Triumph of the Will (Special Edition)

Triumph of the Will (Special Edition) (1934)Triumph of the Will (Triumph des Willens) is a filmed record of the 1934 Nazi Party Convention, in Nuremberg. No, it is more than just a record: it is an exultation of Adolf Hitler, who from the moment his plane descends from Valhalla-like clouds is visually characterized as a God on Earth. The "Jewish question" is disposed of with a few fleeting closeups; filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl prefers to concentrate on cheering crowds, precision marching, military bands, and Hitler's climactic speech, all orchestrated, choreographed and illuminated on a scale that makes Griffith and DeMille look like poverty-row directors.

It has been alleged that the climactic rally, "spontaneous" Sieg-Heils and all, was pre-planned according to Riefenstahl's specifications, the better to take full advantage of its cinematic potential.

Allegedly, propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels resented the presence and intrusion of a woman director, but finally had to admit that her images, achieved through the use of 30 cameras and 120 assistants, were worth a thousand speeches. Possibly the most powerful propaganda film ever made, Triumph of the Will is also, in retrospect, one of the most horrifying.


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  1. Sahu

    I was wondering if says on Google that movie is 1 hrs 54 min long but everywhere I look I find 1 hrs 44 min long where will 8 find uncut version help

  2. Gus Brunson

    This commentary section is as bizarre and out of the reality as the people rallying for Hitler in the movie. First of all let me say, that I love this film, mainly because of the amazing work of Leni Riefenstahl.
    But when analyze what Hitler did, he was nothing short than one of the worst human beings in the history of human kind.
    People compare Hitler with what Europeans did in Africa, and although Europeans were raped and sacked Africa, Hitler was at least a 100 thousand times worse.
    At the height of European dominance in Africa, the Europeans were not killing their own people. Hitler did. As a matter of fact, in the Night of the long knifes, Hitler slaughtered its own party members.
    No European arrived in Africa with the idea of exterminating the Africans, Hitler did.
    Hitler's campaign in the East had one main goal, to exterminate the "sub-human" races.
    Even the criminal mind of King Leopold of Belgium wasn't that sick.
    The Tzar of Russia created the pogroms, but only Hitler created the ovens.
    As a matter of fact reading the list of people detained in the concentration/exterminations camps you can see that anybody could be subject to this:
    social democrats, socialists, trade unionists, freemasons, communists, anarchists, immigrants, Jehovah's witnesses , homosexuals, alcoholics, prostitutes, the mentally ill, fortune tellers, gypsies, drug addicts, Spanish republicans, beggars, pacifists, vagrants, blacks, conscription resisters, interracial couples, and of course, jews.
    The list goes on and on and on.
    There has been genocide in Armenia, in Rwanda, in Bosnia, East Timor and other places, but nothing absolutely nothing comes even closer to the level of wide spread depravity that took over Germany in those dark years.
    Hitler is the ultimate enemy of mankind. In other words, a REAL MONSTER.

  3. Gold Ruyondo

    Dear Curtis you are right to be disgusted about any praise of Hitler,but i want to ask you a genuine question ,do you mean if Hitler had not conquered Europe,not killed Jews he would be a good man? the British,Spanish,French Belgians conquered raped,looted,plundered and devastated Africa,Asia,Latin America but nobody condemns them , to be sincere at one time the world will be at pains to convice Africans that Hitler was bad than the colonialists

  4. bungabunga

    Many more sensible comments here than on "the eternal jew" I guess the mods must have deleted all the true writing from it when they closed the comments. It's nice to see a few people here haven't swallowed the pablum of fabricated history.

  5. Tucker

    Trump's dream.

  6. morrisseyowesmemoney .

    Beautiful and inspiring.

  7. MillermanHH

    Not as good as 'The eternal Jew', which shows the truth behind the 'Parasitic Infestation'. The only version of 'Titanic' to tell the truth Is the 1943 German movie - since dismissed,of course,as 'Nazi lies' (like everything else produced by Germany between 1933-45). Titanic would now be considered a 'Classic' had It been produced by the victorious side!

    1. jaberwokky

      I like how you included Parasitic infestation in semi quotes so that it wouldn't appear like that was something attributable to you. You're a special kind of person with special issues.

  8. GoldenRudy

    What is scary is that this was filmed in 1934, only 1 year after Hitler took control of the country. What will American throngs look like after 8 years? Scary indeed.

  9. Darkr00m

    I have no faith in human perfectibility. I think that human exertion will have no appreciable effect upon humanity. Man is now only more active - not more happy - nor more wise, than he was 6000 years ago. - Edgar Allan Poe

    1. Lary9

      Not surprising coming from an alcoholic dreamer with a gift for 'gab' that wrote America's earliest horror stories.

  10. Kryeton

    (apologies for the double post)
    I find it interesting that while this was occurring in Germany, its was considered acceptable to be a member of the Klu Klux Klan at this same time in the United States. At its peak in the mid-1920s, the KKK claimed to include about 15% of the nation's eligible population. As always we tend to be indiiferent to our own double standards. A sword always has two edges does it not?

    1. Smig Robustus

      wow.....youre right........ah....where, exactly, were the black death camps we know where we killed 10 million or so????

  11. Juraj Filkorn

    imagine you are part of it. imagine, what are we part of right now?

  12. Ana Chavez

    The Nazi Cat! hahaha:D

  13. Matt

    This is Germany gearing up for the allied(jew) war forced on them. It's nice to see her in a more natural light and not the sinister one presented by jewish influence you always see on television.

    1. tariqxl

      Your implying that its a bad thing to be so prejudice against Germany whilst doing that exact same thing to another collection of people. How little. But it does make me want to know what qualifies someone as a Jew to you. Is it location of birth, skin colour or is it the god they worship. There is only one right answer but killing anyone for any of those reasons isn't just wrong its the definition of insanity. Would you try to use the excuse of Hitler wanting to restore Germany's economy? Because he could have just exiled them instead of attempting genocide. Which is equally as little and insane, the idea that the world would be better without a specific bloodline is the same as believing that certain bloodlines are better and should rule. And if you believe that then you are little more than a caveman in levi jeans.

    2. Smig Robustus

      Hitler and the nazis tried to exile the jews. all but a few countries REFUSED refuge. Madagascar fell they killed them....they are to blame....but the rest of the world REFUSED TO ALLOW THEM INTO THE COUNTRIES. And, it seems a little unbelievable to me the our secret service had not A CLUE that these poor bastards were in trouble when they were forced to return home to germany.

  14. Lary9

    This film is only notable because of Leni Riefenstahl who has said in numerous interviews that her intentions were entirely artistic and not political. I own a copy of the film myself along with other WWII European Theater documentaries and before anyone starts bashing me for being pro-Nazi---forget it! I've admired Riefenstahl's film work for years but still have the same moral revulsion for the montrous Third Reich as other moral people. Remember that Riefenstahl was an actress turned director and, at the time she made "Triumph of the Will" and subsequently "Olympiad"***, was highly regarded throughout Europe. It was her unfortunate judgment, as she repeatedly admitted, to be relatively naive about politics and more focused on the art--- as can be clearly seen later in "Olympiad". To have worked so infamously for one of history's audacious mass murderers has in my opinion, tainted her work.
    PS: The claim that she characterized Hitler as "a god on earth" is debatable but she surely did portray the German Chancellor as a classic Wagenerian heroic stereotype. Also; she died just this past year BTW.

    ***("Olympiad"---a gorgeous apolitical film for which she received numerous prestigous film awards)

    1. Erc Seitz

      The one who makes the greatest propaganda movie of all time says it's not political? And you believe her? She really is good.

    2. Lary9

      Only because I can see it independently of her commentary...I can see how she shot & edited, [manually from hundreds of hours of film stock], a purely patriotic tribute to the resurgence of economic vitality and optimism in her country without the slightest comprehension of the dark ideology underlying the Nazis future focus for the nation. Later, after Olympiad, she declined several other appeals from the Reich to shoot more propaganda films. Don't forget that many world leaders outside of Germany lauded Hitler for his economic policies even after the TOTW and The Olympiad. I have concluded that she was politically naive in those early years and largely myopic by virtue of her interests---which were obsessively artistic and remained so throughout the rest of her long life.

    3. Smig Robustus

      come this wench brilliant or niave?? If your brilliant, you can't be nieve when it comes to your countries and the worlds biggest political transformation......she was n't niave enough to not know that the nazis controlled ALL filmmaking...that she knew. On top of being head of the AH fan club.......oh....she loooooooooved hitler. And i know a lot of other every day germans loved the man who gave them back self respect, but they had no power.....SHE did........and with that power comes great repsonsibility. She was "me, me ,me" type person and she did ANYTHING to promote herself......and tha included looking the other way.....

    4. Lary9

      In facf, the exact opposite is true. I've known a few brilliant people and there are many from history that show this, eg; that brilliant people are often so focused on their art or science or whatever that they can become quite detached from politics and naïve about the world at large---names like Michelangelo, Einstein, Darwin, Beethoven just for starters.
      As for promoting herself...that's why she did photo essays on the tribe of the Nuba and published books like: The Last of the Nuba, The People of Kau, Vanishing Africa--- all sure fire to make a household name...right? Get real! If you can step away from your emotional revulsion to Naziism (which most educated people feel (unless they're skin-headed Aryan supremacist types) and see her work for what it was, you might see how I could respect her life's work. BTW: As a young woman, she was a very hot babe!

  15. Curtis

    Uh, Franklin... Are you nuts? I mean, I respect your opinion and if you like the guy, well, fine and dandy. However, please site your sources if you are going to make the most outragious claim I have EVER heard about someone being "misunderstood" in a historical context. Hitler WAS a monster, sorry if you didn't get the memo or perhaps you are just trying to slip in some of your own Nazi sympathy. Either way, his conquest of Europe alone puts him up there with the worst of all-time. Now, if you want to include the racism, holocaust, etc. it's pretty reasonable to conclude that he's either the worst human being ever or a close 2nd to Stalin in terms of sheer numbers he murdered brah. Are you grasping this?? He MURDERED and allowed dispicable things to happen to MILLIONS under his regime. I'd really like you to respond to this and we'll see where you get your facts because Hitler is a very difficult guy to misunderstand, in fact its pretty clear that he was exactly who we say he is and if you are going to say to the contrary I would prefer that you provide your so-called "credible accounts" so the rest of us can be enlightened because until you do, I am going to call you a skin head and a propogandist, AND and idiot. Gimme a break!!! Please tell me your source is David Duke...

    1. Smig Robustus

      Please, while I agree Hitler was not a good example of a human being.....information of adolf hitler is soooooo skewed. Its as if since he was the head of a party that DID kill millions....this means ww2 was entirely his fault (no) he wanted to take over the world (no) he was a shitty artist (no) he was unintelligent (no, no, no) He was a murderer. But for some reason, no one can say anything good about him, or they agree with everything he did. I will point out that one reason MAY be that every antisemetic, skinhead, supremest love many that has something to do with it.

      Yeah, david duke....thats so original.

  16. Eugene

    I have spend 3 years in Hitlers death camp.So, there are no
    praise of the theme of the film. I wanted to download it as a historical item. Unfortunately English subtitles would not record. Why? Regards Eugene.

  17. T-dawg

    It's sad that you post a disclaimer at the top of this, you might as well post the same disclaimer on all the films and docs. Why post a disclaimer on history? It is what it was, make no disclaimers either way - neither good, nor bad just IS.

    1. Smig Robustus

      absolutely true tdawg....thats exactly what im saying people are SO afraid to be called a nazi that they will MAKE UP BS about hitler instead of simly stating facts and let the n amecallers go to hell.

  18. Franklin T.

    This is pretty grey. all the footage she took was from actual rallies and black and white is pretty much any government whether it be 1932 or even 2008. I can honestly say I like Adolf Hitler and his policies because they were honest even our governments have very similar policies and world orders yet they keep them secretive, everything you heard about this man is false yet you cling to it because you are shown in every facet of media throughout your lifetime that he was evil which wasn't the case at all. He is a boogieman used by politicians and corporations to distract us from the real problems in today's society, I mean its 2010 yet I can remember 5 sources, news, people and the internet that have referred to him. All I ask is that you read credible accounts before you judge him and you will be very surprised.

    1. who_me_yeah_you

      I read a credible account from a resident of Coventry, a little Jewish, girl hiding in an attic and a Polish Border guard. I have heard the life story of a Polish friend's grandfather who survived the Warsaw Ghetto. The pamphlets/booklets handed out at your neo-Nazi get togethers are no substitute for a comprehensive education ( although common sense should be enough to have steered you away from such Ludicrous conclusions).

      PS I am not Jewish before you try and justify my antipathy to your fallacious "reasoning".

  19. timOi

    Wow NEARLY as many flags as you'd see in the US!!
    Nationalist douchebags one nation under dogs

  20. Lequita C. Logan

    Lensi Riefenstahl knew how to manipulate black and white.

  21. Sam

    Aside's from their obvious insidious overtones, nobody can say that they didn't have style.

    Never again fascism. Millions dead remind us of this.

  22. kenny

    people will rally behind any movement with an organized leader that can produce fast results ..thats why i believe that leaders who may in the beginning had political views`with public interest corrupt themselves with lies to attain the power... and wars to distract attention from there broken promises or to fund the ones theyve kept..nothing is more hopeful then prosperity.. and nothing is more distracting then death ....a simple equation and one im sure is being implemented today ..only with a dash of corporate agenda and public ignorance...our world.. i being consumed and controlled by corporations and corporations by nature are insane and powered by power and resources that have been stolen from others! nazi ideals are one in the same with corporations. power based on greed and fueled by the fear of loosing that power ..which in turn creates a power hungry greedy society that is willing to be lied to aslong as the goal of prosperity is maintained . power derived from theft and lies must eventually be defended with aterosity..i feel that hope and ignorance disguised as faith may be all that past generations had to guide them into an unknown future... history is at a loss for happy endings .my generation is one of the first with a vast collection of facts based on nondebateable research in every thinkable realm of our understood reality and further then that some pretty damn good theories constructed on logic and probibility in place of the missing facts a good foundation to explore possibility...and if we dont soak up as much of it now while its available and pass on base point of knowledge and the confident ability to apply and defend this knowledge to a truthful, prosperous, sustained will be taken from us and we will have done nothing but pass on our gulibility and conformity to histories repitition..i really hope the future is not going to be passed on based on faith in our leaders or a guiding supernatural creator to represent and defend our childrens best interest and human rights .. because im sure that even though a lot if not most of us feel lied too and can feel things arent what they seem ..our generation will not have the courage to expose and depose the corporate dictators that have by massive deception infected our democracy with insanity just as hitler infected a starving, distracted and hopeful society with his very obvious insanity!!!at least the german people were desperate for a promise of prosperity ..they were deceived and embarrassed by this now already living in a prosperous intellectual society to be distracted into tyranny by materialism and propaganda promoting peace but engaged in war...are not going to be forgiven by the world so easily.... my mind races to conceive what we will become..its terrifying to think that if i was a german in 1934 i would have been coersed and indocturinated with the relative ease the nazis displayed...anyway im done ..this has just been a string of thoughts and would love to beat any weak points out with some thoughtful feedback or intelligent debate..

    1. tariqxl

      Corporation: Noun:- A means of obtaining individual profit without individual responsibility.
      Cant remember who said that but it does speak volumes to our innate greed that even the best of us suffer. That we'd have to concoct a way of bypassing the guilt of greed by sharing it amongst us. From plants drinking until drown (if the water is there for it to do so), to us and obesity. Its clear why the promise prosperity is as much an opiate for the masses as religion. Being that all life not just humans are innately greedy. So knowing that, as much as I would like to help the fact that I am greedy, if someone tells me I can be prosperous all I have to do is kill that person am I justified in doing so? No, nor are the actions of the German people. A corporation is only a mental construct designed to help with what is essentially a mental mechanism there to prohibit certain innate behavior. Individual responsibility should win out every time but it doesn't. It seems like these days with the emergence of corporations we're actually in-breeding psychopathy into our gene-pool and social structuring by shedding the bad feelings we get when we do wrong to another person. Rather than identifying what holds us back (greed) and doing something about that. Then we could call ourselves evolved. But until then I can damn near guarantee that there will be at least one more world war that people will be discussing in a who was wrong who was right kind of way.

  23. ernst braun

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