The Theft of Our Values

The Theft of Our Values

2017, Religion  -   35 Comments
Ratings: 6.64/10 from 114 users.

Is religion an ideal barometer of Western values or merely an oppressor of them? The conclusions set forth in the documentary The Theft of Our Values definitely fall into the latter category.

Christianity promotes itself as a great stabilizing force upon society. The religion's ideology is often cited as the only true cure for the illnesses of the world. In the midst of radical Islamic terrorism, for example, many believe that the only viable solution lies in a wider embrace of Christian values and teachings.

The film's point of view, however, is that Christianity itself is the problem, and constitutes a major threat to progress in nearly every aspect, including scientific advancement, rational thought and harmonious relations between individuals, institutions and nations alike. It's the great divider.

To illustrate his argument, the filmmaker provides a point by point dissection of The Defibrillator, a defense of God and Christianity penned by Christian philosopher David Wood.

While Wood and others claim that their religion has been an essential jumping off point for all meaningful scientific discovery throughout human history, the film contends that it has actually oppressed this progress only to take credit for it later. Centuries ago, scientists who asserted atheistic views were often burned at the stake; therefore, the preponderance of early scientific progress harbored ties to the Christian faith. Today, in our more tolerant times, the scientific community is overwhelmingly populated by atheists.

The film also protests the notion that the United States was founded upon Christian values. How could that be when so many of the country's basic freedoms - including freedom of speech, the press and religion - are antithetical to those values?

Additional talking points include the barbaric torture of atheists throughout history, the beliefs of influential figures during the Scientific Revolution, the separation of church and state, and religious iconography as depicted in our most enduring works of art.

Confidently researched and narrated with forceful clarity, The Theft of Our Values may prove divisive to viewers who don't share the filmmaker's atheistic tendencies. But many others will appreciate the opportunity to ponder a thoughtful voice of opposition.

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David Dieni
1 year ago

Race, religion, ethnicity, nationality all have 2 things in common....actually 3 things........well and least 2 and half. Let me know what you think, by leaving a which time you can unload a tsunami of invective's, as that is the current acceptable level of political discourse.....and while throwing sand in each others eyes may be preferable it's not really practical on line....not yet at least

Here are a few clues
1. Have you ever come across a Bulgarian preying mantis?
3. What about a white Caucasian rabbit (who is a closet white supremacist)
2. What about an Evangelistic sparrow, who pays a tithe of 10% of everything it catches to feed the local clergy, who just happens to be a big fat pompous, self righteous Liar Bird
4. What about a pride of lions conducting an "African Inquisition" torturing and disemboweling
the non believers, the godless atheists lions who reject Kimba the white lion, the lion king and tigre as the holy trinity

They are all cults, social constructs, the invention of the mind, and that only exist in the mind. And it is these figments of the imagination, invented by our leaders that they manipulate to spread divisions, fear and hate, and to justifying the waging of wars to control the resources of the planet

How do I end up being identified as an atheist, because a group of delusional psychotics, who call them selves theists, arbitrarily decide to believe in some sort of space god. The implication is that theism and atheism are two sides of the same coin, neither belief is more, or less valid than the other.

They are not remotely equal perspectives, and I am not an atheist, because some moronic mother says I am, while the belief in a space god is just bewilderingly and utterly psychotic. While no one has the right to interfere, or persecute people for their mad need to keep them to yourselves. No one gives a what you think about abortion or gay marriage. You complain you want to be left alone to follow your psychotic beliefs, while you keep making them our problem....

If God does exist, he really is an imbecile, as he gave the gift of self reflection to one of the most stupid species on the planet. When compared to other animals on the evolutionary scale, we are between the dung beetles and retarded stick insects. What a waste, should have given it to flipper or Claude the Crow

2 years ago

This guy is pretty biased. I am not for any religion that has a violent conversion history that profited ,killed and controlled the innocent. I am not for atheism either. I love science and spirituality but the church separated the 2. now science doesnt take balance into consideration they are black and white and narrow which is like taking the sun from the earth it just wont work. I dont trust narrow science. I wish this site wouldnt use youtube videos Youtube is all about mental programing, mental poisoning, psychological manipulation I am against youtube and videos. I do see this video as mental manipulation just like 90%of the youtube videos

5 years ago

Denying God to be your own god is nothing new. The egos of some have no bounds. Typically those indoctrinated with the lameness of Marxism which goes hand in glove with the lame unproven theory of evolving from primordial glop to a "specie" into another "specie".

Quite simply they have to make up stuff to tell themselves they are smarter for disbelieving something else they call made up.

Why so much vitriol against Christians of today who aren't oppressing anything? Because they know there is a right and a wrong, whilst those deviant demented types would prefer not to be held to account for doing bad things.

The self proclaimed "smart atheists progressive elites" want to be able to kill you off or tightly control your activity, due their "scientific pseudo-facts" that you are harming the planet.

So who are the real oppressors?

Just Thinking
5 years ago

...seems I'm walking into a fight here; however, I'm somewhat frightened to see such passion and certainty coming from ones who just haven't done even minimal research for themselves...both men.

The inaccuracies that come out of each man's mouth comes at us so fast I get buried when attempting o systematically addressing them individually...if anyone would like a detailed accounting of this snowstorm of half-truths and misinformation I would be willing to write these problems out; however, please note this would be at least a 6 to 8 page paper...whats most frightening is I'm just not that smart or well read as many Christians who should of already addressed this mess.

I kind of wince when I hear this David Wood's declarations for he leaves so much information out of his arguments it almost seems like he is masquerading as a christian in an attempt to make us look foolish and superficial; however, unfortunately, our narrator has failed to study this subject past repeating the banal tripe the Marxist missionaries we call our profs in our university system today dish always amazed me how all our profs would hurl the same kindergarten insults at Christ and Scripture when none of them were even minimally trained to speak on the subject...have we ever heard them cross into any other subject matters when they never studied the subject? Only this area...any ideas why?

May I respectfully declare that even a minimal amount of research would reveal that the cult of Rome hates Christians as much or more than you want-to-be atheists.
I say "want-to-be" for God has put in your heart and mind the knowledge that He created you and this world and He also has put the knowledge into your and my heart that our sins condemn us with the knowledge that we are deserving of punishment.

You are confusing the cult in Rome with Christianity....nothing could be further from the truth... this would be like us confusing and combining you Marxists with the Tea Party...couldn't be further from the truth on both parts.

In fact, with an even minimal study into this subject will find the Roman Catholic church acknowledges that they killed over 50 million Christians throughout the centuries.

They typically burned us in the town squares across Europe for recognizing that Christ came to die for their sins and that His name is the only name under Heaven given among men whereby we must be saved...not the oppressive, controlling evil Roman church.

Once they found the forgiveness of their sins through Christ alone through faith alone, they would always realize the evil that the church of Rome embodied and at this point would confront these godless men which quickly brought the moniker of heretic which destined them to be either roasted like a pig on a spit (Jan Hus) or at the stake as William Tyndale (for committing the horrible crime of liberating the Bible from the prison of the dead Latin language that few people in England even understood).

You are falsely or ignorantly mistaking us as being a part of a group who has persecuted us as much or more than your group over the centuries.

Romans chapter 1 and 2 actually speak very clearly on why such anger and contempt towards Christ and Scripture... If you don't have a Bible handy go to Blue letter Bible and use the ESV Bible for easy to understand English.
I am serious about providing the details of why both men are misguided and grossly inaccurate... I'm a little disappointed in whoever is responsible for keeping this great body of information (these many great documentaries) free of what I feel compelled to call "fake arguments".

5 years ago

Scientists were sometimes executed but it's more likely that this was because of denial of doctrine rather than purely because they were scientists, though the two often seem to go hand in hand.

5 years ago

"Centuries ago, scientists who asserted atheistic views were often burned at the stake..."

That fallacious statement alone shows the rabid bias and distortion of this "documentary". Won't waste my time on it.

loraine james
5 years ago

If anything this video sparked very well researched comments that all possess well informed opinions and reflections of inner truth. enjoyed reading most of them. Thanks.

5 years ago

In the start of this documentary the only two religions mention is Islam and Christianity. The author had excluded other major religions such Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism. So what part did these alterative religions play if propagating “authoritarianism, brutality and censorship”?

The title of this documentary is somewhat misleading. The overall aim of the documentary is to point out “how religion and science have battled for domination”.

Greed, greed and more greed! It has always been a struggle between the elite you want it all and the disempowered poor who are only asking for what the need to survive.

The author appears to have an intrinsic passion to try and add an opinion to this ongoing discourse on the pros and cons of religion within the volatile geo-political drama playing out today.

I sense that the author should expend his insightfulness and talent to uncover the hypocrisy of current so called democratic governments that are owned and controlled by the ‘elite’. This ‘elite’ is plotting to impose a “new world order’ that give them more power and wealth. They are the ones who cause division and fear through propaganda and lies by ill representing a religion to incite otherwise peace loving people to perceive the “other” as their enemy.

Meanwhile, there is a “voice” crying out to tell the human race that we are all related as a species; everyone one is inter-connected through nature and our origins. We truly are all brothers and sisters, children born of the same mother earth.

I think there is a need for more people to understand the correct definition of religion and the ultimate meaning of the word religion. The word religion comes from the Latin and while there are a few different translations, the most prevalent roots take you back to the Latin word “Re-Ligare”. “Ligare” means “to bind” or to “connect”. Adding the “re” before “ligare” causes the word to mean “Re-Bind” or “Re-Connect.”

This Re-Connect can only be realised when religion, in its pure form, can flourish. This ‘purity’ so far as eluded mankind even though on many occasions throughout human history the human race were given signs to follow the right path.

One last point worth mentioning is that both science and religion have made errors in human thought and altered history for the worse.

The methodology of science gave credence to “Scientific Racism” which was common during the period from 1600s to the end of World War I. Since the second half of 20th century, scientific racism has been criticized as obsolete and discredited, yet historically has persistently been used to support or validate racist worldviews, based upon belief in the existence and significance of racial categories and a hierarchy of superior and inferior races.

During the 1800 -1900 the scientific community in Europe even created Human zoos, also called ethnological expositions.

Science gave the governing power of the time permission to justify or overlook slavery, genocide, and segregation. Think of the massive profits made by the owners of large industries particularly in agriculture.

Religion is not off the hook either. The early Christian missionaries were the first contact indigenous natives of the unknown world i.e. South America and North Americans Indians – had with Europeans. The missionaries initially had a hard time converting the Indians to Christianity but overcame this over time. Then the floodgates were open to the immigration of thousands of Europeans initially from Spain/Portugal. Before long slavery dominated the new settlements to provide labour and profits to the slave owners and slave hoarders. Both Church and State were racking in new founded wealth. Greed had overpowered the moral conscience of the Church and State. At one point these Indians were considered non-human having no souls.

Overall the documentary is attempting to debate too many points and risks losing its audience due to the back-and-forth arguments and going off on tangents and not focusing on the specific topic.

5 years ago

I think its important to know that its one thing to be religious and its another to be faithful/a believer. Religion is power and authority. Man is known to lust for both. is it possible that even men who claimed to be the most righteous had fallen to corruption? and if they did; does this mean the holy scriptures is flawed or is man? in other words do you blame the smoking gun, or the hand that pulled the trigger?

5 years ago

Atheists are like vegans. They just can't shut up about it even tho no one is listening or giving a damn.

5 years ago

Here, once again, is a presentation by an admitted atheist claiming to enlighten people about what religion is. Have MEN done harm to people and civilization in the name of God? Yes!
Have the Divine Revealers of the major religions taught that men should do harm to people in the name of their teachings? NOPE !
Have atheists taught that religion is to blame for the wrong done by misguided, fanatical, self-proclaimed 'holy men' and 'preachers'. Yep!
Friends, let's stop blaming religion for the evil done by men. Taken at face value, those who follow the Prophets of God can do only good. Those 'holy men' follow their corrupt inclinations in an effort to acquire fame, money , and power, wrongfully using religion as an excuse for their fanaticism. (evil)
So how can we distinguish the good of religious teachings from the evil of men?......
"By their fruits will you know them."
Evil comes from men who wrongfully claim to be followers of religion, used strictly for their personal gain.

5 years ago

I'm not atheist but I think this is a good video. Makes alot of very good points. Just a little annoying that the narrator continues to speak when material appears on screen that has to be read, for someone like myself anyway who's not a great multitasker.

5 years ago

I just wanna add, unlike others, idgaf about making some religious point for god or Jesus, though I personally believe for now and understand and respect atheists views at the same time, and Muslims and every other religion that lives on this planet, my first post stands the same wtf is up with those tiers....

5 years ago

Look. I understand a lot of the points this director is taking us, and that's great, I still believe in a god...but wtf is up with the credits with that tier 1, tier 2 having more names, tier 3 even more, tier 4 hella names and tier 5 with a minute long amount of names, is that donation based or bull**** based. just keeping it real, open your eyes.

5 years ago

Sadly, the closed minds, being the ones who most need to consider these arguments, will dismiss this documentary.
It is those who are on the fence and searching for answers, those are the people who will actually benefit from this information.
To the rest, this is just additional detailed information that support previous findings.

Doug Currie
5 years ago

Refreshing push back on a ridiculous notion that Christianity was responsible for scientific progress. All theist religions reflect the unquenchable thirst humans have for an answer to their existence. Theism has successfully been used to exert control over others by the elite of their day. Atheism will finally grow now as the utter preposterous suggestion of a 'master creator' is seen in the bright light of advancing scientific fact.

5 years ago

pure anti-christian Judaic perversity!

5 years ago

6.23 rating is telling enough. The ignorant mob will always try to suppress dissent , while ignoring valid truths.
Charles Coryn...correct! If those two scientific disciplines were taught in school , our youth would soon understand the babble which impedes their nexus with concrete reality.

Nand Gate
5 years ago

More please ;)

5 years ago

Anyone who would like to have the other point of view could read "The Book that Made Your World" by Vishal Mangalwadi. He wrote this book in response to a professor who claimed that Christians had made India worse. His research proved just the opposite. It was Christian missionaries who gave India Urdu and Hindi, two of their major languages. Many more instances of how much better the world is because of Christians are also given in the book. Those who haven't already made up their minds might like to read this book.

5 years ago

If by "our" it is meant the values that won the colonies independence, and the primary value was as penned by T.J. in the DOI, i.e., rights, then that value has been subverted by both secular superstition and religion. This is not exactly theft. It is replacement by obliteration with distortion, e.g., oxymoron or the fallacy of the stolen concept. The dark ages are returning by way of authoritarian politics. This was the chosen means to protect rights, but the means are not commensurate with the end. Quite the opposite.

Just as govt. is the biggest violator of rights, it will use science/technology to destroy all. It is barbaric to hold the initiation of violence as moral or practical. We must stop govt. before it kills off our species.

5 years ago

I'm beyond tired of religion or talk about religion. You all will do just fine without me forever and ever amen.

charles coryn
5 years ago

Excellent presentation, and I agree completely with Earl above. But there is one other aspect of the discussion that hasn't been addressed, largely because anthropology and archaeology are discouraged by religion. Religion has traditionally been the glue that holds a group together, and whether a deity was real or not simply didn't matter, because basically there was no knowledge for thousands and thousands of years. A belief system identified the members of the group to each other, and marked all others as intruders..... or 'others'. No other aspect of the group could do that except something arbitrarily instilled in a child's mind from birth. I'm sure the gods of our ancestors came from everywhere..... from dreams or hallucinations of past leaders for example. Julian Jaynes discusses this in his excellent book. But that cultural artifact could not exist as it simply did in the past when groups of men eventually became wealthy and powerful, and could exert their wishes upon the group to the advantage of themselves and friends. But it is the development of science that should mark the demise of religion. Religion looks backwards while science looks forward, it's that simple.

mike m
5 years ago

Oh, Oz never did give nothin' to the tin man
that he didn't
didn't already have.

5 years ago

Religion DIVIDES, not unifies.

Miguel Gutierrez
5 years ago

The storyline made me laugh to point that I can't take this movie seriously. If I wanted to laugh or watch comedy this movie might be it. But you are not trying to be funny so it very sad and scary what y'all state is a fact....

earl gibbs
5 years ago

A profound documentary focusing on actual sociological history and therefore, reality itself. There is just one specific fact that is conspicuous by its absence and would have supported the argument of just how the Eurocentric point of view has dominated the world for over 500 years and continues to do so. It's now known after a discovery of documented evidence that Copernicus had stolen his concept of the solar system directly from an astronomer living in the Middle East. The exact diagrams were copied from the original book found, I understand in Spain, a centre of knowledge within of the Empire of the Moor's before Christianity banished them as well as the Jews during the early imperial expansionism of Europe.

5 years ago

Reading the storyline was divisive enough.