The Secret
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The Secret

2007, Mystery  -   258 Comments
Ratings: 6.69/10 from 480 users.

The self-actualization phenomenon known as The Secret pivots on the time-honored new age notion of the Laws of Attraction: That is, think positively, and positive things will come to you.

This film, originally broadcast over the Internet, has been enhanced and extended for this DVD edition; but it retains the essential elements that have captivated millions.

Most of the material here is given in a straightforward manner, with the presenters simply talking into the camera to address the audience directly, which is good because it avoids the trap of pretense.

On the other hand, the quick edits between presenters (would it hurt to let them say more than one sentence at a time?) don't help because it reduces many of their points to palatable sound bites and aphorisms.

Directed by: Drew Heriot

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258 Comments / User Reviews

  1. This "documentary" is new age, empower yourself personal brainwashing. They do everything but read your chakra. And they might do that. I didn't finish watching it. I kept expecting someone to mention Hare Krishna. It's that ridiculous.

  2. this seems like a fictional movie or something lol

  3. How long is the full movie of the secret?? i mean how many hours?? I heared somewhere it's about 30 hours is it right???

    1. its almost 1hr 30min

  4. It was for four years and it thought about her all four years and this dude above me is wow just hit it right on the spot

  5. So why did I want this chick so bad and she obvi wanted me were still lit across the us fromeach other

  6. curious did anyone else notice the demonic looking figure in the fireplace screen during the intro. It was only there for a matter of seconds but to me it seemed out of place for a new found philosophy suppose to be separate from God. For me it made me quite uncomfortable; from then on I was far more skeptical of the documentary's content. It seemed that it took a few too many christian beliefs and twisted them in a way that if one wanted a lie to seem to have weight they might toss in a few truths to make it more believable. The documentary appears to resonate with so many people because it gives them the spirituality security they have been searching for with out introducing the uncomfortably reality of God. Regardless of the merit of the message of "the secret", did any one else notice the face in the fireplace screen and find it to be a potential warning sign as I did?

  7. Wow! I love this. And i am not talking about the book or a film or watever. I have neva read or watch ant of this. Infact, i have stumble on this forrum simply by typing "the verdict of a human sould is determined by the good vs bad energy it has enfluence on others" and all i wanted to know who else thinks like me in the world.. to mi, i feel life is not about relion or any particular faith. Life is about good common sense And vibrating it onto others. Now, + or positive is the greatest sign there is in the world today, according to me. Each thought, action or decision we make, comes to two possible out comes, positive or negative energy. Picture a number line, the "y" axis to be excactly. When we are born, we are just at zero,"the origin" and then we start growing towards childhood where we develop thinking capabilities and mostly influenced by our environment and a bit of the person's nature.. I believe, from this point if we were able to base our thoughts and decisions purely onthe positive side "up" side of the number line, the world would have been full of happiness. No sufering. No hunger. No poverty.. abundant good would have ruled th world.. but unfortunately right now is the oppoaite that is happening..

    1. In response to this 6 years ago, yes, others may agree with you. I literally just had the thought of a when I feel full of energy, I stand facing the sun, with my arms out. Soaking in the good vibes. ✝️ When I have felt my absolute worst, I had hurt my back. I was laid up on bed rest for 6 weeks. My body was a ➖ straight line. Negative. With lots of negative vibes. Just an observation.

  8. I am a firm beleiver of the Law of Attraction and the teachings taught by the teachers on the Secret. I am a live example of how you can transform your life using it..People can think that these kinds of things do not work but it is not true. It Works! :)

  9. I recommend Anima to anyone who watched this. It's a bit more realistic and is way more inspirational. It's on here and youtube.

  10. You may not believe or agree with everything in this movie, and thats perfectly fine, I wont argue. But bare in mind we don't fully understand how our world works yet, in fact we have a lot of unproven theories that are taught to us as fact. If you think you know everything, and this is just too dumb to be true, let go of your own arrogance and ignorance. I say this not to be mean, but because I had to do the same in my life.

    So why not take something from this documentary and try to apply it to your life? What have you got to lose? A couple minutes of your time? If your affraid people will think you dumb for trying this, don't tell them... Lol. I personally think it would be silly not to try it, you have everything to gain and virtually nothing to lose.

  11. Since I have been reading and kept it in practical, Wow it's amazing my incom is double I donot have to think another way to find the money, its all around me, so why not start using this method. Good luck

  12. im a new commer when it comes to the secret ive been on a positive path for a month now .. just learing about it and what i can do for my life. im very excited to order the book so that way i can start fresh in my life well should say in my new life. alote of people think this is a joke but i feel that this will change the lives of those who really believe in positive energy. feel sorry for those who will never know that you can change your life with thoughts,feelings and actions.

  13. hey dont just be optimistic actually expect the best

  14. actually these are things that we all always know its like murphys law in reverse

  15. prolly one of the most amazing things i ever heard! though i dont believe exatly how they do; it explains more closely what my beliefs are than any religion ive heard it makes sense for someone like me, who believes that
    the whole universe was created by thought; in fact by a single thought or the first idea hey who had the first idea ever was there anything b4 that? or what if....
    (open to suggestions)

  16. There was a time, not so long ago, when people had ups and people had downs and we all went about our lives doing the best we could. Sometimes we were ahead, sometimes we were behind and jealousy was pointless since everyone seemed to move in this circle at different times.

    Then along came this secret, that it's all in your head and your life is the way it is because you make it so, and everything went to pot. If you think that things will last forever in this finite world then you are an i*iot.

    This secret has created a "divided class" situation, where those going through good times are afraid of people with problems. It has become impossible to receive or show compassion since people are so afraid that the negativity will somehow infect them. Nowadays we have those on a high running away from everyone who is dealing with life.

    It can only end badly for those i*iots who oppress those who have reality to deal with.

    1. thats so friggin dumb. you obviously did not read the book right. being around people with problems does not attract their problems to you and the secret never says it does. and what are you talking about "if you think things will last forever blablabla" that has nothing to do with anything. the secret doesnt say that things will last forever. not to mention the world has INFINITE potential. its anything but finite. and the secret never talks about someone elses negativity "infecting" a person. it actaully says that positive thoughts are hundreds of times stronger than negative ones. and the secret is intended for and can be used by anyone, even those "dealing with life." which is everybody. you are the "i*iot" dude. go read it again.

  17. This secret just dont work for me. Everytime I think positive, something negative always happen. For example I want one job desperately, I worked hard for it and well prepared for it. I was really very positive about it, did great in the interview cleared all rounds HR, Technical, Group interviews but still could not get it. I was thinking positive before, during and after the interview until I got the news. Moreover, not always but whenever I think negative I get positive results or at least it hurts less when things go wrong way. But still I will give one more short to the positive thinking.

    1. when you clean, you dont clean to have something, but you clean to feel better, dont wish things, just let them come to you and love yourself as much as i can love you ! :)

    2. maybe tha job wasnt for u....

    3. @Rick Maan It's because you are asking when your in a state of fear which then vibrates right back the exact response you have received My understanding now of the laws is it attracts what we put out there regardless. It's about feeling. It;s about thought. the law of attraction is about energy not intellect. that is what baffles a lot of people at first. it certainly did me. Firstly the job may not be a vibrational match to you which is why it is not in your reality today but that's alright. it's great to be positive but equally your vibration is not about the words you speak but about your energy. you can not put a happy face sticker on it when inside you do not 100% believe it and feel that you have to "try" to be positive. For me's about letting go. being lazy and relaxing into life rather than banging it into place. When we learn to really relax we realising that trying is something we have learnt and most of us have been trained away from own guidance system. I too had several experiences where i thought I was being really positive about job interviews and wanting the job... I didn't get them (there were a few this year) but each one I got mostly the same response... "your too creative" after I think the 6th one...i realised I was going into every interview playing the same tape so I didn't clean up my vibe first so I kept on getting the same thing. Since letting go - i got the most amazing inner call which has now lead me into a very different direction regarding career and my life on a whole but it is soooooo much better than I could have imaged and I am so so appreciative that my Inner Being's guidance is working perfectly in time and with the best intentions for me. i think a lot of people think it doesn't work because it is sooo different to what we have been taught and what we have learnt from childhood. It almost feels impossible when we look at it at first but as we learn to relax more and more into it. As we begin to look at what we want and pay less attention to what we don't want... life becomes so much more easier and more deelish! Learning to be easy with ourselves is the first step. asking the universe to help us being easy with ourselves... it's our right. it's why we are here. not to struggle into an ideal carved out by another but to remember who we are. the remember the GREATNESS we are - right here right now! Everything always works out for me is my daily moto! Just relax and allow yourself to receive all that you have dreamed off but it;s not the final product we are looking for - it';s the feeling good. That's all our purpose is.

    4. It's Logic! If you think positive & consistently put yourself in positive situations positive things will come. Easier said than done! Even though you may find yourself thinking positively you may not be getting the results you expect. This could be because there are 100 different variables that may decide the result of any one decision. You cannot hang your head on things that are out of your control you must STAY POSITIVE & KEEP FAITH (If not you would be breaking the laws of attraction). This theory, if applied religiously, will inevitably return Positive results! Good Luck =P

    5. Dear maan throughout the preperation period you kept thinking of a situation where/when you are not selected and lived thevsituation in your mind pleaaase don't do it. That's the secret try again it will help

  18. I really need to get my head wrapped around with this...cuz I always think about the **** that's gonna happen to me if I screw up. I'm gonna change my ways of thinking now. It's gonna be difficult, but this video definitely got me into doing this. I'm gonna watch the full documentary soon and recommend it to my friends. A million thanks to the people who contributed to this idea/concept, you guys are amazing. God bless the people who are struggling with me right now.

  19. Hey everyone, I am a girl from Sweden. Long time before this movie came out my mom has always told and still tells me to think positively, because thoughts are the power for our success or loss. I started writing down things that I want, I write down all my positive thoughts, wishes, dreams. Wrting helps me to concentrate more on what I wish for. Today I study medicine (for four years that almost was not possible), I have met my love (he is exactly how I always emagined him), I have friends (three good reliable friends, and that's enough believe me), my family is healthy and I'm getting rid of my other personal problems by thinking and writing positive things! Good luck to everyone!

    1. You are very lucky to get mother like you have. She created a strong base in your mind which helped you to think always good. For most of people (including me) it is not possible all time.
      I wish I could be so possitive about the things about me & around me.
      Thanks for sharing
      Rajkumar- India.

    2. .o

  20. this film taught people to be positive and never give up on the thing that I truly want by telling people to live like they have already had what they want. and if they doubt if this belief is true or not, the universe will not fulfill your wish. I have personally experienced something kinda same as this but still have no conclusion if it is true that the universe will conspire to help you to get what you want.

    btw, awesome film.

  21. It's on netflix instant watch! :D

  22. I'm a big believer in positive thinking and even psychosomatic illness and healing, but the idea that every event in the cosmos can be ordered by thoughts is naive new age drivel that ignores practically every principle in physics, probability, and chaos theory. Obviously the way you think will influence the way you act, and thus how other people treat you, but expecting it to solve all your problems will leave you disappointed in the long run.

    Self actualization comes from within the self, not from some documentary. The people that came up with "the secret" did it to make money. That's why this is only a 20 minute preview; to get you to buy the DVD. It makes me sick to think of them getting rich off of the dollars of insecure people.

    1. To say that it doesn't is naive. Reality is an illusion although a very persistent one. Time is truly irrevelvant because it only tells us what our five senses are able to pick up. We know such a microscopic amount about the way the universe actually works quoting physics and theories is, in comparison to what we don't know of the universe, more primitive than fire. I'm not saying you're wrong as I can't say anything is purely false because I'm not ignorant enough to believe I know the ACTUAL reasons on why those methods don't apply or fit in with something we don't understand yet. Denying any kind of idea is not a privelage given to the human race, we know far too little to know what we don't know.

    2. So, following your point to it's logical conclusion means that no idea, no matter how absurd or contradictory, can ever be denied? Yet, you deny the validity of my ideas, calling them naive? Thanks for totally proving my point.

  23. I am a realist and things like religion (although has meaning and can provoke good in people) is a fairy tale of handed down stories (to me). The world is tough and I am typically negative to most things, because I see it for what it really is (in my eyes of course). I do not condemn people for their religious beliefs of differences of thoughts that break from the norm.
    I have come to realize that we humans put off vibes to other humans, and if your vibe is negative, then negative results will come from that.
    Being positive, supportive and open to peoples thoughts ideas and emotions would naturally create a gravitational pull towards you (figuratively speaking). Basically if you are pleasant, then you will find many friends. If you are negative then you will repel others.
    If you act like a millionaire you have given yourself a better opportunity to become a millionaire.

    I am in sales, and a story I always remember from a Jack Canfield book is this:
    Jack too was an unsuccessful sales person, who had a successful mentor. jack was poor his mentor was rich. The rich mentor told Jack to act as if he was already successful and you will obtain your goals. He will then be successful in his sales approaches.
    The rich mentor told Jack to go and buy a shirt that was way to expensive for his wallet, and then wear it in to the next meeting. Jack went and bought a shirt that was in excess of $100.00. Jack typically spent $20.00 on a shirt once or twoce a year. The shirt made him feel successful and worthy of selling his product to the people in front of him.

    What did the shirt do? It put Jack's mind in a different state. A state that he was successful and in turn, made his presentation and sales pitch take on a different feel. Nobody in that room knew how much Jack had spent on that shirt, nor did they care, but Jack did and that was a difference maker. Jack came off positive assertive and accomplished because he was feeling better about himself.

    If you do not know who Jack Canfield is, you have certainly seen his work. jack is responsible for all of the Chicken Soup books and is greatly successful, and he attributes his success in part to these theories.

    If you are not where you want to be in life (such as me), why not try this theory? Many of us are afraid of success and find excuses and ways to keep ourselves from being successful. That sounds stupid, but with success comes responsibility and it is that that most are scared of.

    You are where you are today because of your choices of yesterday. If you do not like where you are make a change. Start with being positive and see what happens.
    I do not mean to preach because I am trying to change my ways and be more positive. I have faith that this theory works, not because it has magical powers, but simply because people and opportunities come to those who have a gravitational pull. That pull comes from being a person that others want to be around. The more people you are surrounded by the more likely hood your opportunities for a new job, a bigger sale, a good deal etc can come into your life!
    Doesn't that just make sense?

    1. Thx man for your input. It was such a blessing to me. Im in sales too, and I watched The Secret many times just to maintain my positive thoughts. You will receive many blessings because of your posting. Thx again bro...Tony

    2. dude your a fag. religion is a fairy tale? you putting off "vibes" is no more believable is it? The machine doesn't want you to believe in anything but money, and you must worship it.

  24. i was too depressed from two three weeks but by watching THE SECRET am feelinng really works...///no words to appreciate it......i just can say wow....pretty good cocept

  25. this was pretty good

  26. Today i watched 'The Secret' and i like the concept within it very much.

  27. The point of the doc, is to start thinking more positive and change our thoughts from negativ to positive. We all know that thinking about, winning the lotto wont work, but u change your chemistry in your brain when u believe something good will happen to u. before i hated my life, from the age of 14 till 23, always thinking negative, but one day i had enough and i changed my way of thinking and it really helped i'm only getting positive things in my life now and if something bad happens, i just look at it at a positive way, knowing that the problem will make me stronger in the end, everything i want in life is coming to me now. and who's stupid? them or the people who only think bad things will happen, enjoy your lives, don't waste it on negative thoughts. Have a great day :)

  28. The point of the doc, is to start thinking more positive and change our thoughts from negativ to positive. We all know that thinking about, winning the lotto wont work, but u change your chemistry in your brain when u believe something good will happen to u. before i hated my life, from the age of 14 till 23, always thinking negative, but one day i had enough and i changed my way of thinking and it really helped i'm only getting positive things in my life now and if something bad happens, i just look at it at a positive way, knowing that the problem will make me stronger in the end, everything i want in life is coming to me now. and who's stupid? them or the people who only think bad things will happen, enjoy your lives, don't waste it on negative thoughts. Have a great day :)

  29. This is astonishingly stupid. Don't get me wrong I think there is some level of truth to this, but to act as though we can just will things into being what we want is absurdly stupid and actually dangerous...

  30. im just a pessimistic person. for me the glass is half empty. this video gave me the realization on just how screwed i am

  31. Am gonna tell you a secret: "Sometimes I like to think in negative ways about reality because it makes me want to improve it somehow. Very seldom do I think in very positive ways because I don't care much for things and frankly I find most people to be pretty selfish. However, most of the time, my thoughts are neutral as I see things for what they really are (or as they appear to me anyway). Whatever is in front of you just is, not good not bad! And that's the way I like it! It actually makes me happy to go about life this way, can you believe it? Welcome to the Matrix hehe

  32. I believe that positive thoughts have alot power......

  33. I think a lot of people are missing the point regarding this documentary. This isnt really a normal self help kind of idea, regarding whats presented in The Secret (law of attraction). I agree that there is money being made by the film, and Im not crazy how they used money as the luring point for using the law of attraction.
    This is really about whether you believe in the science behind it or not. Most of you believe positive thinking and hard work are all there is because its tangible to your current way of thinking and observing the world. But this goes much deeper and is trying to tell you that you are actually connecting to real energies that are handing forth your desires. No i dont believe sitting in you lounger for several months thinking and feeling intensely about having a Porsche is gonna get you one but it does set forth, an clear pathway that would almost seem supernatural.
    Like Miguel said below, if we exist in an infinite amount of realties, the thoughts and emotions could be springing you into those dimensions where those desires become reality. Trying to achieve without following the laws of attraction leaves roadblocks, using the LOA removes them. The thinking and feeling removes the blocks and even places catalysts in your path accelerating the process.

    Someone had mentioned earlier that if what was presented in this doc were true then every haulocaust victim was thinking negatively and created their own death. I mentioned that it was part of his own reality but had nothing to do with his own fate. But Ive thought about it and perhaps he is exactly right. The Jews have been persecuted for 1000s of years, therefore the collective conscious of the Jews was probably extremely dark and fearful.And with the creation of the 3rth Reich (sp?) the fears must have really been amplified. Ive thought the same could be true for races that tend to commit the most crimes, like African Americans. The collective mind set, which started in slavery is one of inferiority. Then with the civil war and intense racism the negativity intensified setting the stage for a mass self fullfilled prophecy in crime and violence.

  34. Does this mean if i spend all day think about ladies i will eventually become one....?

  35. ??? link says watch the full movie here, yet its only the first 20 minutes? :/

  36. In my case it's opposite.. bad things happen to me only when i am not conscious in opposite direction,, in terms of luck .. frequent example would be car fines, like parking,,. if i haven't worried at all and been late 10 mins.. i get booked.. so i kinda pretend to worry at-least for luck... lol

  37. it's very nice it's relax my self . i love it because, it is such a nice video .......every one should watch this video and apply in their life. i fell so lucky after watching and applying it ...... i love u rehonda thank u soooo much

  38. No one should need a book or movie to tell them "The Secret." If they really set their mind to their goals and believe in themselves, they will achieve it. If they don't then either they're not trying hard enough or it's just not meant to be. Seriously, you don't need a silly book or movie to explain all of this to you. They just want to make money off of people. That's all the media cares about. I would never waist my money on something that's common? sense. You don't need a book to prove this.

    1. not everyone is fortunate enough to know where there going and if they would just set a goal and dig deep they will get there so this is why people need to see this as it would drastically change some peoples lives.

    2. it's not about where you're going, it's about how you're feeling.

  39. Used to be able to watch the whole movie on here..Oh well, not today..

    Abundance for ALL.

  40. I have the entire Secret on DVD here and have watched it many times. I payed attention to every word and diagram. I took notes. I figured it could not hurt to take it seriously and apply it to my life, if anything it could only help. I figured a wise person would approach something with an open mind. The Secret has already created 2 small miracles in my life. As to The Dhammapada; I have a copy of it right here.


    What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: our life is the creation of our mind.
    - If a man speaks or acts with an impure mind, suffering will follow him as the wheel of the cart follows the beast that draws the cart.
    - If a man speaks or acts with a pure mind, joy follows him as his own shadow.

    Many do not know that we are here in this world to live in harmony. Those who know this do not fight against each other.

    If a man speaks many holy words but he speaks and does not, this thoughtless man cannot enjoy the life of holiness: he is like a cowherd who counts the cows of his master.

    Whereas if a man speaks but a few holy words and yet he lives the life of those words, free from passion and hate and illusion - with right vision and a mind free, craving for nothing both now and hereafter - the life of this man is a life of holiness.

  41. this topic is misleading as it does not explain the truth behind the mechanism of how this works and why. omitting that information paints a picture different from the truth of hows it works and results will wildly vary according to ego. there is no free ride from the truth. hard work , advancement and psychological development play a particular role in controlling your reality .therefore if you think jewels and riches will come your not capable of reaching that level to begin with by the time enlightenment would be achieved to a level of manifestation quickly it would be like comparing a child to an adult.

    1. Yes, I agree John...and don't forget the saying, "Be careful what you wish for , you might get it!" This is not negative, but it negates unwise and ignorant choices. It works, if you are willing to put in the time for knowledge and balancing the emotions and ego.

  42. All this is old news- The following quote is from the Dhammapada - a Buddhist text over 2000 years old

    "We are what we think.
    All that we are arises with our thoughts.
    With our thoughts we make the world.
    Speak or act with an impure mind
    And trouble will follow you
    As the wheel follows the ox that draws the cart.
    We are what we think.
    All that we are arises with our thoughts.
    With our thoughts we make the world.
    Speak or act with a pure mind
    And happiness will follow you
    As your shadow, unshakable."

    But the secret is not to use this wisdom for selfish materalistic ends but grasp the essential links between asll beings and things and address the question "What will you do now with the gift of your left life?”
    quote from ? Carol Ann Duffy, The Bees

  43. "The Secret," a best-selling DVD, is also available as an inspirational book, written by Rhonda Byrne. The basic tenant is that the things upon which we focus tend to become our reality, as we allow things to happen and do things, consistent with this structured focus, in order to manifest our desires. Furthermore, "The Secret" emphasizes the power inherent within the "Law of Attraction" and "The Power of Intention." Although all the ideas shared within this remarkable program are not necessarily based in science, one can nonetheless benefit from acting "as if" the ideas are all-true, in order to facilitate success. As a psychologist, I believe that the true wisdom of "The Secret" is its ability to captivate a world's imagination, by offering its heartfelt reminder of the true nature of limitless possibilities and the power of human perseverance.

    1. @Gerald Solfanelli
      this sounds way too much like an ad

  44. Right/Wrong,Rich/Poor, More/Less,Have/Have Not, Strong/Weak. etc.
    Believe or not, you do attract these thoughts and the people in your life and the situations. Take a piece of paper and write down your day map it out, how you felt, and everything that happened that day, then trace it out for the week, month and your map will show you your lifes pattern. Just think Eve and Adam started out just eating an apple.

  45. Thanks to this video I can conclude that I am the only one who exist and all of you are just figments of my imagination

    1. lol, what you are saying is just a trick, for I know I am the only one that exists

  46. Is there any chinese subtitles for this documentary. Thanks!

  47. I think there is a lot of truth in The Law of Attraction and have seen real results from it myself. This knowledge has turned my life around for the better. However, I think there must be other forces at work in addition to this law, or exceptions to the rule. For example, I often used to think the absolute worst about everything I did. A few years ago while at university, I completed some coursework and truly believed it was terrible as I felt like I didn't understand the subject matter. I mentally punished myself for this, feeling like I had failed the module. It was on my mind every day and everything I thought and felt was negative. However, when I got my grades, I was astonished to find out I had got a B+! So how does the Law of Attraction explain that?!

    1. Because obviously, you must have studied very well. Everything is not that difficult to understand. If you really study, you will get it. And what you got wasn't even A+. You were not very good in that subject and weren't confident about this subject, but may be you studied hard? That's why you passed it.

  48. Love & Light to you all

  49. I feel sad for ppl below me arguing about something so inspirational like this and trying to convince others that this is wrong .You don't pay a penny to watch this video and you don't have to believe every single thing they are saying but at least take this as something motivational for your life sake.Oh,wait You guys are actually pessimist. You don't even try this secret but already start arguing.God Bless

    1. well said!

  50. for a pessimist I'm pretty optimistic :)

    1. haha I love that song.

    2. paramore quote

  51. The Secret is so amazing! For the last 3 months Instead of practicing my guitar, i just sit in bed eating Doritos and thinking about being Hendrix. Now i'm black. New Age pseudo-Buddhist middle-class Bull****.

  52. Amazing... Truly amazing. Good and bad things happen to everyone all the time. When told to think positive and good things will happen people will open there eyes to things that would have happened anyway and attribute it to positive thinking. Case in point zula alive below. Good things happened to other people that were probably not thinking as positively and yet he attributes it to this documentary (if you can call it that). The people who made it thought so positively that they figured if they make a free internet documentary in which people can only take a positive reaction from and wait a while they can then make a copyrighted dvd and charge cash money and stop the free circulation under infringement.

  53. That's crazy. I've watched The Secret a month ago, and everything is working so good. My mom defended cancer. My dad found work. I'm ready for changes too, and everythnig thanks to positive attitude. It's very simple at all. Greets from Poland. Follow the secret and smile :]

  54. There is NO ABSOLUTE SOLUTION in this diverse creation. There is good , bad and sheer ugly. As many people - as many self-help schemes. Everyone has a point of view, to say the least. Evereything has to be taken IN CONTEXT. This documentary is equally applicable to good, bad and ugly. Its upto you in which context you want to apply the message of this content! Its common sense.

    1. so true ... u got it !! :)

  55. Why should having material things be considered "evil" In this world money is a necessity. That's exactly what the secret is. Ridding people of this guilt they feel for wanting something, whether that be emotional, physical, material. Why shouldn't you be able to have whatever makes you happy? God is happiness, love, PEACE! I hope you truly come to understand the message that is being sent here.

  56. What is this theme song?? IM LOVING IT!!

  57. if this teaches people to be more positive and love life that little bit more than they would without reading the book or watching the film what is wrong with it? the truth is that the concept of the secret or the law of attraction actually works. if you read enough about any successful person you're more than likely find that they apply these concepts every day of their life in order to achieve their success. it teaches you to believe in the highest possiblity for yourselves instead of being disheartened by everything around you. before judging it and dismissing it why doens't everybody harbouring negative thoughts about the secret try to practise it.. i'm sure you'll be surprised by the results! much love. (ps, i know from personal experience that it works).

  58. this is so real. peoples downfall is buying into someone elses negativity and being distracted by it. it is true that you can in fact have what ever your heart desires, you just have to truely believe

  59. its truth and itz really personal experience.....

  60. This isn't a documentary.

    1. waT it ix?? Can U Explain ?? Will Glad To know.

  61. It works!

    1. It works indeed , to some extent at least, but without that above displayed atheistic new age -buddhist hokus pokus ...& that's no ...secret

  62. The material is vaguely correct. Positivity and enthuisiasm, genuine and built on a solid foundation of experience and practice precludes and will be succeeded by such experiences, there is no external factor required to set them into motion, I know its supposedly sensible to wait for the world to accommodate your creation, but its not neccessary, build your own world and allow others to create theirs, the world is built in the image of every human being, our worlds, the world we truly inhabit, are built by us, that is our power.

    Theres a reason the film's notion of attraction is so unsettling, its inaccurate, and in the aims of lazy ideals. It treats the "universe" (quote on quote) as a waiter, and we the gluttonous. Our purpose? To sit on our *** and eat each entrée. If your eyes are open you will see that life is a magnificent gift, creator or not, it is to be enjoyed, happiness is the way, and if we have a dream it should be pursued, why consign yourself to mediocrity when, ultimately, perhaps just for now, you know not from whence you came, nor where you're going if anywhere afterwards. Many of the things we desire are often not our true path to happiness, and even moreso, many of the things we aspire to but feel impossible are both a guide and obtained by tapping resources and abilities deep within us we don't believe exist. This takes work, this takes application and it takes sincerity in wanting the best for yourself and wishing the best for others. On that note, we look out into the world and see those who suffer needlessly- while life is to be enjoyed, with such a gift comes the duty to take care of one another, and to do what is within our reach to help, we can't feed the world singlehandedly, nor can we put fresh water in the mouths of all the thirsty, but if each one of us were doing what we could, chipping away even just a milimiter at a time? Does this mean we should dedicate our lives to doing so? For some its a calling, for the majority I imagine, there's another calling, to live our own lives and enjoy it, both are important for me, perhaps the key is a balance between work and play?

    Maybe I'm a little too preachy, I'm no genius I assure you, and my life isn't exactly as I'd like it, but **** it, who else is gonna hear me? Sorry it had to be you.

    1. Well, i see that the core message of this video is a buddhist atheistic one : meaning that man is a creator of his own reality in the absolute sense :

      that man is a "god" with unlimited potential : man able to do anything = a real joke really :

      See how human thought & thus behaviour are shaped by biological, psychological, social, cultural, ecological, ideological & other factors :

      man is thus relatively free , man shapes his reality ,relatively , not absolutely

      The makers of that video are "messengers " of a certain vision of life , the world, the universe , a certain paradigm = the materialistic one of course = their above mentioned thought was thus shaped by their own western materialistic consumption cultures ,inspired by buddhism in the process = an ideological one , distorting some facts & twisting the truth to their own benefit while surrounding it by certain ridiculous "mysteries "

      Further more , see my earlier responses on the matter here below :

      like the fact that we do not always attract what happens to us , otherwise ,we would be responsible for everything that would happen to us , including things out of our control, , including the evil things & inthe absolute sense : it means that everything that happen to us is our own fault :

      so, if you get robbed , raped , killed a victim of some random crime , being in the wrong place in the wrong time, it means it's your fault : the holocaust is the fault of the jews & so on = ridiculously criminal "logics "

      P.S.: Disgusting morons are those guys in the video who make money at the expense of the misery of people :

      that's why this kindda unnuanced new age bullshit is something for the burned -out , for the miserables, the losers , for people with no imagination ............even though this video contains some elements of the truth that get distorted twisted perverted by the makers of the video = the modern vampires who suck the blood of desperate people while assuring them it's their only way of salvation ....criminals are those despicable goroes = an understatement

    2. Ditto.....

  63. You can know something, sure, the depth to which you know it, understand it, depends. If you can do without this stuff, don't watch it, stuff like this is gonna be said whether you're there to hear it or not. I'm also not defending the film, I have my own opinions, and whilst I'm spiritual and love the idea of thinking my way to a dreamworld, life needs to be approached practically and in the aim of constant learning.

    The holocaust example makes the notion of attraction seem cruel and damning, but speaking strictly hypothetically (of course) if it were the truth, you would have to have deep compassion for the lack of knowledge that brought such events, and in the same way, the non-jews who permitted it to be perpetuated. The idea would be that the "collective fear and indifference created it through unknowing victims and permitters, through their ignorance". That's not exactly my notion, but to humour the material, put the theory into practical perspective. All I know is this, it seems we have seen an evolution of consciousness since, as today, if one of our leaders blamed a racial group for society's problems and began mysteriously shipping them away, there'd be a revolution and a half I'd wager.

    All I know is this, there's an importance to positivity and enthuisiasm that is often overlooked in the apparent aim of realism. I'm not saying its not okay to be sad, and who gives a **** what I think, I'm not a genius, but there's always something to learned, and dealing with a setback positively and taking whatever lessons you can from it serves you and teaches you better than being "normal" and getting angry, resentful, bitter, hating somebody, its wasted energy when you think you could, instead, be seeking a way out of the situation you lament and claim to want ended. Never believe you're limited. My personal belief is not in attraction, that comes from one's lazy desire to have everything brought to them, as though the "universe" were a waiter and their purpose in life was to sit on their ***, eating each entrée. My belief is in creation and co-creation in terms of humanity as a whole, I'm certain life is a great gift, we should be happy, enjoy, experience wonder, and such things will preclude and succeed each other, but we also look out into the world and see people nowhere near as well off, we live as kings by comparison, this is not cause to be miserable, nor suffer to feel better, its a calling to our spirit that with life's wonders comes a duty to take care of one another, and wish for others the virtues and blessings we see in our lives, sure we can't feed each african child singlehandedly, tend to each palestinian's wounds etc., but for each person chipping away, helping as they can while living their own lives, the world gets that much better, imagine if every one of us well-off, westerners were at it? I'm perhaps a dreamer, and too preachy for my own good, but to hell with it, who else is going to hear me? Sorry it had to be you.

  64. If we fear something we are trying to escape from any situation which looks like as a dangerous situation to us. And how are we trying to escape? To be invisible? Maybe, we scare if anyone wants to communicate with us (we are running from it) and this makes other people to reject us, laugh from us. These are psychological things. If you trust on your self and you are friendly and lovely person from your heart, others will see that and respect you, but if you mistrust and scare to say any word or you are angry, malign, greedy and etc. others will not respect you.

  65. Ignorance, stupidity and a lot of bullshit...It makes me vomit

    1. materialistic too as if the uiverse was created to please & satisfy the needs , selfish desires dreams of people : ridiculous .

      What i found outrageously stupid is also the fact that this video says that we do attract everything that does happen to us , especially evil things & even road accidents haha

      This kindda distorted sick logic can thus say that jews attracted what happened to them under the nazis or that the palestinians or others had attracted what has happening to them for more than 60 years now at the hands of those zionist barbaric beasts war criminals .

      But, there's always a but , relatively speaking , the above mentioned video does contain some elements of truth like the fact that whenever you are an optimist grateful open-minded tolerant ...smiling person , the world seems to smile back at you & vice versa , to some extent at least .

      Don't know

    2. I agree with you so much..

      But even these elements of truth this "doc" seems to have are totally fake.

      Everything is so distorted.

      If you are an optimist, smiling person etc.. it means that you have decided not to focus on things that will ruin your mood. In a way it's like you are commited (maybe unconsciously) to see the positive side of things or experiences you have. That does not mean that you don't have sad, discouraging experiences in your life, as they claim. I would prefer to say that when somebody is a smiling positive person is influencing others near or around him/her to be positive too, with result to smile back at him/her.

      As you understand I didn't find a single thing in this "documentary" to agree with.

    3. Believe me or not , i thought the same way about it as you did here above : relatively speaking :

      I think it's just suggestive bullshit we can do without :

      reminds me of that neuro-linguistic programmaing by the way that tells you things you already know for the most part at least :

      making it sound like something new or innovative haha

      It's like saying if one works hard with determination , optimism, will get there haha of course one will get there that way , unless something out of one's power or control gets in the way .

      You know what ? many modern goroes ( i do despise these sort of consciously or unconsciously machiavellistic opportunistic people) like the above mentioned ones in the video who take advantage of the spiritual void in the lives of modern people, so, they try to sell to people that kindda comforting consolating suggestive deja-vu stuff already known to people making it sound like something new or like a discovered secret :

      It's like saying to kids , if you wanna really learn how to ride a bike , you gotta persevere & keep on going even after your fall or failure , they just surround all that within the dubious fog of ...mystery, that's all ....

      Thanks, appreciate

    4. then you are attracting vomit?

  66. blasen!

  67. I agree with the positiv+. Human consciousness holding the thought of a God only in the corners of the tenet mind never to personally witness. Perhaps may bring and keep that emptyness within that thought of mass followers.
    The focus upon humanity gets further ignored by the focus of outside forces and various Gods whom attempt to nullify our positive energy through their dictatorship.
    A coalesed focus on the human race and a focus within the harmony of all earths plentyful gifts, may bring this harmony and a oneness within each other, or the few. Good video thanks for sharing.

  68. i don't know it will bring me the ferrari i was dreaming, but i know it cure my depression. it is just a plain positive motivation and it doesn't harm. don't stressed too much what is right and what is wrong, staying positive doesn't harm for sure

  69. Very interesting : there is indeed a lots of truth in what is called the law of attraction : we do have that in the islamic teachings at a more deeper level than that , but one must not take all what was said in the above mentioned video at face value in the absolute sense without any further criticism on the matter .

    Otherwise , it would be "logical " to say thus that jews for example had attracted what happened to them under the nazis = criminal non-sense & criminal justification of evil .

  70. i have to admit, im a little off put by the materialistic nature of this documentary. if this power really does exists, would it not be better to try and use it to improve the world? help your fellow man? alleviate suffering?

    1. Exactly : haha : very materialistic & selfish misuse of the truth because there is some truth in that so-called law of attraction indeed , to some extent at least , they just exagerate it .

      Sounds like the whole universe is at the service of whoever wants or wishes to get something ; a car haha , a beautiful house if the universe was created or designed to serve our selfish desires ...

      what if my selfish wishes get in conflict with those of others trying to make the universe " rearrange " itself as they so stupidely put it in the above mentioned video to satisfy those conflicting selfish desires of different people ?

      Why people do not try to wish & act to improve the world & others in the process instead of focussing only on getting material things haha

      The guys in the video make the so-called law of attraction sound & look like ...Saint-Claus by the way haha : very childish .

    2. Hey I liked your comment.....You made a very good point with your question about What if my selfish wishes get in conflict of others and using this for selfish desires....I'm glad that you said this because that is so real also...This doc it talks about more of the material aspects and all the gushy stuff lol but some folks have this knowledge and use it in bad ways to benefit themselves, its used to control others, and thinking of harming others just by wishing what people call "Bad Luck" on another person.. It was a very short example of this when the man that was getting bullied at his job by co-workers and about his sexuality...

      I guess some people think that this is phony or something but everyone uses this what is called law of attraction but they might not realize at times because its not being taught to people properly so it gets shrugged off imo but anyway I liked your comment.....Peace :)

    3. Thank you very much for your interesting reaction, appreciate .

      I was disgusted by the fact that these guys in the video talk only about how to get material things instead of using that force of the universe created by God to improve themselves & others , as if the whole universe was created to satisfy Man's selfish greedy desires : ridiculous .

      But there is another thing : we do not really attract everything that does happen to us , especially not the bad things , not always anyway

      See , no sane person can say that jews had attracted what happened to them under the nazis for example or that palestinians had attracted what has happening to them under the israeli occupation for more than 60 years now .

      There are a lots of other things said in the video i do not agree with .

      well, i will leave it at just that for the time being at least .

      Gotta go, thanks , appreciate . peace .

  71. the idea that one can create things with their thoughts is something developmental psychologists call 'magical thinking'. look it up, it's at the root of most new age baloney. the secret is bogus and suggesting that emerson and einstein etc, believed this crap is to dishonor genuinely great people. and discredits genuine spiritual paths.

    1. I hate to be a nay-sayer, but which of the spiritual paths have been proven "genuine"? As I recall, there has not been any evidence for any sort of deity at all; especially, a deity that actually communicated a spiritual path for all.

  72. I do agree with the fact that you may not be able to close your eyes, wish for a lottery win and poof there it is. However I think this documentary holds a great key, and this is to think positively, if you need to believe that this has a magic effect then thats great, but the real magic is that is brings you happiness and after all that's what were all searching for isn't it ??

  73. good for you jremlap I dont know you but I can already tell that you are person that I wouldnt want to be around. Your sitting here trying to convince people that they can't achive their dreams. Its simply stating the first steps to progressing is being happy and thankful for all the blessings around your life. Then after that focus on what you want and believe you can have it.

    There is nothing wrong with what they are teaching.

    You on the other hand are what we call negative influences in peoples lives. And that goes for all the other nay sayers out there.

    I simply believe that some of you people out there are out there to keep peoples spirit down and thats not right. Maybe its not your faults cuz you didnt understand to overall message.

    Anyway I had to write this cuz I want everyone to know that this stuff really works. Ever since I applied this concept to my life everything has gotten better. I think its important for you all to know that..this is a good thing not a bad.

  74. Anybody who dares comment stating this is false, bull ****, or any other negative remark needs to start thinking positively and keep trying. This shows you've given up, never tried, or you are just being ignorant. Don't stop. It's not overnight. My days are better. My grades are too. I'll get to that top 5% of my class by senior year. Thanks, have a nice day.

  75. isn't this pretty much like saying to a christian to believe in two gods when God is the universe

  76. Judging by the news recently, none of you could be bothered to wish for world peace, an end to child abuse and a stop to the rainforests being chopped down then. What a load of wankers!

  77. i remember dave chappelle talking about this book.
    he said something like:
    "this is BS! tell a starving kid in Africa to think positively and picture food in front of him!"
    i miss dave chappelle.

  78. This video is just wrapping up what it means to be a functioning human being that isn't trapped by worldly problems with a complex theory. Of course it works, but if you didn't know this already than your an i*iot. False interpretation of thoughts is what causes almost 100% of depression. They make it seem like some sort of science when in reality, if you look for the positive and minimize the negative, of course life is going to look more positive. If you spend life magnifying the negative, its going to end up seeming pretty negative. Correct thought interpretation and perspective is key in being a successfully functioning human being in this world of suffering. Its got nothing to do with the science of sending out energy waves of from your thoughts what are you smoking and pass it here please.

    Another part of this that is just ludicrous is that if you imagine a material good hard enough then it will be in your possession. I think we all know that these things dont just show up out of nowhere. But whatever, maybe having so many of you believing in this crap will make the world a better place or make it easier for the rest of us to succeed while your lying in bed dreaming about money and cars.

  79. totally with the positive thinking !! but I don't believe its that easy .. we go through life.. we're destined to go somewhere we have a choice between right and wrong but otherwise nothing is in our hand .. a great speech but not applicable though..

  80. This should not be in the psychology section. Psudoscience and pop psychology at the highest level. This type of documentary is a short term boost in confidence as opposed to real psychology that is based on the scientific method. motivating? perhaps. Psychology? defiantly not.

  81. For those of you that have tried it with study and practice know that this works if you want to go even further in your positive thinking and practice I would recommend reading up on Jose Silva and Abraham Hicks two of my favorites.

  82. That was a great documentary! I really am inspired by it! haha, I'd like to see more of the details, but hey, this is already great!!

  83. Conversations of Ignorance..

  84. Conversations of Ingnorance..

  85. First of all it was hard to practice.. later on it started imbibing inside oneself.. I have tried thinking of a worst situation and it happened.. I then tried thinking of a lovely situation... that also happened. Everything is in our mind.. Lets try to send all the positive vibes to this lovely planet.. Lets heal oneself and heal this lovely earth.. I am sure there would be no war if we all start thinking positive.. and march forward to grow more. Come give me ur hand... lets make a human chain...never forget Where there is miracle if we BELIEVE...

  86. amazing is not the word. This documentary helps me grow everyday..

  87. this movie is truth.

  88. OMG i thought this movie was bull s***, and I thought real hard, and what happend...? It came true, it really is bull s***! AMAZING :)

    1. Thats why you are a nobody. Look at your attitude. People like you are looking for a quick fix. Why don't you try working your ass off and keeping a positive attitude through issues that arise. Because issues DO arise, Welcome to life. Simpleton. Its not the SECRET and the universe that works to your advantage It's the thought process and change that you can achieve anything you want that works. So in reality it works. And like they say it takes time... As soon as you heard that you probably said "Takes time? I don't have time" .... again. Lazy and a nobody for a reason.

  89. i all say that this is the best of knowledge i have heard. its like they say dont think negative you will get it. just keep doing it.

  90. It is true - ALL of it! You create what you think; you are what you think. Those responding with anger, frustration and disbelieve are the best example - they are what they think. It is OK if you don't get it yet - someday you might if you change the way you think. Assume responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life, because somehow in some way you have attracted it into your life. So, why not trying to make it a positive experience. What do you have to loose if you try this consciously for 21 days. Monitor your thoughts, write a gratitude diary, and love your life unconditionally. For some people it seem to be easier to be negative and complain than just being plain happy. Love yourself the way you want to be loved, love others the way you want to be loved and forget to nag and whine for just 21 days without a break. Trust me, if you do this, you give yourself a break indeed.
    Be blessed

    1. I have read the book and watched the DVD. If this theory/law of attraction were true, it would be fair to say
      1. workers in the Twin Towers wished for the terrorist attack of 9/11
      2. the Japanese desired the tsunami and the disaster of Fukushima
      3. home buyers around the globe wanted the collapse of banks and financial crisis that left them homeless
      4. the Jews attracted Hitler's genocidal campaign against them
      5. the Jewish blockade on Palestine is the desire of the Palestinians
      6. JFK and Jesus meditated on their own assassinations

      Rhonda Byrne's expertise is PR, the fine art of misleading people into believing politicians are messiahs, murderers as heroes, perpetrators are victims and lies are truths. She should leave esoteric matters of the universe to those qualified to explain them.

    2. If this theory/law of attraction were true, it would be fair to say
      1. workers of the Twin Towers attracted the terrorist attack of 9/11
      2. the Japanese desired the tsunami and disaster of Fukushima
      3. home buyers around the globe wished the banks to collapse and financial crisis to happen so they would risk homelessness and debt
      4. the Jews wanted Hitler's genocidal campaign against them
      5. the Jewish blockade on Palestine is the desire of the Palestinians
      6. famine is the response of the universe to the poor's desire for food
      7. poverty comes to those who wish it upon themselves
      8. Abraham Lincoln, JFK, Martin Luther King and Jesus all meditated on their own assassinations

      Rhonda Byrne's expertise is PR, the fine art of manipulating people into believing politicians are messiahs, murderers as heroes, perpetrators are victims and lies are truths. Esoteric matters of the universe are best left to those qualified to explain them.

    3. but Jesus did meditate on his betrayal he kept talking about it so he gave out a negative vibe

    4. Well ... no. You seem to have missed the point. The movie doesn't say that life is without hazards. It doesn't say a tornado can't come ripping through your life. Rather it deals directly with one methodology to overcoming setbacks. Isn't there a fellow who was told he'd never recover, never walk?

      Besides, look at your own first example. How many people, through inspiration, attitude or otherwise, escaped the Twin Towers? At the height of any day, they were visited by more than 50,000 people - yet less than 3,000 perished. Who are the people, and what is the nature of those who've recovered from the bank's collapse? And weren't the Jews the most self-defined victims on the planet? They identified with persecution - and to some extent, still do. What is the attitude of those Palestinians who've moved on to better things? What has been the attitude, the outlook, of those who have escaped poverty and starvation?

      None of your examples actually disproves anything in the movie.

    5. There is no secret. It IS proven scientifically that being happy and having a good out look is good for you. It helps your immune system. This is just a movie for entertainment. It doesn't prove anything.

      The reason some people survived 9/11 was because they were near the bottom. You think the people at the top of the tower had a bad out-look or something and that's why they died. No the reason why they died is because there were multiple floors on fire between them and the ground.

      Here's a personal example. My Uncle on the night he died he proposed marriage to a woman he was in love with. He was at her house. She said yes. Now what do you think his out look was? He was probably ecstatic and had a great out look. On the way home that night he was hit by a drunk driver and died.

      What about kids born with cerebral palsy or conjoined twins? Was it that as sperm they were pessimists? They were on there way to the egg and were like "ah we'll probably never make it to the egg. And even if we do what's the point. We die anyway."

      There are infants that are killed in drive-by shootings. Too bad they hadn't seen this documentary. Then they would've had completely fulfilled lives and got themselves out of the ghetto. Little girls get raped by there fathers. All kinds of messed up stuff happens in the world and you can't get what you want always if you believe it. Goals are bad. Live your life for fun and happiness and enjoy what you can. But if you get paralysed or get your arm chopped off, it's okay to get pissed. It's okay to commit suicide if you have an extremely painful incurable illness. Those people are brave.

      If you watched this and thought "Oh that's the answer to my problems.." Well as usual you're probably going to be disappointed. Setting goals is a set up for failure and sadness. If you don't set goals and just do as much good as your body and mind allows you then you will hopefully have a good life but you never know what curve life might throw . Expectations make reality more difficult. Cus what you expect is rarely what you get. And what you don't expect can be so much better. Pleasant surprises. It's good to have a good outlook and it helps but it isn't the answer. Being depressed can be a good thing. Being sad helps you look at yourself introspectively and can help you change for the better. It's a natural human instinct to hear something like this and believe it but sadly it isn't true. This has never been a secret. Everyone knows that if you're an a** hole you probably won't be liked by many and if you're a nice friendly person other people will like you and want to be you're friend.

      I agree with Marc up until the Jesus thing. There is no mention of a Jesus Christ by any scholars or historians or writers of his supposed time and area. What was mentioned was christ, christas, and some other variations of the word. Which means the anointed. So they could've been talking about anyone. Priests, kings, gods, who knows? BOOM!

    6. What do these 8 things have to do with your reality, right now?

    7. "Assume responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life, because somehow in some way you have attracted it into your life"

      AAAAAAHHHHHH! That is an idiotic statement. NO!. Do not do that! You aren't responsible for everything that happens to you. If a child is molested by some creep they didn't cause that. It isn't their fault or their responsibility.

      If you're a guy walking down the street and some thugs kick your ass and mug you on the way to the grocery store it isn't your fault!

      The innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan didn't attract bombs and a war on them. Lots of oil and opium did.

      A better thing to say is don't dwell on it. If you were raped or molested or maimed don't allow it to control your life. If you had shitty parents that didn't raise you well or take care of you IT WASN'T YOUR FAULT. But it is your responsibility to not follow in their foot steps and continue the cycle I'm not saying every person who gets his ass kicked doesn't deserve it. Some do. Some people deserve to die prematurely. But not everyone. I'm not attracting fluoride into my water supply to lower my IQ and slowly poison me. That's someone else and I hold them responsible. I didn't set the world up the way it is. I was born in the middle of this chaos. All you can do is make the best of it. But taking responsibility for everything that happens to you is not helpful.

    The title "the secret",I dont like so much ,because in my life, secrets have often hurt much more than given.The gift of this film is" listen", in the biggest of letters possible.only you can listen.listening to others is helpful,but its not create you.listen to you.

    If the you is horrible ,and thats what you want,intentionally or not,"horrible is listening".horrible will does not judge........only we do!
    if the you is to be exceptional,and thats what you want,intentionally or not."exceptional is listening",exceptional will does not judge.....only we do.
    there is no secret nor even gift.we are this. .so what have you chosen to be?
    WHAT have you chosen to be?.you are free to choose,energy will not will simply help you be what your asking for. genies dont exist. only we do.

    choose well my friends,the world needs us! and only the you and the me can help her!...........

  92. I really believe in all they said. To get degree was my main target in my life since I left school. 15 years after school I finished access course to HE Business studies and I will go to University in London (I am from Ukraine), I could not even dream about it. However I wanted it. also, I've got silver scholarship (£200) from Uni for my great achievements + £2900 Grant from government and + £8000 loan for living expenses. WOW. People just need to believe without any debts that everything can become real.

    1. this is absolute boolshit i bet if an handicap that is born unable to walk can think his entire life that his is going to walk one day and gues what he still cant or a blind man can think his entire life he can see but guess what he cant see this is some f--king boollshit everything good what hapens is a god of hand so if somethink god does hapen its because wanted to and your praied for it

    2. Its got nothing to do with god. Did you pay any attention to this film at all? Its not claiming to be magic, its saying that what you give out comes back to you! and its true. Its like karma, be good to others and others will be good to you. Be bad to others and others will be bad to you. Further more, what gives you the right to pass judgement on what others believe? oh, and its 'hand of god' not 'god of hand' :)

    3. hahahahah this is so funny i gues if a blind man think that he could see he could se one day when hes is dead and in heaven lol i dont want to say that thinkin positive its not good of course its good but what they are claiming its ridicolous or i gues if a man without hand what think tha hole time that he would get his hand back his hand will magiclly appear as it was hahahah

    4. Hello, I was reading though comments and I started to go along with the "this is all crap" untill I read yours.

      When you mentioned being blind. And thought.. of all the blind people I see around Paris walking around and taking the metro with their stick..

      Those people, they prove many of you wrong.

  93. I tried to do what the video recommends, but no matter how hard I try I still can't stop and rewind time. It hasn't even cured my diabetes. Pfffft.

    1. Curing diabetes? Interestingly, I have an AMAZING protocol I just developed for my Mom using therapeutic-grade Essential Oils. She's insulin-dependent and have been for 19 years. Yet, from a measure of more than 500, her blood sugar dropped to 310 .... IN THREE DAYS! I was here looking for THE SECRET to give to someone via email. Then I saw your comment and now offering my help with your diabetes. Sounds like you are using the LAW OF ATTRACTION quite nicely! :-) Contact me: Holistic Joe (

    2. Dude I'm a type one diabetic, send me the oils for free and if they work I'llpay you triple.

    3. gerson therapy!

  94. we cant put anywere dese tins wat are meaned 2 be... like Karma law... sucks... but if we ave sometin wat prevent us get wat we need... den dere is... who want born 2 ghetto? Who want born wit out legs nd hands... but it still hapun nd it nt help hw hard dey belive dey are not in ghetto, dey ave limbs... dem situation stay... so dis video sucks! Its nt real.. we ave wat we ave or nt... nd notin nt change it!

  95. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR–You Might Get It! cause thoughts become things :)

  96. I feel like this should be called "Ideal Common Sense" or something like that. I've always just thought, if you want something...then get it, work hard and make things happen. The first 20 min was sort of interesting but then it kept repeating itself over and over.

    1. Duh.

  97. they had to miss some of the key parts out. its not called the secret for no reason. the universe has a consciousness. it wants you to be happy and will conspire with you to make that happen. but only if you ask it to in a way it understands.

  98. It has worked for me.

  99. If it works for u great if it doesnt great personally its changed my life but i dont wana force it on anyone

  100. That might be so. I don't have a problem with it.
    So they had a great idea, which helps.
    We wouldn't be so vicious if it was OUR great idea.
    Would we?;)

  101. yes, but how does a magnet work???

    u jelly? >:}

    the REAL secret is to make a video that millions of people watch and buy and they become the millionaire...

    1. I rented it but since we can watch it for free....why not? It really has worked for me. You just have to think big...and not be greedy at the same time.

    2. atheists have a phrase : pray to the milk jug.

      this means that things will happen regardless of who you ask and what you do. if you pray to a milk jug, and nothing happens, it was not meant to happen. if you pray and something does happen then you were worthy and the milk jug granted your prayer. Should something negative happen then you have angered the milk jug in even asking.

      the catch is that the milk jug did nothing to cause or prevent what you wanted to happen. same with 'the law of attraction'. being a positive person always helps in life, BUT to think that there is a magical law out there where the universe is just a genie out to give you a car and a big house is, well... silly.

    3. @Sieben Stern. It really has worked for me and other people I know or am related to. Just like "you are what you eat"....."you get what you think", So if you choose to think negatively then enjoy what you get. I know I am enjoying my house and my chalet and my car(no's paid off cash) and my traveling etc etc etc. I am a very lucky person I guess. I continue to listen almost daily to the audios for that "The Secret" documentary/self help video or whatever you want to classify it as. A company I deal with frequently puts out an audio that stimulates certain brain waves made an audio for a meditation for it.

  102. @ Klaas,
    It is everything BUT nonsense. Taking the advice to think positive and believe in yourself can only help in life.
    And I'm sure you already know that having passion and dedication in anything you do enables you to achieve amazing things if only you have that will power.
    This documentary is truly inspiring and whenever I feel discouraged, I go back to it.
    And IT WORKS:)

  103. What utter nonsense.I wish it worked so I could have that 1.5hrs of my life back.

    1. I actually tried this method and I have gained a lot materially and emotionally. I suddenly started getting money unexpectedly, I got a new car, a spouse (the love of my life) and eventually wound up with a large sum of money I'd have likely not had if I had not believed in this method and myself. I continue to use it. The thing is you have to remember daily....many times a day to just believe whole heartedly.

  104. Awe inspiring! What am I waiting for? Nothing. I am, I can and I will overcome my former programming to begin anew. Refreshed and revitalized!

  105. thts good, actually i love it ,,,,,,,,,thank you very much for this,,,,,,,

  106. I'm sooooo confused!!!

  107. Read the book The Secret Language of Feelings. Things will become much clearer ... :-)

  108. your belief is stonger than your will ....I saw this movie 3 or 4 times...and I feel sorry for the ones who doesn t believe in this power. I m not a religious person and I dont even care to be, but I believe in myself ...I applied the "secret" even without beeing aware of it ...and I realised that all the bad things that happend in my life, turned out into positive ones...we just need to know what we really want...( and this doesn t mean to be disperate)..and we will have it when we will be ready to get takes time to understand your life..and to understand yourself (some needs forever :D )..all my positive thoughts to you guys ..bye

  109. ya are pretty damn stupid its a proven fact, its a law of nature weither you believe it or not its happening right now and always will...and its all happening in front of your face just open your eyes up a little more and then maybe ya wont be so ignorant

  110. The secret of "The Secret" is....there is no secret!

  111. hi... i have read the book and watched the is good..but it doesnot work every time and sometimes it feels that this secret will snatch the person from his relegion

    1. we cant put anywere dese tins wat are meaned 2 be... like Karma law... sucks... but if we ave sometin wat prevent us get wat we need... den dere is... who want born 2 ghetto? Who want born wit out legs nd hands... but it still hapun nd it nt help hw hard dey belive dey are not in ghetto, dey ave limbs... dem situation stay... so dis video sucks! Its nt real.. we ave wat we ave or nt... nd notin nt change it!

  112. Thank you. This much...I'm so grateful to have seen this and taken in all that was said. It makes perfect sense. I'll be watching this everyday for inspiration. So really, thank you.

  113. @BrazilianGirl32

    That was well said!

  114. I wonder if all of you will still feel the same on Judgement Day. If you're right, then phew! But if you're wrong and Alex is right about what he quoted, I'd be scared if I were you. The begining of wisdom is the fear of the Lord. If that's true then I would say you're being foolish. BTW the Bible is not false. It is backed up as a historical document so much so that China wanted their children in public schools to study it as part of a history class a few years back. Too bad probably most of you have not taken the time to even really study it. Even the Muslim world acknowledges that Jesus existed and that he was a Great Prophet. They just can't accept that He is God for it would mean getting executed. The people in the Bible actually existed. They just uncovered the prophet Zechariah's Tomb yesterday in Israel. I suggest that you do some more homework on the matter. God has given us all, free will. I hope you are happy with YOUR choice on Judgement Day. I am. I have chosen to make Jesus my Savior not myself. Because we were all born with Original Sin and that's what separates us from God Himself. So He sent Jesus to fix that mistake. You know the saying, "He that have no sin may cast the first stone" no one can say they haven't done ANYTHING wrong in their lifetime ever. I'm a sinner and I admitt that. No holier than you attitude here...And before you answer in haste, think about it, What if you are wrong?

    1. but surley god forgives all our sins!!! or not?

    2. What if we are wrong? well we can always fall back on the "Pascals Wager" your god wouldn't know the difference anyway, doesn't see bugger-all. Or even see through the numerous phony religee's.

  115. Maybe you will receive, maybe you won't. The universe does provide, it's always providing you with choices to make but its down to your intention and determination. We all have the choice to either do good or bad and we're faced with it every day. Moderation is vital in life and excess in anything unhealthy.
    The underlying message in this film/book is positive and if used for good and in moderation can help give you a positive outlook but obviously the people who put this together had to come up with a viable business plan to sell the idea for whatever intention.
    Religion comes in stages in accordance with what mankind can cope with at a given time, much like academic education. It is progressive and is there to help us to steer humanity in the right direction. Each religion has a certain shelf life and once exceeded its message becomes distorted, manipulated and used by people for their own self interest, in order to control and intimidate for personal gain. Its a pattern which repeats itself.
    Once it reaches that stage, religion is renewed and a new message is sent which confirms its predecessor, adds new laws, changes and eliminates others in order to suit the conditions people are living in at the time.
    Our thinking is limitless and we can imagine and wish for anything. Whether we get it is determined by many variables and circumstances. The most important thing is to have a good intention in your actions, try to be grateful for whatever outcome and always strive for improvement within your own capabilities. Wanting good things in abundance (not excessive) is healthy as long as it's not at the expense of hurting others. If you don't get what you asked for and pictured in your mind you can see it as a test, sign or whatever you believe it is, as long as you try to learn from it to become stronger and wiser from your experience and look for another choice.
    God bless all.

  116. Im not sure about everyone else but this film has changed my life:D ive never felt soo great and i can see and feel that the things I want are comming to me VERY easily:)

  117. hello guys...
    i would like to add only one thing here that whatever we know about the laws of universe is still very matter the law of attraction is a great secret but there are other laws like these waiting to be unfold.

  118. This is all very good and positive, however one should not miss the point and sell his house for a pipe dream... The fact is this sort of stuff can really drag you out of reality and give you a false sence of security. Used in conjunction with good life style choices and good decision making, i dont see the any thing wrong with a little positive reinforcement. Just dont loose sight of the bigger picture!

  119. I just wished for a moneys, cant wait!

  120. we know jesus said ask and you shall recieve,
    i also think that people who put water in a bottle and sell it are exploiting the earth and basic knowlege..kinda what these people are doing.also starving people in africa i guess didnt wish hard enough for food and on top of it they asked for it!! and a child getting raped..yup the child asked for it! com on! this is a fool proof expolited money scam they are selling you something that you cant return and say oh it didnt work...u have to pay to see the movie the classes the work shops the books etc! if it doesnt work for u u did not do it right..whatever there is a reason things r the way they are in life..if anything we are being brain washed by music and media tv etc...and there are powerful influences around us that are makin life the way it is..make a movie about that

  121. Jesus even says, "Even before ye ask, it is given unto thee"

  122. i don't think that you can use your personal negative thoughts to hurt others. but by the very nature of emitting your negative energy on to others they can become affected by allowing your thought into their own energy. so ultimatly the individual still has the power. it is also about taking action.

    when you are in a crisis positive thinking allows free and clear thought therefore allowing you room to brainstorm a positive solution.

    it works, it helps and yes people made money off this but so what people make money off everything that's how we live and eat.

    anyway you look at it its good.

  123. You are all stupid. I've tried the law on their skin. I wondered how it was possible to get some stuff happening, unfortunately, bad, and then the same happened to me.

    Perception, visualization, energy, quantum physics, string theory, belief, this is all one great truth.

    Now I visualize, perceive and vibrate so that I can realize all the dreams and when I become rich, successful and immortal, and when I save the world I'll prove to you that The Secret really works.

  124. I remember when i learned the secret. I was believing that there were no cars in the road. I covered my eyes and ran across the street. It worked! I didn't get hit 2 out of 3 times! Now I make over $10,000 a year!

  125. The secret to the success of The Secret is selling all this information as a secret, the truth is that the information that the book sells as a breaktrough is in many books.

    But, it is put together in a very practical way. I suppose as long as it is helping people it is a good thing.

  126. This has changed the way I think about life.
    I have been really depressed and without hope.
    I have realised that I am sending the wrong type of signals out into the universe.
    I am amazed at how positive I feel, and now that I have visualised what I want, I am so excited about my future!

  127. All those assumptions are intresting, but whatever each of us thinks, that's part of our little worlds, part of our own truth.

    One of the raisons that I think sharing eachothers oppinions to the point to make others swallow yours,is ridiculous to say the least.

    After all everyone creates his/her world the way he/she wants it to be.

    For example I don't believe there is this god,'controlling' every move we do.But...I do sincerly believe that there is some sort of power (wether it is a god or not or whatever, quite frankly I couldn't care less) that 'loans' us some powers to find our own truth (and since everyone is different,each persons truth is slightly or hugely different form eachother aswell).

    Also it's intresting one of you compared the secret with satan.
    Why,because you can use the secret in both ways,right?If you keep emitting the frequentie ''Ill succeed in hurting that one person'' instead of "I will succeed to heal this one person" => your wish is granted,so whatever form you use the secret (which no offense, if you think allot by yourself,wouldn't have been a secret at all!), good or bad.

    Besides that, who says...and yes,this will hurt the firm believers in god(don't worry it's only a "what if"-scenario, to make all of us think deeper), what if god wasn't the "good guy" but the "bad guy" and vice versa with satan?What if all that we do,is bad (we simply don't realise it...and even if we were bad people because we think god is good when in fact he's tha bad then I certainly know one thing for sure...I'm a very good bad guy)...and well that the bad guys arr then in fact the good you follow my thinking?...don't feel insulted it's just a topic to see what you all think.

    Anyway...let's agree on this, all of us believes in a truth we created in our lives and firmly believe it.
    Sharing eachothers oppinion,really shouldn't be worth discussing about who's wrong or right, because depending on what each of us considers wrong or right, it's the truth!

    Besides that,I notice allot of people insead of sharing ideas,breaking others ideas with their oppinions.
    Its not that sharing oppinions is entirely uselles or anything, it's just that sharing oppinions should teach others who you are and not you making them swallow what you want them to consider the truth!

    ... and now I'm going to stop writting otherwise I'll be publishing an entire book on the net ><:

  128. Alot of this makes sense I think. It depends on your TRUE INTENT to translate it into a desire. I have done it many times before a football match and it worked believe it or not. I have read about this stuff in 1995 in the book "The Master Key" so none of it is new to me. However I'm a bit dubious over some of the commentators such as Ether Hicks who talks to audiences (mostly women) pretending to be a medium through which "enlightened beings" from...yip u've guessed it..outerspace and other "higher" dimensions are communicating and answering questions from the audience about their problems. She's basically an agony aunt but a fraud. I noticed in an interview with her she talked differently from the way she is talking here. The way she comes across in this DVD is very similar in accent and dialect to the persona she claims overtakes her or possess her on stage yet it is still her. Maybe she let them take her over before she started talking which if this argument was posed to her she would comply with. She does a nice wee PR stunt by taking of her shoes and standing in her stocking soles as she "performs". She wants to relax the audience, make them think they are all in a wee living room with. I think she's a clever PR woman, thats all. DON'T BE FOOLED. There are valid commentators in this video to be sure but also a few non-so-valid. Anybody notice that I'm using alot of inverted commas? Don't worry I'm not smug!

  129. The message and purpose of "The Secret" and "The Law of Attraction" is very personal. It says that things originates from within. Think about the difference between having positive outlook than having negative ones.

    It is that simple, let us not complicate it.

  130. Forgot to mention that the Egyptians, the ancient Greeks, the Romans, Buddha ( Tao Buddhism ), ancient Hebrews among others had known of the power of the secret. Mostly likely the Aztecs & the Mayans too.

  131. @George:

    "Quantum Physics has proven just the presence of a person can alter the results of a test"

    Not very accurate, perhaps you should inform yourself better.

  132. Curious enough " The Secret " has been called many things thru out the years. There are many references to it thru out history but it has always been suppressed by the people in the know. Why?¿?¿¿? It is easier to manipulate a ignorant person than a well informed one.

    Check out Louise L. Hay, Napoleons Hill - Think & Grow Rich, How To Win Friends And Influence People - Dale Carnegie, The Emerald Tablet and other ancient scriptures. Quantum Physics has proven just the presence of a person can alter the results of a test, mostly due to the persons thought patterns at that moment.

    The problem is that we as a society have been spoon feed lies & mistruths about many things. It is time to wake up, turn off the boob tube, get off our bums and get informed.

  133. @D-K

    You know? Your brains are lookin' mighty big and juicy...

    I must have your BRAINS!!!!

    (In fact, D-K, I think you were the very first on this site, that I threatened with brain-eating! Do you remember?)

    Of course you do, with that big... bulging brain... *SLURP*

  134. @Vlatko:

    Randy's disturbing comment aside, I'd say it'd be a nice fit in the "Conspiracy" category. Fits "Psychology" better but if you're gonna go with a plan b, I'd definitely go with "Conspiracy".

  135. @Vlatko

    Come closer... with your big brains... *Randy slavers like a dog and his wolf-like tongue collects drool*


  136. If the secret helps some people, more power to them. I personally think it's bull.

    1. Yeah this is absurd. These people are fools. They are proposing that anyone that's ever wanted something or aspired for something has gotten it? You have got to be kidding me...

  137. Well, Vlatko,as I love your brains and want to eat them, I must say that I believe that all human beings, that ever were, and ever are, and ever will be are horrific creatures.

    Mark O Reilly showed some real intelligence in his post, so I do not want to eat him... immediately....

    I will give him a running start... most "Secret" observers I would pass by... letting their poor brains starve upon themselves... and Mark, however... *Randy wipes drool from his lips and grins evilly at you both*

    1. Hahaha @Randy. I was just asking. I agree with @Mark O Reilly, since I don't believe in any "secrets" whatsoever.

  138. The fact that this is in the 'psychology' section is a disgrace. The only psychology that applies to this nonsense is a study of delusion and lack of critical thinking. The 'secret' is nonsensical and far removed from reality.

    1. OK @Mark O Reilly. Don't get upset. Where should we put this doc?

  139. y cant i watch this documentary frm my laptop?? it just shows a blank screen...

    1. You just have to think about how you're going to watch it and it just happens :)

  140. An open mind is needed to understand this movie. Going to the secret website and read the recommended books there will help. "The Power of the Subconscious Mind" by Dr. Murray is a good one.

  141. @Manda: You say a very nice thing. You should make a documentary instead of these jokes.

    However I think there is no twisting going on. I stopped watching it now. It reminds me too much of a 12 step program for weak people who are too afraid to go outside of their house and face the individual experience of reality (what long bs statement I just made, holy c@#$). Generations following false ideals in their lives. This is USA. This is the result of culture. Money. Relationships. Body. Why wish at all for these things? Why wish for all this material?

    The other documentary on TDF "Philosophy - Guide to Happiness" is 1000x better. Much more comprehensive. Makes you think more.

    Life is not easy. Deal with it and be happy you are not being told you are starving because you don't desire food enough!!!!

  142. some of you are twisting the meaning behind all of this. the point is to treat others as you would want to be treated, to be peaceful and positive inside, to project it, and just watch and see how it affects everyone and everything around you, to be grateful for what you have even if it is next to nothing. It is not about whether the universe cares about you it is that if you project positivity all that you reasonably can, negativity will cease, at least to a bearable degree. It is a glorified version of "pay it forward". It is not telling you to not see bad things, the point is to accept,understand, and think of the most positive way to move forward.

  143. mmmmm I honestly expected a little box to pop up at anytime saying something like;

    " Enter your Credit Card details here for the full Secret"

    ha ha! - I am trying to keep an open mind, but I cannot help thinking that its (in my humble opinion) a Westernised version of Nicheren Shoshu Buddhism??

  144. @Randy
    it has taken me some time to learn this law, but it really works.
    if you dont like guys' style try anthony robins, by the way "work" is action "hard work" is relative to how you enjoy something or how focused you are in somthing

  145. 'Whether you think you can or you think you can't, either way you're right. It's the thinking that makes it so." Every one of of you are right... In your own mind. You create that reality for yourselves. No sense in arguing. The skeptic only sees more reasons to be skeptical. The "realist" only sees proof of his "realistic" world. The pessimist will only see the glass half empty. That's their truth. Whatever your way of thinking is you will create that reality for yourselves. It's much more powerful than just "wishful" thinking. The Secret is working in your life whether you believe it or not. It's the ones who realize this that learn to make it work to their advantage. Change your thinking, change your world. Think the way you've always thought, get the things you've always got.

  146. This is for you Alex; wow! you are still in the dark ages!

    1. The bible has been proven to be false! It was created to control the masses, it worked then but not so much anymore. Really, I have drilled to the depths of the earth, I have flown over the clouds and...i havent drilled into hell, havent flown over or seen the fat little ones with wings from thier behinds sitting on the clouds.

    2. Hell is, evil is a creation of the many authors of the many bibles (versions), nothing more. If your fiction novel (the bible) is correct and they are all correct, we all die and go to hell! WHy because each different version tells us so... if you do not do as this book says you will go to hell! Well that means we all go because you cannot believe in all and each says the same thing?

    3. Please just open your mind to reality and get out of the dark ages, it really will make you a better person and maybe then you could realize how much your life has been limited by this fiction novel.

  147. 'the secret' is the most idiotic yet ingenious way to steal peoples money haha!

    Its the same product as GOD (invisible).

    of course if you only emphasize on positivity and tend to leave negativity out then therefor you will only SEE good things happening to you. your putting your brain to only recognize the good things and therefor you will give credit to 'the secret' XD. much like faith. But tell that to starving kids in Africa.

    "Oh little Mumba, your not getting it. your not wanting it hard enough"

    We are responsible for our actions and if this glottalization system tends to push you out then its our own fault for permitting this, and not taking any action. (i know it don't talk about glottalization but that is where most of our problems come from so dont even start with that none sense. and lets go forward)

    its these illusions that keep us going in circles without doing any actual MOVEMENT against our own faults (peoples faults).

  148. Why is it that people can't understand that some individuals need things to be put into perspective to have a change in their life to occur for the better bc things might not be good?just bc you may not believe in it doesn't mean that others can't benefit from it. Words are just signposts that lead you to where you need to go; it may be that your way of feeling positivity may come from other experiences that certain individuals won't understand bc it doesn't ring true to them, yet you can have a change in consciousness and it is as valid as his or her experience.

    Positivity is good to balance the negativity that engulfs us. Humanity always needs hope or we would all be insane.

  149. @sabir who wrote:

    “If you really truely wish for something the whole universe with conspire to give it to you..”

    No it doesn't, you silly person!

    Listen, I have wished and prayed for many decades that all st*pid people in the world might be chopped up and used as food, but the Universe never "conspired" to bring that about.

    And that is a good thing!

    Listen, there are child molestors in the world that use The Secret to bring little kids to them, as well...

    Where is the morality in your little Secret ideology? Why do you think YOU deserve everything you want, and most other people in the world starve and suffer?

    Get over yourself.

  150. Might as well come on for the comments.

    Contrary to some never really went for this stuff, sort of did when was younger, but grew out of it I suppose, did watch some of the doc. But was hard to watch all, a person has to have some semblance of beliefs to what this doc. was saying to fully believe. To convoluted for me though.
    The only thing that might be good about this doc. is the positive thinking aspect. The rest ain't my bag.

  151. Here is my other problem with this silliness, it is nothing new.

    In the 70's there was a movement among the christian whackos, (and very much before and even today, but I will point out this particular era...), which I called "Magical Fundamentalism"

    The preachers on TV and in the tent revivals, etc. all said the exact same things as this "Secret" BS, they just used the words, "jesus/heaven/god..." the Secret people just replace those words with "Universe"...

    "The Universe/jesus is boundless and can meet all of your needs if you just believe and have faith and ask for it... blah blah blah... cr@p..."

    There is a dark side to this, and it effects Secret worshippers as well as jesus worshippers. They tend to blame themselves when bad things happen to them because they just didn't pray or believe hard enough, etc...

    That is a setup full of guilt and spirals down into oblivion...

    BAD BAD stuff, man! Run away!

  152. MEGA VIDEO!!!!
    (this is what i yell every time they cut me off at 72 minutes)

    Awesome video though!!

  153. when you ask:you think about what you want to have,you vizualize the thing that you whant or you just say in words:i want that...and then you vizualize the thing that you whant?

    you ask in word what you whant or you just imagine what you whant and that is step 1?

  154. It's about positive thinking dude, I tell myself these things everyday, when you stay positive and make the right choices, good things happen and it comes back to you. It's similar to Karma, I'm not saying that this is some miracle, I just needed someone else to tell me this, I need to stop thinking negativley. I agree you need to be productive and be a positive influence, but that is hard when you look down on your own life and you hate everything you do. I have no goals and I have no outlook on my life, this helped me outline those and see what I need to become to make myself happy, all this documentary did was help me realize what I already know.

  155. Listen Shayne, the only thing the Secret does is to disguise "discipline" as some higher power and they slap a guarantee on it which they then shroud in notions of mysticism.

    Furthermore, if you consider the documentary itself to be life-changing, you have not understood the point of it. Go out and be productive, be a positive influence, you don't need a comforting delusion to do this, you need discipline.

  156. I don't know how to put any of this into words I can express, All I can say is that this really put things into perspective for me, and showed me what I need to do to change. I'm sick of being depressed and feeling sh**** about anything and everything I do. Truly inspirational, and life-changing, recommend to anyone.

  157. This is all very nice... But seriously, do you think blocking out all the problems of the world will make them go away? I think this preaches a pretty selfish and flimsy ideology. They say that Newton and Einstein all 'knew the secret', but if you decide to ignore the fact that bad things happen in our world and to deal with them will only draw more to you, and you only strive to get a new car, you won't be great, you'll be a douchebag and you'll be causing more problems for others.

  158. How does one go about testing karma, or the effects of karma then?

  159. " delusion of intent "

    delusions cant be tested or observed. =) Karma can.

  160. People don't actually believe this garbage to they?

  161. The secret is how they managed to pull off so much bs with straight faces. Well, maybe they didn't, I can't really tell, as I stopped watching half-way through. I found their built-in religion-like blame-the-victim self-defence and half-cloaked appeals to greed and prejudice mildly amusing.

  162. karma = delusion of intent behind occurences projected by motivation for a certain perception.

  163. The secret = karma.

  164. 1st off i dont agree with religion for two reason's it makes you be in fear of being judged when you die when we see the consiquences of what we do and feel everyday. Second it makes you pray to someone like if they are an outside source. First off we are all god thats why we are the creaters thats doesnt mean to go creating for your self the message here is to stop seeking happines outside and to feel it inside first.You preach about Jesus christ when his name was emanuel first of get your info straight your condition do be a repeater you repeat what you where probably bread into believing .Religion is obviously manipulated by the illuminati just like the media education and so on. Learn to meditate, read the bible, read the secret, watch what the bleep do we know. Dont follow any religion follow your inner self regardless as 2012 and on approaches the human race will feel this is possible more than ever as we finnaly end this cycle and reach the state of oneness again or "God".I dont say this info to try to get back at you but you should be open to what everyone says its part of being at a balanced state.

  165. Sometimes, I envy the people that buy into this..

    Not for very long though... but still..

  166. gravity?!!! hahaha

  167. @Randy

    I know I havent been on this spot long , but you would think, w/ as much science going around people wouln't try to be so angry and content with nothing?

  168. @Randy
    Me too , I was being fececious.

    Scre$ that lets eat hagis and brauts! No potatoes and cabbage , just meat and artificial bacon bits.
    And some ranch.
    (My brother is an atheist , by the way, Randy.)

    Seriously though, I say to these guys , be human. Plain and simple. You are not energy. We are all links on the chain of evolution. Humans have no spirit or soul and if you do debate , please , facts only.

    If ken to Randy , please listen to him.He knows what he is saying.
    (And has long hair like you. )
    Of corse its much more bouncy because he eats other animals , lower on the food chain.

    No disrespect brother.On this topic you are , and me , the guy that agreed and ate his hagis .

  169. HA! No but I look like one! My hair is half-way down my back, (I usualy braid it for business...). My hair has always been long but I really can't stand hippies...

    Makes me want to eat a steak, I hate them so much! LOL!

  170. @Randy
    You werent a hippie were you?

    I should get you to lecture at my little bros AOS psychiatry class. How much?

    j/k vlatko

  171. OK, I watched this movement grow from Wayne Dwyer's work in the 70's to Deepak's "work" more recently.

    I have family members involved and I worry for them... but I will just say this...

    This is all non-sense and quackery.

    The Universe does not love you or care about you and you deserve nothing out of life. You can not get whatever you want, that's only what little children think. You get what you work really, really hard for.

    We are supposed to be grown up, mature, responsible adults, right? Life is hard, has always been hard, will always be hard and- RANDOM, (most importantly).

    Grow up. Work hard and be satisfied with whatever you can carve out of a hard world.

  172. Just a quick thought, What if you were attracted to a super model? I'm sure she won't be attracted to you lulz, just kidding but seriously.

  173. this documentary has literally just changed my life, i believe this cause always viewed my seelf negatively and then thats why i got, people being negative towards me, now im reversing it and its working, as for relation to god, god is the universe and the universe is god.

  174. I don't know, I think that we still can't understand most of the things around us and ourselves, including our bodies and whatever it is that makes us think, speak and learn. I am prone to believe that we are not disconnected from the Universe that is made of exactly the same elements as we are, or the other way around, and that the same laws govern all of it.

    I am of the opinion that we are usually limited in terms of what we perceive as the 'possible' and the 'impossible', that we have learned and experienced in the frame of growing up in the physical world we live in. But than, we hear or read of a "miraculous" cancer self-healing, e.g. The religious ones immediately take it as god's intervention, whereas the 'reasonable' ones can't explain it reasonably. I wish someone could explain it to me.

  175. To Mr.Balls

    Your skepticism sooths my enraged soul after having watched this (partly) drivvle. I was actually counting the seconds for someone to drop the "karma" bomb... I was surprised it wasn't mentioned in the 15 minute window I was inexplicably able to force on myself.

    someone should export this baby to the 3rd world.. bunch of sad saps over there could use some monetary gain, and i'm sure some Ethiopian is dying to know how he could get by on a diet of wishful thinking..

    Imagine the balls on the person who's to tell starving people that they probably just don't want food bad enough.. That's a kodak moment right there..

  176. @ pigdoor - Alex is not with us here for a long time now, & he won't be back

  177. alex, very sad that you would believe such foolishness.

  178. Alright, who smoked way too much meth while writing the secret?
    Positive thinking is good but overdoing it will lead you to take some selfish actions or actions that hurt people around you. You don't need to ALWAYS have positive thinking, try to have a realistic way of thinking instead.
    For example, someone has a test. You can't walk up to the person and say "You'll do it, i know it" You'll just put on more pressure on that person. When the person fails you'll say "oh no problem next time" Why not get it right from the start?

    To the religious people, seriously you can turn anything into "satan did it". Hitler took over, he got help from Satan! He obviously couldn't have been a good speaker right?
    Why did hitler lose the war? Easy! God helped! Satan was defeated once again.
    That's just stupid. No wonder science doesn't like the idea of god. You can easily answer everything with god. What's 1+1? God, that is always the right answer. How many wood would woodchuck chuck if woodchuck could chuck wood? God!
    Why are we here? Because of God. When we will die, what will happen? God knows.
    People that say "oh what was before the first atom? Even before time? You don't know that do you science? We know, it's god" Well nice going kids. How about we research it before we label it gods work? The further back science goes the more retarded religion becomes. "What? Earth is millions of years old? How dare you! Our religion says it's thousands of years old. You don't have any proof, kill him/her!"
    When science proved earth is quite old. The argument turned even more retarded "Well alright! Who MADE the earth then? Do you know? Well we know, God! What? you know how the earth was made? You even know how we came to be? Evolution? You can't prove it! bla bla bla bla, i can't hear you, i'll pick small details and destroy your theory that has missing links. You'll never find them! My god is right!"
    Get over it.

    Also, law of attraction and positive thinking. Tell that to the starving people all around the world. They don't wish too hard about food do they? Nahhhh, they aren't visualizing it enough. Maybe we should tell them about positive thinking? Oh hey starving kid!

  179. Slickly produced with quick edits and sound byte quotes, this is essentially a bunch of same old same old "power of positive thinking" with some new window dressing. Its a bit like a new age Christian ethos for the consumer culture.
    The idea? Think about what you want hard enough, and it will eventually manifest itself for you. Whatever you are getting in life is due to what you are thinking about. Here's the best part- if you are thinking about something, but don't get it, that means you are not "in alignment" with what you want. So, you get what you deserve whether you know you want it. And if you are getting bad things, its because you are constantly thinking about them. Poor? Your fault. Rich? You must be thinking about success all the time. Are you a homosexual and getting gay bashed at work and on the street? You must have too many negative thoughts!
    The video features an array of "experts" with titles like "Metaphysician", "Writer", "Philosopher", "Author", "Feng Shui Consultant". My favorite is the Reverend with the certification of "D.D." after his name. WTF? Oh yeah, and his title is "Visionary". Comical stuff.
    Of course, all of the evidence is provided in after the fact anecdotes and boiler plate Tony Robbins motivational strategies. No way to verify if the experts' anecdotal stories are true.
    I expect to very soon step into a large pile of bull excrement, since I can't think of anything else while watching this vid...

  180. with respect to all of your opninions i find this film useful in some cases, yet the secret isnt actually a secret!! its wut god taught us! to thank him for everythin, to be optimistic, and etc... and i agree that there is no blackboard but god still knows everything thats goin to happen coz we got choices and for every choice there is a chain reaction of yet other choices.
    and allan i think u misunderstood the law of attraction, it works within the limits of ur capabilities u do send waves which get recieved by others and wud feel it and react upon it whatever they do is a reaction to that wave u transmited through jzt feeling an emotion or a certain mood that wud absolutely be visible by ur facial expressions or tone, keep it simple.

  181. I like the positive thinking part, but the part about chasing after material crap is retarted.

    I wish I was a basketball player. Just by wishing for something it's never going happen.

  182. whatever these cats are smoking, i would like to get some.

  183. The power of positive thinking is great, but the law of attraction is absolute bull, sorry to spoil it for yas. Think about it, that flower analogy, you wish and wish and wish and wish for something, and then you give up on it, OH, It was just about to happen you shouldn't have stoped wishing. Don't you smell the bull? What if I wish, and visulize and dream of harm to another person, or for someone to fall in love with me? What happens then? If the law of attraction were true, I would be able to stop, fast forward, and rewind time. I think about it everynight, I visulize it, I feel it, but we all know that will never happen. Great money scam it is, that's all, that's it. The people that produced this peice of garbage are the worst kind of people in the world. And by the way, their is absolutly NO evidence to show that any of the famous historical figure's from this doc knew anything of this "secret". You can say that theirs no evidence to prove they didn't know, but you can also say their's no evidence to show their isn't 25 ducks that frolick in my bathroom and disappear everytime I go in there.

  184. Jesus him self is a fulse idole. telling people. that god cant let you in to heaven only jesus. sorry god can do what he wants when he wants no being can say diff.

  185. To Tyson,though am not religious,the bible or other holy books are right but they are not to be taken literaly,one has to analyze and reason in order to understand its meaning.But that does not imply this books are the only source of wisdom.Actually every person has an inbuilt blue print of assessing wisdom.
    The people who lived like 200-6000 years ago have not any differences interm of mental,emotion or physical development with the mordern man.Where we differ with them is intellectual development,which much of what we know now we did not create it from the scratch but we've partly build up from their knowledge.
    Lastly i have learned the problem with the bible is,readers allowing a group of people called the priest to pretend that they have gone to a special school where they learned how to understand the bible,so you rely on them to tell you the "truth",they do but its their version to serve their interests.

  186. The universe provides for all our basic needs and is watching out for us. All other desires often are there only to boost our ego. You may ask, "but what's with all the misery in the world, all the dying children aso, why isn't the universe providing for them"? It did and does, but our egos are exploiting others for personal gain. If I want something, somebody has to give voluntarily or unvoluntarily, and it is not the universe but our fellow human who has to pay the price for our fullfillment.

  187. Alex,
    It sounds like you were taught to believe myths written by people 200 years after the one you call Jesus lived. Have you ever researched that book in which you put so much stock? If the bible was all the truth we needed to know there would be no desire to look elsewhere. When supposed facts don't add up you look for the cause instead of passing off the responsibility as having faith. I'm sure your heart is in the right place but you appear to have been terribly misguided.

  188. reply for Alex:
    Jesus himself says "ask and it will be given tou you,seek you will find knock and it will opened for you"
    the secret is all what jesus teaches us

  189. Hello everybody!
    Another perspective:
    1) “The Secret” is that…. Satan exists! His lie to the first people was that if they eat from the fruit they will become like God. This film is again telling us to eat from a fruit (The Secret) that has a message that is kept form us (“the law of attraction”) that will make us “god” / “creator of our life” and the universe our servant. In doing this, Satan’s purpose is that you shut The Real God out of your life to wind up in eternal condemnation. He’s just stalling people till they die and realize the real “secret”, on he made up, and God warns against in His Message (the Gospel of Jesus Christ).
    2) The part about the genie and the famous “Your wish is my command!”, reminded me of Satan’s words when Christ was tempted:
    Mat 4:8-10 Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; 9 And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me. 10 Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.

    3) The teaching of “The Secret” is a counterfeit Biblical faith, that is a faith that is not met by The Creator and with a content that neglects Him and His will for our repentance.

    4) It is another form of idolatry.

    5) God controls everything. He knows if we should have something, when we should have something and when not to have it. We don’t know these things, that’s why we are not given complete control as “The lie/secret” suggests.
    6) Very deceptive film for gullible or ignorant “light-headed” people.
    7) The “reverend” in the film, is not a Christian servant of God, even if he says he is. He is one more of the false teachers prophesied will show up.
    Laugh all you want, but be aware.
    God bless!!
    PS. (in parenthesis my comments)
    1Tim. 4:1-3 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that **in the latter times** some
    shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils
    (gurus, some televangelists, scientologists, etc.); 2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having
    their conscience seared with a hot iron; 3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to
    abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them
    which believe and know the truth.

    2Tim. 4:3-4 For **the time will come** when they will not endure sound doctrine;
    but after their own [desires] shall they [accumulate] to themselves teachers, having
    [ticklish] ears; (this means “ears” that run to hear what brings joy to them.)
    4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto
    (This last part about “myths”, is a prophecy fulfilled today all over the world!
    People are returning to ancient myths “to find the truth”; Greek, Mayan, Indian,
    Chinese, Bulgarian, etc.)

  190. I wonder that if the most important people through all part of human civilization know the secret, why was there wars, genocides each part of human history? Did these people, deliberatelly, want to create wars, genocide so on?

  191. right now the law of attraction is being consumed by a mega black least thats what is on my mind and since they say it always works...

  192. why is it blocked in my region??

  193. This is a different version of the movie from the American DVD version that I bought.
    Esther Hicks was NOT in the original version,
    And the black woman Lisa has a much more tame hair style than she had in the original.
    Also, there are new segments not seen in the original version.

    I like this version better.

  194. I read a book alchemist and there was a quote in it which is i guess what describes the secret. I have experienced it numerous times and it has worked.

    "If you really truely wish for something the whole universe with conspire to give it to you.."

  195. Of course denial is also a thought. One of limitation. Argue for limitations, and they are yours.

    The genie: "Your wish is my command" empirically.