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For the past few years, the world has been asked to reckon with an uncomfortable possibility. Did Russia interfere with the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and to what extent did President Trump willfully collude in these efforts? These accusations plagued the American president even before he took his place in the White House. Following the release of special prosecutor Robert Muellerќs lengthy investigative report, they show no signs of waning. A three-part documentary expose from ABC News Australia, Trump/Russia recaps the suspicions that continue to fester around the relationship between Russian President Vladmir Putin and Trump.

In the first segment titled Follow the Money, the filmmakers set the stage for Russian meddling and the means by which it could be accomplished. In 2014, a group of Russian spies integrated into the American landscape, and gathered intelligence that would prove invaluable in exploiting their weaknesses and manipulating their democratic institutions. These covert efforts would come into play most forcefully in the lead up to the 2016 U.S. presidential elections. This section of the film dissects Trump's past attempts to do business in Russia, and the qualities that made him appealing as a potential Russian stooge.

The second segment - Secrets, Spies and Useful Idiots – examines the sophistication of Russian spy craft, and how it was employed to impact the race for the presidency. "What Putin is doing is waging warfare against the United States," claims former US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. From hacking to targeted online ads to possible espionage involving key figures in Trump's campaign, the film portrays how these warfare tactics were devised, enacted and received.

The final segment titled Moscow Rules is a potent portrait of Putin's iron will, his mystique within his own homeland and around the world, and his efforts to secure greater power and influence for years to come. This segment also introduces many figures who have become 24-hour news fodder, including political consultants Paul Manafort and Roger Stone.

Depending upon each viewer's particular political persuasion, Trump/Russia could provoke anger or affirmation. The film does an honorable job at detailing what may be a complicated political conspiracy the likes of which we have never before witnessed.

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  1. jon

    How about Joe Bidet and China!? Now that's a real story!

  2. Jon

    Trump/Russia!!?? What a joke. Muller was a befuddled. addle brained, dope. He's as bad as Slow, China, Joe Bidet.
    Russia? A Big Fat Zero.

  3. Josh

    This movie didn’t age well. Every “source” that speaks in the movie from the American side has shown that they lied their ass off when they declassified the Schiff impeachment “behind closed doors” sessions and the multiple meeting minutes, documents, emails, and texts that show Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Strozk, etc. were all full of crap.

  4. Swedi

    Putin, Mossad, and Saudis all helped getting Trump elected.

    1. Jon Jonzz

      Only a Fool would believe that! Facts don't care about your feelings

  5. Tony S.

    I don't have a problem with those that vote for whom they believe in, but I see very few use the information highway to question those that run for public office, it is self serving to believe paid talking heads that are grooming belief, including calling themselves NEWS but now there are those that question the need for the other party along with Gov. law enforcement, they question all but the one that use's that formula to get votes.

  6. Jon Jonzz

    The Russia Hoax was the Democrats attempt at finding guilt to fit a non-existent crime.

    1. PJ

      Try educating yourself on the facts.

  7. Rod

    I was going to give this a go but could not get past Clapper. 4 Corners got duped, unlike the US MSMedia who were complicit. The smoke cleared and they found fkall as you Australians would say. The bottom line is after all that effort and money wasted what we have is a booming US economy and an incumbent President on his way to re-election. I am sure 4 Corners is preparing its follow up doco.

  8. Jon Jonzz

    A Democratic Hoax by the Democrats to BS the American People. Abject Failure by a Party that's sinking deeper into irrelevance

    1. Joseph Anthony

      You got mixed up there. You are obviously talking about the GOP. Your description fits the GOP perfectly.

  9. Tom

    Trump is such a con artist. Roll on impeachment!

    1. Frans van der westhuizen

      hehehehe you wish bro.

    2. Jon Jonzz

      Sorry Tom. Facts and evidence won out over lies . I guess that mental deficient, Joe Bidet, is more to your liking.

  10. Guda

    Making fake news while it is in trend. After the Mueller report, now all these intellectuals are chilling in their beaches off the money they make of this nonsense fake news

  11. User 1

    I can't believe anyone is behind this a-hole. I wish they'd setup that scenario where he can "shoot anyone on Fifth Avenue and not lose support". I'm betting he wouldn't lose more than 1% of his 40%.

    1. Jon Jonzz

      Educate yourself to the facts, just a little, before making empty comments

    2. Anon

      Spot on. The man’s a c*nt. What’s really concerning is that a large percentage of his base believe these insane conspiracy theories that make him a people’s hero and that the people investigating his brazen crimes are the bad guys.

      It takes some serious mental gymnastics to pull that one off.

  12. Alan

    Thanks Gram.

    This is a leftie fake news rant from a LFN organization(s) ABC etc.

    1. parsons

      leftie..? life must be so simple for you with your boiled-down dualistic polarized mantra. it only shows you are willingly engaged in the distraction of mind control.

      hint: there is no 'left' or 'right', there is only 'politics'. whatever color tie they wear, they all look after big business and their own bank balances. shaft the voting public, they pay for everything.

      ..unless you cant / refuse to see it then theyre either left or right - simple(ton)

    2. Michael J Miller

      Trump the fakest president in history

  13. Gram

    Pantomime? There is a force of evil trying to snuff the life out of every sentient being! And the environment supporting life. Trump is trying to expose the deep state and remove their tentacles from every aspect of life-as-we-know-it, here in America and worldwide. Disempowering the deep state is our only hope -- before they indoctrinate more people via mind-control programs and ideas like the new green deal, geoengineered food, fluoridated water, mandatory vaccines for all etc.

    1. Mercedes

      Does it ever cross your mind that you and the others who believe that this ruthless power hungry conman is some sort of messiah are the ones who have been brainwashed or indoctrinated via mind control programs like Q ANON.
      Roughly 25% - 30% of the population fervently believe in the trail of conspiracy breadcrumbs dropped by a mysterious insider called only Q , and blindly support a President and an administration that has violated the law and the constitution repeatedly, has been caught in blatant public lies again and again, and now in 2019 he has once again sought dirt on a political opponent from a foreign government. It seems far more rational to assume those people are the victims of a mind control program rather than the 70% - 75% of the population who have disparate political beliefs from Libertarian to Progressive and do not swear allegiance to a party or a President and do not behave in cult like lockstep.

      The70% who believe in honesty and expect our elected officials to be honest.
      The 70% who believe in the founders system of checks and balances and believe the senate must honor its oath of impartiality or recuse themselves.
      The 70% who believe that a senate which aquits a President in the face of a pile of solid evidence of impeachable crimes (a portion of which has come from the President's own mouth) is a corrupt and immoral regime who has betrayed their sworn oath to protect the Constitution and our Republic.

      Thinking critically which group is more likely to be mind controlled?

  14. Nancy

    Wow, what a dog and pony show. Don't anybody look at what happened in 2016 to Bernie by the DNC and his own party. Quick point the finger at Russia so nobody notices. And don't you dare look back thru the past and point to how many times the US has interfered in some other country's elections or established governments for its own gain.
    Ya wanna know why Iran hates us?? Do a little research and find out what we did to their democratically elected president. Ya don't have to look too far. Wikipedia 1953 Iranian coup d'etat. And while your at it look up Smedley Butler. Oh, the hypocrisy!
    Just move along folks, nothing to see here, move along.....except, oh no, the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!! hahahahahahaha

  15. Maz

    Don’t believe it all....

  16. norbert chalfont

    who cares?
    its all just a pantomime...