There's No Tomorrow

There's No Tomorrow

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There's No TomorrowThere's No Tomorrow is a half-hour animated documentary about resource depletion, energy and the impossibility of infinite growth on a finite planet.

Inspired by the pro-capitalist cartoons of the 1940s, the film is an introduction to the energy dilemmas facing the world today.

"The average American today has available the energy equivalent of 150 slaves, working 24 hours a day. Materials that store this energy for work are called fuels. Some fuels contain more energy than others. This is called energy density."

"Economic expansion has resulted in increases in atmospheric nitrous oxide and methane, ozone depletion, increases in great floods, damage to ocean ecosystems, including nitrogen runoff, loss of rainforest and woodland, increases in domesticated land, and species extinctions."

"The global food supply relies heavily on fossil fuels. Before WW1, all agriculture was Organic. Following the invention of fossil fuel derived fertilisers and pesticides there were massive improvements in food production, allowing for increases in human population.The use of artificial fertilisers has fed far more people than would have been possible with organic agriculture alone."

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  1. can someone please give me a detailed summary about this document

  2. So I told my grandma that there was no tomorrow and I started explaining things that were really stupid and then I search up on Google how there’s no tomorrow and then I read it and then she said it’s a freaking movie lol

  3. Condensed geothermal + greenhouses = massive production in little space. Pressured gas concentrates all its heat into less space producing extremely high temperatures. Greenhouses made from waste materials can recycle organic waste into new food, solar heated indoor fish ponds and many other lines of production.

  4. Heavy........

  5. One of the best movie I had ever seen..... I feel that evry1 in the world shld watch this movie..... Only then our future generations will have a better life..

  6. Its women's blind desire to fill bellies with clones. Selfishness will kill us all.

  7. I appreciated this video because for me it was informative and helped me assimilate the bigger picture.However what seems to be the elephant in the room is overpopulation. So all males reaching puberty need to get a vasectomy for the next decade and that may give our planet time to renew it's resources. If Banks can print fiat Gov't can implement planned parenthood. Pro creation must become sustainable,only at the same ratio as our planet can supply required resources. Is this called critical thinking or shall I face a Darwinian condemnation. Then when we find another planet like ours we can go and destroy it as well.

    1. Critical thinking is rarely ever the popular option. It is by this principle that we will go headlong into our own extinction screaming for a more perfect democracy.

    2. Well perhaps a small breath of hope comes our way for Canada in 2015. Fair vote! let us gift our future by voting for a promotional mix electoral system. Got to start somewhere to obtain that glimpse of so called democracy.

  8. Those that are keeping society like it have been the last decades, is flogging a dead horse.

  9. Be more abstemious and buy (consume) less and of course we need a green revolution and change our technology... It's very difficult but not impossible!

    1. Everyone needs to become a Lagomist!:)))))) My house is now so empty that even though it is not large, it echoes a bit:))

  10. God this is a nauseatingly sophomoric documentary. I would fail this stupid hippie girl and try to get her kicked out of college for such a shallow minded documentary. I cannot even begin to pick this stupid documentary apart because every piece of mindless drivel coming out of her mouth is laughably ignorant of so much thought. She did literally just say one thing that is good and that is that all people should learn to become more self sufficient. Other than that, this is a truly sad documentary done by a freshman at a community college. Devoid of thought and pondering and research and argument and critical thinking. So pathetic.

    1. How so? Could you be more specific please. How was it ignorant and without thought? On what points do you disagree? You really haven't said anything. I think it's you who are pathetic.

    2. it's very interesting how you say "i cannot even begin to pick this s*upid documentary apart..." - i guess you don't have any arguments that would withstand scrutiny, right??

    3. Name calling is easy.
      Cite an actual fact.

  11. This documentary is pretty much pure ****. This dumb Irish lady thinks that the world is screwed. She needs to be locked in a library for life until she pulls her head out of her *** and realizes what ECONOMICS is. This is a pretty pathetic documentary about the world's energy needs. The world is bloated with energy supply. Once the price of some forms of energy gets too high, consumers will start paying for other types of energy, and capitalists will respond by increasing supply. This documentary is pathetic.

    1. Sorry daniel this is not how it works. Its the transition that is the crippling factor. Transferring from fossil fuels to some other source.

      The Economy has nothing to do with Captialism. The economy exists to save resourses and use the very efficently. Capitalism doesnt give a **** about that. It cares more about putting money into peoples pockets.

    2. It is the transferring from one energy to the other that is the crippling factor.

      I think it is you who need to realize what the Economy is. The Economy and Capitalism are two different things. The Economy is there to preserve resources and use them very efficiently.
      This is not what capitalism is about. Capitalism is about abusing the world and its resources to make a quick easy dollar.

      Note that china is part of the global economy. Note that some dictatorships are part of the global economy. Note that capitalism is only a part of the economy.

  12. I cant stress enough how much I despise this documentary and feel the need to come back and comment on it. DR. Michio Kaku said himself, the future of energy is solar, when the price of solar panels come down to meet the price of oil prices they will become the future, also incredible research is being done in carbon nanotubes enabling vast amounts of energy to be stored, that is the battery of the future. So the futre is NOT bleak, its filled with promise, this B.S. doc. is a fear tool used by oil companies to make you consume more.

    1. It takes more energy to manufacture a solar panel than it will produce during its life time. As for carbon nanotube produced energy , that's decades away and we don't have that much time before the crisis unfolds. There's no silver bullet, no easy answers to what we are facing.

  13. This is one of the most accessible and informative videos on the subject that I have ever experienced

    1. Really? Wow you must have a pea sized brain. I'm guessing you didn't take one picosecond to research any of the inaccurate filth presented in this shitumentary. My dad is in oil and gas exploration and production. Approximately 75% of the world's discovered oil remains underground because the pressure has dropped too low to push the oil up to the surface and current technology to retrieve it has either not been invented or is cost prohibitive. Chew on that. That means 3 more 20th centuries are in the ground, just in crude oil!

  14. veryyyy interesting

  15. When are people going to stop calling the USA, America, America is not a country, It's the united states of america. America is the partial name of one of two continents, North America and South America. Manifest Destiny.

    1. yes, and this is the point of the documentary..


    2. People call the USA "America" because it's easier than saying United States. I suppose that could be called laziness.
      Also, there isn't any other country that ends with "of America".
      But I think laziness it the best reason, so to answer your question, it'll stop when people stop being lazy.

      *My* pet peeve is the "z" in Brasil. They spell it with an "s" and pronounce it with an "s", so why the "z"? I think that's bigotry.

    3. I agree. I live here and I'm totally sick of the place. And yes, I have lived elsewhere so, yes, I do know what I would be "giving up" - a police state for maybe another police state.

  16. This started as a great objective explaination of the problem regarding exponential growth, sad it turns out to be doom propaganda... To bad these kind of docs always ends with concrete "what should one do now". It decreases credibility which in turn makes people doubt the fundamental problem. I believe cultural change is required to stop exponential growth, I don't believe we need a medieval/stoneage society

    Some irrational arguments (there were more =)):

    "Technology can not be used to produce energy, it can only be used to utilize energy"
    True, but there is no need to produce energy. There is only need to utilize energy. E=MC^2 => enough energy => energy shortage is not the problem...

    "Electric cars run on electricity, which is powered by fossil fuels, this is not a solution"
    Absolutely idiotic argument since electricity don't have to be produced from fossil fuels......

    "Get out of debt", "Try to avoid banks", "Support local businesses", "Use local currencies"
    Doom propaganda, propaganda from someone that have been at too many greenpeace partys... It might come true but that would be sad. It will def come true if people follow this guys "advice". It sounds more like the sad consequence of to much exponential growth....

    I wonder if he would go for this solution/lifestyle if he found out that his daughter got cancer. Or if he would try to find a solution to the problem, like his ancestors did

    1. I had similar feelings.

      I actually felt that the people making this video were interested more in making me pessimistic than in explaining the problems we face...almost like it was presented by the very people (Big business, oil, coal) it was criticizing.

      It didn't give fair weight to solar-power alternatives: they're increasingly efficient in their output of energy compared to the input needed to create and maintain them. They're also increasing their foot-hold in the energy market.

      Another problem was the lack of alternatives when speaking about food. Urban/vertical agriculture is becoming really popular, and there is evidence that some businesses are taking leadership roles in reducing the distance food travels and the waste that results.

      There were many problems I had with this video. I think the "Doom and Gloom" aspect is something I really take issue with.

    2. They have covered that part as well.. Din they say to increase the use of solar appliances we will end up consuming more fossil fuels for the end product production? The producers of this documentary are simply saying we are too late in our efforts..

  17. @ Charlie Shread
    Increasing energy efficiency and using solar, wind, wave, etc is not the answer, not because it isn't perfect, but because it's not the answer. It's a deferment of the answer. Hence the title There's No Tomorrow. As long as mass resources have to be extracted for a mass society, living under authoritarian hierarchy in a mass culture consuming mass quantities, no amount of renewable energy or energy efficiency is going to be 'the answer' in the long run. Technology (no matter how "green" we think it is) is not going to save us.

    1. Solar energy specifically, and alternative energy more broadly, will decentralize the way power is created and distributed. This will do away with many monopolistic tendencies in the market, the price of energy will go up, people will be more inclined to regulate how much energy they use, and the market will change as a result.

      Long-distance food distribution will no longer be feasible, centralized manufacturing will no longer be feasible, and many 'conventional' means of agriculture will no longer be feasible.

      All in all, diverting from the path outlined in this movie will really change the world quite a bit.

      And when you think about emerging technologies (graphene, 3D printers, asteroid mining) the picture of our future looks very different than "As long as mass resources have to be extracted for a mass society, living under authoritarian hierarchy in a mass culture consuming mass quantities, no amount of renewable energy or energy efficiency is going to be 'the answer' in the long run."

      " Technology (no matter how "green" we think it is) is not going to save us." but the changes in society that result from them will definitely change the rules/problems of the game. Hopefully more in our favor as a species/planet.

    2. I should elaborate a bit:

      The part where I talk about "feasible" systems and how they will become "unfeasible" is more about what the movie is talking about (peak oil and the depletion of natural resources) than alternative energy sources.

  18. This is very good, until the "happy ending". It is far too pessimistic.
    Jeremy Rifkin's Third Industrial Revolution presents a realistic path which many countries are already taking towards a more sustainable economy.
    To say that technology won't solve anything is a complete fallacy - renewable energy technological advancements are happening all the time; solar efficiency, wave technology, and new ingenious solutions of how to capture different sources of energy, etc. This is not an overly optimistic view - it is happening constantly.
    The very brief argument against electric cars is shallow and wrong.
    If electric cars are integrated into a renewable energy electric smart grid, they would not be a problem.
    Many of the manufacturing issues would be greatly reduced when factories start running on electricity from renewable sources of energy, also integrated into the smart grid.
    Saying Recycling is not an answer, just because it is not perfect is ridiculous. We just need to improve recycling efficiency and change the materials in which products are made.
    Products can become integrated into a Cradle to Cradle model, where almost zero waste is produced, where they don't use materials which cannot be recycled or biodegraded.

  19. Once again, they forgot to talk about one of the most important aspects of unsustainably: demographic growth. More than two children for each woman is very wasteful and need to be stop for a better future in addition to find the new source of cheap clean energies and stop wasting resources.

  20. Fantastic film -well done the prodeucers and editors!

  21. I still say people are being paranoid with a "future" that may not even exist. Enjoy your life and live for today. Quit worrying about the someday that you'll never live to see.

  22. After reviewing some of the naive comments, I see the result of truth is hard for most to handle.

    Fact, when someone tells the truth, first they are confronted by anger, then rage, even bloodshed, and then finally acceptance. The US is still in the anger stage. This film is not about doom. Doom is a term used by ignorant. Those who don't see what is already happening in the US, and around the world, are in fact doomed -- or have their head up their ass. We live on finite planet. If you don't prepare, you will be screwed.

  23. I love this film, all who live on this planet should watch it.

  24. Just because there are many challenges to solve a problem doesn't mean it wont happen. There were many challenges to go to the moon and we still went using 60's technology. People, stop living in fear and believing in doom and gloom, only the rich corporations profit from your fears and exploit them to stimulate consumption.

  25. I work in the arms industry.
    It is common knowledge that everything that is in this doc is true and accurate. I have been present where references to these issues, and ones like them, have been mulled over by developers.

    If I may, I'd like to add a few additional observations to this discourse.

    The growth in human populations and the declines in commodities sustaining them are directly linked.

    The world can be said to have too many people but it is not entirely accurate that all its people are alike, similarly dangerous to a future of human life on this limited world. More specifically, the average american uses more resources than an entire African village but whereas Africa could realistically physically support about 5 million more villages, the usa could easily physically host 250 million more consuming mouths. As a result, population culling techniques for use against the 'over-developed world', namely the usa, are actively being discussed. It would be wrong of me to outline these but directing solutions toward the 'minor players' is not wise... nor a wise use of said limited resources so striking the heart of the problem, the population segment that is responsible, is key to a realistic solution.

    Keeping people alive costs huge resources whereas making them 'not alive' is low cost and uses few resources and can be accomplished in a tidy fashion allowing existing resources in target regions to be largely undamaged, thus being later utilizable.

    This doc clearly demonstrates how the american city model, of highly geographically distributed and disparate living and support areas is vastly unsustainable when compared to older civil patterns such as those in Asia, Europe and the 'under-developed' world. Therefore it makes sense to sweep it away cleanly.

    In short, I have heard frequent discussions re. 'culling consumer units' in the unsustainable regions of the world. Since the unsustainable region is the same one that promotes and perpetuates the debt-based currency problem necessitating the treadmill that is 'failed consumerism', the solution strikes two birds with one stone, as it were. Minor ethical judgements aside, there is much to commend the methods being discussed... from a purely technical standpoint alone.

    When the time comes, stand outside in the open and the pain will be but transient, is my actual advice.

    There are billions of people on this world that do not have lives that are killing the ability of this Earth to support human life.

    Is it not right and proper that the minority that are largely responsible are cut back to aid the majority? That's only just, isn't it?

    1. The paradigm of infinite growth within the finite sphere of our earth is what will kill our species and it has been created and controlled by a tiny fraction of the population. However, I'm fairly confident that the laws of thermaldynamics and the Earth will bat last.

  26. Thorium reactors for energy. Go back to following the constitution. Make gold and silver money again.

    All problems solved.

  27. Wow, this documentary was rather depressing. Didn't really give much answers, just simply presented one with the reasons for how we are all doomed.

    1. because we are all doomed... Stop having children people!!!!

    2. Their have been studies that support the idea that the means for population control is not by gutting the populace though by the act of elevating individuals both economically and in terms of safety. Basically by attempting to give the individuals of the world, specifically those of the developing world the opportunity to achieve the needs that every human desires as exemplified by Maslow's heirachy of needs then said population would not whether subconsciously or by natures design continue its rapid increase of population. Another example which is very common is that if you are educated you will have less children though if you are a poor villager you will tend to have more children since children will invariably be your only asset. So therefore by making sure as many people as possible become educated and well nourished in all of or most of their needs then the population can and will begin to decrease, or even better stabilize. I'm not a glass half full kind of guy or a glass half empty kind of guy. I see a glass full of liquid that I want to know what it is and why it is not being consumed. Which would account for my stark reaction to this doc. Thank you for reading this if you do, have a good day or night. Shalom Aleichem.

    3. You appear to have fallen for the fallacy that lots of poor people, who are poor and thus consume little, are the problem... when, in fact, a few, rich, all-consuming units are actually the problem. This is a common mistake made by inferior minds which are lucky enough to enjoy the fruits of a system that is crippling the planet.

      Perhaps these poor people should also 'eat cake instead'?

      The underlying erroneous logic you suffer from is a belief that... "if only these fragrant poor people would have fewer noisy kids or, better still, die, I'd be able to drive my SUV a tad more and not feel bad buying packaged meat and an expensive electronic item per week". What, precisely, have YOU done to limit your populaton? Poor foiks at fault again? Dammit, they should buy fewer yachts and off-road vehicles!

      I note that racists in the developed world, those enjoying the Earth-damaging trappings, tend not to see themselves as targets for population control... that is a gift only to be inflicted upon poor people living somewhere you haven't been to or couldn't find on a map. Right?

      This allows one to not have to deal with the problem.

      In short, the world can easily support more poor Africans and Asians. The world cannot support more americans, they being the majority source of the pertinent problems.

      If you think I am unfairly targetting americans... and not Europeans, Asians nor Africans, I suggest you look at the published figures for world resource consumption by nationality and nation and figure it out for yourself!

    4. I grew up in the slums of Buenos Aires, moved to Israel when I was 16 by myself because some crazed man thought it would be a good idea to blow up the humble little corner store of the neighborhood Jews. Joined the army, got myself into medical school finished with honors. And have for the past three years have spent my days in remote villages in the central African countries in clinics, teaching the staff, performing surgeries, teaching the people about infection and Aids prevention.
      So don't you dare talk down to me through a computer screen or anyone else for that matter, who do you think you are? If you are indeed as enlightened as the manner your comment is written in would like to suggest then have the class to present your case with a proper rebuttal. For you are in a website filled with documentaries the manner in which you present yourself within the comment section should be that of rational individual. But please if you feel the circumstances in which you live as an individual give you any sort of an excuse for your tone please do tell me so.

  28. Oh! What a clear and clever cartoon! With all the ugly facts every informed citizen should at least know. (And note: the example on population doubling comes from ... uh ... some professor guy, whose lecture is available online as well.)

  29. This just makes people paranoid and afraid. Afraid to do anything because it will hurt our planet, and blah blah. The world is dying, as are the rest of us. Someday everything we know of won't exist anymore, but who cares about the someday? For all you know you could die tomorrow without ever enjoying your life. Stupid. I say live and let live and just be happy. Quit being so paranoid, but if you insist humans are the cause for destruction, then just kill yourself and then all your problems will be gone. Promise.

    1. @L0LAW0NKA,

      Are you familiar with this ancient Indian proverb: "Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by? your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children."

      There is a difference between being "paranoid" and being "realistic". Have you wondered what YOUR children, grandchildren, grand-grand children will inherit, except: "live and let live and just be happy."

    2. There is nothing realistic in this video other then fear mongering, in fact all the true alternative ways of making energy which are clean and environmentally friendly are shut down as being non viable. All this documentary (if you can call it that) does is insist we need to reduce population.

      "Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world's machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels."

      -- Nikola Tesla

    3. @Rick Kiriakidis,

      Sure there are many alternative clean ways of making energy. And Tesla could have been right. I didn't dispute any of that.

      I was just making a remark to a rather "careless" comment regarding pollution and destruction. Quote: who cares about the someday?

    4. More than half the world's electricity is generated by coal. 'Electric Power' is NOT present everywhere, only 30% of the world got access to stable electricity even at this year and will continue until the fossil fuel or coals exist.
      This video presentation has been developed appearing like a cartoon but its simplicity is fit for everybody who doesn't understand mumbo jumbo terms of different systems and methods used in energy creation and conservation.

    5. There are numerous ways of making electricity other than using coal, wind, solar, etc. Technology is advancing at a really fast pace and alternatives are being developed every day. If everyone just put up a solar panel on their roofs they could probably generate 30 to 40% of their electric needs add a wind turbine to you roof too and you can up that percentage even more. Alternatives exist, fear mongering wont help anyone and advocating reducing population when we all know that the largest fraction of energy users aren't the populations with highest number of people. The USA consumes more energy then any other country and has 300 million people, meanwhile China has over a billion and doesn't use as much. So don't tell me population reduction is the solution here.

    6. Yes alternatives exist, but it takes resources to make them viable. Solar panels on every roof top in a city would be quite a feat, on every roof top in a country would take combined political will, and on every roof top in the world is highly improbable. I hold out more hope for winning the lottery than seeing a solar panel on every home in the world. Then we come to the problem of production, we need energy and resources to build those solar panels, then technicians need to travel in vehicles large enough to carry tools and parts to service these panels. People will need money to buy the panels, money to retrofit their homes for solar energy, and money to pay the technicians to maintain the panels. You want to add wind turbines too, then repeat the process all over again. Not to mention you will not get the same amount of energy out of solar and wind in all regions. What do people who live in Alaska do for energy the number of months out of the year that they have no sunlight? It's very easy to say that everyone should do what you think they should do, that is until you think it through every step along the chain. When you think about the mass amounts of capital, will, energy, and resources it would take to accomplish what you suggest suddenly it becomes much more complicated.

      As well, what film were you watching? Yes they said population growth was the problem but they didn't go all Garret Hardin and suggest population control as a measure. If you actually payed attention to the film you would note that they suggested decreasing ones consumption and dependence on our current system, while increasing ones self sufficiency. Doing things like growing your own food, shopping locally, and learning to live more like our predecessors.

    7. It takes resources now to do all these things AND we still use fossil fuels as our #1 energy provider, if we decrease the use of fossil fuels we can use them for other things, like making solar panels and wind turbines. Secondly, you can do all these thins yourself for cheap, go on youtube and educate yourself on how to install a solar panel or a wind turbine, its really not difficult at all. Thirdly, did you know countries in Europe, like for example Greece, ALL have solar panels on their roofs? These solar panels power their hot water tanks, every building/house has one. Did you also know that technology is advancing allowing cells to produce more energy, just like the computer has multiplied in computing speed so are the cells and batteries. I will agree with you on the political side though, but that will change when people demand the change or basically do it themselves, educate themselves and learn to think for themselves.

    8. You're assuming that people will care enough to change, that everyone will care enough to learn how to install their own solar panels. Sorry but people are lazy, sedentary creatures. They love convenience, and installing and maintaining your own solar panels is not convenient. As well, where will the solar panels be made? In their town? Where will the minerals required to build them come from? How will those resources be transported? How will everyone afford the initial cost of the panels? I can't afford solar panels, hell I can't even afford a home, I rent.
      How do you suggest we move painlessly away from fossil fuels? Most major cities are now built for people to travel incredible distances by car. Ideas in city design and infrastructure would need to shift immensely to accommodate a lifestyle that doesn't involve fossil fuels.
      Also applying the same reasoning of increased computing speed to energy production and storage is a false analogy. There are fundamental laws of science that create differing barriers to progress for both of those fields. Not to mention you have to consider the role commercial demand plays in technological development.
      I'm not saying that your ideas are not noble, I too dream of a better world and try to make it happen, but I also try to keep myself aware of the very real challenges that face such noble change.

    9. The only limits we have are the ones we impose on ourselves.

    10. Yes, that and the limits of the natural world, and the limits that our broken social and economic system imposes on us. Sometimes by force.

    11. Dale might I suggest you view any of the jacque Fresco clips on you-tube regarding the Venus Project or any, or all, of the Zeitgeist productions!!

    12. I'm actually quite familiar with Jacque Fresco and the Venus Project. I actually really like his ideas. Everything I posted before were arguments running off the internal logic of the system that currently dominates global society. I'm not a fan of that system. However unless someone can offer an actual material alternative, one that can appeal to more people than the current system does, I have little faith in such an alternative becoming dominate on a global scale.

      As well I also take umbrage with the "If everyone just" mentality. The idea that if everyone just got on board everything would be fine, simply saying that solar panels on every roof top would be a good thing is not enough. You need to make it easy for people, attractive to people, or you have to force it on people.

    13. Doesn't matter. I won't be here and NEITHER will you. So... quit being paranoid. T____T"

    14. @L0LAW0NKA,

      Doesn't matter what? Doesn't matter what your children will inherit, because you'll not be there anyways.

      It is a strange and selfish statement if you ask me.

      BTW, do you have kids?

    15. I'm saying you're being paranoid and rude. You don't know what will happen. Do you think you're God or something to dictate the future? You're just another guy using the web. Get used to having people disagree with you. You're nothing special. So stop OBSSESSING!!

    16. @L0LAW0NKA,

      I had to moderate your comment a little bit. Stick to the rules. Discus without name calling. If someone disagrees with you, it doesn't mean he is a jerk.

      I really don't see why I was rude. True, I don't know what will happen, but as far as I recall the conversation was about polluting, energy sources, hurting our planet etc. The data clearly shows we're polluting and depleting our fuels/resources rapidly. Your attitude was like "nah that is paranoia", with which I disagree. I'll repeat it again: There is a difference between "paranoia" and "realism."

      I'm not God and I don't dictate the future. It is very simple. I want a better world tomorrow, better world for my children. If you don't want that, not a problem.

      Yeap, I'm just another guy using the web, and to speak frankly I'm very, very used to have people disagree with me.

    17. So you're an admin, and I'm supposed to bow down to you? You're the one who started arguing with me asking me if I have kids and what not. You're being paranoid, and now you're taking the stance of athe all-knowing all-powerful admin. You think you know better than me? What do you know about the world anyways.. have countries have you LIVED in, not visited actually lived in. I can tell you I have lived in several states of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Columbia and Guatemala. I have yet to live in Cuba but I'm planning on it. So I know the struggle people have below our sheltered comfort zone we call the United States of America. I know how difficult it is to change from one culture to another, because IT IS difficult. I know that Mexico is actually safe in some areas, and in others there's constant shooting. I know how strict the laws are in Canada, and I can't believe how proud they are. I know there things. What do you know? Have you lived in Guatemala and used their currency to buy expensive food, because even a tiny meal is costly. Have you lived in Ecuador and seen the beauty of the sunrise and all the different colors around the area and then get stung by mosquite and get so sick you can't even stand up? Have you lived in Mexico and learned how to manage police officers because you ran a stop-light and then they realized you weren't from around there so they actually let you go? What do you think you know that gives you the right to leacture me?
      You know nothing. Don't ever think we have anything in common. I'm not part of your society. I'm not even in the states right now.

    18. You want a better world? Move to Mexico. Help them build houses. Help them get water. Teach the kids english so THEY can have a better future. Write letters to the government and advocate for CIVIL RIGHTS that the people and the animals need. You want a better future? Move to Columbia. Educate them about equal rights. Teach them the life-style you so comfortly live in the U.S. Help them imagine a world where your WORK actually pays off. You want a better world? Go to Guatemala. Learn Spanish and teach them. They don't even know Spanish; did you know that? Most people still speak native (ACTUAL native) tongues. You want a better world? Go. Help the World. Build sheleters. Adopt dogs and cats on the death row from the pound. Help your community find missing people. Donate yoru paycheck to charities. Sell your car to a teenager and then move to a "big city" and use public transportation. That's what most people in other countries use. You want a better world? Love your family; care for your friends; LEAD BY EXAMPLE. You want a better world? Quit wasting your and MY time arguing about a "better world" and just go FOR IT. You want a better world? Prove it.

    19. @L0LAW0NKA,

      Are we entering another pissing contest? You say: I've been there, I've done that, what have you done, lalalala etc. What a desperate attempt to defend and feed your ego.

      I've lived in quite a few countries myself. Both poor and rich. I've experienced quite a few things on my journeys too. But it is pointless to write my memoirs and my future plans here to prove you that you're not the only one with "street experience."

      Now, everything you wrote is in confrontation with your previous premise: "live and let live and just be happy."

      Why would you help people around, donate your paycheck and sell your car to a teenager when you clearly don't care about the future.

      P.S. You are right. I'm just wasting my time with you. Especially when I tried to interrupt you while you were calling people paranoid and telling them to kill themselves.

    20. Your writing does pose a condescending fervor.

    21. @Declan_Walsh,

      You're probably right.

    22. Is LOLA WONKA an admirer or your twin sister?

    23. What a horrible ethnocentric and close-minded message. You want a better world? Start learning that other worlds exist and are as valuable as yours. Realize that what you're proposing is to perpetuate the values that got us all into this mess. Incredible!

    24. LOL. You think you can just show up and try to teach these people? Tell the poor women not to produce 10 kids? Explain to them about resource depletion? LOL. Such arrogance.Those people would kill you! The Mexicans who've moved to the US are doing the same thing they did in Mexico- getting pregnant as often as they possibly can . You can't tell people here in the USA about the issues in the video. They'd rather gossip about Beyoncé and team sports. Look at all the ignorant comments posted here denying the on coming crisis. They think unlimited growth can go on forever, business as usual. No, not gonna happen. Billions are going to starve to death or be killed in wars scrambling for the dwindling resources.

    25. I think we must redefine what "enjoying our life" means.

  30. Also, if you think over population is the problem; its not. Think about it.

    The same number of gigawatts is used per person as 50 years ago. Its not that we don't have the resources to sustain 7 bn people, its that the profit motive blocks or inhibits true resources efficiency. Oil consumption has only increased because we've allowed it to. Energy can be free and abundant for all, including food and homes but this is so typically overlooked that ignorance partly, or mainly due to the media remains. The 'economy' is a joke; people don't need jobs, they need their health and sustenance, which could easily be provided without a ponzi fiat distribution method, so if your doing something that puts in zero innovation to the economy, STOP WHAT YOUR DOING AND BE CREATIVE!

  31. Those who dismiss or scoff at this should be desperately ashamed of themselves. Its worse than denying the holocaust, but I still bet some of you out there deny the holocaust.

    This doc touches on a very important truth that few people consider; that is, global collaboration. Unless we channel our focus onto the issues that matter, some of those this doc raises, we will perish. We urgently need a massive worldwide transfer to renewable energies. Sadly, some still choose to hoard fossil fuel to their own 'legitimate' gain, with others in denial, unable to accept that unless we alter our path, the prosperity of billions and billions more to come will result.

    I refer you to the Zeitgeist movement for further awareness. If you feel bile rising when I post this, don't bother responding, just tell your incoherent illogical argument to yourself. Please refrain from sharing your opinion, its potentially devastating to the human race. And don't mention the 'free' market. That model is either obsolete or has been raped by thieves.

  32. all us petroleum using 2x the land used to grow food in 2020 based on corn or hemp?

  33. Fact:1 Oil is running out. Fact: 2 the wold is already over populated. Fact:3 every one of us here will ever go as far as putting their rubbish in the bin and will feel that they are doing their bit to keep the earth nice and clean!! so far all i have seen is evidence of people just b#tching and moaning. lol typical $2 comments no1 here really cares, we just think we do.

  34. 6,500 millions of humans have to dissapear in order to ensure the specie survival. That's the way evolution works. Only those with enough sources will survive, this means, the richest and most powerful people on the planet. They know this and that's why they've already took on their own hands the course of a massive human extinction. It is very likely that either you or your children will die victims of cancer, obesity, an extrange "unknown" virus, a war or starving.

  35. thank god we had the best of times.


  36. Two words: doomer porn.

  37. You are right in the sense that genocide is often rationalized because of fears of global carrying capacity being overstretched, but it has also been the case that genocide has commenced in relation to "lack of resources." In Darfur, for example, it is a fact that Lake Chad, once a very big lake supporting life and habitat, has dried out to little more than a pond. This has been a big causal factor in the humanitarian crisis going on there.

  38. The grammatically correct term for those who digest this swill would be "doomer ignoramuses."

    A brief look through even the most recent human history provides numerous example of mass human slaughters and genocides - *always* "rationally" based on hysterical resource fears and their alleged cultural solutions - such as those committed by Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Ho Chi Minh, and Pol Pot, or in places such as Rwanda, Kosovo, Somalia, and Darfur. And that's merely the tip of the genocidal iceberg (of just the last century alone!), always fundamentally based on fears and hysteria about resource depletion.

    People who buy into this extremely dangerous mode of thinking might better take a look at their own place in the world and how to better it, rather than to cultivate a vision of paranoia and fear about the future.

    It's easy to see in the comments here what kind of venal "documentary" this actually is.

    1. Clearly evident you are not cognizant of the near future energy conundrum we are facing, so you fall into the category of the ignoramus.

  39. a simple solution, currently possible, and very cost efficient exists. "wholesale slaughter". we currently have population far in excess of our needs for production, as evidenced by unemployment, "stay at home moms", redundant middle managers, the idle rich, professional scholars of "the humanities", the criminal population, lawyers, politicians, and many more sub-classes of humanity. all we productive members of society (folks who actually "add value") need to do is wander about killing as many as we can lay our hands on, and within a few short years we reach "sustainability" again. of course, i make this observation with tongue firmly inserted in cheek, but it is, technically at least, a VERY workable short term fix. there are some minor stumbling blocks (laws, morality, etc). funny thing is, i seem to remember back in the early 70s, a movement for "Z-pop" an acronym for zero population growth. it was of course, branded as lunacy of the highest order by the majority (though china embraced it fully, and within a few decades became the emerging economic giant of our planet, hmmmmm). now, we need "neg-pop". so, every body sharpen your cutlass, lay in a goodly supply of ammunition, arm yourselves to the teeth, and go out and do your duty for humanity!! lol, thanks for another of many informative docs, TDF... but seriously folks, i was only kidding (well, except maybe for the lawyers ; ) )

  40. So. Buy some land in a temperate climate, begin an organic farm, and take lessons from the amish. Oh, and buy enough guns and ammunition to fight off all the starving millions and political militaries from taking your least until they die back. Kids these days might find learning how to build windmills might be a hobby that could turn into a job in later life. Gosh, the idea of no more big screen LCD Tvs is saddening. It's hard to make a documentary through a book.

  41. The video assumes the usual: "A surprising number of people are unaware..." This, from someone who is apparently surprisingly unaware that this isn't news. All of the wars since the beginning of time have been resource wars. Oil just made it bigger and uglier, that's all.

    1. Some form of money will always naturally spring up. It is the most efficient method of exchange for any society complex enough to develop multiple job types (blacksmith, farmer, carpenter, soldier, weaver, writer, priest, etc.).

      A barter economy cannot function well in a marketplace with multiple products that range in value significantly. It may take several hundred of a farmers onions to purchase a suit, but what tailor wants 400 onions?

      Currency is the natural result. In a large enough marketplace certain goods become imbued with monetary properties. Rum became a de facto currency in New South Whales. Through history everything from rice to wine, gold, and shells have been used for currency.

      What you are upset about, and I feel your angst, is when a currency backed by a physical asset is manipulated to no longer have an absolute value tethered to a physical asset.

    2. The money we got these days are FIAT CORRECY, its paper money, because somebody invented a printing press.

  42. Most of your arguments are correct in all but one respect: the part where you say "the fundamental problem is..."

    These are all just pieces of the puzzle. You've got to ask yourself: "why do they exist in the first place?". And the answer generally is: "because we've left ourselves no other option!".

    Take money, for example... None of you VOTED to use money; and none of you can OPT-OUT of it. It literally is the life blood of industrial civilization. You CAN'T get rid of it without reorganizing both the physical AND MENTAL structure of the entire civilized world.

    Same goes for population control. Until, by some weird twist of circumstances, humanity all of a sudden reverses it's underlying moral, and decides that death is GOOD and birth is BAD, there will ALWAYS be population growth wherever the situation allows for it. This compounded by the fact that for most of the world's poor, more children equals more income!

    And now --to make matters worse-- certain factions of our society have come to the realization that somewhere along the line we f***ed-up! So, now we are overrun by activist movements, full of people determined to shut everything down; seemingly OBLIVIOUS to the repercussions of such a thing happening. Repercussions like social anarchy (which many are actually dumb enough to believe is a GOOD thing), brought on by the collapse of our 'just-in-time' supply chains. And then there's all that nuclear waste just lying around waiting to go into melt-down. And if that don't get ya, there's always global warming, resource depletion, environmental devastation, etc... All of which these same idiots believe can be addressed simply by banging a drum outside the New York Stock Exchange.

    Yeah, we're pretty much screwed!

    1. your living in a fantasy world buddy! no really we all are because money is not a tangable thing only a symbol of debt. not value. can you eat money? can you burn money for heat?(might be good idea) can you build a house of of money? resources are what is value not imaginary symbols man created that is fantasy. this fantasy has caused every single mass problem there is if you don't reconize that your not looking at the facts none of this is my opinion it is the way things are. people think oh i just need more money and ill be okay so it is a good thing i need to protect the concept of it. this is fantasy and false this fantasy is killing the earth! the earth is the real thing people and animals and life are value yet in a monetary system there is no responsibility because everyone that needs money is a slave equally. the man with the most money in town will establish the status quo and beliefs of society in a way that will support his needs and wants to keep his wealth and power. to not accept this is creating a whole new fantasy world to live in it is type to say you know what i am in control of how i think and live and to research the truth and make the nessisary changes. all people are one family no one is worth more than their contributions to a better society

    2. notice how all the 'money hating' is expressed by men? i would love to take that final step away from relying on it but i know i would have to sacrafice women. women love money, not self sustaining lifestyles.

  43. we are beyond the point of no return - face it
    for every one person (like my self) whoi tries to conserve resources there are 100000 people that will continue wasting
    I agree that the monetary system is the root of this evil also - that is the ONLY solution -- remove money which will remove greed and waste

    1. The monetary system is a result of the problem, not the cause of it. Monetary systems have been eliminated over and over throughout history, and someone has always stepped up to recreate them... usually before the last incarnation was even dead.

      No, you have to cut the head off the beast. You have to address what money represents to the person seeking it: the measure of one's own worth.

    2. your completely wrong. the concept behind money is scarcity which the world has always had. there has never ever! been a civilization without barter! barter and money is the root of the problem and today is the first time the technology is able to solve it. captialism is slavery barter is slavery and obsolete unreliable. there is no freedom with barter never was any freedom on this planet. when profit is the goal everything else becomes worthless it is impossible to make profit or trade while being honest and considerate of the planet. scarcity creates elitism. theres no freedom when the man with the most money has the most contol or the man with the most corn to trade (barter) has control. mankind has never ever been civilized in any type or form. because of monetary systems. money is corruption. only a child would think otherwise. humans subject themselves to being subservient for money corruption is not a byproduct or else interest would never have existed. technology could give us a truly free world if instead of a monetary system we had a resource based economy which is already being planned by the world's most intelligent minds it is the only way to survive. in a profit system you can never take care of society or the environment there is no responsibility for if there was breaking even would be impossible. capitalism socialism communism all those isms are just monetarism with people at the top of the pyramid controlling the masses

  44. Whichever way you look at it, the fundamental problem is our population size. Every other resource and environmental problem mentioned is just a byproduct of overpopulation. Even if we could learn how to cheaply harness the power of nuclear fusion or discover some other infinitely renewable energy source, this success would only encourage a further population boom. The world simply isn't big enough to accomodate us all.

    However, nature will intervene and sort this all out. It always does. In some ways it's a comforting thought. We have only ever been temporary stewards of this planet, and if our time is up, well we've certainly made our mark! Hopefully the next lot will be more considerate than we were.

    1. the fundimental problem is the monetary system, which demands population size to increase with growth, try to name 1 major problem facing civilization that isn't created by the monetary system i can't.

  45. After watching a video called:Thrive and then reading a book called: The Source Field Investigations... I found proof yet 'AGAIN' of how free energy is suppressed. I read that at a Zurich conference, Dr. Brian O'Leary revealed a wealth of info suggesting "free energy" devices have been invented, again and again, but are invariable suppressed by corporate power brokers.

    "According to Dr. O'Leary, some researchers are bought off and their discoveries put on a shelf. Others are threatened into submission ,while others die under strange circumstances. Dr. Stefan Marinov-head of "the European free energy movement" --allegedly jumped to his death from the 10th story of the library building at the University of Graz in Austria! Marinov flew out the window 'backward and left no suicide note!"

    Dr. Eugene Mallove,was bludgeoned to death outside his parents home less then 24 hr. before he was due to go live on the air to demonstrate his free energy breakthrough device!

    We all know that Dr. Nikola Tesla work was "shut-down" as well. (sigh)

    David Wilcock wrote: "Man's answer to everything has been POWER--Power of money, power of position, Power of wealth, Power of this, and that or the other."

    I tell ya...I would hate to be in the shoes of anyone who has blocked free energy at the time of their death! These sub-humans who are full of pure greed.... WILL face their own personal Karma at the end. If reincarnation does exists then it wouldn't surprised me if they don't reincarnate back as a cockroach....or worse!

    1. i agree with every word

  46. this movie makes you hate yourself and everybody else in the world. Very well made docu, makes you think about it.

  47. This video makes it clear why those who are the Controllers have deemed it necessary to "Prune the Tree of Life" to eliminate waste, the consumption of very limited resources by the "Dead Wood." This time, however, it will not be the "Roots" that will be pruned, but the "Sick and Dying Non-Productive Branches."

    Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

  48. I will be brief: watch Albert Bartlett''s The Most Important Video You'll ever See, Youtube regarding the simple exponential function of growth, re population, economics etc etc.

    I would say that we are doomed if, when or until we reject and devalue the monetary system that controls scarce resources instead of valuing resources that are abundant. The very nature of abundance means we are far less likely to use resources that are abundant. Put simply: embrace QUALITY and reject Quantity. I just don't see that happening because most people are like fish in a pond, and they fail to realize that there is a whole new world out of water.
    summarized in three words or less:


  49. Check out 22:00
    we currently use 40% of all photosynthesis on earth.
    It might be possible to use 80%,
    we are unlikely to use 160%.

    First the obvious:
    160% i think you mean 100%.

    i sincerely doubt we use 40% of photosynthesis, I believe we use less.

    it is misleading to use a diagram of the sun to represent the portion of photosynthesis we use, it gives the impression that we can only use 100% of photosynthesis which is untrue since energy stored via photosynthesis is not the same as the energy from the sun reaching earth, photosynthesis only stores a very small portion of the energy reaching earth.

  50. So-called "Peak Oil "groups are usually "Covers" for what are known as Libertarian groups, a backward bunch of people usually with little regard for the environment. They glorify money as a concept. In the future, they think somehow they can institute some purer form of "Democracy", based on a gold-backed system.

    The current crop of these price system flunkies, are making waves in Vermont right now. The essayist James Kunstler and Michael Ruppert, involved in the From The Wilderness Group, - a so-called non-profit group - are agitating for a break away state. In their mock-heroic way they present themselves as great revolutionaries, warning the public against fascist, socialist, authoritarian corporate rule. The reality of our situation is much different, and these people, and their groups are merely, mostly, unconscious pawns, with virtually no original ideas.

    At this point in history with excess population and dwindling resources, there is one group that has addressed our most pressing problems, that group is Technocracy, which advocates the abolition of our current money based - commodity valuation system. Since 1933, we have advocated using energy, the amount of energy (BTUs, therms, kilowatts) as a measurement for doing business. Energy is a real thing, which can be used to measure our remaining resources, whereas "money" a throwback abstraction, to a class, or caste based system, insures our destruction, as it measures nothing real, only an abstract concept called debt, an excellent method to enslave and control actions of the populace and a guarantee, that the mass of people, leaders included, always make the wrong choices in critical matters, because all choices are based on an expanding economy, or feathering ones nest, with more money. So we're using something unreal to make our most important decisions.

    One of our founders, M. King Hubbert, the famous geologist/scientist is often quoted by a current crop of know nothings, Matthew Simmons, James Kunstler, Noam Chomsky - all people reputed to have keen intellects, who know about "Peak Oil" without knowing much about who came up with the concept, and what else, this brilliant man talked about. It's a pity the current crop of "intellectuals'' can'i do a little research, their nightmare vision of the world under a corporate, one world fascist, socialist collapsed state, doesn't have to come about, if we change our way of doing business.

    Now I'll tell you a little secret, Kunstler, Chomsky, Seymore Hearse, From the Wilderness Group, Amy Goodman, Bill Meyers all the darlings of the pseudo- intellectuals are doing what they're doing for money, so the last thing they really want is real change - or change is OK, as long as they maintain their cherished illusions
    - that is maintain they're bank accounts - and the status and prestige that goes along with being honored in a misinformed brain washed society. So in their own way, these people are merely mouthpieces for the powers that be. They don't get at the core problem that being our Price System which makes our caste, or class system, and ensures our decisions are based on money - something that doesn't truly measure anything real.

    1. That is a crock. I founded the peak oil group in my town and you are a LIAR, sir.

  51. The eventual energy demand outstrips supply, decrease supply and drastically reduce world wide populations. I suggest we start eating people before they starve, nothing worse than ribs with no meat on them. That being said I was lead to believe a vast majority of our world grain harvest was disposed of to keep the price of production economically viable, and of the grain that is kept most of it is used to feed livestock for meat production. If any of that is true (It's merely hearsay on my part to be honest) the fact that GM grains now contain half the stuff our bodies can’t produce on their own like calcium and iron, there maybe be some wriggle room on the Energy : Food ratio should an impending crisis bring about some serious belt tightening.

  52. The late Dr. M. King Hubbert, a geophysicist, is well known as a world authority on the estimation of energy resources and on the prediction of their patterns of discovery and depletion.

    He was probably the best known geophysicist in the world to the general public because of his startling prediction, first made publicly in 1949, that the fossil fuel era would be of very short duration.
    His prediction in 1956 that U.S. oil production would peak in about 1970 and decline thereafter was scoffed at then but his analysis has since proved to be remarkably accurate.

    ``I was in New York in the 30's. I had a box seat at the depression,'' Hubbert says. ``I can assure you it was a very educational experience. We shut the country down because of monetary reasons. We had manpower and abundant raw materials. Yet we shut the country down. We're doing the same kind of thing now but with a different material outlook. We are not in the position we were in 1929-30 with regard to the future. Then the physical system was ready to roll. This time it's not. We are in a crisis in the evolution of human society. It's unique to both human and geologic history. It has never happened before and it can't possibly happen again. You can only use oil once. You can only use metals once. Soon all the oil is going to be burned and all the metals mined and scattered.'' That is obviously a scenario of catastrophe, a possibility Hubbert concedes. But it is not one he forecast. The man known to many as a pessimist is, in this case, quite hopeful. In fact, he could be the ultimate utopian. We have, he says, the necessary technology. All we have to do is completely overhaul our culture and find an alternative to money.

    Does Dr. Hubbert have a recommendation for the overhaul of our culture and an alternative to money? When I spoke to him by telephone in about 1970 he confirmed that he did. His suggestion was that income in units of energy could be used. In a 30 page research paper which he published while at Columbia in August 1936 titled Man-Hours--A Declining Quantity[4] he wrote, ``the American public has watched both government and business indulge in the curtailment of food production and its wholesale destruction at a time of the greatest human need in American history. They have seen their factories closed at a time when a large fraction of the population has been in want of the products of industry and when millions have been willing and anxious to work.-- What is there so difficult about the problem? What is it that has to be done in order to solve it? Simply and solely that our Continental totality shall be operated at a maximum of efficiency with a maximum conservation of resources for the maximum production and distribution of physical wealth--with a resultant standard of living greater than has ever been obtained on the North American Continent.

  53. The video is accurate and well done but it is a shame it does not mention the only solution that ever could prevent the massive die-off and destruction of civilisation caused by Peak Oil. This solution was outlined by the very individual who discovered Peak Oil in the first place, Marion King Hubbert himself, in the Technocracy Study Course.

  54. The amazing aspect of this is our cultural narrative, the idea that infinite growth on a finite planet is somehow possible. All previous civilizations have bounded past their regions carrying capacity, and precariously barreled into the physical limits of the systems that support them.

    They, however, had the excuse of ignorance. Our current global civilization is advanced in its knowledge of science, and the predicament we now face was easily grasped in the 1700s.

    All things are ephemeral. We seem to have a certain blind spot for recognizing that all of our efforts throughout life contribute not to a permanent structure, but instead our constant toil becomes the blowing wind.

  55. The most obvious solution to the problems outlined in this documentary is to stop population growth. Population is already shrinking in 1st world countries. Unfortunately, the only way to make the population shrink in developing countries will probably be to let nature take its course and let the people there starve. 1st world countries also will need to stop letting migrants flood in or they will end up suffering similar effects as the 3rd world countries. Also, banking will have to be changed. Banks will have to only be allowed to lend money they have.

    1. The criterion for establishing the limits of the allowable population load for this Continent should be the physical ability of the area to maintain that population at a standard of abundance for an indefinite period.

      Descending from the above generalities, and applying statistical estimates to the problem, let us answer the question: ``How many people can the Technate area maintain at the standard which Technocracy specifies?'' Considering all the known and probable factors, that number would be in the vicinity of 200 million individuals, plus or minus twenty percent. The lowest figure in this range is the number of people that are needed to operate the Continent without imposing a heavy load of effort upon anyone. The highest figure in this range is the number that can be maintained without placing too much of a burden upon the resources of the Continent.

      How is such a policy to be administered? That is secondary; but, we can warn, that any program that relies upon voluntary human self-regulation is doomed to failure.
      Technocracy merely proposes that scientists of this Continent be put in charge of administering the population control policy.

    2. They also need to allow s e x education in schools, and make birth control easily available, the exact opposite of the right-wing-agenda.

  56. I fully agree with the potentials mentioned by Mosqueire. But problem is that right now there is simply no doable solution to replace the exponentially increasing energy demands on non-renewables with alternative, especially in a time window before the non-renewables been depleted.
    Center idea is, growth itself is the problem. The exponential growth, as mentioned in the doc, is not the consequence of "greedy" banking and interest system, but rather it reflects basic mechanism built in in every living creature. Even bacterias will try to fill a bottle in exponential rate and kill themselves, how could human not multiply whenever there is abundant resources?
    And also, energy, as we commonly imply, is limited. Although the total energy always conserves, the usable energy will always diminish in a closed environment. The earth can be vigorous, mainly because of extra usable energy from the sun. Although potential energy sources exists, but there is definitely no guarantee that human race will be able to explore them before we get extinct.
    The idea of space exploration is also quite romantic. Consider just the enormous amount of energy that is required to send a couple of people to the moon and the formidable requirement to even visit Mars, the total energy to transfer population from earth to another planet alone would be impossible, let alone to build accommodations there. Even when space colonization is realized, it is most likely that just tiny amount of people can really be transported to the colonized planet, and no large scale resources and energy transfer will be possible between the colonized planet and earth, simply due to the energy needed. All this estimation suggests that space colonization will NOT solve the resource problem on earth.

  57. I understand the concerns raised by this documentary. But we're not in the 18th or 19th century. Our understandings and our scientific findings made us more flexible in adjusting to sudden slumps fossil fuel. We know and have developed ways to produce energy. At a state of emergency, will be able to build enough wind turbine, solar panels or even fusion power to get everything back to normal. As a humans our resilience should not be so easily dismissed. For this, my opinion is over long term, human population will continue to rise perpetually....

  58. How come geothermal energy was so quickly dismissed in this doc?

    I think this documentary touched a little on the real issue when it talked about the infinite growth paradigm, but it was just too pessimistic regarding technology and alternative energy sources. They are probably getting their data from the oil industry.

    Just google "wind power potential", "geothermal potential", "wave power potential", etc, and you will get completely different data from what this doc is stating.

    Energy is nothing but abundant in the universe and new and better methods to harness it will certainly come to fruition. What is clearly slowing us down is the profit-based, self-preserving system we live in today.

    1. There are really two issues.

      1. Can renewables be brought online at a rapid enough pace to replace the depletion of fossil fuels (primarily oil). Wind and solar require rare earth elements in relatively large amounts compared to their availability. Also you must replace our entire infrastructure to accommodate the new energy source. Try replacing 800 million cars and trucks. Try plugging in a cargo ship, and having enough batteries to fare an ocean. Try flying a plane when the weight of the batteries prevent it from leaving the ground.

      2. Alternatives exist and are even currently in use, but can they ever supplement the lifestyles we currently enjoy? You live a more comfortable life than any king, despot, or monarch of the Middle Ages. Fossil fuels replaced the work previously done by the peasant class and draft animals. There was no such thing as a middle class throughout human history... until the use of fossil fuels. We could go back to draft animals, but draft animals consume (historically) 30% of the crop produced. A planet with 7 billion people can scarcely afford to convert 30% of its food supply to food for animals.

      Of course, we do already feed a significant portion of our corn crop to cattle, but that's a separate issue.However, corn is intricately weaved into the fuel dilemma we're experiencing. Over 40% of the U.S. corn crop in 2011 went to produce ethanol. You know its bad when your solution thus far entails burning your old fuel (oil) to grow your new fuel (corn for ethanol). In fact, we burn so much diesel plowing, sowing, spraying, harvesting, and transporting the ethanol that MORE energy is used to make it than it yields. This crop diversion assisted in the explosion of food prices, which led to the Arab Spring when a man in Tunisia immolated himself (burned himself alive) in protest of food prices. Its all interconnected, and the world described in this video isn't a distant future, but a current, evolving reality.

    2. while it's true Most wind turbines in use today rely on complicated gearboxes and also require the use of dysprosium, an expensive, rare-earth metal obtained from China, a country whose environmental track record leaves much to be desired, it is essentially old technology. Newer direct drive wind turbines are being built with a direct drive system that is "basically one big moving part." And since this single part relies on neodymium, which is one-twentieth the price of dysprosium, and mined in California using an environmentally-friendly extraction process, its potential to replace current wind energy technologies is essentially a given.

    3. "Energy is nothing but abundant" ??
      It takes energy to "create"/harness/deliver energy!...and takes other resources!
      Everyone driving electric cars is a pretty funny concept, considering the best energy/battery source out there is lithium, which is DEF limited.

      Last "non-propaganda/bias" scientific numbers I have seen:
      Geothermal: Would supply 5% of current energy needs
      Wind Turbine: Would supply 20% of current usage
      Tidal/Wave: Would supply 2% of current usage that's 27% of what we use

      And call me crazy,,,,,
      but pumping cold water into Earth's core, in order to obtain it's heat, thus on a mass scale would cool the Earth's core which is a VERY important self running a bad idea! lol

      Heat from Earth's core is what drives this big ball we call Earth
      If Earth's core were to cool enough....
      We would lose/weaken the magnetic field, kill our atmosphere, thus Earth's water would dry up and it would be one giant rock!!

      Yes Yes....I have heard it will take a million years to cool it off
      They also said that when we started using oil..and coal...etc
      "There is plenty to last centuries" LOL...yeah, sure

      So forgive me if I don't jump up and down at the idea of humans pulling heat from Earth's core. Any 8th grade science experiment will show that it will drop core tempature within a finite situation.
      Add in recent geothermal plants have cause some man made earthquakes, and it just doesn't seem like a great idea, tho some of this is just my general opinion.

    4. You do know they don't pump water into the core there pump water intp magma springs were the mantle rises in a pin point area... Iceland uses this and is 100% power by geothermal engery.

  59. Wow, reading the comments, people will believe anything. Every argument counter to this documentary is shot down so frivolously its unbelievable. New technology is almost vilified in this ridiculous documentary and is seen as obsolete. What a bleak view of the future when there is so much potential out there. Pretty much what this documentary advocates is reducing global population, which can be achieved by elevating people out of poverty anyway.

  60. i think i know why the US government ordered those 500 thousand coffins now...

    problem is those stupid 16 year old whores mass producing children for attention and fame (those stupid 16 and pregnant, and teen mom shows), and also so they can sit on their asses and claim tax payer's money.

    1. young, pregnant, poor and sitting on an ass. Like the BVM. New it was all lies, dirty little minx ;)
      BVM = blessed virgin mary

    2. They're 16 and stupid and pregnant because right-wingers won't allow s e x education and say that birth control is bad. Oh, and many churches encourage it.

  61. So what they basically are saying is that there is no possible way of avoiding collapse and whatever anyone is trying to do just delays the inevitable.

    A strange way of encouraging people to make a change i must say.

  62. Man, these kind of documentaries bum me out so much.

  63. good documentary . make soap out of other humans is good for the enviroment

  64. Colonize space. All the resources you need in our solar system for a few years at least. Leave earth as an Eden. Unfortunately we have such a long ways to go in that direction.

  65. Hemp! Hemp! Hemp! Hemp! The anti-carbon people seriously need to look into wild seed hemp, it is a viable source of energy. 1 acre of wild-seed hemp (Cannabis Sativa) produces 4 tons of biodiesel, cannabis crops do not require petroleum products, they can be grown completely organically in almost any climate. It can replace paper crops, and offset MILLIONS of tons of carbon from the air. Not to mention all the toxic pollutants associated with oil, paper etc do not exist with cannabis/hemp products. Henry Ford designed an entire car made from hemp that ran on hemp biodiesel. You don't have to use valuable food crop such as corn for biodiesel because its not even economical in the first place to use food to power machines. Food should be used to feed the starving. Hemp can be used to create food products, or add valuable nutrition to them but its not really a food in and of itself. Not a staple food like corn anyways.

  66. Post carbon? Isn't every form of life on earth basically based off carbon?

    1. It's a "term of art" which describes a society based on non-carbon energy sources. Does not mean what your comment implies; we don't want to rid the world of ALL carbon! That would be us!

    2. Isn´t all food a carbon based energy form?

    3. Hmm, humans as fossil fuel? Soylent Green Gas-O-Line! Solves the energy problem AND over-population!

  67. That was awesome. Lots of good stuff from other works about peaking of everything and our future.

  68. This ought to be a great learning tool for the right wingers as it appeals to their kindergarten-level intellects.

  69. The thing is world population growth starts to decrease within the last 20 years. The problem may new automatically solved because of decreased amount of population in each year. I hope humanity stops populating the world like crazy.

  70. wonderfully educational.

  71. I think the present system is approaching the end. You can feel it. For the better it has to be. We use and buy unnecessary garbage that we don't need and just throw away anyway and are willing to kill for it. Eat, screw, drink. Be well citizens.

  72. Very well done....should be presented in all schools with discussions afterward. Kids like cartoons.
    The first thing to do is to grow food, humans would be busy and wouldn't think about shopping so much. Every inches of all grass yards should be turned into veg. garden, patios covered with pots, growing sprouts in homes even in the winter, planting fruits trees. We need to be able to rely on our own food in large having one's mind in the sky while gardening is really healthy for ideas, peace, inspiration and love.
    Many cities have communal gardens...participate and cultivate.
    We have a group where i live who will garden people's yard for a three year contract in exchange of all the harvest. From there they gather all the different harvest from the many participants and make boxes to be delivered for sale, the participant gets a free box full of fresh organic vergetables and fruits a week.
    There are many ways to produce food cheap, local, organic, and abundant.
    All that is needed is soil and in some cases pots or grow boxes made with old wood.

    1. nice

  73. Solution? How about let's stop screwing around and just get a bunch of smart people in a room and figure this stuff out? Can anyone say resource-based economy?

    Let's see... increase in consumption meeting decrease in production. Seems that the logical solution is to decrease consumption while increasing (or at least maintaining) production. Consumption isn't just from the products and gadgets themselves, but from the idiotic transportation and wasteful spending.

    Recycling and efficiency CAN solve the "energy crisis," but not on a consumer level. It has to be globally implemented. Cut military spending to zero. Create local economies that rely on minimal (if not zero) imports. Increase efficiencies in ALL technologies. Stop creating garbage products and make things on demand (won't fuel the economy, but the economy is gonna collapse anyways. We don't need it). There's more, but it would take a while.

    Overall, this documentary is a great way of portraying the world as it functions today. Clearly we are headed for disaster. Blindly believing we can continue to live the lifestyle we do is insane. Change is gonna have to be huge, but it's not impossible. Quit thinking that we can't because there will always be those people stopping us. Who? We are those people. If we want it, we can make it happen, but it has to be "we" and not "me."

    I believe in a better future, not because I'm an optimist, but because I'm a realist. We won't sit and watch as our world crumbles. We have the potential to do great things, but it might take a little kick in the pants to get us out of our seats.

  74. very nicely presented information that is critical for everyone to learn and understand

  75. the future looks bleak no matter where one looks

  76. @fonbindelhofas regardless of the potential of geothermal the point is we have to change our economic systems dependence on exponential growth. It doesn't matter what you plug the oil hole with we have reached a point where the earth can't cope with more exponential growth.

    1. totaly agree, monatery system must die if human spiecies to survive

  77. Best to date. I really love this one. We have to change the way we think!

    Thanks to all contributors!

  78. Only chance is Fusion Power. But who knows how long that will be before or even possible on a commercial scale.

  79. So, just bomb developing economies? It right that energy sources will peak, but if we pray, there might be a world war.

    1. pray for world war??? i hade to read it few times and still im not sure is that a joke?

    2. The realist in me think it is going to happen, because that is just power politics.

      I do think energy usages can be reduced in say China, because, China use more trains, and people live in cities which reduce the need to drive. The transitions using solar, and batteries storage systems can make the transition from an oil based to a renewable economy more smooth. It depends on other things.

  80. geothermal have way more potential than 10%

  81. :S

    sad but true