The Ultimate Truth

The Ultimate Truth

2017, Mystery  -   31 Comments
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The field of neuroscience has advanced our understanding of the human brain by leaps and bounds in recent decades. We now know the regions of the right and left hemispheres that are responsible for speech, movement, emotional response and other essential functions. Still, much of the brain's complexity remains illusive and indefinable. At the center of this uncertainty is one of the most fundamental existential questions in the history of our species: what is the source of our consciousness? "The Ultimate Truth" examines the scientific clues that could enable us to isolate the core of our identity.

The phenomenon of consciousness is not something we can locate on a CAT scan. Instead, it is thought to be the product of evolution, our collective experiences, and constant interactions between the billions of neurons that electrify our brains.

In a process known as neuroplasticity, our consciousness continues to evolve as we learn and develop throughout our lifetime. Conversely, we can elect to stifle this growth as well. Some may turn away from a task they find too challenging, disengage from certain activities due to social stigmas, or suppress attempts at independent thought.

Cultural shifts also condition our brains to function on a different level than previous generations. The film sheds light on these influences, including the move from enlightenment to individualism, the spread of social media, the vanity of the selfie, the role of religious dogma in shaping our view of the world, and the apathy that results from a society that values self-gratification above all else.

The filmmakers present the lessons of the past from which we have not yet fully learned. As the narrative shifts from tales of genocide, war, and segregation, it continuously circles back to how these elements inform or constrict our cerebral development. It's an intricate weaving of influences, stimuli and experiences, much like the film's own viewpoints on the evolution of consciousness.

The film features insightful narration rich in scientific detail, innovative animations, and ongoing text displays that highlight the key points of its dense material.

"The Ultimate Truth" dissects the notion of the self with surgical precision.

Directed by: Athene

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31 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Al

    I love the authority in the narrator's voice and the cool visuals, BUT it's a lot of scientific truths mixed with a whole lot of baloney. A lot of assumptions stated as fact by an authoritative voice to make it more believable and not challenged. Challenge everything and ask yourself "why do they want me to believe this?" This film has a goal of New Age philosophy via science. The Ultimate Truth is that your soul is being fought by two opposing and unseen forces for eternal ownership. Yes, simply good vs. evil. "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." Eph. 6:12

  2. Helena Tomé

    Interesting. Yes, many people try to be fair and follow the right. Sometimes that becomes too difficult, as when it leads to death or torture, people is afraid to assert what they believe. Even liberation movements have many fake motivations. That's the way we are, too complex and too resourceful.

  3. Robert Schock

    This documentary just parrots the mainstream materialistic theory that consciousness derives somehow from neural activity in the brain. It's a theory but explained as if it were a fact. It's a belief, not a fact. This unfolds as mindless wandering through a mishmash of stereotypes. To call this documentary the Ultimate Truth is a joke!

  4. Ivan Morgan

    This was a really interesting documentary for me. I enjoyed it.

  5. Sreedhar pillai suresh kumar (Balagi)

    Many humanisam in this world which is my truth vulmerable spot by ss pillai

  6. alyaa

    that's inspiring .. thank you <3

  7. Arsim Murtezi

    Allah created the universe and all creatures on Earth.

    1. Daniel

      Cool way of seeing it, where did you learn that truth?

    2. Geo

      The understanding of the brain was pretty cutting edge, however the basic philosophy behind human psychology was basic in my view.

    3. Tony

      Oh really? Can you provide proof, or maybe just some evidence to support your theory? What or who then is responsible for the creation of Allah? Can you answer that?

  8. Pfft

    Beautiful, but a little over the top with the anti nationalist propaganda.

    1. Roar Christoffersen

      Oh well ... your comment made me skip to the next.
      Crazy how it has become a bad thing to love your country....

  9. simon

    can anyone link to this?

  10. Ashutosh

    It was a masterpiece. I loved its amazing animations and its concept on our species.

  11. vorzec

    This is the best documentary i have seen so far! Thank you!

  12. Manjani Suresh

    True, we are selfish always thinking of becoming something or other. Our so called evolution is through comparison; caught up in one's own growth, progress, change; looking for nobility, greatness, being spiritual. Our individualistic thinking has made us a very dangerous animal one can see this the way we are living and relating to the things of the earth, the things of the sea and the things of air.

  13. SeekingWhat

    One of the useful videos I ever saw. Thanks in the name of all for all.

  14. Bumface

    I enjoyed this documentary. I am just curios about the use of mind control (suggestive) techniques used in the delivery, much like those used in the Zeitgeist films. It looks and sounds good but also hypnotic...... interesting choice

  15. Geoffrey

    Good doc,
    I felt compelled to raise a point on the authors view of consciousness,
    I've heard this theory of consciousness being akin to the collective network of neurons, the so called emergent hypothesis.
    The author explains this by using the example of a record player in which when our neurons are fired collectively, consciousness is like music being played in the backdrop.
    A logical conclusion based on the theory of evolution creating consciousness as a survival tool.

    However, i feel this deduction is too simplistic.
    There is evidence of people still retaining consciousness in near death experiences, when the brain function is dead, (akin to record player being unplugged, vinyl no longer turning; and yet the music continues)
    In addition, seasoned mediators have also claimed they can shift their consciousness away from themselves and experience remote viewing, astral travel etc...

    Both of these examples have been tested, and validated in a probable sense.
    Nevertheless, because it can never be truly measured science often dismisses it out of hand.
    Well I contest, if understanding consciousness is the goal and it remains equally illusive,
    we should adopt theories that focus on the frontiers of consciousness; like NDEs. It would be more logical to assume in that case that consciousness lives outside the brain and our brains may simply be receptors...

    1. Jimbo

      Amen. Experience and experiment point to consciousness being independent of the brain, yet mainstreams science refuses to take this possibility seriously. The materialist scientists are just as dogmatic as the religious fanatics.

    2. Donna Rock

      I agree with you Geoffrey, I like the way you compared the being brain dead to a record player being unplugged yet in NDEs concienceness still remains & people continue to have the experiences they try to relay to others. I am completely fascinated edith NDEs. I head one myself years ago & it was more real than reality as we see it, everything was ultra-altered & in ways that cannot really be understood in our language, words do it no justice. So I believe that our conscience it's stop much more alive and separate from this body.

    3. Carol

      Totally agree

    4. Sally Milow

      I tend to agree with you, although I absolutely loved parts of the last 10 minutes of the film. When I thought I was going to die, I upped my meditation and changed to eating organic whole foods, and ended up having a series of very real mystical experiences that forever changed my life.

    5. Karen Mccleskey

      your last sentence is in tune with my thinking, well all of your comment is. I am a great believer in: because we can not see something does not mean that it does not exist. I think sometimes logic may make humanity fall behind. we need to come up with ideas beyond: if this, then this; beyond 1+1=2. the inventors of electricity, printing press, X-ray machine, the sandwich, the nuclear bomb, the periodic table did this. they went outside the box, outside logical thinking.

    6. Karen Mccleskey

      I am a great believer in: because we cannot see something does not mean that it does not exist. I think sometimes logic may make humanity fall behind. we need to come up with ideas beyond: if this, then this; beyond 1+1=2. the inventors of electricity, printing press, X-ray machine, the sandwich, the nuclear bomb, the periodic table did this. they went outside the box, outside logical thinking.

  16. Tracey

    Thank you for such an indepth inspiring logical video .

  17. mike m

    ya got that right

  18. mike m


    Yes, sad.
    When people dont learn whats up, they cant vote together.
    Voting as a team runs this country and only corporations have been doing that.
    But now the youngsters are together and making a stink about guns and it looks good.
    If we could all do the same and vote to remove personhood from corporations we could really move up in many ways.

    but so few learn from study of things. Its jerry springer and pro sports and duhhh.

    love ya, lewie.

  19. Big Tony

    False dilemma: consciousnesses can either be magical (offensive label) or a product of natural selection.

    Third way: consciousness is CULTURAL. See Julian Jaynes and Brian McVeigh if curious.

  20. silvia

    Well done! Very interesting , made me think of things in a bit of different way

  21. Lewie Miya

    Many people stop learning after they leave school. That is the reason they do not question or think for themselves. The result is Trump is now the president of USA. Very sad.