Fox and the Big Lie

Fox and the Big Lie

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A divided America - fueled by four years of President Donald Trump's aggressive leadership style - went out to vote in November 2020. These elections were extraordinary and extremely tense. Not only did people have to go out and vote in the middle of a once-every-century global pandemic, but the country was also still reeling from a racially charged summer filled with social upheaval. The media landscape was also full of polarizing political discourse, disinformation and general confusion about what is real and what is not.

Tensions boiled over when Joe Biden won the 2020 election. His rival Trump did not accept defeat graciously. Supported by his political allies, he went on air and declared that a "major fraud on the American people" had taken place and that Biden stole the election from him. Despite having no evidence of any fraud, many believed him due to the constant stream of conspiracy theories and misdirection aired by FOX News. These beliefs, of course, culminated on January 6, when Trump supporters attacked the Capitol building in Washington DC.

This two-part playlist breaks down how Fox News evolved into Trump's well-oiled propaganda machine, promoting "THE BIG LIE" that has threatened and contributed to the destabilization of democracy in the United States of America.

FOX News is a top rating cable TV network, dominating the American airwaves with political and business news - though in a more right-leaning or conservative perspective. The network was created in 1996 by Rupert Murdoch, with Roger Ailes as CEO as a direct challenge to CNN, which leaned more to the left and liberalism. Its core value was "Fair & Balanced", - which was their official tagline. Since then, Fox News has contributed much to Murdoch's massive fortune and gave him lots of power over many essential personalities and organizations.

Under Ailes, Fox News, though a conservative network, would present opposing political sides in almost every programming aspect. However, FOX insiders reveal how everything changed when Trump entered politics and Murdoch took over the CEO role. Ailes was fired for sexual misconduct, and with Murdoch stepping in as CEO, there was a seismic shift straight to the extreme political right.

The company dropped the "Fair & Balanced" tagline. While covering a Trump election rally in 2018, many were also shocked that two of the most prominent anchors in Fox News (Sean Hannity & Jeannine Pirro) went up on stage and began to campaign for him openly. Fast forward to 2020; it's hardly a surprise that when Trump needed a platform to let the American people how he was robbed, FOX News accommodated him.

What followed election night were weeks of election-fraud related content, repeated and discussed by Fox's highest-profile news presenters, talking heads, as well as the main topics featured in its programming line-up and op-ed talk shows. And when the protesters turned up at the Capitol, it was proof that FOX had cemented its status as Trump's main media mouthpiece along with being heavily involved in the disruption of valid information - and shows no signs of easing up.

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  1. Neacsn

    It is funny to challenge people (when waiting in line or having coffee, in the bus etc) on leftist matters. They look and are very embarrassed by the turn the left took. From proudly claiming the taxation of the rich to help the poor, as they used to do in the past, now they are looking down and avoiding even the eye contact...

  2. Mike Ehrmantraut

    There sure are a lot of triggered Leftists... but then again, America is rejecting them HARD... and will do so even harder. Red wave my behind. It's going to be a RED TSUNAMI! And best of all, citizenship WILL be on the chopping block for you dolts. Then we'll see how much you hate America... when you have 60 to vacate.

    1. David Dieini

      People hate the American administration because they are murdering and displacing 10s of millions of people. If you vote for either party you are guilty of enabling genocide....and that is just appalling

  3. American Citizen

    Wonder why they don't cover the vote count mysteriously stopping in the swing states where Trump was leading by a large margin and the miraculously all the votes that supposedly came in overnight were all for sleepy Joe. What a pathetic joke !
    Anyone who says they believe the election was straight up is a liar or a fool

    1. no name

      It's almost like the counted the mail in votes after the in-person votes. And in the midst of a pandemic, most smart people opted to send their vote through the mail. Mailing is very secure and you nit wits never had a beef with it before supreme chum leader told you to.

      There's far more evidence of Trump and his cronies going out of their way to subvert vote counts, they were treasonous. And your dumb ass is eating up everything they tell you, even this comment is anti american

    2. Michael Foley

      It was investigated by Republican officials as well as Democrat officials. Trump was not leading by that large a margin. All the late-counted votes were not for Biden. Do you like being brainwashed?

    3. Robert Grennan

      Seriously, go have your feels somewhere else, let's talk about reality, your feelings about the election are not based in fact or backed by evidence, that's embarrassing! And I'm not a democrat or a Republican , I'm just educated and willing to look at objective facts and arrive at a unbiased conclusion.

  4. Jon

    mikem - Wrote on 09/23/2021 at 04:53
    "Oh happy day......for at least 4 more years"....
    How's that working out for you, you feckless dunce!?

  5. Jon

    Anyone notice that there are no China Joe Biden documentaries here?
    Why? What positive thing can be said about an aging, brain dead Swamp Creature!

  6. Jon

    I'm sure this "documentarian" would like the Chlamydia News Nutwork (cnn) better. Someone should tell him to pull his dress down. His bias, and ignorance is showing.
    Here are some Real Big Lies
    1. The Democratic Party didn't have its roots in Nazism
    2. The msm is fair and objective
    3. The 2020 Election wasn't a Fraud
    4. Big Tech doesn't censor opposing opinions.
    5. Joe Biden isn't brain dead.
    6. veep Harris is smart.
    7. Democratically controlled Cities and States are vibrant, prosperous and have a low crime rate.

    1. Gregg

      And that Jon's brain is not in a coma

  7. jun

    political propaganda...from the fake news

    1. Lisa

      Anyone who worships this guy has been DUPED. He is not a millionaire, never has been. He lives off Daddy's money and then he goes bankrupt. He is a f***ing joke, and so are his followers.

  8. Erik Etheridge

    Its really sad that 100 years from now, if the earth and humanity hasn't been completely destroyed, People will watch this propaganda video and read from their "credible and trustworthy" sources of historical documentation believing all the lies! Think about what we in 2021 "think" we know about our ancestors. The world is full of deception and evil. The only real source of pure truth that ignites hope in the desperately wicked hearts of men is found only of, in, and through Jesus Christ and the sacrifice that he made of himself suffering on our behalf. I pray that you all come to him helpless and humble hearted and bare witness to the supernatural transformation of your hearts! He's waiting!

  9. Walter Calvey

    Need I Dare to Say the MOCKINGBIRD MAINSTREAM MEDIA NEWS OUTLETS Did An Outstanding Job, On a DAILY & HOURLY Basis to Roust That Evil Old Donald Trump From His Justly Appointed Presidency, But To No Avail !! HOW DARE THEY NOT SUCCEED !! Oh Well, There's Always the STEAL !!!! NICE STEAL DEMS.

  10. J. Scott

    So Sleepy, Corrupted Joe won fairly or by hook & crook. What does it matter now since the country is saddled with incompetency from top to bottom. Disaster in Afghanistan, open borders, inflation, higher taxes coming and more. Yes, Trump was an outsider and sent mean Tweets but he got a lot of good things done and the USA was respected by our allies and feared by our foes. It isn't that way anymore. I am hoping that Biden staves off total dementia until 2024 because Harris is even worse, if that is possible.

    1. Ken Kelly

      It is evident you also fell for the big Lie. The economy is a direct result of Trump's actions and a pandemic. As for Afghanistan, there was no point in being there. After 20 years and still, the American military was watching their people being killed with no progress being made.

    2. J. Fearn

      J.S, mate I hate to break it to you but under Trump the international reputation of the USA had never been lower.

  11. Al Ways

    "You know you are a success as a parent when you turn & look at your child & realize they turned out better than you."

    “I love those barrettes in your hair, man. I tell you what, look at her, she looks like she’s 19 years old, sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed.”
    - "The Big Guy" / Sniffer In Chief Hiden Biden

    To date, Traitor Joe Biden is to date, single handedly the biggest muslim taliban terrorist arms sponsor with $32 billion in military supplies, in addition to numerous corrupt, unethical, underhanded and deceitful financial acts of treason against American Taxpayers, revealed by his son, (not the dead son who Hunter had an affair with right after his brother's death) Hunter's laptop, confirmed by Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of Hunter Biden.
    Also, this Sniffer In Chief has demonstrated immoral and pedophilic tendencies, observed, and recorded inappropriately groping children both on public stage and exerts from his daughter's diary admission, entries of showering with her.
    I'll also add that in the "Biden Bunker", "Dr. Jill" is sure to have the carpets cleaned and parmesan cheese removed when ever Hunter pops by with his underaged crack whores and painting straws.
    Based on these villainous family acts of depravation alone would surely make these socialist/communist-like "fudging" and cheating voter's from the robbing American's of the best POTUS ever in history.
    Hopefully in 2024 the swamp draining vigorously started in 2016 will return with more aggressive propulsion and less resistance.
    God Bless America.

    "If there was no hypocrisy, there would be no democratic party"

    1. Gregg

      Hate much? But Trump and his family are all pure, eh?
      Also, right from the Trump playbook. "In addition to numerous corrupt, unethical, underhanded and deceitful financial acts of treason against American Taxpayers," sounds exactly like Trump's tax cut for ordinary working class families.

  12. Ralph Hollister

    While I have many friends who are Democrats, I despise Dem politicians and Rinos as well. I am not sure about Trump, I want to like him but he didn't pardon Assange or Snowden, what's a freedom loving person to do! I guess I will vote Trump, at least he's not an asshole.

    1. LouieMarie

      The shadow government wouldn’t let him.

    2. Simone

      But he us the biggest asshole ever.

    3. Gregg

      At least? You are a comedian.
      Remember when he said if US car makers closed down factories that he would stop them?
      Yeah, right.
      Asshole would be too nice.

  13. Ricardo Villa

    The title "Fox and the Big Lie" should refer to Fox being the first major network to declare Arizona as being won by Biden . Very irresponsible for a network to do that when it was so extremely close.
    Since Fox has almost steadfastly refused to look at the possibility of the election being stolen, it's hard to fathom that someone would make a documentary calling Fox to task for "lying".

  14. joe hono

    "helped destabilize democracy" haha, that's hilarious!

  15. No longer on Social Media

    "the big lie" ... liberals don't understand that when team A decides that Team B are all fascists and have to be dealt with only with violence while CNN is reporting, "mostly peaceful'' that the response is normally... Violence? The left wants Trans people involved with children. The rights response. ban abortion? why? It's a response to a response. Whether it's a lie or not. The actions you have chosen have brought you to where you stand now... Deal with it. Trump will have 4 more years.

    1. Al Ways

      "Antifa is an idea, not an organization"
      - Joe Biden.

      Meanwhile, Bunker Biden, who rarely, if ever steps out to see his "ideas" in play, has (according to sept. 2020 media reports) "burned, loot and murdered" over $2 billion USD in "infrastructure" damages and killed over 500 innocent people, including our police officers, but in a "mostly peaceful" fashion.

  16. Jon

    If you want to read about the "Big Lie", read Dinesh D'Souza's book, The Big Lie. It's about the Democratic Party's roots in the Nazi Party.

    1. Gregg

      You are right again, D'Souza's book is a HUGE lie. What a tool.

  17. Jon

    Haven't seen this many so many Democrats/Leftists pant shitters this upset since Lincoln freed the Slaves
    Hey mikem how's the "four more years of happiness" working for you?
    China Joe Bidet has been in office over 100 days. America has had over 100 Failures by your brain dead buffoon.
    Spencer-Bidet "won" zip, nada, zero! Voting machine fraud. Only way the DumboRats could "win" any thing is for dead people to vote, illegals and the voting machine scam.

    1. Gregg

      At it again are you?
      Seems as if you are the one shitting their pants.

  18. mike

    wow communist lies from some brit skank, f the left. trump rules

    1. Spencer

      You *do* realize Trump lost and was the first single-term president since George H.W.B.?

      Have you paid any attention whatsoever to the people being arrested over Jan 6th? Your boy Trump is a treasonous loon.

    2. not ur mom

      you do realize Spencer that they are all trespassing charges right dont you? you do look at the legal docs from the court correct? no you do you listen to some talking head and believe everything

    3. mikem

      Oh happy day......for at least 4 more years....

    4. No longer on Social Media

      @Spencer You do realize that there were abnormalities in the elections. I do recall Trump telling his voters not to vote because he was going to strike out mail-in voting. Even if Biden won. He won very poorly. The Left would bend over and let Biden thrust it up their arse to "ANYone but Trump." A revote would have stopped any type of extreme distrust from a possible cult-like following. But aye you can't take that back and here we are yet again. Any smart liberal would have known that Trump could run again in 4 years.

    5. Spencer

      @Not ur mum: First off, judging by your use of "mum" - I'm guessing you're in the UK or why are you a Trumpf fanboy?

      Many of those charges have been upped passed just trespassing, someone doesn't know how to keep up with court proceedings.

      @not on social media: It's so hilarious how any time you bring up the fact that Trumpf is a moron and unfit to run a shoe store, his fanclub comes out with "OH WELL U MUST LUV JOE BIDEN LOL".

      No, Joe Biden is borderline useless, but useless is better than detrimental. Anyone with half a brain who doesn't have the attitude of "politics r dum" knows that. The problem with Trump mouth-breathers is that they, for the entirety of their lives, have been proudly ignorant of anything political, and now they want to come in whining and moaning. That's not how it works. Trump won the first time because people hate HRC more than him, or at least they did then. Now, I'd say they both contest for biggest D-Bag in the union.

      Trump isn't coming back, he can't even get his TWITTER back. Any Republican who cared prior to 2016 knows that, so I guess thanks for proving to the class that you're not one of those.