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Uroko is the Japanese word for 'scale', as in the scale of a fish or serpent. The Japanese expression "uroko ga me kara ochiru", or, "scales fall from one's eyes" is the English equivalent of "waking up to the truth".

Uroko is an attempt to strip away the fairy tales we have been told since birth, exposing the true nature of the world we live in.

Uroko discusses the Federal Reserve System, WWI and its true causes, the true nature of the tax-exempt foundations, the forming of the Central Intelligence Agency, Bolshevik Revolution and the militarization of Japan, Dutch and British East India Companies, Freemasonry, Templar Knights, etc.

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  1. GoldenRule

    Worthwhile round up expose' of a large portion of the evil spider's web that makes life much more difficult than it needs to be; along with stealing, murdering, war mongering for profit.

  2. multi thoughts

    Communism is alive and well to this day in America. The same continuing subversion and methods are ongoing and unchecked by the U.S. government. The powers that be are the owners of the powers of those in government as one and the same. America, could NOT hold on to their Republic for 200 years and fell to the coup d'├ętat in full after the murder of JFK.

  3. S/N:N/A

    staff members=coaching and administrative staff et cetera...

  4. S/N:N/A

    @smile your on cam, a more accurate analogy: the football coaches let their kids play, while those who aren't, don't get picked or just ride the bench. Or star players being able to get bad grades and/or get into trouble, unlike others classmates...and all with impunity, of course( all of which occur, to an extent). The staff would all or largely be in on it, and they would pick positions, of staff members that were in their circle. from I could go further, but your analogy, is far too oversimplified.

  5. Morpheus

    I had to turn this off and usually I like these kind of docs. But the short section on the "City" of London was wrong in nearly every detail. It even said the Royal Courts of Justice are in the City, while the map they used showed that they aren't. I understand the old theory "Why let the facts get in the way of a good story" but if they get these wrong I'm afraid I can't take any of their other statements at face value.

    1. billybo

      Throw that baby out with the bath water.

  6. bluetortilla

    How do these guys do their research? They zip along at blur speed. All I remember are animations of rich dudes getting wads of cash dropped in their pocket. lol
    The most memorable line to me was one of the Rockefellers reputedly saying, 'why do you care about them? They're just; people.'
    Frankly neither you or I should give a damn about those people in turn, nor should we fuel their filthy banks and corporations. It's the masses in between them and me who live their lives in fearful ignorance and abuse and expect me to do so too that got me spooked, especially when they start bombing our children.
    If you cannot live free what is the point of your being alive?

  7. BlueRaiven

    One of the best documentary I've ever watch here. It's like an history of what the world would expect to happen soon.

  8. Tomas

    The best doc Ive seen on hidden history.

  9. Kip Keino

    I'd like to offer my services as a narrator and/or proof-writer for upcoming episodes on this topic. I've written 10 books and did the talking on an audio-book.

  10. think4yrself911

    Excellent doc, one of the best on this topic.

  11. Pythus

    roooooosevelt! its driving me crazy. in a hundred years conspiracy documentaries will be pronouncing it ooobama.

  12. Roger Gordon

    Excellent Doc. So much full of information. One of the best if not The ONE!
    A Must see for everyone to understand the global situation and why US of A try to dishonor Russians. The only power which is able to give opposition and hold off One pole world. In Universe there is all build on bipolar to stay in harmony as the yin and yang. Without the one or the other there will be end to all. For Thousands of years the dark side has been the Victor and now is the time to overweight it back to the Light for our children will live in peace for thousand of years.

    1. bluetortilla

      Aw, come on. There is nothing in this at all that appeals to patriotism. You will find many many examples of bastions of resistance in history. And oppression in each of those bastions. Be proud of yourself, not a stupid country.

  13. smile your on camera

    Oh, and yes a second post because I do need to put that I've watched many many of these videos. I have to say that this one was nicely done. I did enjoy it and even learned some new theories. Over all I would recommend this to a friend but would clean up some of the 'grasping at straws' comments. You don't need them to impress the general point on people. A little hard to follow who said/ who did, but this impresses the encompassing point of world domination doesn't it? Good watch as long as you don't let it overwhelm you...mentally or emotionally.

  14. smile your on camera

    I think some of the information is compelling but geez guys, all the way from the Mongols, Normans and Huns? Seemingly such a long time to plot world domination. I laughed at the symbolism on flags, pirate ships and the Chi Rho. The cross is a common coat of arms symbol on MANY MANY family house holds (poor poor state of Alabama and the Klu Klux Klan....run guys, run before you get sucked into the web of conspiracy), the Chi Rho is the symbol of Christ. Like you said not as dark as skull and bones, but rather a symbol of rebirth. *clears throat* Yeah, its the first 2 letters of 'Christ' in Greek dumb ass. As such, I suspect it was a very common symbol for 2 thousand years for many Christian related groups....as it was originally used by the underground Christian sects to mark their secret meeting places during Roman times of prosecution. As for the pirate flags. You do realize almost NO pirate flags used the Jolly Roger or any variant of the skull and bones? Many pirates flew the flag under which they acted as privateers?

    Now for all the intermingling of these big family names. I'm not shrugging off some type of big money investing in the government or world for that mater. I wouldn't put it past them. You don't get rich like that by being loving and giving. Think of them as used car sales men. However, big money plays and invests with big money. That's like saying there's a conspiracy to take over a school social life because all the cheer leaders and foot ball players know each other....duh. Think about the first class on the Titanic. Who survived? Was that a conspiracy or was it simply because they paid first class and were the first in the life boats?

    We are where we are because we became stupid and compliant in our happy American dream which rose on the back of Manifest Destiny. We, as Americans are ethnocentric entitled pricks. We love to point fingers, but in all honesty we let this happen. Takes some responsibility. Realize that this isn't a 1000 year old world domination conspiracy. This rose on the backs of American stupidity and laziness. The elite probably saw the opportunity and grabbed a few hand fulls. And still, we will let it continue. Why? Because we are sheeple...Lady Gaga...Justin Bieber blah blah blah. It's easier to watch TV.

    Men fight for liberty and win it with hard knocks. Their children, brought up easy, let it slip away again, poor fools. And their grandchildren are once more slaves. ~D.H. Lawrence, Classical American Literature, 1922

  15. Jo

    virtually word for word copy of "The Money Masters."

    1. matrixnode

      Lol true Jo but in this one, Bill Still doesn't point his pen at you all the time.

  16. Jo McKay

    The cautionary tale of the 'Captains and the Kings' ... there may be always those among us whose hunger to rule, controlling the destinies of the many will over come their own humanity. The fact that some of us live in countries who have enacted laws that claim to protect the innocent, the weak, the vulnerable, the 'poor' or poorer, through charters of rights and freedoms - means that to the degree we believed in our freedoms and autonomy, are we now 'duped' and devastated.
    Do these 'rulers' all talk to each other, plan devious earth and human destroying campaigns together ... well, let me say it this way: I have seen from the inside of some local, regional, and national governments - it was often my job to 'try' to get these agencies and departments to work together on some related issue. IMO most govts and industrial complexes, and education bureaucracies, etc. etc. are too (seemingly) busy doing what they perceive as their work, and entrenched in a kind of protectorate territoriality that having witnessed this I am fairly certain that megalomaniacs who 'do' have great wealth and power would be far too suspicious of one another to pull off the secrecy. One possible exception 'might' be if these elites all pay homage to a shared deity (Person, God, Religious doctrine or creed) as was suggested in this doc ...
    That Captains of Industry (the super wealthy corps and their ultimate owners) would encourage the start of wars - I have no doubt, and surely there has been sufficient evidence
    As for the intentions behind the making of this doc - I wonder for the credibility of it's maker. That doesn't mean the information is all wrong, just that some of the conclusions (everybody is related? - well yes, in fact we are ALL related - that wealthy families would engage in nepotism is hardly new or news) might be biased or leaning in a particular direction... I learned for example, that this documentarian (loosely used term, sorry) subscribes to deeper conspiracy theories going all the way back to the 'fall of the angels'... perhaps to some that might give the film more credibility, for me it does not.
    Finally, I would end by repeating my first paragraph...now...what would you like to do about it? - peace

  17. cindy r

    To Lyne:For anyone who hasn't awakened yet, the problem has gotten much worse... because now the noose is tightening around our white necks as well, because we didn' stop the oppression of others when we had the chance. Now we are destined t live the same oppressive hell that so many of other races have had to endure in America watch the video. Not everyone owned slaved and are racists.

    Many so called white people did come here and were opposed as in indentured servants and treated like the bottom of the barrel, Irish were treated like ****, Italians on and on. I haven't watch the video yet but I am sure it doesn't go far enough down the rabbit hole. All the races where and are screwed over and were from the beginning. How can you save someone if you are oppressed yourself.

  18. dmxi

    so many so called conspiracies have been (mostly accidental) un-earthed that it alludes me,that people shrug at the possibility ,to be more sceptical with
    official news & world affairs!the word 'conspiracy' has been inflated with absurd stories, that it has become a synonym for a mental disorder.
    i have to agree with lynne, that we are getting what we deserve for being passive,egocentrical,naive,scared,greedy,gullible,weak & giving away citizen rights,left,right & center, with a dumb smile on our soulless facades.

  19. Lynne Gordon

    Is America and the world ready to lern that we actually do exist in varying planes of existence?

    Are most people ready to learn that the entire earth has already been taken over.. and what we are watching today is simply the tightening of the noose?

    And can most of us bear the burden of knowing that what passes for American/British sovereignty is the same old racist imperialism over black, brown, yellow and red people of the world... leadng toworld superiority and domination by Anglos?

    For anyone who hasn't awakened yet, the problem has gotten much worse... because now the noose is tightening around our white necks as well, because we didn' stop the oppression of others when we had the chance. Now we are destined t live the same oppressive hell that so many of other races have had to endure in America.

    Okay, guess I 'll watch the video now.

  20. DARC

    You will never see this doc on NBC, ABC or CBS! Very informative.

  21. citalotus8

    Good vid but if your deaf and were only reading subtitles you were totally in the dark cuz those were wack!

  22. hernandayoleary

    On the issue of conspiracy theories, some of this is 100% fact like the blood lines, the new world orders, the rothschilds and rockefeller controlling government through banking and the false flags. Whereas other parts are not 100% proven like his knights templar piece which he admits is somewhat speculative.

  23. David Ewer

    A must-watch film for the connections between the big wigs of the international elite. Call it a conspiracy or a convergence of interests, but it's bad for us ordinary people. I'm off to check some of the details...

  24. David Ewer

    Am half way through and enjoying. Although much of this info has been aired before, this film is easy to follow and provides plenty of evidence of the links between the rich and powerful and charts some of the dodgy events which have led to the present global economic system.
    Will watch rest later and comment. Thanks Vlatko x

  25. f_o_r_k

    Very entertaining. Just for the record Jamaica's flag was created in 1962. Henry Morgan was Lt. governor.

  26. Jeremy Shepherd

    For those who read comments before watching:

    While I don't agree with everything in this documentary, it is extremely informative and is actually very well presented, in my opinion.

  27. Itolduso

    What is it with the captions? My best guess is that a hearing impaired person wrote them and relied on lip reading much of the time.
    That said, the familial connections of this vast conspiracy are fascinating. They accumulate wealth (and power) for its' own sake seemingly with no long term goal other than to stay at the top of the pyramid.
    Many deny that any conspiracy exists believing in the purity of their fellow man. I believe they are blind and gullible, viewing the world through rose colored glasses.

    1. wald0

      Its very possible to see all the problems and dysfunction without seeing huge complicated conspiracies. In fact the truth I see is much more depressing than a conspiracy, it is a system that tends toward a certain end, it creates the illusion of conspiracy because it motivates each person in the chain to act a certain way. They don't need to all meet and plan it out, it just happens naturally because each person is motivated by greed and a lust for more power. Its not that I don't think my fellow man is morally or ethically capable of conspiracy, its that experience has shown me that conspiracy on the leveel asserted by many conspiracy theorist never work and always get exposed. People are too selfish, too clumsy, too st*pid, too incompetent, to pull offf many of these out landish theories some people assert as certain truth.
      I had a guy on this site just the other day trying to convince me that every president for the last one hundred years has been cousins to one another- even Obama, and that they all of course have been in on some massive two hundred year conspiracy- which he outlined but I forget. I mean how are you supposed to believe something like that? Now of course smaller conspiracies happen everyday- they just uncovered one called LIBOR that really ticked me off. Basically our banks lied about interest rates in London which they use as a starting point in order to drive rates up and make a killing. I am sure there are tons of these types of smaller less complicated conspiracies that may last several years before falling apart, its these huge illuminatti type conspiracies I can't buy.

    2. I AM POP SLAG.

      The "libor scandal" is an endemic and continuing part of the economic system, they have been messing with the rates for years- you are right that its a culture thing but there are definitely crooks at the top conspiring in a manner to maintain this very culture in exactly the same way as the theorised illuminati would.
      ergo they exist, proof is in the pudding and even if they dont sacrifice babies and bum george bush junior in his yale dungeon, they are identifiable, unfeasably rich and all work together to keep it that way.
      if we have labelled them illuminati so what ?
      they need a name its not like they are not visible at the top of the pyramid anymore....
      and theydo get up to some very weird **** in their little clubs down at the grove and in their crypts.
      The leader of the free world was a member of a club that meets in a dungeon, steals skulls and lies in a coffin-fact and visits another club where they pretend to burn children- both of these clubs just so happen to be entirely secretive and contain some of the most powerful peope in the world.-fact. not theory.

    3. Louis B Train Bonomini

      You are an id**t. You failed to accept his distinction between 'conspiracy' - Confirmed, commonly accepted fact and 'conspiracy theory' - Not yet confirmed, lacking proof. An assertion based on subjective reason.

      You also fail to realise that conspiracies on the grand scale DO GET EXPOSED. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THEM ON THE INTERNET. DOCUMENTARIES ARE BEING MADE ABOUT THEM. PEOPLE ARE TOO CLUMSY, SELFISH AND STUPID AND THE SECRETS DO GET OUT. You aren't going to hear about them in the mainstream media, so at some stage you need to step back and think for yourself...

      Also it is clear that you have zero understanding of the LIBOR (LIEBOR) issue. Firstly it is not small. It is huge news and should have resulted in mass arrests. It is also very complicated. Banks don't use LIBOR as 'starting rate to drive rates up and make a killing'. What was happening was that each bank was submitting an average interest rate at which it felt other banks would lend them money. These submissions from each bank were then collated and a nominal average figure was arrived at. Separate trading divisions within each bank were placing speculative bets on LIBOR priced derivatives and then 'pressuring' the departments responsible for submitting their bank's LIBOR figure into submitting the rate slightly differently to what they otherwise would have. When each of the banks acted in concert, the traders could be fairly certain where the official LIBOR figure would end up.

      Using massive leverage on LIBOR based derivatives, they were able to make massive sums of money from whoever took the other side of their bets.

      There is however a seperate and larger issue with all of this. It is clear that the Reserve banks were also pressuring banks to submit lower rates than they usually would have. This gave the impression that the financial system was more healthy than what it actually was. So by Proxy the RESERVE BANKS were condoning the fraud and their members should all be fired immediately.

      Please refrain from commenting again, as you will only look like more of a fool

    4. matrixnode

      Wow Louis. I stopped reading when you became angry. So all I really got was: "You are an". I believe that if we all approach truth and learning with friendliness towards those who are also approaching the same goal, we may accomplish more than by hurting those around us. :)

    5. I AM POP SLAG.

      He does that rather a lot, on many a thread.

    6. Nwttp

      I'd have to agree, this waldo dude just likes to read his own typing.

  28. Phill Pelling

    this guy has really done his homework. Good docu.
    The only reason people like them exist is because we let them.
    If we stopped putting our money into there banks, and being in debt to them.
    Or if we all stop purchasing items from large corporations .
    All the power would be taken away from the top of the Pyramid...

  29. Vexst Junglist

    you people passionately try to debunk these theory's, you should be ashamed of your self's, "psuedo-scientific explanations of second-hand observations which roughly fit the evidence, if you colour the truth and leave out facts." funny how i keep hearing that, you talk absolutes, people telling me these things trying to make me think a certain way? a certain what way, i actively seek out info about this man made **** hole we live in, as if news or anything for that matter really tells of the world how it is, humans are disgusting, are you trying to tell me they are not? LOLZZ

  30. Hodd

    Good doc. Kind of a who's who of the one percent.

  31. Matt van den Ham

    the subtitles don't match what's being said and the narration sounds like a highschool kid...very unprofessional. I'm not sure what to think of the footage yet.

    1. dmxi

      is it worth while the one & half hours?

  32. dmxi

    i hope this one's worth while & not a crack-pot job!

    1. Jeremy Hughes

      Same, it sounds very interesting, I love the realm of conspiracies that aren't even conspiracies, they are just facts that suck.

    2. Dick Prennoke

      By definition a conspiracy is a fact.

    3. RikG01

      No...no it isn't. A conspiracy, by definition, is a secret plan to engange in a malevolent action. A conspiracy theory is a "theory" about a percieved conspiracy. A theory is an explanation of the observed information according to the best available facts and information....unless you're talking about conspiracy theories, in which case it usually means psuedo-scientific explanations of second-hand observations which roughly fit the evidence, if you colour the truth and leave out facts.

      Whoever told you that conspiracy=facts, was lying...perhaps to make you think in a certain way.....

    4. Dick Prennoke

      Colluding to derive a plan is an act. Acts are facts. Whether one perceives that act to be theory or not is beside the point.

    5. wald0

      An act is only a fact if it really took place, right? So no, not every conspiracy THEORY is factual, hence the word "theory"- which outside of a scientific context basically means "guess". Conspiracy itself is an act seperate from the act allegedly being planned, that is why they carry seperate charges in a court of law. One can be guilty of one but not the other, or both. Reality is never properly defined in black and white my friend, we live in a very subtle and compicated world.

    6. Dick Prennoke

      You touched on what I was trying to get at which is the following:

      A conspiracy theory is a possibility. Anything can be a conspiracy theory.

      A conspiracy is a fact. It has nothing to do with theory.

      All the time people end up convoluting the meaning of "conspiracy" by saying something incorrect like - "That's not true; that's just some conspiracy".

      Make sure if you believe something isn't true then use the word "theory".

      I'm wondering why you Wald0 replied to me saying, "So no, not every conspiracy THEORY is factual..."

      Did I somewhere imply this is the case? Again, I said conspiracies are factual.

      In the end, what one can prove or not or what one perceives to be true is irrelevant. Theories are theories and conspiracies are facts.

    7. adilrye

      You don't know the meaning of definition, do you? Or fact. Or conspiracy, apparently.

    8. Dick Prennoke

      Are you serious? Is it time to argue semantics and the english language?

      Where did I misspeak?