The Story of God

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The Story of GodProfessor Robert Winston presents a definitive three-part documentary series on the history of mankind's quest to understand the nature of God.

The Story of God is an epic journey across continents, cultures and eras exploring religious beliefs from their earliest incarnations, through the development of today's major world faiths and the status of religious faith in a scientific age.

The series examines the roots of religious beliefs in prehistoric societies and the different ways in which humanity's sense of the divine developed. It looks at the divergence between religions that worship a range of deities and those that represent strict monotheism.

The series begins with Professor Winston examining the religions which believe in many different gods and explores why mankind started to believe in God at all.

The answer to that question, says Professor Winston, can be found in the caves where our ancestors first approached their gods and in the fields where people still call on them for help, in the cities where our ancestors have been honoured and in the temples where the gods have been appeased with sacrifices.

"But most of all the answer," says Professor Winston, "lies in the human desire to be united with something bigger than ourselves."(Excerpt from

No God, but God


The God and the Gaps

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  1. travis

    i enjoyed the first two parts-- it gave a good, clear overview of the development of religion and their different approaches to the concept of God. the third part was a bit silly, imho though it did highlight the absurdities that can develop in the whole science/rationalism vs fundamentalism/religion debates.
    as an american i find the whole anti-science battles very unfortunate and saddening since most of the rest of the world seems to have all that mostly sorted out already..

  2. Heath-Daniel

    Funny man's rationale about the unknown, i have just recently woken up and am a proud spiritually re-born child of Almighty God, now as i am sure a few reader's begin to chuckle as their commercial heard mentality kicks into auto pilot, let me if i may raise a few issues....
    1) all religions even the satan worshippers, the esoteric cults and occult mystery schools, palm reader's, taroh card, physics and new age mediums, what ever.. all of them, acknowledge and agree that God, the almighty Creator exists
    2) likwise none deny that jesus walked the earth(save the debate of his personification) and commited varous acts some class as miricles, however none deny that he died on the cross, in christinaity he gave his life for all mankind that should they embrace him that they may be redeemed before god,
    3)the Bible/scripture's are seperate from all religon, in fact religon is comes up 5 times in the holy bible and on 4 occasions it is spoken in distain
    4) the Bible/scriptures advises man that the systems of law as ceated by man should not be obey'd and that man has but 10 laws to uphold and if you think about it if all mankind did as those 10 commandments tell us the world would be insurmountably a better place to live, i mean hey... imagine if we treated each other as we would have others treat us ??? not so bad... and no cheating on your mates woman, girlfriend etc etc ..... huh, the bible/scripture's have alot to offer the humble man seeking truth, peace and understanding.... as they say.... salvation lay's within, you ever bothered to pick it up with an open mind ???

  3. dbjohn

    This documentary is oneof my favorites. The more I learn about religion the more I feel better about becoming an atheist.

  4. link

    to heath daniel did u not watch the documentary? the information factual information proves that god does not exist jesus was based upon a pagan myth so therefore is himself a myth and yes u should be ashamed that u are not privy to said facts after watching this series of films tho i didnt blindly just say hey this must be tru i did my own research over the last 5 years all signs point to all religions being nothing more than a human desire to be everlasting the need to have a continuance of thier own consciousness after thier own death because obviously its too hard for a majority of the population to imagine that u only get one shot and its over no ifs no ands no buts ps you are clearly not as much of a break free intellectual and should never act as if you are higher in position than anyone else Christian

  5. JEF23

    When Zoroastrians were spotlighted in the first episode i thought a follow up of Nietzsche's critique of human belief in god could have been enlightening. I was in a way disappointed that the third episode failed to exam how Einstein and Niels Bohr changed our concept of time and space. That seems to have profound implications on the definition of what we have called god. The earlier episodes seemed to examine this philosophical concept better and i feel like so much was left out that has happened in the recent two centuries to shape how we might view this concept. It seemed to be slightly politicized in the final 30 or so minutes and should have used the formula of the first two episodes to examine the underlying ideas that allow our belief in something as unimaginable as God.

  6. Tom

    I enjoyed the first 2 episodes, a good examination of religions and where they came from. I thought the interviews were very good and the interviewer wasn't pushing an agenda of his but just thoughtfully prodding for answers. Very infromative!

  7. Faith

    I have couples of point that I would like to make here regarding the Bible; FIRST, to understand something or to believe in something you have to test it and prove it, just like the apostle Paul said” Prove all things; Hold fast that which is good” 1 Thessalonians 5:21; I did my test I took a Bible course which was limited because they teach you what they want you to learn and believe but not what you want to find out or to know because no one may not be able to answer all your questions,so I studied the all Bible from Genesis to Revelation verse by verse and trying to understand the all scriptures because the Bible course is always limited;

    OK, this what i found out in Genesis, God created all things and a Man and a Women, and then God planted many trees and one tree in the midst of the garden, then commanded them not to eat it; This is my problem, according to the Bible, we hear that God can read people’s mind and tell the future, also He is omnipotent and omnipresent, But why God couldn’t tell that the woman will transgress? or maybe He knew and let it happen; where was He when they were transgressing or even when the serpent came to them?

    Christians will say, they were free to choose, yeah right, If they were free to choose so why did He give them the command in the first place? Another one, “Genesis 3:8-14? when Adam and Eve heard God walking towards them they hid between the trees, still God couldn’t see the all thing(since He sees everything), and called upon Adam, now just read this part in your own Bible, you can tell that God was still unaware of the situation until Adam told him that” I heard your voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself” and God still unaware, asked him back” who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten of the tree,…”; Was is this, someone please explain to me is this the God that we say is Omnipotent and Omnipresent and specially was aware of everything, what a joke; and still didn’t know that it was the serpent that deceived the woman first and the woman deceive Adam, until HE was told so;

    Now think here, if me as human with less wisdom than God, cannot even put a fire or a knife or a gun or porn in the sight of my children, because it’s obvious that if I did, they will touch it, since they don’t have any experience, to avoid something like this, I’m just going to put it away, period. That’s my opinion as I do use my wisdom.

    SECOND point is, According to the Bible, Adam and Eve had 2 children, Cain an Abel, when Cain planned to kill Abel, God didn’t know that?(since HE KNOWS AND SEES EVERYTHING), He watched HIM KILL HIS INNOCENT BROTHER, or maybe HE knew that but couldn’t stop it since we have a free will?(THIS IS NO SENSE PERIOD).

    THIRD, there were 3 beings left on earth after the murder of Abel, and then Cain went to dwell in the land of Nod, and Cain knew his wife, OK, THIS IS TRUE LIES, WHERE THAT WIFE CAME FROM? HEAVEN OR WHERE? Since the Bible is incomplete and doesn’t prove itself to be true, I do take as man made book with a lot of errors, no like the Apostle Paul said in “2 Timothy 3:16?, there is no reproof here or correction, so I made my decision that, whoever wrote this book, probably didn’t know what he was writing about.

    FOURTH, God couldn’t tell that Abraham loved Him but HE had to test him(SINCE HE KNOWS EVERYTHING),”oh! I forgot HE WAS JUST TRYING TO MAKE SURE”(WHAT A JOKE),and this is not a usual way to test someone by telling him to sacrifice his only child, this tells you that there is something wrong about this, WHY NOT SOMETHING ELSE BUT JUST TO SACRIFICE YOUR OWN CHILD? this is what we see in some occult practices.

    FIFTH, read how Jesus himself makes this comparaison in John 3:14? And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up”, WHAT? It’s obvious that Moses lifted up the serpent twice before Pharaon and in the wilderness when those serpents was biting the sons of Israel, Moses made them a bronze serpent Image so they can look at it and be saved from the torment; We all know that the serpent it’s a curse reptile that represent evil(YOU THE JUDGE), this is the same way people were looking at Jesus on the cross. For those who don’t know, the first five book of the OT were written by Moses, so if Moses wrote it, since he’s the one that lifted up the serpent and gave different names of God, what are we looking up here because Jesus himself gave no names, since Jesus always said MY FATHER, that’s it;

    All so co-called Christians need to read the Bible like I did to try to understand, no just read one verse here and one there, PROVE YOUR FAITH, if you cannot, that means that you believe in lies. Just for the record for those who don’t know, the NT was written before the OT, that’s why they tried to make the OT feet in with the NT, but the result is: IT CONTRADICTS ITSELF. “I BELIEVE IN LOVE” because it is natural, you don’t need religion to teach you how to love, some are born with it and some are not, and it is the parent job to teach the children how to love for those who don’t have it; RELIGION, CULTURE, SOCIETY, NATION, CLASS,… are the only boundary we have that prevent the human kind to come together once again before the fall of the tower of Babel, I bring this subject because if you read from yourself this scripture attentively you will see my point”Genesis 11:1-9? I don’t personally see their wrong doing for building a city which top is in heaven, first of all who can build a city which top is in heaven, I don’t know?

    we have a lot of architects today who build skyscrapers but they still cannot reach heaven; Second of all, since they saw that man were ONE, they come to create confusion” let US(the same US from Genesis 1:26)go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech”. Now judge from yourself, look at us today still living with the same confusion, diversity of languages(different from one another, so confusing), diversity of religion(waring against each other, divided churches, for what reason? we don’t know), diversity of classes(Rich and poor, rich becoming richer and poor becoming poorer), we are still leaving in that confusion from the tower of babel, that’s why we are still divided, any one thinks he’s better than the other(my religion is better than yours, my culture is better than yours, my language is better than yours,my nation is stronger than yours), so divided;

    How do they confused humans?, Let Us go down, they came on earth as spiritual people, kings, leaders, in one words as elite to teach mankind different religions, cultures, languages and laws, so we could not agree with each other but arguing, fighting, killing in the name of who or what you defend; By the end, you will realize that only mankind killing mankind, man ruling man, it’s all us, just like some Muslim extremists blowing out christians for the sake of Allah, and Christians doing the same all over the world against no Christians, just like Hitler a Nazi but Christian who thought killing jews(non-christians), he was doing it for christ. I’m done here by this phrase:” WHY GOD DOESN’T INTERVENE WHEN CHURCHES ARE DIVIDING FOR FALSE CAUSES , WHY NOT COME DOWN AND TELL THEM CHURCH LEADERS NO TO DIVIDE IS CHILDREN SINCE IS ALWAYS THERE”. WAKE UP MANKIND!!!

  8. Dr. Dunkleosteus

    ^What on Earth are you talking about?

    Is there a point to that wall of text, bad syntax, and worse grammar?


    Seriously, are people still making it to high school?

    I can't tell if you are for religon or against it. Maybe because I gave up after the second paragraph...

  9. Khyro

    To Dr. Dunkleosteus- From the way Faith writes sentences and uses negation and adjectives, it looks like english is not their first language. Looks like they most likely speak a romance language. Let's not be so quick to judge others and try to understand one another.

    Peace and Love to all.

  10. OldLimpy

    The first two videos were quite good considering they are narrated by a christian. He makes some very good points about the dubious realities of the Abrahamic religions and tidies it up at the end of video two with the statement 'One God is one God too many'. But then in video three he lets the Grand Canyon nutter get away with a ludicrous notion that the canyon is sure proof of the great flood, followed by the dinosaur guy who thinks the dinosaurs all made it on to the Arc as "Eggs" and hatched later. To add insult to injury the dinosaur guy then whipped his butt in a simplistic and backward radio debate........what in the sweet mother of God happened here?? The research team must have completely jumped ship after video two, which I could understand, because the build up to video three promised to deliver a death blow to the throat of religion, but instead...meandered off into waffle in the wilderness. A god-damn shame, that's what is.

  11. OldLimpy

    A couple of items I forgot to mention in regard to the absurdities and inconsistency of video 3.

    Why does Mr Winston fail to fully explain Pascals Wager or its utter failure to prove its worth to anyone other than the faithful and how do they calculate a 94 percent probability that god exists from the numbers provided by Mr Winston in the crazy modified insurance premium formula (which ironically guarantees to save your life) when his numbers were all neutral bar one, or is it that any number will do.

    This last video has been so blatantly doctored in favour of religious certainty to the point where everyone interviewed comes away appearing rational yet their ideas are so incoherent they are nothing less than barking mad. Left unedited these interviewees would be seen for who they really are, eccentric and deluded apologetics with proof of nothing, which I believe was the original intention of the producers - to demonstrate the intellectual dishonesty and utter waste of lives that belief in a god has spread amongst us - like a pox.

  12. Epicurean_Logic

    Parts 1 and 2 are really interesting. Most of you have already sniffed out that part 3 is not so good;

    Winston is a Jew btw and i like the way that Dawkins confronts him on his belief by saying that his religous sensation is most probably a cultural bias rather than religous.

    cool documentary. The only one that is better is Karen Armstrongs.

  13. Kurrrt

    Religion? It's for the weak. Humanity would be much stronger without it, knowing there's a difference.

  14. John Seals

    @ Epicurean_logic

    You speak of "A History of God" the book, correct. I don't think I have seen a documentary by that name, is thier one? If so i would love to see it. I assume it is on this site, I will look. This is my favorite book (non fiction) and a very good source of knowledge concerning mans concept of god. I wished it touched more on the exact pagan rituals that evolved into the monotheistic traditions. The book doesn't go in depth about this though, it merely states that monotheism definetly evolved from polytheistic worship. Does any one know of a book that explains this evolution, like exactly what ritual evolved into say the holy communion? If so please let me know.

  15. Kurrrt

    Main word in this video topic is, Story.
    The bible was written by 40 authors and took over a thousand years to finish, and is a second revised altered copy of an original. Some deception? Perhaps. Bible is a closed book, inside the subjects are only re-opened to religious branches who evidently feel the need to restrict new methods for entering into our future. Bibles holds no information whatsoever of any devices or instructions to advance into mankind's next higher culture.
    Pathetic outspoken pastors take parts of the bible and make a jig saw puzzle out of it. Only to further confuse a follower, this doesn't work on leaders, choose for yourself what you are. Applying bible scripts to the future and using it to further stop advancing technologies, just seems extremely illogical. The Antichrist is aimed at end times for it's reasons. Antichrist was mentioned in the bible only 3 times. Popes who didn't believe that Jesus was in the flesh were believed to be the Antichrist. The word Antichrist was used towards any enemy. Used in growing populations of olden days of herding sheep, walking in robes, with the intelligence a bit less then modern day man. Perhaps just followers of a better thought.
    Antichrist used by religions today aims towards bar codes, terror, credit cards, future technology, any advancing attempts, chips, TV, etc. Hows humanity going to be able to move into advanced culture with this much religious hate holding mankind behind and currently using ancient scriptures? Christians believe and fear new technology advances and are used as the tools of the Antichrist. Which is a fear based fantasy that no one sees? Strategic biblical dates set by fictional novel writers are used in modern industrial churches. And becomes todays truth? Is the most pathetic set of evidence there can ever be to witness these many untruths to surface in such a manner!
    Then the world now prepares it's self for invented misinterpretations. Now our future is really here, and all is put in a state of confusion because of the misuse of various illogical old biblical jigsaw puzzles of fake beliefs!!! This is modern day people, new times! Think today not yesterday, think out-loud! What's keeping modern minds in disarray? Antichrist has been a deceiver for 2000 years. All of this is accomplished by evils everyone simply allows to become modern belief. The wool has been pulled over your eyes long enough, hasn't it?
    Bring as much peace to each day as you possibly can, and simply be the best human being you can be, is what creation intended of you. The truth is within you, and in no other place. Praying to a non existing entity has got humanity were it is today, separated from itself. Focus within mankind and only in humanity will you be at one with our creations intention. Allow us to evolve and please leave this cruel religious method of deception behind you. Live a great life with each other in peace.

  16. Kurrrt

    I'm not an expert, but I'll just go on to say about one persons belief of the Carpenters original message to man. Before his kind words were taken from him and altered by cruel rulers. Is an actual focus on our self, within consciousness of mankind together as one. Our focus at the present -points elsewhere, separate from man. Good day, everyday

  17. Alan Kavanagh

    Limpy, Professor Lord Robert Winston is rather famously Jewish and one of Britain's most pre-eminent scientists.

    Did you actually listen to any of his commentary?

  18. IzzyB

    Oldlimpy stuffed that up but I think I get his drift, Winston's a Jew. Alan Kavanagh's condescending tone would only serve to undermine his own argument, if he could think of one. Kurrrt, what the hell are you talking about - no one's going to read a wall of words that has nothing to do with the video - no need to answer?

  19. IzzyB

    This is the third video I have seen on this site that has been watered down at the end. Episodes 1 and 2 of this set were excellent but episode 3 is pure compromise, conjecture and back pedalling. It's almost like the truth was about to unfold but was knowingly thwarted by the liberal use of nonsense interviews by Winston, at his own expense in one of them, and his backers at the last moment. The other video was 'Extraordinary People: The Million Dollar Mind Reader' at the end of which the producers and narrator completely and self-servingly muddied the waters of an otherwise revealing and important expose' on the billion dollar business in supernatural divinations. I have to presume, on the evidence placed before me, that people with these kinds of personal belief systems, who purposely ignore the data, are in fact, mentally ill.

  20. Justice

    @ Heath:

    It's funny you should mention that salvation lay's within, and then in the same breath pledge your life to God and basically claim that your salvation lies within him....a little contradictory?? The point I am trying to make here is that if you were so convinced of your stance and your beliefs, you wouldn't be watching this documentary to begin with. The fact that you are just shows that the more human, logical and intellectual side of you craves more than the shallow and inherently flawed ideology that you have chosen to embrace for the time being.

    You are still trying to figure out the truth. That is a good thing! NEVER stop questioning, as critical thinking is a vital asset to the advancement of the human species. I find it hilarious that once someone discovers "god" all logic, reasoning and opposing view points are discarded. They completely close their minds, as if the discovery of their new "faith" is the absolute universal truth.

    This "tunnel vision" is extremely common among religious people and people who live through faith rather than logic. Along with this "tunnel vision" is the utter intolerance and blatant disdain for anyone who doesn't share their narrow world-view.

  21. ReligionIsntAllBad

    Anyone so stupid as to believe that because the story of Jesus follows myth there is no God should possibly stop posting internet comments. Some ideas are not worth spreading or promoting ... like Nazism.
    The sheer ignorance and utter lack of philisophical logic that leads one to believe that God can be proved or disproved is staggering. This is hundreds of year old philosophy, folks :/

    Heath-Daniel I think you have been taking poorly manufactured narcotics. Not all religions acknowledge God the creator, as you think of him. I thought by watching this documentary such a concept would become evident. In fact in the first 30 minutes of the documentary we have already been shown several religions with a COMPLETELY different view of God than modern Christianity. Many religions do not believe in a personal god ... and some do not contain deifications at all.

    In closing ... please keep your religious ignorance to yourself as much as possible. This was a great and informative documentary about the various religions and the evolution of ideas of god over time :) It is neither proof nor disproof of anything ... merely an examination.

  22. Alex

    What profound, animal fear underlies the claims of the Abrahamic Monotheisms. For people to uncritically believe this bunk and foist it upon their children, mutilate their flesh and glory in the castigation of those who fall short of its impossible demands.

    Is it really so hard to accept transience as the nature of all things? We are temporal creatures. Just examine at your body, your mind and those of the people around you. Eternity is something we are manifestly not made for. I am not even convinced that it is something that would be desirable. The 'freedom' to forever worship an all-mighty celestial dictator, to be OBLIGATED to love him and praise him (the question of why he should indeed be a he is a matter for another rant) beyond time seems less than ideal to me.

    Religion plays on the most primitive, childish parts of our collective consciousness and is used to make us do and accept abhorrent things with chilling regularity.

    I feel about 10 tons lighter having got this off my chest, but hold no illusions that it will convince anybody. Spiritual knowledge grows from calm, non-judgmental and unflinchingly honest examination of one's own thoughts and behavior. But dogma is so much easier, so much less troublesome because it neatly sidesteps the messy reality of... reality.

  23. perspective

    @link I think it's rather ironic that you would be lecturing someone about how they should be ashamed of themselves for not being able to absorb what the documentary was all about when you yourself has failed to grasp the concept as well...though I am not defending Heath-Daniel, who was trying to prove that God and Jesus exist, you on the other hand is trying to prove that he doesn't exist with what? 5 years of research you say? Do you think that is enough research to come to a conclusion on a subject that has gotten vast interpretations over several thousands of years? You say that Heath-Daniel is foolish for thinking that there is still a God when in the documentary there has been "evidence" to prove that there is none.

    Do you not understand that the whole purpose of the show was not to prove whether there is a God or not but rather to present the many ways that man thinks or does not think about the existence of a god or a group of gods? The lesson of the documentary is that we should be open minded and either side, believers or skeptics, fall into the pit of ignorance (which I think you have certainly fallen into) the moment they claim certainty that their belief provides the explanation for EVERYTHING.

    Like the man said in the first part, the moment we lose a religion we lose a perspective in understanding God and end up with the danger of forming a lopsided God. In this case, the moment we lose our open mindedness and stop hearing each other out because we are so focused on proving that we are right, we form a lopsided mind which can only be described as arrogant, childish and idiotic.

  24. Kurrrt

    God is just a story all right, reality isn't.

  25. IzzyB

    @ perspective - I think the video does demonstrate the lunacy of humanity in accommodating such a diversity of belief systems all of which claim to be the truth. They can not all be right so it is highly likely there truth claims are all wrong. Perhaps the spiritual? aspects of all the different belief systems are similarly agreeable, but their factual accounts fester in ignorance and are just too silly in this day and age. Maybe all religions should just dump the confused facts taken from their holy books and stick to the spiritual? aspects of humanity on which they all agree.

    I find I can no longer believe in a superior being in much the same way as I can not now believe in ghosts as I did when I was a child. None of it sounds very plausible for example, my common sense tells me that the answer to the sum 3576 x 387, even though I have absolutely no idea what the answer could be, it is not 4,547,376 - just too implausible to be even remotely right. In the same way, my common sense tells me that religion is a human construct and is not based in facts. But I do see value in community spirit?

  26. nomaD

    if you dont realize God yourself you would never believe it-

    just keep searching,

    seek and ye shall find....

    and if your having a hard time finding, eat some sacramental (magic) mushrooms and look again!

  27. Kurrrt

    Those who speak of God and Satan personally know nothing have seen nothing, heard of nothing themselves of either one of them. Followers simply repeate what they have been commanded to believe from dark age religious books written by paid scribes who in fact were commanded by dictators who were simply playing god, to enslave their societies. Ever hear of anything in those books of other events around the planet? What logic lies behind being told what to believe? Wouldn't that restrict any growth of the human mind? Did anyone find in this 2000 year frantic search for god, a god, ever? Awaken from this silliness.

  28. Muj-Al-Aswad

    @Heath Daniel- The scriptures contain a lot more than 10 laws- the majority of the first five books are dedicated to the laws of God- not just The Ten- [Tut]Moses was given more than Ten laws- the laws of marriage- priesthood- food consumption- relations- and others are all contained in those books. I am total agreement that the laws of man are not to be obeyed as they are mostly the direct opposite of Gods laws.

    @No one in particular- in the 2nd episode Winston claims that God died to save us- JESUS IS NOT GOD- at no point in any scriptures anywhere does Jesus claim to be God- in fact he does the opposite he makes it undoubtedly clear that he was sent by another, by the one that created all things- not of his own decision making-

    It is clear that there are other Gods- because the creator God of Abraham states in scripture that we should worship no other God but him. Which basically means there are other Gods but they have no power and do not deserve worship.

    @ Kurrrrt- what you are saying contradicts yourself brother- nearly all you know has been written in books by people- such as 1+1= 2 [dont you believe that equation to be true?] which is basically you being told what to believe so what is the point you are making worth exactly??? Awaken from your silliness.

    God Bless You All

  29. joe31

    A day with god is like a thousand year,of what you recond,so six days maybe 6000 years

  30. 0zyxcba1

    Joe31, you say that "six days maybe 6000 year[s]."
    But then, again, maybe not.
    That's the way it is with a word like "maybe."

  31. Spencer

    "But all in the seas or in the rivers that do not have fins and scales, all that move in the water or any living thing which is in the water, they are an abomination to you." (Leviticus 11:10)

    "They (shellfish) shall be an abomination to you; you shall not eat their flesh, but you shall regard their carcasses as an abomination." (Leviticus 11:11)

    "Whatever in the water does not have fins or scales; that shall be an abomination to you." (Leviticus 11:12)


    This kinda shows exactly why the bible shouldn't be taken literally. Most other religions have some equally bizarre things in them.

  32. David Foster

    A few more doses of mercury, and you might re-think that.

  33. David Foster

    I often wonder who is more zealous... the religious, or the anti-religious?

  34. Jerry Roy

    Hahahaha. Read Romans chapter 1 thru 3. It was written just for you.

    Also Psalms Chapter 2

    "Why do the nations conspire
    and the peoples plot in vain?
    The kings of the earth take their stand
    and the rulers gather together
    against the Lord
    and against his Anointed One.
    “Let us break their chains,” they say,
    “and throw off their fetters.”
    The One enthroned in heaven laughs;
    the Lord scoffs at them.
    Then he rebukes them in his anger
    and terrifies them in his wrath, saying,
    “I have installed my Kingc
    on Zion, my holy hill.”
    I will proclaim the decree of the Lord:
    He said to me, “You are my Son;
    today I have become your Father.
    Ask of me,
    and I will make the nations your inheritance,
    the ends of the earth your possession.
    You will rule them with an iron scepter;
    you will dash them to pieces like pottery.”
    Therefore, you kings, be wise;
    be warned, you rulers of the earth.
    Serve the Lord with fear
    and rejoice with trembling.
    Kiss the Son, lest he be angry
    and you be destroyed in your way,
    for his wrath can flare up in a moment.
    Blessed are all who take refuge in him.

  35. 0zyxcba1

    The Story of zip.

  36. Kathy Ann Moore

    centered to people of all creeds and beliefs!...faiths?! I've read Fridreich Nietzsche's anti-christion declaration of the 'will to power' by well- the tendancies of religious castigation by virtue of denying acceptance of self or other - this means you christians, you muslims etc... as a personally thought provoking philosophy. I have wept bitterly for the poet Arthur Rimbaud, god of symbolism and when his dream of becoming the unchasable genius of pagan verse concluded awaiting the reproach of his demise as he wrote a 'season in hell' and also felt personally hardened by you know... the seeming technophilac age of FACT! v.s. *~FiCtIoN~* where one day YOU exist like me or him and that chick over there as your self unsure to all the propensities of ethcial spiritual devotion to test the waters of information stare at your computer screen in a daze weather watching people bow on their knees to 'some thing' or watching quantum black holes mind f--king uranus while maintaining a certain cyborgian sense of knowing that didn't even make sense translated in binary sequence through bits of fleeting primodiral orgasmic rapture where cascades of neurobiological illumination ignites the walls around you with a silly alien tapestry of flashing scenes architected from scratch fresh outta the lumber yard where a flower-power painted truck dump loaded a heap of touchy pointy bits and fragments of collective memory falling, they shatter like glass creating loose felted hues on jig saw images of your mother or father as they humped naked, standing there- the door stood wide open at the age of five as you opened the door the same stranging feeling occured as you watched your self with a lover curled in sheets thighs big and white you the subside the tremors of the angel moaning softly who whispers a rose in her gentle breath and as you look into their eyes the merciful look of savior or a once and for all fully quenched human being radiates covered dripping in your own sweat, tongue tide your laughs couple to complete perfection your eyes looking through her eyes into your own at her a twosome wholeness recoils the pain like the rain as it falls fraughtless by the lightening of time in that eternal moment you can only say "GOD" that word that slowly becomes nostalgia over the years you unknowingly punctuate after every feeling that excalims its self as an unstoppable act of creation driven by the force of love and laughter period period period. so the moral of the story god is nothing to those who know. but know god. otherwise you'll be thrown into heaven like you were in 'this world' and period.

  37. Mantid

    I am god, stop lying to people.

  38. Lawrence Kouju

    For us who live in a democracy, believing in or NOT believing in God is a right. We have a choice. However, if we are not a believer we should not teach people not to believe in the divine. They have a free will. Those who do not believe have put two and two together and arrived at a conclusion, and those who believe are either blind or do not know how to count. After being about 2/3s of of a century on earth I have learned about the "big bang" and stuffs and have arrived at a conclusion that sciences do not lie or cheat but humans do. Again, for us who live in a country with total democracy we have a choice and the right not to believe in God. It is not so in some Islamic countries ... you either get assassinated or stoned to death in the name of religion. So keep what you like and leave alone those who like what they like. (No rebuttal please)

  39. rezso

    why did your god save only jews and forget about you(noe's ark),
    and not even thei belive in jesus?

  40. ??? ????????

    go watch the 2h documentary called "thesigns", you can find it on YouTube, it's really interesting


    Robert Winston being an Orthodox Jew himself couldn't have been objective in the making of this film. So when watching, do see through the personal attachment of the author.

    Calling Buddhism an atheism - LOL. Teotihuacan is 2000 years old, even bigger LOL!!! The idea of chosen people - such nonsense, it's not even funny.

    P.s. Any organized religion, I repeat any, is just a brainwashing cult, that leads to separation, competition, and eventually to conflict.

    P.s.s. Strangely enough I used to be an atheist myself. Now I believe in God, I just don't know what to call him/her, and whether he/she is A MONO, if you know what I mean.


    Lawrence, which country ("a country with total democracy") are you talking about?

    Are you from a different planet or something? Because on this planet there is no such country. And there never has been. Sadly.

    And when you accuse other countries of being murderous and assassinating, you can't make excuses like "No rebuttal please". What a joke...


    best observation so far!!! Bravo!!!

  44. awful_truth

    An excellent documentary covering many of the different religions, what defines them, and what their differences are. Although i agree with the narrator that science, and religion are complimentary, (not in conflict) I still suggest people watch shows like this for inspiration, while maintaining intellectual scepticism regarding the views presented. Only after one has seen the same representation, from many different sources, (regarding any particular faith) can one start to believe that the information provided is fairly accurate. All in all, an interesting, informative watch for the layman, regarding the history of religion. (and some science as well)

  45. LaShell Cherrie

    i used to be an atheist, until i realized that i am god.

  46. Edward Wilcock

    Religious and Political Heirarchies cause all the trouble on Earth and
    religious teachings are hypocritical. AMEN

  47. Edward Wilcock

    ALL sin on Earth has been instigated by God's Option to sin.

  48. Aman Singh

    Why didn't he explored India, before giving his opinions, he was more focused on the theories of bible in comparison with Islam

  49. Kenneth Kelly

    The same old BS. One god or thousands of them and it always comes down to one believing different than another. I say I do not believe there is a god and I get some very hateful remarks. I said nothing about God, I only said I do not believe . This documentary does nothing to get me to think otherwise. Fact is it confirms my belief.

  50. Greg Cooper

    Interesting to watch the Catholics try and squib out of everything that was supposed to be the immutable truth by claiming science as their own. Galileo Galileo and all the others persecuted by the church must be turning in their graves.

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