Through The Wormhole: Is there a Sixth Sense?

Through The Wormhole: Is there a Sixth Sense?

2011, Science  -   157 Comments
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Through The Wormhole: Is there a Sixth Sense?Sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch are the tools most of us depend on to perceive the world. But some people say they also can perceive things that are outside the range of the conventional senses, through some other channel for which there is no anatomical or neurological explanation. Scientific researchers who study such abilities call them extrasensory perception (ESP), but lay people often refer to them as the sixth sense.

Either term really is a catch-all for a variety of different purported abilities that vary from person to person. Some people claim the power of telepathy - that is, the ability to perceive others' thoughts, without having them communicated verbally or in writing. Others claim to have the power of clairvoyance, which is the ability to perceive events and objects that are hidden from view because of barriers or distance. Still others claim to be gifted with precognition, which enables them to look into the future and glimpse what hasn't yet occurred.

The belief in ESP or the sixth sense dates back thousands of years. The Greek historian Herodotus wrote that Croesus, who ruled a kingdom in what is now Turkey in the sixth century B.C., consulted oracles - that is, groups of priests claimed to be able to predict the future -- before he went to war. In ancient India, Hindu holy men were believed to possess the power to see and hear at a distance, and to communicate through telepathy.

In the late 1700s, the Viennese physician Franz Mesmer claimed that he could give people ESP powers by hypnotizing them. Just before his assassination in 1865, President Abraham Lincoln told friends that he'd dreamed of his own body lying in state in the White House. In the 20th century, Edgar Cayce and Jean Dixon attracted wide followings by claiming that they could foresee future events. During the Cold War, U.S. military and intelligence agencies, spurred by reports that the Soviets had psychics at their disposal, even tried to utilize clairvoyants who claimed remote-viewing powers for espionage purposes. List of all episodes here: Through The Wormhole. Available only in United States.

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  1. Charles B, seems to me that any all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-loving godhead figure would have to have a strong sadistic streak to wake someone to "Pray for your brother, NOW." What is the benefit to an all-powerful god for you to pray? An all-loving god would simply resolve the situation, it would be too empathetic to do anything else. Any god worth his or her salt is perfectly capable of doing anything he or she wants to, regardless of whether anyone is praying. Your god shouldn't be like Tinkerbell, needing you to clap your hands in order to have the power to continue to exist. Unless, of course, gods are just some 11th dimension string theory force comprised of a bit of everyone, maybe even bits of every animal, vegetable, or mineral, joined together to work as a single force. Since there is no logical reason humans would know when someone is watching them, there HAS to be some interconnection. ButWormhole didn't give us all the relevant facts with that study. We don't know if subjects know how many times they will be watched. it could be anything from 1%-99% of the intervals. if they know what percentage it is, any halfway intelligent human knows if it's anything other than 50-50, it's to their advantage to guess they are being watched more or less often, building in a systemic cheat.

    Because of that, until we can confirm that the study was 50% watched and 50% not, I have to find more significance in the random number generator becoming non-random starting BEFORE any terrorist got into even his originating commuter flight on 9/11.

  2. The question of extra senses is a joke really. There are untold numbers of ways creatures in nature can gather relevant information. Humans have five naturally and use science and technology to add to our list of abilities at will.

  3. That makes me think about when I was a kid when my mother an granma met up it a store once we were about to leave I suddenly wouldnt get in my moms car so my grandma took me home we waited for an hour than sombody called an said that my mom got into a wreak wow did my brain look into the future an stop me from being in that wreak

  4. Why do these popular science always teach bad science....

  5. Take into account all humans are connected, some jump their turns and create chaos to rein / rain on others, as they should be noticed as all humans need, but your eyes should never leave all their amazement, with the powers of help, of many others idle.
    Are you awake or fall into don't care with time, would be a good question.
    Anyone is capable, the powers that be.

  6. re: Mandy & Mark

    1. Are they related or do they know each other well?
    2. They are obviously aware of each other being there
    3. Did they do this experiment without anyone in the other room?
    4. What are their feelings about a "6th sense" - believers, non-believers, neutral ...
    5. Has experimental design/results has been peer-reviewed?
    and so on.

    All of this sounds great, but you really must be rigorous with the experimental method. Maybe they were, or not, but this rigor has to be strict .. so after all of that if there IS an effect than you have more reason to accept the results.

    Just sayin' ...

  7. No Jacka**, YOU'RE ignorant. Go back and get some grammatical help, "YOUR" pathetic. Oh yeah, and I hope you get out of your mom's basement soon, cause you're obviously (noticed how I used "you're" correctly... make a note of it Einstein and tape it to your computer) a 30 year old who will never get a date.

    1. Marylouhoo; First off, this Is a blog, not a term paper. You're falling into the trap,set by society, of focusing on the unimportant and ignoring the point. Grammar is not the topic. Discussion of new ideas and thinking outside the box in the hope if imparting information and discovery. Your comments were to say the least rude and oppressive, indicative of someone who's very insecure. Something you may consider.
      When you observe or meet someone, first concentrate on your similarities, not your differences. Then the differences that are not so important will pale with respect to those things that really matter. Then treat them as you would like others to treat and deal with you.

    2. Agree with Mikeb. I'm so sick of the reading comments of condescending nature on the whole "your" / "you're" grammar nitpicking.

  8. Some of this stuff seems to make sense, but there were some segments that either weren't explained well or had some really dubious conjecture. For example, that guy near the end of the episode who was trying to prove that his subjects were anticipating emotionally charged images before they saw them because their brain activity spiked between images has obviously never seen a horror movie before. The anticipation is just as emotional as the event. I suppose if he could measure the difference between that and the reaction though... I do find it difficult to believe that there would be such a glaring oversight in a project he's been doing for 30 years.

    1. The study you commented about indicated that only before emotionally-charged images were the spikes present, not before all images. Just thought I would point that out.

  9. Another strange one, morphic fields are the reason birds flock, or animals flock. However we know what causes birds to flock, its simple rules. Taking the example of ants, they have five flags in their brains, which account for a set amount of actions. However when ants group, they exhibit something like 10 flags worth of behaviour. This is due to simple rules, when combined resulting in extra behaviour. Flocking is something like
    Rule 1. Dont hit another bird.
    Rule 2. Always fly to the left.
    Once a few birds get together, they fly in complicated patterns which are born from 2 simple rules. By the way those rules are just examples. The reason I know this is because you can recreate flocking behaviour in a computer program. By giving each element 2-3 simple rules, they flock the sameway a bird does. Unfortunatly I didnt get flocking for my project, but we still had to learn the theory for the A.I module.

  10. The problem with random number generators is that they aren't truly random. The reason is because when you sit down to write the code for randomness, you have to create the random aglorithm, which actually follows a set pattern, because a person has to tell the computer how to be random. Hence, even though the pattern is very comlex, its still a pattern, not random. Think of it like this, you want a computer to pick a number from one to ten, randomly, over and over again. First you store those numbers in a box, each number gets its own box. Then you have a number, which you add to, to select a box. You have to tell it which box will be the first one, then you add your number to the picker. This will then jump that amount to the next box which matches the picker number. If its bigger than ten, you continue from box one and count that amount up the line. You can change the number you add to the picker, every time it selects a box, add five to the number you are going to add to the picker. You can make it more complex by multiplication, division, subtraction, or some combination of all of them. However, as you can see, the pattern may appear random, but actually it will follow a pattern. The ramification of this is that, even though the random numbers are supposed to be random, they in fact will have a pattern, that a scientist looking at the data will pick up and assume it is thought that is causing this pattern.

    1. LarrytheLayman, you bring up some very important programming facts. Thank you. I understand the potential for patterning. The changes mentioned did not seem to have a "pattern" independent of the worldwide events, although I did not study the data. I do appreciate the knowledge, and I see you are trying to share the scientific theories with us. I would like to see how they apply to specific studies. As you stated, studies do often reflect author biases. And as physicists have pointed out, only 4% of the universe is accounted for, the rest is unexplored energy. I have learned that we do not live in a simple algorithm world, and sometimes, there exists things beyond our immediate knowledge. Hence, faith. Without faith (in some yet unproven thought/idea), we cannot create scientific experiments to corroborate our hypotheses. So thank you for bringing "science" to the conversation.

    2. computers take cpu time at very precise value, even if the interval in which this number is sampled is patterned the end result has very minor changes that go down to quantum level fluctuations that alter the cpu electricity, that is how random numbers are taken in basic computers the ones in video take it directly from quantum fluctuations so even if the sampling is patterned the values gained are truly random at least according to our current understanding of the quantum mechanics

  11. In terms of the logged "reactions" to 9/11 before it happened...I wonder if the fact that others were involved with orchestrating this attack would account for it? Perhaps the perpetrator's anticipation of the event to come registered...?

  12. the is amazing. Me my best friend can do this all the time... we call it,"eye contact". all we do is look at each other and then some how we know what we are thinking. I always couldn't fifer out why, but this explains why. This is cool. its like super powers... "The Mind Reading Sense" If we know about this sense, then we can use it more often.

    ...................................-->*YEAH BUDDY*<--....................................

  13. this video was amazing thank you for the upload :) .... ever since the events of 9/11 i new about cosmic consciousness and how our thoughts effect the world in which we live... people are slowly waking up to this face of how we are all connected via the electromagnetic fields of our world.... this fact is what will change the world and how we view and act towards each other.... we are all one consciousness experiencing the world subjectively... the underlying fabric of the universe IS consciousness.....

    welcome to the time of the global awakening.... One Love!!! :)

    ......................Peace be with all of humankind.........................

  14. I have a weird connection with an ex boyfriend: when I see 7 11 on the clock I ring him and something is wrong in his life. The two weeks before he took his own life I saw it every day- morning and night and days before he left this world the use by date on the orange juice I purchased was 07 11 11 which is the day that he died. What does this mean? Can anyone explain this to me? I haven't seen it since he died except for tonight, if anyone can explain please email me (censored)

    1. happens to me too, I interpret it spiritually as I am a Christian and has been extremely accurate in predicting a close friend I have a spiritual connection with is in danger.

  15. I believe thoughts are things and here they say that thats what the 6th sense is: thoughts reaching out across the globe. Well, i would agree becuz the night my boyfriend died we were miles apart. At 12:15 am I suddenly felt the sudden urge to call him while he was in the hospital. I couldnt find my phone and at 12:30 I gave up. I have his death certificate and he passed away at 12:30 am Aug.5th 2006...did he think about his upcoming passing and thought about me? I believe this is exactly what happened and this documentary hits the mark with me.

  16. great doc

  17. youtube removed the video :(

  18. I'm writing this comment before watching the doc.
    But...there are 9 commonly known senses...not 5. So the real question would be, is there more than 9?

  19. Interesting documentary. I have often wondered about thought patterns if its a form of energy in itself. From our emotions, thoughts, what we do in our day to day life as well as our dreams.

    Especially our dreams. Have you ever wondered why you have dreams that you dont know who the people are in your dream. Where you are, or why you may be hearing music? Or have you ever had a dream come true?

    1. My dreams come true all the time, I dream of places I have never been and people I haven't met and later in life I go to that place and meet those people. my dreams tend to be extremely detailed and vivid and emotional.

      When you dream, at birth and at death a chemical called Dimethyltriptymine is released in your brain (DMT). There is a book called DMT: The Spirit Molecule (and a doco) that explains the physical chemical process of dreaming but also explores the spiritual options of it. DMT is the active ingerdient in Ayahuasca and can also be inhaled or injected resulting in powerful hallucinations that rip you from your body and plonk you in another world... it is indescribable and I recommend it to anyone, especially if you have questions about other realities.

  20. This is a truly brilliant episode. Great point for discussion and pondering. The random number generator experiment blew my mind.
    Totally makes sense to me that consciousness is an integral part of the fabric of the universe, if not the most integral part. The fact that we've evolved to make use of consciousness is surely good enough evidence on its own?
    We are made of bits of the universe, (arguably all symbiotically connected) so essentially, the universe is trying to understand itself.

    Perhaps consciousness and evolution are inextricably linked, intertwined, being wrapped ever more tightly together, like a twisting dance, until they become one infinite singularity: the birth of the universe itself, God, the multiverse, whatever you want to call it.

  21. proprioception

  22. as much as i like Morgan Freeman, i was very disappointed by this whole Discovery channel series.
    i think its only a matter of time until "astral projection" is the topic of the week
    or how about Psychic animals?

  23. 6 SENSE
    I think there is more evidence that it does exist, then there are that it doesnt exist.
    just speak to 10 individuals of their six sense, and they will tell you of an experience that they cant explain.
    and if you take the trouble to look for the design of the occurence that you cant explain, slowly but surely you will begain to recognise a pattern, and then begain to predict its occurences.
    cheers, "seek and you shall fine it"

  24. what if every day you wake up and tell yourself that, just for a continuious experiment like a 100 days, at the hour of your birth(lets say 11am), what ever infomation that you receive, from a friend, family or from the news, you would pay special attention to it. see what the results says to help you in your decisions in life.
    if the infomation is relavent mark it as a special occurence if not cross out that day, if you get 80% in relevent infomation to help you in your decision in life, that means there must be a design, think positive and see where it leads you.
    if the time that you were born is the time that you are sleeping listen to your dreams, and if you wake up after the dream look at the time, and write down the mins before or after you time of birth that the dream ended.
    this is just an experiment on yourself, to see the premonition of your life before it happens.

  25. I totally believe in a sixth sense

  26. as i walk through the day, everything falls into place, when i reach the bus stop ,my bus would be there or arriving within 1 min, as i walk towards the traffic light it will turn green for me to cross the road, the same would happen for the lift,etc. i would be able to tell which lift was coming first, sometimes there would be 6 lifts in the lobby(accuracy 8times right, 2 times wrong)
    everythings happends more smoothly when im in a positive mood, and when my mine is clear, and "The FLOW" will be very very smooth, its really cool to see trafficlights and lifts coming at the exact time and space as you are there, and all for you.

    there is a 'design" in all of this TIME & SPACE.

    Maybe i will one day write all of my experiences,
    " The design of Time & Space", true experiences, non-scitific non-fiction.

    if anyone out there can explain, why im able to meet people that i wanted to meet only in my thoughts, but finally meet them in a day or two and out of the blue.

    if anyone out there can explain, why am i able to bet a specific number on a roulette table, on my first bet after a specific no. appeares, i do this once a year and it has happen 3years in a row.and all the time the no. opens.

    if anyone out there can explain, why im able to tell people i dont know, except when we meet for the first time, how long they have been in a relationship or out of one, their age , discription their pets, family etc.
    and it all turns out to be true.

    what are the chances, possibilites or probabilities of it all.
    we truely dont know everything there is to know, and thats why we are all searching for the truth, and explination of it all.
    anyone knows?

    "have you used your MIND lately, i have and it always appears as i think it".

    1. Can you do this all the time? For me it is sporadic, but I know exactly what you are talking about.

    2. Wow you must truly be gifted. Shame this didn't extend as far as writing coherently in English.

  27. @ C_and_N

    While I still disagree with you, I would like to thank you for your kind words about my grandfather and your obvious compassion toward me. Your alright Charles, for whats it worth coming from plain old me. I know you catch a lot of grief over some of your beliefs, and I don't pretend to understand or share them, but I have never seen you act superior or self righteous in any way. You seem to be sincere and acting from a place of compassion, just be careful, there are many that would take advantage of such a person via religion. But, I am sure you know more about that me, considering the your level of involvement with religion.

    Its not so much that my grandfather died that bothers me, it was the way he died. I don't want to go into to it but suffice to say it wasn't pretty and I think he deserved a lot more if there is a god up there. Not that this is the source f my disbelief, but it did reinforce it quite a bit. Any way, as you often say, I wish you peace regardless of our disagreement.


    Well I tell you what, I'll trust the scientific method, and you use your overly developed pineal gland you have worked so hard on, and lets see how many people trust your air plane over mine. In fact I highly doubt you yourself would fly in such a contraption, I doubt you trust your ju-ju half as far as you like to tell yourself you do. There is a place in this world for spiritualism and abstract thinking, and there is a place in this world for the scientific method and logic, and generally they are not interchangeable. When the truth matters, meaning lives depend on it, we would be a f00l to trust your "third eye" philosophy. Just as it would be f00lish to attempt to create meaningful art that truly reflects the human experience using only the scientific method.

    There are different kinds of truth. I used mushrooms, and other hallucinogenics, for years in an attempt to pry into the abstract, to dig through my muscle memory and find out who I am, who I might have been. I learned a lot of subjective truth doing so, but never any objective truth, which is what constitutes the reality we have to operate in. Through science however I managed to learn both. There is a lot of spiritual truth in the fact that an electron can be in two places at one time, that matter may only exist as we define it when it is measured, that matter an energy are basically two forms of the same thing. Don't be so quick to claim some kind of superiority simply because someone seems to disagree with you. We have a lot more in common that you would like to think.

    P.S. I guess I mis-spoke in a way. I did learn one objective truth via hallucinogens, that drugs are dangerous and what starts out as mind expansion and an exercise in the abstract can turn into a a drug problem and a criminal record real fast.

    1. Just one thing I would recommend to you is Jeremy Narbys book The Cosmic Serpent. He goes to South America and studies shamanism and finds that things they see while on hallucinegenics is something the regard as real and tangible. They regard it as so real they will do things based on it eg they will see a plant in a trip that cures a certain poisonous snakes bite and it will. All sorts of information they know that science has proven true they get from hallucinogenic trips. Weird right many drugs used in modern healthcare were taken from these sorts of people such as curare which is used in heart surgery. Some of these recipes for medicines will involve substances in the proper proportions boiled for a certain amount of time so it wasnt just people eating everything and finding there effects.I agree with your other point though. Check the book out its very interesting.

  29. What is it when you UNconsciously make a measurement on whether it is real or not.

    1. luck?

  30. Is it naïve to think that we can describe the universe by using the senses we have acquired through evolution…I ask because it seems short sided to say that if you can’t prove something via the scientific method (based on our senses), then it must be false. I’m not saying the scientific method is useless, but I do think it is limited by our own limits, which can make us ‘blind’.

    1. A scientist knows that he is "blind". That is why we build machines to detect the things that our senses cannot see. We cannot detect the atom with our senses, yet we know they exist because the technology we have shows that they do exist. If we can detect things that are hidden from us by the use of these man made sensors then why can we not detect the sixth sense in any meaningful and consistent manner?

    2. Because you can't see a smell. You can't taste a touch. Our senses are limited. Our sixth sense is something our other five senses can't detect, so the scientific method, which is based on the five senses, is having a hard time trying to figure out how to envoke it...we haven't discovered how to do it, yet.

      In the transition from ignorance to discovery, there is exploration. In exploring, you don't know exactly what you are looking for, but your pretty sure that you are going to find it. Sometimes you do find it and other times you don't. Some people think they're going to discover something, so I say, let them go looking.

    3. Not if that means taking funding from real science research like, oh I don't know....curing cancer....

    4. @Andy:

      10 replies in ten minutes, if you are trying your hand at trolling don't even go there!

    5. To explore these things in a deliberate scientific way is laudable. The guy with the random number generator thinks that he may have found times when it doesn't seem to generate numbers randomly. What he must now do is to attempt to induce those situations in a lab where that same program stops operating in a random way. That would be a type of exploration that would also bring knowledge. Going to a psychic and hoping that he can foretell the future teaches us nothing.

    6. the machines we build to see beyond our senses are still physical. i think its obvious that particles dont really exist, its our trying to physically process tiny bits of the non-physical energy that creates and connects everything. why else would we be seeing them as probability clouds...could be here, could be there...if we want to move ourselves forward we should take a new view of the cosmos. its not random and irrelevant.

    7. @ Brian Hache

      I would respond to your post but I have no idea what you are talking about. Cosmic musings confuse me as it seems to drift into realms of nothing. Maybe its just me. I can't understand what can't be explained.

      Sorry about not putting the little thingy above the e in your name. My computer won't allow it as far as I know.

    8. Yea, these people mostly have no idea of what physics is, let alone understanding the implications of fundamental quantum laws. If they did, they wouldn't be wasting their time. :)

    9. sorry i wasn't more rigid with my wording. i've recently been consuming a lot of alternative literature and media. I tend to put more stock into modern philosophy and spirituality as ways to understand the world rather than reading about non-deterministic quantum theories that can never be tested anyway. pick 'yer poison, id rather have meaning in my life.

    10. Hi Jack1952,

      I agree with what you are saying about the importance of science in expanding our knowledge about the world around us and ourselves. But I wouldn't go as far as to dismiss the existence of the sixth sense (whatever that may be), or anything else for that matter, only because science is not able to prove it at this point. Who knows, it may be capable of doing it tomorrow. Besides, as far as I know, the science can't explain the mind either and I think it hasn't succeeded in detecting it or proving it's existence in any way that would satisfy scientific requirements, but I am sure you would not deny that (at least some :)) humans possess it.


    11. Define mind.

    12. That ties in with a few previous comments on Critical Thinking.
      Where have you been?

    13. @ WTC7

      I think that we would both agree that by not dismissing the sixth sense, we do not mean to say that it exists, either. There are many compelling accounts of unexplained occurrences that have been attributed to this sixth sense. Anecdotal evidence should only be the first step in examining any phenomena and should in no way be taken as proof. As it stands, all we have is a reason to investigate in a lab under controlled conditions. This research will help to tell us whether there is something to these stories or that maybe we have just misinterpreted their significance.

      By the mind, I'm assuming you mean consciousness. An EEG can detect brain activity but no one knows how this activity translates into thought. The workings of the brain of the simplest creature is inexplicable to modern science. There is still so much more to learn. These huge gaps in our knowledge of the brain doesn't mean the sixth sense exists and until we can actually see it working in a predictable manner, can we finally say " does exist".

      Greetings to you, too.

    14. Anecdotal evidence is all there is. None of it stands up to experimental evidence, and yes it has been tried. You know the reason why it wasn't in this documentary? Because it was created for entertainment. They wanted people to watch it, and that would only happen if they didn't call it "why extrasensory perception is a load of bullshit". You know what they call extra-sensory perception that's been proved? Perception.

    15. Jack1952,

      I agree on all accounts.

    16. @ Brian

      "if you ever took a chemistry class you'd know that we can never know for sure where a particle like an electron is because it's doing things like popping in and out of existence in a field of potentials. lets forget about these silly documentaries that are overproduced and exaggerated to make money off of relatively uninformed people.
      I've actually studied chemistry 4 years. The fact that you can't pinpoint an elektron isn't proof that it doesn't exist, in fact it is the other way around. But thanks for your concern.

      "I just think that imposing this human structure on everything is very limited. even if you sharpen that pencil to a point the size of an electron, you still wont have pinned anything down, because your working in this bubble of humanity that is only concerned with its own abstraction of reality. science is a tool, a way for us to impose our human structure on nature, nothing more than that."

      Look, accept the fact that we are human, we have limits, nature has laws. I think many scientists, even you, will agree that you can't fully understand or appreciate the true beauty and the awe inspiring complexity that surrounds us without any knowledge of scientific facts. The fact that we impose our knowledge to some extent is just a useful side-effect, nothing more than that.

      The purpose of science however is to understand the nature of what surrounds us. Nothing more than that. How can you say you can appreciate our ecosystem if you haven't the slightest idea of what it consists out of? Your eyes are fixed on functionality, when you should have realized by now that there is no objective purpose to anything. There is only excess and science is unraveling the complex simplicity of it all so we could give honor where honor is due. Science is the inspiration for a lesser bad future. Even if we "only" get to see the "human interpretation of reality" it would be at least better than complete blindness or blind faith in speculations.

      I'm all in for new ideas, but let them be scientific ones. There is no point in wondering how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, safe for entertaining dull minds.

      P.s.: I'm not trying to be cruel, I'm just a misunderstood comedian. :p


      "alsooooo i forgot to educate you about the current status of the higgs particle. it hasn't been found. In fact, Cern has announced that they will declare it's existence by december 2012 (THERE is a notion for conspiracy if i ever heard one) or not at all. That is to say, if they have not found your ever-important "God" particle by the end of next year they will stop looking. "

      First of all, I never said it existed, I just noted that "Lulu" wasn't even aware of the experiments and the implications of it if it were to be found.

      Secondly, they won't stop looking for it as long as there is a reason to look for it. The problem is that the LHC has had some problems before, they are running out of time and still have to do a lot of other experiments so they can't keep focusing on it. Ok? Ok. Also there are already plans to build an even bigger LHC by 2020. You know why? To even do more "quantum bullshit" experiments. You keep dreaming friend. It won't matter.

    17. dave, your obviously more educated than i am and you undoubtedly have a more complete understanding of the way the world works.

      My understanding at this point in my life is that my world is doomed. All i hear about is how many ways we could drive ourselves to extinction in the next century. i am under the influence of the idea that human-kinds' next evolutionary step is to develop an understanding of a meaningful existence where we are connected in such a fundamentally subtle way, that we will see clearly our flaws as a race and move forward with singular purpose.

      if science is the only good way to look at the world, then it is all random, and ultimately it can never hold any significance whether we live on or die.

      p.s. i dont do this sort of thing often but i'm enjoying myself so i hope im not annoying you too much.

    18. You just implied that evolution has direction and purpose. Get a grip, get some education.
      Yes the world is random, scary isn't it. Welcome to the world of the informed. Some say ignorance is bliss.

    19. @ Brian Haché

      I'm pleased to hear that you enjoy at least thinking and talking about it. The way I see it isn't much different than your view. I also see the universe as inherently doomed to wither. But then we have science that helps us understand why and how. Science doesn't have the answers yet to all those questions (keep in mind that the scientific method has only been around for 150 years or so and there are many things to be studied) but at least it provides some sort of hope that when we understand it all, or most of it, maybe we will be able to change it. Maybe we will find a way to "clone" the universe or something and then we wouldn't have to be doomed. All I know is that we won't avoid armageddon if we just sit back and wait to see what happens. :) Anyway it beats praying to God to save us all. :p

    20. @ dave.eggermont

      "Elektron" ?

      You studied chem for 4 years but you can't spell electron?

    21. Despite one simple typo, he appears to understand the behavior of them quite well. I notice you did nothing to argue back but just pointed out a spelling mistake instead? grow up.

    22. Wow, hope belittling people makes you feel superior. I guess the only thoughts on this subject that matter are your own. Sad.

    23. I am not the person with a superiority complex. I don't care to belittle you, I call what I see and if your ignorant, your ignorant. This is what you are Ignorant. You can decide to fix this by reading about things in books, or you can go about your life being ignorant. Don't worry however 90% of humans are like yourself. Why? because its is easier for them to cope with life when they don't think they are alone. It is easier to say "I will keep you in my prayers" than to actually go over there and help the person.

    24. The scientific method was created so we would not rely on our traditional senses or personal opinions. The whole point of repeatable experiments, done by many different scientists, the outcomes of which are mainly measured by instruments far superior to our senses and mathematics, is to reduce personal bias and escape the limits of the human condition (our limited senses and preconceived ideas about reality). Then it has to go through the peer review process, when scientists all over the world take turns taking shots at whatever theory is in question, using the scientific method in a very earnest and sincere effort to disprove the theory and get their turn in the spot light. If it passes peer review science still leaves it open so that future information or observation can be considered and the theory modified if necessary. Now this is goes far beyond just using our five senses and common experiences to judge what reality is, that's why science and many individuals believe the scientific method to be the best means available to man for finding truth. Because much like yourself we think humans are limited and that their five senses coupled with their preconceived ideas, prejudices brought about by personal experience, etc. often mislead them, even when they have the best of intentions. This is not to say the scientific method is perfect, it was invented by man and is therefore flawed. But, it is by far the best we have for now.

    25. what a poor and truly baseless representation of the human! , for those who search its no suprise that we actually have 7 senses , the last 2 being fine sensitive feelings , picked up by the pineal gland , by those humans who`ve taken the time to develop and increase their pineal gland in size and sufficiency. i support scientific testing on the whole , although it wont be able to explain the finer sensitivity`s in full for many years.

      so many people use their idea of science, as their belief system, which is just as bad as a belief in religon. in all cases belief comes from ignorance, a blind belief , becomes a belief system , and is contrary to relying on knowledge.

    26. @ DEBRISTHEREOF (below):

      I think your comparison between religion and science is complete nonsense. In no way is science just a belief system. It's based on logic, experiment, observation and most importantly falsifiability. In deep contrast to every religion on Earth. It is a serious tool for explaining all sorts of interests of humans, in the most objective and investigative way possible.

      You don't want to "believe" in science and regard it as a religion, go ahead. I think that's just a sign that you don't know the first thing about it. Or the benefits that you yourself have enjoyed because of it. What benefits have people ever obtained from a religion? Not a lot in my opinion.

      Two extra senses through the pineal gland? Really? OMG.

    27. Of course the scientific method is limited. In the end, we are in fact only humans, and all observations, experiments and measurements that we do rely on human influence. But the scientific community doesn't say something is false because it appears to be impossible to completely prove it. In fact, many important theories are never proven to the point that it's undeniably (meaning, logically) true. Like the original theory of the atom, which is not observable as such and therefore is still just a theory, has proven to be incredibly successful over the last century. Now there are new theories that take things a few steps further, to explain more of the world we live in. But even that doesn't mean the original theory of the atom "must be false". That's quite a misconception of science. Of course providing proof is always the goal of a scientist, but that's just common sense. If there is no proof to support a theory than it's not "false" by definition (it can mean that the theory is not falsifiable)

    28. Interesting you talk about what is and isn't science, yet have no concept of what a scientific theory is.

  31. I've often wondered why it is when I think of a memory I can see myself. It's as if I am floating in the air observing what my body was doing from behind or wherever. Is this a sixth sense or is it something else? There is no way I should be able to see myself like I was watching me on television .. how?

    *twilight zone music

    1. That's an interesting question. I can relate, I had just never really thought about it this way. Its like instead of the event or memory being recorded from the point of view of your eyes, your brain creates a movie sort of, the content of which is supplied by your memory of what happened and your preconceived idea of what that would look like. Maybe this is why peoples memories vary so greatly even though they witnessed the same event from very similar frames of reference, because their preconception of what it "should" have looked like is biased by their individual experiences. I think we are on to something here, I will research it. Thank you so much for your input. I love this site!!

  32. At best the sixth sense is like owning a car that only starts sporadically. Its nice if it does start but its useless when it doesn't. At least we know how to fix a car. We can't even begin to understand the sixth sense or even if it actually exists at all. If I behaved like a used car salesman and was selling vehicles that were unsafe and unreliable, everyone would call me a crook. I mean everyone would call me a crook. Why is it then that some would defend a psychic? Their readings only seem to come true once in a while. There is no science that truly supports this phenomena. Why would someone spend good money on a something that is unreliable and subject to the whims of the cosmic consciousness? I don't get it.

    I'm not afraid of new ideas and I'm not narrow minded. Prove it in a lab and I'm with you all the way. Reproduce results that are uniform and consistent and repeatable. Until then, its just nonsense and useless.

    1. plently of stuff to check out, if you want to see something incredible look at "buddha boy" on youtube, or dynamite jack I think he is called a master of chi. Also research into the chakra's which are the psychic centres in the body.

    2. There is no proof that the buddha boy did the things that are claimed. While he was meditating he was kept in a tightly secured perimeter. No one was allowed close to him. There was no scientific equipment allowed to monitor his vital signs and at night he was kept in darkness. In the west there are many faith healers who make incredible claims of healing. Once again without any proof. Why are these religious miracles not subject to scientific scrutiny?

      It did seem that there are a great many individuals who have a vested interest in the "buddha boy". Some have financial reasons and others religious interests. It would seem self serving that only those two groups had any access to the boy but anyone with scientific interests were kept at arm's length.

      Once again, I won't say its impossible. However, if scientific study cannot substantiate the claims, I start to smell a rat.

    3. well you can put it like this, before no one think flying was possible. when the wright brother brought out the air plane ideas people think it was a wasted of time and money there are no absolute result of positive test that the thing will fly.look at now airplane are every where it part of our live. from a simple ideas of a wings to a complicated flying machine. So keep your mind open one day something amazing will happen, maybe there is a six sense or maybe we can learn something new while trying to discover this phenomena. Remember every thing come from a strange idea, because if the idea is not strange then it just mean that we already know it.

    4. The wright brothers looked at birds and wanted to do what birds do. They didn't force themselves to grow wings, they just made wings.

      These people see things that aren't there and want powers that aren't there.

      I just think that your analogy fails in representing reality.
      I always remember the old saying: Be careful of what you wish for, you might just get it! Get it?

      It always surprises me that people never learn how to dream responsibly. (ooh, I made it rhyme) xD Now I'm thinking about the pixies' "where is my mind?"

      Time for a song called "Godless Grace":

      I've met demons and angels
      I've met all of the gods
      The ones who live Within
      Are the ones who live above

      We all meet with the void
      There is no place to hide
      We all get what we are
      Take a deep breath and smile

      Surrounded by shallow shadows
      Together we stand alone
      Light is reflected by the colors
      Darkness just echoes our moans

      When in dispair remember
      We can always see enough
      Wherever there is hope
      You will find the love

    5. Birds fly every day and anytime they want. They do so because the laws of science allow them to do so. Those who believed it possible did so because birds showed that it was not only possible but inevitable if the proper principles were invoked. A plane will lift off every time if all conditions are in place. The laws of science says that it must. There has to be laws that allow the sixth sense to work. If those laws do not exist, then neither does the sixth sense.

  33. Honestly these Wormholes series don't even always have to be that interesting, I could just listen to Morgan Freemans voice all day. :)

    1. He's great, isn't he? For me, his voice is floating on a warm wave.

    2. yea Morgan Freeman is a bad ass

  34. How arrogant to dismiss new ideas? I agree 'we have to be open to things' or how else do we move forward. How else do we 'grow' our knowledge. Of course new ideas need to be rigorously tested. And yes it is science if the scientific method is employed. Don't be scared people.

    1. I see a positive correlation to the speed of the earth towards the sun and the amount of ice cream eaten. Let's investigate ?

      What is 4?
      Is it 3+1?
      is it 2.2?
      is it 16/4?
      It is all of that and more, but first of all 4 is 4.

    2. The scientific method requires a hypothesis (educated guess) before experiementation begins. You should note dave.egger the simplisitic definition of a hypothesis is 'educated guess'. That means research has been undertaken, examination of past studies, recorded observations etc. This is basic science. What previous studies did you use to determine a positive correlation of the speed of the earth and amount of ice-cream eaten?

    3. Careful observation will show that when the earth comes closer to the sun it will accelerate, it gets hotter as the earth is closer, more ice cream will be eaten than when it gets cold. That's just an educated guess. Should we now experiment whether ice cream eating is caused by the acceleration of the earth? No. My point was actually a counter-reaction for your "How arrogant to dismiss new ideas?". Some ideas are just too far fetched, redundant or meaningless to not dismiss. Arrogance has nothing to do with that, actually it's logic once you've acquired sufficient knowledge.

  35. Ola signor @Vlatko
    There used to be 2 and sometimes 3 docs a day. We are now down to 1.
    Are we being fed with a small spoon because it is too fastening? lol
    Vacation perhaps?
    Am i addicted...a little bit!

    1. Me too. A little bit. :-)

    2. Ola @Az. 1 doc per day is OK. Enough time to digest it and discuss it.

    3. specially today!
      Photography "C'est mon dada!".
      5hrs....a bit in the morning and a bit at will be a beautiful sunny day in BC!

    4. I agree!

  36. A lot of pseudo science if you ask me, if there is something like a 6th sense would I be right to dismiss it as a subconscious function? Maybe start examining the sub/unconscious before making assumptions like having a 6th sense. Maybe the "feeling of having a 6th sense" is nothing more than the unconscious influencing the conscious. I wouldn't be surprised.

    1. If a man goes to a University for years, obtains a degree and starts doing experiments, is it science no matter the subject?

    2. Of course not. Experiments in what? Science is an exercise in proving something. Things that are not provable are not science - they are hypothesis or theories at best - but in most cases they are just the psychological ramblings of people projecting their internal wishes and neurosis on a universe that it doesn't apply to.

    3. Of course not, but do you really want me to dig up pseudo sciences to prove my point? You really want me to show that searching for something which is not obvious to prove it exists might be dangerous? You could say voodoo is a practiced pseudo science. Does this mean voodoo is real, or it has a valid impact? Well you could argue it does on a personal level, but on a greater scale it has no impact what so ever. Does this mean we should investigate more and do more voodoo experiments until we find something?

      Let's not waste the means to study the things we already know about it's existence to things which have no significant influence on our lives, there are many things yet to be clarified that aren't part of a kind of "wishful thinking". That's all I'm saying. In a way these documentaries are humans hoping to discover something "special" about themselves, because they fail to see the special in the regular. We hardly know the full extent of our 5 senses, and yet we start looking for a 6th already. To me that's not only stupid, it's also very sad. People don't have wings, but it hasn't stopped us from going to the moon. That's the difference between scientists and dreamers. Dreamers will look for wings where there are none, scientists will build them. A more interesting idea to me would suggest the consciousness to be the 6th sense. That to me would not only make a lot more sense it would also provide a new perspective on approaching the consciousness. The sense to sense other senses. But wait, don't we already have neuro science? So all of the sudden this isn't interesting enough anymore?

      I hope you see the irony here about being open minded. It seems like there is just a fine line between being open minded and being naive. That line is drawn by the kind of evidence you value. In this case a university degree or metaphysical notion is as redundant as it is meaningless.

    4. Look, why would the "feeling of being watched" have anything else to do with the following? We get vision from the energy of light, some of that energy gets reflected in the eyes towards what we are looking at. Maybe we just pick up on that by the sense touch. I don't even dare to make this assumption, but why not investigate that instead of just sitting there counting the times someone guessed correctly? Because a lot of these people are lazy pseudo scientists who believe correlation equals causality.

    5. Technically science is a process, so I would say yes. In fact the degree isn't even necessary technically. If you practice the scientific method and remain true to it, then its science. That doesn't mean that it has any practical value or that we should waste time and money on just any scientific endeavor though. If we have reason to believe something is happening, which means that it is repeatedly observable or able to be proven to exist through repeatable experimentation, then science has an obligation to investigate it. This is how we discovered the totally unexpected and strange world of quantum mechanics.

      So yes, the fact that random number generators act in a un-random fashion when events that capture the worlds attention take place is worth looking into. If it had happened once or even twice that wouldn't mean a thing, but if it happens consistently, if it gives us hard data that isn't ambiguous, if the experiment is controlled (meaning the scientific method was rigorously adhered to) then its legitimate science. Whats is not legitimate science is to make the assumption that the cause of the un-random action of the number generator was some psychic phenomenon. All we can say for sure is that it acted in an un-random fashion at the same time these events took place. That's what the data tells us, anything more at this point is pure speculation. Just like assuming there are multiple universes is speculation, we have data that suggests it is a POSSIBILITY, not data that says it is the truth. The same goes for assuming our consciousness collapses the wave form and creates what we call reality, we have data that suggests this COULD be true, not that it is.

      The truth is that 99.9 percent of the people I see on line that defend science fanatically and criticize others for believing in things like a sixth sense are guilty of the same crime. They choose the interpretations they like, the ones that interested them and caught their attention, and they talk about them like they are accepted facts. I am not saying we shouldn't talk about these possibilities or that we shouldn't look into them, only that we can't call them truth or proven science.

      Science is in a weird place right now, we have data that suggests all kinds of crazy weird realities. Anytime science reaches a point like this it divides into several different camps, so to speak, that have their own theories as to what the data means. Each camp then pursues their theory through the scientific method and in the end either all are proven wrong or one is proven right, or sometimes two different theories get combined.... The point is that we are working toward a consensus via the scientific method. So we should feel free to talk about these possibilities and explore them, to have fun speculating what they might mean, etc. But no real scientists will tell you any one of these interpretations of the data is reality or that it is not reality, only that they are possibilities.

    6. @ wald0

      Do you believe all possibilities are worth looking into then? Or do you believe it is possible to decide which possibilities are worth looking into more then others? And if there is then what is wrong with being skeptical about the investigated assumptions?

      "So yes, the fact that random number generators act in a un-random fashion when events that capture the worlds attention take place is worth looking into."

      To be honest, I beg to differ. There is no such thing as a random number generator. I've been programming for quite a while to know that every random number generator has preset limits (which are more or less arbitrary) and you can make predictions about these "random" number generators. Meaning all random number generators are biased. I don't think it's a good idea at this point to start making conclusions based on biased equipment as long as we have no idea of what the effects of the bias are.

      Basically, we don't know enough about random number generators yet to use it as a scientific apparatus. Instead of using them as such we should be treating them first like anything else. With a lot of scrutiny.

      It also seems very peculiar that people seem to praise the fact that these things are "random", meaning in an infinite time line there should be no pattern emerging, if it does, then it's not random. Then make assumptions of where that influence is coming from and then take the leap that we already know what is causing it, something external, while we haven't even have proof that these things are actual 100% random.. well that's a bit too enthusiatic for my taste. You can imagine a lot of these generators will create clusters of identical data randomly and if some of these seem to correlate to real world events that doesn't prove that there actually is a correlation. And then you have to take into account the implications of that theory and I'm sorry, I can't because there are too many holes. It sounds to me like what astrology sounds like to an astronomer. I just go what what whaaat???

      Connect the dots and you get a whole lot of more dots.

    7. @Waldo
      You answered my question with astuteness.

    8. @ dave.eggermont

      Do I think we should look into all possibilities- No, only those suggested by the data we have and only if that data was collected via the scientific method.

      Do I think it is possible to deduce which possibilities are the most worthy of investigation- Yes, we should first look into those possibilities that do not contradict logic or seem impossible. Only when we have exhausted those possibilities should we consider that which seems unintuitive or impossible.

      As far as your take on random number generators, I have yet to research them and I am not a computer programmer- so I have no idea if what you say is correct or not. If it is then the scientific method was not followed and the experiment is useless and means nothing. Not that I would simply take your word for it, I would have to do my own research into random number generators. That is all beside my point really though, my point is that if you have genuine data that something is taking place it has to be looked into, that simple. As far as this particular experiment, I don't have enough information to form a opinion on it yet. You'll notice I said "if" the experiment adhered to the scientific method, then it was real science. You'll also notice that said it was not good science to assume psychic phenomenon was the cause. You need to re-read my post man, you missed quite a bit. Kind of easy to get overly enthusiastic when you have a preconceived agenda, isn't it?

    9. @ wald0

      "The truth is that 99.9 percent of the people I see on line that defend science fanatically and criticize others for believing in things like a sixth sense are guilty of the same crime."

      "Kind of easy to get overly enthusiastic when you have a preconceived agenda, isn't it? "

      My agenda is the same as yours, only my prejudice towards people on line is that 99.9% is just randomly generating ideas. I have a weird sense of humor, it's sometimes called irony.
      I always try to add information if I don't agree with something, I was honestly attacking the assumptions made in this video however, actually whatever you want to know about these generators have already been proven by people like Dennet.

      It's true, you say a lot of things I just say differently, I wasn't picking on them was I? Sorry if it seemed that way.

    10. @ dave.eggermont

      No need for an apology, I didn't feel like you were picking at anything I said. I just wanted to point out that I never said that this experiment was valid, only that "if" it followed certain guide lines it was valid. Your post seemed to suggest that I had said it was valid, which is not the case if you read my post clearly. I am some what of a dry person, I seem to have trouble expressing myself without coming off the wrong way most of the time. But I also enjoy humor,that's why I put that last line in my post. I felt it was some what ironic that someone that was complaining about data being taken out of context, the random number data I mean, would take one sentence of my post out of context and draw conclusions about what I was saying based on it. I was just pointing out that that is obviously easier to do than most people think, even we try not to. Anyway I didn't get mad or mean any offense and yes, we do seem to agree on most things.

  37. I saw a doc on here the other day that stated we actually have like 3 extra senses. Non of which fit into what's being described in this vid though. It was actual science.

    1. Yes, keep in mind that 'Thru the WM' is a mainstream TV/Cable program. Which if you do not get it by now is ALWAYS years behind the internet.

  38. I think your sense of balance should be counted as a sense as well, it does get distorted through alcohol and other influences...also there's the sense of pain, and sense of temperature. Just because they say there's 5 senses doesn't mean there can only be 5 senses

    1. Balance, pain, temperature differences- this can all be accounted for using the 5 senses we know of. Balance is perceived from feeling the way the liquid inside our inner ear moves- its touch. I would also say sight combines with inner ear information to give us a sense of balance. Temperature differences are picked up by our sense of touch as well. Anything that is sensed by the system of nerve endings that runs through your body is called touch, whether you are actually touching anything or not. That includes temperature differences, pressure, texture, etc. Pain is just a signal sent by those same nerve endings, just like touching something rough or smooth, until it reaches the brain, then it is labeled as pain. That's why when they deaden those nerves you don't feel a thing, no pain, no temp difference, no texture-nothing.

    2. I was going to write sort of the same thing, but you said it a lot better than i would have.

    3. ahh ok, thanks! it all makes sense now! lol

    4. Actually the senses are of perception and there are more than 5. You could say that taste is the same as touch, using your logic, when it is not.

      With balance, we are not aware of liquid in our inner ear moving around at all. We simply feel 'off balance', our perception. Without being touched by anything we can feel pain, cramps are painful, there is no touching involved there. Acceleration is another sense we can feel without being touched. Kinesthetic sense also exists and enables us to know where our body parts are in relation to one another, slightly related to touch, but also quite different.

      Touch is mainly associated with the skin, mouth and throat. You could have easily said hearing is the 'touch' of sound waves on your ear drum.

  39. We all must be honest here and forget our differences. Have you ever looked at a person, knowing they were not looking at you and that they did not know that you were looking at them? However you knew that they knew you were looking at them. Then they look at you and you say to yourself "Hmmm I knew they knew I was looking at them!"

    1. yea, let's draw general conclusions about that !

  40. A unified conciousness....Oh ya!

    1. And the social consciousness is aqcuired by ...? Cudo's on your epiphany!

    2. by your reply

    3. Az, I couldn't find the link you said someone left me. Not sure if I would watch it anyway unless you have a sincere question about the content. I'm super busy tomorrow anyway. Peace to you.

    4. @CnN
      If you scrool the comments by "best rating" in Richard Dawkins;The greatest show on will see it near the top (after Oz's thread). It was suggested by earthwinger and supported by Pysmyth.
      I am not trying to push you against the wall. Let's say if you had sat in the audience listening with attention and were asked at the end "What do you think"?
      I am curious because i thought his presentation made so much sense, an actual step towards peace between all individuals no matter what their culture is.
      ...the link was not left to you but i think you may enjoy....allez give it a chance it's only 20 minutes of yur life...i am sure you've had more boring minutes than this before.

  41. I suspect that in actuality, what is commonly thought of as a 6th sense is in reality the information that is sent to our brains by the second set of optic nerves. A sort of subconscious visualization.
    It makes one wonder what other dual pathways our sensory system has and what we may not know on a conscious level.

  42. No, there is not a sixth sense!. There is no soul. None of the stuff in this video has ever had any solid evidence for it. In fact this whole series is just a bunch of conjecture and people letting their imaginations get the best of them.

    1. the phrase "I'M NOT LIVING IN DENIAL" comes to mind

    2. lol denial of what? Imaginary fairy tales?

      Denial requires proof. You have none.

    3. @Psinet

      blaxparx said "None of the stuff in this video has ever had any solid evidence for it." Have u never felt eyes on you from across the room before? I have and that is enough evidence to say the something is there, something is happening.

      To answer your question i think that blaxparx is in denial of being alive. Denial doesn't require proof. Denial is a defence mechanism by which painful truths are not admitted into an individual's consciousness.

    4. How do you know these things dont exist? There's no evidence for that either...

    5. I really don't want to get caught up in this argument, but not having direct evidence that something doesn't exist is not a reason to believe in that something at all. I can dream up a million magical things that no one can disprove, it doesn't make them real.

    6. Half your life you are awake and everything around you seem real, the other half of your life you are asleep and everything around you seem real.
      What is real?

    7. AZ My answer would be both. Both are real layers of consciousness.Different levels

    8. I think there is more evidence that it does exist, then there are that it doesnt exist.
      just speak to 10 individuals of their six sense, and they will tell you of an experience that they cant explain.
      and if you take the trouble to look for the design of the occurence that you cant explain, slowly but surely you will begain to recognise a pattern, and then begain to predict its occurences.
      cheers, "seek and you shall fine it"

    9. Just because they can't explain it it doesn't make it unexplainable.

    10. If you some time have experienced some of the "stuff" from this video by yourself, believe me, you should not come with that nonsense and mistrust. You probably use only <5 % of your brain capacity, as majority itself and is far from Self-awareness of what human minds possibilities really are, try to stay away from these kind of programs please

    11. The myth that we use 5%-10% of our brain is one of the silliest and easiest to disprove that there is. Just because it is said thousands of times by thousands of ignorant people does not make it true. The slightest bit of research will demonstrate the foolishness of this belief.

    12. We may use more than 5-10% of our brain. Would it be right to say that we know only 5-10% about the potential of the brain?

    13. Would you re phrase that please?

    14. I certainly do believe it would be right to say the potential of the brain/mind is unlimited, or that at least it's unknowable at this point what the upper limits on creativity/intelligence may be, if there are any. I really hope we've seen far less as of yet, even exponentially less, than 5 or 10% of the good things we're capable of. And I've had an experience like the ones you refer to, as well: One day 18 years ago, while at work, I had a sudden, strong feeling that something definite was wrong with someone in my family. I hadn't spoken to any of them in months, or even thought much about them, really, because this job, which was out of state, was new, and I was very preoccupied with it. When I went out for lunch, I called home on this hunch, and the very first thing I said was, "Hey, what's up? Is there anything wrong? " Those were my exact words. My uncle, who answered the phone, was a little surprised that I would ask that, and even said so... and then told me that my 21 year-old cousin had been killed in a car-accident the night before. I understand this may only have been a coincidence, but it sure was a strange one, and made a powerful impression on me.

    15. I consider myself a reasonably rational person, and not prone to dwelling on unexplained phenomenon. But like Pysmythe, I too had a very unsettling and odd experience regarding a family member.

      I've never been one for buying or reading newspapers, in fact I actively go out of my way to avoid most mainstream media, but one day on my way home from work, I stopped off to visit a friend. We chatted a while, and then just as I was leaving, my friend said that they'd finished with the local newspaper, and did I want it. Normally I would have said thanks but no, but for some reason, that day said yes, and I took it away with me. I should add here that my family and I have long since been estranged, and I'd not seen or heard from my father for about 15 years, and rarely thought about him, as he hadn't played any significant part in my life. When I got home though, I sat down with the paper, and without even glancing at the rest of it, opened it at the obituary column, and my eye went straight down to my fathers name, and that's how I learned of his death.

      That was ten years ago, but I'm still unsettled by the way that it happened, as it was just so unlikely. I don't want to believe it, but a part of me can't help but feel that somehow I was guided that day.

    16. So, what you're saying is, if you can't see of or feel something then it does not exist? I guess the stuff we're breathing right now isn't really oxygen then...

    17. Your argument is one of that of a child in middle school. Maybe even in high school if they decided not to take chemistry or physics. Your argument is flawed. The fact that you are breathing oxygen means that a chemical change is happening. It is observable and can be replicated by various people.

      Also we CAN SEE OXYGEN. Get a piece of iron and let it sit outside for a good time. You will see RUST. This chemical change changed Iron to IRON OXIDE. Note that the color is a bit reddish. Same thing happens to blood when the oxygen enters your lungs. IT IS OBSERVABLE.

      I will accept you are just a 14 yr old. If not that then you are just somebody who dropped out of high school. No? just a person who is closed minded and does not truly want to see what TRUE science is about.

    18. So what you're saying is, if you can't see or feel something, it's not really there? I guess we're not breathing in oxygen right now huh? Why are people so close-minded when it comes to something outside the box? Expand your horizons for gosh sake.

    19. MaryLou, your very uneducated. You can feel oxygen when the wind blows. You are the one who is closed minded.

  43. Yes, there is a sixth sense! It's a spiritual one as well. A global consciousness? Yes, I think that's reasonable.

    The mind is not the tell all know all part of who we are. We also have a soul. The one morning I had a tremendous sense of danger and so did my wife, was the same one and only morning that we were nearly hit by a truck ten minutes later while on a Philippine motercycle taxi ---- well it did hit the mirror, and missed my leg by a fraction of an inch. Chance? Maybe. Or perhaps it was the mind of God watching over us, reminding us to pray, which we sincerely did before the incident happened.

    This was one of the more interesting Wormhole series episodes. 9+

    1. if u apply the law of attraction to your statement, then you caused the "almost" accident, by your sensing danger when it wasn't present. you therefore created a set of events that caused that to happen.

      god causing an almost accident?? ehhhhhhh.

    2. Right! let Charles chew on that one! His fault only. Thing is might make him even more paranoid, probably giving his gods a headache!

    3. j3andit and Mr. Razor: Would I have been seriously injured or even killed had I not obeyed the urge to pray that morning? I'm not sure. Maybe. Did I cause it by my mind somehow bringing it about from my fear of it happening? That is possible in some contexts, but not this one, I don't think. Either way, I think my course of action now and in the future will always be to sincerely pray if and when I feel a great sense of danger or the need to pray. Everyone screamed on the taxi except me, and I'm the one that was litterally fractions of an inch from getting my legs chopped off! I just waved on the panicked truck driver (who did stop afterwards) with a thumbs up and off he went! I leave it up to you guys to decide what was the cause or not the cause.

      Peace to you.

      Charles B.

    4. Wow - Philippine motorcycle accidents almost never happen in the Philippines on motorcycles and a sense of danger in south-east asia? Unheard of. Thank God you were Christian.

      Chance? No way.

    5. Hilarious!

    6. God reminding you to pray by almost killing you, that made me laugh out loud, so in other words if you did not pray before the accident you would have been toast??
      Some weird psycho gods that you have there Charles.

      Is there nothing that you can do without praying first? How boring!

    7. I am waiting for your opinion about the doc. Always interesting to hear what you have to say.

    8. @Azilda:

      You want my opinion on the doc? Sure there is a sixth sense, why not, we live in a very mysterious universe. There is a hidden reality beyond our 5 senses, because we cannot see, touch or hear it, does not mean it is not there. At least that is what most top scientists are saying, Brian Greene on his new book, "the hidden reality"...Stephen Hawking on his "grand design"...Feynman by saying subatomic particles traverse infinite paths through spacetime...Everett's many worlds theory. Einstein saying that spacetime is illusion...Julian Barbour, his "end of time" theory.

      Then the whole slew of theoretical quantum physicists that say we form the matter by collapsing the waveform, in other words by looking, is anybody going to call them hippies?

      So you betcha! there is a sixth sense and not only in this universe, but probably in all the 10^500 of other universes.
      Sure basically it is all high math right now, but so was Einstein's theory of relativity until proven. Time dilation, black holes, etc: etc:

    9. My sixth sense tells me that this forum is going to turn into an other science versus religion debate, when in fact religion has nothing to do with it.
      Religion is the opposite of a unified conciousness, religion is a dividing unconciousness.

    10. Very nicely put Azilda!!!

    11. Az, why do you say things like "when in fact religion has nothing to do with it"? In fact, 99% of all 6th sense experiences I know of first hand do have to do with religion. For example, the night God woke up someone I know very very well and said, "Pray for your brother, NOW!" was the night she spent all night in prayer for him only to find out that was the very night he spent all night with a pistol in his mouth but couldn't bring himself to pull the trigger! True story. If it's not God, then it was a sixth sense that told her not to sleep on the very night her only brother was going to off himself.

      I understand these wormhole series are not focused on religion, but it would be nice to have some mention of it in a positive light some times. I can give dozens of examples of supernatual knowlege for the given purpose of prayer. In one church (as told me by my pastor) the night God asked a pastor to pray for a memeber of his congregation who was in Iraq he did so nearly all night, and marked it on the calendar. He asked when the young man came back "What happened on this exact date?" and right away the boy answered, that was the day I almost was killed by ambush. It was at this time which matched EXACTLY the time he was being prayed for--his day was the pastor's night. That's what I'm talking about that there is MORE to the 6th sense than just the mind only as stated in this doc--it's a spiritual insight as well.

      Nonetheless, peace to you.

      Charles B.

    12. @CnN
      Did you watch the link offered by Earthwinger in Richard Dawkins; the greatest show on earth doc.
      It got 8 thumbs up, i did not see yours. It is a presentation by Dr. David Eagleman, one of the TED talk.
      I would be very curious to find out what you think of what he says....only if you watch it ALL!


    13. If nothing had happened that day would that have invalidated your premonition and would you have forgotten about it? I have had feelings like that too, but when nothing happened I just shrugged them off. This type of phenomena is too random for you to explain them with such authority. That takes years of lab work. The near miss was traumatic. That is why you remember it. Any spiritual explanations are just speculations and should remain so.

    14. Hundreds of people a day experience things that have astronomical odds against happening. If the odds against X happening are one million to one, and you repeat the experiment one million times, X will happen. That doesn't mean that anything special or out of the ordinary took place. Check out the law of large numbers, it explains why what happened to you had to happen, it was a mathematical certainty. From your personal perspective this was "the one and only morning", which I can understand would make you feel something special had taken place but, if you look at this from a statistical point of view its only a improbability, not an impossibility requiring God as an explanation.

      I wonder how many Christians have had a premonition of danger, prayed about it, and died regardless. I know of at least one, my grandfather who had lived an entire life of Christian service as a minister and missionary. How many atheist had a premonition of danger, never prayed or considered god in any way, and lived. Again I know of at least one, me. But, most of all, I wonder why you don't seem to wonder about any of that, or how if you did you seem to have dismissed it. Not that I am being ugly or belittling you in anyway, I just don't understand how those questions don't plague you like they do me.

    15. We all die, Waldo. I think it says in Psalms that the death of the righteous is precious in God's sight, meaning it's a time of restoration and joy on the other side. Your grandfather chose his life wisely. Perhaps your good fortune of not dying, even as an atheist is because your Grandfather prayed for you! God's mercy is extended to the unworthy just because those that love him pray for them. My wife has repeatedly prayed for her lost loved ones and some are just now coming to faith in Christ. Who knows how many times they've been protected because of HER prayers.

      I just listened to the testimoney of a former Muslim that became Christian and his brother died before he was converted also, and the Christian prayed, "Oh God! Have mercy on him!" He came back to life in the morgue, Waldo. God had mercy on him BECAUSE of his brother's prayers. Needless to say, the man raised back to life also became a Christian too. I could give you a link if you'd like to listen to the story first hand.

      I said all that to say, "Don't sell your grandfather's legacy short. Your very life might still be the mercy of God because of his even-now being answered prayers." God's memory is long. Sincerely,

      Charles B.

    16. what if every day you wake up and tell yourself that, just for a continuious experiment like a 100 days, at the hour of your birth(lets say 11am), what ever infomation that you receive, from a friend, family or from the news, you would pay special attention to it. see what the results says to help you in your decisions in life.
      if the infomation is relavent mark it as a special occurence if not cross out that day, if you get 80% in relevent infomation to help you in your decision in life, that means there must be a design, think positive and see where it leads you.
      if the time that you were born is the time that you are sleeping listen to your dreams, and if you wake up after the dream look at the time, and write down the mins before or after you time of birth that the dream ended.
      this is just an experiment on yourself, to see the premonition of your life before it happens.

    17. Had you not stopped to pray you may have left earlier and the incident with the truck would not have happened. You would have already been past the spot where the truck almost hit you. Your prayer might be what put you in danger.

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    19. yes i believe in six sense.