The United Nations Deception

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The United Nations DeceptionFormer CBS anchor man Walter Cronkite was among the recipients of the WFA award. Cronkite - ‘today we must develop federal structures on a global level. To deal with world problems we need a system of enforceable world law.. a democratic federal world government.

Learn how top United Nations proponents exploit small arms, the environment, and justice to pressure Capitol Hill into quietly surrendering America's heritage of freedom.

The U.N. Deception reports what the nightly news does not: The UN's creators intended that their organization would become a world government and that Americans would be subservient to it. Should these UN plans remain unopposed the consequences are ultimately grim.

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  1. TheQ0

    I watched this Documentary, and then downloaded it for Research Purposes.
    In my researching of it, and the documents it talks about, and other specifics, I found it to be totally accurate. The Documentary is full of truth about what has happened, and what we will soon be living through. Much of it is and has been surfacing from the Federal Government sector, either by "leaks" or by simple faux pas and Freudian slips by Congressmen and even President Obama. Those in this comments section who posted negatively, supra, are not to be listened to, nor believed. I found this to be refreshing.

  2. Lisa Whytock

    When the freedoms that you have all been used to that are God given rights...Then write how Globalism is ok. This is not about who put this together but that the showings of what happened are seen.

  3. Lara Van Royen

    they are arguing the 'evilness' of globalists by calling them what they are. by saying they want a global government. I don't see why that would be an inherently bad or unethical thing?

    1. Rampage

      Its like if Walmart was the only department store they could charge whatever they want, this analogy is somewhat flawed though because governments don't really compete with each other by making things cheaper for instance. However, without other governments there would be no one to appose them, or to even just show the general public alternative ways to do things. In conclusion a world government is a potential way to control the world without apposition and without the public being wise to alternative methods of governance. Do you agree?

      Furthermore, if you think history is great knowledge for alternative ways to govern, keep in mind that because our civilization is so influenced by technology now. Nothing is as it was in the past. History(per-industrialization) anymore is like having a map key for the Earth, when the map itself is of Mars.

  4. Fernando Zevallos

    This video was produced by the ultra conservative right wing group, the John Birch Society. While the video does show some truths of the (failed) UN it also distorts history significantly in order to prove some of its own points. The distortion of Lumumba and the congo situation, the fact that they talk about the UN and CFR and mysterious founders but doesnt name them, its a distortion of history to fit the view of the John Birch Society. Over all not very informative.

  5. 1H8U

    Comments on this site are useless. Of all the docs I've looked through, the comments are consistently people bickering about a tidbit in the film, but nobody actually describing the worth of the film. It's like reading youtube comments. If you think it's "total crap propaganda" say why you think that. If you think it's "A great educational film" explain why. Nobody cares about anything you have to say, unless it is describing the film in such a way that it can help a person decide if they want to devote an hour or more of their life watching said film. Getting in little battles with other people who comment is a waste of everybody's time.

  6. Bill Hicks

    Tell Gadaffi and his dead grandchildren it's all propaganda ;)

  7. Winston Smith

    total crap propaganda!!

  8. sadaf y

    "UN recognizes no God!!!!" , "UN does not have the system of checks and balances"...This all sounds like propaganda. Unfortunately some people are still buying this BS.
    UN may not be a perfect body for imposing law and order on international scale, but this is the only hope we have for the future conflict resolutions. We must accept the weekpoints of UN but also try to improve its structure.

    1. Guest

      How informed are you, are you aware of Agenda 21 and what it means for the entire world?

  9. rasheto2

    Bulls*** American propaganda!!! The very principle of the Organization is the "trias politica" subdivision, which automatically guarantees "checks and balances". Contemporary Americans are the most deluded, brainwashed and blind communists! This lying faggot is claiming the UN is committing human rights violations, when the US, itself, hasn't ratified a single human rights treaty, and when there are numerous reservations to the ones your God abiding nation has agreed to sign (of which juvenile death penalty is the most striking one). I, personally, would be happy if the US withdraws from the Organization, as it only slows down its progress or works against its principles (through either inventing "revival clauses" to UN Security Council Resolutions or producing crap movies like this one). Before judging the International Community's effort, look at your own beggar filled streets, and tru to re-direct your doubts towards local/ regional power, as opposed to worldwide recognized such. The guy is an idiot.


      "This lying faggot" Wtf? you are quite rude

    2. knowledgeizpower

      Dang wonder who ticked that guy off huh maybe he was having a bad day :0

  10. Ian suderman

    sounds good to me: let someone else try. If you consider that capitalist and communist can gather together to beat up on little Congo, you both deserve what is coming.

    Allowing an investigation and accountability of any person effecting harm on any nation sounds reasonable.

    The rights of any capitalist end outside of the realm of capitalism. We are currently in the beyond, when we no longer, as a country, are a net exporter but a net importer. Being provided products and service in exchange for a dollar backed by the threat of war instead of products means we are, by definition, no longer a capitalist society.

    On this issue it seems many within are saying let the nation get what it deserves. Allan Green span puts it let the markets decide but its really the same thing.

  11. harry nutzack

    of course this comes across as propaganda... it's a john birch society production. just another american taliban... just say no

  12. gunk wretch

    Yes the UN is an instrument of global imperialism, what this doc seems to be leaving out is that it is most definitely controlled by the US government. Not to mention the real apparatus of globalization is the international corporations that have no borders, UN or not. To think the US would just give up its power to Russia or China because of tricky bureaucracy is ridiculous, the UN is just Americas means of pressuring all countries in the world into its empire by masquerading as global democracy, getting all its vassal states to vote the way it wants so that other powerful countries will look bad in the global community if they dont go along.
    Im in favor of a one world government, it means there is only one government to overthrow

  13. Quinn

    i think the UN is as full of s*** as the next guy, but this documentary is full of propaganda & misinfo. SMH.

  14. Matt Kukowski

    Think of nature... When one type of species dominates, with NO challenger, will result in the extinction of all. THE LOCUST will be used as an example. Locusts will devour EVERYTHING and then die off themselves when all the plant life ( their food ) is gone.

    When there is no competing species present the end of all species occurs.

    I call this.. "The Locust Effect" Or some call it evolution unbalance.

    And that is how we need to think about 'Global World Government". If there are no other nations to keep other nations in check, eventually a corrupt government will take hold. Due to their own greed and desires, ( power and sex ) will grow larger the corrupt government, with no opposing force, until the resources of the Earth are exhausted and all species die. Including the World Government.

    Variety is not just the spice of life, variety is REQUIRED. Therefore one world government will kill itself.

    See, any problem can be solved by simply looking at nature and applying it to your problem. It is beautiful. And brings much peace of mind to myself when I am driven to find the answer to a perplexing problem.

  15. David

    Come on - - - - I agree about UN, that it is a JOKE, and that it is about world control, and has nothing to do with what they are claiming to be all about "World peace, and all the other propaganda crap" - - - - But this is obivusly a propaganda documentary too, cos in the end, what it is said here about America's democracy, and rights - - - People you have none in the states, and America is in the fore front of imperialistic ideology, no better then China, Russia and other empires. The fact is, that USA is simply hiding behind of a worthless peace of paper called the constitution and magic trick called Democracy

  16. da_truth_hurtz

    I can see there are more dead people commenting on the subject than those killed literally in the documentary. With so much deaths worldwide by those in charge of government, it's unbelievable that many of us are still dumb down after viewing enormous facts presented in this film. I've been awake for over 30 yrs and I know first hand it's not easy trying to wake people up. For those who chose to disbelieve, I have just one thing to add. Please do some serious research online or at your library etc. CFR=UN which will soon take all of our freedom away (slaves anyone)? Look into who are the members of these alphabet organization, then you'd have something positive to add on this site or any for that matter. For now just shut up and be the Bah, bah, bah that you love being.

  17. Cabdiqadar

    The UN was meant to be moral Authority of the world, but as we learned in recent decades it is the greatest dictatorship mankind has ever known. One nation with veto power is all it takes to silence dissenting voices of member nations or kill a resolution agreed upon by all member nations.

  18. Cabdiqadar

    The UN did not engineer world problems but pretends to to solve while creating even bigger problems wherever it goes . However, its good to ask, who created it and for what purpose? Who funds it and uses it as a tool of foreign policy? Is it the weak nations or the five gangs in the exclusive club I don't care what you call it ( security council) or rather the war council/ sanctions for non compliant weak nations .

  19. who_me_yeah_you

    This is an intriguing blend of truths, half truths, omissions of truths, lies and utter nonsense. The U.N. engineered the Rwanda massacres? A half educated person who believed that would have still known of the ethnic tensions and ambitions that existed and somehow fitted them into the theory. Socialist European governments? The CIA dealt with the possibility of that a long time ago (Greece, Italy - "Old" Europe. Ex Iron curtain states - "New" Europe.)

  20. Sam

    So do you mean to say that due to geopolitical boundaries not being removed that no entity, even a non national corporate entity has any reason to manipulate the UN to make decisions that assist its goals? Why did the UN do nothing when 800,000 Rwandan people were murdered? Why did they not send many soldiers to save them from getting hacked to pieces? Is it maybe because the depopulation within that country was serving a purpose? Even a corporate purpose and it was in the interests of those influencing the UN to do nothing to allow the massacre to happen as it related to some business intersts within the country and surrounding areas, possibly the raping of the mineral wealth from its neighbour the congo which by the way is one of the richest mineral wealth countries in the world? I think your idea that there is just a little corruption here and there but no big players involved in manipulating the greatest powers to suit their own agenda that it is you my friend who has been living under a rock. Dont listen to everything their education system allowed you to learn. If you did a little digging, then you too would see how many discrepancies there are in world politics especially relating to the UN and it will make you wonder.

  21. zeeshan

    but vague

  22. zeeshan

    Though we have seen and known the whole story behind UN, yet we shall remain vulnerable by these propaganda's of UN.....

  23. James

    Even though the film doesn't cover it well, it is important to keep in mind that some in this world choose to keep their Esoteric beliefs well hidden. Christianity for example has been linked rather well to ancient beliefs that worshiped the Sun God. To the masses that have faith in Jesus, this amounts to blasphemy but to ignore the correlation would be considered ignorance by some.

    The UN also could appear to be an esoteric organisation to some but not others. It depends how deep you look into it and from what angle. If your knowledge of the UN comes from MSM, then any accusation of the UN being anything but purely auspicious would be considered blasphemy. To others however they may have made a correlation between the origins of the UN and the beliefs held by those who created it see it as a menacing tool used by power centers who desire to shape the world according to their beliefs, not the publics at large.

  24. Susan Carr

    Funny...the UN is communist...yet North Korea is not a member..

  25. Levap

    Its a complete joke, black is white, white is black everything is upside down in this movie. But one thing thou is right - one world government is a bad bad idea.

  26. J

    What an anti-propaganda and a complete joke.
    Get the facts straight.

  27. ReligionIsntAllBad

    You guys understand the the UN can't actually DO anything right? It is basically a giant forum for nation states to argue and then come to decisions on multilateral actions.
    Im getting pretty sick and tired of people in the US a) not understanding what the UN actually is, b) not understanding what the UN can actually do, and c) thinking that Americans are above participating in a forum of global governance instead of just doing whatever they want unilaterally.

  28. ReligionIsntAllBad

    James, there is enough poorly done federal reserve trash on this site already, thanks. We get polarized, skewed and impartial information already. It's easier to believe there are evil people working against us and bitch about it from our armchair, and point out the ignorance of those who don't believe it.

    The documentary is really poorly done and the intended audience are people with no education on governance or economics or really anything :) It is telling us things that aren't reported on the nightly news, because they are so outwardly apparent to anyone who cares that it is not necessary.

    If you don't think we need global governance in order to facilitate multilateral political action, you possible have been living under a rock. No one nation has conquered the earth removing its geopolitical boundaries, and so we have to solve the problem of global governance .... and no one nation should be allowed to take on this solution to impose on the unwilling.

    Sure there is corruption ... it doesn't mean we put on a tinfoil hat and scream "You are all slaves to the global banking elite!". Understanding the actual proportion of issues is important in case you ever end up in a conversation with someone intelligent and you don't want to look like a total idiot :)

  29. James

    There are those at the top of western society who are able to influence those below. It isn't conspiracy, it is fact.

    It is not a big secret once you remove the media veil and look at the system we live in. Follow the money. Those that issue the money are able to issue directives.

    It is funny that peoples disbelief in corruption stops at the UN door.

    There are those that are aware of the master game being played on the public and the planet. We know the goals of world domination they have. They have let us all know what they are up to, you just have to look.

    You can dismiss the documentary but the fact that there are interests driving their own agenda still remains.

  30. ReligionIsntAllBad

    Is it supposed to be some kind of surprise that the US should be subserviant to a global governance? Unless they intend to conquer the entire world, I don't see how they would be the default global leader lol

    The US has plenty of unilateral political power to do whatever the f@#$ it wants, besides the incredible amount of clout it has to get things done multilaterally as well. I do not pity them not being grand emperors of the world, they have quite enough control :D

  31. Atte Mede

    This was produced by the John Birch Society. Did you not see the name at the beginning?

    The John Birch Society is a hyper-reactionary organization that enjoys the idea there's a skeleton in every closet, all news is bad news and everything's part of pre-determined conspiracy. If they infect someones mind with their way of viewing the world said person can become a real pain in the bum--I knew one. The person couldn't watch a professional hockey game on TV without thinking the outcome was "fixed". "It's all fixed" he'd say. (how on heaven and earth do you fix a hockey game, let alone all hockey games-the participants are much smarter than they appear in person).

    The J.Birch Society has a tendency to infect certain types of Churches.

  32. Ryan

    This is probably the worst "documentary" I have ever seen. Not one of their outrageous claims was backed by any rational or credible evidence. This is a 45 minute John Birch Society fear mongering advert.

    I hope no one ever watches this again.

  33. mnmsdn

    I find it hard to guide brainwashed people to wake up and to see what is really going on around them. Go watch something else and continue enjoying your fcking routine.
    Nice doc.

  34. man

    even I know that this documentary is a joke!

  35. Rodney

    I watched for 17:43 mins, MORE than enough bull for me...After seeing all the ''bad men'' or ''terrorists'' . Let us see something better like AIPAC their REAL terrorists so is Israel!!

  36. kaizer soze

    i watched 22min 17secs. I couldn't watch any longer. i will not call names regarding the kind of the maker or the documentary itself, but i will only urge people to search for the facts before believing everything in this video.

  37. WTC7

    This is absolutely ridiculous. The documentary attempts to portray the UN as a communist tool (during the Cold War, at least for the initial 15 minutes I watched), without any regard to how the UN actually functions. It really takes very little knowledge here to see how superbly stupid this doc is.

    The UN has only so much power as the permanent 5 allow it to have (I’d even go that far to say the most influential permanent 2) and it actions are mainly the result of various games played by the major powers.

  38. WTC7

    This is absolutely ridiculous. The documentary attempts to portray the UN as a communist tool (during the Cold War, at least for the initial 15 minutes I watched), without any regard to how the UN actually functions. It really takes very little knowledge here to see how superbly idiotic this doc is.

    The UN has only so much power as the permanent 5 allow it to have (I'd even go that far to say the most influential permanent 2) and it actions are mainly the result of various games played by the major powers.

  39. Karlson

    This is definitely full of biased discourse. Globalization is not doubt another step to global collapse but this documentary is just as bad.

  40. joe

    If you ignore this.. it is to your own peril.

    Do some actual research before you dismiss. It's pretty easy to talk without having ANY inkling of what's really going on.

    It's also quite easy to jump on the bandwagon calling everyone 'conspiracy theorists' because they might know something that is against popular opinion.

    Clearly people can't be bothered to do legitimate research and would rather ignore or ridicule. It isn't that hard to find out the real truth.

    At what point when you see the facts in front of your face will you believe?

    Can't be bothered to do any research? Good luck to you then.. frankly nobody else is going to save you and you will be the makers of your own peril.

  41. lawyer

    what a joke of documentary! Students beware, this is sooooo incorrect. Stopped watching it at 7 minutes

  42. hollywood

    This so called documentary is a complete joke. The "facts" as they have been stated are either half-truths or complete fabrications. If you are going to attempt to criticize the crimes and injustices of this world, then telling the REAL truth is a good first step. The first comment made here, (Thomas Paine) is right.

  43. Joseph

    @Thomas Paine

    Nice name. Are you in the NGO?

  44. Thomas Paine

    This documentary has a lot of historical falsehoods in it bordering on total ignorance of politics and the real world. Intimating that Lumumba was somehow able to "create communist chaos" within a week of his election in one of the worlds poorest contries, and then moving on to utterly omitting to tell the fact that he was murdered, assassinated by a CIA initiated coup.. this is so far fetched that it defies belief. The inane people who made this piece of extreme right wing propaganda must be looking for an audience that has absolutely no prior knowledge of world history and world affairs. And that's being extremely kind!