The Theft of Our Values

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Is religion an ideal barometer of Western values or merely an oppressor of them? The conclusions set forth in the documentary The Theft of Our Values definitely fall into the latter category.

Christianity promotes itself as a great stabilizing force upon society. The religion's ideology is often cited as the only true cure for the illnesses of the world. In the midst of radical Islamic terrorism, for example, many believe that the only viable solution lies in a wider embrace of Christian values and teachings.

The film's point of view, however, is that Christianity itself is the problem, and constitutes a major threat to progress in nearly every aspect, including scientific advancement, rational thought and harmonious relations between individuals, institutions and nations alike. It's the great divider.

To illustrate his argument, the filmmaker provides a point by point dissection of The Defibrillator, a defense of God and Christianity penned by Christian philosopher David Wood.

While Wood and others claim that their religion has been an essential jumping off point for all meaningful scientific discovery throughout human history, the film contends that it has actually oppressed this progress only to take credit for it later. Centuries ago, scientists who asserted atheistic views were often burned at the stake; therefore, the preponderance of early scientific progress harbored ties to the Christian faith. Today, in our more tolerant times, the scientific community is overwhelmingly populated by atheists.

The film also protests the notion that the United States was founded upon Christian values. How could that be when so many of the country's basic freedoms - including freedom of speech, the press and religion - are antithetical to those values?

Additional talking points include the barbaric torture of atheists throughout history, the beliefs of influential figures during the Scientific Revolution, the separation of church and state, and religious iconography as depicted in our most enduring works of art.

Confidently researched and narrated with forceful clarity, The Theft of Our Values may prove divisive to viewers who don't share the filmmaker's atheistic tendencies. But many others will appreciate the opportunity to ponder a thoughtful voice of opposition.

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17 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Desertgypsygirl

    Reading the storyline was divisive enough.

  2. earl gibbs
  3. earl gibbs

    A profound documentary focusing on actual sociological history and therefore, reality itself. There is just one specific fact that is conspicuous by its absence and would have supported the argument of just how the Eurocentric point of view has dominated the world for over 500 years and continues to do so. It's now known after a discovery of documented evidence that Copernicus had stolen his concept of the solar system directly from an astronomer living in the Middle East. The exact diagrams were copied from the original book found, I understand in Spain, a centre of knowledge within of the Empire of the Moor's before Christianity banished them as well as the Jews during the early imperial expansionism of Europe.

  4. Miguel Gutierrez
  5. Miguel Gutierrez

    The storyline made me laugh to point that I can't take this movie seriously. If I wanted to laugh or watch comedy this movie might be it. But you are not trying to be funny so it very sad and scary what y'all state is a fact....

  6. mgalamosa
  7. mgalamosa

    Religion DIVIDES, not unifies.

  8. mike m
  9. mike m

    Oh, Oz never did give nothin' to the tin man
    that he didn't
    didn't already have.

  10. charles coryn
  11. charles coryn

    Excellent presentation, and I agree completely with Earl above. But there is one other aspect of the discussion that hasn't been addressed, largely because anthropology and archaeology are discouraged by religion. Religion has traditionally been the glue that holds a group together, and whether a deity was real or not simply didn't matter, because basically there was no knowledge for thousands and thousands of years. A belief system identified the members of the group to each other, and marked all others as intruders..... or 'others'. No other aspect of the group could do that except something arbitrarily instilled in a child's mind from birth. I'm sure the gods of our ancestors came from everywhere..... from dreams or hallucinations of past leaders for example. Julian Jaynes discusses this in his excellent book. But that cultural artifact could not exist as it simply did in the past when groups of men eventually became wealthy and powerful, and could exert their wishes upon the group to the advantage of themselves and friends. But it is the development of science that should mark the demise of religion. Religion looks backwards while science looks forward, it's that simple.

  12. john
  13. john

    I'm beyond tired of religion or talk about religion. You all will do just fine without me forever and ever amen.

  14. voluntaryist
  15. voluntaryist

    If by "our" it is meant the values that won the colonies independence, and the primary value was as penned by T.J. in the DOI, i.e., rights, then that value has been subverted by both secular superstition and religion. This is not exactly theft. It is replacement by obliteration with distortion, e.g., oxymoron or the fallacy of the stolen concept. The dark ages are returning by way of authoritarian politics. This was the chosen means to protect rights, but the means are not commensurate with the end. Quite the opposite.

    Just as govt. is the biggest violator of rights, it will use science/technology to destroy all. It is barbaric to hold the initiation of violence as moral or practical. We must stop govt. before it kills off our species.

  16. Sojourner
  17. Sojourner

    Anyone who would like to have the other point of view could read "The Book that Made Your World" by Vishal Mangalwadi. He wrote this book in response to a professor who claimed that Christians had made India worse. His research proved just the opposite. It was Christian missionaries who gave India Urdu and Hindi, two of their major languages. Many more instances of how much better the world is because of Christians are also given in the book. Those who haven't already made up their minds might like to read this book.

  18. Nand Gate
  19. Nand Gate

    More please ;)

  20. menckensman
  21. menckensman

    6.23 rating is telling enough. The ignorant mob will always try to suppress dissent , while ignoring valid truths.
    Charles Coryn...correct! If those two scientific disciplines were taught in school , our youth would soon understand the babble which impedes their nexus with concrete reality.

  22. alfredolimiaa
  23. alfredolimiaa

    pure anti-christian Judaic perversity!

  24. Doug Currie
  25. Doug Currie

    Refreshing push back on a ridiculous notion that Christianity was responsible for scientific progress. All theist religions reflect the unquenchable thirst humans have for an answer to their existence. Theism has successfully been used to exert control over others by the elite of their day. Atheism will finally grow now as the utter preposterous suggestion of a 'master creator' is seen in the bright light of advancing scientific fact.

  26. KsDevil
  27. KsDevil

    Sadly, the closed minds, being the ones who most need to consider these arguments, will dismiss this documentary.
    It is those who are on the fence and searching for answers, those are the people who will actually benefit from this information.
    To the rest, this is just additional detailed information that support previous findings.

  28. Edubz
  29. Edubz

    Look. I understand a lot of the points this director is taking us, and that's great, I still believe in a god...but wtf is up with the credits with that tier 1, tier 2 having more names, tier 3 even more, tier 4 hella names and tier 5 with a minute long amount of names, is that donation based or bull**** based. just keeping it real, open your eyes.

  30. Edubz
  31. Edubz

    I just wanna add, unlike others, idgaf about making some religious point for god or Jesus, though I personally believe for now and understand and respect atheists views at the same time, and Muslims and every other religion that lives on this planet, my first post stands the same wtf is up with those tiers....

  32. Fintan
  33. Fintan

    I'm not atheist but I think this is a good video. Makes alot of very good points. Just a little annoying that the narrator continues to speak when material appears on screen that has to be read, for someone like myself anyway who's not a great multitasker.

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