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2008 ,    » 16 Comments

The OasisEvery night across Australia over 22,000 young people have nowhere to sleep. Filmed over two years, this documentary follows Captain Paul Moldes of the Oasis Youth Network who has dedicated his life to saving them. With scenes that some viewers may find disturbing and frequent course language, this film tries to stay true to reality and accurately reflect life on the streets.

Darren is the kind of kid the world has written off. Abandoned by his mother at 8, bashed into intensive care by his foster carers at 10, he spiraled into drug addiction and has lived hard on the street for over a decade. But since he turned up on the doorstep of OASIS, a grimy red-brick youth refuge in inner-city Sydney, with nowhere else to go, one person has been there for him around the clock: Captain Paul Moulds.

Father figure, counselor, savior, and an orphan himself, Paul is nothing short of a legend amongst kids like Darren, who stumble into OASIS at breaking point. No story is too horrific, no circumstance too dire, no kid too damaged. During his chaotic 25 years of service he has helped hundreds of young people deal with unspeakable childhood traumas, chronic drug addictions, mental illnesses, and all of street-life's other dramas.

Paul is present at the birth of new babies and there to conduct the funerals of those who self-destruct prematurely. On the wall of his cluttered office in which many kids have found temporary salvation hangs his life's mission statement: "I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell".

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16 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Albertine Synnøve

    this was so touching, unbelievable to think how privileged i really am. My heart goes out to all these people.

  2. Theeso Panther

    must watch if u live in sydney, im always in the cross i run nightclubs & i recognise some of the kids in this film.

  3. tjan

    Paul Moulds has an incredible ability. He doesn't flinch! Very intense situations . He and his wife are quite a rare commodity in these days. Truly soldiers in the army of God. Thank you and God bless.

    Janice Thorpe

  4. PaulBraveheart

    Paul Moulds shows the hypocrisy of the govt system. The govt will pay $75,000 to lock the kids away but will give hardly anything to save or prevent the problems from happening in the first place. Too many benefit from troubles of these kids,ie; Judges, courts, police, corrections officers. wardens, People that bring in the drugs. Because they scare the middle class, they let govt system continue. Problem, Reaction, Solution! Keeps the govt in business! Sad, sad situation! If only there were more people like the Moulds in the world things would be a lot better.

  5. Carol Robertson

    What a lovely man and wife. When a marriage is on the same page, great things happen.

  6. Imightberiding

    What an exceptional couple.

  7. Damon Rolnick

    this is so beautiful-

  8. Chester Bonnie Emery

    Thank you so much for this incredible view into these courageous loving dedicated people under very difficult challenges. And they keep on!
    It motivates me to do more!
    Great movie, keep up the great work!

  9. steamknife

    I used to work in a hotel and had to travel between Kings Cross and Potts Point which some footage was filmed. It's a complete HELL walking across these 2 suburbs.

    Potts Point is an upscale suburb in Sydney and whereas Kings Cross is the red light district. It really mess up with your emotions when going through 1 place to another. You see girls who is trying to make a living through prostitution (in Kings Cross) and just around the corner, you a street parked with Mercedes (if not, descent cars), etc. with full of descent apartments. A property in Potts Point easily worth over 1 million AUD and you have people selling their bodies for living or drug addictions just around the corner. It's a complete f--k up.

  10. PavolvsBitch


  11. motorbrain

    I know very little about Australia other than surfing and the cool people I have met here in the USA. I hate it that these kids live like this. I feel the need to learn more about the rest of the world and the problems they face. The US had the same problems with drugs and alcohol abuse. The root cause seems to be parents who are addicts and do not care about themselves much less the children.

  12. motorbrain

    I meant the US has the same problems with drugs, alcohol and parents who dont care about the children. I wish I had the spirit of love that these two people have in their hearts. This was a great film.

  13. Sonya Turner

    Fantastic documentary.

  14. shane van Ireland

    Sydney is an awsome City.. would really consider living there if it wasnt so far from the rest of the world.

    Its crazy just how much money you can earn from pretty average jobs, particuarly in Western Australia. to be honest there are few excuses for someone in Australia not to be doing well and leading a comfortable lifestyle other than mental health issues such as the ones displayed in this doc.

    People in Australia feel as if it is the world, perhaps due to its isolation. Its therefore a case of someones problem seeming as if it is awhole worse than what it actually is compared to the people around them. Australia can be a really lonely place if you are without family because the culture maintains an upbeat image.

  15. Aaylsworth

    Inspiring and heartwarming, Paul is an amazing man.

  16. Sacredfire1

    Paul an his small staff are doing what a man of God would do for another human being..Great Documentary...

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