The Unspoken Word

The Unspoken Word

2012, Performing Arts  -   12 Comments
Ratings: 6.71/10 from 21 users.

The Unspoken Word shines light on Atlanta Word Works in this short film to show the true meaning and nature of youth poetry.

From "Slam", open mic, and spoken word the poets are able to express themselves while the cameras are rolling as Team Atlanta of Atlanta Word Works travels to San Francisco, CA to compete at Brave New Voices, 2012.

The Unspoken Word Short Film, will open your eyes to a culture that is looked over among the fine-arts in today's society.

What is poetry anyways? Literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm.

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12 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Bwin51

    Beautiful little film. I love the courage of this endeavor. Keep going.

  2. bringmeredwine

    Where have I been?
    I didn't know some beautiful kids were doing this.
    There is hope for human kind.

  3. oQ

    Love this doc!
    I have a text that i would love to slam dunk in front of an audience, a long text.
    Digi i need to get back to work, Py (almost no doubt) would be willing to be a strong wall i could bounce the words on for approval.
    55yrs old, long long gray hair, big smile, standing, phone in hands streaming text, voice shaking a bit, heart pumping a lot.

    1. Pysmythe

      It would blow peoples minds, I'm telling you.
      You could crowd surf afterwards!

    2. oQ

      Py, you can send Dew the first 20 pages...her opinion counts.

    3. Pysmythe

      i will do it.

    4. dewflirt

      Just freestyle it oQ, I'm sure you could do it ;)

  4. dewflirt

    Fantastic. Watch and enjoy :)

    1. Pysmythe

      I will thoroughly watch it when I'm feeling better.

      We had a young guy here in town 15 years ago who was such a talented poet it was just unreal. I think that dude had real greatness in him, I really do. Not that I'm the best judge or anything, but he was quite a few steps above what the rest of us were trying, or even remotely capable of, really. Very fresh and original, he'd make you literally feel the neurons crackling in your head when you read him. He composed a little poem about a wombat, of all things, concerned with a relationship he'd had, that would've left you dizzy with the skill of it. Quite a few of the standard poetic devices were there, too, and his command over them already seemed extremely firm. I got the impression he could just "shake the dust from his sleeves" and come up with something the rest of us could only dream of.

      edit- The only thing the little bastard seemed to be missing was a clubfoot, lol.

    2. dewflirt

      Hurry up and mend and if you fancy a chuckle (laughter being the best medicine) hop over to YouTube and check out Blizzard vs Mark Grist. Student against English teacher. Plug up your kids ears first ;)
      Edit, rap battle.