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Titanic's Achilles Heel

2007 ,    » 4 Comments
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Titanic's Achilles HeelDid Titanic have a fatal design flaw? This was the question naval architect Roger Long posed after Deep Sea Detectives John Chatterton and Richie Kohler discovered new evidence at Titanic's grave in 2005.

In August of 2005 John Chatterton and Richie Kohler (of Deep Sea Detectives) led an expedition to Titanic, where they discovered two huge intact sections of the ship's bottom, the red paint still on.

Naval architect Roger Long, along with a panel of experts concluded that Titanic broke apart earlier in its sinking than has been believed, due to a previously unknown design flaw.

Chatterton and Kohler return to the wreck in 2006 searching for evidence to support this theory, but when their research vessel is recalled by the Russian government they head to Greece to dive Titanic's lost sister ship Britannic. Was Britannic quietly modified to correct the problem?

This informative History Channel documentary takes an in-depth look at the circumstances surrounding the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, exploring a recent theory that the vessel was actually the victim of a flaw in its very engineering, which resulted in the famous disaster.

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4 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Achems_Razor

    Very interesting doc.

  2. Wei Wen Ang

    there will alway be new model and version 1.0

  3. fleabag155

    Science fantastic, but whole thing marred by the so blatant anti English bias. I am presuming this is either a result of a 'hidden' agenda or sheer ignorance. Either is irritating and demeans the presumed scientific progress.

    You have to choose guys - is the program science or pro US propaganda? You can't have one without undermining the other.

  4. Raf jaff

    The Titanic was not in fact the Titanic but her sister ship the Olympic which had been damaged the year before in an accident with a royal navy dreadnaught. The ships were swapped for insurance reasons and the plan was to sink the fake Titanic and rescue the passengers using the S.S California which was waiting in the mid Atlantic loaded with life jackets and blankets. The iceberg changed all that and the rest is.......

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