replace "blacks" with "women," you get another heartbreaking stereotype that I'm sure exists in the minds of other uneducated, small minded people like "Carrie Lynn."
    Sometimes we like to pretend we live in a perfect world, where everyone is smart enough to judge people as individuals, and not by the color of their skin or their religion or their gender, and it's people like this who remind us of the state we are in and motivate us to start seeding a change rather than turning a blind eye. Finally, I'd like to point out that I find it VERY humorous that she states again and again that she is a productive member of society - Carrie Lynn I will stoop to your level and directly address you, only because I can't resist.. YOU are what is WRONG with society, and a DISGRACE to the human race as a whole. You have done NOTHING to benefit society. You are like cancer, and people like YOU are the most hated. Not AFRICAN AMERICANS. I only hope that the child who has the misfortune of being of your flesh and blood has turned out to be everything that you claim to be, a productive, happy, LOVING MEMBER OF SOCIETY, FREE OF HATE AND RACISM.

  27. suppahtime

    Why are people even responding to this "Carrie Lynn" - weather she's trolling or not, everything she has said has actually - LITERALLY - made me sick to my stomach. I am sitting here with my stomach in knots just thinking that people like her exist and still carry these opinions, and actually think they are justifiable and correct. She is the reason why society is the way it is. She is a racist. And I don't talk to racists, which is why this comment is NOT directed to her and why I do NOT want to hear any response.
    BUT. In a way, by choosing to be blatant and blunt about her skewed opinions, she is reminding us all that we have a long way to go before equality can exist. Not just for race, but for gender as well, because if you read everything she's said and replace "blacks" with "women," you get another heartbreaking stereotype that I'm sure exists in the minds of other uneducated, small minded people like "Carrie Lynn."
    Sometimes we like to pretend we live in a perfect world, where everyone is smart enough to judge people as individuals, and not by the color of their skin or their religion or their gender, and it's people like this who remind us of the state we are in and motivate us to start seeding a change rather than turning a blind eye. Finally, I'd like to point out that I find it VERY humorous that she states again and again that she is a productive member of society - Carrie Lynn I will stoop to your level and directly address you, only because I can't resist.. YOU are what is WRONG with society, and a DISGRACE to the human race as a whole. You have done NOTHING to benefit society. You are like cancer, and people like YOU are the most hated. Not AFRICAN AMERICANS. I only hope that the child who has the misfortune of being of your flesh and blood has turned out to be everything that you claim to be, a productive, happy, LOVING MEMBER OF SOCIETY, FREE OF HATE AND RACISM.

  28. keelkrakher

    Great viewing... Keep it up Vatko!

    @Carrie @Bobby B @adam walsh ...Kill yourselves before midnight DO IT!!!

  29. adam walsh

    If the cops kill you, you f*****g deserve it. If you get arrested, you deserve it. If you accept your life as is, then you deserve that too!

  30. Bobby B

    GO Carrie!!! I am so proud to see someone take a stand for the white race! We deserve the right to be proud as much as anyone else..Niggers, spics, kikes, beaners, wetbacks, scratchbacks, etc....You live in squalor and filth of your own choosing!

    If you want us to stop looking at you like this then start acting like you want to be a productive member of society.

  31. jackSPlat

    There is something wrong if my comment was deleted but hers are still up???

  32. jackSPlat

    On second thought... i don't see my comment posted! shame on u Vlatko!!!!!!!!

  33. jackSPlat

    Well put Altred! I just couldn't help myself tho....

  34. Altred Ego

    Please everyone, let's get back on track.
    One person has completely dominated this discussion.
    Maybe she's trolling.
    Maybe she's not.
    In the end, it doesn't even matter.

    We *should* be talking about the documentary, the quality of the film and the issues that it raises.

    I think that if online discussion is to be worth anything then it must be about an exchange of ideas. So that whoever reads this record can learn things. It's a shame that person (I won't even bother repeating her name) got in the first post and then successfully hijacked this making it difficult for anyone to read the real comments that people had written.

    Next time, let's not mug ourselves.


  35. jackSPlat

    @Carrie Lynn

    "When when "blacks" stop there whining??? A******N did you not notice that this is 50 years old?

  36. jackSPlat

    Sorry for the cursing Vlatko and all interested but I had to go in on her...
    AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. T-ROY

    one more thing. I dare say. Maybe, the reason whites are not oppressed in the america's is because we are good slaves and blacks are difficult slaves. We are all slaves when all the land we walk on is owned.
    My spelling and!!!...guess i wasn't paying attention in class.

  38. T-ROY

    I'm a white guy. My skin, when i look at it, looks white. my nose when i look at it is relatively narrow and probably easily broken. My hair is thin and strait - blows in the wind like a flag on the fourth of july... like every black girls dream. Sometimes i too get the "itis" after eating. When showering i rub the bar all over my body and rarely use a bath towel: my skin when ashy is not noticed - so mamma doesn't freak. My ear wax is crusty. My skin unfortunately burns easily. My dick is average, i think, 4 inches....some girls like it that wide. I have all the opportunity in the world because of my fair skin - i can oppress my way to the top of any organization. I'm a white guy, shouldn't have a reason for failing in these anglo-saxon societies that dominate the globe. However I'm a "loser" with no reason for it other than being me - no oppressive force working against my priveleged white ass.

    Oppression has been going on for along time. the ruling elite, which anyone in this thread would probably become if they had the chance(provocative assumptive i know). We all fight against it and it does come from somewhere. The problem is where? Are all "blacks" oppressed by all "whites". Are all poor oppressed by all the elite. are natives oppressed by "white men". This is all based on universal instituted beliefs, values, traditions, and understandings oppress. And the people at the top maintain these systems for disproportionate benifit. My ancestors were basically landless slaves in France and Britain, governed by a Monarch - as most were. Yes, we weren't enslaved, put in shackles, and taken to america and sold, however, we already identified with the system....we were already part of it. My ansestors left Europe....everyone of them...for a better life. They wanted freedom from the oppressive forces. Happily, they were used, and given land by her majesty the queen to work in Canada - part of the common wealth. Food to build the empire. Yaaaaa, we all wave the flag. Every morning as a school child all would sing the national anthem and recite the lords prayer. So they worked it. probably protected it from those pesky natives that stole there crops or tried to live on "there" land. So, the slaves left and came here...already bent to monarch rule. already enslaved because of the "chains around our brains." from years of governing forces

    I, a white man, do not have a popular narrative in public discourse to identify with that makes me a victim of anything. However, my skin, i cannot throw, says i am the perpetrator of much oppression in the stereotypical world.

    Here is something:

    Draw a border on a map.....and proclaim it yours. Now, give it a name and a symbol(flag) drop bombs on it or attack it. then wait. wait for the "people" of that nation to fight back together because of a symbol that they adhere to that they have in common - the one you created. now...these "people" start to identify with the flag and the borders. they will fight for them as there own. You have now created a identifiable state with leaders and subjects who work together that you can control.

    These states are created in the minds of the majority. the borders don't exist. the symbol for the land, the flag one picks up and waves in times of attack and victory is not his - it only has meaning because people give it that. the border is arbitrary. Both have no meaning without identification. identification with any state, whether it be mental or external is created only when there is a perceived external threat to it. the state, in the case of this doc, is validated and internalized by the subjects and the externals because of the visual identification from the color of one persons skin to another. the skin and the sterotypes(borders) become the flag to fight for or against.

    One last little tid bit. A true government doesn't govern land and the institutes. they govern the collective minds of the subjects of the empire. Indeed government in latin translates as "govern" = to steer, "mente"= the mind. To Steer the mind. Obviously, each one of us needs to learn to steer there own mind if we want this bullshit to stop.

    Please don't write me off as ignorant white trash because of my bad spelling.

  39. Brrown

    Wow...and no mention of one group being forced to work for 400 years by another and in the process stripping a people of their culture, dignity, religion. The pervasive comment is get over it! Wow...Only in America

  40. blaccjacc

    btw, forgot to mention.. my dad, who worked extra hard to TRY to raise our family our of poverty, died when i was 13, due to high blood pressure and other stress related problems.

  41. blaccjacc

    When i was a kid, i wanted to make a difference.. i wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer and take our family out of poverty. My dad worked many jobs, sometimes 2-3 at a time, and taught me that i could b anything i wanted if i studied hard (even tho i later found out he didnt even believe that, because of his own experience).. by the 3rd grade, i started seeing the hypocrisy of this system. i was told i could be anything i wanted to be in this land of the free, but what i saw was that my people were in constant poverty, my family members were either dying or getting thrown in jail, while the 'whites' were free and successful in a part of society that i could see with my eyes, but couldnt experience.. then i started learning about history, how our people were enslaved.. how the natives were almost made extinct in their own land.. My living conditions, mixed with the knowledge of what our 'people' were put thru, created resentment and confusion inside of me at the tender age of 10 (3rd grade). Then i started noticing how even though i was told i could be anything, i was treated like i was nothing. or better yet.. i was treated like a gangbangin criminal (at the age of 10). Why? because of the neighborhood i lived in. As i got older i started noticing that the teachers treated me like i would never be anything but a criminal, and expected me to not do homework, nor pass or attend class.. the local police expected me to commit crimes and treated me like a criminal.. the store keepers expected me to steal (specially downtown, or in the nice neighbourhoodz) and the older kidz in my neighbourhood expected me to join the local gang..... not to mention, kids from 'rival' neighbourhoods would automatically dislike me or threaten me because of the neighborhood i resided in.
    at the age of 12, all this starts to wear u down psychologically and u lose ure motivation, and start to feel inadequate (for a lacc of a better word).. and then when u start noticing how the gangbangers or the drug dealers drive the good cars, wear the good clothes, date the pretty gurls, you cant help but look up to the same gangsters that as a 10 year old you didnt want to be anything like. You start to respect them for sticcing a middle finger up at a society wh counted them out, and making themselves count. When a confused pre-teenager with no sense of self worth notices that everyone around him either respects, fears or idolizes the gangsters, he is pulled towards the lifestyle that everyone already is pushing him towards. that lost determination is replaced by a feeling of new found pride, and pretty soon all those feelings of resentment and hopelessness turns into anger and arrogance.. and the anger 2wards oppression and injustice gets turned inward.
    it happened to me, and there are thousands of lil kids falling victim to this weird cycle of oppression and self hate.
    I am not saying we are forced into this self destructive way of life.. we cant blame all our problems on 'The Man'.. but the fact is, there is a HUGE trap laid out outside our porches, one which tries to take our future leaders, doctors, businessmen, etc and turn them into gangleaders, drug dealers and pimps. Was it my fault that i wasnt strong enough to evade that trap? yes, in a sense. There are better men who didnt fall into it.. but there are far more that did, and never lived to learn from it, and rise above it like i did.
    Do you know of ANY white suburbian kids that are facing the same dilemnas and problems that the blacc kid from south central LA is facing..? i dont. im sure they have their own set of problems, but the bottom line is the system is unfair and unjust and the main reason why blacc people are 'down' is because the people in power designed a system to keep us down. How successfull that system is at keeping us down is up to us.... POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

  42. blaccjacc

    i grew up gangbangin.. still claim my set W/S 25th n Lanez Family Mafia Crip gang, even tho i dont agree with the concept of banging.. i believe its detrimental 2 the streets. But just like the iraqi vets who dont support the war but support the troops (their brothers in arms), i still rep for my fallen n imprisoned comrades. Orignal meaning of C-R-I-P = Community Restoration/Revolution In Progress.. what started off as a united front against the racist white clubs and the police, rising out of the ashes of the black panther party, became sumthing entirely different.. and if u research cointelpro (FBI's war on blacc amerikkka) u will realize how sumthin that was meant to uplift, started to bring down the urban community. The easy access to guns n drugs, while havinn limited access to proper education, employment and opportunity isnt by accident, and it isnt because of the 'laziness' of blacc people.. itz by design, a well thought out plan by an elite that was threatened by the concept of 'equality'.. by a people that had immense knowledge of psychology and how oppression, combined with hopelessness and ignorance, can lead to dependancy and self-hate. The system of welfare was a much needed tool in this plan.. so was the 'white flight', which lead to the loss of employment opportunities, and second class education.. add to that the lure of easy money from sellin the drugs that were brought in by the boatload by the CIA, and infested in LA streetz. Even movies like 'The Mack' and 'Supafly' came out at a time when our community was just dealing with hopelessness caused by the burst bubble of the blacc panther party.. and those blaxploitation propaganda fliccz brainwashed the younger generation to look down at the 'weak' and 'defeated' black nationalist movement, and to respect the pimp and the drug dealer, who doesnt ask the white man for anything, he fends for himself, and even though his actions degrade his own community, he has the aura of a rebel or an outlaw.. (the SupaFly charactor even dissed the local black panthers in the movie, which made him look like a hero, and the Party look like villians). By the mid 70's, we had a new generation of blacc kidz who had the mentality of "me myself and i" instead of "Power to the people"; The same groups that started out desperately trying to protect their hoods from the predators and drug dealerz, became the drug dealers and 'predators'.

  43. Patrice

    Carrie it is sad to say that you are not the only one that feels this way. You are a very IGNORANT individual. And you continue to make comments about welfare, and being succesful. Last time I checked there was more "whites" on welfare than blacks, and trust me there are many that are just as succesful as you, without slaving over 3 jobs. You say you have black friends, I bet you wont tell them how you feel!

  44. Indigenous

    Carrie Lynch,

    You said, "go back to your own countries", right? Well, let me tell you something. I am in my OWN COUNTRY! I am an indigenous man from the P'urhépecha Nation, and our people have been hear for over 40,000 years. WE, the INDIGENOUS PEOPLES, are the ORIGINAL PEOPLE from this land. So how about you go back to Europe, and go and practice your f***ed up beliefs over there.

    The s@#$ that WHITES have done to us wasn't hundreds of years ago, it still goes on to this very day. From the stealing and destruction of our land for YOUR PROFIT, to the killing and raping of our men, women, and children. Did you forget about the fact that not even 100 years ago White people were scalping and skinning Indigenous people? Did you forget that some White people were so sick in the head that they made leather out of Indigenous peoples skin and used it on things like chairs?

    Don't give me that s@#$ that the only way to make your life better is by working hard. That it has nothing to do with the fact that your white. In the 70's in a 2 year period the FBI killed more the 70 Native Americans who were fighting for their land and for treaties to be respected, and that happened just one generation ago.

    The U.S. government to this very day hold about 100 political prisoners, and every year the number keeps on growning. And more then half of political prisoners are kept in isolation cells. One man was kept in an isolation cell for 22 1/2 years, while another was keep in one for 30 years. Not even serial killers or rapist get isolated for that long! It is only political prisoners who are kept in 4x6ft cell, locked down 23 hours one day and 24 hrs the next, year after year for decades. Having their mail censored and their visitations completely cut of... So tell me, is Amerikkka really free? Does one really have a right to say what one wants?

    And how about all the people that are being detained and tortured in secret prisons without being charged or having a trial for years? You know that that's not only unconstitutional but it's also illegal according to international law. Or the fact that the United States has made official policy to assassinate U.S. Citizens who they suspect (so your constitutional right to a trial is completely thrown out) of engaging in or supporting terrorism.

  45. Ramus

    Would anyone like any cookies? I made them myself.

  46. DAN

    carrie obviously has issues with her personal life that she is in FEAR of addressing due to her EGO. Carrie's life is not as good as she makes it out to be and has slowly convinced her self that it is! You are BLINDED that after watching this doco all you took out of it was "WHINING BLACK PEOPLE" have a second look.
    You Carrie are a bi-product of the SYSTEM the BLACK PANTHER PARTY stood against a typical BRAINWASHED,IGNORANT,ARROGANT,MISINFORMED AND MISLED AMERICAN whos govt is leading you all like "LAMBS TO THE SLAUGHTER"
    The fascinating thing is your EGO keeps bringing you back to reply and defend your comments so i dont expect you to reply to mine...unless im right!?...there goes my EGO lol

  47. Carrie Lynn

    OK, I have just as much right to be proud of my race as anyone, but if I started the Nat's Assc for the Adv of WHITE people Well, that just would not be allowed! Also, if you don't want to be called N****r, then delete the word from you own vocabulary. If you crybaby blacks wanna use it then I can too!!!

    I don't cry that this country is not fair to me cause of some stuff that happened hundreds of years ago! But then again, I am productive...not sittin' in my ghetto that I trashed all to h*ll cause I was too busy sellin my body for drugs and raisin' my passel o' welfare babies that ALL have different sperm donors (or, as they-the N's-refer to daddies). There is equality here for anyone wishing to WORK for it. I don't cry that I got brought here against my will. If that is the argument the N's want to make, they should go back to the land of the jungle babies they cry they were stolen from. It's not MY peoples fault that the N's sold their OWN people

    You should all pull your heads out of your nether regions, and take a walk in the REAL world...after you plug the hole in your bleeding hearts,. that is

    1. Clarence

      There is a "National Assoc. for the Advancement of White People" it's called the US Government, any Fortune 500 company, the news and entertainment media

    2. Ronnie Neuhauser

      Carrie Lynn, It is quite amazing how ignorant you are. Everything you said is an attack on humanity in general. Your view lacks evaluation and is so narrow it's frightening. Yet when we look into your words and know there are many like you, we understand why we still have these massive problems. People like you are a detriment to the human race. You say you are productive? I wonder exactly what that means? I am sure you haven't evaluated your cog in wheel position or how it effects anything.

  48. esmuziq

    so funny that she says go back to your own country, as if her race was born and raised in america .

    1. Ronnie Neuhauser

      Exactly, I am white yet I understand the colonists came here and committed mass genocide on the natives. Yet another blemish in American history.

  49. Carrie Lynn

    sieg heil

  50. rich miller

    I'm out of here. Your trolling and i fell for it.

  51. rich miller

    'Go back to your own country' lol yeah try reading a history book ha ha if you look hard enough you make find yours...

  52. Carrie Lynn

    I tremble before NO ONE! I am successful, I work hard, I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe in. I don't need to create organizations to do it for me! If you have something against my POV, I don't care! I live in AMERICA, where, because of people like me who fought and defended this great nation, I am free to believe ANYTHING I WANT! You should ALL stop trying to shove your poor me agenda down my throat!

    Get a life and then you can all stop crying about how you are all downtrodden and misused-OR, better yet, go back to your own countries and we will ALL be better off!

  53. DRE J.

    Disinhibition!!! Should be ashamed of yourself Carrie Lynn! I bet your one of them scary whites that trembles in the presence of a powerful Black/Brown man.

  54. Carrie Lynn

    Oh, I can assure you I have been thinking for a LONG time. I developed my outlook spending years of my life as a military and civilian police officer. I have witnessed the behavior I speak of on a daily basis, so I know if to be fact-not an "opinion".

    If you bleeding hearts would come and spend some time in the real world, you would maybe begin to understand

    1. Clarence

      You were a cop and an mp?! That's way you talk like a ******* maniac! Cops like you are the reason the Black Panthers were established. There is no way you could harbor these kinds of racists ideas and not have them affect the manner in which you treat Black people. The ****** up thing is there are many racists cops out there like you that treat minority people brutally--then claim not to be racist in the public eye.

  55. rich miller

    Carrie Lynn please tell me you are a trolling! What do you mean 'Black'? If you are black you wont work etc???

    What if i said all Americans are stupid, selfish, self centered, global bully/terrorists, oh and stupid again (thats got to go in twice along with a 'double fat') and you are the most hated group of people on the planet - anywhere you go in the world the grating tone of your annoying accents fills most public space with a feeling of dred. Not forgetting that you have done nothing but ruin an amazing oportunity through your selfish nature and produced an economic/social structure that has disadvantaged huge sections of your own people while other get even richer you disgusting glutinous american.

    Is that what americans are like? Thats the word on the street. Please remind me again about the "Blacks".

    My point is that all of the above is complete crap, just a negative stereotype for idiots that cant think. Even the word Blacks winds me up, at what point do i go from white to black? When does my behaviour start to change?

    I hate racism to my core - all you have to do is 'think' and it will vanish - do us all a favour Carrie and think before you type.

  56. Carrie Lynn

    They were mad because one of their own got busted high out of his gourd and resisted arrest. I bet if ONE of you clueless people had to actually LIVE in our society, and be a real citizen, you might start looking at the REAL problems, instead of electing a NON AMERICAN terrorist as our president.

  57. bert

    I always think i can no longer be suprised, but i am always wrong unfortunatly! There will always be someone just that little bit more ignorant, how in this age of information?

    Knowledgable ignorance

    So "Rodney King, the blacks were mad so...", do you think there may have been a reason for acting a little mad?

    Goodness me!

  58. Carrie Lynn

    As previously stated, I said NOTHING about tax dollars...I built my business in fashion design from nothing, all on my own.

  59. alex peters

    carrie lyn you should look further into where your tax dollars contribute nothing to the black american. Your tax dollars go to the military primarily. If you'd like to know exactly how much of your earnings go to social spending, and more specifically welfare, throw a handful of quarters on the ground. WAIT, judging by your keen intellect I can probably estimate your salary... make it a handful of pennies.

  60. Carrie Lynn

    OMG you people are blind!!! I am SO NOT jealous!! I am proud that I am a productive member of society! If the blacks want to be equal, they should get off their asses and work! The slave argument does not work anymore....White people are the minority now. Examples: WATTS...the blacks were mad so they destroy their OWN neighborhood. Rodney King, the blacks were mad so they destroyed their own neighborhoods in SEVERAL cities. I have black friends, hispanic friends, ect. They are productive members of society. But you cant have your cake and eat it too, ie-crying you want equality then consistently segregating yourselves from ou bleeding heart liberals should go live in their neighborhoods and I promise you'd sing a different tune then. And FYI there are a LOT of people of many ethnic origins that share this view

  61. alex peters

    Carrie Lynn. ARE YOU FAMILIAR WITH THE CONCEPT OF A "CYCLE". A repetative series of events. Each one fueling the next until they have come full circle. That is what you find yourself in. You are certainly not the first person to possess your opinion and I'm certainly pleased that it is only that, not fact. You find yourself in a cycle of hate, but it seems you personally have also found room for jealousy. You seem jealous that you have to work and be productive and you're looking for somewhere to aim your bitterness. The hate you carry with you has been taught to you from birth through passive learning. Like a programmed robot you have accepted the norm of your society without using your ability to think freely and analyze how the current situation came to be. I'm sure your children will come to cherish your disgusting values, never stopping to use intelligent analysis. How did race differentiations come to this point Carrie? Because whites made blacks out to be the inferior race through slavery. Humans such as yourself fell for it. Lazy people make lazy observations and so, you have not taken into consideration what created blacks' contemporary social context...Whites. Your opinion is nothing but a ripple from the rock thrown in the well not so long ago. Too bad you couldn't have been thrown in the well as well.

  62. Carrie Lynn

    They BEG to be treated as second class citizens...they treat their own neighborhoods like trash, they have no respect for their homes or property. I was a single mom with NO child support and NO welfare. I worked 3 jobs to raise my child and pay my bills....I never expected the gov't to take care of me...and I resent having to pay for these peoples jewelry, drugs, cars, clothes.....YOUR opinion is the WOOORRRRSSTTTT

  63. Alison Henshaw

    Ok. Carrie Lynn, I'm white and I'm assuming you are white. It destresses me that your comment is the only one up. I am trying to be able to look at my privelege and acknowledge what people have done to gain comfort and clout in western society. Much of what white people have done since settling in north america has been atrocious. To indigenous people firstly. And our treatment of blacks during the time this was made was as second class citizens. So, big picture first. Nobody's perfect. Everyone is human. And your opinion is the WOOORST.

  64. Carrie Lynn

    When oh when will the blacks stop their whining?!?!? If they put half as much time into finding jobs and caring for their properties (the areas where blacks and mexicans live are ALWAYS trashy, and the blacks have a long history of destroying their own neighborhoods and stealing their own people. Not to mention the Illegal mexicans!) there would be no need for these kinds of organizations or groups because the blacks would be working as upstanding members of scociety instead of bilking the goverment and the taxpayers for their living.